Cutters Creek
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Humor, Incest, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, Pregnancy,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The State Secretary of education investigates all those pregnant schoolgirls in Cutter's Creek.

Some of yawl may have been followin' the goings on over in Fertile Valley. I hope so. M' good buddy, Jimmy Davis, has been tryin' to keep yawl up to date about all those BIG bellies bein' made over there. But that's not the only place where strange things are happenin'. I was talkin' to Jimmy the other day, and even he had not heard about Cutters Creek, 'bout five miles up the mountain from Fertile Valley. So I thought *I*'d better tell yawl about that.

"I say that we've got to do something. The ignorant savages and their unchecked breeding is costing the state millions," Cindy had just exclaimed. "If we don't, soon we'll be as bad off as the folks up in Fertile Valley."

"You don't know what you're talking about, you silly twit," Alexi replied.

The friction that was developing between Cindy and Alexi did neither of them any good. Why couldn't the two women see that it was circumstances, not the other's fault. They had a problem and needed to work together. Both women had been under a lot of strain recently.

Cindy Morrow had just taken over as the new head of the welfare department when she started to see happen here in Cutter's Creek what she had heard about over in Fertile valley. A population explosion! Not just young wives -- thought Cindy guessed there wasn't a married woman under forty that wasn't expecting -- but teenage girls, most of the few single professional women in town, and many older women, soon over sixty were starting to show big bellies.

Alexi Carpenter had been sent to Cutters Creek by the state Health Department to set up a clinic on an emergency basis. She could not understand what was happening. It wasn't just the sudden change in the little community's demographics -- that girls who were "way" too young and matrons who were "way" too old were having babies for the first time or for the first time in many years. The change in the women themselves was equally amazing. Alexi remembered a typical case of not long ago. A young woman had come to her with her daughter, begging for contraceptives, "the strongest you've got," to protect her from an unwanted pregnancy. Nevertheless, a few weeks later when both mother and daughters appeared at Alexi's clinic, their bellies already starting to show, they were blissfully happy with the babies. Well, she had thought it strange then.

"I don't dispute your arithmetic, Ms Wilson," Alexi said, her voice dripping with irony. "You hand out the welfare checks. They may be breeding like minxes, but ignorant they are not. They were smart enough to get to me, or hadn't you noticed," she smirked casting her eyes down at the noticeable little bulge in her own belly. "You'll mind your own business, if you know what's good for you or you'll wind up looking like this," she warned.

"Oh!" said Cindy somewhat embarrassed by Alexi's open mention of sex. For a social worker, Cindy was surprisingly uptight. "I thought that you and your fiance just, er, got a little head start on the wedding plans during your last visit back to the city."

"In his dreams! Ralph has been wanting to get me knocked up for two years so I'd marry him, but I was 'too smart, '" she laughed ironically at herself. "I was a career girl. No man was going to get me pregnant and turn me into his little housewife! No, the visit was to inform my EX-fianc' of my 'condition.'"

"You don't mean it? The bastard dumped you just because of that? I'm so sorry," Cindy commiserated.

"Hell no!" Alexi scoffed. "Oh, Ralph was a little upset at first that someone else beat him to the punch, but I knew once I got him on his back and his prick stuffed up in my hot little box, I could reconcile him to my little eight pound mistake. But after that first night, I realized I could never marry him. I fucked him as hard as I could, but nothing happened. I had forgotten what an inadequate prick he has, barely seven inches. And he could only come for me three times, four if you count the farewell ride the next morning. After what I had gotten used to here, I knew it would be unfair to both of us to go on. He begged and cried, but I told him it was better this way. Otherwise he would end up like those men on the Dark Wanderer site, constantly watching his horny wife get fucked and bearing children of better endowed men."

"'After what you were used to?' I don't understand." Cindy asked, puzzled. "You mean some man here in Cutter's Creek made you pregnant?"

"Did I say it was a man?" Alexi laughed. "Oh well, I guess you should know just what happened to me - to know what you're up against."

"I had only been in town a few months when Zeb showed up in my clinic on Friday afternoon when my Rosa had already gone home to nurse her triplets."

"Zeb? Zebulin Deeks?" exclaimed Cindy. "Why we suspect him of being responsible for knocking up six of the girls in Cutter Creek Jr. High and one of the teachers!"

"Probably true," Alexi nodded. "In fact that was the 'problem he ostensibly came to discuss with me. I know now that it was all set up, but at the time I didn't think anything of it. Don't interrupt, and let me tell you how it happened."

"Just what kind of a problem do you mean?" I asked.

"I don't know what's wrong with me, Miz Carpenter. It seems like every time I'm around some purdy girl, I gits her preggers. Sometimes it's just one, but usually I puts two or three young'ens in her."

"Well, that's what having unprotected sex will go to a girl." I laughed. "But 'every time?' That is rather unusual. Women can only get pregnant on a few days during each month."

"I know that Miz Carpenter. It's like I can tell when they's ready, you know, smell it or somthin'. I just. my gosh. Miz Carpenter, you's got that smell."

I could have been offended, but I knew he wasn't talking about body odor. Apparently the boy could detect the subtle pheromones that women emit when they are fertile. I guess I should have been worried that he had 'sniffed me out.' For amazingly, he was right; I probably *was* ovulating that day. Since I moved to Cutters Creek I had noticed that my contraceptive pills did not seem to be working. I took them on the 28 day cycle as I had been taught, but after the first month here, my periods started to come and go on their own quick-time schedule. I was about two weeks into this one. I am enough of a nurse to recognize the change in pussy mucus that signals "egg-on-the-way." That morning I had noticed I was stickier than usual and, looking at this overgrown boy grinning in front of me, I realized I was hornier than usual, as well.

"And what happens when you detect a woman in this state," I asked, trying to maintain my professional air.

"Well." he grinned. Gosh, his bashfulness was making me want to give him a big hug!

"I starts thinkin' about how purdy they'd look with a big belly sticking out of their tight pants. You'd shor be purdy that way, Miz Carpenter."

"Well, I do want to have children, someday, Zeb, but back to your 'problem, '" I said, trying to ignore the wetness I felt growing between my legs. "What happens next?"

"Somethin' I cain't help, Miz Carpenter - my old thang starts getting big and hard."

I gasped as my gaze fell into his lap. Clearly evident between his legs under his loose shorts was the biggest bulge I had ever seen. I like men with big cocks and my boyfriends have never been pikers, but this was a phenomenon. I was transfixed.

"Gosh, Miz Carpenter, you're lookin' at it the same as Amy Lou Stricklin did when I pregged her. Her eyes was as big as yours. And she started pantin' when she see'd my thang git big."

"'Do. do you. do anything when this happens?" I forced my self to ask, trying to gain control over my breathing.

"Not really, I just tells'er how purdy her titties are, all hard and round and how cute her nipples are poking out through her blouse. Cuz when they sees my thang, their titties get real hard, just like yours are, Miz Carpenter. When I sees a big purdy set 'o titties round and hard, I jus wants to reach out an' give 'em a tweak."

What I feared and what I wanted. Putting work to his words, he stood up and came over up to me. For a minute he just looked down at my boobs that seemed to be getting bigger and harder by the second. Then he reached down and unbuttoned my blouse and popped my tits out of the bra. He did more than tweak; he began feeling me up like a pro. "You like this, don't you Miz Carpenter. All the girls do."

"'Zeb, please, stop. You're making me so wet."

"'Yup, all the girls gets wet between the legs when I feel up their titties, but they like it and don't make me stop. You don't want me to stop playing with your big ole boobies, do you, Miz Carpenter?' I was afraid of what was happening, but I shook my head, no."

"Lemme see just how wet you are Miz Carpenter." I could only moan. If he was asking permission to run his had up my dress, push aside my panties and start fingering my pussy, he didn't need it. The boy had me so horny, I would have let him do anything.

"You're a lot wetter that Amy Lou was, Miz Carpenter and she was really leakin'. You're really messin' up your dress. Is it because you hasn't gotten fucked in a while?

I nodded helplessly.

"I'm sorry Miz Carpenter, but when I sees a woman as hot as you and needin' a good fuckin' as bad as you, I've just got to get out my thang."

I had closed my eyes as he played with my pussy but opened them enough to see him drop his shorts and display a cock longer and thicker than I have ever dreamed of. "Oh, Zeb!" I exclaimed."

"You're gonna have to take your skirt off for me to git this in you, Miz Carpenter, ' he said matter-of- factly There was no question about what I was going to do. I wanted to 'git' his cock in me and I would do anything for it. I shucked my dress in a flash.

"You look real sexy in them panties, but you'd better take 'em off."

The panties joined my skirt on the floor.

"You got a good place for me to fuck you?" he asked."

"The examination table, Zeb. You can fuck me on the examination table!" I cried and pulled him into the next room."

"That's good," he said as he lay me back on the table and pulled my knees up to spread my legs. 'Jus' the right height, ' he observed and eased his cock into me. I should tell you that it was too big, that it hurt, but that would be a lie. I was so horny, that monster cock slid right in with no trouble at all. Then he took me by the hips and began to fuck the shit out of me.

"You're a lot looser that Amy Lou, Miz Carpenter. I guess that's because you's a growed-up woman," he remarked after a few minutes of hard pounding. "Prob'bly easier to knock you up, too, huh?"

I was just coming down from my second or third orgasm, but I heard a request for my professional opinion. "Yeah, I'll be a lot easier to get pregnant than a little girl, ' I confirmed."

"I guess you're happy about that aren't you, Miz Carpenter? You want me to fuck you and come in you and to make you pregnant?"

"Oh, yes, Zeb, please!" I heard myself say.

"You want me to put a whole bunch of babyjuice in your pussy so you can get a big tummy?"

"'Yes, Zeb, honey! Just fuck me. I want a baby, I want YOUR baby. Come in me! Come in MEEEEEEE!" I screamed as I felt about a gallon of hot boyspunk flood my fertile pussy and set off the biggest orgasm of my life. I passed out."

"Ohmygod! That's terrible. Almost rape," Trudy exclaimed sympathetically, but perhaps a little turned on, too, and happy it hadn't been she. "Poor thing, getting pregnant from one quick fuck. How unlucky."

"There was noting quick about it and who said anything about just one?" Alexi sniffed. "When I came to Zeb was fumbling to get some pillows under my ass.

"Mamma says I should get a girl's ass up in the air to help the baby juice stay in her pussy where it will do the most good." I lifted my butt cooperatively. Who was I to make a boy to disobey his mamma? "She says that getting a girl off a few time after she's been fucked helps, too. It's going to be a little while before I can fuck you again, but I can eat you, if you'd like. Mamma has teached me good, cuz now that she's so big, I can hardly get it in her deep enough to 'make her happy.'"

The boy might be uneducated, but he was surely polite and well bred. He looked at me funny when I giggled, reflecting that it was I who was being well bred. I didn't explain. Time he found out that women are mysterious creatures. Fortunately he took my giggles as consent and promptly stuffed his face in my muff.

Oh mamma! Or somebody had taught the boy how to eat a pussy. He immediately fell into a delightful rhythm of long slow licks of my sensitive labia punctuated by unpredictable little attacks on my clit. The urge to come was almost overpowering, but he wouldn't quite push me over the edge. "Zeb, baby, please! Make me come, honey. Let me come." I felt rather than saw him grin before he finally latched onto my clit and draw it between his lips to flick it with his tongue! All the fireworks of the Fourth of July exploded in my pussy and the shockwave rolled up my spine and out to the tips of my fingers. When it reached my eyelids, I went out like a light."

I was awakened by Zeb sliding his re-engorged cock into my cunt again, but I didn't retain consciousness too long. "Mamma says its best to put in two good loads at the first, OK?' I gave him a silly little grin. I was going to have to meet this mamma some time, I reflected just as Zeb put a stop to all higher brain functions by filling me with enough sperm to float a small freighter.

"I'm kind of hungry, Miz Carpenter. You got any food back at your trailer?" was the next thing I heard when I woke up.

"My 'trailer!" Isn't that precious? It was dark, so no one saw a partly dressed and obviously just-fucked State Health Department nurse of 35 leading a grinning boy of twelve from the clinic. I pushed him into the driver's side of my car. In my condition, I'd smile at a tree and expect it to move out of the way. I knew letting a twelve year old drive was illegal, but so too, was letting a twelve year old fuck your brains out.

I got him back to the efficiency I rent in those new apartments on the edge of town ASAP. I was hot to get this little fucker's donkey dick in me again, but I wasn't keen on everybody knowing it. Not being a domestic type, there wasn't much in the apartment to refuel him with. "High energy, High protein" claimed the label of my breakfast drink. That should do the trick.

Zeb had just given me two, thousand-calorie fucks I reckoned and he needed the energy. And he had also lost quite a bit of protein, a lot of which was even then soaking into the upholstery of my car where it had leaked out of me on the ride over. (I never have been able to get that stain out, Dammit!) And I could use the energy too. I've never seen it on an exercise chart, but I figure that with the spasming of my pussy, the bucking of my hips, the flailing of my arms, and the tossing of my head from side to side, an orgasm must be worth at least three flights of stairs. If so, I had been on a Stairmaster for three hours.

We chug-a-lugged two cans each and I led Zeb by the hand to my bed to teach the boy some of the fine points of foreplay. He didn't disappoint. If I had a complaint, it was that he revived too soon and had me roaring to go before I got properly eaten again. I don't guess you need more play by play action. Zeb kept me on my back and full of his fuck all weekend. I hated for Monday morning to come around, but he promised to be at the clinic that afternoon so he could "make me happy" again that night.

He kept him promise and came again on Tuesday night, too, but not after that. I guess he figured I was either knocked up or I couldn't be for another month. I was disappointed, but I understood. He had a number of women to service and I couldn't expect him to spend all his time with me. As it turned out, he didn't need to return. Three weeks later I bought a home pregnancy test kit and got the news. Alexi Carpenter, professional nurse, had been seduced and knocked up during that wild weekend fling a boy more than twenty years younger than I.

"I can't believe you let him do that," said Cindy with a snort.

"I was in some kind of rut. I knew he was going to make me pregnant and I wanted him to. So you know why I say keep away from them, or your little smarty pants may be getting at tight as mine are" Alexi retorted.

"If you hadn't already been such a cockhound, maybe it wouldn't have happened. I'd never let a twelve year old BOY fuck me!"

"I'll bet you've never gotten laid at all. You'll sing a different tune if you even get that precious little pussy of yours filled with a twelve inch dick!"

"Never!" Cindy replied with a smirk.

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