Woman Police Constable James Captured
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, BDSM, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, Lactation, Enema, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A female police officer disturbs some theives while on patrol and is seized as their toy.

WPC James was on patrol in an industrial area of London. It was a cool September morning 01.10 to be precise.

She was at least 5ft 10 and a size 16, her large firm breasts pressed tight against her crisp white blouse (all 38DD of them), her skirt was taut across her ample backside. Don't get me wrong she wasn't fat, just a big girl.

The male colleague she was with answered his radio, He listened.

"I've got to go back to the nick, more fuckin' paperwork, you coming?"

"No it's OK I'll carry on, we'll only have to do it again later"

"Yeah, I suppose, take care." He strode off the way they had come.

WPC James turned and carried on with the foot patrol.

Twenty minutes later she had come to a warehouse with a large 'Artic' parked at the delivery bay, it's rear doors open. WPC James wandered over, there didn't seem to be anyone around. She tried the nearby fire door.

Locked. Suddenly the bush to her side burst open, two blokes barrelled into her, she yelled in shock and fear. Her hand went to her hand Mic, but her wrist was snatched and twisted away. The radio smashed to the floor. Arms wrapped around her middle, she kicked and twisted, Her helmet fell off and then something hit her head.

-All went black.

WPC James awoke with a start, she was in the back of a lorry. Boxes filled most of the back, her head was spinning and smarted at the back. Her hands were handcuffed, they weren't her cuffs. Her legs were tied together above the knee, with thick rope. Her uniform blouse was gaping open her bra torn, her left breast heavily hung free. She had tape over her mouth. She pulled helplessly at the cuffs. she heard and felt the lorry stop. Then it bleeped as it reversed. Doors slammed. She swallowed in fear as she heard voices outside the rear doors.

The doors were flung open light flooded in, in the doorway were four men in ski masks. Their mouths visible as leering grins as the climbed in.

"Porky the sows all woken up" Laughter.

"C'mon then bitch, time to shift that fat arse of yours!"

They grabbed her arms and legs, she fought as they carried her out. Struggling uselessly. WPC James was strong, but they overcame her with numbers. They laughed and teased her feeling her arse and tits through her uniform. They carried her to an empty room, and dropped her on the floor. One of them kicked her in the middle she doubled up in pain.

"Oh dear! (laughter) You better lie there and imagine what we're going to do to you when we get back!" Then they left.

She lay on the floor desperately trying to think of a way out. From the other room she could hear them talking.

"Unload then we can set that bitch up for some real fun".

"When those crates are shifted get that set of old bedsprings in there".

WPC James wriggled trying to be free, all she accomplished was her thick uniform skirt rucked up further showing her strong stocking clad thighs. her white skin contrasting strongly with her black stockings.

After an hour, They returned they had with them the metal base of a single bed. It was stood upright in the middle of the room. They lashed the top of the frame to a girder in the derelict rooms ceiling.

Then they came over to her leering down at her as she struggled to shrink away from them.

"You've got nice big tits for a sow!"

"C'mon now lets have a look at that big fat arse of yours then!"

They grabbed her roughly, she struggled furiously as they dragged her to the upright bed springs. Forcing her to kneel in front of it. She looked about anxiously her eyes full of desperation.

"Hold her, that's it, keep fuckin' still bitch!"

The one in the red mask produced some keys and undid her cuffs. WPC James immediately leapt to action, wrenching and bucking trying desperately to be free.

They held her fast, two on her arms, two on each leg, laughing at her attempts to be free. Her arms were forced up above her head. She snorted with exertion through her nose, as her arms were pulled out to full length and then re - cuffed to the bed frame, so that she was almost suspended by her wrists. They wrenched open the rest of her blouse and yanked the remainder of her bra down off her heavy jugs. They bounced free her teats semi-erect, hands roughly grabbed and squose them, teasing her thick nipples into fullness. She shook her head in protest. her muffled complaints music to they're ears.

Her WPC's hat was jammed back on, her breasts bobbed against the cold bed springs. Two other men untied her thighs and then wrestled them far apart. She strained to pull them away as they tied her ankles to rings set in the floor. They let go once they were tied tautly in place. The strong muscles in her legs stood out beautifully through her stockings, as she tried desperately to pull loose. She watched helplessly as the one in the red mask came in front of her with a pair of wire cutters. She watched fearfully as he seemed to size up her breasts.

He cut the springs away in front of her tits. Just less than enough. Another forced his knee into her back and rammed her tits against the hole. With some teasing and pulling they went through. The springs pressed into her firm flesh hard making her poor mammeries pop out the other side as two large stiff balloons. They roped her waist to the springs holding her in place.

WPC James struggled and squirmed shouting muffled entreaties into the tape as they yanked her uniform skirt up off her ass and pushed it into it's own waistband.

They took time to admire her full firm round ass clad in white cotton briefs. They ran their hands over her quaking cheeks. squeezing and testing them. She shook with tension. The room went quiet as they drew them slowly down off her big alabaster buns.

"Shit! what a fuckin' gorgeous ass"

"Looks fuckin' tight" they all laughed.

She cringed and buried her head in her arm in disgust.

One of them wrenched and tore her briefs off. They handed them round sniffing her warm pussy odour.

Then they made a meal of tying rope tightly around the tops of her thighs and pulling them uncomfortably wide, before tying them to the bed frame on either side. WPC James began to sob as she felt their hands squeeze and spread her stiff buttocks. Rude insistent fingers roughly spread and invaded her dry cunt lips. drawing them open.

The one in the red mask knelt before her and dragged his finger nails over the taut ballooned flesh of her breasts. Her thick teats ached as he plucked and rubbed them, he ran his tongue over and around each in turn.

making her tremble. She couldn't take her eye's from his slick tongue as it teased around each bud. He lifted his head and shouted.

"Hey go get one of those cam corders we nicked film of this'll be worth a mint!"

She shook her head in disbelief and horror. 'They were going to rape her and worse and now they meant to film it too' She bucked and struggled in anguish and humiliation. His mouth locked around her teat suckling hard at her trapped flesh making her belly tighten.

Behind her the others argued over what to do to her first. The guy came back with the camcorder.

"Hey I found this piece of cane, This'll warm the fat sows arse up!"

This was greeted with chuckles and agreement. The one in the red mask stood up and pulled his jeans open releasing his hard cock from his briefs. He wanked it.

"Get round here and video me fuckin' these big babies"

WPC James struggled helplessly trying to pull her poor trapped tits from the springs, she was held fast. She winced and went rigid as suddenly the cane came down across her surprised bum cheeks, she clenched them beautifully jerking with each painful blow. She could only watch as he pressed the slick tip of his swollen cock to her deep cleavage, and pressed it in. He laughed at her disgusted face as he held them tightly together and started to fuck them.

Sally tried frantically to squirm free. The cane stung her ass, they laughed and did it again harder.

Sally tried to look up and away, as to look down was to see her breasts being rammed up and down, Her poor teats being pulled cruelly. He thumbed the ends together sending sharp tingles through each as he thrust in and out. She sobbed under the welter of blows to her restrained backside. Her tits were yanked and stretched as they were fucked, as he spewed a torrent of abuse at her. the caning stopped.

WPC James stiffened and let out a cry as her red tender buttocks were stretched apart and a finger began investigating her deep ass cleft, it teased around her sensitive ring and then began pressing and twisting into her dry virgin bottom hole. She jerked and let out muffled yelps as it slowly sank in. She couldn't believe the strange sensation of her anus being slowly stretched and violated, her hips twitched as it began to slowly draw out and then was forced roughly back in.

She could feel their breath on her buttocks as they watched her amber ring being opened up. WPC James had never even imagined such a thing happening to her. She winced as another finger joined the first and her ring ached and burned as it inched its way home. she could feel her legs and ass cheeks quivering with tension as she strained uselessly to be off the torturous digits.

Suddenly the cock between her breasts exploded spunk up over her cleavage, thick globs of it splattered on her throat and chin. She jerked her face away in shock and disbelief. The fingers withdrew and hands forced her straining cheeks painfully wide, dragging the inside walls of her cleft painfully. She struggled to clench them but they were far too strong. They laughed at her distressed attempt to keep her cleft closed.

One breathed in her ear and then whispered.

"We're goin't fuck piggy up her big fat bum, would you like that... eh?"

Sally frantically shook her head NO! she doubled her efforts to clench her chubby cheeks, but the fingers held it wide. She jerked rigid as she felt the first touch of a cock head against the inner wall of her held open cleavage. She thrust her hips forward until there was nowhere to go. Then a hot insistent thick helmet pushed against her anus. She shook with tension the room in silence as it slowly began to be forced in. WPC James sobbed and grunted desperately trying to force her cheeks closed, bearing down to stop it invading her clenched asshole. She managed to halt its progress.

"OPEN UP YOU FUCKER!" he shouted as he slapped her tense cheek hard.

Sally sobbed and tensed up more. The guy in the red ski mask had finished. Sperm coated her jutting tits. He put away his spent cock, as they tried to force open her tightly clenched ass, he picked up the cane.

"C'mon open up! bitch!"

"Your gonna be sorry when we get in there cunt!"

"Fuck OPEN UP!!"

The bloke in the red mask grinned at her tear streaked determined face, he showed her the cane,

"Oh no, no you aint gonna be persuaded by that are you piggy whore? why don't we see if this works!"

With that he slashed the cane down on her gism coated tits. Sally tried to scream in shock and pain the tape making it a muffled shriek. she tried to pull them away. The fat cock head between her cheeks forgotten.

He brought it down again across her jutting nipples.

The poor trapped WPC jolted and bucked against the frame. kicked suddenly with her legs her knees searching for purchase on the concrete floor as the man at her back let out a grunt of pleasure. The WPC threw her head back, her back arching.


He shouted as he cruelly forced his cock into her rectum. Sally was rigid, she'd never even contemplated anal sex before and now these bastards were raping her ass, she felt as if she were splitting in two, she wriggled and jerked her bum trying to get off of it, but he just pressed deeper, he stayed still enjoying her tight trembling rectum which pressed and spasmed trying to expel his manhood. Then he started to slowly bugger deeper into her narrowing passage. Two of the others began teasing and sucking her sore teats as he made her take it up the ass.

WPC James whimpered as the bastard behind her gripped her eppeleted shoulders and pressed her down on to him as he began to shaft her unwilling ass. He ground in and out with hard jerks, She strained with her strong black stocking'd legs to get off the awful intruder which seemed to thicken and grow in her burning rectum.

He rammed harder forcing her ass to accommodate him, his thighs between hers as he drove every millimetre of his cock up into her big bum. Red mask was in front of her holding her face, his pals still painfully suckling her throbbing teats

"Oh dear don't you like it up you're shitter, I'm sure you'll grow to like it after we've all had a go" He laughed at her distress. She tried to beg him to stop them but the tape stopped most of it.

"What's that you want it harder and deeper?"

She shook her head in a furious NO!

They laughed and her rapist began to viciously butt fuck her. She looked a wonderful sight tied to the bed frame, her white uniform blouse hanging open, (still tucked in at the waist) suspended from her outstreched arms. His big hands gripping her shoulders (the black epaulettes a useful handhold) as he pounded up into her. Her helmeted head jerking with each vicious thrust against her black skirt framed buttocks, until minutes later, his cock deep inside her. He groaned and she felt his hot seed jet into her bowels. Sally held herself stiff as it throbbed and jerked inside her. The rest of them Jeered as he came in her sore ass. Sally tried to hide in her arm in humiliation, her face a brilliant red.

He slowly pulled out, her poor abused ass, made a disgusting fart noise adding to her humiliation. He moved away. Immediately the others were there pulling her bum cheeks wide and videoing the semen oozing from her raped anus.

Moments later with one of them pushing his fingers into her blonde snatch, drawing her lips open delving for her semi erect clit. kissing and slobbering over her face. another gripped and spread her buttocks and slid his length into her spunk lubed rectum. He held her still pinching her hips as he began to inch into her twitching tube. Sally sobbed and tried to lift up to ease the pain as he began shafting her deeply never pulling back, so her guts ached with the fullness of him. He began to force her down on him with her hips.

Sally sobbed and strained, he eased back until his cock head sat held in her ring, and then the bastard just teased her easing in and out slowly so that she winced and groaned each time it popped into her hot humid rectum.

The two on her breasts worked them hard, Her nipples had become incredibly engorged, and they milked and pulled them, stretching them with their hungry mouths so they could be flicked and suckled. She looked on in anguish as they pinched both nipples up and another wrapped some twine around each and then dragged them together. They were held fast. Sally tried to twist her face away from the cam-corder as the first sank his cock between her trapped nipples and up into her tight ballooned up cleavage. He held on to the bed frame as he fucked her tits like a cunt, ramming her hard flesh over and over. Another grabbed her head and forced it down against the springs so her breast rapist could groan and jerk on tiptoe jetting hot semen all over her face.

They Took time to video her spunk coated face, getting some good close ups.

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