Company Trip
Chapter 1: Rick's Story

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Rick's Story - They take a trip with the company and they share everything

Wendy and I were ready and set to go. It had been three years since our last vacation. We had both been working long hours for the last several months and really needed this vacation. Wendy paused to tell her mother one last thing about the kids before we headed for the airport. We would be gone a week and I could tell that Wendy was already missing our two young girls. I felt the same way.

We were heading for Florida. My company had rewarded three of my coworkers and myself with this trip after the successful completion of an important project.

Wendy was thrilled when I told her the news. I suggested that she go out and buy a new wardrobe for the trip with some of the bonus money the company had given me. My sensible wife insisted that the wardrobe in her closet was adequate. I suggested that she forget about the conservative attire that hung in her closet and splurge on some more exciting attire.

"What do you mean, exciting?" asked Wendy.

"You know, sexy, revealing, tight, sexy, short, tight... , " I droned.

"I get the picture," interrupted Wendy with an annoyed look on her face.

After some heavy persuasion (begging) on my part, Wendy agreed to spice up her wardrobe. Actually, I could see that the idea began to grow on her. I knew she was tired of the business suits and even the sensible casual wear. It was time to blow off a little steam. Over the three months leading up to the trip, I did get a peak at a few of the items that Wendy bought. Much of it was lingerie. Her modeling shows usually ended up in a round of great sex. She would not let me see everything though. She wanted to keep it secret.

As we drove to the airport I still did not know much about Wendy's new clothes. She had packed when I was occupied and her suitcase was locked. The outfit she was wearing for the plane trip was nothing new. I had seen her in it many times before. It did nothing to show off her great figure.

At the airport we met Jim and Bill. Their wives would be joining them in Florida in a couple of days. Evidently, they were tied up with work or with family matters. Jim informed us that Greg and his wife would be taking a different flight because of a last minute situation that had come up with one of their kids. They were expected to meet us at the resort after lunch. Our flight was a short one and we expected to arrive at the resort in time for the lunch buffet.

As expected we arrived at the resort in time to freshen up before lunch. Wendy told me that she wanted to change and suggested that I go on down and meet Jim and Bill. I headed down and waited in the lobby adjacent to the dining room. Five minutes later my coworkers joined me. They asked about Wendy and I told them she would be right down. We passed the time discussing the attractions at the resort.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a hot looking woman walking up to the dining room hostess. It's funny how guys sense these things. If it was a man or a child, then I wouldn't have given the person a notice. This person, however, had on a short skirt and what appeared to be bikini top. My radar signaled that it was a woman and an attractive one at that. Jim and Bill had their radar operational as well. We all three craned our necks to get a better look.

My jaw dropped when I recognized that the woman was my wife Wendy. And man was she sexy looking. The outfit she was wearing was designed to attract men. It was just what I had in mine when I suggested she buy a new wardrobe. Wendy's pony tail was gone and her brown hair was fluffed up and arranged across her shoulders like a fashion model.

The tight skirt Wendy wore was mid thigh length. It had wide black and white stripes across the front and was solid black in the back. The matching top looked like a simple bikini swim suit top. It did an admirable job of keeping Wendy's 34C bust in place. Jim couldn't keep his eyes off her substantial cleavage. Bill was checking out her fantastic legs.

"Wow!" I said as I approached Wendy. I looked at her five and a half foot frame from head to toe and noticed that she sported a pair of shiny black pumps with very high heels.

Wendy looked at me, smiled and said, "Do you like my outfit?" Before I could answer, she pulled me close and whispered, "I guess the lump in your shorts is my answer." She added, "Looks like I'm a hit judging by the similar lumps your friends have."

I was a little surprised at my wife's words. She usually doesn't make comments like that in public, even though they were whispered. Finally, I found my voice and said, "Shall we eat lunch?"

Everyone headed for the dining room. I pulled up the rear and got a kick out of Jim and Bill checking out my wife's ass. It did look great in that skirt. Wendy's daily exercise routine kept her 34-22-33 figure in great shape.

The serving line was the center of attention while Wendy was filling her plate. I watched several men leave their tables and pretend to check out the dessert while checking out my sexy wife. She seemed to be eating it up. In the past Wendy was uncomfortable with male attention. That was obviously not the case today.

We enjoyed our meal. I couldn't be sure if it was the food or the beautiful lady having lunch with us. After lunch we walked outside to check out the beach.

"I think I'll go swimming," said Wendy.

"Sounds great, lets go get our suits," I said. Wendy ignored my suggestion and hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her skirt. She smiled at me and my friends and slowly began to lower her skirt. My mouth fell open as my shy wife slowly pulled off her skirt. Jim and Bill were equally shocked.

"Fooled you boys, didn't I?" was Wendy's taunt as it finally became clear that she had her suit bottoms on underneath the skirt. Wendy popped off her high heels and took off for the water. We watched her bounce all the way. It's a wonder her breasts didn't fall out of her top. Suddenly, both Jim and Bill were running out to join her. They had been equally prepared with their speedos under their shorts. I looked down at a pile of clothes then out to my sexy wife and coworkers. They were having a blast splashing each other with water.

I cursed myself for not being prepared like my wife and friends. I retreated to the room and pulled on my suit. As I headed back down, I ran into Greg and Pam. I told them to meet us out on the beach after they settled in.

As I walked outside onto the beach I noticed that Bill and my wife seemed to be wrestling out in the water. I didn't think much of it until he grabbed her by the waist from behind and pulled her against him. For a moment she struggled then as he said something to her she stopped. I entered the water to get a closer look and noticed that he had her ass pulled against the large bulge in his suit. As Bill continued to talk softly into my wife's ear I noticed that his hands had moved up her shapely body and were about to cup her large breasts. Wendy caught his hands before he reached his goal and held onto them. Clearly frustrated, Bill tried to gain their release. He was about to succeed when he noticed my arrival.

"Hi Rick," said Bill as he quickly backed away from Wendy.

"I see that you two were getting a little better acquainted," I teased.

Wendy blushed and Bill smiled and said, "She's a beauty." Bill didn't hang around for further conversation. He drove into the water and headed away from the shore.

I turned to Wendy a said, "Getting a little frisky, wasn't he?"

Wendy smiled and softly said, "A little."

"You didn't seem to mind too much," I added. Wendy giggled and splashed away. I gave chase. She stopped long enough to slap the water sending a big splash right into my face. I was pissed now. No mercy for my little tramp wife. My longer legs made short work of the distance between us and I soon had my sexy beautiful wife in the same hold that Bill used. Wendy stopped trying to get away when I pressed the front bulge of my suit into the crack of her ass.

"So that's what it takes to get you to stop," I said.

"Unnmm," Wendy moaned. The suit bottom she wore had a thong back. The then material of my suit was all that separated my cock from her soft ass cheeks.

"You like to feel that big lump against your butt, don't you?" I teased.

"Lump maybe, but for big you better go get Bill," Wendy shot back.

"Oooh, so he showed you his stick did he?" I asked.

"Yessss, but it was more like a bat," she said softly.

"I see, so what did he say to you while he ground his bat against you?" I inquired.

Wendy moaned again as I rotated my hips against my hot wife. I was delighted when she let me move my hands up her waist and cup her great tits. At least she let me get this far with her. Wendy moaned again and said, "He said some naughty things to me."

"What did he say?" I asked anxiously.

"I shouldn't say," she teased.

"Not even to your husband?" I returned.

"Well, there are some things a lady shouldn't talk about," Wendy said.

Before I could press my wife further, Greg and Pam joined us. My teasing little tramp would get hers later. As I looked at Greg and Pam, I nearly forgot my wife's teasing. Of course Pam was the one that got my attention. She was wearing a bikini that rivaled Wendy's in what it covered. While Wendy's suit was black and white, Pam's was bright red. It showed off her figure nicely. Pam is about the same height as Wendy but not quite as slender. That's not to say that she was fat. She definitely was not fat. Relative to Wendy I would guess her measurements to be about 38D-25-37. She looked hot.

We played around in the water for almost an hour. The highlight was a round of wrestling where each wife would sit on the shoulders of her husband and then try to push the other couple over. We had a blast. Jim and Bill noticed our fun and decided to cut in. I wasn't surprised when Bill teamed up with Wendy. Greg and I watched our wives perched on our coworkers' shoulders try to wrestle each other down.

At one point Pam decided to play a little dirty. She managed to pop one of Wendy's tits out of her top. Wendy was unable to do anything about it without risking being pushed over. She didn't seem to mind, however. A few minutes later Wendy popped one of Pam's tits out. She made the mistake of trying to fix it and Wendy pushed her over with ease. Wendy raised her hands in triumph and although she knew we could see her breast she left it out.

Ironically, Bill wasn't aware of Wendy's exposure until Pam commented on her hard nipple. Bill craned his head to see but his view was blocked by her suit top. Bill was not to be outdone. He quickly rotated Wendy so that his face was now buried in her suit covered crotch. Wendy began to lightly bang on his head in an attempt to get him to stop. When that didn't work, she began to thrash around wildly. Finally she managed to make Bill lose his balance and fall over.

We all laughed loudly at the display. Wendy finally secured her breast back behind her suit top and pulled her suit bottom back into place. If Bill had had more time he would have pulled Wendy's bottom out enough to gain access to her pussy. We spent the rest of the afternoon lying on the beach and enhancing our tans. At about five we headed to the rooms to clean up and catch a nap. We agreed to meet at eight for dinner.

Back in the room all I could do was just stare at Wendy with a smile.

She blushed and asked, "What are you gawking at?"

"My incredibly sexy wife," was my reply.

"So you like the new me, huh?" she asked.

"Terrific!" I said.

"Well, wait till you see what I wear tonight to dinner," Wendy said.

"I'm not sure I can wait for that," I said as I moved to caress her.

Wendy pushed me away gently and said, "Save it for later big boy, you'll need your strength when you see my outfit."

I was suddenly reminded about Wendy's little rendezvous with Bill. I was curious what Bill had said to her so I asked, "Now that I have you alone, tell me what Bill said to you when he grabbed you from behind."

Wendy smiled and said, "A girl never kisses and tells."

Distracted, I asked, "I didn't see you two kissing." I was beginning to get annoyed. I really didn't mind some harmless flirting. In fact, I found it a turn on to see Bill holding Wendy's ass against his cock bulge. What bothered me was that Wendy wouldn't tell me about it.

"We didn't, silly," said Wendy as she headed into the bathroom. She was avoiding me and I didn't care much for it. As I thought about what Bill might have said to Wendy I laid down on the bed and fell asleep. I awoke a little over an hour later. Wendy was asleep next to me still in her skimpy bikini. I took the opportunity to check out her great body. I was very proud of my wife. She was beautiful and she treated me like a king. I am a very lucky man.

I hit the shower, then shaved. While I was getting dressed, Wendy woke up. "You've got less than an hour, babe," I reminded her. I sat and watched TV while Wendy showered. She came out in her old robe with a towel on her head and said, "Honey, why don't you go on down and let me surprise you with my outfit." Reluctantly, I headed down.

Shortly after I seated myself in the lobby, Jim and Bill came down. Two minutes later Greg and Pam made an entrance. All eyes were glued to Pam as she swayed across the floor in a too tight spandex mini-dress. It was black and contrasted nicely with her long blond hair. The dress was very short and almost allowed the tops of her dark stockings to show. The neckline was low cut displaying the large valley between her big tits to its fullest. Her five inch black heels clicked as she walked across the floor. I had an instant hard on. She was dressed to thrill. Wendy now had some competition.

We waited another five minutes for my wife and then she made her appearance. I couldn't believe it. My shy demure wife walked into the lobby dressed like a very expensive hooker. As hot as Pam looked, Wendy took looking hot to a different level. She wore a black leather mini-skirt so short that you could see the beginnings of her ass. For a moment I thought she was wearing shorts but this was definitely a skirt. Wendy's legs were covered with black fishnet stockings and she wore six inch platform heels. Her breasts were covered by a black leather bustier with silver studs all over the cups. Her breasts bulged out of the top and her pink areolas were just barely covered. If Pam was dressed to thrill then Wendy was just plan asking for sex.

I walked up to my wife and kissed her on the cheek. I know I was the envy of every man within visual distance of Wendy. I admired the expert makeup job that she had applied a little heavier than usual. Her brown eyes looked very mysterious. Her beautiful brown hair was fluffed up big on top and it flowed around her shoulders and across the swells of her breasts. "You're sexy as hell, baby," I whispered to Wendy.

"Do I make you hard?" she whispered back.

"Most definitely," I replied.

"Good, I want that cock of yours buried in me at the earliest convenience," she demanded.

We joined the group and everyone complemented Wendy on her outfit. Even Pam seemed genuinely impressed. She conceded the hottest outfit contest gracefully. We all looked on with awe as we followed Wendy into the dining room. She had developed the sexiest walk and her ass looked great wiggling in that leather skirt.

We enjoyed dinner and then headed down the street to a dance club. Wendy and Pam drew stares from every man we saw. Wendy seemed to enjoy the looks. I noticed her smiling back at the men that looked although I don't think they ever looked up to see it. We had a ball dancing. In fact, I was tempted to take Wendy right on the dance floor when she pressed her fantastic body against me. Bill and Jim seemed to like dancing with the ladies as well. I even got to dance with Pam and I naturally had thoughts of sliding my hard cock into her several times.

Bill continued to flirt with Wendy. I knew that if she let him he would take whatever he could get from her. He did manage to get a few gropes of Wendy's ass and I think he tried to sneak a feel of her tits once. Wendy smiled all through it and fended him off as politely as she could. As the night wore on, her resistance wore down and Bill was a little more successful in learning the charms of her body. Every time I asked Wendy about Bill she continued to tease me by not saying anything. I was going to have to teach her a lesson for that.

After an hour had passed, Pam and Greg headed back to their room. I caught Greg and asked if everything was OK and he said that Pam was feeling a little ill. He figured it must have been some seafood that she ate. It was nothing serious and Greg said that he might return if Pam seemed OK back at the room.

Meanwhile, Wendy was still out on the dance floor. Now, she was dancing with a man I had never seen before. She looked sexy as she swayed to the upbeat tune. Wendy's lusty dance reminded me of the ones I'd seen at our hometown strip club. I halfway expected her to start striping at any minute. The evening went on and we all had a great time. The only problem was the lack of women. Greg returned and said that Pam was fine and a good night sleep would fix her up. Bill and Jim commented several times that they wished their wives were with us. I agreed. I was getting tired of sharing my wife. Wendy, however, was loving the attention of all the men. Not only the four of us but two or three others that she had danced with.

At two in the morning the place shut down. Bill suggested we head back to the hotel and have a nightcap in his room. Before I could say yea or nay, Wendy said, "Great idea, Bill." She looked at me and winked. I wondered what was on her mind.

We headed back to the hotel with somewhat unsteady steps. The booze had taken its toll. Nobody was fall down drunk but we were all feeling no pain. We all waited at Bill's door as he opened it. We watched with great pleasure, as Wendy's sexy ass wiggled into the room. We followed and found seats where we could. Bill raided the room's mini-bar and made the drinks. Wendy found the radio and began to search for a decent station. When a slow song with a hard driving beat boomed out, Wendy stepped away from the radio and began to sway. I was reminded again of the strip club. So was Bill.

"Wendy, you do that better than most of the girls at the stripclub," said Bill. Wendy smiled seductively and exaggerated her grind. "How about showing us what is underneath that outfit?" he added. I realized that Bill had just asked my wife to strip for him but it didn't seem to bother me. For some reason that thought bothered me. Was I getting off on watching my wife act slutty? I realized that that was exactly what was happening. I was proud of my beautiful wife and it turned me on that my coworkers were hot for her. Hell, I was hot for her. She did request that we have sex and that was when she was cold sober. I became more excited than I already was at the possibilities.

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