I Can't Believe I Let Him!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, Daughter, Aunt, Nephew, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Scatology, Pregnancy, Size,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Virgin son becomes man of the house, and forces open many closed doors.

Being a single parent is tough enough, even when life doesn't slip you a few curveballs!

My husband and I were married right after high school and eight months later, I gave birth to my son, Nick.

After eighteen wonderful years of marriage, I got my first curveball: My husband was killed in an auto accident.

Nick, now seventeen, was the man of the house and he showed a maturity well beyond his years in dealing with the arrangements, while I was in pieces.

We had optimum insurance coverage, made even larger by triple indemnity as the death occurred while on business.

That's six hundred thousand dollars, a paid off house, a fledgling art career of my own, and a self sufficient son, the spitting image of his father, only an inch taller.

All situations are unique, suffice it to say; but how many loss actuaries at insurance companies even think about a situation, such as ours, with instant sexual tension between a new widow and her virgin son?

Things went downhill, right from the start, perhaps because Nick no longer had an authority figure. I was certainly no substitute for his father, in that regard.

The only thing that Nick was sub par about was his luck with the girls in school.

He was clearly uncomfortable whenever I inquired and one day he even scolded me with, "Listen, I'm not gay. I'm not impotent. Don't make me prove it. I just don't want to talk about it, okay?"

Okay, I got the message, but what the hell was that comment about 'proving it'? I couldn't quite figure that one out.

Nick graduated, but didn't want to go to college, which precipitated another argument, with me giving in to him, yet again.

Now I had him lounging around the house, while I tried to concentrate on my painting.

On hot day, Nick comes in the house in just shorts and suggests that I paint him.

I tell him it's too hot and he says to draw him, using the pastels that I have.

I give in and, in no time, I have a wonderful rendition of Nick; but he says he wanted a full body picture and I have to start all over.

Before I begin, Nick pours out two white wines, placing one right where my coffee cup would normally be.

I begin with his face, which has this stare on it, piercing my like lasers. I begin to recall how Nick's father had such an engaging smile while Nick sported this near scowl!

I don't know what made me say this, but when I got down to his waist, I asked, sarcastically, "You plan on me doing a nude?"

With that, he shot back, "Can't leave well enough alone, can you," and he shucked his pants to reveal a tiny penis!

I had forgotten! Nick's father was hung normally when erect, but flaccid he was embarrassingly small. Apparently, so it was with Nick. I took a gulp of wine and so did Nick.

Well, it was like painting a greek statue, only I exaggerated Nick's flaccid size to something more conventional.

We took another break, and Nick refilled our glasses with wine.

When I finished the whole picture, Nick took one look at it and flung it aside, asking, "Were you too embarrassed to show it the way it really was?"

I took another gulp of wine and responded, "Son, I of all people, know that it becomes a normal sized erection. I just thought you wanted it that way."

He was trembling for the first time as he took some more wine and then said, "Imagine going out on a date with a guy like me and we finally get to the sex stage. I have only two choices: Let you see this poodle dick, or"...

Now, he begins to furiously crank his meat into a frenzy, finally turning around to show me this monster penis, maybe ten inches long.

I gasp, and he continues, "this thing; one makes you laugh which spoils the moment, and the other makes you gasp, which also spoils the moment!"

I have never seen such a disparity between soft and hard in my life, or even heard of one.

I try to comfort Nick, "I'm not uncomfortable. I bet there are plenty of women who would love having that John Henry of yours between their legs."

"But not girls - I just got out of high school where I'm known as Jekyl & Hyde!" he spat back.

Oh, you poor dear, I thought to myself, and then Nick was begging me, pleading with me.

He said, "Picture yourself as my date. We're aroused to the point of sex. You're about to give me head and then you see this!"

He walks to where I'm seated, aiming his penis. It's only a few scant inches from my face, and then he presses forward...

He's got me over a barrel. If I refuse him, it'll bury his psyche. If I take him, it's incest!

Momentarily I sell myself on the notion that eating ain't cheating, and I open my lips to receive Nick's monstrous penis.

I can barely get the head plus another couple of inches into my mouth when nick presses harder, forcing yet another two inches, as the tip presses against my throat hollow, and I begin to gag.

Sensing this, my son pulls out, as I cough my way back to normal, taking some more wine to help me stop choking.

Nick is crying, now, as he presses his face to my chest. The tied up blouse is getting wet from Nick's tears, and my nipples are as erect as his penis!

Nick, seemingly innocently, unties the blouse, and undoes the buttons, letting it hang off the sides of my breasts.

He meekly asks if I fed these to him when he was a baby, and as I confirm it, he latches onto a nipple and suckles like a baby, again.

With all the wine, I begin drifting off, recalling how Nick's father would suck them just before we had sex, also, and I found myself getting wetter with a sense of chill.

Chill? I gaze down through drooping eyelids to see my son sliding my pants and panties completely off me. I'm naked from the waist down and I call out to my son: "Stop, Nick! We... you can't."

He ignores me and pulls my legs apart and up as he lowers his tongue to his mother's dewy vulva.

Soon, I'm awash in my wine high, my clit is throbbing, my nipples are erect and my son has done all of this to me.

I keep pleading for nick to stop, but the movement of my hips betrays my inner feelings, as I give way to my orgasm.

Nick continues to taste my flowing nectar until I cum again, and he moves to another nipple.

I pass out momentarily, and as I come to, my son's penis is penetrating my vagina!

"Stop! Nick. We. I. You. Oh... oh" Are all I manage to mumble as he slides into me another three inches.

I grab his hips with my last ounce of resistance and I push him back until only the head remains inside me!

But I'm already beginning to orgasm, again, and my instincts take over.

I pull my son's hips and drill him into me, all the way. He's so big he reaches bottom!

He starts humping wildly as I hold his ass cakes, pulling him into me with every thrust of his pelvis.

We are riding a tidal wave of building spasms, as I feel Nick's penis enlarge, signaling his impending orgasm.

It a good thing... WAIT! NO! I stopped the pills when Nick's father died!

I cry out, "Son! I'm off the pill. You must pull out quickly. Nick! Don't cum inside me! I'm not safe!"

I might as well have been talking to the wall! Nick would not slow down. He sped up until that monster of his started hissing his baby steam right into my cervix where MY baby machine took over and fed it right into my prepared womb!

I can't believe I let him lose his virginity inside me, his own mother, and impregnate me, no less!

I just can't believe it!

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