The Atonement
Chapter 1: In The Beginning...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: In The Beginning... - Committing a hit-and-run puts her at the mercy of her neighbor who takes extreme advantage of her power

She can still see it all as if it were happening again this moment. The expression on his face just before impact. She could see he knew it was coming -- that he knew he was going to be severely injured and there was no way he could avoid it. That expression clearly said what writers would take volumes to say. She could see the face change as it hit the windshield only inches from her eyes. It changed as if everything were happening in slow motion -- as if he were willing time to slow down enough to allow him to get out of this mess. She could feel the bump of the rear tires running over the body. And she could still feel her foot pressing on the accelerator taking her away from there as quickly as possible. She wonders if anyone else witnessed the horror that occurred that night. She wonders if she could have saved his life if she had stopped. She wonders how long these flashbacks would go on. She wonders just what John really thinks of her. Outwardly he acts like the model of a devoted husband -- offering her support and solace, as well as trying to cover up everything. She wonders what would happen to her if the authorities found out she was the hit-and-run driver they've been looking for since Saturday. Mostly she wonders "why me?"

The knock on the door brought her back to the present and to reality. Before she had time to get up and answer, the call "Barbara?" told her it was Cheryl. Cheryl had introduced herself the day she moved in and, within an hour, was talking about her sex life as if they had been lifelong friends. Barbara had been taken aback by this at first but came to accept Cheryl's "cock sure of herself" boldness. For the most part, Cheryl was your average 23 year old girl-next-door. Plain looking with no exceptional features. Sandy blonde hair, well built, firm body, friendly personality, but with a decided fixation on sex. She had lived in the house next door with her parents until she married and moved into her own apartment about a year ago. Being childless and not working left her with plenty of time on her hands, especially since her husband had to be away on business so often. She spent a good deal of this time at her parent's home and, inevitably, at Barbara's kitchen table over coffee. During these conversations Barbara discovered that Cheryl was not really having a great marriage and it was obvious that Cheryl's lack of inhibitions clashed with her husband, Don's, rather prudish conservative manner. Barbara also knew that Cheryl wanted to get in the sack with John very badly and had even hinted of swinging when they were all partying together. Barbara knew Cheryl well enough to know that Cheryl would never cease to surprise her and that she usually got what she was after.

Barbara seemed to sense that something was different about Cheryl today. As she poured the coffee she noticed Cheryl sat at the table without saying a word. This was totally out of character for Cheryl who normally wouldn't stop talking from the moment she walked through the door until she walked back out of it. Having set the cups on the table, Barbara took her seat and was about to open the conversation with a "What's new?" when Cheryl suddenly opened up.

"Guess what happened to me Saturday night?" she started, although it was not the cheerful "can't wait to tell ya'" tone one would expect from Cheryl.

"What?" Barbara tried to sound genuinely interested in what Cheryl was saying.

"I was coming home to spend the rest of the weekend at mom's when I dropped my cigarette onto the carpet. I pulled over and was looking for it when this drunk, trying to cross the street, bumps into my car, staggers back, then walks right in front of the car into my street." She paused to sip her coffee then lit a cigarette before continuing. "Guess what happened next?"

"I have no idea." Barbara said. She could tell she was beginning to panic. Her heart was pounding so hard she thought surly Cheryl must hear it.

"Oh, I think you do." Cheryl responded. "I think you know I saw this Pontiac, just like yours, come flying down the street, run him down then take off like a bat out of hell. I think you know I saw a woman driving who looked exactly like you. I think you know I saw the license plate number and it was your number. I think you know." Cheryl's eyes were glued on Barbara. She took a long drag on the cigarette and blew the smoke over her cup towards Barbara and just waited.

"What the hell are you talking about? I was here with John all night on Saturday. Ask him!" Barbara shot back.

"Barbara, this is me. I'm no fool. If that's the case, how did your windshield get broken? Yes, I just "happened" to notice it through the garage window on my way over here. C'mon. Stop bullshitting me. You know, I wonder what the cops are gonna find when they go over that windshield looking for hair or blood or whatever they do in these cases."

"Why would the cops come here?" Barbara asked suspiciously. She knew the answer of course, but couldn't think of anything else to say at the moment. She just wanted to buy a little time to get her head straight and think of some logical explanation -- something -- anything.

"Well Barbara, I've been fighting with myself since I saw "this nice old guy" get gunned down the other night. I think It's my duty to call the police and tell them what I saw. Unless..." again Cheryl stopped, sipped and took another puff on the cigarette.

"Unless what?" Barbara was starting to drop her defenses. Maybe, she thought, there is a way out. But then again why would Cheryl say she was going to the police if she really wasn't? She felt the blood rushing to her head and wondered if it was due to embarrassment or to the fact that she was beginning to get a little annoyed with this brat and wished she'd get to the point.

"You know, Barbara, it hasn't been fun for me this past year. Being married to "Mr. Goody Two-shoes" is not what I'd call exciting to begin with, and even at that he's been away so much lately that its almost like I'm single - only worse. If I were single, I could go out and find someone to spend a wild night with, but being married puts a damper on that kind of behavior. No, I've just been sitting around at nights, watching TV and thinking thoughts. Lately those thoughts have been getting wilder and wilder. When I saw you hit that guy the other night I didn't know what to do. I mean, how could I face you without thinking about what I saw? I sat home trying to think of something to say to you or how to bring it up or whatever. I'd just sit there thinking about it and my thoughts would get wilder and wilder. Finally I thought of what it would be like to have a maid around the house. Someone to wait on me hand and foot and do whatever I told them to." With that said, Cheryl stopped. She slowly, deliberately crushed out her cigarette and put the coffee cup back to her lips, watching Barbara over the rim.

Barbara couldn't control herself any longer. This was too much. Who the hell did this kid think she was?

"Cheryl, you've got to be crazy. If you think I'm gonna be your maid and wait on you hand and foot, you're bananas."

"Now listen Barbara!" Cheryl's tone changed from that of being sicky-sweet to being downright nasty and dominant. "I'm offering you an alternative. Do you know what'll happen to you if they find out you ran that guy over and then left the scene? My guess is at LEAST a year or two in prison for vehicular homicide. How are you going to cope with that? How are going to explain to your kids why they have to visit mommy in jail once a week? How is John going to cope without a woman around the house for that length of time? You think about it."

"What is it you want me to do?" Barbara replied quietly. She knew Cheryl had her, but being a maid for a while sure beat going to jail. What would she say to John? How could she get out of the house without him knowing about it?

"Whatever, and I do mean whatever, I tell you to do." Cheryl shot back. "I'll tell you one thing, though. It's gonna involve a whole lot more than housework and waiting on me -- a whole lot more. I told you I've been thinking some wild thoughts lately."

"Cheryl, let's get this straight. I'm not a lesbian and don't intend to become one, so get any thoughts like that right out of your head."

"No, Barbara, you get this straight. You'll do what I say you'll do, when I say to do it and with whoever I say to do it with. I'm not a lesbian either, but I admit to thinking about what it would be like once or twice lately"

"Cheryl, I can't." Barbara whined softly. "I simply can't."

"Tell you what. You think it over. You think it over real good. You look at your husband and your kids and you think of what you in prison will do to them. You think about it and when John comes home, you talk to him about it. You make the decision. I'll be back at 10 o'clock tonight. If you and John agree to this, you put the kids to bed at 9, go take your shower, get all prettied up, and put on your robe -- just your robe, nothing underneath, and wait for me. If I come back and you're not wearing your robe, I'll know the answer is "no" and I'll leave here immediately and the next time you see me I'll be on a witness stand. You think about it. And, by the way, if you do decide to agree to my terms, have a nice chilled bottle of wine on the table for me."

Having said that, Cheryl stood up and looked at Barbara sitting there, stunned, head bowed and near tears. She paused, walked casually to the door and left.

"Well," Barbara thought. "I certainly have gotten myself into a pile of shit this time." She thought about the day in varying states of confusion, disbelief, shock, and humility. She had surely fucked up this time. She remembered telling John what had happened with Cheryl that afternoon. She expected him to react with rage and had prepared herself to restrain him from running next door and killing Cheryl on the spot. She didn't expect the way he did react -- pretty much the same way she did -- completely defeated. He just sat there staring at his glass of beer and didn't say a word. He never even looked up when she told him what she thought she do. He never saw the tears forming in the corners of her eyes as she told him how sorry she was for causing this mess and screwing up their lives. He just stared at the beer as if the golden liquid would show him an answer to all their problems. Finally he stood up, said "Whatever you want to do, babe, I'm with you. I can't tell you how sorry I am that this is happening to you. Whatever you decide, I'll stick by you. I don't know what I'd do." She wondered if he would stand by her or if this ordeal would prove to much for him to handle. Then she wondered what was in store for her. Just what the hell could possibly be worse than what she's been through these past couple of days. If she could survive them, she could survive anything. "I guess I'll find out soon enough." she thought as she finished drying off, stepped out of the shower stall and into her robe.

Cheryl, as usual, was right on time. The knock on the back door came just as the living room clock was beginning to chime. Barbara glanced over at John, took a deep breath and shivered as she uncrossed her legs and began to stand up. John motioned for her to stay put and got up off the sofa and walked casually to the back door.

"Cheryl, what the hell is going on?" He asked even before the door was fully opened. John wasn't sure whether he should show strength and force or humility. He was pissed that Cheryl was doing this to his wife but afraid of what would happen if he didn't consent. What pissed him off most, though, was that Cheryl obviously wanted his wife and he had been hoping to get some wild sack time in with Cheryl himself.

Cheryl took one step into the kitchen, looked at him and smiled. She had obviously "prettied" herself up also. She wore a short cotton dress that wrapped around her and appeared to be held on by one button on the side at the waistline. It was evident to John that she wore no bra or stockings and he wondered if she had anything on at all under that dress. As he looked at her, he felt that familiar twinge in his loins as he began to get hard.

"Well, let's find out, John, shall we?" she replied as she walked past him and stood at the small dinette table in the center of the room. She shifted the rather large tote bag she was carrying to the other shoulder and began to twirl the bottle of Zinfadel around in the ice bucket which sat, all alone, in the center of the table.

"Look, Cheryl, think about what you're asking of us. Friends don't do this sort of thing to friends. What is it that you expect of Barbara? God knows she's been through enough already."

"Don't worry, John. I'm just going to have a little fun. Barbara won't be hurt much. I'm sure that right now this seems like such a sinister thing I'm doing, but lighten up. I think we'll all have a good time in the end. I'm sure you and I will, but Barbara just might not care for it. She's just going to have to put up with it for a while. Who knows? She may enjoy it - but don't bet on it. As for what I expect of Barbara, we'll go over that shortly. Do me a favor, will you? Get me a glass and bring the wine into the living room where we can all talk this out."

Cheryl turned and walked into the living room. She looked at Barbara sitting in the chair, smiled when she noticed that Barbara was wearing a robe, went over and sat down in the center of the sofa placing her bag beside her. When John came in the room, he set the wine and glasses down on the coffee table in front of the sofa. He silently picked up the bottle and began to pour wine into the three glasses he had set in a row.

"Just pour two glasses, John. I don't believe Barbara will have one just yet." Having said that, Cheryl looked directly at Barbara who was visibly nervous and frightened as she sat rubbing her hands together staring at the carpet.

"Well, Barbara, it appears that you've agreed to my terms after all. Have you?" Cheryl asked while sipping on the cool wine.

"I guess so." Barbara's voice was barely audible and had a distinct waver in it. She never moved her head as she spoke and kept looking down at the carpet.

Cheryl smiled outwardly, but inwardly she was laughing. I've got her where I want her she thought.

"Why, Barbara, I couldn't hear a word you said. Please come over here and stand in front of the table right there in front of me and answer my question." Cheryl spoke cheerfully, as if she were discussing the weather or her new spring wardrobe.

Barbara shot a cold look at Cheryl and for a moment was ready to pounce on her and rip her hair out. Luckily she regained her composure quickly and realized that Cheryl was definitely in the driver's seat. She quickly glanced at John who sat there looking at her, uncrossed her legs and slowly started over to the sofa.

Cheryl smiled even wider when Barbara got up and walked over to the exact spot she had directed her to. She lifted her glass and finished the wine in one long sip then turned to John who was still looking at his wife. Cheryl noticed that John's hard-on was undermining his outward attempt to show his disdain for the proceedings.

"John, would you refill my glass, please? And, by the way John, please don't interrupt Barbara and I during this discussion. You'll have plenty of time to voice your opinion to Barbara after I leave."

Cheryl then directed her attention to Barbara standing in front of her. She did look hopeless standing there, still looking at the carpet.

"Well, Barbara, have you agreed to my terms, or haven't you?

"Yes," was all Barbara could whisper before almost losing her breath.

"Let's see about that. First of all, the correct answer would be "Yes, Mistress." Please try again and speak so that we can hear you."

"Yes, mistress" Barbara spat back, then realizing she sounded hostile and afraid Cheryl would get angry she continued in a more humble tone. "I agree to your terms."

"Good. Let's begin then." Cheryl sat up and opened her tote bag and rummaged through it for a minute then withdrew a tape recorder, Polaroid camera and a file folder. She opened the file folder and pulled out a single sheet of paper and laid it on the table in front of Barbara.

"Ok, Barbara, you wanted to know what I expected you to do. Well, that paper will enlighten things a bit. Now I want you to remove your robe -- you don't have anything on under it do you?"

"No." Barbara said and quickly added "mistress."

"Well, take it off and lets see."

Cheryl was pleasantly surprised when Barbara's hands undid the sash and let the robe slip off her arms. Barbara had a much better body than she had imagined. She wasn't as thin as Cheryl had pictured. A better word word to describe her would be "trim" with small, pert breasts and a firm, flat tummy one wouldn't expect from a 28 year old mother of two. Cheryl had mentioned to a few of her neighbors who dropped by for coffee this morning that she just may have a "slave/maid" shortly and when she described Barbara to them she did not do her justice. Of course the girls got all giggly and excited about the prospect and made Cheryl promise to keep them informed. Cheryl had never had a lesbian experience and really never thought she would. Sure she fantasized about it occasionally when Don was on one of his business trips, but for the most part, Cheryl was strictly straight. She thought about this whole scenario as a possible means to get John in bed with her, but now she was really getting turned on and the thought of having John while Barbara helped and even provided some services of her own was delicious. She could really have a good time with this plan, that's for sure.

Barbara could feel her face getting red. She had never felt so shamed in her life. She held the robe over her forearms and in front of her so to cover her pubic area. She didn't dare look at John, but wondered what he was looking at and what he was thinking. She just wanted to sink into the floor and disappear. She was startled when Cheryl started speaking again.

"Very nice, Barbara. Put the robe down on the chair."

Barbara turned around and bent over to put the robe onto the chair. Cheryl felt herself quietly gasp when she saw Barbara's rump. She always had sort of a "butt fetish" but Don would have no part of that action. She remembered sneaking up on him one night during foreplay and trying to stick her small vibrator into his butt. You'd think she tried to kill him from his reaction. Barbara's rear end was exquisite and she knew she would have fun playing with that. The sight was short lived as Barbara turned and returned to her spot in front of the table to await her next order.

"Please pick up that paper and read it, Barbara. It is your statement of submission to me." Cheryl leaned forward and pressed the 'record" button on the recorder as Barbara bent down to pick up the paper. Barbara straightened up and looked at the paper as tears began forming in her eyes.

"Read it aloud, Please!" Cheryl was annoyed now. "The tape can't record your thoughts, you know"

Barbara shuddered from the tone of Cheryl's voice and began reading, aloud from the top.

"I, Barbara Morris, hereby announce my willingness to surrender myself to my mistress, Cheryl Sather. In so doing, I agree to the following terms."

"1. I shall make myself available to my mistress with one days notice. I

will make all arrangements for baby-sitting, etc. that will be

necessary for me to meet these obligations. I understand that there

will be no more than 2 sessions per week though some sessions may

require my attendance overnight or for the weekend.

"2. I shall appear for each such session freshly bathed and groomed and

dressed in apparel requested by Mistress Cheryl. I understand that

all under clothing, bras, panties, hosiery, etc. are not to be worn

at any time during these sessions unless I am directed to do so my

Mistress Cheryl.

"3. I will not speak unless directed to do so by Mistress Cheryl or if

given permission to do so by Mistress Cheryl. I will always end

each sentence with "Mistress Cheryl."

"4. At no time will I object to, or refuse to carry out an order given

by Mistress Cheryl.

"5. Although my husband, John may be present, I will ignore him, his

actions, suggestions and orders unless directed otherwise by my


"6. I understand fully that these sessions will be sexual in nature and

involve actions I do not approve of or that repulse me. I shall,

however, comply promptly with my mistresses' directions and agree to

give complete control of my body to my Mistress Cheryl.

"7. I understand that my failure to comply with these conditions,

including objecting to, or refusing to obey an order by Mistress

Cheryl will result in my being punished, which I agree to accept.

"8. I understand that no physical pain or permanent harm will come to me

although I will experience humiliation, discomfort, embarrassment

and revulsion. I understand that my failure to obey will call for

punishment which may cause pain, but no permanent damage to me.

"I am a humble slave to my mistress, Cheryl Sather."

Barbara's tears streamed down her cheeks as she finished reading. She felt her knees buckle and felt as if she might faint at any moment. When she said the last words, she remained staring at the paper and watched as drops of her tears fell on the words, as if to punctuate each thing she was submitting to. She couldn't speak or force herself to look at John, who she desperately needed at this moment.

Cheryl reached forward and stopped the tape recorder. This time she grabbed the bottle and poured herself another glass of wine and filled John's glass. She looked at Barbara, then John, sat back and stared at the naked, quivering Barbara again.

"Any questions, Barbara?" She said softly, almost as if she had sympathy for her once good friend whom she has shared so many secrets with.

"Yes, just how long to expect me to do this? It can't go on forever, you know." Barbara, too had changed. She seemed more at ease in her nakedness now. Not comfortable, mind you, but her concentration seemed centered on the business at had. She even glanced at John and noticed he had one helluva hard-on as he fixed his eyes on her bare silhouette.

"Already you've failed to comply with your terms, slave. I believe item number 3 on that sheet was violated. I'll make your punishment easy this time, though. But remember what you've agreed to in the future, for your next punishment will not be pleasant, I assure you. Now to answer your question, this will go on as long as I can keep it going, but I know that I'd look foolish going to the police after a long time had passed. Then again, you may wish it to go on forever. Who knows? Believe this -- it is going on at this moment and you will either hold to your agreement or I'm out of here and on my way to the police. Does that answer your question?"

"Yes, Mistress Cheryl." Barbara's demeanor again changed to one of complete submission and her head dropped to face the carpet once more.

"Good. Now let's get this show on the road. I've got some preliminaries to go over and then there's that punishment due." Cheryl fidgeted in her tote bag some more and finally withdrew what appeared to be a photo album. She laid it on the table and opened it to the first page. Barbara noticed that it was empty and wondered why Cheryl brought it out, until Cheryl grabbed the camera. She sensed then that it would not be empty long.

"This book, Barbara, has 100 pages." Cheryl continued. "Each page will hold 6 photos on each side. That means when full, this album will have 1200 photos, assuming I don't add additional pages. Each of those photos will have one thing in common -- they will all be of you naked and posed in every way, doing everything imaginable. We will begin tonight with some rather basic shots of you alone." She paused and looked at John who seemed mesmerized by what she was saying. "John, would you be a dear and move this coffee table so that it sits perpendicular to the sofa, and get me nice sheet to spread over it and, oh yes, I'll need a pillow."

John jumped to his feet and cleared the table of the wine, which he sat on the floor at Cheryl's feet, and in one move, positioned the table as Cheryl directed. Cheryl then shifted the lampshades on the end tables so that the coffee table was bathed in bright light. John scurried out of the room to get the pillow and sheet. Meanwhile, Cheryl directed her attention to Barbara who was standing with her hands held open in front of her pubic area.

"Barbara, you seem to have a problem with your hands. It seems you don't know what to do with them while standing there. From now on, and for all future sessions, when you are awaiting orders, I want you to put both hands behind your head and clasp your fingers. Also, from now on you are to keep your legs apart so that your pussy is easily accessible to me for whatever I have in mind -- I'd say that when standing there should be 3 feet between each foot, and when kneeling, 2 feet between your knees. And, by the way, keep your head up and look straight ahead with your eyes open. I wouldn't want you to miss anything. Got it?"

"Yes, Mistress Cheryl." Barbara said as she quickly put her hands behind her head and moved her feet apart. God, she felt humiliated. How would she ever survive this ordeal. She trembled as she imagined what those 1200 pictures would be like. She wondered how many different things could she be photographed doing to fill up that book. She looked straight ahead, as directed, and focused on the painting on the wall behind the sofa. Since John had moved the table, she was some distance from Cheryl now, but she still could not see her out the bottom of her eyes. She heard her doing something but dared not move her eyes downward to look for fear of accruing another punishment. The thought of the punishment came to mind and she trembled once again as she remembered her oath which said that punishment may be painful. Once more, tears began filling her eyes.

John returned carrying the sheet and pillow and stopped dead in his tracks when he entered the living room and saw Barbara standing there in that position. His dick twitched again and he thought for sure he would have an orgasm right in his pants if this continued much longer. Cheryl noticed him standing there and told him to spread the sheet on the table and to place the pillow in the center of the table so it would raise "Barbara's pretty little butt" up enough to make "everything" visible to the camera lens. He glanced at Barbara and saw her face turn crimson and the tears rolling down her cheeks. His dick twitched once more and he ran to accomplish his task.

Cheryl, refilled the wine glasses again, picked up the camera, stood up and moved out of John's way as he covered the table. She walked around Barbara and stopped behind her to admire her ass again. She continued around until she was just inches away from Barbara's face. She lifted her hand to Barbara's breast and gently cupped it, marveling at how firm it was. She had not expected Barbara to be in such great shape and she certainly did not expect herself to be as excited as she was. She had not worn panties that night and could feel her juices trickling out of her pussy and soaking her thighs. As her eyes glanced over to see how John was doing she noticed his hard-on had gotten bigger and seemed to be ready to bust out of his pants. She thought about how good this night was going to be and how great future nights were going to be. Gradually, she thought, she' have Barbara groveling to lick her ass while John fucked her. She was on the brink of orgasm when she caught herself and focused her attention back to Barbara.

Cheryl positioned Barbara towards the center of the room and took a couple of pictures of her standing in that embarrassing position. Barbara fought back the urge to close her eyes and kept staring at the painting as Cheryl moved around her and snapped some more shots from the rear, then the side. She was aware of John's presence and wanted desperately to look into his eyes thinking that doing so would transport her to another place. Her peace was shattered and her fears heightened when Cheryl spoke.

"Barbara, I want a picture of you with your nipples hard. Play with nipples until they're hard. Do you remember telling me how much you enjoyed having your breasts played with?"

"Yes, Mistress Cheryl." Barbara's voice was really beginning to crack now. Slowly, she moved her hands from behind her head to her breasts and began massaging her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. She blinked when the flash went off again, and again. She willed her body to make her nipples hard so she could stop this in front of John. Where was he, anyway? She longed to look around for him but settled for fantasizing that it was his hands playing with nipples and soon realized that they were indeed getting harder.

"That didn't take long, did it slave?"

"No, Mistress Cheryl." Barbara heard Cheryl's question and heard herself reply, but she continued with her fantasy and playing with her nipples.

John had poured another glass of wine for himself and had sat down on a chair while Cheryl busied herself taking pictures. He never dreamed he would ever desire his wife as much as he did this very minute. He was on the verge of exploding and knew he had to do something pretty soon. As Cheryl got between him and Barbara, He noticed he could see up her dress and he was not surprised to see she wasn't wearing panties. Her ass looked perfect and the wetness he noticed on the inside of her thighs made him want her as much as he wanted Barbara.

"Let's not get too carried away, Barbara." Cheryl's voice broke the silence and seemed to awaken the entire room from a misty dream. "Put your hands behind your head again while I get some shots of your pretty little titties. " Click. Click. Pop. Pop. "There. That should take care of the "R" rated stuff. Lay down on the table, on your back, hands behind your head, legs straddling the table, feet flat on the floor."

Barbara moved quickly to the table. Anything would be better than standing there like that, she thought. Once in position, she realized how wrong she was. The air hitting the inside of thighs and flowing across her vagina then down over her anus when Cheryl adjusted the pillow under her, made her feel more humiliated and vulnerable than ever. While her eyes remained wide open, she barely noticed Cheryl moving around over her and the camera flashing. She did, however, feel the heat of the flash on her pussy and knew that some of these pictures were going to be close-ups. Her thoughts kept drifting back to John somewhere in the room watching her being subjected to this and she wondered whether he was embarrassed for her or whether he was angry at Cheryl for doing this, or perhaps, was he getting excited watching her going through these motions. The possibility of John getting excited made it a little easier on her. She didn't attempt to understand how, or why, he would get excited at her dilemma but she thought at least she was doing something good for him. That thought made it possible for her to reach down between her legs and spread her vagina wide open when Cheryl ordered her to. It allowed her to answer "Yes, Mistress Cheryl." when she was admonished to do so before carrying out each order Cheryl barked out.

"Why, Barbara, I believe you're finally getting a little wet down there." Cheryl's observation made Barbara blush even more. "Now I want you to put your feet in the air, spread as far as you can, so I can get some shots of your pussy AND ass hole."

Cheryl's coarse language increased Barbara's embarrassment. Cheryl always used such language when they talked to one another, but this was different. John was present and Cheryl was talking about her pussy and asshole. Nonetheless, she carried out the order and raised her legs up and spread open and replied "Yes, Mistress Cheryl." She winced in pain as Cheryl grabbed her ankles and spread her legs even wider. She assured Cheryl that she would try to keep them there, but knew she couldn't do that for any length of time. It helped relieve the strain when she put her arms around her legs and spread her cheeks as Cheryl had ordered so that she could get a better shot of her puckered ass.

"This just won't do, Barbara. You're not holding your legs far enough apart. John, would you mind giving your wife a hand? Stand at her head and grab her ankles so that you can spread her legs wide open for me."

John jumped to his feet and darted to his appointed position. He grabbed Barbara's ankles and forced her legs as far apart as he thought she could bear. Momentarily his eyes crossed Barbara's and he was both ashamed for helping with her degradation and excited with the participation at the same time.

My, my. Look at you, John. You're hornier than a male dog in a kennel full of bitches in heat." Cheryl laughed at John's predicament. "Maybe we can do something about that. Barbara, I'd like you to help John get some relief so that he may be of better use to me. You will suck him off while he and I are busy posing you for your album, won't you?"

No, no. Barbara wanted to scream out. Not here under these lights. Not with you watching and snapping pictures. This is something sacred. This is between him and I. This is something we share alone, in our bed, in darkness. Everything inside her told her to stop this charade, kick Cheryl out of the house and rid herself of this nightmare. She was shocked to hear her voice say "Yes, Mistress Cheryl." She was still in shock when she felt John's hands around her ankles again and saw his rock hard cock dangling there just inches above her face. She didn't know why she parted her lips and allow him to enter her mouth. She had never done this in this position before. Her head rocked back, and she felt his cock sliding down the back of her throat as he rocked his hips back and forth as if he were fucking her face. She had never been able to take him so deep before. She became oblivious to her surroundings and began bobbing her head in time with his hips.

Cheryl was beside herself. John was as big as she fantasized him to be. As she watched Barbara take his huge cock all the way into her mouth, she knew she had found the perfect couple. The sight of the pair made her stop taking pictures and watch for a while. After a short pause she went back to work taking close-ups of Barbara spreading her pussy lips, then spreading her ass, then of Barbara sucking John's cock. She had never before been able to change the film as quickly as she did when she ran out in the middle of all this. She definitely wanted to get a picture of him coming and shouted at him to pull out of Barbara's mouth just before he came and to come over her tits. He never answered but she was too busy taking pictures to hear him if he had. Finally, she saw him pull his cock out of her mouth and she aimed the camera just in time to get some shots of his come covering her tits and open mouth. She thought he'd never stop coming. It was everywhere, as if it wasn't a cock but a rubber bag filled with semen. Eventually, he did stop coming and began losing his erection. She saw the cock slowly throb and it reminded her of the way a track star slowly came to rest after a race. Not just stop when it was over, but gradually slow the pace down until finally collapsing into a heap. She looked at Barbara lying there. Her eyes were closed and her head tilted as far back as possible, but she still had her fingers spreading her ass wide open - just as Cheryl had ordered.

The sound of Cheryl's voice hit Barbara in the head like a hammer. She had drifted off into space and now was crashing back to Earth. When she jumped, she almost pulled her legs out of John's hands and she let go of her cheeks for a brief instant, but quickly recovered and spread them open again. She opened her eyes and stared straight up at John's cock, which was still forming droplets which, in turn, dripped onto face. His balls were no more than 10 inches above her forehead and swung gently in the air. She had not heard what Cheryl had said and wasn't sure whether she ask her to repeat it or maybe just ignore her in the hopes that she was not talking to her, but just making a comment.

"Let's see now -- closing your eyes, failure to answer me -- your punishment is beginning to build up. I can't say as I blame you though after that. I had no idea you were such a good cocksucker, Barbara. We're just gonna have to videotape your technique sometime so we'll have a reference for novices. Now! Answer me!. Did you enjoy sucking John's cock?"

Barbara's felt her face redden again. She had enjoyed it, but loathed Cheryl's presence and the way it came about -- that had ruined the whole thing.

"Yes, Mistress Cheryl" she stammered.

"Good. Let's see just how much you enjoyed it. Let go of your ass and spread that pussy wide -- and I mean wide -- so we can see just how wet you are." Cheryl picked up the camera again and leaned forward.

"Yes, Mistress Cheryl." Barbara quickly let go of her ass and brought her hands around between her legs, spreading her vagina as far open as she could "so all the world could see" she said to herself sarcastically. She felt something entering her ever so slowly and realized it was Cheryl's finger. Cheryl's finger went all the way and in and then moved around a bit before it began to withdraw.

Cheryl looked at her finger, wet with Barbara's juices, and looked back at Barbara's face. "Well, you are wet -- aren't you? Look what you've done to my finger. Now I want you to use your tongue to clean it off."

Barbara saw Cheryl's finger and felt it's tip at her lips. She began to get sick from the thought of licking it and didn't do anything but stare at it.

"Would you rather we start our punishment now." Cheryl said. "It won't be easy for this offense. If you know what's good for you you'll get that tongue working on this finger right this minute!"

Barbara took a deep breath and held it as she opened her mouth and allowed her tongue to start licking Cheryl's finger. While she was licking she kept looking up at John's balls, imagining that she was licking his cock instead. The taste did not repulse her but the knowledge of what she was licking, and where it had been, did. She wondered what the expression on Cheryl's face was. Was she somber, smiling, ecstatic or just plain gloating. She wanted to glance down but felt too ashamed to look her tormentor in the eyes.

John felt himself starting to get hard again. He wasn't sure whether it was due to the sight of his wife licking her own pussy juice off of Cheryl's finger or to Cheryl's hand brushing up against it as she moved her finger around Barbara's tongue. He did know that, whatever the reason, it was getting hard again. He tried to remember the last time he had gotten a hard on so soon after orgasm and couldn't remember if he ever had gotten another one on so quickly. He didn't want it to get hard again for fear it would go badly for Barbara. He tried to think of other things like fishing and boating in the hopes it would occupy his mind, but he couldn't take his eyes of Barbara's tongue.

Cheryl finally withdrew her finger, studied it momentarily and pronounced the job was well done. She looked down at Barbara's pussy, still being held wide open and took 2 more pictures. She now had several pictures spread out on the sofa beside her and she scanned them all.

"I do believe these pictures have captured the redness of your face nicely, Barbara. They also show the pink of your pussy and asshole perfectly. I'm sure my friends will love these." Cheryl chuckled as she saw Barbara's eyes widen when she mentioned her friends. "Yes I'm sure they will. But enough about them for now. Save for a few mistakes, which we'll address later, you've been very good tonight, Barbara. I am sure John would agree with that. As a reward, I'm going to allow you to have an orgasm."

Barbara almost died when Cheryl instructed her to masturbate herself to climax. She had never done this in front of anyone, not even John. She paused a moment then, recalling her agreement, slowly loosened the grip on her pussy lips and began rubbing her slit softly. She began wondering how she was going to fake orgasm and how long she should wait until she did but Cheryl was relentless with the orders. First it was "get your finger in there" then "another one" then "still another" until she had inserted all four fingers and was working them in and out as fast as she could. She saw John's balls and dick move to one side and Cheryl's face come into view. She was holding what appeared at first to be a plastic flashlight but then Barbara realized it was one of those vibrators she had seen in some of John's catalogs that came in the mail occasionally. It was white, about 8 inches long and an inch in diameter with a rounded top. The bottom had a knurled dialed which she assumed was a switch. Cheryl laid the tip of the vibrator on Barbara's lips and told her to "open." As Barbara slowly parted her lips, Cheryl began inserting the vibrator into her mouth. Barbara had to fight her gag reflex as Cheryl worked it in and out, each time going in a little further until her fingers pushed against her lips. Cheryl kept telling her to keep her hands working and Barbara would increase the pace each time. Finally, Cheryl withdrew the vibrator and sat back down.

"I believe you need a little help reaching an orgasm, Barbara. Well, I'm holding it right here." Cheryl stopped to watch Barbara's reaction for a moment then continued. "If I were you, I'd take my hand out of my pussy and rub some of that juice around my asshole to lubricate it because that's where this is going next."

Barbara couldn't believe her ears. Not in my ass, she thought, I've never had anything stuck in there except John's fingertip occasionally when we made love. Still, she took her hand out of her pussy and began to spread as much lubricant as she could around her small, puckered anus. She gritted her teeth and waited for the pain, which she knew would come when Cheryl started to push that thing up there. She sighed in despair when Cheryl told her to put her hand back into her pussy and get back to work there and with her other hand she was to work the vibrator into her ass herself. As she put her one hand back into her vagina and took the base of the vibrator, which Cheryl had clicked onto it's highest setting, she felt Cheryl's hands spreading her ass cheeks apart. She could only imagine what she looked like. Here she was nude lying on a coffee table, covered with come, legs held high in the air and wide apart by John, whose dick and balls were just inches from her face, with one hand in her pussy and the other working a dildo in and out of ass, the cheeks of which were spread wide apart by another woman. She began to sob. Soon she felt Cheryl's hands let go of her ass and then heard the click and saw the flash of the camera again. Her sobs turned to silent crying and tears streamed down her face.

"Enough." Cheryl was getting disgusted. "I can't believe you haven't come yet. My God, I'm only watching and I'm about ready climax. I'm sure before the month is out you'll learn to have the "big O" in front of other people. But enough for now. push the vibrator all the way into your ass and stand up. Be careful that vibrator doesn't come out. Hold it in with you hand if you have to. John, why don't you move the table aside, against the wall, and come have a seat next to me here on the sofa."

Barbara didn't have to be told twice. She winced with the pain as she pushed the vibrator deep into her ass and held it there when she stood, remembering to put her free hand behind her head. She looked at John moving the coffee table and almost laughed at how ridiculous he looked -- nude from the waist down with cock standing straight out as if pointing the way to follow. The humor disappeared, however, when she saw him sit down and press against Cheryl.

John held up his glass as Cheryl refilled it then hers. He noticed that there was only about 2 glasses of wine left in the bottle and was surprised that neither he nor Cheryl were drunk. He glanced down at his hard-on and wondered if he should try to cover it up. He thought Cheryl must have read his mind when she laughed and told him not to worry because his condition would be taken care of very shortly. When she told him that, he watched it twitch 2 or 3 times in rapid succession. "Damn, I'm horny!" he thought as he looked at Barbara standing in the center of the room. His cock twitched some more and the look in Barbara's eyes told him she had noticed. As a matter of fact, it seemed her eyes were fixed on his crotch.

Cheryl looked directly at Barbara for several minutes as she sipped her wine.

"Is my little come-covered slave ready for her punishment?" she said as her eyes moved over Barbara's body.

"Mistress Cheryl," Barbara's tone was pleading, almost begging, "please. This is the first time I've ever done anything like this. I've done everything you told me to and just forgot some formalities. Please forgive me this time and I promise to be better next time."

"Well, there you go again. Now you've forgotten to ask permission to speak before doing so. But I agree you have behaved well except for some mental lapses. I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll let you off this time, BUT, you must demonstrate your acceptance of me as your mistress and your willingness to do ANYTHING I ask of you. If you do that, I'll forego any whipping or other painful punishment THIS TIME ONLY. Do you agree?" Cheryl was grinning ear-to-ear when she finished.

"Yes, Mistress Cheryl. Thank you, Mistress Cheryl." Barbara threw in the thank you hoping this would help show Cheryl her acceptance of her status as slave and perhaps persuade her to go easy on her.

"Very well then. Get down on you stomach and crawl like a snake over to me. Mind you, don't let that vibrator come out of your ass!" Cheryl was in her glory as she saw Barbara get down on the carpet and wiggle over to her. She had to give her credit for holding that vibrator in and she wondered if she were getting rug burns on her stomach. Maybe I should have her roll over for a moment to check.

"Barbara, while I'm telling you what I want you to do I want you to look directly at me, and I want to see that dildo move. Pull it all the way out then all the way back in -- and keep doing it!" Cheryl paused and watched as Barbara did as she was told. Each time the vibrator started back into rectum, Barbara would wince in pain. Cheryl watched Barbara's eyes almost bulge out of her head when she reached down and unbuttoned her dress and let it fall apart, exposing herself completely. "Now Barbara when I tell you to begin, I want you to start licking my feet. Lick each one completely and be sure to get between my toes like a good little slave. When you're done with the feet, you can start on the legs and we'll see what comes next. Are you ready?"

"Yes, Mistress Cheryl." Barbara didn't know if she could do this. She told herself it was only flesh. She could do it. She thought she knew what came next and she was sure she couldn't do that. The thought of licking another women's vagina thoroughly disgusted her. Nonetheless, she started licking Cheryl's foot and kept the damn dildo going in and out of her ass. As her tongue finished working between the toes of Cheryl's right foot and started working on the left, Barbara noticed Cheryl shift her body. She glanced upward and saw that Cheryl had spread her legs wide open exposing her soaking vagina. Soon Barbara began hearing low moans that she knew had to come from John. When she looked up, she saw Cheryl leaning over John's lap with his cock in her mouth. The sight mesmerized her. She continued licking but couldn't take her eyes off the sight of John getting a blow-job from her once good friend. Unlike herself, Cheryl seemed to have no trouble taking all of John's cock down her throat. John was sitting upright with his head thrown back and eyes closed, moving his hips slightly in time with Cheryl's head, upon which he had rested his hand. In order to get a better sight of the proceedings, and without realizing it, Barbara had begun working her way up Cheryl's right leg and was now hungrily licking around her knee. For the first time that night, Barbara began to get aroused. She noticed she had started to move the vibrator in and out of her ass at the same pace as Cheryl was moving her head on John's cock. At that moment, Barbara wanted to take the vibrator out of her rear and put it in her pussy, but was afraid Cheryl would notice and punish her for it.

Cheryl moved her hand and placed it on top of Barbara's head. Barbara was so lost in the sights and in her own excitement, she didn't notice Cheryl's hand. She just kept licking and looking. The smell of Cheryl's pussy juices seemed to have an aphrodisiac like effect on her and she was soon moving the vibrator in and out at a much faster pace. Her tongue, too, was working faster and soon she began to feel Cheryl's pussy hairs on the end of it. She was beginning to lose all control of herself. As John's moans became louder and more urgent, Barbara' s desires were also becoming greater and she knew from the pressure of Cheryl's hand on her head, and the way her pelvis started working to meet her tongue that Cheryl was ready to come at any moment. Barbara's head was swimming. The sight in front of her, the smell of Cheryl's womanhood and the sound of John's moaning had all combined to obscure reality. She thought of nothing but her immediate need. She had to come. At the moment she heard John's loud grunt that signified he had an orgasm, Barbara stuck her tongue into Cheryl's cunt as far as she could and worked it in and out and around furiously. The vibrator in her rear began moving as fast as her hand could move. Within moments Cheryl's pussy was pouring liquid. Barbara didn't know whether it was all Cheryl's juices or a mixture of Cheryl's juices and her saliva. She didn't care. She was coming now. She could feel it building, and building and building until... AAAGH!

"Oh God, that was GREAT!" Cheryl exhaled. "Barbara I can't make up my mind whether you're a better cocksucker or cuntlicker. You have a talented tongue, that's for sure."

Barbara had come back down to Earth when she heard Cheryl's voice. She was more embarrassed now than ever, but also more relieved. She still was kneeling between Cheryl's legs and was resting her lips on Cheryl's cunt. She began to move her head back when the pressure of Cheryl's hand stopped her.

"As a finale for tonight, and to show your complete surrender to me, Barbara, I want you to give me the "kiss of respect." I want to feel your lips on my ass and your tongue in my asshole. Do it well and we're through for tonight."

"This is terrible." Barbara thought, "Now I've got to kiss and lick her ass, too? It's the most disgusting thing I've ever had to do." She realized, though, that if she did this one last thing real well, she would be done for tonight. That was the best news she heard in months. She began to lick around Cheryl's asshole and starting to force her tongue in the tight crevice. Cheryl helped her by reaching around and spreading her cheeks apart. She worked her tongue as though her life depended on it -- indeed, in her mind, it did. She wondered what John was doing at the moment. Was he watching her lick another woman's ass? Shame was the word to describe Barbara's night and she was beginning to numb to it. She wondered now what effect all this would have on her marriage. Cheryl released her grip on her cheeks and sat up.

"Very good, my little slut. You may now stand up before me -- watch that dildo doesn't fall." Cheryl watched Barbara leap to her feet, still holding the vibrator deep in her ass. The length of time in use and the "tight surroundings" had worked the batteries to the point that the vibrator was barely humming. "Turn around and bend over and I'll take that thing out of your ass." she said and as Barbara turned and bent Cheryl was beside herself with joy. She had Barbara completely. She bent forward and clicked the vibrator off. Then, before pulling it out, she twisted it around 2 or 3 rotations. Finally she began to withdraw it -- very, very slowly. When it was completely out, she studied it for a moment then gave Barbara one final command. "Take this vibrator and wash it off for me. Do it quickly." As Barbara scurried out of the room, vibrator in hand, Cheryl turned to look at John.

"Well, John. What do you think now? It seems to me that we all had a good time tonight. I mean your wife had one helluva orgasm. I think she might get to like this sort of thing, huh?"

"Maybe you're right, but you were sure hard on her, Cheryl. I couldn't help but feel sorry for her at times."

"Bullshit, John! You were having the best experience of your life. I've never seen so much come from one man in my life. Admit it. You were excited.!"

"Yeah," John was about to tell Cheryl that he didn't recall ever having such an orgasm in his life when Barbara walked back into the room. He looked into her eyes and noticed she was looking into his. Without saying a word, she walked back to where Cheryl was sitting and offered her the vibrator.

Cheryl stood up, buttoned her dress and grabbed the vibrator out of Barbara's hand as she sat back down. She gathered the pictures, camera and tape recorder and stuffed them back into her tote bag. When she was through getting everything together, she looked at Barbara.

"You've done very well tonight, Barbara, considering this has been your first time at this sort of thing. Now, Friday evening I'm having some of the girls over for some drinks and entertainment. That means that I could use a maid to serve us and also some entertainment. I think you'll fill the bill on both accounts. Be at my apartment promptly at 6. Please wear JUST a plain cotton house dress. You know, the ones that button down the front. You may wear a pair of slippers too, if you like." After Barbara murmured her acceptance, Cheryl turned to John. "John, I'd like you to come also. You'll be the only guy there, but I'm sure you'd like to see what we have in store. Besides, you know I'll find a way to take care of you."

"Yeah, sure, Cheryl. I'll drive Barbara and stay around." John replied as Cheryl stood up to leave. He walked her to the back door and watched her walk across the lawn to her mother's house. When she was safely inside, he shut off the light and walked into the kitchen. He heard water running and guessed Barbara was taking a shower. He had a lot of questions to ask himself about this night. What did it all mean when he was getting so horny at the sight of his wife being bossed around and forced to submit to these wild sex acts by her friend? He didn't know, and right now he was to damn tired to think about it anymore. He walked into the bedroom, uncovered the bed and climbed in to wait for Barbara.

Barbara tried to put her thoughts together under the relaxing streams of hot water from the shower. She had never been so humbled or so defiled in her life. Neither had she had an orgasm like that before. Her ass and pussy were sore from the abuse they had taken earlier and hurt when she scrubbed them with the washcloth. She had already gargled with mouthwash several times before she jumped into the shower but, in her mind, she could still taste Cheryl's pussy juice and flesh. She was disgusted, but at the same time, she couldn't stop from getting excited when she thought back on some of the events that took place that night. She wondered what would happen on Friday. The thought of having to go through the same thing again was bad enough. To have to do it in front of complete strangers -- women at that -- was almost unthinkable to her. She resented the fact that Cheryl had oral sex with her husband, but admitted that the sight of them drove her wild. She had no more thoughts of the car accident which brought this all about, only thoughts of naked flesh, vibrators and orgasm. She finished the shower, dried herself off and walked into the bedroom. She said not a word to John, lying there with his eyes wide open, got into bed, closed her eyes and went to sleep.

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