Dorm Story
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Rough, Light Bond, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, First, Masturbation, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Food, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ali, a college freshman, is not all she seems. Who knows what (or who) she'll do next to get what she wants.

By 9am, the steamy August misery was already wilting everything and everyone on campus. The Appalachian hills were hazy and blue in the distance. The ivy that covered the low red brick buildings didn't even tremble in the stifling stillness.

Five thousand freshmen and their parents, siblings and friends had begun to swarm the grounds of Jefferson Davis University, looking for dorms, classrooms, offices. In a few hours the parents and friends would be gone, and the students would again flood the campus in search of sex, drugs and "something to do." But for now, the main activity seemed to be unloading the Volvos and Mercedes and SUV's that dotted the lawns and walkways between the dorms.

A forest green Range Rover squealed brakes and tires as it pulled suddenly from the driveway onto the grass in front of Ross Hall. It stopped a few feet from the main entrance of the sprawling four-story building. Ross was new, built in the 50's, and it was made of concrete, not brick. There was already toilet paper in the tree next to the door, and an overweight boy in a tank top and grimy baseball cap leaned over the 3rd floor balcony, a Bud dangling from his fingers.

He let out a whoop when the Range Rover's front bumper kissed the tree, knocking the humidity-sodden end of the toilet paper roll onto the hood. The Rover's driver was redfaced and roaring before he even got out of the car.

He was square and thick-necked, with a blonde crewcut that was showing his reddened scalp at the back. Screaming obscenities, he swatted the dampish toilet paper roll off the hood with a meaty hand. He wore a gold pinky ring with a diamond. An instant later, he was smiling at the passengers in the Rover.

As if they had been waiting for the offensive object to be removed, the front and back passenger side doors flew open as the toilet paper hit the ground. A pair of red high heels emerged from the front seat first, followed by long shapely legs and a short white skirt. The curvy blonde that slithered out of the front seat wore a red silk tank top that looked several sizes too small for her, streched over enormous breasts and rounded tummy.

Bud boy on the 3rd floor hooted at her, grabbed his crotch and swigged his beer. The blonde looked up, wrinkling her perfect plastic nose, and the boy spat beer from his mouth and nose as he realized she was at least forty-five. Dark eyes glared at him from under beetle-black eyebrows. Red lips lifted in a snarl that turned into a kiss and a wink as she noted his left hand still on his dick. He flushed and fled back inside, missing the cautious exit from the rear passenger side door.

This passenger eased her snow-white keds to the footstep below the door, showing long thin pale legs. A head with long, smooth, ash-blonde hair emerged next, and the girl hopped out onto the withering grass. She was tall and graceful, with wiry muscles on her long bones, and her skin was unusually pale for the end of summer. She wore blue cargo shorts and a lightweight white cotton shirt. Her hair was held back by a thin white headband.

"Alice!" Her mother barked. "Dijou know this was a co-ed dorm?" Her voice was harsh and had a grating outer-borough New York accent.

The girl's eyes widened, then quickly aimed at the ground. "No, Mother, of course not," she murmured.

"What?! Speak up!"

"I--I said 'No.' I had no idea." She looked up at a face of sheer disbelief. "Really, I promise! The book said this building had been all girls since 1953." She left off the rest of the sentence in the book: "until last year, when it went co-ed, the last building to do so at Davis University." Instead, she continued to stare at the gound.

"Angela, who gives a rat's ass. They live here, they live across the street... what's the difference. Right punkin'?"

The ghost of a smile slid across her face. "Right, Daddy."

Angela gave in with a stomp of impatience. "Alright. Let's get this over with before I fucking melt out here. It better be air conditioned in there." She teetered on her 4-inch spikes to the back of the car. "Walter!" she roared. She stood there, arms crossed, foot tapping until her husband appeared from around the side of the car. He pushed the button and swung open the rear door. Reaching red vinyl-tipped claws into the car, she pulled out a makeup case and garment bag and headed for the door.

"What room, Ali baby?" She asked, her voice saccharine.

Ali, who had moved silently to the rear of the car, picked up a box bigger than her torso and followed her mother to the door. She said "402" as she passed. She shifted the box, labeled "shoes," to her hip and pulled open the heavy reinforced-glass door one-handed.

Her mother followed her. "Four. Four? There better be a goddamned elevator.

There wasn't. Nor was it air-conditioned. Angela huffed and puffed up behind Alice's lightly sprinting figure. When they reached 402, Ali dropped her box and dug the key from her pocket and unlocked the door. When she turned around, Angela had disappeared, leaving the bags on the hallway floor. Following the smell of cigarette smoke, she found her mother on the fourth floor balcony, sucking on a Marlboro Red.

"You know baby, I should watch the car so nobody steals it. You and Daddy can unpack." She hadn't bothered to turn around. She watched a young man struggling with a dorm fridge through the doorway of the building across the street. His shoulders bunched and leg muscles corded as he heaved it up and carried it in.

Ali drifted away soundlessly and went back down the hall to her room. Her father had arrived and was shouldering the door open.

The room was bare, with ugly concrete walls and dull grey linolium floors. There were two doors, one directly across from the hall door, and the other on the left wall of the square room. "I sure hope your bed is behind one of those doors," said Walter.

Ali ran to the door on the left, opened it, and slammed it with a bang. "Bathroom." She crossed to the door across from the hall door. "Aha. Here it--oh!" she stopped.

"What is it baby?" Angela had appeared in the doorway behind her husband, who was dragging the boxes and bags into the room. He turned and looked as well.

"Well, there's two..." she drifted off again.

"Two what, Alice?" Her mother snapped.

"Two of everything," Ali said quietly, turning to face her parents. "I guess I have a roomate."

"I don't fucking believe this. Let me see." Angela pushed past her husband and daughter. Ali melted back behind her father.

Angela took in the room in a quick glance. Her daughter had been right. Two beds, two dressers, two desks, two chairs, even two windows. Everything was ugly and old and small. Two wooden desks had matching 50's library-style chairs with chipped veneer. Both desks and chairs were covered with generations of graffiti. The beds were little more than cots, made of metal and the same pressed-wood material as the desks and chairs. As were the dressers. The right side of the room was the mirror of the left, except for the double sliding doors of a closet, which were pushed to the right, so that the left side was open. There were two pathetic metal hangers on the bar.

Angela slammed the door shut leaned against it, eyes closed. "This must be a mistake," she whispered. "It better be a fucking mistake," she repeated loudly. "Alice are you sure you gave them the right name when you picked up your key? I knew I should have gone with you. Maybe the other girl isn't coming. It better be a girl! Alice! Did you know about this?"

"No, Mother, I requested a single, like you said," Ali whispered, eyes on the ground.

"Walter, we are going back to that place, what was it? Registrar's office, Housing, whatever. We are going back and finding out what the fuck is going on!" She stalked out of the entry room into the hall, patting her helmet of blonde curls and fanning herself. "Now!" she screamed.

Husband and daughter followed, shutting and locking the door behind. After a fruitless 45 minutes in the Central Housing office, Angela left red-faced and cursing under her breath, and the others followed. "Full number of beds my ass. What the hell do they mean, 'don't usually give singles to freshmen?' We asked for one on the stinkin' form! Didn't we? We should really just go and tell them you aren't coming here. If they think they're not getting their 10 grand this semester, we'll see if they can find a single..."

"Mother, it's ok. I don't mind. They said they're not even sure if the other girl's coming." Ali spoke for the first time in an hour.

"I don't care if you mind! I will not have you sharing a room with some weirdo! What if she's druggie? What if she's a prostitute? I don't want you becoming a lesbian!"

Ali actually stifled a smile. "Mother, four years at St. Anne's didn't turn me into a lesbian..."

"But you had your own room at St. Anne's! And how do you know you're not a lesbian? You've never had a boyfriend!"

Ali's eyes dropped to the ground again.

"Angela cut the crap. If she doesn't care, why should we. She's a big girl. She'll be 18 next month. An a-dult. It's time we started treating her like one. Right punkin?"

Ali smiled, still looking at the ground. "Right Daddy."

They had reached the car, and Walter chirped the car alarm, unlocking the doors. Angela got in, saying, "Walter I am not sitting in that horrible sweatbox while you run up and down stairs all day. Take me back to the hotel, unless you want me to sit in the car with the air conditioning on."

"Ok, sweetie." Walter turned to wink at Ali, as he slammed his door shut. "We'll be back soon," he said, pushing the power windows down.

"Oh, Daddy, I forgot. I have to have an orientation meeting. It's just a follow-up to the earlier orientation. I thought it might be important. But I don't know how long it'll be. So here's my key so you can get into my room, OK?"

"OK, punkin," Walter smiled as he took the key. "You take your time. I can move all this stuff, no problem."

"Thanks Daddy. Hopefully it'll be quick & I can come back & finish helping you. Bye!" She waved as Walter backed off the lawn & onto the driveway.

As he pulled away, Ali started walking towards the center of campus. Once the Rover was out of sight, however, she turned around & headed back for her dorm. Instead of rurning right into her own building, however, she turned left into Jacob Hall, which was the twin of Ross, and had been the all-boys freshman dorm when Ross had been the all-girls.

Leaning against the tree that matched Ross' toilet-papered one, Ali pulled a pack of Winstons from her cargo pocket and expertly shook one out. She stuck it in her mouth and yanked her white headband from her hair, and tossed it into the bushes behind her. She lit the cigarette and exhaled in a sigh, draping her arms backwards over a low branch, looked up into the tree. She stood there, ankles crossed, head tilted back, smoking, for a few minutes, when loud voices came from behind the glass door next to her.

The muscled young man who had been moving the fridge pushed open the door, laughing and saying to another attractive boy, "Yeah, right. Like you'd kick her out of bed!" He stopped suddenly when he saw Ali, who was staring at him and smirking slightly, her cigarette dangling from her fingertips.

"Kick who out of bed?" She asked, taking a languid drag on her cigarette. She held out up to him. "I'm Ali. Want one?"

"I'm Nate. Uh, no, thanks." He tilted his head and smiled. "This is Greg. So, where do you live?" he asked, giving her the once-over.

She jerked her left thumb towards Ross. "Across the street. I'm locked out. My parents ran off with the keys. They'll be back. But for now I'm bored." It was her turn to give Nate the once over. He wasn't too tall, about 5'10" or 11" with light brown hair and hazel eyes. His shoulders were wide and his arms were muscled and tan. He wore a tank top, running shorts and tennis shoes. He had the charm of someone who knew he was attractive. Her eyes flicked to Greg. He was also just under six feet, muscled and tan. They both had that generic athletic wealthy preppy-boy look about them. They would have been indistinguishable, but Greg was black-haired & brown-eyed. He wore a Davis University t-shirt and cutoffs.

"Uhm." Nate grunted in a tone of comprehension & disinterest in her parental situation. "Want a beer?"

"Love one," said Ali, flicking her cigarette butt on the ground and leading them into their building.

They lived on the 3rd floor, next to the lounge. The little fridge she had seen them carrying was stocked full of Sam Adams. Nate popped one open for her, and she sat on Nate's bed cross-legged, kicking her shoes off. The room was full of boxes labeld "Cds," "clothes," "Nintendo," "stuff," and "books." The "books" box was opened, and Ali could see the latest issue of Hustler on top.

"Nice books you got there," Ali said, grinning at them.

"Oh! Uh, they, uh..."

Ali just laughed. "So you guys are roomates, huh? Did you know each other before this? Let me guess. High school buddies. Drove out here together. You're from... Florida?" The guys looked at each other, then her.

"Uh, yeah. But... how... ?" Nate frowned.

"Well, the first bit I just guessed, but I'm not psychic. Saw your license plate." She rolled her eyes.

"Oh, huh. Yeah." Greg laughed nervously. "So, uh, where are you from?"

"Well, my parents live in Manhattan, but they sent me to a Catholic girls school in Connecticut for high school. So, nowhere, really." She gulped down half her beer while the guys digested that.

"So you guys ever fuck each other?"

"Wha-aat?" Nate looked offended. "No, never, we..." he dropped off at Ali's skeptical glance. "Well, there was that one time we were real drunk & stoned at Marty's party... and there were those two chicks... but we were just all in the same bed, not really, y'know... I mean, we're not fags or anything."

"Well thank god. I thought maybe you two were, like, Together."

She drank some more of her beer and watched them. Greg sucked on his beer and looked out the window, his face red. Nate just stared at her. "What kind of music do you listen to?" Ali asked next.

Nate jumped to his feet. "Oh, uh, lots of stuff. Here..." he opened the "Cds" box. He pulled out a few handfulls of disks for Ali to inspect. "Wanna listen to anything?"

"Oh yeah, I love this one." Ali handed him a Soul Coughing box.

"All right," said Nate.

"Hey, I gotta go meet, uh, that dude from the Housing Office, remember? I'll be back in a while, ok?" Greg set down his half-empty beer and nearly sprinted out the door.

"Christ, what's his problem?" asked Ali.

"Oh, well, he got gay bashed once for walking down the street with his brother. He freaks out sometimes. But he's a cool guy." Nate sat down next to Ali. The music on the Cd player began to pound in a slow, erotic, almost tribal rhythm.

"I love this CD," said Ali, setting down her empty beer bottle and turning to look at Nate. Nate was staring at her breasts.

"So," she said, her hand dropping to his knee. "Wanna fuck?" She slid her fingernails up his inner thigh.

He gasped and put his hand on her shoulder, and slid it down the side of her arm. He stretched out his thumb to slide back & forth across her nipple, hard under her cotton top and bra. "Sure." He said.

She continued to drag her nails up his thigh, up the pants leg of his shorts, and brushing his balls, wrapped her rather large warm hand around his hardening cock. He inhaled sharply, and moved his hand to squeeze her breast. She leaned against his hand and pushed her hand down. He was breathing hard, and reaching his other hand to her stomach, he pulled her shirt out of the waistband of her shorts. She reached up with her other hand and grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling his mouth to hers. His hands, under her shirt, pinched and squeezed her breasts, rolling her hard nipples between his forefinger and thumb, her tounge flicked along the roof of his mouth, then with sudden force, she pulled his tounge into her mouth, sucking hard enough to make him wince. She didn't let up right away, but squeezed his dick harder, then bit his tounge before letting it escape back into his own mouth. With her right hand squeezing & stroking his cock from up his pants leg, her left was clawing red scratches down his side, and up under his shirt to his nipples, flat but hard on his bulging pectorals. She dragged her nails down his chest and sideways across his stomach, finally slipping her fingers into the waistband of his pants. She pulled her right hand out of his pants leg and started pulling his shorts & boxers off.

He had figured out the front clasp on her bra, and was pulling her shirt up and pushing the bra with it. Their mouths detached for a brief moment while her shirt was pulled over her head, then met again with violent moans. Once her shirt was off, he pushed her down onto the bed, kicking his shoes off and wriggling out of his pants with Ali's help. His dick was hard, but smooth and soft against her legs.

"You forgot something," she said, panting.

Nate frowned in confusion.

"My pants." She laughed at his embarassment.

"Oh here," he said, and moved so she could take them off.

"Unh-uh. You do it," she said with a wicked grin, challenging him.

He was up to the challenge. She lay on her back, arms over her head, while Nate worked his way down to her pants. Instead of unbuttoning them, however, he reached both hands up her pants legs, as she had done to him. He licked her belly button and lower abdomen as he slid his hands up her pants with terrible slowness. She began panting and spread her legs a little wider. When his fingers reached the edges of her cotton underpants, he stopped, pulled his hands out of her pants and leaned over her, his hands on either side of her chest.

"Close your eyes," he said, and leaned over her in his right elbow. He licked the outside edge of her right breast, up to her armpit and around the top of it. Then, starting at the bottom inside edge, he licked his way around again to the top. With his right hand he trailed his fingers down her left arm, into her armpit and almost touching the outer edge of her breast. He nibbled on a few random places of the fleshy part of her right breast, then took as much of it into his mouth, making sure his tounge didn't touch her nipple. Then he bit slowly around her nipple, sliding his teeth towards the super-sensitive tip of her hard pink nipple just as his right hand reached her belly and undid the top button of her pants. He flicked his tounge faster and faster as he pulled down her zipper and stopped everything as his fingers got the zipper all the way down.

She moaned and arched her crotch towards his fingers but he pulled them away and made a "tsk tsk" noise. She opened her eyes and he winked at her.

Switching arms, he leaned back over her chest, this time licking taunting wet circles around her left breast. His right hand slid up her leg and into her pants. With one finger he pushed against the crotch of her warm damp underpants and she gasped and bucked against him, but he pulled his hand out and started pulling on her right nipple while sucking hard on her left. He rolled the tip against his finger and thumb, occasionally sqeezing her whole breast with his palm and other fingers. His tounge wound around & around the base of her nipple, occasionally nipping it with his teeth. Ali was moaning and panting and arching her back, trying to bring her aching crotch in contact with him, any part of him to relieve the pressure and her desire.

He would occasionally let her warm wet crotch meet his leg or his hip, but kept his penis away from her. Finally, when the moans started to get anxious and pitiful, he slid his mouth down the center of her chest, to her belly button, which he flicked his tounge into, then down to the edge of her underpants. He knelt up a little, and reached his hands under her butt, and pulled both shorts and underwear down. He pulled her legs together and up into the air, pulling the wet underpants up past his face as he inhaled deeply. She caught him and smiled.

Still not letting her move, he bent toward her right knee and licked the backof it, then slid up the inside of her thigh. When just the edges of her pubic hair was tickling his nose, he blew on her, and pulled his head up. He reached his right hand up and slid up her left thigh, finally ramming his first two fingers deep inside her. She yelped and almost sat up, but fell back against the pillows, panting and moaning quietly. She was so wet, girljuice ran down his fingers and into his hand, and he reached his head towards her, and curled his tounge along her clit. She cried out again and arched her hips towards his face. He obliged her and flickered his tounge up and down across her clit, his fingers pumping in and out of her. He glanced up and saw that she was playing with her breasts with both hands, her head tossed back, mouth open and panting wildly.

As her panting began to get more rhythmic, he slid his fingers out of her and stuck them in her mouth. She sucked them hard, making his cock swell with blood. He kissed her, taking over one of her breasts with his still wet hand. Again, she sucked his tounge hard and pulled him down on top of her, clawing his back.

Just as he was about to slide his aching hard cock into her, she pushed him away, rolling him onto his back and grinning. "My turn," she whispered. She pushed him down flat, then bit her way down his chest and stomach, skipping his dick, and nibbling on his thighs. She cupped a hand under his butt and slid one finger along his butt-crack and up his balls. Nate gasped. Without further ado she took his cock all the way into her mouth, sliding her head up and down it, lubricating it with her own saliva. She flicked her tounge across the little divot in the head and pushed slightly into the hole. She sucked hard and then scraped her teeth down the length of his cock, her right hand groping his entire body with her nails. She felt his already huge and hard penis get a little harder, and stopped. She crawled up his body, straddling him. With her breasts brushing his chest, she reached back and grabbed his cock, pulling it towards her clit. She eased back a little, then fast and hard, she masturbated her clit with the head of his penis. She did this for about 15 seconds, then slammed her body down, plunging his dick deep into her. She pulled up and again, moved the head of his penis in small fast circles around her clit for a few seconds before slamming herself back down the length of his cock.

Nate was moaning and panting. Finally "Ali... ?" he said, and she stopped, pushing her clit hard against his pubic bone and rocking faster and faster. After only a few seconds she came, a near scream escaping from her mouth as she panted. She stopped for only a second, so that Nate could feel the contractions of her vaginal walls as she came. Then, she pulled up and slammed back down on him over and over, her breasts in his face untill he shouted in surprise and his body shook convulsively, then was still.

Ali collapsed on top of him briefly, then glanced at her watch. Oh shit. I gotta go," she said, getting up. "Thanks, that was fun."

"Uh? Oh, yeah, sure. No problem," Nate muttered, closing his eyes.

Ali put her clothes back on quickly, and slipping her feet into her shoes, downed the other half of Greg's abandoned beer. "Seeya later," she said, and was gone.

Outside, her father's Range Rover was again parked under the toilet-papered pink dogwood, but he was not in sight. Ali sprinted up the path towards campus, then turned and sauntered back down again, and was about 20 feet from the Rover when her father came back outside. He waved & called "Hi punkin," to her, and she waved and called "Hi Daddy." She helped him finish unloading, then they spent the rest of the morning at the nearby mall, which had one of those swedish home furnishing stores, and came back with the Rover fully loaded, yet again.

After another hour of unloading bookshelves, a new desk, an office chair, down featherbed, microwave, fridge, and several hundred dollars worth of other odds and ends, they decided to take a break for a late lunch.

When Walter & Ali stopped by the hotel to find her for lunch, Angela was nowhere to be found. "She's prob'ly at the pool," Walter said. Ali said nothing. They went to the Chinese place near campus, which was crowded with students and a parents.

"Thanks for helping me move and getting me all that stuff, Daddy," Ali said, looking at her fathers shirt buttons.

"Hey, no problem, punkin." Walter slurped noodles into his mouth. I'll get those bookshelves put together in no time. That was a good idea, for you to keep the receipts in case something breaks. Your mother will be proud."

Ali whitened ever so slightly. "Can we not tell her? She'll make fun of me for being too organized. You know she will."

"OK, punkin. Whatever you say."

Angela was busy. She had gone straight to the bar immediately upon being dropped off at the hotel. Sitting down at a table against the wall by the entrance, she scanned the near-empty room from her vantage point. A young college-age waiter came up from the kitchen doors.

"Hi, my name is Todd. Do you know what you'd like?" he asked pleasantly.

Angela scanned him up and down, arching an eyebrow. "Yeah, but I doubt it's legal, Todd," she said dryly.

The boy flushed and cleared his throat. "Perhaps I could interest you in today's lunch specials? We have a --"

"Ok, ok." She sighed. "Give me a grilled chicken ceasar with italian dressing and a marguerita."

"Yes ma'am," Todd said, spun on his heel and hurried back to the kitchen.

Angela sat patting her hair and fanning herself with the coaster on the table. After a minute or so Todd returned with the drink and an appologetic look on his face. "Here's your marguerita, ma'am." He smiled without making eye contact. "My shift is over soon, and Hank will be taking over as your server in just a minute."

"Ohh, too bad," crooned Angela. "And I tip so well!" She smirked. "Have a nice day." She picked up her drink & tossed it back like it was a shooter. "Have Hank bring me another one of these," she said slamming the glass on the table.

Todd hurried away again, and a few minutes later a large burly man with sandy-brown curls just brushing his shoulders punched the kitchen doors open, making Angela jump slightly. As he strode across the room delicately carrying her glass across the room, a devious smile crossed Angela's face, and a warmness gathered in her abdomen, working its way down.

"Hi there," he said in a husky twang as he gently set the glass down. A tattoo was visible on his wrist as he extended his arm. "I'm Hank." He straightened and put his hands on his hips. He was probably in his mid-thirties, tan, broad and had a twinkle in his eye that said he could take anything she threw at him.

"Hi there, Hank. I'm Angela." She tilted her head at the kitchen door. "Sems like Todd and I didn't get off on such a good start. But that's ok, now I've got you." She gave him a long look up and down, her eyes lingering just below the waist of his tight faded jeans. His waist was small despite his huge upper body and he stood with a casual comfort. Angela thought she was going to cum just looking at him.

He noticed her look. "Well, miss, I'd best be getting back to the kitchen. But don't you worry, I'll be right back with something for you to eat." He winked at her and sauntered away. She checked out his ass. It was just as nice as the rest of him.

He returned with her salad shortly, but was called away from her table by an arriving middle aged couple before they got any time for more chit-chat. The lunch rush was starting. She ate her salad and downed 3 more margueritas, watching his ass as he walked back and forth across the dining room bringing food, menus, and clean forks to the other diners. She made sure to catch his eye whenever she could and licked her lips or ran a piece of ice down her throat. When he came to clear her plate, he lingered for a moment.

"So I can't help but notice you're all alone. It's a shame a beautiful woman like you doesn't have anyone to talk to in a strange town." He smiled a slow warm smile. "My shift is over in ten minutes. I was wondering if you had anything planned for the next three hours."

Angela raised her eyebrows in a sultry look of contemplation. "Oh, I think I can come up with something for us to do.

Thirteen minutes later Angela was slamming Hank up against her hotel room door, squeezing his butt cheeks and covering his face, neck and earlobes with her candy-apple red lipstick. She let go and pushed herself away from him to pull her purse in front of her and dig around for her key. Finding it, she shooed Hank away from the door and let herself in. She pulled Hank in with her and slammed the door shut. As Angela crossed the room shedding clothing, Hank opened the door slightly and reached his hand around to pull the key out of the door, closed it again and slid the extra security bolt shut.

Angela was standing in the middle of the room completely naked except for her red heels. Her shirt had landed on top of the television, her skirt on the floor in front of the bathroom door, bra and panties on the floor at her feet.

"Get your cute ass over here and fuck me like an animal," she whispered hoarsely. Hank immediately rose to the challenge, a fact Angela noticed at once. "Good boy," she crooned as he unbuckled his belt and pushed his jeans and boxers down over his rising cock. He left his shirt on and walked over to Angela. Reaching down he lifed one of her large breasts to his lips and licked the outter edge of her nipple and up to her armpit. She scraped her nails down his shirt front and grabbed his rather long, thick cock which was now completely hard.

As Hank slid his other hand down her slightly bulging tummy and down her abdomen towards her pussy, she grasped both sides of his collar and ripped his shirt open, buttons popping all the way down. She pushed the edges of his shirt down to his shoulders just as his middle finger slid into her hot dripping twat, causing her to stop and throw her head back in ecstacy.

In one movement she spun him around, pushed him back onto the bed and pounced on top of him. "I said FUCK ME," she hissed at him. She pulled the back of his shirt up and down his arms, but could go no farther because of the tight buttons at his wrists. His arms were encircled with dragon tattoos and one that said "USMC." Angela grunted in pleasure. "Ohhh. A Marine. Yummy."

"Well, ex-Marine-mmf!" Angela had pulled him down on top of her and was attacking his mouth again with an expert tounge and pushing her hips up at his crotch. Before she knew what was going on he had pulled his arms free of the shirt (with another couple of button poppings) and had grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the bed over her head. "Well, lookey here. The tables have turned a little now haven't they?" Hank gave a slow smile. "Now don't move."

He slid backwards off the bed and reached out with one hand and grabbed her discarded red silk bra, which he tossed towards the head of the bed. Then he leaned over and with one hand grabbed Angela around the waist and moved her up on the bed so her head was on the pillows. Then he grabbed both her hands again and held them up over her head with one hand. Deftly he wrapped the bra around her wrists and tied them to the headboard.

Angela was moaning and panting and humping the air she was so aroused and desperately hungry for release. "MMM! Hank, I... !" He chuckled at her and she screamed in frustration, trying to kick him where he knelt at the foot of the bed. He grabbed her ankles and held her feet down on the bed. With his tounge he worked his way up her legs and she began whimpering again. "Tsk, tsk!" he said, suddenly darting his head up to her crotch where he poked out his tounge giving her a quick lick, then back down to her knees where he'd left off. A burst of liquid came flowing out of her as she nearly orgasmed from the brief touch. He worked up her left thigh, just far enough so that his nose tickled her red engorged pussy lips, then moved back to her right thigh. She wrapped her ankles around his hips.

He crawled up her body and knelt between her legs. He kissed her and ran his hands down from her shoulders to her underarms, up and around the sides of her breasts and down her tummy, then slid his palms up again and began kneading her large breasts with both hands, the whole while ignoring her bucking and moaning. He massaged her breasts and leaned down and occasionally suckled each nipple for a few seconds, alternating with rolling them around between his thumb and forefinger.

When Angela was nearly crying from excitation and frustration, Hank suddenly and without warning pushed her knees up as far as they would go and rammed his cock into her swollen dripping aching pussy as hard as he could.

Angela screamed as she instantly orgasmed. Hank continued ramming her has hard as he could over and over, making her moan and wail several more times in orgasm before he allowed himself to finally shoot his load into her as she came a fifth time, her red heels clasped together around his back. He collapsed on top of her and took long shuddering breaths for a few moments before he leaned up again and untied her from the headboard. Angela's arms merely slid down to the pillows on either side of her head. She sighed and passed out.

Hank gave a bemused little laugh and got up to put his clothes back on, shaking his head at his tattered shirt. Dressed, he let himself out of her room and closed the door with a quiet "snick" of the lock. Angela never stirred.

After lunch, they returned to Ross 402, and as he had promised, Walter put together the shelves and the new desk. He set up a small kitchen in the entry room, with the microwave, fridge and the old desk, along with the new one. Meanwhile, Ali unpacked her books, clothes, and other paraphernalia, not bothering to leave space for the as-yet-hypothetical other girl's belongings.

Four hours later, a new 3-speed multi-directional fan blew cooler evening air into the room, as Ali sat on the floral bedspread and her father in the new leather swivel-chair. "Why don't we order pizza and watch TV?" Ali suggested, pointing to the little 13-inch set with built-in VCR on the other girl's desk. "Or rent a movie. I saw a Blockbuster near the mall."

Walter rubbed the balding patch at the back of his head. "No, punkin, I gotta go find your mother. Hopefully she hasn't made an ass of herself at the hotel bar yet." He looked at his watch. "Only 7. She's probably only had a few martini's. You sure you don't need any help with anything else?" he looked around the room.

"No, Daddy, we're all done. It's ok. You go find Mother and I'll see you in the morning before you leave, right?"

"Right punkin. We even got an early birthday surprise for you!" He chuckled at her wide-eyed look of surprise. "Now don't tell your Mother I told you already. Act real surprised."

"Act? I can't imagine what it is," Ali frowned and let her eyes unfocus, thinking. "Oh well. I guess I can wait till tomorrow! Good night, Daddy," she said as her father stood to go. She gave him a hug and he kissed her forehead.

"Good night, punkin. Be good."

"I will, Daddy. Promise." She stood primly, ankles together, hands behind her back, smiling like an angel. She pulledher right hand from behind her and waved as he closed the outer hall door. As it clicked shut she uncrossed the fingers of her left hand and sighed.

"Thank god," she said. "Christ, I thought he'd never fucking leave." She reached into her left cargo pocket and pulled out her smokes. Shaking one out of the pack, and sticking it in the corner of her mouth, she walked over to the window, and switched the airflow to "out."

Just as she lit the cigarette and exhaled deeply, a knock came at the outer door, and the knob rattled. She jumped to her feet and took one last drag before flicking the cigarette out the window as the outer door opened. But the face that appeared was not her father's. It was a woman, dark haired and tanned golden brown. She smiled when she saw Ali.

"Hi, I'm Jaime Richardson. You must be Alice Sommers." She came all the way in, and Ali could see she carried only a duffle bag and had a backpack over her shoulders. She was very petite, much smaller than Ali's 5 feet 10 inches, and extremely thin. "Hey, wow, you've got it all decked out in here. I would have been here hours ago, but Central Housing and the Registrar's office thought I was a guy." She noticed Ali's puzzled expression. "Y'know. 'Jaime?' Generally a boy's name? Anyway, it took me 3 hours of bouncing between offices and standing in line, trying to get my parents to fax the birth certificate from Santa Fe... it sucked." She came into the bedroom and headed for the empty bed on the left third of the room. She dropped her bag on the floor and swung her backpack onto the bed. She turned and put her hands on her hips, smiling as she looked at Ali's vast array of belongings. "Damn. Good thing I don't have a lot of stuff."

Ali's pale cheeks turned red. "Oh. I'm sorry, my parents..."

"No, don't worry about it. I was just teasing. I really didn't bring much." She sniffed. "You smoke?"

"My dad just left," Ali said in barely above a whisper, her eyes on the ground again.

"Oh, that big blonde guy? Yeah, we passed on the stairs. So you don't mind if I smoke?"

Ali shook her head. She said, "Call me Ali."

"Ali? Like Alley cat?" She laughed. "You got it."

Jaime chatted constantly while she unpacked, never really expecting an answer from Ali, but was content with the occasional "yes" or "no." Ali watched her new roomate with fascination.

Jaime's hair was curly, a deep walnut brown, but with glinting gold highlights. It was just below shoulder length when it was down, like when Jaime came in. Before she started unpacking, she wound it up into a bun, and wrapped a red scrunchie around it. She barely came up to Ali's chin, and her wrists and ankles looked like bird-bones. She wore a purple tank top, with a huge blue plaid flannel, tied around her waist. Under the tank top, her breasts were larger than one might have expected on such a small woman, her cleavage visible over the low neck of her shirt when she bent down to pull clothes out of her duffel bag. She was braless. Ali also noticed with some amazement that her underarms were unshaven. Ali could smell her spicy sweaty smell from across the room. The shorts Jaime wore were ragged, worn pale blue denim, the frayed edges ending several inches up her slender brown legs, making them look longer than they were. She was wearing Birkenstocks when she arrived, but had kicked them off immediately. Her feet were slender and brown, like her hands, with long, straight toes and red nailpolish. The tops of her feet were striped with the lines from her sandals.

By the time Jaime reached the bottom of her duffel bag, Ali knew all about Jaime. She had 2 step brothers and one sister. Her mother, Carmen, had been an illegal immigrant from Mexico, hired to nanny Mr. Joseph Richardson's troublesome boys, Chris (then 5) and Steve (3). Mr. Richardson's wife had died when Stevie was born, and Joseph had gone through several nannys in the years since. The rest was "Just like 'The Sound of Music!'" said Jaime. Mr. Joseph fell for the beautiful 20 year old Carmen, and the rest was cinematic history. The horrible boys got better as they got older, and she thought her little sister Anna got the better deal. The boys had always worshipped Anna, (who was 14 and just starting high school this fall) but had fought like puppies with Jaime, who was closer to their age, and an incurable tomboy. They got along ok, though, and the boys always grilled her about her boyfriends, and were always threatening to beat them up. "They could too," she added. "Both of them are over six feet, now. And total babes." She grinned at Ali.

When Jaime reached the bottom of her bag, she stopped talking and flopped down on Ali's bed next to her. "Shit. I'm wiped. Wanna get food? I there were some coupons for 'Harry's Pizza Shack' in that box of stupid shit we got from Housing. I got the 'Boy' box. She giggled. That's ok, their deodorant smells better." She sat up.

"Ali? You ok?"

"Oh, yes, I was just thinking." She slowly made eye contact with her roomate. "Sure. I'd love to get pizza. I have a phone..." she drifted off, looking for the black cordless phone she and her father had picked up earlier. She found it on top of the fridge in the outer room. She opened it up and plugged in the base, popped in the batteries that came with it. She tested it and found that it worked. She smiled at Jaime. "Presto!"

"Wow. You have a great smile. You should really do it more often," Jaime teased. "Here's the coupon. You want me to call it in? What do we want? I'm vegetarian, so no meat. At least not on half of it."

"Um. Whatever you want," mumbled Ali.

"Oh, come on. What's your favorite?"

"Uh... you'll laugh... okay, okay. Onions, garlic and red peppers. My mother says that's why no one will ever kiss me." She smiled shyly again as she looked up. Jaime was standing with her jaw hanging open.

"No way! That's my favorite too! That must have been a question on the roomate choosing form or something. Let's get a large, so we can put the rest in the fridge for tomorrow or a midnight snack," she said. "Wow." She was still shaking her head in amazement as she turned on the phone and dialed from the coupon.

When she was finished ordering, she asked if she could use the phone to call home. "I've got a calling card, so it won't even cost anything."

Ali shrugged. "Don't bother. My parents pay for it, and they won't even see the bill. My dad's secretary will pay it. He's loaded."

Jaime laughed. "So's mine. Don't worry about it." She punched numbers for a few seconds, then waited. Ali could here the tinny small "Hello?" Just before Jaime began shreiking in Spanish at a rate Ali found it hard to believe humanly possible.

After about a half hour, a knock sounded on the outer door. "Harry's," a voice said. Jaime rattled a few more words, then hung up as Ali opened the door. She pulled out the scrunchee and shook out her curls, and bounced out to the door, pulling a wallet from her back pocket. "How much is it?" she asked. She handed the college student delivery boy a twenty, telling Ali she could get the next one. Ali nodded and faded back into the bedroom with the pizza. She flipped open the pizza box, and turned on the TV and waited for Jaime to finish with the delivery boy.

She came back grinning, eyes sparkling. "His name is Brian. He goes here. He said there'll be a big party over in Johnson tomorrow night after the upper classmen get here. He invited me. You wanna go?"

Ali was lifting a slice of steaming greasy pizza to her mouth. "Ahh... unh-uh," she said, her mouth full of cheese, eyes wide, a panicked expression in them.

"Oh come on. It'll be great. Meet people, get shit-faced, maybe there'll be dancing... please? Come with me?" She sat down on Ali's bed again and made a sad face.

"Ah'll fink abou' it," Ali managed to say around a mouthfull of hot pizza.

"Ok. Good enough for now," Jaime said, and dug into the pizza herself. "Oh shit," she said, grease running down her hand, "I almost forgot." She put the pizza down, and ran to her backpack, which held a cheap plastic bottle of vodka.

"Uh-oh," Ali said between bites, Coke inna fridge."

They watched TV and stuffed themselves, finishing off the pizza and vodka before the horribly cheesy made-for-TV movie was over. They lay in Ali's bed, moaning and clutching their stomachs and giggling over the movie and their own stupidity for eating so much.

"I swear to god, I just gained the whole 'Freshman 15' just now," wailed Jaime.

Ali laughed. "Me too. Glad I got that out of the way."

Jaime burst out laughing again, and kicked the pizza box and the empty vodka bottle to the floor. "Oops. Oh, maid!" she yelled.

"Good help is so hard to find," Ali said, and both girls laughed.

"You're pretty funny when you wanna be," said Jaime.

"No, its just the vodka," Ali declared solemnly. Jaime laughed harder.

"Oh, shit! I gotta pee!" Jaime cried, leaping from the bed and lurching to the bathroom. She didn't bother to shut the bathroom door, or the inner stall door, and the sound of her emptying bladder made Ali realize she need to as well. Although there were 2 stalls, she shyly waited for the sound of the flush before heading into the bathroom.

Ali stood there transfixed. Jaime was standing in the open stall, trying to button her pants over her swollen belly. "Help!" she giggled, swaying. She let her hands drop to her sides, sighing hugely, her stomach pushing the sides of her cut offs out, which caused them to slide to the floor. Jaime shreiked and quickly pulled them up again, giggling and not even a little embarassed. Ali shook her head, which made her lean towards the wall, and stumbled into the other stall. Jaime wasn't wearing underwear, and when her pants had fallen off, Ali saw a little tattoo on her left hip. It had looked like a plant or a flower.

"What's your tattoo of?" Ali asked, as she sat down on the toilet,

"Um..." Jaime's voice was muffled and hard to hear over the sound of piss splashing in the toilet. "A peyote plant," she said weakly.

"Are you ok?" Ali asked.

"Um... no, I--" Jaime's voice was cut off by the violent sound of vomiting. "Hang on, I'll be right there," said Ali, but she had to wait to finish peeing. She pulled up her white cotton panties and shorts, and ran into the other stall. Jaime was sitting on the floor, jeans still in a bunch around her ankles, puking half a pizza, and a liter and a half of vodka and coke into the toilet. Ali held her hair back until she seemed like she was finished, then helped her wipe her nose and mouth with toilet paper.

"Shit, you're more of a lightweight than I am!" muttered Ali.

"Heh, that's the first time I've heard you swear," Jaime slurred, smiling blearily. "I like it."

Ali looked away. "Do you think you're done?" she asked gently.

"Yeah, I think so..." Jaime closed her eyes, and let out a shuddering sigh. "Maybe one more." She had just finished the words when she turned again and heaved up a few more bites of unchewed pizza. "God, that's disgusting," she said, wiping her mouth. "I can see a whole clove of garlic in there."

"Helps get rid of that Freshman 15, I guess," Ali suggested.

"Ha-ha-ha-ow. Don't make me laugh," Jaime protested.

"Sorry. Let's get you to bed. Here, stand up." Ali pulled Jaime to her feet, who kicked off her cutoffs. She easily supported her stumbling, swaying roomate into the bedroom, and eased her down onto her bed.

"I can't sleep in your bed," she said.

"I know, I'm just putting you here till I make your bed," Ali replied. She had watched Jaime put her bedding and blankets on the closet floor. She made the bed quickly, but Jaime was snoring by the time she was finished. She sighed and picked Jaime up over her shoulder and walked her to the bed. She pulled off her tank top and Jaime opened an eye and saw Ali staring at her perfect tanned breasts. "You're pretty good at this," she said.

"My Mother has trained me well," Ali said quietly. "You're a lot lighter." She bent down and pulled a comforter over Jaime.

Jaime's eyes opened again, and she said earnestly, "Thank you," and leaned her head up slightly to kiss Ali on the mouth. Then she fell back on the pillow, snoring already.

Ali's face burned. The pit of her stomach dropped and jumped back up, sending a twinge through her crotch and wetting her panties. She stripped her clothes off, her arm brushing her rock-hard pink nipples as she pulled off her shirt. She pushed the dinner garbage onto the floor and slid between the sheets. The night was cool, and the fan blew on her, but she was warm all over, and her crotch ached and her nipples were overly senstive to the sheets. She touched one of them experimentally. Another spike of desire rocked through her. She turned off the TV and the sudden lack of sound made Jaime turn over, kicking her blanket off, and Ali could see her entire body covered with a thin film of sweat. She was curled in the fetal position, her right arm was between her knees, the other under her head. Her breasts were pushed together by the bed and her right arm.

Ali stiffled a moan and reached her right hand between her legs, her left fingers kneading and pulling her nipples. She was completely wet and her fingers slid easily into the warmth. She bit her lips together as she reached her hand into herself as far as she could then back out, teasing her clit with her thumb. She panted through her nose quickly, like a dog, alternately watching Jaime's brown naked body and imagining Jaime's hands and mouth on her doing what her own hands were doing. She pushed her fingers in and out of her hot dripping twat faster and faster, rolling her clit between her index finger and pubic bone. After only a few minutes she came hard, the orgasm slamming through her, arching her back and forcing a moan from between her tightly clamped lips.

Panting, she glanced to see if Jaime had noticed, and found the other girl's eyes open and staring at her.

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