Letters to Collette
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Incest, Mother, Daughter, MaleDom, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sexual adventures related in a series of letters

Dear Collette,

Since you have inquired, I will tell you of an adventure with a very lusty lady. After becoming divorced, I began working out and lost quite a bit of weight. At 40 years old, I looked and felt much younger (except for my prematurely gray hair). My waist was trim and my muscles well-defined. I had regained much of my old athletic vigor. Quite naturally, I dated a number of ladies over the years of my bachelorhood. One of these was a lovely, dark-haired beauty named Carla. Carla had big brown eyes and a really pleasing body. She was not tall, but she was well-formed. Her body was lush with large, firm tits and a nice, full, firm ass. She did carry a little extra weight, but she was not soft anywhere. And she loved sex.

When I first dated her, we saw each other a few times over several months, but never really hit it off. I later found out that she was embroiled in a love affair with a married man that ended badly.

A couple of years later, I ran into her in a local tavern and she suggested that I come to her place. I did and we had lots of fun, fucking and sucking all over each other all night long.

An interesting encounter occurred several weeks later, perhaps the fourth or fifth time that we got together. Carla loved to drink dry white wine and get a little tipsy before sex. So, that particular afternoon, we went swimming in the pool at her apartment complex and drank a few glasses of wine. She had a light tan which was quite attractive and wore a relatively small two piece suit (not quite a bikini) which showed off her voluptuous figure. As we relaxed around the pool, I began to feel a little glow. Some of the men around the pool were clearly admiring Carla's exposed flesh and she was enjoying this. She was "careless" about sitting with her legs spread and bending over so that the fullness of her tits could be easily seen. After 45 minutes or so, at Carla's suggestion, I went into her apartment and took a shower, poured myself a glass of chardonnay and waited on the overstuffed chair next to her bed. The bedroom was lighted by candles, lots of candles. I was surprised at the quantity of soft, pleasing light that they emitted. I sat back and relaxed. A short while later, Carla emerged from the shower.

We began making love in the usual manner. She approached me naked, the candlelight playing on her tits and thighs. She kissed me softly, her tongue slithering between my lips and her body stretching out against mine. She knelt on the floor in front of the chair and began stroking my cock, watching carefully as it became engorged. Carla was a person who enjoyed the visual aspect of sex. She loved to look at my cock, balls (and other parts of my body, as we will see later). The wall next to the chair was covered with mirrors, so she could see the action in the mirror as well as directly. As my cock reached its full height, she took it in her mouth, something which she truly seemed to enjoy. Her skills were excellent. Her saliva coated my cock in no time as her lips and tongue slid over the surface. She watched herself sucking my cock in the mirror on the wall. She could see my gleaming prick slide in and out of her mouth, her hand masturbating me in coordination. Heavenly. After a short time, she pulled me into the bed with her and I began to lick her large nipples while laying partially over her body. Holding her tits in my hand, I ran my tongue over the nipple and then bit down softly at first, then with just enough force to cause the slightest pain and held this briefly. Her body responded and she groaned. She asked me to bite a little harder, enough to hurt, and to put my finger in her pussy. I did as she asked, being careful not to inflict too much pain on her right nipple, then her left, all the time slowly moving my index finger into and through the slippery gate between her thighs. She put her mouth to my ear and asked if I would do something that she had been wanting to do the last several times that we had been together. When I asked what, she said that it would have to be a surprise, and I would have to follow her instructions, but she guaranteed that I would cum and that she "wanted to see the cum shoot out of the end of my dick". She did say that I must do what she told me to do. Intrigued, I agreed.

She told me to get up on my elbows and knees on the bed facing the wall away from the mirrors. After I did this, she got behind me and started stroking my balls and cock which were hanging between my legs. I then felt her spread my cheeks and begin to lick my asshole. She ran her tongue between the crack and licked all around the rim. She put her lips all over the rim of my ass and got it wet with saliva. This went on for some time while chills ran through my body, but this was only the beginning. As she withdrew, she spit on my asshole and rubbed it all around with her fingers. She told me to hold that position.

The next sensation that I felt was her finger smearing some sort of cream or lubricant over my puckered anus and then delving slightly into the hole. As it became better lubricated, she eased her middle finger into my asshole slowly, stretching it gradually. She then removed the one finger and slowly inserted her middle and index fingers. She had lubricated my asshole well, so the fingers slid in easily and she worked them around expertly, while stroking my cock with her other hand. She pushed her fingers down and put pressure on my prostate. I thought that I would go wild!!! After a while, she got three fingers in and was finger fucking my asshole with all three vigorously. This got to be almost unbearable. There was pain, but ecstasy. I almost shot off several times. She then asked me if I would reach around and put my finger up my ass so that she could see me do this. I complied with her wishes, first putting in one finger, then two. But it felt nothing like when she did it.

She then took her fingers out of my ass and reached under the bed. Her beautiful tits were soaking with sweat. I could see that she was as excited as I was. She pulled out a black butt plug and quickly coated it with lubricant and told me to hold my position. It looked to be a mid sized butt plug no more than 1 _ to 1 _ inches in diameter. She slowly eased this into my asshole. Although I could not see her face, I knew that she was watching this plastic prick go up my ass. She said "I love watching your cock and balls hanging between your legs like this and seeing this butt plug slide up your ass; I love watching this, it gets me so excited." I could see her hand sliding between her pussy lips as she masturbated vigorously. She had been massaging her clitoris and finger fucking herself as this was going on. She then picked up a massage type vibrator and thrust it near her clit. She went off almost immediately - and her orgasm could be described as long and almost violent. She came and came and then could not continue standing and fell onto the bed next to me, immobile. I pulled the butt plug out of my ass and sank to a prone position, still excited. I turned over and lay next to her on my back and began masturbating. She reached out and took over what I had begun. Carla told me to replace the butt plug in my ass and she would make me cum powerfully. So, I put one knee up and slowly eased the butt plug into my ass. She then ran her tongue over my cock and began sucking and slurping vigorously. She pulled the butt plug out and put her fingers back in, found my prostate and began manipulating. Great globs of cum began erupting deep inside me. She removed her mouth and continued masturbating me, watching as a virtual river of cum literally shot out of the end of my cock spraying my belly. This seemed as if it lasted forever. Incredible. I will never forget the feeling of being drained of a huge amount of fluid through my cock. Carla told me later that night that she got extremely excited looking at me in that position, seeing my balls dangling between my legs and watching her fingers, my fingers and the butt plug go in and out of my ass.

We continued loving through the night, but as you can imagine with less energy. I had a number of exciting encounters with this lady and more stories will follow if you found this one interesting.

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