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Part 1: The Board Game

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Desc: Sex Story: Part 1: The Board Game - My adventures with my wife and other men.

I think it started when we were playing a board game with another couple. Paul's wife put one token on another like they were going at it doggie style and made a joke about the tokens having sex. A few things Paul had said in the passed seemed clear now, they were swingers. Sue and I had never discussed anything like that until that night. I told her I thought it was no accident about the tokens and related the things Paul had said. We were soon to leave, as I was in the process of being transferred to a new city by my company, and we never saw that couple again. When I asked Sue about swinging, she said no she wouldn't want to do that. I dropped it and was busy at my new position with the company. I did start suggesting to Sue she dress in shorter skirts and helped her pick out a few things that showed off her very nice figure. Sue is 5'4, 115lbs. 34B, with a nice waist and curvy hips. When ever we go somewhere men notice her cute face then her nice ass.

She enjoyed the increased attention she was getting when wearing more daring outfits and always acted quite innocent. She started buying and wearing lacey V-cut underwear and often going without a bra. We soon became good friends with the couple next to our apartment and this turned out to be very significant. One day the neighbor, Glenness confided in Sue that she and Jim had, on occasion, had threesomes.

She told Sue "How wonderful, her words, it was to have two men at once."

Both Sue and I knew Glenness was breaking the ice and trying to see if there was any possibility we were interested. Jim followed suit the next day and told me how much they had enjoyed swinging and about a couple of their experiences, he wanted to know if I was interested. Well Glenness is about 5'6", brunette, 35C, trim and quite nice looking and yes, I was interested. Sue expressed some concerns but I could tell she was very interested. Jim is a big handsome man and was always flirting and flattering her. Jim suggested we have dinner and just fool around a little, go slow and see how it went.

Sue and I were both a bit nervous the day of the dinner and had talked quite a bit about how far we were willing to go. We must have been babes in woods at this point, but unknown to us, we were in pretty good hands.

After dinner and some wine Glenness suggested she and Sue do a little modeling for Jim and me. When the girls came downstairs my eyes bugged out, Sue was dressed up in a pretty sexy outfit, showing almost everything. Glenness moved to the couch sitting next to me and wasted no time in kissing me and feeling my crotch.

Time just vanished for awhile and when I looked over to see what Jim and Sue were doing I was mesmerized, there was my sweet wife stroking Jim's very large cock. He had several fingers in her pussy and was expertly massaging her clit. Sue's eyes were glazed over and she had her legs spread apart to give him access. Sue had always been able to cum easily and I just stared as she had a orgasm and moaned.

As I went to feel Glenness, she stopped me and told me she was in her period but wanted to give me a blowjob. As Glenness slid down my legs in front of me I watched as Jim gently lifted Sue to his lap and set her down on his cock. Sue's eyes were just half open looking at me in a daze as Jim penetrated her sopping wet pussy. She sank all the way down to his lap, sitting sideways to him and facing me. Sue was looking down as she parted her legs a little to see Jim's cock in her. Slowly Jim started to move in her, keeping her in his lap and moving his hips up and down, and sometimes from side to side. Jim sucked and fondled her tits, sometimes pinching her nipples.

My wife was lost in sensual excess, telling him "It feels so good."

Sue had already cum a couple of times when Glenness moved over to her and started to gently play with her clit. Sue spread her legs farther apart to give Glenness access. It was almost too much for me, as she spread her legs I could see Jim's glistening cock grinding and making short circular motions between her widely stretched pussy lips. She then started cumming again with the deepest groans and grunts I had ever heard from her. Jim must have really liked this because he started cumming also, he held her there with her legs spread apart and I watched as his cock twitched and jerked and pumped his cum into her. They were still for some time and Sue laid her head back on Jim's shoulder catching her breath. I was fascinated by the sight of Sue with her legs spread apart, her bush was all wet and matted with cum and pussy juice and her lips still gripping his cock.

Jim Looked up at me with a big "I told you so smile."

Glenness told Jim "you did her good honey."

With Sue still sitting on the couch we said our good byes, I couldn't wait to talk to Sue and get some of her myself. Sue was saying how much she enjoyed it and hoped I wouldn't be mad. I just wanted to get into her myself. She laid back on the couch and pulled her knees up and spread her legs far apart. Her pussy was red and open, with Jim's cum leaking out of her. I got between her legs and placed my dick at the opening of this freshly fucked pussy oozing cum. As my dick slipped in she felt like hot wet slippery velvet. Her pussy was loose and I could feel a pool of cum deep inside of her.

My first thought was "so this is sloppy seconds."

As I slid in and out of her I could feel her cervix with my cock, I could move all around it, she had been thoroughly fucked with Jim's big dick. With this thought I came hard and pumped my load into her. Upon withdrawing my dick from Sue, I could see a large pool of cum deep inside her open pussy. Sue had cum so many times she hardly moved until I suggested we go to bed.

On the way upstairs I asked Sue, "Did you like it?"

All she said was "Oh god yes."

Only later would I find out just how much she had enjoyed it.

This was our first experience, but there are many more.

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