Aztec Secrets
Chapter 1: The story so far

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Magic, Transformation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: The story so far - Two guys discover an ancient set of rings that has a magical affect on their sex lives - Sequel to Aztec Earrings.

Two months ago, my life changed in an amazing way. My best friend Ron and I were exploring an isolated island off the Florida coast, an island rumored to once have been inhabited by an Aztec tribe ruled by the tribe's women. After being driven from their native Mexico, this legendary tribe found its way to the island and worshipped a Sun Goddess in almost complete isolation for hundreds of years. According to legend, they were wiped out by a massive hurricane a few years before Columbus discovered the new world.

While on the island, after being guided by a dream of a beautiful woman, I discovered a cave full of ancient carvings depicting the life of the tribe. Inside the cave, I found a silver box with an ornate pair of earrings. When I left the cave, there was a rockslide that covered the entrace with tons of rock.

But the real surprise came that night, when for some reason I tried on the earrings after Ron was sleeping. I underwent an amazing transformation into a beautiful, dark-haired woman. This new body of mine was fabulous: About 5'2, lithe but very curvy with large, full, firm breasts measuring 34D, a beautiful face with big, brown eyes, deeply tanned skin and long, luscious dark hair. Although I am 34, this body looked and felt about 22.

When I removed the earrings, I instantly changed back to my male body.

This woman's body had a very high sex drive. While in that condition, I was in a tremendous state of desire. Although I never had any sexual thoughts toward men, when in the womanly state I desired men and women, dreamed of all manner of wild, sexual experiences.

When I removed the earrings and reverted to my male self, any desire for men vanished. It seemed that when transformed into this sexy young girl, the body's desires took me over completely.

When we left the island and arrived in the small Florida town before catching our plane, I seduced Ron while in my woman's body - I told him my name was "Amber." The sex was incredible. I found myself having orgasms of a kind I never thought possible.

But the next morning, the worst thing happened - Ron accidently knocked an earring off, and I transformed back into my male self right in front of him.

Ron was shocked, to say the least. But I explained the magical find, and convinced him to try them on. Against his better judgment, he did - and immediately transformed into a beautiful woman, different than the one I had become, but equally beautiful and sexy.

This woman Ron became - which he later called "Tina" - was about an inch taller than Amber, but still petite, about 5'3". She also was very large busted, a 34D cup as well, and like Amber had luscious dark long hair, but a bit shorter - to her shoulders instead of halfway down her back.

Tina was also equally as horny as the young girl I had transformed into. We soon were having sex, and Tina had amazing orgasms. I fucked her in all conceivable positions for hours.

Neither of us wanted to give up the amazing experience of transforming into a fabulously beautiful and sexy girl, so we moved in together when we returned to the city where we lived. We alternated using the earrings. It was as if we were two couples - half the time it was Ron and Amber, half the time Mike and Tina. Fortunately, both of us had received large inheritances in recent years and didn't have to worry too much about work - We just cut working hours in half.

We spent so much time together, exploring these new bodies, that we almost never saw family or friends. Fortunately neither of us had a wife or girlfriend at the time - Ron was divorced, and I had broken up with my steady about a six months previous.

But within a few months, despite the amazing sex, our curiosity consumed us and we wanted - no, almost felt compelled - to return to the island.

Return to paradise

The chartered boat dropped us off on the shore of the lush, but deserted island. We had five days to try to get back into the cave, before the boat would return.

We were loaded down with excavation equipment.

Both of us were in our male selves. It was strange - for the last two months, one of us had been female at all times. We didn't even bring the earrings - Ron figured there was no reason to risk losing them.

After establishing camp, we hiked up to the cave site, carrying shovels, small explosives, and other tools we hoped would get us back into the cave.

We weren't sure what we hoped to find. But we hoped we would find some insight into the amazing powers of this artifact we had discovered.

I also, perhaps unrealistically, wondered if there were other magical items left behind by this mysterious tribe of beautiful Aztec women.

But after a full day of work, we were no closer to the cave than when we started. Each explosion we set off, hoping to clear the mouth, only brought more rocks sliding down. The digging equipment was usless - the rocks covering the cave weighed tons.

Each day was equally frustrating. I began to fear that, while we had unearthed one amazing, wonderful Aztec secret, the rest were lost to us.

The final night we wearily went to sleep under the starts, not saying much. The next afternoon, the boat would come and we would have to leave.

But after dozing off...

I looked in front of me, and a beautiful girl was standing over me. It was the same one I had dreamed of when we were last at the island! She was clad only in scanty animal skins, which showed off her buxom figure, and her strong, lithe limbs.

"I'm glad you joined us," she said, smiling. "By becoming one of us, you are learning the power of our tribe's women."

I was unable to speak, overcome by her beauty.

"There is more for you to learn," she said. "Much more."

She beckoned me to follow her. She led me through the woods, but away from the site of the cave. This time we arrived in a different area, on the other side of the island's small mountain.

She pointed. Deep in the underbrush, I saw it - the entrance to another cave!

She smiled and said nothing...

Then I awoke with a start!

The new cave

The next morning I excitely told Ron of the dream.

"Well let's get up there," he said. "We only have a few hours before the boat arrives."

He had the same thoughts as I did - what could be there?

After the short hike, we arrived at the site the Aztec woman had shown me. Sure enough, as we pushed through the brush, we found it.

Ron looked at me. "You first, or me?" he asked.

"I had the dream, I think that means I get the honors," I said.

"Go for it, buddy."

A flashlight in front of me, I pushed my way into the small entrance. When I looked around, I gasped.

This cave was much large, and more ornate than the previous one. The walls were covered with carvings, depicting the life of the island's tribe. It showed scantily clad, beautifully buxom women running the island's affairs, their men lovingly and happily taking a subordinate role.

Many of the carvings showed elaborate sex - some traditional man/woman sex, lesbian sex, and all combinations of threesomes, foursomes and even large orgies. Obviously sex was a large part of the daily lifestyle of these people, and no inhibitions seemed to exist!

But what was really breathtaking was a large, golden alter at the end of the cave. It was apparently to the Sun Goddess these people worshiped. It was a large gold woman, seated on a throne, nude, her hair flowing like the fires of the sun. She had a wise, knowing yet sexy smile.

"Holy shit!" Ron said. He had climbed into the cave behind me. We spent almost an hour looking in awe at the cave paintings and the ornate altar.

It was only then that I saw the silver box.

It was at the foot of the alter, covered in carvings similar to those on the wall.

"Check this out," I said, picking it up.

Ron shined his light onto the box. I slowly opened it...

Inside were 10 silver rings, each lined up in two rows of five. All of the rings were ornately carved with different symbols.

"Let's get back to camp," I said. Ron readily agreed.

The Aztec rings

Back at the camp, we realized we didn't have time to examine the rings in great detail. We were also not prepared to put one on, until we had plenty of time and were in no danger of being caught by a boat captain!

The trip back to Florida's coast seemed to take forever. But many hours later, we were on shore and had checked into a hotel in the small coastal town.

We took turns showering and changing out of our grimy clothes. Finally, we sat down and opened the silver box.

The rings glistened. We looked at them closely, not quite ready to touch them.

"Look Ron, they seem to be pairs of two, they all have different symbols... ten rings with five different symbols," I said.

"It's almost as if they are meant to be for two people," he said, looking at me.

"Wow," I said. "The woman in the dream must really have been speaking to me... and she knew you were with me."

After closer inspection, we saw that the two rings on the left both had the same symbols as the earrings that first pulled us into this adventure - a brilliant sun.

"Do you think... ?" he said.

"I think we should try these first," I said. "They seem the most familiar."

We each took one of the Sun rings from the box.

They seemed warm to the touch. My hand tingled as I held it.

"You ready, buddy?" Ron asked. I nodded.

"On three," I said. "One... two... three!"

A warm feeling rushed through me, and I swooned with dizziness... the world around me went bright...

Then everything steadied... and I realized I had transformed into Amber.

I blinked, and looked forward... and there was was beautiful, sexy Tina, sitting somewhat dazed in front of me.

"A-Amber?" Tina stammered in her soft, girlish voice.

"Yes, it's me all right," I said, still adjusting to hearing the soft voice - my voice - several octaves higher than my male voice.

I stared at her... it was the first time I had seen Tina through a woman's eyes. Tina was doing the same.

"Well I guess we know what the rings do... At least the Sun Rings," Tina said.

We gazed at one another for what seemed like an eternity.

Suddenly we both laughed. There we were, two beautiful young women, sitting there clothed in oversized men's clothes. Our big, firm breasts were both practically popping out of the t-shirts we had been wearing!

"Let's get out of these clothes," Tina said, smiling sexily and giggling. I felt a rush of excitement, realizing that I was soon going to make love to Tina... in my beautiful Amber body. Since we found the earrings, we had only explored heterosexual sex with one another, as we were not ready to attempt to bring others into our interesting but strange situation.

Tina walked over to me and began pulling my shirt off over my head. I shivered as she exposed my breasts, the cool air causing my skin to tingle. She moaned softly and gently ran her small hands over them...

I sighed heavily with pleasure at the amazing feeling of a woman's soft hands on my own woman's body. I found myself tugging at her shirt just as she was unzipping my jeans.

Within minutes, we had stripped each other nude, and I pulled her close, embracing her.

The feeling of our soft yet firm bodies touching was incredible. We were both quite large-breasted (judging from the cave paintings, very large, perfect breasts seemed to be the norm for the Aztec Island women... must have been in the genes) and when we embraced, our womanly curves crushed against one another. The feeling was wonderful, my nipples swelled in excitement.

We kissed... another beautiful new feeling. I had kissed Tina many times, but always as Mike, never as Amber (obviously, since only one of us could wear the earrings at one time).

It was incredible feeling Tina's soft face against my own smooth female face, instead of the hard male face I was used to when kissing Ron. I tingled with desire, feeling her full lips pressing against my own. She opened her mouth slightly and I slipped my tongue between her lips, feeling her hands rub down my back and begin to caress my firm ass.

This feeling was very different than holding and caressing a woman while being a man - or a man while being a woman, for that matter. It was much softer, gentler, but with a special knowledge of the other lover's body one gains only by having such a body. As Tina and I ran our hands over one another, still passionately french-kissing, I knew exactly which buttons to push - as did she.

I turned and glanced at the mirror, and was overcome with lust at the sight. Two luscious, sexy dark-haired young women, rubbing their bodies together, pushing their large, well-formed chests together - well my pussy was almost instantly sopping at the sight.

Tina had also looked in the mirror. "I had always loved watching steamy lesbian sex scenes in adult videos," she purred. "I had never dreamed I would be in one myself."

She began kissing her way down my body, stopping at my breasts, spending a long time kissing and sucking on my nipples. I shivered and panted with pleasure, rubbing her thick beautiful hair.

"Ohhh Tina," I moaned, beginning to breathe heavily.

She continued her odyssey of kissing, moving finally from my bosom down to my stomach, and began to gently push me down onto the bed.

I began moaning with pleasure and anticipation as Tina expertly played my body with her hands, mouth and tongue. She kissed her way down, covering my stomach and then my hips with her lips.

I closed my eyes when she slowly spread my legs. She kissed all over my inner thigh, moving closer toward the warm wetness between my legs. I sighed with yearning, still trying to comprehend the waves of excitement rolling through me.

The Tina planted a long, wet kiss on my nicely trimmed pussy. I moaned as her soft, full lips met my wet folds. An intense feeling of pleasure began building between my legs and she continued kissing me - and then ran her supple tongue up and down the wet lips of my pussy.

"Ohhhhh Tinnnnna," I gasped, and began to caress her hair with both of my hands as she started gently but excitedly lapping at my pussy.

The feeling was amazing. As Amber, I had experienced having my pussy eaten before, but it was always from Ron's male self. Now, feeling Tina's smooth face between my legs, the wonderful feeling was even more delightful.

"Oh god, the saying is true," I cooed. "Girls are the best when it comes to eating pussy."

She stopped for a moment and smiled up at me. "You like that baby?" she asked, smiling sexily.

"Ooh god yes!"

She grinned and continued lapping enthusiastically at my sopping pussy for what seemed like forever.

The pleasure was building to a boiling point. I was not squirming with delight, caressing my breasts and squeezing my nipples as my beautiful female lover expertly devoured my pussy.

When she wrapped her lips around my swollen clit and began to suck on it, my body boiled over.

I began to cry out with ecstasy as a powerful orgasm hit my body. I jerked and screamed Tina's name over and over as she continued greedily sucking my clit, forcing the orgasm to pound me over and over.

I writhed in pleasure during the seemingly endless cum, finally coming back to earth, collapsing under Tina, gasping for breath.

"How was that, lover?" she said, smiling sexily.

I could only moan my appreciation as I recovered.

"Oh god Tina... that was incredible... I think it was even better than the orgasms you give me as Ron," I moaned.

She pulled me close and we kissed deeply, mingling our tongues together.

I slipped my hand down between her legs and ran my hand over Tina's pussy - and felt it dripped with her sweet juices.

"I think its your turn," I said, smiling sexily, and pushing her back down on the bed.

She didn't resist, only breathing heavily in anticipation as I began to kiss toward her beautiful pussy, just as she had done to me.

When I began eating Tina's sweet pussy, I was overcome at how different the experience was as a woman. My smooth face and full lips seemed to fit perfectly between another woman's legs. My woman's tongue and mouth seemed to instinctively know how to pleasure a pussy.

I heard Tina's lustful animal gasps as I attacked her pussy, lapping and sucking with abandon, desperate to make her feel as incredible as she had me.

I reached up and caresses her firm, perfect breasts while I lapped at her pussy, tweaking and squeezing her erect nipples. She moaned with pleasure, lost in the sexy waves rushing through her.

She exploded suddenly, gasping and then screaming as she came. "OOOOHHhhhhHHH FUCK!" she shouted, bucking her hips into my face as she came. I felt my face drenched with her sweet juices as she came over and over.

When her orgasms finally receded, she was gasping for breath.

"That was... that was unlike anything I have ever felt," she said.

This time I was the one smiling with pride at the orgasm I had given to my lover.

We held each other for a while, whispering quietly, giggling softly, and slowly exploring every inch of our bodies with our hands.

That inevitably led to another awakening of desire... and we decided to pleasure one another.

I crawled atop Tina's luscious body, and buried my head between her legs, just as I spread my own legs and lowered my pussy onto her face.

Despite the incredible sexual pleasures I had already experienced that evening, I quickly discovered that being in a 69 with another girl was truly incredible. The feeling of greedily devouring a woman's pussy while she is doing exactly the same to yours... it's amazing.

As we lapped at one another, Tina squeezed and caressed my ass. Our large, firm breasts pressed against one another's stomachs, still another area where pleasure coursed through us.

At one point, after devouring one another and riding waves of pleasure for what seemed like an unending time, I glances for a moment back at the mirror.

The scene was incredibly hot. Two extremely sexy young women, their bodies glistening with perspiration, long dark hair tousled, legs wrapped around one another in a hot, sexy 69 position, gobbling each other's pussies as if nothing else existed.

The sight set me off into still another orgasm - this one the biggest of the night.

As my body began to spasm, I felt Tina also beginning to cum beneath me. We both writhed in intense ecstasy hanging on to one another for dear life.

After the orgasms subsided, Tina looked at me and smiled contentedly.

"I have a feeling we're going to enjoy these new Aztec secrets," she said with a sexy grin.

"I think that was the idea when we were guided to them," I said. "I have a feeling we're in for some wild adventures."

Then we quickly fell asleep, wrapped in each other's arms.

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