Fun In New Orleans
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Swinging, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - They went there to have some fun.

Ann is the very picture of the perfect suburban house wife.

She is attractive but makes every effort to hide her beauty and appear ordinary in our neighborhood.

She wears baggy sweaters and loose jeans or bulky sweats and hides the best looking body in a hundred miles.

Ann is a hard working member of The Garden Club, P.T.A., and any and all local charity efforts.

To all our neighbors she appears to be dull and uninteresting, none of the guys even bother to hit on her.

She does not even smile at a dirty joke.

She works hard at creating the image of a sexless housewife, not much interested in sex, not even with her husband.



I have one of those jobs that pay well but demand much of me and my time.

We had not had a week off in nearly a year and I had given up the idea of some sort of vacation when one of those slack times at work occurred.

I decided to take advantage of it.

Ann made arrangements for her mother to spend a week at our home to look after the kids.

I booked a room at our favorite hotel in New Orleans (N.O.L.A.).

It is only a six hour drive to N.O.L.A. from Birmingham so we were there by two in the afternoon.

We checked in and dumped the bags in the room and, after a quick trip to the john, we left to see the sights. Those same winos were still passed out on door steps down the street towards Bourbon Street.

We found a table on the sidewalk at our favorite bar and watched the parade of people down Bourbon Street.

Ann makes up these exotic stories about the people we see on the street, some sad, some funny, some erotic.

She has a vivid imagination.

After a few hours of her imagination and dozens of her stories we were ready to go to our room and get ready for a creole dinner and then dancing.

At the hotel I kicked my shoes off and lay down on the bed.

Ann went to the large window and looked out, she could see a corner of the pool area three floors down. "OOOH" she said, "There are six real hunks down there in those speedo jockey type bathing suits."

I asked her if any of them looked as if he was well hung and she said, "All of them do ".

I just grinned because Ann thinks all cocks are beautiful.

Then Ann waved at someone and said she had a guy across the way waving at her.

I looked just as he put his hands up to the top button of his shirt and unbuttoned it.

He then raised his eye brows and pointed to Ann.

She asked me what she should do, she knew he wanted her to unbutton a button.

I told her to do what ever she wanted to do.

Ann opened one button.

He did another and pointed to her.

She did another and pointed to him.

He did another and pointed to her.

She did another and pointed toward him.

He opened another and pointed.

She did another and that was the last one on her shirt.

He pulled his shirt off and pointed at her.

She took off her shirt and pointed at him.

He peeled off his Tee and pointed at her.

She asked if I minded her taking off her bra for him.

I told her to go for it if she wanted.

She made a show of it, like a stripper, one tit at a time.

They were both topless.

I sat up on the side of the bed, I had a hard on and so did he.

There was a woman in the room with him and she had been watching.

I got up and went to stand in front of the window. I reached up and opened the top button on my shirt and pointed at her.

They talked and then she came to the window.

I pointed toward her again and she opened a button.

She pointed at me.

I opened another, she did also then pointed at me.

I opened another and pointed at her.

She opened a button and pointed.

I opened the last button and pointed.

She upened her last one and pointed at me.

I took off my shirt and pointed at her.

She shed her blouse and pointed.

I pulled my tee shirt off and pointed at her.

She spoke to the man she was with.

She turned from us and shed her bra.

Then she turned to face us.

She had truly nice tits.

The guy unbuttoned his fly and pointed.

Ann unbuttoned the top to the fly of her shorts.

I loosened my belt and the button to my fly, then pointed at the lady in the other window.

She unbuckled her belt and the top button on her shorts.

He unzipped his fly and let his shorts drop to his ankles.

Ann let her shorts fall to the floor.

I let mine fall.

The lady across the way let hers down around her ankles.

There we were, all four of us, wearing only underwear shorts or panties.

I asked Ann if she wanted to quit now.

Ann asked if I wanted her to. When I told her it was up to her she said " Let's go on ".

He pushed his boxer shorts down to his ankles.

His hard cock was pointing straight at Ann and he gripped it with one hand and pointed at her with the other.

Ann moaned and asked me if I was as excited as he was.

She got her panties down never taking her eyes off his cock.

I pushed my shorts down and showed her that I was just as excited and hard as he was.

The other woman pushed her panties down and began to finger her pussy and play with her tits.

Ann was going out of her mind. She was moaning and telling me over and over "Fuck me "BIG-R, now, please fuck me".

There was an over stuffed chair at a table in front of the window and Ann turned it around so she could put her knees in it and rest her shoulders on the back.

She pushed that pretty ass back at me and begged me to ram my dick in her hot wet pussy.

I started my prick in her then grabbed a tit in each hand and started to pump into that hot cunt.

I looked across the way and they were fucking dog fashion on the floor.

I told Ann to watch them.

Ann glanced their way and what she saw made her have her first big climax.

She kept having big old good ones or good old big ones until he and I both pumped our woman's pussy full of cum at about the same time.

He got up and she turned around on her knees and licked his semi-soft cock clean.

Then she waded her panties up and put them to her wet dripping pussy and went to the bath room.

I let my dick fall out of Ann's pussy and she got off the chair and licked mine off then went to clean herself up.

Our neighbor went over to the lavatory counter and picked up a bottle of booze and waved it and beckoned us to come over.

I shrugged my shoulders as if to say

"I don't know" and pointed to where Ann had gone.

When Ann came back still nude I asked her if she wanted to join them and have a drink.

Ann was breathless at the thought of that and just nodded her head, yes.

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