Prudish In-laws
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slut Wife, Incest, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I married into a very conservative family. My Catholic honey refused to kiss me before marriage. It looked like fucking was hardly possible even when married. After a very modest honeymoon, I spent a week in a friend's mansion. That week totally changed my wife and provided a solid basis for changing my in-laws. In several weeks, my in-laws became much less prudish, as a matter of fact, a little on the wild side.

Finally, I kissed my new bride for the first time and we went on our honeymoon. Beth came from a beautiful albeit strait-laced family. Up to our wedding, I did not get as far as kissing her at the end of a date. However, her lush curves were very promising.

Beth was twenty-two when we married. She had two sisters, Ellen two years older than she and married, Lisa two years younger than she and single. Her only brother, Tom, was four years younger than she. They all were good-looking and conservative. Victoria, her mom was in the church choir and involved herself in preaching and various other religious activities. At forty-four, besides her pretty face, she still maintained a good figure under her traditional clothes. John, Beth's father was always sweet.

We spent our honeymoon in Hawaii. We traveled in our wedding clothes. On the way, Beth did not accept anything more than mere holding hands. In the plane, she removed my hand from her thigh several times. She also pulled her hand away whenever I put it on my thigh. Consequently, I spent part of my time checking out the flight attendants' tight asses to ease off my frustration. I only hoped the rest of my life would not be as disappointing or else I would go back to fucking my friends' wives.

I checked our suite for any hidden cameras, then I hid a camera of my own, hoping something worth filming would happen with Beth. Since she did not drink, there was no point in ordering champagne or wine. I ordered fruit cocktails. We had our drinks, then I took her hand to dance. Since she never danced, I taught her the moves. Fifteen minutes later, we were slow dancing decently as I flirted with her.

Flipping her veil back, I pulled her closer to me and planted on her face several light kisses, caressing her back gently. I slid my lips toward hers and brushed them over hers. It took her a few minutes to learn the basics of kissing. Meanwhile, I had widened the scope of my hands on her back to cover her ass. While tonguing each other's mouth, I allotted a hand to gently knead her tits under her clothes. Luckily, Beth started to heat up. That encouraged me to slide my hand down her belly and go for cupping her pussy through her dress while I complimented her lavishly on her beauty.

Soon, Beth started to hump my hand and moan softly. I continued kissing her while unzipping the back of her dress with my free hand. I got rid of her dress and we resumed dancing. It was great that she donned sexy white underwear consisting of a sexy lacy bra and a thong. As we danced I humped her crotch with my bulge while kneading her ass cheeks. While she humped back eagerly, I could tell she was not comfortable with my hands roaming freely on her lovely ass. However, I kept my hands on her ass and used them to pull her pussy harder into my stiff bulge.

Then her bra fell away. I complimented her on her nice, firm tits and leaned forward for them. While kissing and licking her tits, I took off my clothes, keeping only my briefs. I sucked on her sweet, hard nipples while squeezing her pussy gently. The heat of her pussy seared to my hand through the thin panty crotch and I could also feel her moister. She moaned softly humping my hand. I continued kneading her hot pussy until her crotch was soaked with her juices.

Kneeling before her, I inhaled deeply the smell of her crotch. "You smell great," I said softly. She blushed self-consciously.

I pulled her panties down slowly. Her face was masked with apprehension. I sucked her soaked panty crotch into my mouth and savored its taste. "I like your taste," I said. She winced and looked away.

Her pussy was surrounded with light brown fuzz. I grabbed her hips and kissed her between her thighs. She squeezed her legs together and pushed my head away. I gripped her ass cheeks tightly and fastened my mouth to her mound, lashing her clit with my tongue tip. She continued to push my head away. Nonetheless, her pussy responded to my tongue favorably. Soon her resistance melted away. She parted her legs and started to moan while holding my head to her crotch.

Pushing my thumb between her virgin pussy lips, while lashing her hard clit, I drove her steadily toward orgasm. Soon, she stiffened and her frame shook violently while her pussy gushed juices into my thirsty mouth. I gripped her hips tightly to keep her from falling off. She gasped and moaned rapidly, totally losing control of her beautiful body. Then she returned to her senses and pulled back, pushing my head away.

"You shouldn't have done that," she said guiltily.

"I should do anything to make you feel good," I said.

"No, Nick," she still resisted. "You shouldn't put your mouth down there."

"Yes, Beth," I countered. "Your pussy is pretty and delicious and I am going to eat it raw until you go nuts and gush your luscious juices down my throat. You liked it very much so don't deny it."

"Even so, it is still wrong," Beth insisted.

"Nothing is wrong with it," I challenged. "Your pussy is clean, lovely, tasty. It smells nice and there is no harm in licking it. Give me only one reason and I will never do it again."

"I don't know," she said weakly. "It just doesn't feel right."

"No, Beth," I said. "You are mistaken. It feels so good, but you inexplicably fear it is wrong. Unless you substantiate your fears we will have to ignore them."

She had nothing to say.

"I will give you another chance to think of a reason," I said, carrying her to the bed. "Think about it while I eat your hot pussy once more."

She tried to resist, but she had no argument. That was how she found herself spread-eagled on the bed, my head between her thighs. While licking her wet pussy gently, I bent her legs and parted them widely to expose her pussy and asshole. I had a good look at her tightly puckered rosette while jerking her clit with my fingers to take her attention off what I was doing. She gasped, hunching her hips, and her pussy oozed juices.

Pulling her pussy open with my finger tips, I probed her pink folds with my tongue. I spent over an hour slowly licking and sucking her dripping cunt. I sucked her swollen lips and tongue lashed her stiff clit, bringing her off five big times, brushing her anal area lightly whenever she approached orgasm. I sensed she did not like my playing near her asshole, so I always did it when she was getting extremely hot and in need of orgasm. I drank every drop of juices she offered and sucked for more. When I finished with her pussy, she lay back spent and sated, gasping for air, her face flushed.

Kneeling with parted knees over her face, I brought my cock head to her mouth. "Suck it, Beth," I whispered. She turned her head away.

I reached out with my left hand and toyed with her wet pussy while I turned her head back with my right hand and pushed my cock toward her lips. My fingers at her pussy made her moan. She parted her lips reluctantly as I pressed my cock head in. "Suck on the head, baby," I whispered. "Play with it with your tongue."

Her tongue toyed tentatively with my rock hard cock as it stretched her innocent lips widely. I thrust into her mouth ever so gently while rubbing her clit with my fingers. I helped her move her head along my shaft until she started doing it on her own. Then I started jacking my cock into her mouth. My come started to boil in my balls. I gripped the base of my cock tightly as it jerked and prepared to shoot. The first and biggest spurt of thick come burst into Beth's unsuspecting mouth. Then I pulled out and said, "Swallow," as I pumped the rest of my come on her right cheek.

She apparently liked the taste. She swirled my come a little around her mouth then swallowed it. I spread the rest of my come over her face with my cock head, then returned my sticky cock head to her mouth. "Suck it dry, baby," I whispered, my fingers still playing with her drenched pussy. She complied.

I bent over her and lapped up my come off her face. Then I kissed her sloppily and dribbled my come slowly into her mouth. She swallowed it all as her pussy got ready to come on my fingers. Before we broke the kiss, she moaned into my mouth and came. Her pussy pulsed and gushed in my jerking hand. I kept wiggling her clit until she calmed down. Then, as I worked my soft cock into her mouth, I bent over her pussy and licked her dry.

Removing my mouth from her pussy, I straightened up and urged her to suck me back to hardness. She sucked on part of my cock and I jerked the rest. Soon, my cock was hard again and ready to pick her cherry.

Sitting between her thighs, I rubbed her clit with my right thumb while brushing her sticky lips with my left middle finger. Then I pushed my wet middle finger into her vaginal channel. She was so hot and wet and tight. My finger advanced slowly, encountering a little resistance as it passed near her hymen, which was apparently damaged from horseback riding. While fingering her stiff clit, I massaged her cunt, with one finger stretching her gradually. Then I added another finger to her virgin pussy and finger fucked her for a while, twisting and hooking my fingers within her to ream her out. Beth moaned and humped urgently as she approached orgasm.

When I could pump my two fingers easily in her sodden snatch, it was cock time. While I continued rubbing her slippery clit, I brushed my leaky cock head up and down her sticky lips, increasing the pressure gradually. Then I started thrusting gently into her pussy hole. Her lips stretched out gradually and my cock head sank slowly in. Her pussy hollowed in with the pressure of my cock. She winced as my turgid head popped off the remnants of her hymen.

Beth grunted in time with my gentle thrusts as I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her tight channel. A final and longer thrust drove my cock the rest of the way in. Beth groaned. I gave her a few seconds to get used to it while I savored the exquisite feeling her extremely tight cunt gave my hard, thick cock. Then, looking into her eyes, I started thrusting gently into her. The tight insides of her wet cunt followed the movement of my shaft and her entire body jiggled with my thrusts, especially her round, firm tits. I squished her bloated clit at the end of every stroke. She started with grunts and gasps and settled into moans and gasps as she humped into me.

Suddenly, her body stiffened and she came violently. While she gasped breathlessly and convulsed uncontrollably, I took the chance to pump her deeply stuffed, spasming pussy vigorously, adding fuel to her burning fire. I fucked her easily as she calmed down and stepped up my pace when she recovered. Minutes later, she was coming again on my hard pumping cock. She finished coming and relaxed limply. I lowered my mouth to hers and we kissed, lovingly.

I turned around and lowered my dripping cock into her mouth as I lowered my mouth to her drenched pussy. Beth sucked on my cock as I thrust gently into her and she humped her pussy into my mouth. Soon, she was closing down on orgasm as I sucked on her erect clit and pumped a finger into her wet cunt. I suddenly jerked my finger out of her leaky pussy and shoved the tip gently up her virgin asshole, which was drenched with her copious juices. She gasped and convulsed as she gushed abundantly into my greedily sucking mouth. I yanked my finger out of her ass before she recovered.

Pulling my cock from her mouth, I dismounted her and rolled her onto her stomach. Parting her legs, I started at the backs of her knees and kissed up to the cheeks of her ass. I kneaded each ass cheeks as I licked the other. Switching from one cheek to the other, I eyed her rosy virginal asshole and swallowed my drool. Then I parted her cheeks with my right hand as I slipped two fingers from my left hand into her pussy. I wiggled my fingers inside her soaking wet pussy while I wiggled my tongue tip at her shiny asshole. Beth tightened up and moved away. Holding my fingers within her, I captured her right leg between my knees and continued probing her asshole with my tongue. After a minute of futile struggling, She gave up and relaxed to the feelings I was giving her.

Beth gradually let herself go and enjoyed the pleasurable sensations I was giving her asshole, which opened up and accepted my light probing. Her anus was so responsive I decided to pull a finger from her pussy and push it into her ass. Then I fucked her hot holes with a finger each while I licked around her asshole and toyed with her clit with my free hand. She moaned and humped her ass back, both her holes milking hungrily on my fingers. Before long, she was coming hard while her tight holes spasmed wildly.

I pulled my fingers from her crotch and arranged her on all fours. When I crawled forward toward her, she moved away and turned onto her back.

"You are not going to sodomize me," she said with alarm.

"Of course not," I said. "I just want to take your pussy from behind."

"Take me in the right way," she said.

"I will take you in the right way but in a different position," I said.

"No," she said. "That is not right."

That night I couldn't fuck Beth doggy style no matter how I tried. I spent several days convincing her to let me do her doggy style and finally succeeded. However, she fiercely refused to go down on me or let me go down on her for the rest of the honeymoon, deciding it was perverse.

Besides going through most positions of straight sex, we had a good time, going out and touring around. By the end of our honeymoon, Beth was used to saying and listening to me say several dirty words.

Rick, my best man, who had flown up to Chicago from California to attend my wedding invited me and my bride to spend a week in his mansion in Santa Clara at the end of our honeymoon. So, we flew from Hawaii to California. He met us in the airport and drove us to his house. We arrived there on Friday afternoon.

Rick carried our luggage with me and showed us to our suite. "We'll wait for you in the lounge," he said, leaving us to arrange our stuff.

In the lounge, Rick introduced us to his oriental wife, Betty, and her petite twenty-year-old sister, Becky. He also introduced us to two couples that were spending some time with them, Greg and Joanne, and Jim and Marcia. The only new face to me was Becky. I knew all the others. Greg and Jim had been friends of mine since school days. I had met them and fucked their wives several times. I also had fucked Betty while Rick watched several times when they were engaged. I immediately remembered how hot and tight her holes had been.

"Becky will take care of you throughout your stay with us," Rick said. "She'll help you in anything you need help with. Anything!" He winked. Becky smiled at us.

Becky was in a red kimono. She had jet-black hair and her perky tits were heavy for a girl in her size. Her nipples were clearly outlined with the thin fabric of her kimono. Her sweet eyes were made to gaze into while her ruby lips suck on your thick cock. My wife, wearing a long dress, was the most conservatively dressed woman there. Betty had all her legs and most of her tits exposed. Joanne and Marcia were not any more modest.

After the introductory meeting, we wet up to our suite and Becky came with us. "Madam and Sir," she said, "if you want I will show you around the house."

"Thanks, Becky," I said. "We'll be ready in ten minutes. By the way, don't call us 'Sir' and 'Madam, ' Call me Nick and call my wife Beth."

"Yes, Sir," she said.

"Okay, let's try," I smiled.

"Nick and Beth, I will wait for you in the hall," she smiled.

When Becky left, I said to Beth, "Your very conservative dress will attract attention to us. You'll have to change into a low-cut minidress without underwear."

"But that will be outrageous," she said.

"I don't think so," I said. "It will be normal compared with the other women's outfits. Anything else will be outrageous."

After a little hesitation, Beth changed into a dark blue minidress that showed her cleavage. Her nipples stuck out against the fabric, revealing she was a little excited. "Yeah, baby," I cheered. "Let them see how beautiful my wife is." Beth blushed.

It was obvious she was pantyless, but I wanted to check her heat. I wetted a finger in my mouth and reached between her thighs. She shuddered when I slipped my finger up her moist pussy She was a little hotter than I had thought.

"Beth you are very beautiful," Becky complimented as we joined her in the hall.

"Thanks," Beth said faintly, blushing.

Becky gave us a tour of the house and introduced us to the help. Then she took us out of the house and showed us the green area around it and led us to the horse stable. Beth showed interest in riding horses, so Becky invited us to take a ride.

I took Becky aside and said, eyeing the bulges of her tits, "Let's take a ride alone. Maybe next time, you'll ride with us."

"I indeed hope to ride you very soon," she said, winking. "Betty told me good things about you."

"I'd love to ride you, too," I said, feeling my cock twitch. I wished Beth would go somewhere and leave me with Becky for several minutes.

"I will wait for you here," Becky finally said.

Beth hopped onto a black horse. I hopped behind her and wrapped my arms around her. As the horse galloped, Beth's bare pussy was bumped rhythmically, adding to her excitement. I was getting a hard-on myself. I moved my hands up and cupped her tits. I kneaded her firm, jiggling orbs and rubbed her nipples through her dress. Soon, she was moaning as her pussy juiced soaked into the horse's back. She slowed down as she got more engrossed in her internal feelings.

Wrapping an arm firmly around her, I used my free hand to unzip and fish out my hard cock. Beth felt what I was doing. I pushed her gently forward and she bent over the horse's neck, giving me access to her pussy. It was awkward, but I managed to stick my cock into her. Although we let the horse pace our fuck, my cock was harder than steel and Beth's pussy was wetter than a river due to the excitement of the outdoor fuck. Five minutes later, I was dumping a hefty come load deep in my bride's twitching cunt.

Tightening my legs around the horse, I reached in my pockets and extracted a wad of tissues to wipe my soaked cock and avoid making a mess when I tucked my cock inside. We rode back to where Becky waited for us. We must have surprised her. She was sitting on the lawn her back to the wall. Her eyes were closed and her panties were pushed aside as her fingers played with her pussy. She was startled. She jerked her fingers out of her pussy and stood up quickly.

"I am sorry," she apologized, blushing.

"Never mind," I said. "Come see this," I added as I pointed to the wide wet spot on the horse's back that was saturated with our mixed come. The poor horse needed a bath.

Becky inhaled deeply the smell then she smiled mischievously. "Wow!" she called as she rubbed it into the horse. "I can't believe this."

"Neither can we," I said.

When we returned to our suite, we dismissed Becky and showered, fucking again and for the first time under the shower while soaping each other. Before, Beth had insisted each of us shower and bathe alone!

Early in the evening, Becky told us there was a dinner banquet in the dining room. Becky and all the couples were there. It was an excellent dinner and we had a nice conversation, catching up on everyone's latest news. Then I and Beth had a walk in the quiet and cool night. After our walk we went to bed.

We waked up early on Saturday morning. As Beth opened the drapes, she said, "Joanne is having a morning swim."

I hopped off the bed and looked out of the window of our second-floor suite. The mansion was built around a spacious swimming pool. The edge of the pool was about twenty feet from where I stood behind Beth, wrapping my arms around her as I kissed her ears lightly. Joanne was doing laps. Then Jim appeared. He jumped into the water and did laps, then the two of them chased each other and splashed water around.

Minutes later, Joanne climbed out of the pool and dried herself. Jim did several more laps before getting out of the water. They started talking while standing up. Suddenly they moved toward each other and kissed. I was then kneading Beth's tits through her negligee.

"They are married to different people," Beth said with shock. "They are cheating."

"This is pretty normal among some people," I said as Jim rubbed Joanne's pantied crotch while sucking on her big tits which he had bared moments before. "I don't think they are cheating. I think their spouses consent to this."

"I don't believe it," Beth said, breathing heavily as I slipped my hand down her panties and fingered her wet pussy. Her pussy leaked copiously as she watched Joanne deep throat Jim's hard pole while I ground my own hard pole into her ass. Apparently, Beth had a voyeuristic streak within her. "Why are they doing it in the open? Aren't they afraid someone might see them?"

"Well, this is a private property," I said. "Everyone here is an invited friend and is a mature adult. They would either watch silently or go out and join. So there is no risk at all. I am sure they don't mind our watching them."

"Oh, I see," she gasped as I shoved two fingers all the way into her dripping pussy.

"Do you want to join them?" I kidded.

"Of course not," she said seriously. "I will die before I do that."

"I hope not," I said as we watched Joanne lie back on the corner of the pool and pull her legs way back.

Jim bent over her crotch and started licking and fingering her holes. We saw her roll her head from side to side. I opened the window and let Beth lean over the sill. We could faintly hear Joanne's moans and groans as she humped Jim's face and fingers. I lowered Beth's panties and fished out my stiff pole. With one smooth stroke, I drove my cock all the way up my bride's molten cunt. She grunted when I hit bottom. I thrust into her ever so gently and with minuscule strokes. Beth moaned and ground her ass into me.

"Joanne must be having a great time," I said, toying with Beth's inflated clit between my fingers.

"Yes," Beth hissed.

"I bet Jim is enjoying the taste of her hot pussy," I added, pinching Beth's clit.

"Yes," Beth said absent-minded.

A few minutes later, we saw Jim finger her holes with two hands. It was obvious he was working both her pussy and asshole. "Shit! He is finger fucking both her holes," I said, squeezing Beth's oily clit. "She will be coming very soon."

"Yes," Beth gasped.

Seconds later, we heard Joanne's groans as she came on Jim's fingers, flailing her hands and legs and thrashing her head.

"Wow! What a come!" I exclaimed in Beth's ears.

Joanne got on all fours and Jim started fucking her from behind. She moaned and urged him to fuck her harder. I paced Beth to follow Joanne. Minutes later, Joanne and Beth came together. Beth bathed my cock and balls with her abundant juices. Soon Jim moved his glistening cock to Joanne's asshole.

"He is fucking her in the ass," I commented. "What a tight fuck!"

"He must be splitting her ass," Beth said.

"It doesn't look like it," I said, jerking her hot clit. "She is enjoying it very much, it seems."

"I don't know how she can take it," Beth remarked, oozing juices freely.

"Every woman can," I said. "It only takes a little patience and practice."

"Have you ever done it to a woman?" she asked.

"As a matter of fact," I said, jerking her clit quickly. "I have done it several times to Joanne herself and I know exactly how she loves it. But that of course was long before I met you."

"Oh," she moaned. "Did you like it?"

"Of course," I said. "There is nothing like doing it to a lovely lady. I wish someday you'd let me do it to you." Beth did not comment.

I heightened my stimulation to Beth's clit, making her come once before Joanne had come on Jim's cock and a second time with Joanne. Jim continued fucking Joanne's ass through her orgasm. Meanwhile Rick appeared. He greeted the fucking couple and jumped into the pool. He did several laps and climbed out of the pool. Joanne waved to him and he came to her.

"It is going to get hotter," I said as Rick stripped.

"Yes," Beth hissed.

Soon, Joanne was sucking on Rick's cock while Jim plowed her rectum steadily. Before long, Rick lay back on the edge of the pool and Joanne crawled forward onto him, letting Jim's cock pop from her ass. She lowered her pussy onto Rick's stiff cock and started rocking. Jim spitted in his hand and rubbed his spit onto his cock head. Then he knelt behind Joanne, steadying her with one hand and guiding his cock into her ass with the other.

"They are going to double penetrate her," I whispered, rubbing Beth's clit vigorously. "Jim is going to fuck her ass while Rick fucks her pussy."

Beth came immediately as Jim's cock and Rick's alternated in and out of Joanne's horny holes. Joanne moaned and bucked her ass into their hard cocks. Soon, she came big. Then Jim popped his cock from her ass and moved over to stand beside her as he jacked his swelling cock.

"He is going to come on her face," I told Beth, resuming my assault on her bloated clit. She gasped.

Jim grunted and his come started flying onto Joanne's face. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to intercept his jets. When he finished, she rubbed his come into her skin, then sucked his cock dry. He put back his swim wear and left. Rick and Joanne changed positions. They fucked while standing up face to face, kissing each other lewdly. They fucked like that for several minutes. Then Joanne knelt before Rick and started jacking him off onto her face. Before long, his thick jets of come were landing on her face and into her mouth.

"Watch how she is going to rub his come into her skin," I whispered to Beth, rubbing her clit hard. She gasped and started convulsing as my own come burst deep into her twitching pussy while Joanne licked Rick's cock clean. They both put their swim wear back on and left.

I licked Beth's juices off my hand and wiped my sticky cock on her smooth ass cheeks. We hardly had washed up and put on our robes before someone knocked on the door. "Come in," I called. It was Becky.

"Good morning, Nick and Beth," she greeted. "Do you want to have brunch or a bath first."

"We are hungry right now," I said. "Thanks, Becky."

"You are welcome," she said. "I will get your brunch in a jiffy."

Becky arranged our brunch on a round table on one side of the room. There were three chairs around the table. The three of us ate while chatting about the place there. When we finished, Becky cleared the table.

"Now I will ready your bath," she said, taking off her kimono.

She was left in a red g-string. She walked into the spacious bathroom and prepared everything. Her full tits wobbled as she moved. My eyes also followed her firm twitching ass. "I will help you with your clothes," she said, moving to Beth.

Becky untied Beth's belt to take off her robe. "We can manage on our own, thanks," Beth said.

I gave Beth a steely stare and said to Becky, "However your help is most welcome."

Becky proceeded with stripping Beth then me naked. Eyeing our crotches, she said, "You pubic hair is grown. I suggest that you let me shave it for you before the bath."

Beth opened her mouth to talk. I fixed her with another steely gaze and said, "That would be very nice of you."

Becky went into the bathroom to prepare the shaving kit.

"Beth, we don't want to embarrass those nice people by rejecting them," I said. "Let's be nice and appreciative of what they give us and not embarrass ourselves, either."

She called us in. She motioned us to sit on towels that she had spread on the wooden platform. Then she asked, "Who wants to start?"

Beth did not talk, so I said, "Me."

Actually she didn't shave our pubes. She wiped them clean with some special paper and liquid stuff. She also removed the hair on my balls and asshole. I occasionally grunted and bit my fingers with pain while she worked. Meanwhile, my cock grew real hard as she held it in one hand.

My bare cock looked much prettier and a bit longer than before. Becky washed me and rubbed some sweet smelling lotion into the whole area.

"You have a beautiful cock," she said as she rubbed the lotion onto my hard shaft and cock head. "Beth must be a lucky lady."

"Thanks, Becky," I said.

She traced her tongue tip along the underside of my shaft from my balls up to the tip. Beth watched speechless. Becky held the base of my shaft and licked my bulbous cock head thoroughly. Then she started to suck on my cock and take it deeper and deeper into her mouth while palming my balls gently. Soon, her lips closed around the thick base of my shaft. Beth's eyes where glued to my cock and Becky's mouth as she watched in wonder. Becky held my eyes for a while as her widely stretched lips glided up and down my thick shaft, making my cock thicker and harder. She proceeded to give me a first class job while my new bride watched. Becky's tongue, mouth and throat worked like an orchestra to draw my come out of my balls. My orgasm was getting very near.

"Do you want to come in my mouth," Becky asked. "You can come anywhere else in my body."

"Your mouth is great for now," I grunted.

She pursed her lips tightly around the turgid head and jacked the shaft real fast. My cock swelled and jerked seconds before it fired big jets of come deep into her swallowing throat. She milked my cock dry, dropping it from her mouth when it was completely spent.

"Your come tastes delicious," she said.

"Thanks," I said as she moved to Beth.

Becky stretched and pulled Beth's pussy lips while she worked. Squatting near Becky, I watched her hands move around Beth's pussy and ass. Beth let out several grunts and gasps, biting her fingers while Becky stripped her pussy bare. Becky wiped out my bride's hair from her pubes, pussy and ass, leaving her completely bald.

"What a lovely pussy!" Becky complimented as she rubbed that lotion into Beth's skin.

Beth only blushed, but could not hide her excitement as Becky deliberately brushed and rubbed Beth's clit and pussy lips, making her gasp and moan every now and then. Becky also worked her slick fingers nonchalantly into Beth's pussy hole and asshole.

Then suddenly, Becky grabbed Beth's hips and leaned forward, putting her mouth to Beth's pussy. Beth did not know what to do, but finally her body decided to surrender to Becky's expert tongue and lips. Beth leaned backward, supporting herself on her arms behind her. I crouched beside Becky, leaning forward and started sucking on my bride's tits. Becky freed one hand and grabbed my hard shaft with it. She jacked me off while licking and fingering Beth's pussy.

When Beth approached orgasm, I left her tits and knelt down. I watched Beth's contorting face while I fondled Becky's full tits, making her moan into my wife's pussy. I noticed that Becky was pumping two fingers into Beth's pussy and one finger into her asshole while sucking her clit. Then I watched Beth gasp and shudder as she came really big into Becky's eager mouth. Becky's mouth did not leave Beth until she calmed down.

"Make her come again," I said to Becky as I knelt behind her.

As Beth resumed moaning, I pulled Becky's g-string off and put it aside. I kneaded her firm ass cheeks while admiring her bald tight pussy and brownish puckered asshole. She was wet. I leaned forward and started licking her lovely asshole. She moaned into Beth's pussy and pushed her ass back into my face as her asshole relaxed to my wet loving touch. I pushed two fingers into her pussy and pumped her gently while my tongue opened up her tasty asshole. Soon, I was tongue fucking her ass while my fingers fucked her leaky but tight pussy.

When Beth got close to orgasm, I felt Becky raise her head and finger fuck Beth vigorously. I took a look toward Beth's pussy, briefly removing my mouth from Becky's asshole. I was really surprised. Beth was gasping and shoving herself forward desperately while Becky finger fucked her asshole with two fingers without ever touching her pussy! My wife was made for ass fucking but she had to deny it due to her inhibitions. I felt sad as I returned to Becky's hot asshole. Becky continued finger fucking Beth's ass vigorously until she came and boy did she came!

By the time Beth came, I moved my mouth to Becky's pussy and made her gush her luscious juices into my sucking mouth while I fucked her ass with two fingers. Then I sucked her pussy dry.

"Thanks, that was great," Becky said, looking back at me after she recovered.

Her face glistened in Beth's juices. I held her head and lapped up my wife's juices off her face. We finished with a long, deeply probing kiss. Then we moved to the roomy bath tub.

"You guys, go ahead, suck and fuck, and let me take care of your bath," Becky offered.

Beth and I knelt in the tub and started kissing and petting while Becky soaped Beth. I fingered Beth's pussy under water and even slipped a finger up her asshole, making her gasp. Becky stroked my cock under water, making sure it was rock hard. Then I moved forward and slid my cock into my bride's hot pussy eliciting moans from her. As we fucked in an easy pace, making waves, Becky soaped me.

Becky drained the tub then filled it with clear water, washing the soap off our skin. Later, she sat on the edge of the tub and watched me and Beth while fingering her own pussy. I reached out with one hand and started finger fucking her pussy with two fingers, making her squirm and moan. Then I and Beth changed positions to doggy style. While Beth bucked her ass back to me, I guided Becky to stand astride Beth and face me, and started to lick her wet pussy. Becky turned around and bent over, still astride Beth, bracing her hands on the edge of the tub. In this position, I licked and probed both her hot holes.

When Beth got so near to orgasm, I vigorously pumped Becky's pussy with two fingers while tongue probing her asshole. Finally, I got the two ladies to come almost simultaneously, the powerful vaginal spasms of Beth making me come myself and pump a hot load of come deep into her milking pussy. I lapped up Becky's juices while I gently pumped Beth with my softening cock.

Becky guided Beth and me to stand up. She licked my cock clean, then moved to my wife. Becky licked Beth's pussy, then drained the hot mixed come into her eager mouth. "I love the taste of this cocktail," she said. When she finished licking Beth, I kissed her deeply, tasting my wife's and my own come in her mouth.

Becky dried us and dressed us. Then she put on her kimono without bothering with her panties.

"Do you guys feel like watching a movie?" Becky offered.

"Yes, why not?" I agreed.

"Pick your choice of this set," she said, pointing to a set of videos in the closet below the large TV set.

I checked the titles and chose "All the World Says Yes." We popped it into the VCR and the three of us sat on the bed and watched.

"Let's take off our clothes," Becky suggested, shedding off her kimono. She then undressed me then Beth. When the three of us got naked, she said, "Let me in the middle so that I can take care of both of you." We obliged her.

As we watched Eric Weiss fuck woman after woman in all the holes they got, Becky jacked my cock slowly and fingered Beth's moist pussy. I was a gentleman and fingered Becky back. Naughty Becky made Beth come every time Eric fucked a woman in the ass, amounting to three times before the concluding orgy. When the orgy started, Becky knelt on the floor and shoved her face between Beth's legs. She licked Beth's pussy while finger fucking her asshole with one then two fingers. Meanwhile, I tended to my boner with my own hands. By the end of the movie, Beth gushed a big load of juices down Becky's greedily sucking mouth while Beth's asshole spasmed around Becky's fingers.

When the movie finished, Becky laid me back and guided Beth to ride my cock, facing my way. Becky sucked on Beth's tits while pumping two fingers up her asshole. Four fingers of my right hand took care of Becky's own nether holes, two fingers each. Fate had it that we all exploded in one big orgasm, holes spasming around my cock and fingers. Gasps and groans filled the room along with the smell of sex. Becky cleaned our crotches with her tongue and I cleaned her wet pussy with my tongue.

We all rested for a while, lying on our backs. Then the three of us took a quick shower. Becky suggested that we put on clothes and go out to play on the spacious golf course outside.

"Let me help you choose your outfit," Becky said to Beth.

"Okay," said Beth.

Then Becky laid out a new beige two-piece stretch outfit on the bed. It consisted of short shorts and a cropped T-shirt. Becky held the top to Beth's shoulders and admired it. "You will look wonderful in this," she said to Beth.

"Let's choose some underwear, too, " said Beth.

"Don't you ever bother with underwear while here," Becky advised. "Let's see how it fits without underwear."

Beth reluctantly put it on with the eager help of Becky, of course. The shorts were just a layer of paint to her ass and crotch. Her top, that reached just below Beth's tits, stretched tightly over her full globes, clearly outlining her nipples.

"Very sexy," squealed Becky, saying the obvious.

"I definitely can't go out like this," Beth said.

"You definitely can," countered Becky. "You look wonderful. This will keep your pussy hot as you walk around, feeling sexy."

"I feel naked," Beth said.

"I am sure you feel more sexy than naked," said Becky.

"Let me check how you like it," I said, running my hand up Beth's crotch. She gasped and shuddered. "Surely you like it." Beth blushed deeply. "Anyway, there is nothing wrong with walking like this on private property. No one is going to make you feel self-conscious, only proud."

"Besides, I will be wearing an identical outfit myself," said Becky. Becky produced an outfit identical to Beth's but light blue in color.

Becky put her outfit on and stroke some sexy poses, sticking out her round ass and ripe tits. I reached with one hand between her ass cheeks and squeezed her pussy gently while holding a lush tit with my other hand. Becky moaned and arched her back. Standing behind her, I cupped both her tits, squeezing them, and thrust my partly hard crotch into her ass.

On the gulf course, I did not miss any chance to cup a feel of either lady. Becky returned the favor by squeezing my crotch every now and then. Wet spots started to appear between their legs. When Beth's wet spot got noticeably wide, I wrapped my left arm behind her back and shoved my right hand between her legs. There, in the green, a hundred feet away from the mansion, I rubbed her leaky pussy vigorously. Becky hiked up Beth's top, exposing tits topped with erect dark pink nipples. Becky captured a sweet nipple between her lips and I captured the other. While I beat Beth's juices into a froth, we sucked and licked her nipples. Before long, she gasped and stiffened, gushing copiously through her shorts and into my palm. Beth and I kissed deeply while Becky extracted Beth's abundant juices from her soaked crotch.

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