Bound for Pleasure
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2000 by John J Jones

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The girlfriend rents a bondage flick. They watch it and she talks him into trying it, but they have two unexpected visitors... and unexpected complications!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   DomSub   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex  

I'm Jim. I'm 35 years old and no, I've never been married. I've never even come close. I won't say I've never been in love, because I have. I've just never found the one that I'd want to spend my life with and to be honest, I don't think any have ever felt that way about me. I've gone out with a lot of women, and have had sex with only a few. But there was one... That's who this story is about. Carol. I was 25 at the time. She was 21. A very mature 21.

Carol and I had one thing in common. We loved sex. She was a little hard to please sometimes, but I always did my best and it always seemed to be enough for her. She was a "southern belle". She had gorgeous blue eyes and light brown freckles... all over. She had about a size 35 breast-line, a thin waist and sexy hips. Her hair was golden blonde, straight and down past her waist. She was crazy. Sex crazy. One of her favorite things to do was to watch an X-rated movie with me and try everything they did. And we watched some pretty wild movies. The one that got me in trouble wound up including some surprise guests. It ended up kinkier than I thought, too. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

It was a Friday night. We had gone out to dinner and she had brought a movie (of course). She popped the movie into the VCR and started watching. Now, she selected this movie and I had no idea what it was going to be about. It was an amateur flick. I soon learned it was also a bondage flick.

Now, I have nothing against the bondage part of B&D. It's the "d" part I've always had a problem with. Although I hadn't tried it, I had to admit the thought of being at my woman's mercy had appealed to me. So had the thought of having my woman at my mercy. I still wasn't quite sure if this was where I wanted to go right now. Apparently, it was where she wanted to go. I realized as the movie progressed, she was looking up at me. I didn't look back right away, but raised an eyebrow as I watched the movie. I heard her giggle.

After about half an hour into the film, I was rock hard. They were showing a woman tied to an X-Frame while her guy had a dildo in her ass and his tongue in her crotch. Carol looked down at my pants, which weren't doing a good job of hiding a sizable hard-on. "Ah-Ha!" she said, as she put her hand on my crotch and squeezed my cock. "You like this, don't you!" she said. I still didn't look at her, but smiled, watching the TV. "Obviously." I said calmly. "I knew it!" she said.

Finally, I looked over at her. "But we don't have the furniture." I said. "What if I said we could get to it?" she replied. I drew my head back, raised both eyebrows and said with a surprise in my voice "Oh yeah? Is there something I should know about you?"

She was fighting a smile. She put her head back on the couch, looked up at me and put a little pout on her lips. "Me? You mean me?". I grinned down at her "Yeah, you!" I said.

"I just know someone at work who has this stuff. She's going to be gone for the weekend, and asked me if I wanted to "borrow" her house for a couple of days."

This deserved some thought. I had to explain to her that I wasn't into pain and I wasn't into giving it, either. So, we had a long talk. It turned out very positive. She felt the same way. It seems it was no surprise to her, as she had brought a change of clothes and a bag of "tricks". I bagged up some stuff and off we went. Now this could be interesting.

On the way she started talking about what she was "going to do to me" while I was tied up. Again, the old one-eyebrow-raised look. I was surprised at some of the ideas she was coming up with. We were in her car, which was a beater Ford LTD station wagon. I always called it a rattletrap because it was so old. But it was big. One of the movies we had watched was about a couple screwing in the back of their van in a forest preserve. Hey, let down the back seats, and that car had just as much bedroom as any van. We were lucky we didn't get busted.

Carols friends house was about 30 miles away. When we pulled up, it looked like just another nice suburban house. It had a well-kept lawn, shrubbery, trees and even lawn décor (large birds, running birdbath, etc). The homes were farther apart here than in the city, probably 100 yards or more between them. A light even came on in the driveway as we pulled in, obviously activated by a motion sensor.

Carol hopped out of the car like an excited kid, bag and purse swinging in her hands. She ran around the car and met me as I got out, taking my hand and pulling me toward the house. "Come on!" she touted. I caught myself looking around to see if any neighbors were watching. When we reached the small porch, she pulled some keys out of her purse and opened the door. There were dim lights on in what appeared to be the living room. As we entered, I heard a high pitched beeping. Carol closed the door and walked around a corner. "1-3-4-3-3" I heard her say. There were beeping tones with each number she spoke then the high-pitched beeping stopped. She came back around the corner. "Burglar alarm" she muttered. "I guessed that." I said.

She ran up to me, put her arms around my neck and laid a big wet kiss on me. As she pulled back, she took my lower lip between her teeth and growled. Yes, indeed, this was going to be an interesting night. "Follow me!" she said and went back around the corner. I walked down a dark hall. She opened a door and turned on a light. We went downstairs into a large den.

The den was actually pretty cool. It appeared this girl made some serious money. According to Carol, she was single, but liked her men submissive. Very submissive. The den was carpeted. There was a very nice bar with a "ship" type atmosphere. There were couches, big chairs and pictures of seascapes, boats and other naval ornaments. Even a door with a wooden ships steering wheel. The wooden plate above the wheel read "Captains Quarters". There was also a big steering wheel (even moved) attached to the front of the bar.

"Do you want a drink?" Carol asked, interrupting my inspection. She was behind the bar. "Making yourself a bit at home, aren't we?" I asked. "Kathy told me I could help myself when I was here last time." "Oh? Last time?" I asked quickly. "Ooops. Busted.", she said. "When were you here last time?" I asked. She walked over to her bag and pulled out the tape we watched and handed it to me. "You're kidding" I said. "Well," she started "I mean I didn't see her make it or anything, but she has quite a collection". She motioned for me to follow her behind the bar. Beneath one end of the bar were about 15 movies, all with the same style labels on them. "Were they filmed here?" I asked. She hesitated, grabbed a bottle of cognac and smiled. "How about a drink?" she quipped. "Ok, I guess you're not going to tell me." I said. "In a minute!" she said, pouring the drink.

She set my drink on the bar and poured herself one. Then she put the bottle down and walked over to pick up the bag. "Let's change!" she said. She pulled something out of the bag and threw it on the bar in front of me. "This is for you." She said. "I got them in your size". I picked up what seemed to be a pair of leather bikini underwear just slightly larger than a handkerchief. "Say WHAT?" I laughed. "Oh, come on! Please!" she whined. I heaved a big sigh and stared at her pouting face. "Damn, the things a man does for a woman!" I moaned. "Great!", she chirped.

She put the bag down and started unzipping her skin-tight jeans. I watched as she peeled them off and stepped out of them, then she started unbuttoning her blouse. She stopped at about the fourth button, looking at me. "Well?" she asked. "All right, all right", I responded and started taking my clothes off. "You're sure she's gone for the weekend, right?" I asked. "Absolutely." She replied. In about 10 minutes, Carol was dressed in a tight sheer bra, crotchless pantyhose, sheer panties and a pair of almost knee high red leather boots. It was all topped off with a black sheer robe with lace trim. Her blonde hair contrasted against the sheer black material. Her red lipstick practically glowed on her light-skinned face. She was hot. And there I stood, in a pair of leather bikini underwear.

"You look fantastic!" I said "And I feel stupid." I was already half-hard and my cock was trying to edge out of the underwear. She walked over and put her hand on my crotch. "Oh, no, Jimmy", she started, "You... look... great!" and she squeezed my cock. She reached over, picked up my drink and handed it to me. We sat on the couch and drank some more. She started talking about what she was going to do again and refilled our glasses. After a few more sips, more discussion and a slight buzz, I asked, "Where is the furniture?" She looked over at the door to the "Captains Quarters". I moved toward the edge of the couch. Yep, I was feeling the alcohol already. It was good cognac. "Let's take a look!" I said. "Not unless you're ready to get started", she said "and you're tied up first!". I guzzled the rest of the cognac and got up. "Now is as good a time as any!" I said.

She finished her drink, picked up her bag and we walked over to the door. She opened it, pushing it inward. It was dark and we couldn't see much from the outside room. Then she switched on the light. I took one quick glance across the room. "Hoooooly Shit!" I whispered. The light in the room was dim, but I could see it was even bigger than the den, and talk about tools. There was the furniture, all right. The big X-Frame was in one corner, just like in the film, with leather cuffs and restraints. There were two tables, one horizontal and one vertical, both of course with the same leather restraints. There were chains and leather suspended from the ceiling in the middle of nowhere and gadgets? I couldn't even imagine what some of them could possibly be used for. One wall had whips and other assorted pain toys. There were mirrors on the walls and some on the ceilings. My partial hard-on withered to nothing. This was downright scary. "Wait a minute... " I started to say, turning around. "Click" went the door and Carol stood in front of it.

"You said you were ready." She said. "Yeah, but... " I started again. "No buts," she said. "we're in here until I say we're ready to leave now." "What do you mean?" I asked. "Go ahead," she said, "open the door" as she stepped away. I moved toward the door. There was no knob, no handle, no nothing; just a smooth flat wooden surface. "Cute" I said. "How do we get out?" She smiled, walked past me, stepping into the room, staring at me as she walked by. She had a look in her eyes that read pure unadulterated sex. "You don't! Until I say so! Only I know how to open the door".

I stepped into the room with her. I looked over at the "whip wall". Remember what we talked about!" I reminded her. "Oh, what a sissy!" she said. "Don't worry, I'm not into pain either." From what I saw on that wall, it would have broken more than a sissy. There weren't too many men I knew that would let themselves get tied up almost naked with that stuff in the same room with them. This was a big step for me, especially since I was going to be tied up first. I figured I'd trust her.

She stood about in the center of the room and looked around. "Let's seeeeeee," she started. "Will we use this?" She walked over to the X-Frame and rubbed the wood with her fingers. "Or this?" and she walked over to the vertical table. "No... This one!" she said and put her hands on the horizontal table. The table was just above her knees, so she was bent over showing me her ass through those sheer panties and robe as she looked back over her shoulder at me. For a second, it distracted me from the rest of the room. She started patting on the table. It was covered with leather and padding, with separations for the arms, legs and head. "Come on, Jimmy, right here!"

I paused, then walked over to the table and sat down and looked at her. She crossed her arms, threw her hips to one side and started tapping her foot. I sat there. "Come on!" she complained. "You said you'd do this." I looked at her and sighed. I laid down on the table. "Ok, Put your arms right here", she said as she moved my arms into position. She started putting the leather cuffs on my wrists. I remember thinking to myself. "Well, this is it, do or die!" I lay still as she put both cuffs on. She moved to the bottom of the table and buckled the cuffs up to my ankles. Then she pulled apart the leg portions that were split right down the middle. They swung outward from the table. She moved back up, and started buckling leather straps on my thighs. I hadn't seen those there. They must have been under the table. Then she moved up again and repeated the process with my biceps, pulling the arms extensions away from the table slightly. I hadn't seen those either. One other one I hadn't seen; a strap about 5 inches wide that came up from between the arm extensions and the table. She strapped it across my chest. She adjusted this so it was between my nipples and my bellybutton.

You know that feeling you get the first time you're in line for a real scary roller coaster and you finally get to the cars, they strap you in, then they start moving? You know, that feeling in the pit of your stomach like you know the ride is supposed to be safe, but why the hell are you scared shitless now that it's moving and you're stuck in it? Well, therefore I was. "Geez!" I said. "Where did all those damn straps come from?" She laughed "That's the beauty of this table! You don't see all the restraints until it's too late!". She was absolutely right. With all the straps securely fastened, I could hardly move a muscle. She moved to the head of the table. "I don't think we need this one.", she said, holding a long leather strap about 2 inches wide in her hand. "What's that?" I asked. "It goes here." She showed me, laying it across my forehead. "It gets hooked snugly to table." "You must be kidding" I replied. "Nope!" she said as she removed it. "We'll save this one in case you don't satisfy me with your tongue. Or maybe we'll use a hood for that. It holds your head even tighter to the table. I smiled "Well, I don't think there'll be any problem there. Hasn't been so far, has there?" She turned and had a wicked look in her eyes. "I might be more demanding now." She bit her lower lip, stepped away and set down the strap.

She came back to the table and kissed me, running her tongue all over the inside of my mouth. She lifted up and licked the end of my nose. Her breath was hot and deliberately heavy in my face. She looked down and ran her fingernails over my chest. "How does it feel?", she asked, "knowing that you're mine to do whatever I want with?" I looked into her eyes. Yup, she was crazy. I never saw so much raw passion in her half-closed eyes. Her face was shadowed only slightly by her long blonde hair falling into my face and onto my shoulders. She stepped down and started teasing one of my nipples by flicking it with the very tip of her tongue. "Ooooo, I know what I want." She said. She walked over and picked up her bag.

After a few moments of rummaging through it, she got a frown on her face. "Damn!", she said, "I thought I brought it!" She turned toward the door for a second. "Hmmm... I want to go out to the bar, but I don't want you to see me open the door." I smiled. "Tough one, huh?" I said. "No!" she quickly responded. She opened her bag again and pulled something out. "Ta daaa!" she chirped. She walked over and started putting it around my head. It was a blindfold, and it did the trick. It fit so snugly I had to close my eyes. It covered from my eyebrows to my cheeks. It only curved up above my nose. "No fair!" I laughed. "Is too!" she said, like a little kid. I heard something go "click" and then heard her walk out.

I heard noises, then "Damn! I'm going to look in the kitchen!" I didn't appreciate her taking a long walk with me on the table alone. "What the heck are you looking for?" I yelled. "I'll be right back!" she said. I lay there, blind and bound. A few minutes later I heard her coming down the den stairs and back into the room. She heaved a sigh and walked up next to me.

I felt her lick one of my nipples. "You know how much we like to use whip cream?" she asked. I grinned. "Well, Kathy doesn't have any either", she said. "You know what? I'm going to go out and get some. I saw a convenience store about a couple of miles away. I can get some there." "Yeah, right." I said, like she had to be joking. "It'll only take a minute. I'll use one of Kathy's long coats so no one will see how I'm dressed. I'll be right back." "No way! You're not leaving me here like this!" I whined. "What are you afraid of?" She said. "Kathy went away for the whole weekend. It's just you and me! I'll be right back!" I squirmed against the bonds. "Don't do this Carol, it's not that important!" I said. "It is to me! I want you to use it on me, too! I'll hurry!" "Carol!" I said again. Then I heard her walking out of the room. "Don't worry! I'll be back in a flash!" she said as her voice faded off.

In a few seconds, I heard the front door slam and footsteps outside, then the car starting. "Shit!" I mumbled. "Shit! Shit! Shit!". Suddenly there was a faint beeping coming from upstairs. It went for a few seconds as I heard the car pull out of the driveway. "Shit!" I said again. Well, I had no choice but to wait. I was going to get her for this. Wait until it was her turn. I was going to let her know how it felt. Oh, was I pissed off. I must have spent 10 minutes just thinking of ways to get even. Then the beeping started again and I heard a car in the driveway. The beeping must have been an alert that announced a car pulling up. Then footsteps, then voices... two separate voices! And the closer they got, the more I noticed that neither of them were Carols. It sounded like the car pulled away.

Oh, shit! I pulled with a vengeance against the restraints but it was useless. As they got up by the front door, I heard what one of them was saying. "You're going to love this setup", she said. "My mom had one of her boyfriends put it together for her". I heard keys rattling. As they came in the house I heard the same one say, "That's funny, Mom never leaves without setting the alarm." I started panicking. There was nothing I could do. As far as I knew, two kids were coming in the place and I'd be found stretched out on a table in a pair of leather bikini underwear, blindfolded. In my panic, I started thinking "hopefuls". Maybe they were just going to be upstairs. Maybe if they came downstairs, they'd just go to the bar. Shit! Carol had left the door to the room open when she left! How far? Would they see it? I was basically freaking out.

They stayed upstairs for a while. I was praying that Carol would come back. Soon, I heard their voices get louder and the door to the den open. "Oh, please!" I thought to myself. I remembered that Carol and I had put our clothes on a chair beside the bar and they probably wouldn't be able to see them unless they went around the far end of the bar. But our glasses were still on the coffee table. My heart was pounding as I heard the same voice. "You want a drink?" she asked. Another female voice responded, "Sure!" "Pick out whatever you want", the first responded. "Your mother won't mind?", the second voice said. "She probably won't even know we were here." The first replied. "I've come by with Tom and she didn't even notice then. Besides, even if she did, she wouldn't mind. She might get upset if she found out we used her room, but I clean that up real good."

Oh, Geez, she not only knew about the room, but she had used it before. How old was this girl? I tried not to breathe. Apparently the door was closed enough that they hadn't noticed. Where the hell was Carol. It had been at least 20 minutes. It seemed like hours now. "I want to see the room." the second girl said. OH, SHIT! I thought. I'm fucked! "Come on!" the first one said. My eyes were already closed because of the blindfold, but I was squeezing them closed now because I was wincing. I heard the door creak open, then a gasp. It was apparently from the second girl, as she squeaked "Who's that?" "Oh, shit." I whispered.

One came walking into the room. "Well, well, well!" the first ones voice said quietly. "And what have we here?" "Shit. Shit. Shit" I whispered. "I heard her walk up by my head. She put her head down by my ear "What's your name?" she whispered in my ear. I was frozen with a combination of fear, embarrassment and frustration and couldn't answer. She didn't move. She whispered hotly in my ear once more "We were all over the house upstairs and no one else was here. How did you get here? I know mom isn't in town, because I called her just before I left the college." I was scared to death now. This one was entirely too cool. Maybe she was surprised that I was here, but she obviously wasn't the least bit taken back.

"You know," I heard her say as she stepped away and around the table. "I'd say you're probably not in any position to ignore my questions. I'd say you would want to answer my questions." Oh, shit! She was a tough one! "Jim" I said quickly. "Jim." She replied. "Oh shit!". This time it wasn't me, it was the second girl. She was obviously freaking out, but couldn't have been nearly as bad as I was. "Ok, Jim," the first one started again. "Back to the next question. How did you get here like... this?"

"Carol." I said. She was walking around the table. "Who's Carol?", she asked. "My girlfriend." I replied. "Ahhhhhh,", she said, "It must be someone that knows my mom!" she continued "and why did your girlfriend leave you here like this?" she asked. "She went to get something." I replied. "She left you like this to get something? It must have been important! What was it?" I felt like I was getting the third degree. She was still pacing around the table and was up by the head again. I was debating about saying what it was she was going to get. I was embarrassed enough.

She leaned down by my ear again. "I asked you, what did she go to get?" she hissed. "Oh shit," I said out loud " I don't know. She said she'd be right back." "Damn! Damn!" I heard the second girl say. "Shush!" the first one said as she started walking around the table again. "We'll hear her before she gets in the house and we'll leave the back way. We have plenty of time. So, how long ago did she leave?" She was talking to me again. "About half an hour ago.", I lied. "Hmmmm, not much time then. I guess we'll have to come back tomorrow night. You'll be gone then, right?" "Hell, untie me, and I'll be gone right now!" I replied. "Oh, now that wouldn't be good for your evening, would it?" she said sarcastically. "I mean a guy like you. Built, good-looking, you have some serious legs". She raked her nails across the inside of my thigh. I jumped. The phone rang. Scared the hell out of me. I jumped again.

She let it ring a few times. "Are you going to... " I heard the second girl say. The answering machine, which was obviously in the room somewhere, answered the phone. After a few moments of silence there was a beep. I heard Carols voice. "Honey! I know you can hear me. I didn't want you to worry. You can't answer me while the message is recording, but I wanted to tell you that the right front wheel is bad on the car. I had to stop. The guy I talked to at the motor club said it sounded like bearings or something. They are going to send a tow-truck out. The guy says he'll have a cell phone, so I can call you when he gets here. Don't worry, you'll be ok. No one's going to be there. Kiss, kiss!" "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit!" I moaned.

The first girl moved back up to my head and whispered hotly in my ear. "Well, isn't this rich?" she said. She moved closer. I could feel her lips brushing against my ear. "It looks like we have a little time after all!" She took my ear gently in her teeth and scraped them carefully off of it. "Oh, yes, this could be very interesting." "What?" the second girl said. "Well, we can't let a helpless hunk of man like this go to waste, can we?" The first girl said. I couldn't say anything. My heart was pounding. I had no idea what this girl... these girls were capable of. "Let's get dressed", the first one said. "Are you sure?", the second one asked. There was something different about her voice. "That wasn't a question," the first one said firmly.

"Just let me go." I said quietly. I tried, but couldn't hide the shakiness in my voice. "Oh no, Jim, can't do that." The first one said. "Now that we have some time, we're going to have some fun. By the way, my name is Tina, and my friend is Lin. Say hi to Jim, Lin!" "Hi." I heard Lin say. I also heard the rustling of clothes. "Are you into pain Jim?" Tina asked. I took a deep breath. "Oh, shit, please, no." I almost pleaded. I swallowed hard. I was beginning to shake and sweat. I felt like a little coward. "Don't hurt me." I had tried to make it sound like a threat, but somehow, I don't think it came out that way. My heart started pounding harder. It was just the word I didn't want to hear. I almost heard a laugh in her voice. "Oh, don't worry, Jim. We won't hurt you... much. I tried whips once with my boyfriend, Tom. It left welts on him. I don't do it as good as my mother does. But there are ways... ".

I rolled my head to one side. I was frazzled. I pictured everything in the room in my mind, afraid to even imagine what it was capable of. After a few moments, Tina came back to the table. She touched my chest by the leather strap. She wiped sweat from my chest. Again, a laugh in her voice. "Is it hot in here?" she asked Lin. "No, it feels nice in here." Lin replied. Tina put her hand flat on my chest and held it there. "He's quivering! And he's sweating!" she said, surprised. She came back up by my head and bent down. I felt one of her elbows against my head, so she was leaning on the table. She got into my ear again. "Is this the first time you've ever been tied up, Jim?" she whispered "Tell me the truth". "Yes." I whispered. She stood up. "Oh, Damn! This really is rich!" she said

She walked away and I heard clothing rustling again. "So what was... Carol? What was Carol going to do to you, if she wasn't going torment you?" "I don't know." I replied. "You don't know? Don't you know what my mother does in this room?" "Yes." I replied. "How do you know? Did Carol tell you?" "I saw a film." I said. "You saw a film, you know what my mother does in here, but you didn't know what Carol was going to do? How can that be?" There was no doubt about this one. She was definitely college material. "We talked about it." I said. "Then you did know what she was going to do!" "When we talked about it, we said we wouldn't hurt each other!" I almost yelled. "Ohhhhhhhh, you talked about what you wouldn't do.", she said sarcastically. "Oh, shit!" I mumbled again.

"Sounds confusing to me, how about you, Lin?" "Me too", I heard Lin reply. "I think he's lying to us." I heard Tina's voice getting closer. I also heard shoes or hard heels this time. She came next to the table and raked her fingers lightly across my stomach. "You wouldn't do that, would you?" I cringed. "No. No, I wouldn't" I responded, twitching my stomach muscles. "You know, pleasure can be scary sometimes, too!" she said as she walked back above my head. I heard a snap from one side. It sounded like something detaching from the table next to my head, then a snap from the other side. "Would you like to see us?" Tina asked. I wanted to say yes, but for some reason I couldn't answer. "I think you should smell us, first. No, taste us first. Come here, Lin, and bring the head strap." "Yes mistress." Lin replied. Tina obviously took after her mother, but how much?

"You take this side", Tina said. I felt the strap go all the way around my head, across my forehead and felt them buckling it down. I felt another small strap go under my chin to the top of my head, leaving my mouth only open slightly. "Give our friend Jim an appreciation for air.", Tina said. "Yes Mistress." I heard Lin reply. I felt someone's nylon-covered legs; apparently Lins, touch each side of my head, then skin and silk panties on my face, covering my nose and mouth. I tried to turn my head, but couldn't. I couldn't even move it up or down. I thought about how, at any other time, this might have been an ideal situation, depending on who it was. But the fear going on in the pit of my stomach chased that thought away in a second. "Do it right, Lin", Tina said. Lin moved so I felt her pussy under her silk panties against my nose and her ass on my mouth and chin. I could barely breath against her panties.

"You like Lin"? Tina asked. She knew I couldn't respond. "He doesn't answer! Get closer Lin, get comfortable." Lin's weight grew heavier on my face. "Enjoy his face, Lin", Tina said. Lin started moving her hips in circles as she pressed downward. Her silk panties were getting wet and my nose was being pressed into her wet panties. It was starting to get difficult to breathe. "Harder." Tina said. I heard Lin starting to breathe heavily. I opened my mouth as far as I could, trying to get air. As fast as I drew in a short breath, Lin pushed down further on my face. I started to panic. All I felt was her now hot wet pussy and ass grinding down against my face through her panties. She was starting to moan lightly. I tried to pull against the restraints again, but they were all too tight. I attempted to complain, but all that came out was a muffled groan.

"Stand up", Tina said. Lin stood up immediately, panting. I gasped, pulling in all the air I could get, breathing like someone who almost drowned. "Did you enjoy that, Jim? It just gets better! Take your panties off, Lin!" I felt Lin step off of my head for a moment. "Good, now get back on his face." I was still panting from the last session. I felt Lin step back again. "I can't... " I started to say, but I was muffled by Lins hot, wet pussy. She immediately started grinding down again, without orders from Tina. "Ooooo, good girl!" Tina said. I hadn't had time to take a breath and was getting short quick.

"Hey, Jim! I know her pussy is on your mouth, put your tongue in it!" I was too concerned about breathing to listen. "Did he do it, Lin?" she asked. Lin was hot. Her clit was rubbing around on my nose and she was panting. When I opened my mouth for air, all I got now was hot dripping wet pussy. "No", Lin panted. "You know, Jim," Tina started "You're going to need air sometime. Do what I said and I'll let her up". I heard her, and I needed to breathe bad. I stuck my tongue out between my teeth as deep into Lin's pussy as I could. Lin gasped and leaned back, sliding her pussy back against my tongue so it touched her clit. I thought I felt hair on my stomach. I got some air in that instant, but she pushed back forward. She was grinding faster now, panting harder. I knew she was going to climax. There was also nothing I could do about it. She came on my face, twitching and whimpering. I was swallowing her juices. She slowed down, moving forward and backward slowly against my face. "Ok, stand up." Tina said. Lin stood up. I took a few quick breaths again. My face and neck cooled quickly from Lin's juices.

I felt a tongue against my cheek, then it moved down onto my neck. It was Tina. "Mmmmm", she said. Yes, I've tasted her before. One more time, Jim. I'm going to ride your face next. First with my panties on, then I'll take them off. Then I'll take off your blindfold. Did it get scary when you didn't know when Lin was going to get off your face? I saw you squirm. I know you were scared. Well, Jim, you better take a nice deep breath when I tell you, because I'm not going to get off of your face so fast. And Jim, when I set my bare pussy on your face, you're going to eat my pussy. If you don't, you'll think I'm never going to get up." I felt her loosen the chin strap a little, then I she stepped over my face.

"You know what I'm going to do for you, Jim? I'm going to get my panties wet before I sit down. Come here, Lin. Put your hand on my panties. Massage my pussy." I heard kissing. "Mmmmm, good girl", Tina moaned. The kissing grew more intense. I felt Tina's nylons against the sides of my head. She was moving slightly back and forth, probably against Lin's fingers. "Ooooooo, yes", Tina said. It sounded like she was muffled against Lin's mouth. "Yes! Make me wet for Jim." Her movement gradually got quicker. Soon, she jerked back and almost sat on my chest. "Yessss! Here I come, Jim!" I remembered what she'd said and grabbed a deep breath as she sat down against my face tightly, pushing back and forth instantly. Tina must have been slightly larger than Lin and she must have had sheer panties on, because I felt her hot, wet pussy through the material right away. It was plain that there was going to be no getting air until she was ready.

I felt her grab my hair and hook her fingers through it. She was pressing down hard and grinding in circles against my face. "Ahhhhh! Do you like my pussy, Jim?" Every time she said my name, it was as if she was making fun of it, of me. She started moving backward and forward against my face, never enough for me to get air. I started to feel the panic set in again. Normally, I could hold my breath a lot longer than this, but I suppose it was the tension that was making it short. I moaned under her wet panties. The response I got what not what I was looking for. Tina closed her legs together against the sides of my head and pushed her hot wet crotch down harder onto my face. I heard her panting. She apparently had some kind of hose on, because I still felt them against both sides of my head.

"Lin", she said "See if he has a cock in those leather pants." Now I was really panicking. I felt Lin pull the bikini underwear off of my now small, limp cock as far down as they would go against my spread legs. "Yes! There's a little one here," she said. I could hardly hear them because Tina's thighs covered my ears. I was freaking now. I started struggling against the leather bonds. I moaned against Tina's pussy, over and over. I heard Lin giggle. Tina laughed between pants, staying wrapped around my head. I just knew I was going to pass out. Then she stood up.

"Hi, Jim!" I heard her say as I gasped for air. I drew in so hard and so fast that I was coughing, then I kept panting. The feeling was coming back into my head and body. Tina laughed. "Surprising, isn't it, Jim? How long you can hold your breath, I mean. When you really have to." I was still catching my breath. "Let's see if you can make him hard while I suffocate him again, Lin." She said. "Just let me move these panties out of the way... " "Oh, come on, please!" I begged between breaths. "Beggings' good, Jim." she said. I felt Lin's warm tongue against my cock. "I like begging. Remember what I said. If you're a good boy and eat my pussy like a real man, I'll let you breathe. If not, your poor girlfriend might come back to a sleeping beauty!"

I felt her move and touch her pussy lips to my nose. "Lick my pussy, Jim. When I cum, we'll take off the blindfold." I stuck out my tongue. She wasn't there. "Ooops! Missed, Jim!" I'd always believed that a man couldn't be raped, because a rape situation wouldn't allow him to get a hard-on. I noticed Lin was proving that theory wrong. Despite my fear and apprehension, my cock was getting hard from her tongue and mouth, working gently on my cock like a Popsicle. Suddenly, Tina's pussy was on my face. She moved around until her clit rested against the bridge my nose. She settled down on my face. Being caught up in Lin's activities, Tina had caught me off guard. I hadn't taken a breath.

"Put your tongue in me, Jim, and maybe I'll let you take a breath. I know I surprised you", Tina said. I pushed my tongue out into her pussy, hoping she would oblige quickly. Again, She clamped her nylon-clad legs against my head and pressed down. "Ooooo, yes! More, Jim" she moaned. She was so tight on my face that my tongue went deep between the lips of her pussy, and I probed around, but the only real thing on my mind was still getting a breath. "Ohhhhh, yes!", she moaned again. Moving her hips from side to side. She was getting wetter. "Get ready, Jim", she said. "I'm going to give you a short breath!". She pulled herself off of my face and slid up onto my chest. I gasped again, naturally taking a deep breath, planning to take more, but she pushed herself back down on my face.

"That's all!" she quipped. I noticed now that I was hard as a rock. Somehow, I think Tina knew, too. "Head treatment!" Tina called out. I had no idea what that meant, but I was about to find out. I felt Lin take my cock in her hand and start nibbling gently at the head of my cock with her teeth, scraping it. At the same time, she was rubbing the underside of my cock with a wet finger, keeping me hard. Quickly, I became sensitive, and then I had more than that to worry about. Tina leaned forward, her stomach against my forehead, her pussy slid downward so her clit was against my mouth. "Eat my pussy, Jim. Make me cum. I'm not going to get up until I cum. You got your breath." I'd honestly hoped she was kidding.

I started licking her pussy, moving up and down. I could only get two inches or so down from her clit, because I couldn't move my head or lower my jaw any more. Even though Lin's teeth were nibbling slowly and gently at the head of my cock, I was still jumping from the sensitivity. Lin noticed, because I heard her giggle. "Yesssss." Tina hissed. "Make him happy again, Lin" Lin immediately bobbed down on my cock. Her warm tongue back on the underside of my cock felt so good now that I moaned against Tina's pussy. Lin tongued the head of my cock as I licked at Tina's pussy as hard as I could. But I knew it was no use. I wasn't going to make her cum before I'd suffocate. I worked feverishly at her pussy. She was gasping and moving against my face, but I couldn't hold my breath much longer. As the panic set in again, I had an idea.

I took Tina's clit in my mouth and sucked and licked at it like a wild animal. At first she twitched, then she drew back quickly off of my face. "Easy, Jim, easy!" she said. When she saw I had started grabbing air as soon as she jumped back, it didn't take long before she slid down on my face. "Bad boy, Jim!" she said. "Head treatment!" Lin started nibbling on the head of my cock again. This time it was even more sensitive. Tina, now back on my face as she was before, said, "Don't do that again, Jim. Lin is being nice. If I tell her to be meaner, it will feel like she going to chew the head of your cock off! Suck my pussy right, Jim." I had a couple of breaths, so I was able to continue on her pussy and I realized she probably wasn't bluffing.

I worked my tongue around Tina's clit and plunged under it, as far as I could into her pussy. The head of my cock was throbbing against the scraping of Lin's teeth. Tina had started panting and was moving hard against my face. Occasionally, in her passion, she drew back enough for me to get some air. For my own sake, I was glad she had. The phone rang again, but obviously, no one was paying attention. As Tina started shaking, her position changed. She was going to cum and she wanted to be all the way down on my face against my mouth. She grabbed my hair again and bucked wildly against my face.

I continued on her pussy and in circles around her clit. She gasped hard, stopped moving and leaned forward, sealing my mouth with her pussy and crotch. As my tongue circled her, she twitched and came. Her cum gushed onto my nose, into my mouth and onto my cheeks and neck. I was helpless as she pushed harder against my mouth. My stomach was cramped from twitching against Lin's teeth. With cum in my nostrils and mouth and Tina's weight sealing everything up I was struggling for air again. I heard the answering machine click and Tina lifted from my face onto my chest ever so slowly, panting. Lin let go of my cock.

"Jim! I'm sorry! The tow-truck hasn't shown up yet. Don't worry, I'll only wait 10 more minutes, then I'll call a cab. I really don't want to leave the car out here if I can help it. Please don't be mad, Jimmy! Kiss, Kiss!" I was breathing heavily, half-choking. Tina laughed between panting. "Kiss, Kiss, Jimmy!" she said, mocking Carol. "Little does she know, huh, Jimmy", she said sarcastically. Between breaths, I whispered weakly, "Please let me go." "But Carol will be home in 15, 20 maybe even 30 minutes, and you'll have all night!" Tina said. "But now, it's time to honor my part of the bargain." She was still breathing heavily herself. She got up from my chest and walked a couple of steps to the head of the table. She put her fingers under the edge of the blindfold by my cheeks and lifted it off.

Even though the lights were dim, they were directed at the table and it took my eyes a moment to adjust. Tina was standing there with the blindfold in her hands in front of her. She was not a small girl as I had suspected, but she wasn't that big, either. Judging from where she stood, I would say she was about 5 and a half feet tall. She had long legs and was very well put together. I could hardly see her face yet, because one of the only two lights in the room was behind her head. Since I couldn't move my head, Lin was out of my range of vision. Tina walked up closer to the head of the table where she hooked the blindfold on a part of the head section. I saw her face now. She was extremely attractive, more so than her mother. She was wearing pantyhose with a wide opening in the crotch for her pussy. She had black leather boots up to her knees. She also had a black leather bra that securely held her obviously large breasts. Her hair was thick fiery red, wavy and just past her shoulders. "Come and introduce yourself to Jimmy again, Lin". Her voice was still sarcastic as she said my name.

Lin came up on the other side of the table where I could see her. Lin was oriental. That was apparently why I had recognized something different about her speech earlier. She looked to be slightly smaller than Tina, probably by a couple of inches. She was slimmer all around, too. I was right about her hair. It was long, straight and silky black, just reaching past the middle of her back She had beautiful eyes. She was apparently nervous about my seeing her, as her glance moved from me to the floor in front of her. She was wearing black nylons with a garter belt. She had put her panties back on, but she wasn't wearing a bra. She was obviously conscious of this, because she had her arms crossed over her breasts. Tina walked around behind Lin. She reached around Lin, took her hands and opened up her arms.

"Do you like Lin? Don't you think she's beautiful?" Tina asked. I looked up at the ceiling. I wasn't going to answer but remembered my position. "Yes, she's beautiful." I replied. "What's wrong, Jimmy? Don't you think I should embarrass her like that? You haven't seen anything. You should have seen why we came here. It would have been Lin sucking my pussy. She loves to obey me. She loves me to torment and tease her." Tina came to the head of the table. "Watch... Since it seems we still have time, Lin, make Jimmy hard again." "Yes, mistress" Lin said. And she disappeared to the foot of the table. Tina reached down and unstrapped my head and chin. My neck was stiff from straining against the strap. Tina put something under my head so I could see Lin as she knelt between my legs.

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