Love Thy Neighbor
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Swinging, Group Sex, Pregnancy,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Should he help a neighbor get pregnant?

It was a hot day already and only nine thirty on a Saturday morning, I had just finished mowing the lawn and put the mower up in the garage.

I brought a chair out of the garage and was sitting in the shade enjoying the breeze.Our three children were playing in a plastic wading pool and my wife Sandi was watching them.

She saw I was through and came over and used the towel in her hand to wipe the sweat off my face and arms. After a sweet kiss I got out another chair and she joined me.

She looked so cool and beautiful I thought of calling and asking my mother if I could bring the kids over early while we continued the loving from last night. When I mentioned that though she said "wait until tonight Super Stud and I will make it much better"

Sandi and I met during our last year in college.

We were both invited to a three day weekend lake party given by mutual friends. We had both arrived at the party early and after being introduced had some time to spend with each other before most of the other guest arrived. We were good together, we laughed a lot, and discovered that most of our likes and dislikes were the same. We each had liked what we discovered of the other and we paired off for the rest of the weekend. Sandi was as beautiful as a center fold in a magazine but with the beauty was a brilliant mind, and a fine sense of humor.

After burgers that evening the music was turned up and the lights were turned down and we all danced.

Sandi fitted well, I am six feet four and she is five foot ten in height so we were comfortable when we danced. She was really good, we danced the Tango, Boogied a bit and then when a Flamenco came up she put her hands over her head and began clapping in time to the music. I became her Gypsy lover and she the lovely pleading girl trying not to loose him to another. We put on a show.

Later one of Sandi's friends got her guitar out and played. Sandi sang "Killing Me Softly" and "I Think I'm Going To Love You For A Long Long Time." Her voice was better than most professionals.

The music was turned back on and the lights dimmed and a few of us danced. Dancing with Sandi was a joy, she floated in my arms and felt and smelled so good I thought I might have died and gone to heaven.

I am sure we surprised some of our friends later when we chose to sleep in the tiny little room above the boat house, no air conditioning, and only a single double bed.

I had known lots of girls since I became old enough to notice them, many of them intimately but none like this one

Our relationship developed from passion to real love that night, she was more real live woman than I had ever met before. She had more raw sex in a clipping off her little finger nail than any two other girls I had ever made love to had in their whole bodies. We did it all that night, if it didn't hurt we tried it.

Sandi is a noisy lover and the next morning we had to listen to several of our friends comment on her keeping them awake all night.

Some had seen us skinny dipping off the pier. I just said "sorry about that" but Sandi laughed and said "when a girl is getting the best loving she ever had in her life she just has to make some noise. And she has to cool off in the lake from that kind of loving too doesn't she."

Everyone laughed at her but then a few of them envied us to.

When our hostess asked Sandi what she would like for breakfast Sandi replied " something with lots of protein and give Greg an even larger portion of that too."

Sandi like me had known other lovers, a lot of other lovers. She had her first adventure in sex when she was twelve years old. Later that first morning when we were alone she told me that no one had ever turned her on like I had the night before.

I admitted to having the same feelings about her.

The weekend was busy, Sandi and I could both water ski but she could have been an attraction at Cypress Gardens. She beat hell out of me at tennis and could swim and run faster than I. The only thing I beat her at was shooting pool.

Our Love affair began that weekend and is still going on six years later. There is mutual respect and admiration in our relationship that we do not find with other couples. We have an attitude of trying to give rather than take of each other. Both of us know that we have a friendship as well as a marriage and we regard the other as more than a sex partner. We have grown to really like each other so we have become friends as well as lovers.

Sandi and I found so much in each other that we liked. We were both a bit taller than most, she five foot ten, I six foot four so we did not look like Mutt and Jeff when we danced. We fitted nicely. Often she was dancing with someone shorter than she even in low heels, and I had to lean down to hold most other girls.

When we went out she could wear heels and show those nice legs and ankles off.

Our taste in music was the same, we both liked the same kinds of foods. and we each had much the same interest in books, politics, art and sports. Neither of us enjoyed trivial people or things. Both of us had friends that were smart and capable of intelligent conversations about most subjects.

Both of us had been honor students in grade school and had entered college at seventeen years old on scholarships, and now were about to graduate after three and a half years.

As beautiful as Sandi was she had never had any problem attracting guys. We were both experienced and skilled lovers but had never before found any partner that could as completely satisfy our sensuality.

Three weeks after we met, Sandi moved from the dorm to my grubby little apartment just off campus.

We were about mid way of our senior year and we began to examine the possibility of marriage. We found that we both wanted children, as many as four. I was sure of a good job after college and I really wanted a full time mother and wife. Sandi was capable of some kind of exciting career in computers but the idea of being a home maker and good mother was of more interest to her.

Sandi thought she might be able to do computer work at home and still be a mother.

My uncle Fred had a string of twelve drug stores in the Birmingham area. He had made me an offer of them if I would graduate in Pharmacy and manage them so he and aunt Edith could begin to enjoy life and travel. Uncle Fred had attached a few strings to the offer but I could still make a very good living and pay him a large annual salary. Upon his death the stores would be mine.

We married soon after graduation and began a family. Now three children and five years later we are still as much in love as at first. We think we can make this honeymoon go on forever.

Our life was comfortable, Sandi did not have to work but she was as busy as she wanted to be setting up computer programs for business accounts, working through a large firm in our area.

There is a neighborhood party most Saturday nights at someone's house and that night it was to be a pool party at a house three doors down the street.

I felt sorry for a lot of guys that would be there.

I had helped Sandi pick out the sexy bikini and cover up she was planning to wear while we were at a gulf beach the week before. Swim suits were on sale so I bought her two alike but with different colors. Sandi in either one was going to make it "hard" for some of the men at the party.

Our next door neighbor Jim Veach finished cutting his lawn and shut off his mower. He started our way and Sandi gave me an impish grin and said she was going to get the kids and dry them off before they looked like prunes.

Jim asked if he might join me. I offered to get beers and he said he could sure use one.

Sandi was over in the shade by the play pool but she kept glancing our way and she still had that grin on her face like she was playing a joke on me.

Jim and his lovely wife Beth were married two years before and had moved in next door while on their honeymoon.

Sandi and Beth had become close friends and spent a lot of time together. Jim and I had worked together on home projects and watched a few sports events on the tube. Sandi and I liked Beth a lot but could take Jim or leave him.

I came back from the kitchen with the beers and sat back down. Jim was nervous and three times he opened his mouth as if to say something but nothing came out.

We both had been thirsty from mowing the lawns and the beer was gone in just a few minutes. I did not want another so I told Jim that I was going to go in and shower and clean up.

Jim was red in the face and his tongue stumbled over the words as he asked me if I could spare him some time to talk about something.

I told him I had plenty of time for him always.

Jim said that another beer might make this easier so I made another trip to the fridge and something in his voice had made me think I might need one too.

When I was back Jim had got up enough courage to start.

He started off by saying that he and Beth had wanted children when they married and had planned to have three or four. After being married for a year they had gone to a doctor and then been referred to a clinic.

Beth was found to be in perfect condition to conceive but he had been found to have no live sperm cells in his semen.

Lots of causes for that in males but the most likely in his case was a terrible case of mumps when he was twenty one years old. He had lost a whole semester in college and been in the hospital six weeks.

They were offered several options, they could have the clinic insert semen from an anonymous donor. They could consider adoption. They could go for in vetro where a fertilized egg could be inserted in Beth's womb from another woman.

Jim and Beth went home to think about it.

Beth had been negative to a donor. Who she asked would he be? Could he be a person with a ton of genetic problems in his parentage? Oh sure probably someone checked but were they thorough? She had even read of mistakes being made. A white woman in another state was inseminated with sperm from a black donor.

Beth would not even think of artificial insemination from an unknown donor. Besides they wanted more than one child, she did not want kids from separate donors she wanted them to have the same father and that was something no clinic could assure.

Adoption was not a choice they wanted to consider. The genetic background of the child would not be any more known than the parentage. Some times the mother of those infants did not even know who the father was. Both Beth and Jim had known of adoptions where the child had turned out to be a bad actor and an awful heart ache for the foster parents.

A year ago they had tried to resign themselves to not having children. Beth had become more and more depressed and had frequent crying jags that lasted for hours. Jim said he had been as patient and as loving as possible but their marriage was heading for a divorce. Jim knew that Beth wanted to become a mother so bad, she was likely to think of finding another person to marry and father children for her.

Jim had mentioned it first. There was one other alternative, find someone with a good genetic background and make a deal for him to be the father of their kids.

Beth was desperate and they began to talk that one out. The donor should be someone who was already a father so that his kids might be an example of what could possibly be the result of Beth's pregnancy by him.

He must have no epilepsy, heart, liver, eye or mental problems in his family background.

Because Jim was almost six foot three inches tall, the donor needed to be a tall man so the children would resemble Jim in that respect.

Then he dropped the bomb.

He said "you fit the bill perfectly."

He dropped the bomb, I dropped my beer.

I got up and said" I got to go pee"

When I got in the kitchen Sandi was at the window and had been watching as Jim made his speech. She was laughing so hard she was holding her sides.

I thought they were playing a joke on me.

I really did have to go to the bath room and when I came back in the kitchen Sandi was still laughing.

I snarled that I hoped she knew that there was always "pay back time" and I would get even with her and Jim for this. Sandi stopped laughing and said that Jim was just as serious as a heart attack, and that she had been laughing at my reaction not at the situation.

This is not a joke? I asked.

Sandi said that Beth had confided in her months ago about Jim's not being able to produce live sperm. Last week Beth had spoken to her about me fathering her children. Beth had wanted to find out what Sandi thought before talking to Jim and then to me.

In a sarcastic tone I asked just what they had decided for me to do.

Sandi said that they had not decided anything for me, that this was something all four of us needed to talk about. Sandi kissed me and said she and I would talk later.

Sandi was right as usual. We all needed to talk together about something as big in our lives as this.

I went back out to the shade at the garage and told Jim that I had to run a few errands and then take the children over to my folks to spend the night. I told him that what he was suggesting was something that Beth and he and Sandi and I needed to talk about together.

I suggested we have breakfast the next morning, I would do sausage and gravy with biscuits and eggs. Afterward we could talk.

I excused myself and Jim left, I went in the house.

Jim would have liked to have talked some more but I wanted to talk to Sandi first and I needed to collect my own thoughts.

Sandi was busy with the kids when I went back in the house.

I really did need to have her van and my car serviced so I got on with that.

What with going to the Thirty Minute Lube and Car Wash and then the gas station to fill both up, it was eleven thirty before I could talk to Sandi about Beth and Jim's problem.

I got her to sit down at the kitchen table and asked her what she thought of me fathering another womans children.

Sandi was slow about giving me an answer, then she said

" Greg this is not as if you were going to have an affair or were going to be running around on me." "Those people are in real trouble, they are good together, but that marriage is not going to last. Beth wants children so badly that if she and Jim can't have them she is going to divorce him for another man who is not sterile.

Beth is about desperate enough to start seeing other men and Jim is not going to be able to handle that.

They both want children so badly they are coming to us for help, think about it please.

It was almost time for the children to have their afternoon naps so we fed them and I took them over to my folks place to leave them for the rest of the day and that night.

I helped my dad with his lawn until I realized it was time I had to go home and get ready for the neighborhood party.

When I had left with the kids Sandi had told me that she and Beth were planing to have their hair "Washed and Ironed " at the beauty shop.

When I got home I found a note on the table, it read.

Dearest Greg ;

I am already soaking in fred's pool.
I am in a crowd and yet I am so lonely.
Please join me before I do something
desperate because i miss you so much !!!!

Your lover

I shucked my clothes and put on swim trunks, grabbed a bottle of vodka and some tonic water and a towel and headed for the party.

Who could ignore an invitation like that ?

The Browns live three doors down the street. I went to the bar and parked the booze and asked Fred Brown if he had any idea where Sandi was.

Fred said he had seen Sandi and Beth talking over the privacy fence at the back of the pool just a few minutes before.

I went around the shrubbery and found her at the fence between two huge potted plants, she was looking over the fence with her back to me.

I moved up behind her and put my hands on her hips and began to kiss the back of her neck. Since no one could possibly see us I pushed her bikini bra up and began to play with her nipples.

I had my face in her hair and was inhaling the aroma of the perfume I had bought her when we were in New Orleans. I began to push a semi-hard prick into her soft lovely ass and kiss her on her shoulders and neck. She was pushing that sweet bottom back at me and beginning to moan softly as I began to squeeze those 36d's a little harder.

I whispered that I had wanted to put my cock in her wonderful pussy all day.

In a flash she turned around and placed her soft lips on mine and passionately kissed me while she was rubbing those bare tits against my chest.

Then she said "I think you should know before this gets out of hand that this is not Sandi you are about to drive out of her mind.


Beth then pulled her bra down and gave me sweet kiss on my lips and ran her hand over the bulge in the front of my swim trunks.

Beth gave my bulging cock a squeeze and thanked me for the compliment. Then she told me I should not be embarrassed because I had mistaken her for Sandi. She explained that she had asked the beautician to cut and do her hair like Sandi's and later she had tried on Sandi's perfume. When Sandi had shown her the two new bathing suits I had bought her Beth had asked to borrow one.

Beth explained that it was a natural mistake for me to assume I was playing with my wife's tits, they wore the same size bra.

Then she kissed me again and said "And anyhow I liked what you were doing to me very much."

Beth took my hand and we wandered around the party until we found Sandi. She was with several of the ladies talking. We rescued her from an exciting conversation about a new dish washing detergent.

I made drinks for Sandi, Beth and myself and we swam for a while in the pool.

Before dark our host burned burgers and dogs on the grill and we ate.

Afterward the music was turned on and we began to dance.

Jim had told Beth he was going to spend a few hours at his lab and for her to go on to the party and he would join her later.

The party was fun and Sandi and Beth danced to nearly every selection and with almost every man there.

Beth was a wonderful dancer but normally danced only with Jim at our yard parties. With Jim not there and Beth nearly nude in that tiny bikini, she seldom got a chance to sit down. Sandi was even more in demand and both girls were having the time of their lives.

They could have been twins they looked so much alike.

The son of one of our neighbors, Ray Parker, was home from college. Ray was a very tall and nice looking guy. Ray danced with Sandi as often as he could.

Sandi wanted to catch her breath and rest for a few minutes so she slipped away to the back of the pool. Ray saw her leave and followed her, they sat on a bench and talked a bit.

Ray asked her to dance and while they were in each others arms Sandi felt him getting hard. That cock was really pushing the front of Ray's bathing suit out and he was pressing it into her belly.

No one could see them, Sandi let him rub her belly with it. When that selection was over she looked down at it and it was peeping out over the waist band of his suit.

She said "You are really hung."

Ray asked her if she would like to see it.

Sandi didn't say anything.

Ray pushed his suit down to his ankles so she could see his huge prick.

Sandi took a good long look at it and told Ray it was beautiful and then turned to leave. Ray put his arms around her and began to stroke her tits. Sandi's tits are like some sort of switch and when they are touched she gets turned on. She was frozen in place and was even having a hard time breathing.

He pushed that big cock into her pretty ass and begun to hump her. Sandi put her hands behind her back and felt of the biggest dick she had ever seen.

She just had to do something for a dick that beautiful.

She said "stand still big boy and I will do something about this hard prick for you." Sandi thinks that a mans prick is the most beautiful thing on earth. She just had to touch that monster.

She got behind Ray and with one hand cupping his balls began to jerk him off with the other. She had him jetting on the patio in a few minutes.

He thanked her and they kissed and Sandi rejoined me at the bar.

Ray danced with Sandi several more times, he asked if she would meet him somewhere so they could get better aquatinted. Sandi told him that she had never been with another man since she and I had married and that she was not going to start now. She thanked him for the compliment though and told him he had made her day. He told her she had made his day also.

Jim never did show up at the party. We left to go home at about midnight. At the driveway to Beth and Jim's house we stopped to say good night. Jim's car was in the carport. Beth told us she was glad Jim had not joined her at the party, she could not have had near as much fun if he had.

In our bedroom Sandi was on fire, lots of those guys at the party had gotten a hard on while dancing with her. Knowing that a guy was turned on to her enough to get a boner was all it took to get her harmones to bouncing around in her belly. She had three small orgasms while dancing with a hard prick pressed against her.

She really got excited and turned on when I told her about thinking Beth was her and how I had played with her tits and humped her ass with my hard prick.

Sandi is not a jealous or possessive person.

Sex went on at our house for hours.

I bet she caused several of those guys that had gotten a hard on when she danced with them to get some from their wives when they got home.

I thought we were through and about to go to sleep when she told me about giving a hand job to the biggest dick she had ever seen.

I got hard and turned on one more time and we went at it again.

We were up at eight the next morning and Sandi put on the tee shirt I had dropped on the floor and I put on the shorts. We had a cup of coffee on the back patio. Sandi wanted to know if I thought we should greet our breakfast guests dressed as we were. I told her that she would be the breakfast we would all eat if she wore only that and let that shirt ride up like it was now.

We went in and dressed and I called Jim and Beth to let them know we were up.

I got out a dozen frozen biscuits and began to slow fry a pound of sausage. Sandi set the table and got ready to do eggs.

Jim and Beth knocked on the back door, both looked as if they needed more sack time.

I offered to make Bloody Marys and had three customers.

When the sausage was done I began the gravy and got Beth to stir. The biscuits were done and Sandi put them and jams and juice on the table.

Time for eggs and Beth was in the way to the stove eye I needed. I put my hands on her hips and gently pushed her down the counter.

Beth half turned and whispered " I dare you to do what you did at the pool fence last night again."

Turned as she was I was looking at a beautiful tit and nipple through the sleeve of her loose top.

I whispered " what would you give " ? I looked to see where Sandi and Jim were, both had their backs to us. I reached through that gaping arm hole and gently twisted that pink nipple then rubbed the underside of her tit. She whispered " what ever you want." In a loud voice I promised her that if she let lumps form in the gravy I would put lumps on her head.

Breakfast was fine and we had a laugh every minute, but after that we all got a bit tense.

Sandi broke the ice when she announced it was talk time and suppose we had another "bloody" in the sitting area.

In the living area off the kitchen, no one seemed to want to speak first so I started. I asked Jim why not find a clinic they could trust, or a relative. Why me ?

That brought a quick response, Jim and Beth tried to talk at the same time.

Sandi said "hey - hey, one at a time." " Beth you go first, just tell us what is on your mind."

Beth began to talk about how she wanted to be a mother as well as Jim's wife. She and Jim with a lot of help from her parents had bought that big house next door and planed to fill it with happy kids.

It was a heart break to watch our kids and know that they could not have little ones of their own. She said that she yearned to have three or four just like ours.

It was Jim's time and he explained the options that were open to them. Insemination, that would be by an anonymous non person with no identity and with perhaps many bad hereditary traits that could be transmitted to a child.

Adoption was an even bigger gamble.

Placing a fertilized egg in Beth's womb made no sense at all. She had eggs every twenty eight days and a child by her ovulation would be at least part theirs.

A clinic ? Which one could they trust ?

A relative ? He explained that he had two brothers, one in England, one in California. He told us that he had no other relatives that would be of consideration.

Jim then went on to answer my question, why me.

Why you, well first you live right next door and have all the family health background.

Beth and he wanted children by someone they could respect and admire.

Both he and Beth wanted a donor that had a good appearance and nice personality. They thought that I had those qualities.

I was sitting on the raised hearth of the fire place but got up and began to pace the floor. I told them that I had to think about this, it was something I had never thought about and I needed some time to get used to the idea.

Sandi spoke then, " Greg this is a real crisis for these two people. Beth is a beautiful and sweet person. It is not as if this were some dismal task they are asking you to perform."

The room was silent for a few minutes.

I asked them how they thought this breeding should take place.

Sandi got up and told me to be serious and not get sarcastic.

I replied that I was being serious, I wanted to know if they wanted me to go to some clinic and pump my semen into a container of some sort. Then Beth to be in another room, a lab tec insert my sperm in her vagina. We then leave and share a ride to our homes.

Or are you people thinking of me meeting Beth at some sleazy motel and we look as if we are just another couple sneaking an "afternoon delight."

"Or how about this one, Beth watches her calendar and when it and her thermometer tells her the time is right, Jim leaves, she calls and I go over and pump her up and then go home."

Sandi jumped up and in a loud voice said


I asked them again what they were really thinking of and how they thought this could be done with out a lot of heart ache for each of us.

It was quiet for a few minutes while each of them thought of the options I had presented.

I went into the kitchen and made myself a drink and came back and sat down on the couch by Sandi.

Beth was the first to speak, tears were trickling down her cheeks and we could barely hear her as she said "None of the above Greg." " I do not think a child should be conceived with no love and compassion." " I think a child conceived by any of the ways you just suggested would be just as cold and emotionless as the options you just offered."

" I am a passionate woman and I Love my husband deeply. But I feel that a person can really love more than one person and love them both very much." " Jim is having trouble with that concept and we have not had much sleep last night because he wants children but does not want in his own words " to share me with another."

She went on to say that she liked me and thought that she could begin to love me if I gave her a chance.

Then she said that she thought I liked her and could begin to love her if given a chance.

She hoped Sandi and Jim and I were willing to make the decision to let that come about.

There was several minutes of silence.

I asked Jim if he could handle the thought of his wife making love to me. Could he live with the thought of her having a sexual relationship with me and not be jealous.

Jim got up and walked over to the window and with his back to us said that he was willing to go along with what ever it took to make Beth happy and would let them have children. He spoke in a choked up voice as if he was near tears.

I asked Sandi if she were willing for Beth and I to have sexual intercourse, to make love to each other, could she handle that.

Sandi went over to Beth and put her arm around her and told all of us that if it did not in any way change our relationship, our love, or our marriage she could handle sharing me with another.

I talked to them about how this crazy proposal would affect me. I was deeply in love with my wife and since I met her no other woman had ever even crossed my mind.

I said I was not sure I could handle this myself.

Then I asked the mind bender, " Have any of you thought of how I would feel if I go to the window and look out in the yard at children ? Children that only the four of us would ever know that I am their biological father. Sons or daughters that I must treat as if they are only the neighbor's kids. I asked if anyone had thought of how I would feel if I had children that I could not have any part of their growing up.

I asked Beth when the next time in which she could become pregnant would occur.

Beth said Wednesday would start her next cycle.

I asked them to think about all of this for the next three days and then Wednesday evening we would talk again. Each of us had some decisions to make and Beth and Jim and Sandi and I needed to talk this over between ourselves.

After Beth and Jim left Sandi and I did have a long talk. She was upset at herself for not realizing the effect this might have on me mentally, of having children that I could not share any part of the growing up process with.

For two weeks she and Beth had talked about ways to get me to consider helping Beth get pregnant. They had decided that if Beth resembled Sandi it would be easier. That was why it was so easy to mistake Beth for Sandi at the party the night before.

Neither one had even thought of the paternal problem. Sandi guessed they had both ignored the question I had asked, how was the semen to be delivered. She had thought of my coupling with Beth when the time was right and then returning home to our bed as if nothing earth shaking had happened.

Sandi realized now that there was nothing that casual in this situation.

Sandi said that she would not go as far as to say love was a required ingredient but would admit that affection and sexual desire were needed for it to work.

It was nearing noon and we drove over to my folks house to get the kids. On the way Sandi again said that she hoped all of us could work out our problems about me helping Beth to have children.

Monday was a typical summer day, things were slow at the office and I went out for tacos at noon. I found a shady bench in a small park and sat for an hour, nibbling on my lunch.

I really needed to sort out my thoughts.

Most guys would jump at the chance to have sex with Beth, she was a really beautiful woman. Beth looked as if she would be sensational in the sex department. Saturday night when I thought I was fondling my wife's tits and humping her butt Beth had enjoyed it way too long before turning and rubbing those tits on me and kissing me. Then when she felt of my cock and thanked me for paying her such a compliment, I came close to telling her that I thought it was Sandi I was paying the compliment to. Sunday Beth had made it all to obvious that she had an itch she wanted me to scratch.

I was just hesitant to agree to an arrangement that was as dangerous to Sandi and my relationship as this could develop into.

I was content with things as they were, I did not want to take the chance that doing a favor for a neighbor might change our relationship.

Jim may have been in a pout or having second thoughts when he did not show for the Saturday night neighborhood party. Sunday he was obviously in agony over the prospect of his wife having intercourse with another man. Jim had plainly said though that he wanted children and he was willing to let Beth do what ever it took to have a family.

Both Jim and Beth looked as if they had gotten very little sleep the night before. Both were tense with the other as if there might have been an argument.

I felt that Jim was not going to be able to handle the thought of Beth being with me or any other man.

Beth's statement about someone being able to love more than one person at the same time might indicate that she wanted a real relationship with me and not just stud service.

Sandi was not like other women I had known. Most others would sense a danger to their marriage. Under no circumstances would they even think of lending their husband out to breed some other woman.

Sandi was either very sure of my love for her or was ignoring the danger to our marriage in order to help her friend Beth.

My own feelings were mixed. I would like to help Beth and Jim, they wanted children so much, but I was positive that things would be different with Sandi and me if I were to have intercourse with Beth on a regular basis.

I left the park and returned to my office fairly sure that Jim would stop any further moves on any ones part to cause me to have to be a surrogate father to Beth's children.

Tuesday was a blur of activity at work, I was late getting home and Sandi had the children in bed already when we ate supper. We went to bed early and I slept like I was drugged.

Wednesday I usually left the office at noon and went home to my kids, Wednesday was a good day for Sandi to shop for food and to take care of any other errands on her list. It was a lot easier for her if I kept the children at home.

I got home at noon and Sandi left for the stores. After milk and a snack the children were ready for afternoon naps. I had tucked them in and returned to the kitchen when I heard a tap-tap on the back door.

It was Beth, she said hello and asked if she could come in.

I opened the door wide and when she was in offered her a coke or a beer.

Beth said "No thanks I just want to talk to you alone for a few minutes."

We sat on the bar stools at the breakfast counter

Beth was dressed in an over size tank top like she had worn Sunday and loose leg shorts.

She began by telling me that she knew from what Sandi had said that morning that I was going to tell her and Jim that I could not help them. That I was sure that what they were asking me to do would change the relationship Sandi and I had.

Beth had tears on her cheeks and a sad look in her eyes as she said "Greg if that is the way you feel I can only say I am sorry, if you would father children for me I could stay married to Jim but if you will not I am going ahead with a divorce."

Beth went on to explain that since Jim had discovered that he could not father children he had changed. He had become more possessive and jealous and had become critical of her dancing with other men at the neighborhood parties. Jim had recently accused her of seeing some other man, no reason except that she had needed some time to herself and had spent a Saturday morning at the Zoo.

Jim was going through a period of dejection, of feeling that he was somehow less of a man than he should be.

She said that she knew a divorce would be a severe blow to his self esteem but she could not give up her hopes of having children for a life with none and then have to baby Jim also.

Beth then put me on the spot when she asked if I found her to be undesirable. She asked if I found her repulsive.

I had to tell her that because I found her to be extremely desirable I was hesitant to have any relationship with her other than just a neighborhood friendship. I told her that I thought she was lovely and that Sunday morning I had wanted to do much more than just touch that lovely nipple through her sleeve. I told her that I wanted to put my hands through each side of her tank top and fondle both her beautiful breast right now, and if she doughted that all she had to do was look at the front of my shorts. I had been standing behind her looking at a breath taking tit since she sat down at that counter. She did look and then said put your hands in there Greg, I want you to touch me.

I told Beth that I just could not, even though I wanted to and had a hard on just looking at her.

Beth lay her head down on her arms and began to cry hard, her shoulders were shaking and the sobs were loud and often.

I felt like a bastard.

I patted her on the back and put my hands under her arm pits and tilted her back against my chest. She kept her head down and I kissed her on the top of her head. I took my hand and tilted her head back against my chest and kissed her on the mouth.

Beth swiveled her stool around and hugged me to her.

She begged me to reconsider, she promised me that except for those times when she wanted to get pregnant, she would not make any difference in Sandi and my life.

I told her I would think about it some more and I would talk to Sandi again.

I promised to give her and Jim an answer that evening.

Beth left after a few minutes.

About an hour later Sandi came in.

Sandi and I put up her groceries and then had cokes in the kitchen. Sandi told me that Beth had been over that morning and during the conversation Sandi had told Beth that I was not going to help them to have a family. Beth had broken down and cried for a long time. Beth had told Sandi that she had been afraid that I might feel that way about having intercourse with someone other than Sandi. Beth had asked Sandi to try to get me to change my mind.

Sandi asked me why I was so sure that having sex with Beth would change the way I felt about her or the children, or change the relationship between she and Beth. Why should it when we were so committed to each other ? She asked if my love for her was so fragile that I could not have a sexual encounter with someone else and not still love her as much as always.

I asked Sandi if she wanted to share me with Beth and let her have my children and Sandi replied " With all my heart." Sandi went on to say that Beth was like the sister she had never been fortunate enough to have. Beth and she had become really close this last year, so close that she wanted Beth to have the children she desperately wanted. Sandi wanted to share me with her because she loved us both. Sandi also was afraid that if Beth and Jim broke up they might move away.

We talked of the sexual aspect of a mating of her friend and myself and Sandi was positive she could handle the sharing of my affections with Beth.

I asked Sandi if she realized that I had not had a thought or sexual desire for another woman since I had met her.

Sandi told me she was really proud of that, but she hoped that I could think of Beth as her friend and a woman in need of my loving to fulfill a lack in her life.

I puttered around the house and worked in the garage for a while. I was thinking of the way both Beth and Sandi had put me on the spot, making me feel guilty for wanting to be faithful to my wife.

Dam it, I decided to do what they wanted of me, I would agree to the "breeding" but I did not want to feel as if I were a Puppet on a string. I would do my best to father children for Beth but I wanted to be in charge of the project not just a stud on call.

I would not be a performer, I would not just do as I was told, I would do it my way.

We had the evening meal and soon after put our little ones to bed. I told Sandi to call Beth and Jim and ask them to come over.

Sandi called and in just a few minutes there was a timid knock on the back door. Beth and Jim came in to the kitchen and I ushered them in to the sitting area.

I began the conversation by telling both of them that I was very honored that they had considered me to be a surrogate father for their children. I admitted that I was reluctant for several reasons but I had decided that if Sandi wanted this and Beth and Jim wanted this I would do my best to father Beth's children. I wanted them to know that I some how felt that I was cheating on the vows I had made to Sandi at our wedding and I was not comfortable with this but I would try to get Beth pregnant.

I told them that if I was still living when the youngest child was fourteen that I wanted her children to know that I was their bio-father and why and how it had happened.

Jim got up off the sofa and began to pace the floor of the den and said "I don't see the reasoning in that, why not just let our children think I was their father ?."

I told Jim that I had to know that any child I was to father was to know me as their real father when he or she was old enough to understand or I just was not willing to do what they wanted.

Jim said that he had to think about that and told Beth " let's go home honey."

Beth sat up on the edge of the sofa and asked if that was really important to me.

I told her it was.

Beth told Jim that I was not making an unreasonable request and that she had no problem with it.

Jim told her that he did have a problem with that and he wanted to talk to her about all of this since it was getting complicated and not as simple a thing as he had once thought.

Beth asked if I had any other stipulations that we needed to discuss.

I told her that I was not going to feel comfortable and was even going to feel that I was doing something wrong unless we were relaxed about the way we were to go about this whole thing.

I was not going to even consider becoming a donor figure, I wanted it to be as casual and intimately caring as the four of us could make it. I could never be comfortable if we handled this as if it were an affair we were having, and I certainly did not want to feel that I was performing some sort of duty. I would like all of us to think as if Beth and I were just good friends and I was helping her to become a complete person and a mother through a form of therapy.

Beth did not wait for Jim to comment, she was up in a flash and hugging me with a huge smile on her face. She said "You have just made all of this something we can all be comfortable with if we handle it as you just said !!"

Jim looked a bit funny and sat back down on the couch.

I looked at Sandi and asked her what was in her mind about this, was she willing for she and I to go on with our trying to help Beth and Jim have children.

Sandi told us she was and that if we all acted as if we were just friends helping friends she thought every one could keep this from becoming a strain or a problem.

I suggested that Beth and I leave Sandi and Jim and see if we could become better aquatinted. I took Beth's hand and we started for the master bed room.

Sandi said "Wait Greg " and got up and came to me, she put her arms around me and we kissed. Not just a kiss, but a long passionate statement of the love we had for each other.

Beth went to Jim and gave him a long kiss and told him she loved him.

Again I took her hand and we left our mates.

In the master bed room Beth walked on to the foot of the bed and turned to me. She was shaking and her eyes were large and scared, as she asked me " What do we do now."

I had to laugh. I told her that I guessed we ought to undress.

In a trembling voice, Beth told me she had never been nude with any other man since she had married Jim.

Beth slipped her tank top of over her head, kicked her sandals off and zipped the zipper on her shorts down and was standing there in front of me nude with her shorts around her ankles in two seconds. A step towards me left her shorts on the floor.

She started opening my shirt as she sat down on the bed, when I started to help with the buttons she asked me to let her take off my clothes. She fumbled a lot as she did but when my pants and shorts were on the floor with my shirt she seemed to be mesmerized by my cock right there in front of her face. She took it in her hands and looked at it as if she had never seen one before. She looked up after a bit and said "It is so beautiful Greg. May I kiss it and taste it now ?."

I lay down on the bed and Beth got between my legs and put her fore arms on my hips and began to place baby kisses on my dick. She would lick the sides and under the crown and tease the head of it with little flicks of her tongue. Then she would stop and just look at it. I got kind of hard when she got nude and undressed me but her mouth now made me hard enough to drive nails with my prick. She took the head into her mouth and watched me with those beautiful eyes as she began a slow bobbing of her head. Each time she took it a little deeper until she gagged. Beth took her mouth off of it and looked at it and kissed it a few times as she got her courage up.

She closed her eyes and forced her self to take it all in one swift lunge. After it was in and her nose was in my pubic hair she rested for a few seconds then opened her eyes, and looked at me again. She pulled back and took it out of her mouth and smiled and said that I tasted wonderful. She went back to taking it all the way into her throat, convulsing her muscles as if trying to swallow and then working on it with her tongue as she rose up on it.

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