Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She found a great joy in showing her self.

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Ann and I had been dating for over six months.

Ours was an easy relationship, we liked being with each other, and we were comfortable when together. Sex between us was very good, she said she had never dated anyone she felt as comfortable with. I knew that I had not.

We were not "Going Steady", with each other. Ann dated others and so did I.

I had rented a large garage apartment in the Homewood area near Birmingham Alabama when I graduated from college at Auburn.

Ann still lived at home with her parents in a house several blocks away.

Both of us were twenty four years old.

Ann was the head of the credit investigation department of a national home loan agency. She had gone to work there the week after graduating from high school seven years before.

I had been working for Star Construction Corporation since graduating from college two years before.

I was supervising small projects where ever the firm sent me in the south east.

I was usually working so far away from Birmingham that I could only be home on weekends.

It was often too late to even call Ann when I got home Friday night, so I would just put my weary body to bed. I would give her a call the next morning.

There was a rainy week in June that year. My project in Florence Alabama had been shut down by rain all week.

I locked up the construction field office and left for my apartment in Birmingham at nine Friday morning.

I was home by noon.

I called Ann at work and told her I was home.

She was going to come by my place after she got off.

Ann had a nice car but usually used the bus to go to and from work. Parking was a pain in the ass in downtown Birmingham.

She could use a bus and get on and off a half block from her work place. From her home to the bus stop in Homewood was two blocks. (Just one block from my apartment)

That Friday afternoon she rang my door bell at four, I had expected her to work until five then be a half hour later getting to my place.

Ann had taken off early, she had to be in her office several hours the next morning. She just took the last hour and a half off.

We kissed and sat on the couch and talked. We brought each other up to date about our previous four days.

Ann called home and told her mother that she was at my place and would not be home for supper.

We spent the next four hours doing those things to each other that we had found the other liked.

Ann wants sex to be something that takes time. She hates having sex in a hurry. If we do not have time to have a lot of fore-play then often she will make me wait until later to fuck.

That evening I really took my time I had Ann near an orgasm several times before she was begging me to make her cumm. I had been getting her almost there with my mouth, when I knew she was about to have a climax I had been stopping. I would quit sucking her clit and kiss her tits or flat tummy. Ann had begged me to let her have her release but I would just laugh at her.

The third time I got her to that stage and stopped Ann started crying, she called me an unfeeling bastard and said she hated my guts for doing her that way.

I looked at her and saw real tears on her cheeks, she was ready for me to make her have her orgasm !!

I backed off the foot of the bed and got a condom from the night stand. Ann never took her eyes off my hard cock.

I asked her if this was what she wanted and she groaned out a "yessss pleaseeee".

I asked Ann to get on her hands and knees and told her she was going to get it from behind. I started my prick into her pussy and grabbed a tit in each hand.

I think she had her first climax before I was all the way inn !

It was after she had at least a half dozen strong orgasms that I let go and spurted into that condom.

Ann had one of her big "O"s.

I had found out months ago that Ann sometimes would have such a big orgasm that she would faint.

She did that.

She was out only a few minutes and then came back to me.

Ann raised her head and rolled out from under me she said " You have done that to me again". "I am warning you that someday you are going to do that to me and I just won't come back ".

She told me it was very nice where she had been.

It was time for a breather I had a beer, Ann had a glass of wine. ( She does not drink except a glass of wine some times )

We talked, Ann had to spend several hours at her office while new copy equipment was installed the next morning.

Time had passed quickly, it was nearly eight and both of us were hungry.

Ann and I were nude and did not want to get dressed and go out for food. I had nothing to fix for a snack there.

We decided to order pizza. I made the call and placed the order. Twenty minutes later the door bell rang and the pizza delivery guy was there.

Ann said she would get it and opened the door as far as the security chain would let it. She peeped around the edge of the door and asked how much the order was. He told her and she said "Be right back". She left the door open and went to the couch and fumbled around in her purse.

Before I had rented that apartment someone, probably a woman, had mounted a full length mirror on the side wall next to the door.

The young college age guy had been able to see every inch of Ann from head to toe through that mirror since she opened the door.

Ann knew that and took her time getting the money. When she handed him the money around the edge of the door she realized that she had to open the dam thing to take the pizza from him.

Ann made that a sensational show, she acted as if she was going to take the box and still hide her body behind the door. She let the door come open though and was standing there nude with her hands out.

The guy stood there as if he were to stunned to move. He had a huge hard on and a silly look on his face.

Ann had to take the box from him. I don't think he could talk, Ann thanked him and he just blinked his eyes. After she shut and locked the door we burst out laughing.

I told her she was a bitch for doing him that way.

In an innocent voice Ann asked what I was talking about, she said that all she had done was pay for and take that pizza.

I told her that she had turned that guy on big time and that he was probably parked and jerking off right now.

Ann looked proud of herself and asked if I thought she might have caused him to do that.

We were hungry and that pizza quickly disappeared.

Ann had thought of several poses for me to shoot with my Polaroid. I got the camera out and shot a few poses of her nude.

She asked to see the other shots we had made of her and I.

I had installed a small safe in a closet after I moved into the apartment. That was where I kept the two boxes of our pictures.

I got them out and we spread them over the top of the coffee table.

Both of us got excited looking at those pictures.

We went back to bed.

Hours later Ann looked at a clock and said it was time for her to go home.

She would not let me get dressed and walk with her the block to her door.

She kissed me and told me that it was well lighted by the street lights all the way and that she would call me as soon as she was in her room.

I waited until she called then dragged my weary pussy whipped ass to bed.

Morning came too soon.

I usually get up early even on Saturday mornings, but that morning it was after seven before I got out of bed.

I got up and had my morning commune with nature and got in the shower.

( I take long showers )

The hot water was running out when I got out and began to dry off.

The door bell rang and I wrapped the towel most of the way around me and went to see who the hell my visitor was.

It was Casey Harding, my boss at work.

We had become close friends since I was hired by the company.

Casey was also an Auburn grad. We had met at school and become friends there. He was a year ahead of me graduating.

When my time came to graduate Casey had offered me a job.

He was the son of one of the owners of the large construction company he now worked for.

During his senior year Casey had married the daughter of the other owner.

When Casey had offered me a job he was already the father of a fine baby boy and had the next one in the oven. That one had been a girl.

The next year the third child came along, a boy.

Casey had only been to my apartment one time before. He had stayed only a few minutes that time.

I opened the door and let him in. Casey said he was bringing some drawings of changes to the project I was building.

I told Casey to make himself at home in the kitchen, I asked him to make coffee while I finished drying off and put some clothes on.

I was not gone long, but I guess it was too long.

I came out of the bath with shorts and a shirt on.

Casey was standing over the coffee table looking at the photos of Ann and myself.

He had a hard on and it was pushing his pants way out.

He had seen all of the pictures, there was no use putting them up now.

I said " O SHIT, I forgot those were left out last night ".

Casey said that she was absolutely beautiful and wanted to know about her.

I told him she was a girl I had been seeing for about six months and I had recently got her to let me take pictures of her nude.

Casey said he would give a nut to take some pictures of her.

I told him that I would ask her if he could this morning. I said she should be with me before noon.

I was doubtful Ann would consider letting a stranger take any pictures of her.

Casey asked me to do all I could to get her to pose for him.

He asked if she might want a fee for modeling. I told him she would only pose if she wanted to, and would be insulted by an offer of money.

I told Casey that if he wanted, I would take some pictures of him for Ann to see. That might make her decide to pose.

Casey said " sure guy, anything to convince her ".

I had him pose in front of my large fireplace. He had a nice smile on his face.

Next I had him take his shirt and tee off.

Then a pose in his under shorts.

A picture of his back next.

Then of him nude from behind.

I asked him for a pose, full front, with a hard on.

Casey said he had no hard on now.

I told him to go over and look at those pictures on the coffee table and get up one.

He was at the coffee table only a minute and was back in front the fire place with it hard.

I took a picture of Casey from the front and one from the side.

Casey put his clothes back on while I poured us coffee.

We discussed the changes to our construction project for a few minutes.

Casey said his wife's aunt and she had left the house early to go to Atlanta to a baby shower for one of their relatives. He doubted that they would get back before late that night.

Casey said to call him at home if the lady in those pictures would pose for us.

I told Casey to buy about ten packs of Polaroid film and gave him the size.

Casey left grinning.

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