Queen's Regulations
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Blackmail, DomSub, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Caution, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It is illegal to have homosexuals in the Military Police. Lesbians are forced to do a lot to save their jobs, if that.

In the British forces homosexuality of either sex is not tolerated and as such has been dealt with and used by the military police even in the present day to achieve their own goals or even to have some fun at others expense.

The tri-service Netball squad had just finished their tour and the all female members had returned to their perspective units. The officer in command Flt Lt Sue Miles (a nursing sister in the P.A.R.A.F.N.) had just returned to her flat unaware that her antics with Sgt Joan Smith and Private Sarah Todd of the Staffordshire regiment, had been noticed by a Wren who had only heterosexual interests and bearing a grudge had reported her suspicions to the military police at her unit, they then passed it on to the Security Intelligence Branch at Rudloe Manor. it took four days for it to hit the case book of staff sergeants John peters and Dave Bishop.

They were detectives with the Armies Royal Military Police and were based at Rudloe Manor.

They acted fast arranging a pre-dawn raid on Flight Lieutenant Miles's flat. The next morning they took along a WRAC Cpl. RMP as chaperone. They were well versed in every aspect of their jobs and both had a well developed interest in female domination and humiliation.

Flt Lt Miles came to the door in her dressing gown. She blinked bemused at the torch lit I.D's that were shown and then let them in Sgt John Peters cautioned her, she remained cool and collected. While the others ransacked her flat, looking for any kind of evidence.

Sgt Peters finished cautioning her. He was balding and about 6 inches shorter than the female officer. Then came to the bit he loved.

"Under Queens regulations you are requested to dress in your No 1 uniform ma'm, without hat, do you understand?" she just glared at him defiantly. He escorted her to the bedroom. The Cpl. WRAC followed. In the bedroom the other Sgt was just sifting through her under wear draw.

"Oh there you are Ma'm just in time I've selected some under wear and stockings for you"

"You are kind Sergeant, now if you'll leave me to dress!"

"I'm sorry we can't do that Ma'm, Regulations I'm afraid"

She glanced at the WRAC Cpl. who nodded to confirm the truth in his remark.

Her face began to flush as she went to the bed and retrieved her No 1. dress uniform and shoes.

She reluctantly took her dressing gown off and accepted the offered underwear off the grinning Sgt Peters.

Flt Lt Miles was a big stocky girl, 5' 10" a brunette with green eyes and about a size 14, her breasts were large and stiff 38DD. her full hips wide and ample. Well muscled through hours of training and hockey her legs were deliciously strong. The WRAC Cpl. looked away as they closely watched the Officer roll on her black stockings, and attach them to her suspender belt.

They noticed she had a closely trimmed bush. she struggled to hide herself from their prying eyes, her face now a brilliant red as she pulled her pants up and fished for her bra.

Her backside was a wide firm alabaster expanse, Dave Bishop licked his lips appreciatively. She did up her bra and then pulled her uniform blue blouse on stretched taught across her large tits as she did the buttons up.

Then her black tie, she pulled her skirt up over her strong thighs, did her belt up and then donned her uniform jacket. By the time she pulled her shoes on and smoothed her tightly gripping skirt both her and the WRAC Cpl. were both a brilliant red.

Sgt Bishop handcuffed her picked up her hat and escorted her to the police van outside. Flt Lt. Miles stayed calm even though she knew that there was more than enough evidence in her flat to convict her of Lesbianism and strip her of her commission and throw her out of the service. She just didn't know who else had been caught.

At the barracks of the staffordshire regiment WRAC Sgt Joan Smith was sat in a similar van on her way to the prisoner holding cells at Rudloe. She was a large blonde, tears ran down her face as the two RMP'S on either side of her teased her about how she was going to find out what a cock felt like inside her, once she was there.

The Private Sarah Todd was a tall thin brunette with a model figure, she hadn't been in long and she was terrified and really naive. she sat in another van on the same route.

They arrived at different times and were put in different cells and left to soak. The two detectives meanwhile sifted through the evidence they had collected, before deciding who to interrogate first.

There were letters damning them all, but the Private had kept a diary were she had foolishly written all the blow by blow details. By the way they were written you could tell she used her notes to masturbate with. It had names, places, everything.

They decided to start with her, she was very fragile and within minutes John and Dave had reduced her to tears. She admitted to all the stuff in the diary and more. Dave cruelly deceived and cajoled her into describing how after a post match drink she had finger fucked the Flt Lt until she came. By this time they both had major hard-ons and the WRAC Cpl. was bright red with silent embarrassment.

Due to the corrupt regime the ranks of the Military police section and the belligerence of the MOD to Lesbians and Gays in general, the investigators were given a free reign over the detainees. A blind eye was turned to their abuse as long as the heir-achy received videos of the proceedings for their own enjoyment.

The WRAC MP's said nothing for fear of persecution themselves. Those that did make a fuss were got rid of fast.

Sgt Bishop sent the WRAC Cpl. and Sgt Peters out for a break while he went in on the offensive. He told Private Todd that he could make it look like she had been abused by the others, who had used their ranks to make her do these things. That if she were to be a good girl she'd come out of this as the victim and save her career. She naively and tearfully agreed, he stood up and pushed the alarm button on the edge of the desk to signal that it was "game on" to the others outside.

Outside the room on the other side of the one way mirror the other RMP male officers gathered to watch. Through the mirror could be seen Private Todd on her knees in her No 1 uniform. Her face a picture of fear and humiliation as she watched the policeman get his hard manhood from his flies and wank it toward her face. He moved closer and clamped his hand around the back of her head and wiped the head of his cock around her lips.

The speaker above the mirror let them hear

"Please do I have to?"

"If you want a deal yes... now say arhhh" the others giggled.

She opened her mouth and he pushed the crown in.

"now lick it you whore, that's it and suck... good girl" He started to face fuck her, hard. Her lips clamped around his shaft as he forcefully began to rape her throat. He held her to it. He made her gag as he rammed it home, groaning with pleasure as her poor throat constricted about the swollen head. Her tear streaked face red with humiliation and exertion, her eyes bulging as he made her jerk and struggle for breath as he rammed in and out of her tight throat. He pulled out she gasped for breath. He pulled her up by her hair and forced her over the desk.

"Get your fuckin skirt up twat! let me see your arse!!"

"What are you going to do?"

"You think a deal like that can be paid for with a crap blow job? oh no minimum price is anal sex you dumb bitch!"

"Anal sex? you mean in my bottom? but I've never..."

"Good then you'll find out, you want a deal or not?"

"What choice have I got you bastard!"

"Good point, now cut the crap and do as I told you, YEAH!!"

She reached back pulling her service skirt up over her thighs and ass, revealing her stocking tops and suspenders, he gripped the hem of her panties and dragged them down. he pushed her face down, hard.

"Hold your ass open!"

"Please no, no please can we do something else, I don't want to!"

"Fuckin' shut up with the theatricals, hold your ass open you stupid cunt!"

Her fingers went back and gripped her cheeks spreading them. he was behind her in a flash his cock against her open cleft. She held herself stiffly, face pushed against the wood as he pressed it against her virgin asshole.

From outside she looked a picture laid in her dark green dress uniform, Her hands pinning the crumpled skirt against her waist as she held her buttocks open. Her interrogator forcing his cock into her unwilling ass. Her face a brilliant red as she grunted and strained in pain as he began to force in.

She let out a cry as it popped into her ass. "OH FUCK NOO OHHHHHH!" he started to bugger it deeper. She slammed her hands on the desk top in frustration and pain. then she grabbed for the edge of the desk as he rammed deeper, her forehead pushed to the desk top as he started to butt fuck her hard. "OH UH UH please don't be long please I can't stand it ooh ahhhh oh FUCK!!" her legs kicked and straightened as he set to reaming her tight rectum. He grabbed her shoulders and fucked up into her ass with rapid deep strokes. making her whence and jerk with each merciless thrust.

He took his time enjoying her helpless disgust at what she was being made to do. He rammed her deep and with a guttural moan shot his load deep into her spasming bowels.

The pained open mouthed expression changed to a look of disgust on her face telling them all outside that he'd cum. He pulled out moments later and pulled her pants back up into her crease. He dragged her skirt back down and pulled her up off the desk. He pushed her down on to the seat. He stood in front of her putting his cock away. She glared at him in hatred.

He pulled her arms behind her back and cuffed her to the chair back. "Now don't go anywhere, someone else is sure to find a use for you!" he laughed and left the room. she was left there sobbing sat on her smarting ass his cum slowly dribbling out to pool in her panties.

In the cell across the corridor Sgt John Peters was interrogating the fat Sergeant.

Flt Lt Miles paced in another cell, desperate for a cigarette.

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