Spring Carnival
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Group Sex, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A senior at an engineering university looks to blow off a little steam during the last Spring Carnival before he graduates.

It had been a long day.

I'm a Computer Engineering student at one of the best engineering colleges in the country. Thank God I'm in my last year. Between teaching a lab section, doing some research for extra credit, trying to pull a 4.0 in my other classes, and keeping a steady girlfriend, I was in desperate need of a break. Fortunately, Spring Carnival was coming up that weekend, and I intended to take full advantage of it. A weekend-long bender wasn't out of the question, and I knew I wouldn't have any trouble keeping busy.

Wednesday, the day before Carnival officially started. I woke up late, as usual. I dragged myself out of bed, and once again almost fell out of my loft. Managed to only be five minutes late for Physics, thanks to my rollerblades. Slept through that class, but then got stuck talking to my research advisor for over an hour. After promising him I'd get some real work done soon (for the third time this month), I managed to sneak in a light lunch -- well, okay, it was a can of Coke -- before my afternoon classes. Managed to appear awake through most of Psychology. By the time my evening lab section rolled around, I was tired, hungry, and ready for bed. Someday, I thought to myself, the freshmen Engineering students will actually pay attention in class, and I won't have to teach them all the material again when they come in here.

Just as my lab let out, I ran into Rob. Rob was president of the club I belonged to, whose sole purpose was to have a good time, regardless of the method. He was also my closest friend here at school. This year, Rob had decided that we were going to build a booth for the Carnival Midway, and he had been trying to drum up support for months. Somehow, though the haze of fatigue I was already fighting, I agreed to help put the finishing touches on the booth, since Midway opened tomorrow afternoon and we needed to be done with construction before the sun came up.

The last thing I remember is someone taking the hammer out of my hands, pointing me back towards my dorm, and saying over his shoulder, "Could somebody hand me a crowbar?"

That was twelve hours ago.

I slowly rejoined the conscious world, only to have two sensations overwhelming me. The first, and the more annoying of the two, was the bright sunlight streaming in through my window. Obviously, I hadn't managed to close the shades last night before I climbed into bed. Not surprising, since my eyes felt like something was glued to them -- probably forgot to take my contacts out, too. The second sensation was much more surprising, and much more pleasant. It took me a minute before I could pinpoint it, but as I looked down at my crotch to see what was causing it, all I could make out was a mass of red hair, bobbing up and down.

Suddenly a large quantity of blood rushed to my brain, and I moaned involuntarily. Evidentially the owner of the hair noticed that I was awake, because she let my dick fall out of her mouth with a slight popping sound, and crawled up my body to kiss me good morning.

"Hi there, beautiful. Rough night?" It was my girlfriend, April. Apparently, I had forgotten to lock the door last night, too.

"Mmmm. Like you wouldn't believe." April had reached down with her hand, and was gently stroking my penis while her other hand gently rested on my chest.

"I guess not."

"How long have you been here?" I asked.

"I came looking for you at Booth last night, since you never called me after lab."

"D'oh! I knew I'd forgotten *something*..." Synapses in my brain actually began to fire, and a vague recollection of the previous day began to form in my mind.

"That's okay. Rob told me he had sent you home after you tried to nail the door shut. So I came by... when you didn't answer my knock, I tried the door and found it open. Figured you had just come home and collapsed. Poor baby."

She had continued to stroke my cock the whole time she was telling me this, with some pretty impressive results, considering my condition.

"Mmm. And instead of waking me up, you just let me sleep it off? How considerate."

"Maybe. But now that you're, um, 'up', I thought there might be something I could do for you."

April slid her leg over mine and rolled on top of me. Her hair fell all around my face as she planted a sloppy wet kiss on my lips and began to grind her pelvis against me. I reached down to cup her ass with my hands, gently kneading those gorgeous globes and running my fingers along the slight flare of her hips. April forced my lips open with hers, and I felt her tongue dart into my mouth. We lay like that for some time, just making out on my bed.

Finally, we broke our kiss, and April shot me a steamy look that would have instantly brought me to erection if I hadn't had one already. I gently pulled her ass cheeks apart just a bit, and she arched her back and reached down to grab my dick. Gently, she ran the head along her slit a couple of times, teasing me as much as herself. I could feel the heat and the dampness coming from her cunt. It was too much. I grabbed her hips more forcefully and pulled her down on top of me. She gasped as I filled her tunnel with my hardness, but that soon changed to a catlike purr.

April began to rotate her hips ever so slightly. The feeling of being buried in her nice tight cunt so early in the day had me floating on cloud nine. I was still chasing away the last cobwebs of sleep from my brain, and I thought to myself, "Now this is a great way to start off the day."

Slowly now, we both began to move. April sat back just a bit and propped herself up on her hands. My hands instinctively moved to her breasts, kneading the flesh and gently playing with her nipples. April wasn't the most endowed girl on the planet, but she had a nice handful and the most sensitive nipples of any woman I'd known. I had once made her come just by playing with her nipples for a while, but I wasn't in the mood for such indirect methods this morning.

Obviously, neither was April. Her moans started low, in the back of her throat, and quickly moved forward and became louder. It seemed to me that she had had a bit of a head start on me this morning. I began to thrust a little harder, using as much strength from my hips and thighs as I could to meet her as she bounced down on my cock. Soon enough, we were thrashing around on the bed, April trying not to bang her head off my ceiling (my loft bed was pretty high) while I continued to push every inch as far into her as I could.

It didn't take long before I knew she would come. The muscles in her cunt began to tense, and I felt them squeeze my dick like she was trying to push me out. April threw her head back, and she had a look of pure ecstasy on her face -- eyes closed, mouth open and panting, gorgeous mane of red hair spilling over her shoulders, chest thrust forward into my hands, back arched, and her hips slamming down into mine with all the strength she could muster. Then it hit her. I felt the wave of pleasure start in her pussy, and spread out all over her body. I thought I could actually see it as first her legs quivered, then her stomach, then her nipples which actually felt like they became harder, then up her neck until it all came out her mouth in an incredibly erotic scream that almost pushed me over the edge.

"Oh God, baby, don't stop, it feels so good. Come for me baby, come on, give it all to me. Empty those big heavy balls of yours inside me. Coat my insides, baby, come on."

It didn't take much more of that before it was my turn. Starting in my balls, I felt the first load fill all the way up my dick until it stopped at the tip. Holding back as long as I could, my mouth dropped open and I began moaning as well.

"Don't fight it baby... let it go... let me have it... I want it all... come on... YES!"

With one final thrust, I lifted April off the bed and pushed my dick as far inside her as I possibly could. The first shot of semen felt like it would go all the way into her stomach. I came in waves, gushing load after load into her hot tunnel. My orgasm was so intense that my vision started to fade out, and all I could see were stars on a grey background. April felt my come, and it set her off again. She screamed in pleasure as I continued to paint the walls of her cunt with my thick come. I could feel some of it trickle down and out of her pussy, and felt it run over my balls and down the crack of my ass. April just couldn't stop coming. She kept sliding up and down on my stiff pole, mixing our juices together and making a slurping sound. I wasn't sure if she came again, or if she just never came down off her second one, but it didn't matter.

April had collapsed on top of me, trapping my arms underneath her, still clutching her tits. Slowly, my vision returned to me, as April lay there panting. Eventually my heart began to slow down, and those gorgeous red lips slowly curled into a big smile as she sighed contentedly.

"MMMmmmmmmm... how about that for a wake-up call... ?" she grinned.

"Not bad... but next time, tell the bellhop to bring breakfast, too."

I got a pillow to the kisser for that one.

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