Debbie, Dan and the Demon
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Mind Control, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Possession of a formerly reluctant woman.

She found the little ankle bracelet in an antique store in Paris. There was something vaguely spooky about the store, and the leering old man that accepted her money.

"Merci madam," he said, smirking a bit, "bon chance."

"Good luck?" Lisa replied, "Will I need it?"

The old clerk flushed slightly and withdrew quickly into the back room, muttering something that Debbie's rusty French told her sounded like "You have no idea!" At the same time, Debbie could swear she heard a faint but deep voiced laugh, and it wasn't a friendly one. But she saw no one around.

Brushing off this queer exchange, Debbie briskly left the shop. Debbie did everything briskly. You could tell just by looking at her. She walked like she was late for a meeting, shook hands like she'd rather not and dressed as if her objectives were functionality and concealment. They were.

Debbie was business-like in almost everything. She'd decided that's what she was going to be, and she'd pursued that path single-mindedly ever since her teen years, straight through college and into her adult career. Her few lovers all started off thinking they were incredibly lucky to have Debbie. Her body just screamed sex. Smooth, creamy skin, full, high breasts with sensitive nipples that stood out at the slightest stimulation, trim waist leading to flaring hips that Debbie had to work hard at keeping from swaying sexily when she walked, and an ass that no man could see, clothed or naked, without wanted to hold it, or fuck it. Debbie's raven hair and blue eyes topped a face and figure that could have made her a mint as either model or porn star.

But the same few lovers found out that Debbie was not the sexual gem she looked like. Debbie's body had developed early. The combination of teasing from her schoolgirl peers and constantly being leered at and hit on by both boys and men, including her teachers, built into Debbie a pattern of always hiding her body and acting like sex was the last thing on her mind. Even in bed, when she consented to shedding her clothes, Debbie just seemed to want to finish and move on to more important things. College boys and adult men all learned that there were better women to chase, even if they didn't have Debbie's looks.

Debbie was competent at sex, she wouldn't permit herself to be less than competent at anything. But a man that got a blowjob from Debbie was pretty certain that she'd rather be doing something else, and got the impression he'd just received a brisk handshake even after he'd come in her mouth. And don't even bother eating Debbie's pussy. She had no patience for it, since it demanded that she surrender herself to just pleasure and let herself go. A quick fuck was all she was interested in, and darn few of those.

Paris was Debbie's husband's idea. She'd been business-like about getting married too, and Dan had been too dazzled to see what he was getting into. Dan was pretty business-like too. But he genuinely loved Debbie too, or tried too when she let him. Dan wanted more romance in their lives, and more lust. He figured the "City of Love" might help Debbie loosen up and help them both concentrate on each other. They'd agreed, no cell phones, no faxes, no email. Just each other for a week. The week was almost up, just two nights to go before the long flight home.

The trip was OK, just OK. They'd walked along the Seine, looked at museums and dined at on haute cuisine and fine wines. They'd even made love. But it was much the same as always. Debbie seemed to be fucking because it was expected, and eager to be done. Dan was losing hope. They spent the early afternoon apart, Debbie doing some shopping and Dan checking out a museum exhibit that didn't interest her. Later they were to meet at the Rodin museum.

After the antique shop, Debbie drifted from shop to shop, she felt very relaxed, almost a bit giddy. She even found herself looking at a handsome young man, admiring his hard body and glancing shyly at his bulging crotch. At one point, a workman whistled at her from his scaffolding, looking past the clothes to the gorgeous tits and ass underneath. Normally incensed by wolf whistles, Debbie found herself smiling as she passed, and may even have put a little extra wiggle in her normally brisk walk. "Maybe Paris is finally getting to me," Debbie thought to herself, wondering what she was doing.

Passing a lingerie store, Debbie turned in uncharacteristically. Her normal underwear was what you'd expect, plain white cotton women's briefs and a bra that flattened instead of highlighted Debbie's lush tits. Now, surrounded by mere scraps of flimsy lace, thong panties, demi-bras, g-strings and bustiers with garters for silk stockings, Debbie was entranced. She'd secretly admired the women she saw at the gym lockeroom wearing daring lingerie, jealous of their confident sexuality, and even a little attracted to the way their bodies looked in the daring undergarments.

The store clerk was a young, attractive woman that was professionally able to look past the drab clothing Debbie wore to the hot body underneath. Seeing the obvious interest on Debbie's lovely face, began to show Debbie some items, less daring at first, then progressing to the type of lingerie usually found in men's magazines and porn movies. To her own wonderment, Debbie found herself agreeing, even trying on some items with the clerk in the room with her.

If her past lovers thought she looked hot nude, they'd be creaming their jeans if they saw her in lacy thong and demi-bra, or thigh high stockings and bustier with a push up bra that practically hand delivered her nipples to a lover's mouth. Debbie's excitement was evident. Her nipples, always sensitive, were like supple iron now. Her pussy throbbed and she could feel herself getting wet.

Seeing Debbie like this had Yvette, the store clerk, hot too. Always bisexual, she'd found opportunities to touch Debbie several times while fitting her, a brief touch on a breast, a light stroke on her ass and as she smoothed a stocking top just the briefest glancing touch with the side of her hand on Debbie's clearly stimulated cunt. Debbie noticed, but pretended not to, letting behavior that would normally shock her go by without response.

Encouraged by Debbie's lack of protest, Yvette slipped out briefly and locked the front door. She returned to the changing booth and suggested that Debbie come to the back of the store, where there was "more to see." As they stepped to the back, Yvette followed Debbie, her eyes glued to the cheeks of the American's beautiful ass and her thoughts running to how Debbie would look with her ass in the air being pistoned by Yvette's boyfriend while Debbie mouth was pressed to Yvette's nearly shaved pussy. For now though, they'd have to make do with only their own bodies and whatever toys Yvette had around the shop.

Yvette began to show Debbie the toys they sold from the back of the store. Dildos of all sizes and colors, including one double dong that looked very much like two lifelike cocks joined together, various vibrators and ben wa balls, lubricants. Still in the lingerie she had been trying on, Debbie stood there almost shaking with lust. Then she felt Yvette's soft hand caress her ass, nearly naked in the thong panties. There was no mistaking this for anything but a pass at her, especially when Yvette's other hand cupped her left breast and began stroking the rock hard nipple. Debbie felt Yvette's kiss on her neck and moaned softly in spite of herself. As Yvette's hand moved around to Debbie's pussy and slipped under the thong, Debbie almost surrendered. Then French girl's fingers felt so good as they moved on her pussy and lightly drummed her clit.

Then, briefly finding herself again, Debbie broke away, embarrassed and trying to say in broken French, ""No, I'm not like this." Yvette, surprised at the late rejection, stepped back. It wasn't the first time she'd been backed off by a woman not sure she wanted to stroll gay street, even for a short walk. She was disappointed though, this one was ripe for the picking. You could feel the orgasm just below the surface. Hell, this American tart's juicy cunt had practically sucked her finger inside it. Yvette just knew that she and her boyfriend could have Debbie if she just had a little more time. Ce' la vie. Time to collect the money for the lingerie and send the American on her way.

Yvette reassured Debbie as best she could that everything was fine, then packed up the lingerie that had been tried on and sold it at full price, no haggling since Debbie was too embarrassed to even try. "Au reviour cherie," Yvette said softly as Debbie left the shop, shaking her head at her own behavior. There was that low chuckle again, and Debbie could swear there was a tiny voice in her head saying, "You're almost there Debra."

Pulling herself together, Debbie dropped off her parcels at the hotel, enjoying the looks from the young bellmen and the feel of her now daring lingerie, the feel of the soft silk thong between the cheeks of her ass. As she left the hotel her hand slipped up and undid one button of her top, much to the delight of the admiring doorman.

Debbie met Dan at the Rodin museum, greeting him with more kiss than usual and pressing her body to him as they walked along, admiring the frankly sensual masterpieces. Dan was surprised, but very pleased and responded in kind, stroking Debbie's neck and earlobes they way she liked and briefly daring to let his hand drop from her shoulders to her ass. When she practically purred at this he squeezed the succulent cheek lightly.

Soon the couple found themselves in front of Rodin's "The Kiss". An audible moan escaped Debbie's wet lips. Her hand slipped from Dan's and traveled almost unbidden to his thigh, then up to his now steel hard cock, where it began massaging lightly.

"Like this one, do you?" Dan asked.

"I want you so bad it hurts," Debbie replied.

Not questioning his good fortune, Dan led the nearly panting Debbie to a cab, and had to practically slap her hands to keep her from jerking him off on the way back to the hotel. Debbie couldn't think of anything but sex, and could neither understand it nor care. If Dan had told her to strip and bend over a chair as they entered the lobby, she'd have gladly done it and held her cheeks apart for him. Not a man in the hotel doubted where the two of them were going, and Dan was lucky none of them killed him to take his place with the dark haired goddess by his side.

Going up the elevator Debbie's tongue was deep in Dan's mouth and her hand held his to her tit, making him squeeze one hard. The tiny new lace bra did little to shield a nipple that nearly danced in his hand and Dan wondered again what had come over his gorgeous wife, and how he could duplicate it. She'd never looked hotter, not nude on their honeymoon bed, than she looked right now.

As Dan turned from closing their room door, Debbie had already shed her conservative skirt and was just slipping out of her blouse. Dan nearly blew his wad just looking at her. Who was this woman? No more white cotton high top underwear. Debbie seemed barely contained in a lace thong panty and white bustier that held her tits out for display. The top of her thigh high stockings just drew his eye right to the neatly trimmed pussy he wanted so badly.

Hardly believing it herself, Debbie dropped to her knees without letting Dan move from in front of the door. She wanted his cock in her mouth now, she'd wanted it for hours and couldn't wait a second longer, though she couldn't remember ever feeling this way before. If she didn't taste Dan's come soon she was sure she'd die on the spot.

Freeing Dan's cock, a respectable 7 1/2 inches, Debbie swallowed it whole. The wet suction and feel of Debbie's lips slurping along his cock was more, Dan knew, than he'd be able to take for long. Wanting to draw this out, Dan tried to warn Debbie off a little.

"Wait, slow down baby. I can't keep from cumming right away if you keep this up. God, you're incredible."

Don't wait, Dan, please," Debbie moaned, sliding her wet hand up and down Dan's cock when she took the hard cock from her mouth. "Give me your cum baby, pump it into my mouth, I need it!" With that, took Dan's whole cock down her throat at once, fucking him with her mouth as if she did it everyday. Just as Dan noticed that Debbie's hand had shoved aside the thong panty and was furiously vibrating her clit, something he'd always wanted to watch his gorgeous wife do but new better than ask for, Dan started to cum. The jism pumped out of him like a firehose. He was surprised it didn't know Debbie's head off. Instead, Debbie was latched on as if his cum were mother's milk. Sucking down the hot cum as fast as she could, the extra running down her chin on dripping onto her tits, Debbie's eyes were closed in ecstatic bliss. Her finger never stopped rubbing her clit except to plunge furiously into her dripping cunt.

As Dan softened in her mouth, Debbie sucked harder, drawing out the last drops of cum and savoring the taste like fine wine. Her hands moved to her tits, massaging them and rolling the nipples between her fingers. Dan couldn't believe the show his previously cold wife was putting on. And, in a little part of her brain not quite connected well right now, Debbie couldn't believe it either. Where was this coming from? She had never acted this way before, but she loved it right now and hadn't gotten enough yet.

"Fuck me Dan, I need you in me, please!" Debbie begged, two fingers now dipping into her sopping pussy and spreading the puffy lips.

"I can't yet babe," Dan replied, "but I'll be ready again real soon if you keep that up."

"Then would you... ," Debbie hesitated, "could you use, um, your..."

Then Debbie heard, a clear shout inside her head, "Say it!"

And she blurted out "Would you eat my pussy? Use your tongue on me! I'm so hot I'm going to collapse if I don't cum soon. If you'll eat me I'll do anything you want!"

Dan reassured her, "no need to make rash promises honey, I've always wanted to really spend time sucking your sweet cunt, you just never seemed interested."

"Well I'm more than interested now, baby, please do me." and Debbie moved to the bed and spread her legs wide. Her pussy glistened with her own juices. Her clit stood up like a miniature cock, outside its hood and engorged by the blood pumping through her like never before.

Dan stripped off his clothes fast and stood over Debbie. He reached down scooped both lucious tits out of the bustier, squeezing the mounds and then pinching her nipples gently. Debbie moaned again as Dan took a moment to savor the taste of each nipple, rolling his teeth around each one gently but noticeably.

"Oh god, everything you do has me even more on fire. Were you always this good?" Debbie asked.

"Its all you, not me," Dan replied, "you've never been so hot, or had me wanting you this bad."

"Do it Dan, make me cum with your mouth. It won't take long."

"Hell, I hope it takes an hour!" Dan said, diving to feast on his wife's pussy.

Dan ran his tongue firmly along the inside of Debbie's vaginal lips. They were puffed up with excitement and Dan's tongue moved up and down them, dipping every now and then down between the inner lips of her cunt. His hands spread Debbie wide, and his fingers danced across her distended clit. Debbie thrashed wildly and it was all Dan could do hold her cunt still enough to keep giving her head. As Dan's tongue moved to her throbbing clit, Debbie moaned loudly and stiffened. Dan, throwing Debbie's legs back further, began sucking her clit as if it were a miniature cock, running it in and out of his mouth and applying suction each time. Debbie began to scream out load as her orgasm finally overtook her. As she came, Dan kept her clit sucked into his mouth and drummed it hard with his tongue while pressing one thumb up Debbie's cunt and fucking her with it.

Again and again Debbie came, twice, three times. Some time after the third climax, Debbie heard an insistent voice in her head urging her to "Let go, let go all the way, do it now!" That small part of her wondered who this voice was, but the rest of her was too focused on the clit locked between Dan's lips and the coming fourth orgasm. This last one rocked her to the core, as if a lifetime dam on her sexuality was breaking. Worrying that she might actually be having a siezure, Dan slowed to a stop and began soothing Debbie. But Debbie wasn't quite done.

That voice kept going in her head, "now turn over for him, open up and let him fuck you hard!"

"Yes, yes," Debbie panted, "fuck me Dan, slam that big wonderful dick into me!"

With that, Debbie rolled to her knees and reached back, spreading the cheeks of her ass to give Dan better access to her cunt. Dan, wondering for a second what Debbie was saying "yes" to, wasted no more than that to line up behind her and slam his raging hard on into the hottest, wettest pussy he'd ever want.

"Oh shit, yes!" Debbie screamed, "nail me hard baby, squeeze my ass tight!"

Dan could hardly believe what was coming out of his prim wife's mouth, but couldn't resist taking her at her word. He gripped each cheek like a vise, spreading them and at the same time pushing Debbie down so she couldn't really move much. Then he began pounding his entire cock in and out of Debbie's cunt furiously, lost in the lust that had totally consumed them both. After what seemed an hour of this, Debbie moaning, screaming and cumming again and again, Dan finally felt the mother of all orgasms building. Growling "take it baby, take my cum!" Dan poured another torrent of jism into Debbies now sloppy pussy.

As the two of them slowly came down from their sexual highs, their bodies curled around each other in total satisfaction and exhaustion, Debbie heard the now familiar laugh, hard, not friendly and a deep voice saying quietly, "You're all mine now."

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