West Is Wild Again
Chapter 1: In Old El Paso

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Romantic, Historical,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: In Old El Paso - First time lesbian love in the old west.

December 11, 1876

The stage coach from San Antonio had just arrived in El Paso. Among the disembarking passengers was Della Cord. The 27 years old young woman was dead tired after the bone jarring journey over the high plains of Texas, she longed for a soak in a hot bath and the comforts of a soft bed. After stepping out of the coach she stretched herself, trying to loosen her stiff joints. Many a male admiring eyes took in the view of the blonde woman as her breasts heaved and swelled under her white blouse.

Seemingly unaware of the effects of her action on the men around her the curvaceous woman collected her baggage and walked towards the "Casa Las Palmas", one of the few boarding houses in the city respectable enough for a single woman to find a room without any undue comments or being mistaken for a travelling prostitute. Not that Della Cord wasn't an attractive woman. Far from it, the 5"8' woman had a heart shaped faced which many a men (and women) had found extremely pleasing to the eyes. Despite her height Della was not ungainly and her weight was well distributed and proportioned over her frame with feminine curves in all the right places. Her breasts nicely filled out her blouse and despite her loose fitting skirt the flare of her hips and the swell of her flanks was still perceptible.

Upon arriving at the reception Della was informed that unfortunately none of the single rooms were available, the only remaining option being a double room. On hearing the news Della sucked in her lower lip and started chewing on it. It was a childhood habit expressing her unease and displeasure when things were not to her liking. Upon further enquiry Della was told the daily rate for a double room was $2.50 compared to a buck fifty for a single, this difference was certainly out of her tight budget. The concierge upon sensing Della's discomfort quickly added that a solution might still be possible. Steeling herself for the inevitable sexual proposition which were going to follow Della forced herself to listen. Senor Esposito, the concierge informed her that she was not the only woman in such a predicament and if she do not mind sharing a double room there was another single woman also looking for a room.

After Della had agreed to the proposal by a nod of her head the concierge called out for a "Miss. Johnson". Turning her head Della was surprised to see a figure wearing a Stetson and clad in men's clothing responding to the call and striding towards the reception. Before she could voice her concern the figure reached the desk and took off the hat releasing a cascade of shoulder length brown hair and an attractive feminine face previously obscured by the Stetson. The woman was slightly taller than Della maybe an inch or so. Della remembered her as a fellow passenger on the stage coach, but as both of them were seated at considerable distance from each other Della had not paid much attention. Now at close quarters both the women surveyed each other with just a glance, appraising each others bodies in a manner only women can do.

After shaking hands, the newcomer introduced herself as Samantha "Sam" Johnson. As both the girls walked towards their room Sam was slightly ahead which gave Della to view her more clinically. Della was surprised that despite the male clothing their was nothing masculine about her roommate. She guessed her to about her own age with a pleasing hourglass figure and a well endowed chest.

After they were inside the room, both of them surveyed their surroundings. The central fixture was a large double bed. Sam had expected that despite this being a double room at least their will be two single beds. Glancing towards Della she gave have her a wry smile signaling "Oh Well". Della answered with a shrug of her shoulders and set her tote bag down on the double bed and sat herself down on one of the chairs by the window overlooking the main city street the Mesa Grande Avenue.

"I don't know about you but I am going to have a hot bath" Sam remarked.

"You go ahead first then" Della added.

Sam got up and went out of the room in search for a chamber maid to prepare the bath for them. She returned after a few minutes with a glum expression.

"So what happened?" Della asked

"Hot baths are available only in the morning, the best the maid can do is to bring a basin of hot water so that we can wash our face and hands" Sam replied.

"Oh no, I feel so sticky and sore. I was looking forward to a soak in a hot tub" groaned Della.

Both the women began talking as they waited for the hot water to arrive. As they exchanged background information Sam told Della that she is 25 and originally from Mobile, Alabama and she had come to El Paso as she had inherited a small ranch from her maternal uncle. Since the civil war there has been nothing much to do in Mobile as such it was not a difficult decision to pack up and head west for a new life.

In return Della informed that she had come from Springfield in Illinois and had been raised there on her family's farm. She said that she had married a railroad engineer from Wichita and had lived there for the last 5 years. After her husband had died last year from gun shot wounds when his train was attacked by train robbers, she had gone to San Antonio to find employment. It was there that she had been appointed as a school teacher and assigned to El Paso to a school run by the Catholic Church.

"Well so there is something we have in common" remarked Sam

"That we both had come here due to financial need?" queried Della

"Oh sure that too, no what I meant was that we are both widows" answered Sam

"You were also married!" Della asked

"Why there is some reason that I should not have been" retorted Sam with an impish grin.

Disarmed by the other woman's frankness Della laughed and said "God no, its just that upon first seeing you I did not peg you down as the marrying kind".

"Oh this" Sam pointed to her masculine clothes. "These are just so I am not leered at and propositioned by the men when I am travelling".

"Wish I had thought of that" replied Della "I have had more than my fair share of leers and whistles during this journey".

"So what happened to your husband" Della asked "If you do not mind my asking"

"Oh no, its okay" Sam said with a wave of her arm "He died two years ago from malaria, although I still do miss him".

The girls conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door and the entrance of the maid carrying their hot water. After the maid had left, Sam stripped out of her flannel shirt and blue denims. Clad in only an undershirt and cotton half-pants she strode towards the bathroom to clean herself. Although Della by no means a prude would have balked at disrobing in front of another woman but she really liked Sam from the short conversation they have had and she thought they being both women there is nothing wrong if she did the same.

Della unfastened her white blouse, undid her long skirt and stepped out of it. Underneath she wore a chemise and drawers. She walked towards the bathroom just as Sam emerged with her face freshly scrubbed and glowing pink. Some of the water had spilled on her undershirt making it stick to her chest with the outlines of her nipples visible. She really is an attractive woman though Della as she went inside the bath.

After Della came back into the room she found Sam already in bed facing away from her with the covers drawn up to her chest. Thinking that her companion had succumbed to fatigue and had gone to sleep, Della got into the bed from the other side and eased herself inside the covers.

After settling herself down Della had tried going to sleep, but as it sometimes happens that when the body is too tired sleep refuses to come despite the fatigue. On the other side of the bed she could hear Sam tossing and turning, apparently having as much difficulty sleeping.

"Can't sleep also, huh" asked Sam

Upon hearing her new friends voice Della turned to face her and found Sam also on her side snuggled in the covers to ward off the winter chill of the desert night.

"Yeah, I can toss and turn all night and not catch any winks" agreed Della.

With both the girls on their sides facing each other their faces were only a feet or so apart. Through the window faint star light from the clear desert sky was filtering in bathing the young women's faces and making them glow in ethereal beauty.

"You're a very beautiful woman, Sam," Della whispered.

Sam blushed (something which she did not do too often) and returned the compliment "Well you're one to talk, school marm", replied Sam "You're not exactly ugly either".

It was now Della's turn to blush. Tentatively she reached out with her hand and touched Sam's hair. "Your hair is as soft as silk." She said running her fingers through the brown hair.

Sam felt a tingling sensation as Della's finger ran through her hair. With her own hand she touched Della's cheek and caressed it softly "I love your complexion, its like a Georgia peach dipped in cream".

At Sam's touch Della felt Goosebumps rise along her forearms and she noticed that Sam's face was flushed and blushing pink. Della withdrew her fingers from Sam's hair and instead placed her palm on top of Sam's hand caressing her cheek.

Both the woman were experiencing feelings which they previously not been aware of. Not that the feelings were unpleasant, far from it they were just unaccustomed to them.

Slowly the girls became aware of the implications of their actions but none of them wanted these strange pleasant feelings to stop. For both of them the only sexual knowledge they had was acquired after their respective marriages. After the death of their husbands they had not been sexually intimate with another man let alone a woman. As the moment of reckoning approached Sam propped herself on her elbows and quizzically looked at Della.

In return Della leaned forward and softly kissed Sam on the lips. All doubts were erased from their minds as they both enjoyed the kiss. Not wanting to advance too quickly and also not knowing what to do next, both women were content for the time being to trade soft clinging kisses.

After a few minutes Della broke off the kissing and turned towards her side facing away from Sam. Della reached back to take hold of Sam's hand and pulled the other woman near her so that they were spooning together. With Sam's hand around her waist and her soft breath against the back of her neck both the women drifted off to sleep.

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