One Hot Rush
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Cheating, FemaleDom, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Female dom story about a hot red headed woman who is addicted to finding the rush. She gratifies herself with unsuspecting men that she seduces. First ever erotic story for me.

Meagan tilted her head down to check the speed on her bike, after leaning sharply into a corner and giving it full tilt into the straightaway. "Wow 135!" "Not bad!" Her slim body leaned into corners and throttled up and down with ease. She laid her chest flat down onto her black 929RR and really gunned the throttle. Nothing like speed. Meagan was a rush fanatic, couldn't get enough of it as a matter of fact, nearly every aspect of her life other than her boring job was a rush. By day the 5' 8, svelte, red haired, green eyed Meagan was a well to do real estate professional, who was very well respected and did lots of business in her town. It's the other part of her life we will delve into here...

Meagan geared down in front of a reddish brown rundown roadside bar and hotel. She parked her bike amidst many other bikes lined in front of the hotel. As she got off her bike she removed her full-face helmet to let out her long red tresses, and shook them out. She stretched her lean frame, breasts jutting to the sky even through her leathers. Many of the men gave her a second look on their way into the bar. Little did they know that under those black leathers were nothing but a red satin thong and a red satin bustier! That would get them going even more. She flashed her admirers her signature smile of white teeth and glittering green eyes. If they only knew what she had in store for one of them this evening. Oh was this ever going to be sweet she thought.

Meagan entered the bar and her lovely green eyes adjusted to the murky smoke lit room, she no soon sauntered her way to the bar than a beer was placed in her hand by a disheveled looking waitress.

"Dis is from dat man ova der"

The sullen waitress mumbled as she indicated the general direction of a huge group of leering men. Poor thing Meagan thought to herself.

"Thank you dear."

She said to her kindly. She secretly wondered just how much that poor woman had suffered at the hands of men to give her no other place than working in a dive such as this.

Meagan did her best modeling walk to the table full of still leering men and gave the table a hug smile. So far her guess was that they were all construction workers from the nearby new subdivision going up. The men were all currently ogling her cleavage that she had purposely un-zipped her leather jacket to show off.

"So whom do I owe the big thank you for this cold one?"

She said beaming. She flippantly threw her silky red hair over her shoulder and winked.

"Well miss that would be me."

Her eyes swung to the end of the table where a rather tall dark haired man with light blue eyes was in the process of standing up to greet her.

"Thank you doll face! "

She exclaimed really putting on the charm and smiling. She could tell he was going to be easy.

"May I challenge you to a game of pool?" she said with a swing of her head to the dark corner of the room where a lonely pool table stood empty.

"Well I would love that!"

As he left the table with her she could see out of the corner of her eye the other men shaking their heads and laughing.

"What a lucky fucking bastard ol'Mike is!"

She chose her stick and made sure he saw how slowly she ran her fingers up and down the rod checking for straightness. He was grinning from ear to ear at this point. He was pretty cute really, too bad he was in for something really special this evening. Meagan shrugged off her black leather jacket to reveal her bustier clad top half. Her high-slung breasts pushed together forming a luscious valley of tanned cleavage with some freckles dappling in between. She leaned down low over the table shoving her firm leather clad ass out in his direction. He quit whatever mumbling he was doing to just stare. She smiled to herself. Meagan kept up the small talk until she felt he was comfortable. And leaned in close to his ear. And whispered.

"Honey... I have a confession, I am so hot for you"

Meagan snaked her tongue out to touch his earlobe lightly.

"Lets go around back I need to feel you closer to me than this, you're exactly what will cure my itch"

She and Mike slipped out the back door and she immediately pounced on him and shoved his back up against the exterior of the bar. She kissed him hard, their tongues doing a dance in each other's mouths. She pressed her tits up against his muscular chest. Meagan was actually trembling with excitement. At this time Mike was thinking this excitement was just one hot bitch desperate to be fucked by him.

"We need a room for what I have in store for you baby."

Mike said as he cupped and squeezed her right breast. Shit, this bitch is fucking hot. Mike thought to himself.

"Oh, yeah that's what I wanted to hear from you stud! " Meagan panted back.

Mike disappeared around to the other side of the bar and Meagan leaned back against the back door of the bar and fished a cigarette out of the pocket of her jacket, she was so excited that her hands were shaking. Shit she loved this she was thinking and she shakily lit her smoke. She almost started pacing but stopped herself. Her crotch was sticky through her leather pants even! Fuck this was going to be fun!

Mike re-appeared with key jangling in hand and escorted her to a dingy room with a rickety bed and old color TV set. The room had a shower, which was good but not much else to speak of. Meagan didn't complain she just coyly stared at him. Meagan strode over to the small bedside table and tamped out her cigarette and Mike followed her like the pathetic dog she thought he really was. He leaned into her and grabbed a handful of her ass and squeezed. She could see his already hard cock outlined in the crotch of his jeans. His other hand went for her tits but before he could connect with his target Meagan connected with hers. She swung hard with her right hand and hit Mike's jaw square. He spun and Mike screamed

"You fucking little tease!"

"I'll teach you, you fucking cunt!"

Mike said as he lunged at her with his hands out.

Ah the hand was quicker than the eye! Meagan dodged his hands and reached into her jacket and pulled out her stun gun, and let loose. THUNK! Mike hit the floor. All so damn easy she thought with a smile. Jesus fuck she was hot for this one! She couldn't wait! Just for the fuck of it she stunned him again to make sure he was really incapacitated.

It took her a few minutes with a bit of struggling out of Mike to haul his dumb ass off the floor and onto the bed. Meagan was much stronger than she looked, and always of course much stronger than her victims thought she would be. She made sure she ate her spinach and got herself to the gym often. It showed in how toned she was, nearly every muscle in her arms was visible and her stomach was flat and had the hint of a six-pack showing. She zapped him again for good measure before she secured the handcuffs.

Mikes eyes were so very blurry as they opened he was treated to a full view of Meagan's luscious tits hanging in his face. Normally this would turn him on but at the moment he was gagged and one pissed off son of a bitch! He went to jerk his hands forward for her throat and only got 2 inches before he realized his was handcuffed! He went to scream and realized he was fucking gagged!

Meagan leaned back onto his thighs and stared at her prize. Eyes glittering and tits heaving with exertion. Mike could see a fine film of sweat beaded on her cleavage. One hot bitch he thought to himself before he realized he wanted to smack her. She ground her crotch into his thigh and smiled.

"You and I my sweet are going to have one hell of a good time tonight!"

She got up quicker than he thought possible and began to undo the strings of her bustier to reveal the sweetest tits he had ever seen. Round, firm with big pink nipples aimed right for the ceiling! She reached down and grasped her tits firmly and held one up to her face as an unbelievably long tongue and flicked it across her already hardening nipple then slowly did the other. She was rather enjoying putting on this little show he was thinking. She slid out of her leather pants and pulled her red thongs down.

"Holy Shit!"

Mike mumbled through his gag. Her body had not a tan line one and her sweet little pussy was completely bald. Instantly her aroma reached his nose, leather and wet pussy mmm what a nice combination!

Meagan had already seen to removing all of his cloths and tying his ankles to the dilapidated old bedposts. She smiled when she noticed his cock was hand and nearly reached his belly button.

"Oh baby!" She exclaimed, "Is that for me what a nice cock you have for me to play with!" She cooed over his belly.

"Oh honey you shouldn't have!" she crawled onto the bed and leaned down to flick her tongue across the head of his cock pausing to lick the drop of pre-cum off the tip and smiled again.

"You taste so fucking good stud!"

Meagan smiled and leaned back on her hands for a moment to face him. She slowly spread her knees and he was treated to the sweetest vision... Her pussy glistened with juices, it had made her thighs wet. As much as he wanted to hate her he must admit he hand never wanted a women so badly, he cock hurt it was so hard.

"Now sweets... I want to take that gag off but you have to promise not to scream, if you do I will make you very sorry."

"I think you have had a taste of sorry and you don't want any more"

"Am I correct?"

Mike nodded and as he did so his dick jiggled on his stomach. She leaned up and un-tied the gag and he exhaled a huge gust of air from his lungs. Before he could completely breath out she crab walked to his face and put a leg on each side and shoved her dripping pussy into his mouth. Meagan clamped down with her legs on the side of his head and Mike's protests were muffled with her sweet juicy pussy. "Baby, if you don't please me..." "You don't get air so start fucking licking!"

Meagan ground her hot pussy into his face and he could barely hear her through her thighs that were clamped down on his head. Mike shoved is tongue out into per pussy and licked at her she humped back at it and he could feel her vibrating groans as she humped back and forth at his face. Meagan leaned back carefully and allowed him a breath of air, she smiled at his soaked face and chin. Only long enough for one breath of air, and she slammed her crotch back into his face and continued to grind.

Meagan's first cum was usually small but she had wanted this one so badly she virtually exploded onto his face.

"Fucking hell! Oh yeah, lick my pussy baby, fuck me with that sweet tongue!"

Mike tongue fucked her as if his life depended on it, reached up into her and lapping up her juices.

"I'm gonna cum babe, oh yeah fuck it with your tongue!"

Mike was nearly losing consciousness at this point he saw only black and everything felt very far away. Just then she leaned back long enough for a breath of air she shoved it back into his face just in tome for cum to splash over his tongue and into his mouth. He fucked his tongue into her cunt as she humped her clit into his face.

Meagan fell back on him and panted, Mike's vision gradually returned to normal as he gasped for breath.

"Oh fuck, you eat pussy so good!" I knew you were a hot one!"

She spun around and shoved her ass into his face and rubbed her tits on his stomach, her asshole puckered a deep pink and dripping pussy nearly within his reach. She tilted herself down and engulfed his whole cock completely into his mouth in one go. He felt his cock slide down mouth her past her throat. He nearly squirted at the sensation. Nobody had ever deep throated him before. The feeling was amazing!

Meagan moved back and forth taking his cock down her throat and then back out to her lips again, when she leaned back her cunt and ass was nearly on his chest. Meagan reached around behind herself and slid a finger up her cunt and moaned around his cock. She finger fucked herself in this fashion for several moments before removing her finger and rimming her tight looking asshole with it. Mike just stared in wonder as Meagan's index finger slid up her ass to the hilt. He nearly came down her throat at the sight of it. Her could imagine her red lips stretched tight around his thick cock.

Meagan sensing his balls tightening leaned back and let his cock fall out of her mouth. Although she didn't stop her ministrations on her own ass she took the finger out and wet another in her pussy and proceeded to shove both of them inside of herself again. This little ass-fingering display made him groan. Mike had long been a lover of ass and this bitch had him nearly coming without her mouth around his cock at all!

Meagan moved forward and slowly lowered her dripping pussy onto his rod, she groaned deep down in her throat like and animal and she slid the last few inches of his cock into her. Never removing her fingers from her ass she began to slide up and down his fuck-rod. She used her other hand to twist her nipples and pinch them until they stood out free and pointed from her round smooth tits. Her asshole was stretched tight around her fingers as she worked them in and out reamed out her tight hole. She grunted and panted like a bitch in heat.

Mike could not fucking believe this little display of wanton smuttiness before him! What a fucking show. This bitch's pussy was so tight it just about squeezed his cock off at the base when she fucked him this deep. He longed to flip her over and pound her into the bed until he shot his load up her womb. After that he would do it again up her ass! And then he would shove it all down her throat and fuck her face. He felt his cum roiling in his balls and found himself egging her on even despite his restrictions and previous anger. Up until this point he couldn't believe his silence!

"Oh yeah, you fuck my cock baby, you like it up the ass?"

"Mike will give it to you up the ass if you want it you little slut!"

Meagan slid off his cock and slapped him across the face.

"I say when you get anything you fucking slime!"

Meagan reached to the end of the bed as he started to protest and re-tied the gag around his face.

"Fucking whore!" Mike mumbled into his gag.

Meagan grinned sweetly and rubbed her hot pussy up and down his tool to lube it up. What a tease! She turned around again and spread her butt cheeks with one of her hands; with the other she held his cock up and pointed it at her puckered asshole. She swiveled her hips seductively and slowly lowered her ass to meet his cock. His head slowly slid in and popped past her barrier.

Meagan grunted again, she absolutely loved cock up her ass. Nothing better than this sensation! She reveled in ever second of his hard shaft sliding up her tight ass. She wiggled and pressed until his entire cock was up her ass and she squeezed it tightly in its satin glove.

"Oh fuck Mike, your cock is by the far the biggest I have ever had up my ass, it is meant for this kind of fucking isn't it?"

"You like my tight hot ass babe?" She asked as she turned around.

She always enjoyed the tease the absolute most from her victims. Mike's eyes were nearly popping out of his stupid head from the sight of her asshole stretched tightly around his cock. Meagan reached down to fondle and squeeze his sac, she began to rise and sink over his cock and ram it in and out of her ass. She stopped playing with his balls and fingered her clit up and down as she rode his dick to the heights of her pleasure.

Mike fought his bonds and tried to fuck his hips back at her tight ass, the sight of her tanned butt cheeks slamming down onto him with her ass stretched wide like that was driving fucking crazy. Her silky red hair rippled down her back and the muscles in her back flexed with her motions. Mike had completely forgotten how much he hated this bitch as she rode him like a wild horse.

Meagan was so near cumming she was nearly ready to pass out, her entire body broke out in a light sweat she strummed her clit with the motions of her fucking. Suddenly it was like her insides were coming down and she grimaced and went ridged.

"Oh Fuck!" "Oh hell yeah, your hot fucking cock is making me cum!" She grunted.

Her pussy leaked down to his balls and soaked them with her cum. He could feel the wetness and his balls tightened and he was nearly ready to shot his load up her bowels when she pulled off of him with a sucking, popping noise. She collapsed in front of him and his cock was left damp in the cold air of the hotel room.

"You didn't really think that getting you off was part of my game did you?" Meagan huffed up at him. She slapped his cock with her hand roughly.

Her beautiful face was flushed red and her full lips were wet. He wanted to slap her again, his balls were tightening against his crotch and they began to ache.

"MMMPPHH!" He grunted as he strained against his bonds.

Mike would slap the shit out of her if he could get loose.

Meagan walked over to her jacket, ass swaying smoothly and reached into the pocket and took out a smoke and lit it. She stared at him and smiled as she blew out the smoke. Her chest still heaving a little with excitement, tits rising up and down.

"You know honey." "You're not my first and you certainly won't be the last, BUT you do have the prettiest eyes!" She laughed like a cheerleader and spun on her heel to retrieve her cloths. She reached down and picked up her red satin thongs and walked to the edge of the bed, put them around his head and slid them down until the half covered his eyes.

"Here now you have something to remember me by my little pet."

Meagan completed redressing and enjoyed the freshly fucked feeling she was having glowing from her drenched pussy. Her little games were so much fun, each time the addiction got worse and worse. She knew she had created a habit with this. She also knew that the macho fucking men she seduced and did this vile acts to would never turn her into a cop and admit they had been tied up and raped against their will. Of course men were such fucking dogs she doubted they hated it that much.

"Mmm... Goodbye stud, you were a lot of fun." She breathed in his ear.

Meagan planted a kiss on his forehead and then pinched his nipple as hard as she could. Eliciting a grunt of pain from Mike. She left him grunting and groaning in the bed and called over her shoulder.

"Don't worry hot stuff, whoever the maid is in this dump will find you in the morning, you won't be here forever!"

Meagan's boots crunched in the gravel as she made her way across the parking lot to her motorcycle. It was nearly 2:00AM. Just enough time for her to get home, shower and crawl into bed before her boyfriend came home from working the night shift. He never suspected a thing from her not even once. That was a beauty of it all! She thought as she peeled out of the parking lot and pulled a wheelie. Meagan had her bike up to 80 before she even hit the first turn. That fucking rush!

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