In-Law Love
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, InLaws, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - On a business trip, he passes by his sister-in-law's house where he meets her friends.

Last month I was traveling on business on the west coast when my wife suggested I visit her sister while I was out there. I had not seen Ruth in some time and really had no reason to visit her but at my wife's insistence I contacted Ruth and she invited me to spend the weekend. Ruth and her husband have their own company and have been doing quite well and live in a spacious ranch house with several acres of land. I arrived Friday noon after finishing up my last customer call that day. Ruth picked me up at the airport and I must say she looked very good. She was wearing a trim business suit with a deep slit in the skirt. Her firm thighs flashed as she walked and I began to think of a possible encounter with her. As we drove to her house we engaged in some idle chit chat and she told me that she was glad I could come for a visit as her husband was out of town and she needed some company. As we drove her skirt crept up and the slit exposed more and more of her firm thigh. More than once Ruth caught me staring at her legs and I could almost swear she was enjoying teasing me but she said nothing about it. In fact I saw her pull at her dress exposing more of her legs rather than covering up.

We arrived at Ruth's house and she showed me to my room telling me to make myself at home. Once I was settled in Ruth reappeared wearing a short pair of jogging shorts and a skin tight spandex top which held her firm tits out invitingly. Her nipples were stiff and clearly apparent. I more than once caught sight of her smooth inner thigh almost up to her cunt as she showed me around her spacious home. By the time we had reached the bedrooms I already had a raging hardon which I was having some difficulty in concealing. I'm sure Ruth was aware of the affect she was having on me as I caught Ruth staring at my crotch more than once. When we arrived in the kitchen Ruth crouched down in front of me to show me some detail of the kitchen cabinets and I could see her pussy as her shorts rode up tight into her crotch. I noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties under her shorts and felt that this was a sure sign that I was going to enjoy the next three days.

Ruth and her husband must have been doing quite well because beside the spaciousness of their home they had a full workout room complete with a hot tub and sauna. I remarked to Ruth that the sauna looked inviting and she told me to feel free to use it whenever I felt like it. Ruth showed me the rest of the house and then told me that she had a date with some friends that afternoon to workout and that they would be arriving shortly and she hoped that I would not feel she was ignoring me. I told her that it was no problem and that I would entertain myself until she was free. I told her that I hoped she would allow me to take her to dinner that evening to repay her for allowing me to visit. Ruth thanked me an told to make myself at home and went to make some phone calls. I relaxed in the living room while Ruth took care of business. Shortly the front doorbell rung and seeing that Ruth was still on the phone I went to the door and greeted her quests. Ruth's exercise partners were at the door and I welcomed them in and introduced myself to the two lovely ladies. I was very aroused as I greeted Pat and Carol, Pat was a tall thin black girl with full firm tits and long slender legs and a nice firm ass. Pat was dressed like Ruth having on a tight white spandex top which was cut low over her full breasts and clearly showed off her tits and now jutting nipples. Her pussy was clearly outlined by her tight nylon shorts which were slit up both sides far enough to convince me she was naked underneath. Carol was a slim oriental girl with long black hair and an impish look in her eyes. Carol's small jutting tits were covered by a tight thin T-shirt and from the way her nipples were poking out the front the thin cotton shirt I was sure she too was highly stimulated. As with Pat and Ruth Carol had on a pair of shorts, hers were skin tight and barely covered her pubic mound leaving a clear outline of her pussy lips under the flimsy material. I was having great difficulty keeping my eyes from fixing on the obvious charms of these two ladies as I made conversation waiting for Ruth to finish her phone call. Somehow I knew that there was more to this afternoons activities than just a workout there was too much excitement in the air.

Finally Ruth finished her call and came over to where the ladies and I were sitting. Ruth sat cross legged on the floor and I could clearly see her pussy exposed as her shorts gapped at the crotch. My excitement must have been obvious to all the girls as they stared at my crotch watching my now stiff cock creep down the leg of my pants. After a short conversation and some additional background on her friends Ruth said it was time to start the workout and invited me to join them. Not being particularly athletic I was about to feign being tired when Pat put her leg up on the coffee table opening her crotch to my view and erasing any thoughts of skipping the exercise session with these hot ladies. I told them I would join them in a few minutes as I would need to change to something more appropriate for the workout session. We all went toward the back of the house where the exercise room was and as I turned to go into my room to change Carol warned me not to take too long and as I turned to acknowledge her warning I saw her smile at me and roll her stiff nipples between her fingers. I knew I was in for some real exercise and went quickly into my room changing into a pair of knit shorts and a fresh t-shirt. The shorts were loose around the legs and I decided to see if they were teasing or really ready to get into it so I put them on without underwear. My cock was nearly showing out the leg of my shorts when I walked into the room. What I saw when I walked into the exercise room had me stiff in seconds. Ruth was on her back on the bench press her legs spread clearly showing off her pussy as she strained to lift the weight. Carol was facing Ruth on the other wall doing chest pulls making her small firm tits press against her thin shirt her nipples poking obscenely against the shirt. Pam was on the mats doing sit ups with her legs spread and her shorts pulled up tightly into her cunt exposing the dark outer lips and a bit of the pink inner reaches of her cunt.

I quickly went over to Pat and offered to help her by holding her feet down while she exercised. I held her feet while she continued to do sit ups spread legged showing me more of her hot black pussy. In my half crouch position my cock was hanging well below the leg of my shorts and I could see Pat watching my stiff cock. Ruth was finishing up on the bench press and Pat told her to come over because there was something she wanted to show her. I began to move but Pat told me to stay and help her so I remained in my crouched position with my prick sticking out of the leg of my shorts. Once Ruth joined us on the mats Pat motioned toward my exposed prick and Ruth reached out and wrapped her warm hand around the pulsing head of my now fully erect cock. Pat watched as Ruth pulled on my stiff meat and reached up the leg of my shorts to massage my balls. I was getting hot now and Carol left her station and joined the fun. Moving behind Pat, Carol stripped off her own shirt exposing her small firm tits and erect nipples Carol then pulled off Pat's top exposing Pat's full firm tits. Pat's nipples were fully erect and they stood out invitingly against her light brown breasts. Carol put her arms around Pat and began to pull on Pat's stiff nipples as she squeezed Pat's firm brown tits and rubbed her own pert tits into Pat's back. Ruth pulled me up to a standing position and pulled my shorts down with one quick motion. After a bit of a problem getting my shorts off my ankles Ruth pushed me toward Pat, my stiff cock dangling just in front of her mouth and pulled my shirt over my head. Pat grabbed my cock and balls and slowly slid my entire ten inches deep into her mouth and throat as she gently massaged my balls and pressed her finger up my asshole.

Pat was fucking my cock with her mouth as Carol pulled Ruth up and began to strip my sister in law. I watched in lust filled envy as Carol stripped off Ruth's top and began to pull and twist my sister in-laws stiff pink nipples. Ruth was moaning as Carol pulled off her shorts and spread her cunt lips licking her erect clit as she probed Ruth's cunt and asshole with her fingers. I wanted to stick my cock in her pussy as I heard her moan with pleasure and I pulled away from Pat's luscious mouth and pulled her up into a standing position. Grabbing Pat's tits I licked and nipped her full firm breasts as I struggled to pull down her tight fitting shorts. I knelt down and pulled Pat's shorts from around her legs and worked my way back up her sleek legs until my tongue found its way into her shaved dark pussy. I spread her dark outer lips with my fingers and began to lick and suck her large erect pink clit. Pat was moaning now and I increased my pleasure attack by pressing a finger into both her slippery cunt and pulsing anus. I kept up my attack on Pat's cunt, clit and anus until I felt her cunt and anus clamp down on my fingers and a shudder run through her tall frame signaling her orgasmic climax. By this time Carol had Ruth back on the bench press and was licking her clit while ramming her slim fingers up my sister in-law's cunt and asshole.

Noticing that Carol still had on her shorts I pulled Pat with me and we pulled Carol's shorts down exposing her firm ass and cleanly shaved pussy. Carol's cunt was dripping with her own juices and I could tell she was very turned on as I slipped my finger up her sweet slit. Ruth was propped up on her elbows and begged me to fuck Carol so I move in behind her and Pat guided my stiff cock up Carol's sopping slit. Carol's cunt was hot wet and very tight and I slowly pressed my cock up her slit until my balls were banging against her sopping cunt lips. I played with Carol's puckered anus as I watched Pat move around and plant her shaved black pussy on Ruth's mouth spreading her cunt lips as Ruth's hot pink tongue thrust up into the pink inner recesses Pat's very juicy pussy. Watching Ruth eat out Pat got me very hot and I began to ram my prick into Carol's cunny with long hard strokes as I rubbed my cum slickened thumb up Carols pulsing anus. I kept stroking Carol's hot cunt while she licked and fingered Ruth until I could tell Ruth was climaxing by the way her body twitched and jumped. I felt Carol's pussy grasp my cock hard and I began to cum filling her tight little vagina with my pent up sperm. Ruth reached up and pulled Pat harder into her mouth bringing on the black girls climax and wetting Ruth's face with her hot juices. I pulled out of Carol's cunt and stood there for a moment enjoying the scene before me.

Pat moved off Ruth's mouth leaving Ruth's face glistening with her thick fragrant pussy juices and got down behind Carol with her head up between the slim oriental girls legs and began to lick my sperm from her cunt. I watched as Pat licked up the thick globs of sticky white sperm around Carol's swollen labia and then sucked more of my spunk from Carol's hot wet pussy. Ruth came around and got down between Pat's wide open thighs and began to suck Pat's firm tits while she fingered the black girl's cunt and anus. Ruth continued to move down her slender brown partner until her mouth was planted firmly on Pat's slick black pussy. Ruth repeatedly forced her fingers up Pat's cunt and asshole while she licked and sucked Pat's long stiff clit. My cock was again stiff and aching for action so I moved in behind my sister in-law and spread her pussy forcing my cock deep into her pussy with one long thrust. Ruth turned her head to look at me an told me to fuck her cunt as hard as I could. I began to ream my cock in and out of her slick tight vagina as I pressed two fingers up her pink puckered asshole. I reamed her sweet slit with hard fast strokes forcing her mouth into Pat's pussy on each stroke. Carol was moaning loud and long as she climaxed on Pat's face flooding the ebony beauties lips and tongue with her sweet juice and the remnants of my sperm. Pat's climax followed quickly and she clamped her smooth sleek thighs around Ruth's head forcing Ruth's tongue and lips into the pink inner reaches of her pussy. I was nearing orgasm myself and as Pat spread her legs I began to ream Ruth's ass with my fingers as I rammed my hot thick cock up her hot wet pussy bringing moans of pleasure to her lips. I grabbed Ruth's tit with my free hand and pulled and twisted her nipple bringing on her climax as I filled her tight pussy with a massive load of sperm and spent my passion in her tight convulsing cunt.

After watching Pat, Carol and Ruth rubbing each other for a bit my cock began to pulse again and I wanted to fuck Pat's hot black pussy. I pulled Pat out onto the mats and got her into a doggy style position and began to lick her cunt and finger her hot asshole. Ruth moved up in front of Pat and slid her slick cum stained twat up to Pat's mouth. Pat spread Ruth's hot pink pussy lips and dove in fingering my sister in-law's cunt an asshole while she sucked her clit and licked up my cum from Ruth's hot well fucked cunt. Carol was standing watching us and I called her over and told her to sit on Ruth's mouth and enjoy. As Carol settled onto Ruth's face planting her clean shaven snatch on Ruth's outstretched tongue I slowly pushed my throbbing cock up Pat's hot pussy. Pat moaned as I began to thrust my cock up her hot black cunt with deep hard strokes. Pat's brown anal pucker winked at me invitingly and I licked my fingers and slowly pressed two fingers into her tight asshole. Pat was ramming herself back onto my stiff prick with each thrust I made and licking Ruth's pussy with long hard strokes of her tongue as she probed Ruth's cunt and asshole with her long black fingers. Carol was enjoying her ride on Ruth's face and was squeezing Ruth's hot tits and pulling on Ruth's stiff swollen nipples as Ruth's tongue lashed at her cunt and clit. Ruth was pulling on Carol's nipples with one hand while the fingers of her other hand were being rammed up the slim oriental's girl's asshole. All to quickly the girls began to reach climax beginning with Ruth as she thrust her hips up forcing her pussy hard against Pat's sucking mouth and lashing tongue. Carol began to pant and moan as her passion overtook her and she flooded Ruth's mouth with her climatic juices. I could feel Pat's cunt and anus clamp down on my cock as her ass rammed back forcing my stiff prick deep into he vise like cunt and milking my load from my balls as I filled her tight slit with my sperm. Pat collapsed on her side freeing my worn cock from the tight embrace of her hot slit. I knelt there for a minute and watched as Ruth rolled Pat on her back and pulled her legs up exposing her cum slick cunt. Ruth quickly covered Pat's cunt with her mouth and began to suck and lick my sperm from her friends black pussy making Pat moan softly with each time Ruth's tongue ran over her erect and sensitive clit. Carol crawled over to me and started to suck my withering cock licking the sperm and pussy juice from my cock and balls. I layed on my side and pulled her shaved little snatch to my mouth working her tight cunt and taught little asshole with my fingers until I had Carol cumming again in my arms.

We layed there for a bit getting our breath back and the girls began to work on my tired cock trying to get me hard again but it was too soon and told them they would have to let me rest a bit first. The girls were a bit dejected but admitted they had never had one guy do all of them so well. My ego was sailing high after their praise and I told them that I would be glad to continue after a short rest. Pat licked my cock and told me I would be enjoying them again soon but now they had to get going so we all went into the shower and cleaned up after which Pat and Carol left after I had licked them each to a nice restful climax. Ruth and I relaxed sitting around butt naked for the rest of the afternoon and I managed to lick Ruth to two orgasm's, one while she was talking to her husband on the phone. Later I managed to catch Ruth in her bedroom, she was masturbating while probing her anus with a thick long dildo. I rebuked her for not inviting me and grabbed the probe working it into her taught anal ring while I ate her pussy until she climaxed. I then got Ruth up doggy style and rammed my cock deep into her hot wet slit banging my cock deep into her pussy while ramming the dildo up her asshole until she came again. Ruth was hot as hell and begged me to fuck her in the ass. I pulled out the dildo and spread her creamy ass cheeks exposing her puckered pink anus. Ruth was wiggling her ass begging me to ream her hot asshole. I pressed the tip of my stiff prick into her tight anus and slowly forced my cock deep into her rectum making her moan her pleasure out loud. Ruth was getting really hot and she began to stroke my throbbing meat into her hot tight asshole making my cum filled balls hit her pussy lips with each inward plunge. I was close to climax and from the way Ruth's asshole was clamped around my dick I could tell she was nearing her climax also. Reaching up I grabbed her full swinging tits and began to squeeze her firm tit flesh and pull and twist her erect nipples making Ruth climax and clamping her asshole around my cock like a fist. I began to fire my load deep into her bowels as Ruth climaxed replete with a torrent of screams. I continued to pump her hot tight anus until my soft cock just could not penetrate her cum filled butt anymore. We lay there panting a while and went to shower together.

While we showered and played with each other Ruth asked me if I had ever been involved in an orgy. I told her yes I had and related an experience I had during my college days. Ruth explained that she and her husband had gotten into swinging lately and that there was a swing club not too far away. I asked Ruth if she would like to take me there and she said that's what she hoped I would say. After our shower we had something to eat and went back to bed and slept for a while in order to be rested for the evenings festivities. I woke to find my cock being sucked into Ruth's hot wet mouth and her cunt pressed into my face. I quickly buried my tongue in her cunt and pressed two fingers up her asshole bringing her to climax. My cock was begging for release but Ruth told me that I should save my load for the swing club so I got no immediate satisfaction. We dressed casually and left for the club. Ruth was wearing a silk tank top with no bra and a short skirt with no nylons or panties and all the way to the club I was fingering her cunt making sure she was fully aroused. We arrive at Fantasy North about 11:00 pm and by the look of the parking lot there were plenty of people already there. Ruth and I were greeted by club personnel and they checked Ruth membership and eyed me a bit suspiciously. Everything seemed quit normal until we went beyond the greeting area. We walked in and saw naked people wandering around and a few couples openly engaging in sex. One couple at the bar were fucking while a small group of onlookers watched and shouted encouragement. The girl getting fucked was bent over a stool and her partner a well hung guy in his forties was standing behind her reaming her pussy with his long hard dick as a girl at the bar played with her tits and was reaching under her frigging her clit. I watched as the guy began to shoot his load and pulled out spraying his thick cum over his partners tight ass cheeks. Ruth grabbed my now hard cock thru my pants and told me to follow her.

We weaved our way thru the crowd to a room at the back and on the way Ruth signaled to a number of couples she obviously knew. As we neared the door of the room I saw Pat and Carol involved with two guys, Pat was being reamed dog style by a small oriental man while she licked and sucked Carol's cunt. Carol was astride the prick of a tall black man at the time and seemed to be having the time of her life. Ruth guided me into what turned out to be a locker room. We quickly undressed and Ruth commented that with my big stiff cock I would be getting a lot of attention and warned me to make sure to have something left for her later. I noticed that Ruth was very turned on and I slipped my fingers over her cunt slipping two up her sopping twat telling her she had nothing to fear. Ruth must have been a regular at the club because she already had a locker and after hanging our cloths up we proceeded back into the main room. I told Ruth I would like to get a drink first and we headed for the bar on the way a number of ladies reached out and rubbed their hands over my stiff cock with real come-on looks in their eyes. Ruth stopped once to chat with two couples standing around and as we joined them one of the women reached out and grabbed my stiff cock as though she was shaking my hand. The guy she was with grabbed Ruth's ass and pressed his fingers into her ass crack running them up and down over her anus. Seeing that this was the fashion I reached out and ran my fingers over the erect nipples of the other woman and rubbed down her belly until my fingers were between her legs. She spread her legs and I rubbed her slit opening her cunt lips and slowly pressed my fingers up her sopping cunt. The woman holding my cock was stroking it gently and she reached down to Ruth's pussy and began to finger Ruth's clit. Ruth pulled back a bit and grabbing my hand from between the woman's legs told me told me to ease up as there was plenty of time to go. Ruth said goodby and we proceeded to the bar. Once we got there Ruth grabbed my hand that had been up inside the woman and licked the juice off my fingers.

I grabbed Ruth's tits and began to pull and twist her nipples as I rubbed my stiff cock into her ass cheeks. As we stood by the bar a light came on a small stage to the right, everyone began to clap and a few of the people milling around began to file onto the stage. There were four women a tall blond, a short brunette with large tits, a pert little red head and Carol. Six men followed them on the stage and the show began. Carol pushed the blond down and forced her cunt into the blonds face while she pulled the blond's legs up and open. A large dicked guy got down and forced his cock up the blond's pussy and began to pump his dick into her pussy with hard fast strokes. A big black guy got behind Carol and forced his cock up her cunt while Carol fondled the blond's tits. The next guy layed down and the redhead squatted on his stiff pole forcing his meat up her open pussy. The next guy got behind her and slowly pressed his dick up her tight pink anus making her twitch and moan. A third guy stood next to her and forced his cock deep into her throat fucking her face with long deep strokes. The brunette with the big tits got down doggy style and the last guy began to pump his stiff cock up her anus ramming her deep on each stroke. The show continued and the actors and actresses changed partners fucking and sucking until all the guys had filled the girls holes with their sperm. After they could no longer continue the audience gave them a rousing round of applause and they slowly rose and left the stage. By this time I was hot as hell and needed to fuck very badly.

I saw a short blond woman coming by the bar followed by two younger women so I turned around facing away from the bar. My cock was fully erect and stuck out invitingly. I noticed the blond look at my cock and I reached down and stroked it invitingly hoping to attract her attention. The woman looked at ny cock and came right over, placing her hand on my prick she introduced herself as Sharon and her daughters Debbie and Lisa. I reached out and fondled Sharon's big tits and pulled on her erect nipples as she stroked my prick and gently squeezed my cum filled balls. Sharon pushed me back onto the bar stool and her daughters got on either side of me holding my knees spread while their mother bend down and began to suck my stiff prick. I reached out and started to play with the girls firm tits gently squeezing them and pulling on their pink erect nipples while their mother deep throated my hard throbbing cock. I knew I wouldn't last long in Sharon's talented mouth and I moved my hands down Lisa and Debbie's firm young bodies until my fingers found their way into their lightly downed pussies. Lisa was tall and thin with small firm tits and nice pink nipples. Her hips were full and she had a light red patch of fur between her legs which was shaved making her pink cunt lips fully exposed. Debbie was blond like her mother and had slightly larger tits with long hard pink nipples which I longed to suck. Debbie's small waist and flat hard belly accented her full hips and nice slim legs. Her pussy was shaved like her sister Lisa's showing her pink pussy lips and exposing her now throbbing erect clit. I rubbed my fingers into these young hot pussies and slowly pressed my finger up their wet cunts. As I probed their excited holes I rubbed my thumbs over their clits making them press themselves against my hands. I was near to shooting my cum into Sharon's mouth when a tall young man appeared and got behind Sharon and spread her legs and pressed his cock up her cunt. Lisa introduced him as Tom her brother. I was sure I had stumbled on a really weird family arrangement but figured it was worth finding out where this would go because I really wanted to fuck Sharon and her daughters. Tom was really pumping his mother and I was about to spray my load down her throat when Ruth turned around and joined the fun. Ruth began to suck on Debbie's tit and finger her asshole as Tom began to fill his mothers cunt with his cum. Sharon pulled her mouth off my cock and turned around and stuffed her son's prick in her mouth sucking his sperm into her mouth. My cock was stiff and throbbing and I wanted to get off so I after we watched Sharon suck the last of her son's cum down her throat I suggested we go somewhere were we could all get it on.

Ruth pointed to the back of the room where there were a number of private rooms and Sharon nodded her head in agreement and told us she would meet us there. Ruth put her arm around Tom and I grabbed the girls and we headed back toward the first open room. Once we got inside I layed Lisa down and told Debbie ot sit on her sisters mouth while I fucked Lisa. Debbie was straddling her sisters mouth in a flash and Lisa was tongue fucking her sister and sucking her stiff button as she worked her finger up her sisters tight anal ring. I began by licking Lisa's cunt and fingering her cunt and asshole making Lisa moan and squirm in pleasure. I looked over and saw Ruth sucking Tom's cock forcing his prick deep into her throat with each dip of her head. Debbie was urging me to fuck her sister so I got between Lisa's legs and pulled them up exposing her sopping pink pussy. Lisa reached down and grabbed my cock guiding me into her tight young slit and slowly pressed my full ten inches up her tight pulsing cunt. I was pumping my prick deep into Lisa's tight wet pussy making her moan with pleasure each time my cock bottomed out in her slippery twat. Ruth had gotten Tom hard again and was in the process of mounting him. Debbie and I watched as Ruth straddled Tom's cock and sank down forcing his throbbing pole up her slippery slit. We watched as Ruth's cunt lips were forced apart by Tom's hard shaft as she forced her cunt down over his stiff prick. Ruth rammed him fully up her steaming snatch pounding her shaved pussy with Tom's stiff prick. I felt Lisa's cunt beginning to tighten and looked at Debbie watching her mash her cunt into her sister Lisa's mouth as she began her climax gushing her cunt juices into her sisters waiting mouth The tightness of Lisa's convulsing cunt was too much and as she twitched in orgasmic frenzy I filled her tight little cunt with a massive load of sperm ramming my stiff pulsing cock up her hot tight vagina. I pulled out of Lisa's sperm filled pussy and forced Debbie's mouth down onto Lisa's spermy cunt telling her to lick and suck my cum from her sister's hot slit.

Moving around behind Debbie I licked and fingered her wet pussy and pink rimmed anus as she feasted on her sister Lisa's hot cunt. Looking up I saw Sharon and man enter the room and Sharon came over to me and introduced her husband Bob. Bob told me to fuck Debbie good and patted her on the head as Sharon grabbed my cock and guided me up her daughter Debbie's cunt. I pounded my shaft deep into Debbie as Sharon licked her asshole and played with my balls. I grabbed Debbie's tits and pulled her stiff pink nipples as I reamed her cunt with hard long strokes. I watched as Sharon and Bob went over to Ruth and Tom. Bob stood next to Ruth and guided his stiff prick into her mouth as Sharon sat on her son Tom's face getting her cunt licked and her asshole fingered. All too soon I felt Debbie begin to quiver as her climax erupted and her tight young pussy clamped down hard on my invading cock. Her tight cunt sent me into climax and I pumped my load into her convulsing twat filling her hot pussy with my sticky load and overflowing onto her sister Lisa's face and tongue. I pulled my cock out and rubbed it into Lisa's face as she too convulsed in orgasm from her sister Debbie's expert mouth and fingers which were forced deep into her tight spermy cunt and asshole. Resting a bit I watched as Bob climaxed in Ruth's mouth pulling out at the last minute to spray his last spurts onto her face. Sharon was crying out as she climaxed on her son Tom's mouth and I could tell he was pumping his load into Ruth has he arched his back forcing his cock deeper into my sister in-laws hot cunt. Ruth was moaning her own climax out and rubbing Bob's still stiff cock all over her face as he squeezed her tits and pinched her erect nipples.

Lisa and Debbie were laying on their sides playing with each others pussies. And Bob came over and started to play with their small firm tits rubbing his sperm covered dick over Lisa's nipples. I wanted to fuck Sharon and Ruth and left the girls and pulled Sharon off her son's face and layed her down on her back. After licking her clit and fingering her cunt and anus I pulled her legs up an rammed my stiff prick deep into her hot pink pussy. Ruth got off Tom and joined Sharon and I sitting on Sharon's face letting her lick and suck her son's load from Ruth's hot dripping pussy. Sharon licked Ruth's cunt and clit while I pounded my cock into Sharon's hot pink hole. I sucked on Ruth's hot tits as she wiggled her pussy on Sharon's wanton tongue and I rammed my dick up Sharon's tight hot slit. Looking over at the girls I saw Bob ram his dick into his daughter Lisa's hot shaved slit while Debbie licked Lisa's clit and her fathers dick as Bob pumped it deeply up his daughters pussy with long hard strokes. Tom in the meantime had gotten behind Debbie and was fucking her cunt hard and fast as Lisa licked her sisters clit and her brothers rampaging dick as it plowed its way in and out of Debbie's hot tight slit. Tom was also finger fucking his sister's hot little anal pucker adding to her pleasure. Ruth started to climax and covered Sharon's face with her pussy juice as Sharon began her orgasmic climb arching her hips and forcing my cock deeper into her tight wet cunt. I started to cum and filled Sharon's cunt with a big load of sperm and continued to ream her pussy until I could no longer continue. Bob and Tom had brought the girls to climax and after filling their hot young twats with their sperm were relaxing as Lisa and Debbie licked their cocks and sucked their cum from each others cunts.

Sharon crawled over to her daughters and Ruth and I followed. Bob wanted to fuck Ruth and pulled her up doggy style and rammed his cock up her cum stained slit banging her pussy with hard long strokes. Seeing her husband fucking Ruth Sharon crawled under Ruth and began to suck and lick her clit while she watched Bob plunge his cock up Ruth's hot slick pussy. Ruth lowered her mouth to Sharon's cummy snatch and licked my sperm from the hot blonds cunt while she finger fucked her cunt and asshole. Tom and I decided to fuck the girls again and I pulled Debbie's legs open and pressed my cock up her pussy while Lisa licked her clit and my cock and balls. Debbie's cunt was hot tight and slippery from all the sperm that had been shot into her sweet young snatch. I penetrated her easily and forced my cock balls deep in her tight pink pussy. Tom was working on Lisa and with Debbie's help had his prick rammed up Lisa's red haired snatch giving her swollen pussy a hard reaming. I fucked Debbie's cunt with long firm strokes as she and Lisa pulled and twisted each others nipples work themselves into a frenzy. Both girls came together moaning and twitching I continued to probe Debbie's cunt until she moaned out for me to fuck her asshole. I pulled my stiff cock reluctantly from her sweet slit and Lisa guided my stiff prick to the pink rimmed entrance of Debbie's hot little butt. I slowly pressed my prick into Debbie's hot tight asshole going easy until I had my entire ten inches imbedded in her hot tight anus. I could feel her anal ring contracting with regular little pulses as my cock throbbed in her rectum. Looking toward Tom I saw he was following my lead and Debbie was licking his cock as he slowly sank his stiff prick up his sister Lisa's asshole. The girls were frantic with pleasure and they started to move their asses back and forth trying to fuck our stiff poles. I grabbed Debbie's hip and started a slow rhythmic thrusting in and out of her anus increasing the length of my movement a bit on each stroke. Before I was stroking my full length into her ass she convulsed with orgasm followed quickly by her sister Lisa. Tom shot his load up Lisa's ass but I held out and pumped Debbie to a second climax before I filled her tight hot asshole with my sperm.

By this time Bob had filled Ruth's hot cunt with his sperm and Ruth and Sharon had switched places with Sharon getting fucked by Bob as she sucked her husbands cum from Ruth's hot swollen cunt. Tom was fully fucked out for the moment and just sat there watching his Dad fuck his Mom as she ate out Ruth's hot twat. I wanted to fuck Lisa in the ass and I moved in behind her as she began to lick my cum from Debbie's open anus. Lisa's ass was well lubed from the load of sperm Tom had deposited in his sisters rear. Debbie grabbed my cock and after giving me a few preliminary licks she guided my throbbing prick to her sisters cum filled anus. I rammed my dick deep in Lisa's anus as Debbie licked my cock as it slid up her sisters tight young butt. I rammed my cock into Lisa's tight asshole with long firm strokes making her climax twice before I filled her pink spermy asshole with my own cum. After I pulled out Debbie licked up the sperm which ozzed out of Lisa's open asshole. Determined to make this a family ass fuck I moved to Sharon who now was laying back letting her son and husband eat her cunt and asshole. I told her I wanted her ass and she pulled away from Bob and Tom and got up in a doggy style position. I told Ruth to get under Sharon and eat her cunt while I fucked her asshole. Ruth crawled under Sharon and reached up grabbing my cock and spreading Sharon's ass cheeks open. With Ruth holding my cock to Sharon's asshole I slowly pushed my cock deeply up her anus as Ruth licked and sucked her sperm filled pussy. Lisa and Debbie pushed Bob and Tom on their backs and began to suck their soft cocks trying to get one more ride out of them. I fucked Sharon's ass hard and fast bringing her to orgasm quickly and filling her hot rectum with my sperm. I needed to rest and grabbed Ruth's hand and lead her out of the room leaving the family to continue on their own. Ruth directed me to the showers and we both went in and spent the next 20 minutes under the pounding water trying to get our senses back. I told Ruth she should invite Sharon and her daughters to workout with her she nodded and said they would surely provide for a hot time.

We toweled off and went back to the bar in dire need of something to drink. While quenching our thirsts Ruth spotted a couple of her friends and she motioned for them to join us. A tall brunette and male partner came over to us and Ruth introduced them the brunette's name was Kathy and the man with her was her husband Fred, Kathy had a hot body with large firm tits and a slender waist which flowed into nice full hips. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and her cunt lips were shaved clean and glisten with pussy juice. Ruth reached out and grabbed Fred's cock which stiffened nicely in her hand as she gently stroked his shaft. I put my arm around Kathy's waist and drew her to me until my now hard shaft pressed up against her belly. Kathy grabbed my cock and balls and began to roll my balls in her hand as she pressed the swollen head of my cock against her slippery pussy lips. I began to massage her tits and pull on her stiff pointy nipples as I kiss her forcing my tongue into her mouth. Fred not wasting any time pushed Ruth up on the bar stool and spread her legs lifting the up exposing her hot slippery pussy. As Kathy rubbed her clit with my prick I watched Fred slid his cock into Ruth's hot wet hole ramming his full length into her with one quick stroke. Kathy moved over to a bar stool and spread her legs inviting me to fuck her. I pulled up her legs and pressed a finger into her open slit wetting it with her juices then pulled it out and gently forced my finger up her pink little anal pucker. Kathy moaned and pulled me closer grabbing my cock and guiding my stiff meat into her waiting hole. I slowly pressed my length into her hot wet hole forcing her cunt open and stretching her anus with my finger. Once I was fully up her hot pussy I began to thrust in and out making her moan with delight each time I bottomed out in her sweet slit. Fred was banging Ruth hard by now and I could see her tits jump each time he rammed his cock into her wet pink pussy. Kathy had her hands around my waist pulling me into her harder with each stroke. Pretty soon a girl next to Ruth began to play with Ruth's tits and sucked her nipples as Fred fucked his stiff pole into Ruth with wanton abandon. I heard Ruth climax and she locked her legs around Fred's waist forcing him balls deep into her hot snatch as she ground out her climax. Fred was cumming too and he filled Ruth's hot box with his sperm then pulled out and shot the rest of his load on Ruth's belly and tits. The girl licking Ruth's tits lapped up most of Fred's load and massaged some into her own tits. Kathy was panting loudly now and I knew her climax was just moments away so I fucked her cunt with renewed vigor as I reamed her tight little asshole with my finger. Suddenly Kathy stiffened and began to twitch as her cunt and asshole clamped down on my prick causing me to erupt spewing my hot load into her vise like pussy. I stroked her for a bit more and then pulled out and went down on her licking and sucking her clit until she convulsed again. After the sex we chatted with Kathy and Fred for a while and then decided we were pretty fucked out so we went back to the locker dressed and drove home.

When we arrived home we had a quick drink and headed for the showers to get cleaned up. While we were showering off the evenings lust Ruth asked me if I was up to another night of hot sex. I told her I would do my best and asked her what she had in mind. Ruth told me it had been a long time since she hosted a house party and with my hard dick around she would like to see if we could get it on with some of her friends. I told her that I would love it and grabbed her tits and started to play with her nipples. Ruth reached down and stroked my slowly stiffening cock urging me to one more round with her. I responded and began to finger her cunt and asshole slipping a finger into each of her hot holes. We quickly dried off and retired to Ruth's bed. I pushed her on her back and ate her sweet pussy until Ruth had a nice lingering orgasm then got her up in a doggy style position and forced my prick up her cunt stroking her pussy with deep slow strokes. Ruth began to moan and I increased the frequency of my strokes as I massaged her nipples and frigged her clit. Soon Ruth was convulsing in orgasm and she fell forward on the bed soon after her climax. Since I had been fucking all night I had not gotten off yet and Ruth sensed my predicament. Reaching back Ruth spread her ass cheeks and rubbed her anus inviting me to fuck her asshole. I licked her puckered anal ring and slowly pressed my stiff meat up her waiting hot asshole. Ruth grunted as I pressed my stiff prick up her hot wet anus forcing my dick deep into her hot throbbing asshole. Ruth pressed her ass up to meet my strokes forcing my prick balls deep in her tight rectum on each plunge. I was getting near to filling her tight ass with my sperm as Ruth began to urge me on calling out to me to fill her hot butt with my sperm. Finally my pleasure peaked and I shot my load deep into Ruth's asshole filling her butt with my sperm. Exhausted we rolled on our sides my cock still imbedded in Ruth's asshole and fell into a deep and satisfied sleep.

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