Suzy's Honeymoon
Day 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Slut Wife, Humiliation, Interracial, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Day 1 - The first day of her honeymoon she is taken away from her husband and.....

Suzy waved good bye to Brad as he was escorted one way while she was led into a different room. It had all became so confused after they had arrived in Turkey for their honeymoon vacation. They had searched their luggage upon arrival and had found her tear gas. She was embarrassed but expected them to simply confiscate it. Instead, Brad and her were handcuffed and stuffed in a jail cell over night. Their trial had been swift and without diplomacy. The ominous looking judge had ordered her and Brad deported and fined all the money they had brought.

Suzy found herself thrust into a holding cell with at least fifty other women, all of which were Turkish and wearing traditional Turkish clothing. Suzy felt wildly out of place with her shoulder length blond hair and her shorts. All other women were in traditional robes with long flowing black hair. They ranged in age from children to some very old women. Suzy whom had just turned nineteen felt overwhelmed by the older women standing around the wall giving her strange looks.

She sat in the holding cell for almost two hours without any words from the other women. She didn't speak Turkish anyhow, but she expected some polite nods or waves. The iron door swung open and three men entered the cell. One short man dressed in a suit followed by two hulking men dressed in khaki fatigues. They walked through the crowd of women apparently inspecting them. Suzy looked at the short man indifferently as he stepped up to her and gave her a long look up and down. She was about to protest his glaring when he spoke to her in English.

"European I presume?" He said raising an eyebrow to her.

"American, My husband and I are being." Suzy explained until she was shushed off by the man.

"It is no matter. You are being transferred to my prison camp until your plane flight back to Paris." He said quickly and waved his large friends forward. Suzy was shocked and confused but knew better then to resist the authorities in Turkey. The larger of the two men attached iron handcuffs to her wrists and attached them to a iron collar around her neck. Suzy was trembling in fear as they led her through the crowd and out of the cell. On their way through the maze of corridors Suzy was led past a crowded cell of which she noticed her new husband Brad.

"Brad!" Suzy shouted as she pulled out of the grip of the guard leading her down the hall. She stepped up the bars separating her from her husband and she put her face up to his chest.

"Suzy! Where are they taking you, we are being sent back to Paris in two days."

"They told me a week? There taking me to a prison camp until then. Hey stop! This is my husband!" The short man in the suit stepped up the bars and stopped the guard from pulling Suzy back down the hall. He looked at Brad, the stocky stern looking American standing behind the bars and smiled.

"Ah. Mr. Davis. I am pleased to meet you. We will be holding your wife an extra week while we run through the paperwork. She will be back at your side by next Tuesday." The man said in a English accent. He waved to his guard to continue.

"NO! Please don't separate us! This is our honeymoon! Let us stay together and leave on the same plane!" Brad shouted down the hall. He was reaching vainly through the bars when the three men and his wife stopped walking away. The short man in the suit turned and came back.

"Are you telling me that you have not consummated your marriage yet?"

"This is our honeymoon, please don't separate us. I will wait and go back when she goes," Brad begged near tears.

"Well then, I have thought it over and have decided that it would be a terribly thing to separate two young lovers prior to their consummation. I will have you sent to my prison camp later this day. You can be with your wife for the consummation of the marriage." The man turned and walked away. Brad held the bars tensely as he watched his wife disappear around the corner with the three men.

Suzy was placed in the back of a van alone and driven for three hours to the prison camp. When the doors opened she was surprised the prison camp was a nicely landscaped estate with high walls surrounding it. Suzy was led along side the house and taken into a building off the back of the large mansion. She was shown into a large room with bright lights and a bed she had only seen in her gynecologist office. The two men hefted her onto the table and chained her wrist to a steel bar running along side the table. One of the men took her other arm and pulled it under his armpit and held her wrist turned upward. She wondered what kind of procedure this was and then she saw the short man appear beside him with a syringe. She started to complain then she felt the stick of the needle in her arm. The syringe emptied into her vain and was replaced by yet another syringe. She gritted her teeth as it pierced her skin an inch for the first injection. The liquid flowed into her veins just like the first syringe. The large man released Suzy and she fell back on the table feeling dizzy and sick. The large man picked up a bucket and lifted it up to the table as he watched Suzy's expression turn to nausea. As though on Cue. Suzy rolled her face over the side of the table and the man held up the bucket for her to vomit into. Suzy felt her head spinning and her stomach wrenching at the same time. When she had emptied her stomach into the bucket the man wiped her face with a rag and laid her on her back on the table. Suzy stared at the ceiling waiting for the awful feeling of nausea and weakness to fade.

"Ohhh my head!" Suzy groaned as she opened her eyes after the short nap. She guessed she had closed her eyes thirty seconds but when she looked around the men were gone except for the short man in the suit who was sitting on a stool beside the door. As she tried to roll over she was surprised to find her ankles strapped to the extensions on the exam table and there was a collar around her neck positioning her head firmly in the center of the padded mattress. "Where are my clothes?" Suzy groaned in surprise as she looked down at her white skin fully exposed to the man save the panties she wore. Her breasts were visible to anyone who might walk into the room! She wiggled around on the table attempting to get free with no success. The man sitting on the stool was ignoring her completely. She heard the door click and she turned her eyes that way.

"Hello, Freu Slutette Suzy." The large woman in the white gown said.

Suzy had trouble with her heavy German accent but she had thought the woman had said something about her being a slut? Suzy looked at her nervously as she approached her examining table and removed a rubber glove from a pile and placed it on her large hand. Suzy stared at the bulk of the woman in wonderment. She must have tipped the scales at well over 200 pounds. Suzy barely reached a hundred herself and she couldn't imagine ever getting that big even when she was as old as this woman. The woman was easily into her golden years as her gray hair and wrinkled flaps of skin betrayed.

"My name is Helga and I will be examining you today." The woman rasped hoarsely as she stood between Suzy's spread knees and pulled up the thin material of her panties up and away from her crotch. Suzy blushed as the woman began handling her crotch area like it was nothing to her. Suzy stared at the woman as she pulled apart her labia and ran her fingers up and down the lips. Suzy had never received this treatment with her gynecologist before. Then with one hand holding her panties up from her crotch, the woman pushed her other hand over to a tub of something and pushed her finger into it.

Suzy took a deep breath when her finger emerged from the tub glistening with Vaseline. The woman brought the finger down to her private region and she felt the greasy digit smear against her virgin opening. The woman pressed her fat finger into her vagina quickly and prodded her hymen. Suzy grunted each time hoping the woman would not damage her wedding night gift to her husband. The woman smiled and withdrew her finger. Tracing up Suzy's labia again she noticed her stop at the top where her clitoris was and start messaging her nub vigorously. Suzy had masturbated once or twice before and had regarded that spot as very private to her, never had her gynecologist ever touched that area before

"What are you doing?" Suzy groaned wearily as she felt her heart beating faster and faster. She couldn't believe that the smooth massaging the woman was giving her was making her this excited.

"Never you mind girl. You just lay back and relax." The woman grumbled at her while she continued rubbing her nub. Suzy knew her clitoris was hard under the woman's finger and she felt so mbarrassed.

The woman finally stopped and came up beside Suzy she took her wrist and for a moment took her pulse. When she finished taking her pulse she left the table Suzy was strapped to and returned with a cylinder shaped device with straps on it. Suzy watched with growing embarrassment as she returned to the spot between her legs and pulled up the crotch of her panties and placed the plastic cylinder on her crotch. Suzy felt her reach behind her back and pull the elastic strap behind her hips and around her crotch. The woman pulled the elastic tighter and Suzy felt the plastic cylinder pressing tighter against her skin then the woman ties off the strap. Suzy felt the woman position the plastic thing on her clitoris and tape it in place.

"now let us see how erotic you feel yes?" The fat old woman said as she came around to the side of the table and took Suzy's hand in her palm and with the other she turned a knob on the cylinder. Suzy felt the plastic tube vibrating on her clitoris and she nearly screamed.

"What!!! That's not part of the exam???" Suzy groaned as she felt the plastic buzzing wildly against her nub making her shiver all over. She had masturbated perhaps twice in her life and each time it was while she was pressing her crotch tightly against the washing machine at her mothers home enjoying the spin cycle. This sensation was dreadfully more powerful and Suzy felt helpless to hide her aroused state from this woman. The woman stood silently beside her as she monitored her pulse. Suzy felt her heart pounding harder and harder as the buzzing heightened her sexual senses.

"Pleaseee stop it... I'm feeling light headed..." Suzy groaned as she watched the room spinning around her. She instinctively pumped her hips outward and sent a erotic jolt through her body as the vibrating plastic slipped across her clitoris. Suzy was soon helpless to stop thrusting her hips, to stop was to stop the incredible feeling coursing around her clitoris. Suzy found herself on the verge of that incredible moment which she had only felt twice before. She bite her lips in her attempt to stifle to cries of pleasure but it didn't help. The woman watched her with interest as she ground her hips wildly into the air and writhed in her bonds. She noted her heartbeat and released her wrist.

"I see you have just experienced an orgasm, I think we should learn to share missy." The old fat woman groaned in a deep voice. Suzy opened her eyes and looked around in astonishment. The orgasm was incredible and she felt so good, but at the same time she was disgusted by the fact she had experienced such a good feeling while another woman watched. The woman waved to the man at the door and he stood up and left. Suzy looked up at Helga meekly and wondered if she would be released now. In stead the woman dropped her gown to the floor and Suzy watched the old woman's flab and wrinkles jiggling nakedly before her.

"Lets see if you can learn to make Helga feel like that!" Helga groaned in her deep raspy voice as she put a foot stool up to the table. Suzy's head was still spinning when Helga lifted her heavy body up over top of Suzy's bound form.

"Whaaa." Suzy cried as she realized the naked woman was going to lay on top of her. Suzy closed her eyes and tried to turn away. She felt the old woman knees clamp around her head and force her to look up. The old woman's wrinkled flabby crotch slowly lowered to meet her mouth. "Noooo! Suzy groaned until the woman's fat labia pressed down on her chin and began gyrating. Suzy closed her eyes and tried to block it out until she felt the vibrating rod on her crotch begin shuddering Again. The feeling was overwhelming and she was able to block out the sweaty fat woman on top of her as the vibrations took her back to ecstasy. Suzy was nearly out of her mind and gyrating her hips wildly near orgasm when the vibrating stopped completely and she felt the plastic rod pulling off of her crotch.

"No! No don't stop! I need it." Suzy groaned in uncommon lust.

She had been on the verge of a powerful orgasm and she was still shaking from the excitement.

"Very good miss. First you must stick your tongue out and lick my crotch." The woman rasped as she pushed her stinking labia back up Suzy's chin and to her lips.

"Anything, just put it back on before I go mad!" Suzy groaned impatiently giving in to the new lust coursing through her body. The woman pressed her fat crotch against Suzy's mouth and she pushed her tongue out as requested and felt it disappear into the wet cavern of the old woman.

Immediately the old woman began gyrating her fat crotch against her mouth and the wonderful vibrations returned to her clitoris. Suzy felt her head begin to swim in ecstasy and she licked into the god awful woman's crotch madly hoping to make her press the rod harder against her clit.

"Suck on my hole girlie! I'll make you cum with me, Ohhh!" Helga groaned as she rode the girls face and held the vibrator to her pussy. Suzy did as ordered and began licking and sucking the wet skin of the woman's crotch.

She immediately tasted the sour juice leaking from the woman's vagina as she sucked it. As repulsive as it was, Suzy blocked it out because the buzzing was bringing her to another orgasm. She obediently sucked the sour juice from the awful woman as long as the buzzing drover her closer and closer to her goal of release. She suddenly felt her head pushed back into he cushion as the woman pressed her crotch into her face. Suzy felt the heavenly buzzing on her clitoris fade and disappear.

"Good Girlie! Suck me! Make me cum! Yahh!" Groaned Helga.

Suzy was now mad with the craving to cum and could not stop thinking about the buzzing. The fat woman pushed her soft crotch back and forth over Suzy's mouth effectively stifling her cries to turn the vibrator back on. Suzy felt more of the sour juice dribble out of the woman's vagina to coat her chin and gush into her mouth. Just when she thought she would scream to have the vibrator return it did. Suzy immediately began sucking on the juice again as her mind drifted off into blissful lust. Suzy immediately began to orgasm. She bucked her hips and everything was wonderful while it lasted. The old woman turned off the vibrator and lifted her sweaty crotch up off Suzy's face. Suzy took long deep breaths of the cool fresh air that she had been deprived while the woman's stinking cunt was on her face.

"You wait here. I will send for a chaperone to escort you around while your husband is here with us." Gasped the old woman hoarsely as she draped the white gown around her bulk and trotted out of the room.

"Ohhh, aren't you a pretty one?" Said the short stout woman who came into the room. Suzy looked at her from her compromising position on the table hoping she would release her. The woman took the silent buzzing cylinder from Suzy's crotch and placed it in her purse. The girl wore a simple pink polka dot cotton dress but she was well endowed with huge breasts. Suzy watched the pretty girl work her straps until they released and she was able to lift her tired legs from the stand.

"Come on missy, My name is Carla, I will be in charge of you tonight while your husband is here. come with me now." She said releasing Suzy's last bonds and leading her from the room. Suzy walked drunkenly while she tried to regain her composure. Something in the shots she had received seemed to take the fear from her but also made her dizzy.

"This is were you will spend the night with your husband my dear. We have some clothes for you to wear if you wish to take our offer of consummating your marriage." Carla explained as she showed Suzy around the beautiful suite.

It appeared to be a honeymoon suite right here in the prison. Suzy drooled over the fine furnishings and the beautiful bed beside the fireplace.

"Come now, we have but and hour before your husband arrives." Carla explained as she sat Suzy down at the dressing table. She spent the next hour dressing Suzy in sexy white underwear and a beautiful wedding gown and vale.

She did Suzy's hair with elegant style and applied the make up with excess until Suzy was a doll on her wedding night.

"Now you must wait. I will go return with your new husband. Wait for him there on the bed, You will have one hour with him before he must go." Carla said softly as she exited the room. Suzy was still in a drug induced land of bliss and she fell back on the bed in anticipation. Carla stepped out of the room and closed the door. Just outside the room, the walls were plain brick and the ceiling vaulted. She walked around the corner to a console of Television monitors. Each Monitor covered a different angle of the room and focused on a different point.

"Are you ready to begin recording Ralph." Carla asked the man sitting down at the mixing console. They looked at the large monitor focusing on the bed where Suzy was sprawled in her wedding gown.

"Ready when you are. We have all the tapes loaded. " Ralph said as he puffed on a cigarette. Carla walked away from the console and down a nearby hall. One side of the hall was lined with old fashioned bared jail cells. In the last cell was Suzy's husband Brad laying on the cot in a tuxedo.

"Brad, I see you have made yourself comfortable." Carla cooed to the masculine boy turning his head to her. Brad had been given a large dose of Heroin to throw him into la la land during the filming. He had also been given a super high dose of aphrodisiac just as Suzy had. Carla took Brad hand and helped him up from the cot. She wrapped her arms around him and took his buttocks in her hands. She pulled him closed to her and felt his hard on pressing against her belly. Brad giggled dumbly and backed away from her embarrassed.

"Come on Brad, your beautiful wife is waiting for you in the other room," Carla said as she took Brad by the hand and led him down the hall and into the set.

"Brad!" Screamed Suzy in glee as Brad stepped through the door behind Carla. Carla stepped in and watched the two love birds embrace and start kissing. She looked around the room to the many hidden cameras that were filming the episode. They kissed for five minutes before Carla called it to a stop.

"Lovebirds. I am here to ensure you behave yourselves like newlyweds do, come here, Let me make you comfortable," Carla enticed as Brad broke his lip lock with Suzy and smiled at her thankfully. Carla touched a switch on the wall which dimmed the lights in the rest of the room while focusing bright lights on the bed. Suzy and Brad looked at each other coyly and urgently. They both had the intense need to make love flowing in their blood. Carla brought the two a drink and carefully ensured Suzy received the proper glass.

"This drink is to your happy and long marriage!" Carla announced. Suzy slowly sipped the sweet mixer down while Brad impatiently drank his. Carla receded to the love seat and sat down waiting for the drug she had put in Suzy's drink to take effect. It would knock her out for about a half hour, which should give her time to work on Brad.

"I missed you, my love!" Brad cooed softly into Suzy's ear. She responded by bringing her lips to his. They kissed for almost a minute when Suzy fell over on the bed. Brad took it as a signal and followed her down. He kissed her again but she didn't kiss back. He checked her eyes and she was passed out. "Suzy!" he groaned. He shook her softly hoping to wake her but she remained silently sleeping on the bed before him.

"She passed out from all the alcohol," Carla said softly as she began to caress Brad's ears. Brad looked up at her confused as he stood up.

"Does our hour start when she wakes up?" Brad said sadly thinking Suzy had passed out on him for the night.

"That depends, I could arrange some extra time for you if I wanted," Carla said seductively as she brought her hand down to the bulge in Brad's tuxedo trousers. She pulled Brad's head down to hers and gave him a seductive kiss. Brad immediately rejected her but after she held him firmly and squeezed his bulge rhythmically a few times he softened his stance. She pulled him down on the bed beside him and they kissed.

"I can't do this! Suzy is right there on the other side of the bed..."

Brad said as he attempted to fight off his passions.

"She fell asleep on you lover! You can at least satisfy me until she wakes up, I will help you to make love with her once she wakes if you make love to me now." Carla groaned as she lifted Brad's hand to her large breasts. She felt Brad softly caress her.

"You will what?" Brad said amazed at the proposition.

"I will make love to you and your wife Brad, in France it is called menage au trios" Carla said deeply as she pulled Brad on top of her and began kissing him deeply. She knew he had conceded when she fished out his cock with out a protest from him. She started to time the scene to Suzy's knock out drink. She knew she would awaken within a half an hour and she wanted to time Brad's cum shot with Suzy's awakening. Carla spent the next ten minutes stroking Brad's cock through his trousers while he caressed her breasts and kissed her. He reached down to her crotch with interest and she stopped him.

"Sit down right there lover, I want to suck your big cock and make it explode on my big tits." Carla groaned seductively as she pulled herself away from Brad. Brad gawked as she dropped her top to her waist and exposed hr large round breasts for his enjoyment. She guided him to the love seat across from the bed. She dropped his trousers and immediately began to suckle and lick his ready cock. She teased and suckled him for ten minutes, each minute guiding him closer to an orgasm but stopping in time to keep him waiting. Brad soon was reaching down to her head trying to hold her down on his cock long enough for him to shoot, he was going crazy with lust.

"Lover, I am going to make you cum now, but first you have to take your hands of me." Carla said as she scolded Brad for his roaming, guiding hands. She caressed her tits on his cock a moment and then slid herself up on his lap. She seductively led his hand back behind his head as she kissed him. Brad didn't realize she had placed his hand in steel handcuffs until it was done.

"What! What is that for?" Brad groaned with confusion as he attempted to pull his hands free. Carla smiled and dropped down to his cock and again and sucked him to near orgasm again. Brad nearly jumped up when she stopped so close to him cumming.

"One moment lover, I want to make sure your wife is all right."

Carla explained as she wiped the spit from her chin. She stood up and turned around to the bed. Suzy was laying limp on the bed in her wedding gown. Carla pulled Suzy over until her knees where hanging off the end of the bed. She spread Suzy's legs before her husband and tied them to the floor posts. Brad watched with interest as the beautiful woman tied his wife seductively before him. She handcuffed Suzy's hands and pulled them over her head, securing them to the solid head board.

"have you ever seen you wife's sex before lover?" Carla said grinning seductively at Brad. Brad began to smile at the prospect and shook his head. "Good, I will show you now!" Carla slowly lifted Suzy's wedding gown up her legs and over her hips. Brad ogled his wife's creamy thighs and the sexy panties she wore. He nearly jumped into the air when he saw Carla pull a vibrator from her purse and turn it on.

"Watch me make her all wet Lover!" Carla groaned as she pressed the tip of the vibrator against Suzy's panties. Brad's cock bobbed eagerly as the woman rubbed the vibrator up and down his wife's crotch for almost five minutes. He watched a tiny wet spot develop in her panties and grow to a stain reaching down her ass crack. Suzy began to twitch and groan on the bed and he realized she was waking up. Carla continued stroking Suzy's crotch until Suzy opened her eyes widely to see Carla caressing her breast.

"What... Where's Brad?" Suzy groaned in shock and disappointment. Carla stood up before her and smiled.

"Your husband is right here dear!" Carla said moving aside to expose Brad sitting back sprawling on the love seat with his trousers down and his penis pointing lewdly upward. Carla dropped to her knees and brought her lips back to Brad's cock.

"Suzy..." Brad groaned wildly as he stared at his helpless wife strapped to the bed. Carla continued to bob up and down on him and he knew she was going to make him cum this time. The first time he ever came with another woman and it would be with a different woman while his wife watched. Suzy cried out as Brad began to grunt and thrust his hips into Carla's head.

"Brad noooo." Suzy cried as she watched her new husband fuck the strangers mouth. Brad closed his eyes as he shot his load into the sexy brunets mouth. It was the most wonderful feeling he had ever felt in his life. Carla pulled her head from his cock and with a tight lip she smiled at Brad as she turned to Suzy. Brad stared in wonder as Carla brought her hand to Suzy's crotch and began to caress her wet spot. Suzy showed little response until Carla laid beside her and gave her a wet kiss on the cheek, keeping her lips sealed the entire time.

"Brad! Who is this woman, tell her to leave me alone!" Suzy cried in embarrassment as Carla continued to rub her sensitive clitoris making her uncomfortably anxious.

"Come on lady, it's gone far enough already, Let us up now." Brad said tiredly. Carla responded by pulling on Suzy's chin to open her mouth.

Suzy allowed the girl to pull her jaw open until she saw her position her mouth over hers. Carla clamped Suzy's nose shut with her fingers and waited for Suzy to gasp for breath.

"Whaaa!" Cried Suzy finally giving in and opening her mouth to breath. Carla let her lips part and the thick white drool spilled out into Suzy's mouth. She felt it slide into her cheek and she immediately tried to spit it out. Carla held her nose and brought her lips down to Suzy's and force kissed her until She thought Suzy would pass out. Carla lifted her wet lips from Suzy's and a streamer of cum held on between the two girls lips for a moment. Suzy gasped for air and caught her breath. The thick cum streaking down her chin and cheeks now from her struggling.

"I just thought you would want your husbands first load of cum on your wedding night." Carla groaned seductively.

"That was cum! Ohhh Yuck!" Suzy said snottily and tried to spit the rest of the salty fluid from her mouth. Carla climbed up from the bed and returned to Brad who was awe struck after watching the scene with Suzy.

Carla dropped to her knees and pulled Brad's cock back into her mouth.

She worked him skillfully until his cock was stiff again. She then brought her ample breasts up to his face and had him lick her nipples hungrily for a moment. Carla then turned and put her hand on Suzy's crotch.

"Are you horny lover?" Carla said seductively to Suzy laying quietly on the bed. Carla reached down between Suzy's ass cheeks and unsnapped the crotch flap on her panties. Pulling the wet pink silk up to expose her tiny labia and her pink wetness. Carla took the vibrator out and spread Suzy's labia, she pushed the tip of the vibrator against Suzy's clit and began massaging her slit. "Do you want your man to fuck your virgin pussy?" Carla taunted as she worked Suzy closer to orgasm with her finger and the vibrator. Suzy stared at her with straining eyes and pleaded for her to get it over with. "Tell Me you want your man to fuck your virgin pussy darling?" Carla insisted as she pulled the tip of the vibrator from Suzy's clit, halting her march to ecstasy.

"Yes! Yes I want my virgin pussy fucked by my man!" Suzy groaned. Carla returned the vibrator to Suzy's clit and worked it with her tongue until Suzy bucked her hips helplessly in a lewd orgasm.

"Very good lover, now let me stiffen your man up so he can fuck you" Carla groaned as she turned and knelt in front of Brad again. Brad felt he would go mad as the woman's skilled lips began caressing his already hard cock closer to a second orgasm. He watched her pull her skirt down and throw it to the side. She kept bobbing on him while she worked her panties off and tossed them up to his face. He smelled the perfume she had sprayed on her crotch and wanted to cum in her mouth right then.

Carla pulled her head up sensing Brad's second orgasm. "You have a large cock lover." Carla said as she pulled herself up, Brad knew he would be released now and allowed to fuck Suzy. Instead Carla stood up before him and pressed her crotch to his.

"NOOOO! NOOO! THIS CAN'T BE! LET ME UP!" Brad screamed as he saw Carla crotch press against his and her penis push up against his.

"You see lover, Yours is a lot bigger than mine!" Carla said teasingly as she gripped her cock along with Brad's and began to stroke them. Brad began to kick and push away so she stood up and turned to Suzy. "You like my cock lover, you ready to become a woman?" Carla said with a grin as he/she pushed toward Suzy.

"What? No! Let me up!" Suzy grunted in confusion as Carla pressed her crotch up against hers. She felt the stiff organ press against her naked sex and she screamed. Brad's screams joined her as Carla pushed the head of her cock against her slit.

"No! please no!" Suzy cried.

"Ohh lover, your so wet and tight! I can feel you virginity with my cock!" Carla groaned as she pushed her small member into Suzy's crack till it pressed against her hymen. Suzy began to scream and cry as Carla began to rhythmically prod her hymen with her cock "Oh lover! I could cum right now and squirt my cum all over your hymen!" Carla groaned as she pumped her cock in and out of Suzy's pussy an inch.

"OHH! Please do! Cum right now! Don't break my hymen please!

Please cum now!" Suzy cried in desperation to make it end before she lost her virginity.

"No lover! I'm gonna shoot my cum deep inside you and make you have my baby!" Carla groaned seductively and pushed forward. Suzy felt the penis jab painfully at her hymen and nearly break it. Then she slid out and thrust back hard, bursting through Suzy's sex quickly and painfully.

Suzy cried out in defeat and Brad's joined her. "Oh lover! Your pussy is so hot now!" Carla groaned as she began stroking the full length of her cock in and out of Suzy's cunt now. She fucked her five minutes before Suzy finally stopped fighting and quieted down. Carla responded by pressing the vibrator against Suzy's clit and fucking her harder. Suzy helplessly fell prey to the hormones running through her body and felt the buzzing and stroking make her cunt itch for more.

"No! I won't enjoy this!" Suzy grunted with clinched teeth as she felt herself nearing and orgasm. She finally gave in and started thrusting her hips with Carla but never grunting one syllable of pleasure.

"Oh lover! I feel you thrusting with me! Lets cum together!" Carla groaned as she turned the vibrator on high and began to fuck Suzy harder.

Suzy began to cum and her cunt muscles clinched the cock in her tightly in response. She felt him thrust hard into her and then the warm gush of cum filling her up. She clinched her teeth to suppress her ecstasy from her watching husband.

"Get off her damn it! Get off her!" Brad cried as Carla ground her hips against Suzy's slowly and worked the afterglow of the orgasm. Suzy began to weep now as she leered beyond Carla's shoulders to her struggling husband handcuffed to the love seat before her. Her vagina ached dully as Carla pumped the last few strokes of her rapidly softening cock into her.

"Very tight, very hot my love." Carla groaned as she slowly arched her rear into the air and pulled her flaccid penis from Suzy's cunt. She kissed Suzy on the lips despite Suzy's attempt to evade. "Are you ready for a turn my boy?" Carla said chuckling to Brad as she climbed up from the bed and stood before him with her glistening wet penis smeared with cum and streaks of blood. Carla walked around the back of the love seat and unfastened The handcuffs that had held Brad firm down.

"You dirty Shit! I'm going to kick you ass!" Brad shouted in a fury as he jumped up from the seat and buttoned his trousers. As he turned on Carla his fury softened quickly as he stared at the barrel of the sub machine gun which was pointed at his belly. "Hey now. There's no need to shoot me!" Brad said backing away slowly from the he-she.

"Of course not lover, now as I said, your turn! Get on your knees before her and lick her pussy clean!" Carla teased as she pointed him toward his wife's spread legs. Brad had dreamed of going down on Suzy from the first time they had dated three years ago, now he stared at her sloppy wet slit drooling cum and blood and he wanted to vomit. "I said lick your wife's pussy clean. Have your forgot you are in prison, do as I say or I shoot you in the back!" Carla put the barrel of the machine-gun in Brad's back and forced him forward. Brad stared up at Suzy who was staring at him painfully from her strapped down position. He smelled the odor of sex, cum, and sweat emanating from her musty labia. He had touched her once after their prom night and she he immediately stopped him from going further so as to save herself for their marriage. He had remembered how soft and silky she had felt that night. Now she appeared anything but sexy as her vagina drooled another mans cum after she gave her virginity to another. He put his tongue out and licked around the dry portions of her crotch attempting to avoid the other mans slime.

"I said clean it lover!" Carla said as she pushed Brads head into Suzy's sopping crotch. Brad began to lick his wife's labia slowly holding back his nausea as the bloody cum pushed him to the brink. Carla sat back on the love seat and let the cameras get about five minutes of film before she pushed him onward.

"Good enough lover, get up and fuck her now, I'm giving you fifteen minutes then your out of here!" Brad pulled his head back and took a deep breath of fresh air as he stood up, he wiped the wetness from his chin and turned to see if Carla was serious, his cock was far from stiff after the big surprise. Carla sat back holding the gun and motioned for him to continue.

"But I can't now, not with you watching! Leave us alone now, Haven't you done enough!" Brad complained hoping to negotiate a compromise.

"NO! Now climb up on top of her and stick your penis where mine was ten minutes ago!" Carla demanded as she took the gun in both hands and prepared to fire. Brad jumped back and quickly climbed up on the bed like he was told. Brad laid his body down on his new wife and stared at her frightened eyes apologetically.

"Do it Brad. Make love to me properly. Make me forget that evil thing sitting on the couch over there." Suzy whispered softly. Brad kissed her and she accepted his tongue readily. They both ignored the aftertaste of cum each of them had in their mouth. Suzy felt brads penis stiffen on her crotch. Brad looked at her uncertainly. "Be gentile with me Brad, I'm a little sore." Suzy whispered as he unzipped his fly and pointed his head to her vagina. He entered her slowly and slid in easily even though she was so tight around his cock. He tried not to think that it was because her pussy was full of slick cum.

"Oh Suzy! I love you." Brad groaned as he forgot everything and began to enjoy the tight warm slit that was his wife's. Brad kissed her and she kissed back as he began to pump in and out of her. Suzy groaned in pleasure and Brad groaned in bliss.

"I love your too Brad." Suzy whispered as Brad continued to pound his organ in and out of her vagina. He was even bigger than the freak that had taken her virginity minutes ago. She felt guilty for comparing but she was happy it was true.

"OH! Suzy!" Brad groaned wildly as he thrust his penis deep into her. Suzy let out a groan of pleasure as she felt his head prod her entrails and erupt his semen inside her. She thought it was so erotic to procreate.

His ejaculation lasted only seconds and he collapsed on her. She hadn't cum but his love making thrilled her and she loved him for it. Suzy relaxed as her husband turned soft inside her. They laid together a few moments before their dream was broken.

"Whaaat!" Brad cried as he heard the door open and the voices of large burly guards shout orders in Turkish at them.

"They want you to get off the girl lover! Your time is up. You must go now!" Carla explained as the guards surrounded the bed and took Brad by the shoulders to lift him up. Suzy shrieked in embarrassment as Brad was lifted up from her to leave her naked on the bed.

"I love you Suzy! Be strong, I'll take care of everything!" Brad cried as he was pulled away toward the door. Suzy tried to pull herself up but the restraints held her tightly.

"I love you too!" Suzy cried as Brad was pulled through the door and out of her sight. Carla stood up and dressed herself as the two remaining guards removed Suzy's bonds. Suzy was helped off the bed and led out of the bedroom movie set. Carla stepped away as the guards took Suzy to her cell and she went over to the editing console.

"Ralph, how was the taping, I understand you got all the shots?"

Carla said in her native Turkish as she lit up a cigarette and watched the technician taking the tapes from the recorders.

"Yes! They are marvelous! This movie will be a big seller. That little blond American girl will attract a lot of money. She is very beautiful!"

Ralph explained as he placed the tapes in a box to take to editing.

"will we be seeing more of her?" Carla said with interest.

"Oh yes! Once the commandant sees these tapes he will have her filming every day. In fact I believe he wishes you to condition her to do a shot with Maximillian."

"Maximillian?.and that little thing? He will tear her open. It will take at least a week to get her ready for a scene with him. You must be joking?" Carla said shaking her head in disbelief.

"It is true. But she will get plenty of use before then. Here are the scripts for the rest of the week, read them because I believe the commandant wishes you to be her keeper." Ralph said as he handed her a folder of scripts. Carla opened it and read the first one.

"My, my. We will be working long hours this week. Did this girl do something horrible or something?"

"No. She just broke a simple immigration law. The commandant wishes to add a new wing to the prison though and the European buyers are demanding more perverse subjects." Ralph said as he lifted the box full of tapes up and headed off to the editing room. "Good bye Carla, See you in the morning."

"Good bye Ralph." Carla replied as she put out her cigarette and started off to the prop shelf to grab some required objects for Suzy. She filled the box with what she needed and started off to the cell block. As she turned the corner to the row of cells she saw the two guards rounding the corner after putting Suzy in her Cell.

"Hold on boys, I will need you for a few more moments." Carla said as she waved the two burley guards back down the hall. Carla stared at the poor little Suzy who was curled up on the cot as the guards unlocked the barred door.

"I'm sorry lover. It seems we had forgotten to dress you for bed tonight. Boys, Hold her." Carla said as Suzy sat up on the cot. She had been stripped of the wedding gown she wore and was wearing only her panties and bra.

"No. Leave me alone." Suzy cried as the two guards stood beside her and took her arms. Carla knelt down before her and took a leather chastity belt from the box. Suzy flinched as Carla unsnapped the button attaching the crotch to her panties. She wrapped the belt around her and tightened it around her waist. She pulled the crotch strap around and positioned it for locking. "What is that? No!" Suzy cried again as Carla removed a rubber dildo from the box and began to grease it up.

"Don't worry lover, this grease will dull the pain and relax your slit for you. It is really not that bad." Carla explained softly as she pushed the head of the rubber tool against Suzy's slit. Suzy clamped her thighs shut around her forcing her away from her slit. "Boys, Hold her for me!" Carla said patiently. The two guards pried their feet between Suzy's legs and forced her legs open.

"Stop it! Stop it please!" Suzy begged as Carla nuzzled the head of the rubber tool against her slit. She looked at the object and compared it to Brads Five and a half inch penis. "NOOooo!" Suzy cried as Carla slowly twisted and pressed until the rubber dildo slid into her hole.

"There now, that was not so bad was it lover?" Carla said as she held the end of the dildo in and latched the crotch strap to the waist belt. Carla wiped her hands on the mattress and stood up. "All right boys, release her."

"Why..." Suzy cried as she clamped her legs shut and tugged on the chastity belt trying to release it. Carla stepped out of the cell and the two guards followed her.

"You have such a tight little pussy and we couldn't have that now could we? Tomorrow you will be put to work in the prison to pay for your crime. Get a good nights sleep because you will be given little rest tomorrow," Carla explained as she waved good bye to Suzy and walked away with the guards. Suzy struggled with the belt for fifteen minutes before she gave up and laid back on the mattress hoping to pass out. The medicated lubricant had already numbed her vagina and relieved her of the soreness. She fell asleep a short while later hoping to dream of Brad, and going to college when she returned to the states.

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