Yard Sale
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, DomSub, MaleDom,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - His wife was killed in a wreck. He begins to find other women. He ends up with a jewel.

My wife had died in a auto wreck three months earlier.

We had been married less than two years.

We were deeply in love and had become totally dependent on each other.

I just went kind of numb after the funeral.

It was like I was not really there.

After two months I began to want to put my life back into some sort of order. I knew I was drinking more than I should and not getting enough exercise and not eating right.

Every part of the house had something of hers in it, things that would bring her into my mind every time I saw them.

That hurt too much.

I finally decided to put a lot of her clothes and personal items in a huge neighborhood yard sale. The sale was to be on an athletic field at a local church.

I am a photo and camera nut and had a lot of photo equipment I did not use anymore. There were a few house hold items I thought I should get rid of and some clothes of my own.

Mostly I wanted to get rid of those things that were keeping her on my mind.

I began to go by my business for an hour or two a day.

For three weeks off and on I gathered and put all of that stuff in the empty side of the garage with a price tag on it.

The Saturday morning of the sale I got the old four wheel drive pickup with the huge camper in the bed out of the back yard and loaded up.

I got to the church before seven that morning and assembled the pipe racks I had made to hang clothes on. I had three racks of her clothes and one of mine.

I had two tables that I loaded household items on and two tarps with old blankets over them for her shoes and the camera stuff and odd lamps and just a bunch of things I hoped to sell.

There were a lot of people milling around by seven thirty and I sold a lot of items.

I was sitting on a folding chair in the shade of the roll out awning on the truck camper and had another empty chair beside me. When someone wanted to ask a question or make a purchase I would get up.

Next to my space there was a young couple, she was a beautiful red head and he was what a woman would call a hunk.

They introduced themselves as Nan and Philip Duncan. He was not real happy about having to be there. He acted bitchy. I heard him saying something about he could have been playing golf.

He wanted to browse the other sites, there were probably two hundred, so he left after a few minutes. She opened the rear of their hatch-back and began to unload the items she wanted to sell.

Nan asked if my wife was with me. As briefly as possible I told her my status.

I guess she noticed I could not keep my eyes off her.

She was out in the bright sun and I saw that the big hat she was wearing was not doing a good job of keeping the sun off her. She was wearing a skimpy top and shorts that barely covered her crotch. While she was laying their items out I got several looks at a beautiful pussy behind sheer panties. Those big legs on her shorts hid nothing when she squatted down.

Her blouse was thin cotton and as she began to sweat, (make that perspire, ladies do not sweat) it became evident that she was not wearing a bra.

She looked like one of those red heads that just got freckles instead of a tan in the sun.

I invited her to use my spare chair in the shade of the truck camper. I got a big smile and she joined me sitting facing me. She kind of sprawled her legs and crossed one on the other. I was again looking at her crotch through panties so thin it was like she was bare down there.

I offered her a soft drink or a beer. She admitted that she was thirsty and said that her nerd of a husband had forgotten their cooler. I told her to go into the camper and get what ever she wanted from the fridge.

When she was back and sitting down sipping a coke I noticed two more buttons on her blouse were undone.

Was she sending me a message?

She leaned over to adjust the strap on her sandal and I was able to see both pink nipples down in her blouse. She looked up and saw that I was gazing at those beautiful tits and she gave me a bright smile.

YES she WAS sending me a message.

I told her that I had just three months ago lost my wife in a car wreck and that she was the first attractive woman I had noticed since.

She asked if I really found her attractive and I lifted my crossed hands off my lap and let her see the bulge in my pants.

She asked if she was the cause of that.

I told her she was. I said that just looking at her was going to keep it that way.

She wanted to know if it had been three months since I had "been with a woman."

It has seemed like three years, and you are the first person I have even thought about having sex with I said.

Nan stood up so she could see where her husband was and located him browsing forty or more sites away with one hundred fifty yet to go.

She pointed him out to me and said that he would not be back until he saw every thing there.

She told me it had been over a month since her wimp of a husband had been interested in her.

Nan asked me if I would show her the inside of my camper. (Hell she had just been in there).

I opened the door and followed her in, I had the air conditioner on high and the cold was a wonderful change from outside.

Nan shivered and that damp blouse on those tits caused a titty hard with each nipple.

She laughed and told me she had two hards on and I only had one.

We kissed and I unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and looked. She had perfect tits, no bra could have made them any more shapely and each was adorned with the largest nipple I had ever seen. Her nipples were as big and as long as my thumb to the first joint.

She pushed me back on the bunk bed and asked me to show her my hard now.

I pushed my shorts and underwear down and kicked my feet out of them. Nan sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed my cock as if it was the first one she had ever seen. She commented on how pretty it was and said it was twice as long and a lot bigger around than her husband's was.

She acted as if she was starved for it and got between my legs and began to kiss it.

Before I married I had some really good 'Head Jobs' but I had never found a woman before that acted as if she was making love to my cock.

Nan licked and kissed on it for a bit then put it in her mouth. I was in heaven.

After she had played with the head in her mouth she decided to take it all. Nan slid it into her throat until it got to her gag point.

She sat back on her heels and said that she forgot that mine was a lot longer than the cock that her sorry ass hole of a husband had.

She wanted to catch her breath and was going to try to take it all in then. She started driving it into her mouth deeper each plunge until it went by her gag reflex. She sat up again and laughed and told me I could let go anytime I wanted now.

She went back to making love to it. She was telling me it was beautiful and how good it felt and that it had a wonderful taste and smell.

Nan worked hard and I soon got over the feeling that I was being disrespectful of my late wife and I shot a huge load in her throat.

She had a convulsive climax while I spurted.

She sucked it dry and clean and started to lay down beside me but I asked her to take off the rest of her clothes first.

Nan stood up and took her blouse all the way off and then slipped those shorts and the sheer panties down and let me have a good look at her nude.


My prick was still hard and she stroked it with her hands

She sat back on the side of the bed and kissed me. She told me that at first she had thought of me as just a guy with a urgent need for sex because I had lost my wife and was deprived because of her death. Now it was different, she really wanted to give her self to me if I wanted.

Now she was not thinking of this as a "Sympathy Fuck" she wanted that cock inside her and more than just this one time. Lots more times.

"Shut up and fuck me then" I said.

I kind of lifted her up on the bed and she straddled me.

Nan asked me to let her do it, her pussy was not accustomed to a cock as large as mine so she wanted to take it in slow. If she could not get it all inn she wanted to stop before it hurt her. (I was wondering just what size her husband was, hell I only had seven inches)

She was wet and guided me in with no effort at all. She stopped with it half in and told me that was as deep as her husband could get. She moaned something about how full she felt. Nan took a deep breath and lowered herself down on the rest of it.

I looked and her eyes were closed and a look of pure ecstasy was on her face. I thought she needed a bit of time to just enjoy the feel of it so I laid still.

Nan began to tremble and jerk then moan, she was convulsing and her pussy was squeezing the hell out my prick. She began to cry real tears as if her dog had just got run over.

That girl was having an earth shaking orgasm and we had not even started to fuck.

In a few minutes that was over and she leaned down to give me a kiss. "God You Are Wonderful" she said.

I grinned at her and asked if she was ready to fuck now.

Nan began a slow rise and fall on it and I put a hand on each tit and caressed them softly at first. I pinched both nipples and gave them a twist and began to pull on them.

"Yeah hurt me, I am being bad, hurt me hard, I need to be punished." she whined.

I did get rougher with her tits.

She began to fuck harder and faster.

Her next climax came and it was much like the last one.

I got another kiss and she lay on me for a while and then sat back up on my still hard cock.

She wanted to talk.

My low life husband with his needle dick would have shot his load in less than four minutes she said. I usually don't get off and I go in the bath to clean up and finish with my finger. You have caused me to have three huge climaxes and haven't even gotten soft yet. You are much of a man and make me feel much of a woman she babbled.

I told her to shut up and let's fuck.

We got back into a rhythm and I wanted to go ahead and get off, I played with her tits and buns and soon I told her I was about to cum.

I asked her if she wanted it in her and she told me "O Yes I Want To Feel It."

As I shot off in her she had another heart stooping climax and lay back on my chest.

In a short while she got off me and stood between the bunk bed and the stove and got a paper towel to wipe her crotch off with.

I asked her if she had forgotten something.

She asked what?

I told her to clean me off.

She started to wipe me with the towel.

I told her to use her mouth.

She did, and it felt great.

We got dressed and I went out first and looked around. I spotted her husband a long way off and told her to come on out.

We both had customers so we were busy for a while.

Nan came back to my other chair and as she sat down asked if I wanted to see her again.

I told her I would like to see her as often as possible. I told her she had a wonderful pussy and it would be a pity for us to not enjoy what we had discovered of each other. She agreed and we exchanged phone numbers and then began to learn a lot about each other.

She worked a nine to five job with a local accounting firm, she was good with computers and was a C.P.A., she had a lot of women's accounts.

She had graduated from High School and then college then taken two years in accounting at a local junior college.

She was still a virgin when she met Philip. They had dated and she had accepted his proposal after six months. She was still a virgin on her wedding night. She was not prepared for a drunk husband and what amounted to a rape on her bridal bed.

She had regrets that she had not had sex before Philip came into her life. Most of all she wished she had tried sex with him before they married. She was certain the wedding would never have happened.

Nan thanked me for showing her what sex should be like.

Philip was out of a job at that time, he had lost three jobs in the year they had been married. He had a hard time keeping a job, he was lazy and a goof off. Philip would be content to let her work while he played golf or fished and hunted. Her wages were enough for them to live well on.

Nan had been on Philip's ass about finding a job for nearly two months. Philip had told her he was looking during the days that she was at work.

Nan was about to begin divorce proceedings, she had a lawyer and he was ready to file for the divorce.

Sex with me had really made up her mind to go ahead with the divorce.

We talked for at least an hour between customers, we both sold a lot of stuff and the things Nan had brought were nearly gone.

Philip came back and had a fine set of golf clubs hanging on his shoulder.

Nan asked him if he had bought more golf clubs, Philip assured her that he had really stolen them at the price he had paid.

A tape on the side he could not see read three hundred and fifty dollars. Nan and I could see it.

Nan asked him where he had gotten that kind of money.

Philip told her he had some saved back.

Nan went to the trunk of their car and got her purse out, she opened her wallet and counted the amount in it. Her face got red and she hung her purse on her shoulder.

Nan locked the metal box she had used to store the money on sales and put it in the trunk of the car.

She told Philip to put his toys in the car and help load the items left and not sold.

In a low voice she told him they were going home to talk.

They were gone shortly.

As they were leaving I heard her say "You Dim Wit That Money You Stole From My Purse Was To Pay The Rent Next Week", "It Will Be A Week And A Half Before I get Paid Again."

Some of the others with items for sale were loading up to leave. I looked at my watch and it was noon. I really had nothing to go home for so I decided not to leave yet.

I sold a few more items then a guy made an offer for all the clothes and shoes, I took him up and he backed a van in that had a sign on the side that read HERBS NU 2 U SHOPPE.

Herb had his loot and was gone before I quit laughing.

I saw her several sites away coming towards me, she was an eye catcher.

She was tall, I guessed 5'-11" or maybe 6'-0" and was dressed in white shorts. She was slender while not looking skinny, but her medium length hair was what caught my attention. Her hair was a dark brown with golden streaks and the sun made it glisten and shine.

She had long curvy legs and a perfect ass and hips.

I finally looked at the top half of her.

She was wearing a white blouse that stopped just above her dainty navel. The blouse had a scooped neck and no sleeves.

She had reasonably large tits for such a slender girl.

I got up and out of the shade and took a position behind my merchandise.

She was forever getting there.

She was awesome. Her skin was perfect. Those eyes were the shades of her hair, brown with gold streaks. Her smile made my knees weak.

She looked at everything on the blankets and got down on her knees to examine a special Polaroid. As she picked it up I got a quick look at the top of her tits down her blouse. I really could not see much except that she was not wearing a bra.

"Does this work" she asked. I told her it did.

How much are you asking for it she wanted to know next.

I told her thirty dollars.

She told me that was a lot for a camera that she only had my word that it worked.

I leaned down and took the camera from her and told her it had some film in it. I said that I was going to take a picture of her.

I had her pose with her hands and knees on the blanket and looking up at the camera with a smile.

The camera was auto focusing but I took my time getting the shot just right. I could not see down that dam blouse all the way to her nipples. I finally made the shot.

She got back on her feet and I invited her to have a seat in the shade while the film developed. She took me up on my offer for a coke.

I brought her a coke and me a bottle of water from the camper.

We looked at the picture, it was good, it showed her face with that pretty smile. Her cleavage was there but not in bad taste.

She asked if thirty dollars was the least I would take for the camera.

I told her I might take less if she would pose for me some more.

She sipped on her coke and was silent for a while. Finally she asked how much less. Then as if it were an after thought, "how do you want me to pose"?

I told her I would let her have the camera for twenty five if she would pose with two buttons undone at the top of her blouse and in the same pose as before.

She took a big swig of coke and told me she would do it.

We put our drinks down and went back as before. She put her knees down on the blanket and looked around to see if anyone was near, she waited until two guys walked on by and opened two buttons.

She looked down at herself and looked up at me with a huge grin.

I looked at her through the camera and realized why the grin. Hell I really could see no more of her tits than before.

I had to laugh, I had hoped for at least a look at one or both nipples.

She laughed with me, then told me a deal was a deal. She asked me if I was not going through with our deal.

We both laughed again.

I told her I wanted to make her a better deal. I would give her the camera if she would undo all the buttons and hold her blouse open so I could get a picture of her breast.

She got up and walked back to her chair in the shade, she got her coke and sat for a minute.

She spoke first, You will give me the camera if I pose for you with my blouse open she asked.

I told her that was what I had said.

She informed me that she was a local school teacher and that what I was asking her to do could cause her to loose her job.

I asked her if I took the picture while not letting her face show would she go along with that.

She nodded her head but added not here.

I finally got around to giving her my name.

She gave me hers.

I told her I was a recent widower.

She told me she was single.

I told her I had a studio in my home.

She asked where and I told her my address.

Kate told me she had moved in to a house very close to me a week earlier.

I asked her to give me time to pack my junk and if she wanted she could follow me home.

Kate had seen all of the yard sale except the five past me. She told me she would see the rest of it while I packed up.

I had taken the edge off my hunger for sexual relief with a red headed angel named Nan and I was not really interested in this lovely woman for that.

I wanted to get better aquatinted with her because I perceived a sharp mind in her pretty head and a good sense of humor.

It hurt when I realized that this pretty lady was much like my wife in a lot of ways. Abby had been tall with brown hair and good legs, a ready smile and good sense of humor.

Kate was back as I was throwing the last of my sale goods in the camper.

She suggested that I pull out onto the street and wait for her to get her car then she could follow me home.

When we were there I opened the now empty garage with the electronic door opener and motioned her inside. I let the door down when she was inside and parked the truck in the back yard.

I entered the garage through the back door and found her leaning against the hood of my Town Car.

Kate was a bit nervous, I was a stranger and this could even be the worst and last decision she would ever make.

I thought it wise to reassure her so I suggested we go in through the kitchen and out on the back porch. I asked what she would have to drink, beer, wine, coke or lemonade, she chose coke and I brought it and my beer out unopened. Kate tried to twist off the cap on her coke and asked me if I could get the top off.

She was in a lounge chair next to the hot tub. Kate asked if I used the hot tub much and I told her I had used it every day but I had drained it the week after Abby was killed. I had not been in it in nearly three months.

I asked Kate where she lived and she pointed to the house behind mine on the next street over. I mumbled something about us being neighbors.

Kate admitted that she had seen me mowing the yard three days before. She had watched me get the truck out of the back yard that morning. She had recognized the truck and me later at the yard sale. Others of my neighbors had told her a bit about me and she had wanted to get aquatinted.

She knew about my wife and the fatal auto crash, and being single again, she had thought that we might get aquatinted and alleviate each others loneliness.

I asked her if what she was saying was that she did not want to pose for me.

Kate said "not now, maybe after we are much better aquatinted I would."

We talked, I learned that she had married her high school sweet heart, had never dated other boys, they married two weeks after graduation from high school. Her ex had gone on to a local college, she had worked to pay the bills.

He had worked part time but in order to keep his grades up he could not bring in much.

She had worked two jobs for four years.

The ex graduated and landed a fine job so Kate began college for a teachers degree.

Ex had not wanted her to go to school, hell she had two good jobs and she would not make that much teaching.

Kate had insisted on finishing her education.

Ex husband had forgotten about her working two jobs for four years so he could graduate. He resented her quitting her jobs and going to school full time.

Her marriage had kind of fallen to pieces, ex had become possessive of her and began to belittle every thing she did. He was intensely jealous and accused her of having lovers.

It had ended when she was still in her first year in college.

Kate came home from a late class and ex was drunk, he began accusing her of having a date and then began slapping her around. He blacked one eye and split her lip.

Kate had finally gotten away from him and gone next door and called the police.

The police took him away and she had appeared early the next morning to swear out a complaint for assault and battery. The police took pictures of her face.

He was out by ten that morning and got a taxi home. She had not let him in and told him that she had placed him under bond, he was in serious trouble if he got closer than a thousand yards of her in the future.

She let him have the keys to the nearly new car, the other one that she drove was old but reliable and it was paid for. She told him to have someone come for his clothes and personal belongings after six that evening.

Six weeks later their divorce was in court and Kate had gotten a more than fair settlement.

He was to pay the rent on the house until she graduated from college.

He was to pay her tuition and books.

He was to pay her eighty dollars a week until graduation.

He had to pay all utility bills while she was in school.

He was to pay her attorney's fees.

Kate had been carrying such a heavy schedule that she could have finished school in three years but she had decided to let it take at least four years.

She got a part time job and began to save more than a hundred dollars a week. During the summers she saved much more.

At the end of three more years she graduated with more than thirty thousand in her savings account.

She had bought and paid for a new car.

She accepted a job here near Birmingham to get away from Atlanta and her ex husband. She wanted to make a new start.

She was teaching in the Hoover school system at a salary nearly double what Atlanta had offered her. She had lived in a cheap one bed room apartment for a year, saving all she could and now had bought the nice home behind me.

We were quiet for a long time. I was thinking about her story and realizing that she was an exceptional lady.

She broke the silence first. "I should be very happy now, I have achieved all of the goals I had set for myself. But I am not, I am lonely.

My life seems empty.

I looked at her and she had tears on her cheeks and her shoulders were shaking.

I got up off the couch and went to her chair and picked her up in my arms and sat back on the couch. She was in my lap and her head on my shoulder, her legs on the couch. I began to caress her back and kiss her on the back of her neck. She snuggled up as close as she could and began to really cry. Hell I was crying with her.

We just held each other for a long time and finally she sat up and kissed me on the cheek.

She said "I'm sorry, I don't know where that came from but thanks for putting up with it". I leaned forward to kiss her lips and she turned her cheek to me. I just kissed her there and patted her on her butt.

I told her that I had been having a cry to and she should not be embarrassed.

Kate wiped at my cheeks and then snuggled back against me. She felt so soft and smelled so good I wanted to hold her for hours. I began to run my hand over her bare back and then up under her blouse

She was still for a long time then she sat up on my lap and kissed me on the cheek again. She went back to the chair she had first used and picked up her coke. It had to be hot by now.

Kate broke the silence by telling me I was a wonderful listener and that she had never opened up her head to anyone like that before. She went on to say that it must have been the result of two very lonely people getting together.

I told Kate that she looked so much like my late wife Abby that they could have been sisters. I told her I had cried because I missed her so much. I was so lonely with her gone I felt empty and not a complete person.

Kate said that she was lonely for someone she had never met, may never meet, and yet she yearned to have a companion, a friend, a person to share her thoughts with. O she had been married and even though it went O.K. for the first years, he was never one she could share her thoughts with. He never had made her feel like anything but his possession and love toy. She was so afraid of getting into another relationship like that one she had not even had a date since the divorce.

I asked how long that had been.

She told me it had been nearly four years.

I did some quick math in my head and guessed her as being twenty six or twenty seven years old.

I was twenty eight.

I told her she was way to young to become a reclusive old maid. A person that spent all their time watching TV or at work.

Kate said that she seldom watched the tube, she would catch the news in the mornings as she got ready to go to work and sometimes in the evening. She told me she found the programs boring and directed toward the mindless.

I agreed.

I told Kate that two weeks before, on a Sunday, I had taken an all day walk in the state park. I wanted to get my head on straight. After hours of searching my mind I had decided to began to date, to look for someone to share my life with. I had realized that I needed a companion, a friend, a love to make happy, a partner.

Abby and I had that kind of relationship.

I said that I realized that I would never find another Abby but I was positive there was a person I could find that had the qualities necessary for a good relationship.

It was quiet on the back porch for a long time.

Kate went in for a coke and brought me a beer.

She sat on the couch with me and I opened her coke and my beer.

Kate broke the long silence by saying "I can be a friend and even a companion to you but I can not be your lover or your partner."

I reached out and took her hand in mine and we sat for a bit. Her statement needed no reply.

Later I showed her my house, the three bed rooms and baths, the large living area with a working fire place and the studio. Kate really acted impressed with the kitchen and dining area.

Kate was delighted with it all. She asked me to please not laugh when I saw her house, she had a bed room suit and a couch with a chair and love seat. She was using a card table and folding chairs in her kitchen. the rest of her house was empty. Moving into her house had left her having to maintain a tight budget for the next few months.

It was getting dark outside and I asked Kate if she would have dinner with me. I told her of a new seafood restaurant near us that I wanted to try.

Kate started to decline my invitation but I assured her I was not talking about a date but a dinner with just talk and companionship. She went home to change.

Our meal was wonderful. Kate ate well (kind of like she was starved) and had a before dinner drink then wine with dinner then a stinger after. She was not high but her eyes were bright and she wanted to talk.

She was having a good time.

I asked her to dance and she melted in my arms. Kate was a delight to be with on the floor, other than Abby, most women I had ever danced with were so much shorter than my six foot four frame I had to bend over to put my arm around them. Kate was tall and we fit perfect.

The smell of her hair and the feel of those firm breast against me caused a bulge to form in my pants.

Kate must have felt it and seen it but she ignored it.

Kate mentioned that this was the first time she had danced since her high school days before her ex husband and she began going steady. Ex did not dance. He had been several inches shorter than she and never let her wear heels when they went anywhere together.

We stayed until the band quit and then I drove her home. We had exchanged phone numbers and I promised to call her the next morning. I walked her to her door and tried to kiss her but all I got to kiss was her cheek again.

Kate giggled and then said that she was not a girl that kissed on the first date.

I slapped her lightly on her but as she went in.

When I got home I filled the hot tub and set the water heater before going to bed. I wanted to see her in a bathing suit and Sunday was a good day for that.

Sunday morning I got up early, near five, and I looked at the back of her house to see if she might be up.

I could see into the house through the kitchen and dining room windows but a small window and two large windows were partly covered by sheets pined up.

I went into the photo studio and found a lens I had bought at a camera swap meet several years past. I focused on the windows and could see in her bedroom and bath over the top of those temporary curtains. I could see her bed with her in it and a dresser close by. The lens was so strong I could read the time on a small clock on the dresser.

I went back for the only camera I had that the lens would fit and loaded it with good film.

I was going to try to get pictures as she got up and prepared for the day.

I sat the camera on a miniature tripod and attached a remote cable. I sighted the thing and even took two pictures of her sleeping with the sheet up to her chin.

I wanted to clean the kitchen and freezer and refrigerator. I got busy. At seven I was nearly through with the kitchen. I got out a pair of binoculars and would look to see if she was up while I drank a pot of coffee.

I had a radio playing loud enough to cover the noise of the camera.

At eight I could wait no longer, I called her.

Her phone rang and she threw the sheet off and sat up, I took my third picture of her siting up on the side of the bed NUDE. The next was of her with her back to me at the dresser picking up the phone.

We got through a good morning greeting and I got a frontal picture of her leaning on the dresser running her fingers through her hair.

I asked her if she would have breakfast with me. I saw a huge grin on her face as she told me that my call had awakened her and she would need some time to get ready. I asked her how long. She asked if she could call me when she was ready. Of course I agreed to that.

Kate was about to hang up and thought to ask where I wanted to eat. I told her about a place where we could dine outside on a terrace overlooking the valley and assured her the food was good. I told her she could wear shorts if she liked.

Kate hung up and a bright grin showed on her face. She clenched both fists and spread her arms and I could read her lips as she shouted YES.

I was already dressed so I continued to take pictures, she looked beautiful on the commode taking a pee. I got one of her putting up her hair to get in the shower. Later when she got out and was drying off I got several tit and ass shots.

I used the last of a thirty six exposure roll of film as she pulled her blouse on, a great tit shot.

God I had a hard on.

I put up the camera and binoculars as she finished brushing her hair.

When Kate called to tell me she was ready I looked at my watch and it was eight twenty, she had gotten up and dressed in twenty minutes.

I drove around to her drive and she was out the front door before I could get out.

Kate was a vision of beauty, she had white shorts and a white blouse on again and had white sandals on her feet. I knew she was not wearing a bra or panties.

Kate leaned over to get in and I got a brief look at a nipple down the front of her blouse.

She had a light perfume on but what I could smell most was sweet clean woman.

Breakfast was nice, low key, and she really enjoyed it. Those years of being a drudge and saving every dime had never let her enjoy a breakfast like we had. I ordered Bloody Marys for us and we drank them slowly.

I started off breakfast with Champaign and melon balls.

Next we had a plate of all kinds of fruit cut to bite size with several dips in the center.

Our main course was two Eggs Benedict for each of us.

Kate had never before had any of the things we ate.

We finished with another Bloody Mary.

We had a two and a half hour breakfast and though there was a breeze and we had an awning to give us shade it was beginning to get hot enough to make us think of an air conditioned environment.

Kate spoke of leaving after she went to the ladies room. I was ready. I paid the bill while she was gone and was at the front door when she came out.

Kate moved over next to me and hugged my right arm as we drove away. She thanked me for the most wonderful breakfast she had ever enjoyed and asked if we could go to my house. She offered to rent the huge couch in my living room for an hour or so.

I told Kate she could borrow the couch rent free.

Kate said she felt so full of breakfast she was sleepy, did I mind.

I told Kate I had planed to take her to the zoo and later let her unwind in my hot tub.

Kate thought the hot tub was a good idea but could we do the zoo some other time.

At my house I drove on into the garage and shut the door behind the Town Car. We entered in through the kitchen.

Kate put her purse on the table and slipped off her sandals.

I guess she was serious about the couch for she asked again if I minded her using it.

She walked in to the living room and began running her feet back and forth in the nap of the carpet.

Kate then told me she did not have carpet on her floors yet, it had been removed before she purchased the house. All she had was the foam rubber padding for carpet.

Before she could afford carpet she was going to have to buy drapes and curtains. Those had been removed also.

I sat on the end of the couch and Kate came over and sat beside me. She wanted to know what kind of people had lived there before her. What could they do with the carpet and drapes? Were they going to move into a house that they could us them in?

I told Kate that the people that owned the house before her had been killed in a down town Birmingham parking lot. A robbery then the senseless murder of the victims. I told her that the house had been empty for a year while her children from a previous marriage argued with his children from his previous marriage over the couple's estate.

Kate remarked that she was glad the house came on the market when it had, she thought it was under priced, and had signed for it at first sight.

I pitched the pillows from my end of the couch to her end and told her it was nap time. Kate fluffed them and stretched out.

I left her alone and went in and started up the computer, got my Email and browsed some favorite sites. I was playing poker when she came in two hours later.

She thanked me for letting her nap on my couch, she apologized for being so sleepy and blamed it on the large breakfast.

I played out the poker hand and won, then I shut down the computer.

I asked Kate if she wanted to get in the hot tub now.

She said she would love to but did not even own a bathing suit.

I told her of several suits in the guest bed room kept there by my wife's sister. She and my wife had spent a lot of time in the hot tub before the accident that took Abby away.

We went in the bed room and Kate looked at the suits. They were all bikinis and Kate told me she could not wear that revealing a suit.

I told her I was sorry but that was all I had to offer.

We went in the kitchen and I offered her a beer, wine or a mixed drink or plain coke. Kate asked if I could make her a Bloody Mary like we had with our breakfast.

I mixed a strong one for her and myself.

We sipped on our drinks at the kitchen table.

Kate was embarrassed about not being willing to wear a bikini and tried to explain about her strict upbringing at home.

(I began to wonder just how much that had contributed to the failure of her marriage)

I told Kate that if she was modest about displaying her body she was welcome to go in the tub in her shorts and top.

Kate was not much of a drinker and she was nervous so she drank her Bloody Mary pretty fast. I made her another one.

Half way through that one she asked if she could take her drink with her to the hot tub.

I asked her to give me a few so I could put on my bathing suit.

I came back and helped Kate to the tub on the back porch.

She sat on the edge and put leg by leg in the water. She told me it was two hot.

I told her the water was body temperature and only seemed hot. I told her to get in and in a few minutes it would not feel hot at all.

Kate sat down in a kind of seat and slid down until the water was up to her chin.

I tripped the air switch that caused a lot of air and water jets to hit us on our backs.

Kate closed her eyes and got a look on her face as if she were in heaven.

I thought twenty minutes was enough time for her first time in a hot tub. I got out and put my arm under her knees and the other behind her back and lifted her out of the tub and carried her to a chase lounge.

She opened her eyes and asked me to put her back, it was wonderful.

I laughed at her and got her drink, I knew she would be thirsty.

Kate had not noticed that the water had made her blouse and shorts transparent and that I could see every detail of her body through them.

The cooler air had caused her nipples to harden and stand out and her shirt was molded to them. the brown hair of her bush was just as apparent.

Kate sat up to take her drink from me and for the first time realized that she might as well be nude in those wet clothes.

She put her hands over her self and looked at me holding her drink out to her.

I put that glass down and spread a beach towel over her. I made some remark about her being cold after that hot water.

Kate gave me a weak thanks and took her arms out from under the towel and spread it to cover her from her chin to toes.

Holding that towel at her neck, she picked up her drink and chugged it down.

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