Adventures of Susan
Chapter 1: Awakening

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, Swinging, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, mother fucks daughter's boyfriend

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: Awakening - On her 16th birthday, Susan's sexual adventures begin.

Susan Danata, at 15, almost 16 she would say, was a burgeoning beauty and recently had become terribly aware of herself, mostly because of all the attention she had been getting from boys. Today, just home from school, she rushed to her bedroom, her full young boobs bouncing nicely as she trotted up the stairs. Dumping her books, she stripped completely nude quickly and then stared at herself in the full length mirror. She slowly took close inventory, her hair was jet black, long and shinney. It framed her delightful young face, dark brown eyes, cute nose, full lips. Susan loved her full lips... thought they looked sexy. Having satisfied herself her face was fine she continued her inventory to her well developed young body.

Everyone in her family of Italian descent had huge boobs, as Susan liked to refer to them. Hers were just become a nice size and still growing. They were round uplifted melons that would fill your hands already. On her 5'4" frame her 34c breasts were certainly eye catching. That is what started this inventory, her boobs. Tommy Johnson had passed her in the hall that day and winked at her saying softly, "God you have great boobs Susan."

Susan had hit him on the shoulder and called him a fink, but she loved that he had noticed. Soon she would be 16, when her parents had said she could start dating and she hoped Tommy would ask her out for her first date. He was always flirting with her lately. And she had carried a crush on him for years.

Now her eyes dropped in the mirror to her small waist her flaring hips, turning she admired her cute tight firm ass. She loved the way guys looked at her butt. Her legs were long and well shaped, good legs, she thought... and they were. At the v of those darling legs was her delightful mons, covered now with dark hair, the lips of her vagina peeking into view. Susan was quite the sexy young lady. Anyone able to see this vision would have been stirred.

Satisfied at her appearance Susans small hands slid up over her flat stomach and cupped a full young breast in each hand. She closed her eyes and squeezed them as she pinched her hardening nipples. She sighed from the thrill this always gave her and thought, Tommy would like to do this I bet. Maybe I will let him soon.

Susan felt that familiar warmth in her pussy, her favorite word for that part of her anatomy. She liked to stroke and scratch her pussy and hear it purr... Now one hand dropped to her favorite pet and she rubbed lightly over her erect clit. She sighed and moved to the bed as her knees began to feel shaky. On her back on her big bed, she spread her legs and raised her knees as her finger began the familiar circling of her clit, down through her outer labia, now very wet. Her finger trailed lower until it crossed lightly over her sensitive anus. With each new touch Susan's hips bucked forward involuntarily.

In a moment she had things in her favorite play position, two fingers in her pussy's, another in her tight ass and her thumb tracing over her hard clit rapidly as she fingered her ass and pussy. It was a two handed job and it never took long at this and Susan stiffened, groaned loudly and came... It lasted several minutes as she lay there still toying with herself, feeling the after shocks of her orgasm hitting her. Her legs slid flat on the bed as she pulled her fingers free from her pleasure zones and brought them to her nose. She inhaled deeply. She loved the musky smell of her pussy. Those two fingers entered her full pouty lips and she sucked on them, feeling the thick moisture from her pussy. She loved the taste also. It excited her, frequently to the point of having a repeat of her orgasm.

But not today. She jumped up as she remembered she had to fix dinner for her folks. They were going to a party that night at some friends, their 15th anniversary or something. Her folks had lots of friends and went out often. Sometimes all night or even for the entire weekend. Her folks had been married 16 years. They had her shortly after they had been married. Susan had often wondered if they had to get married earlier than planned because of her. She had read a book about a 'love' baby once and she liked to think she was conceived before her folks were married.

In fact she was. Tony and Maggie would have gotten married soon anyway but Susan's unplanned entry rushed them a little. Instead of waiting until they graduated from college to get married they did it their senior year.

She thought her folks were gorgeous, and they were, still romantic, still fun and still in love with each other. Susan loved that. She also loved to sneak to their door late at night when they were making love and peek in by opening the door a tiny crack. She had seen her parents do just about everything sexual - oral, vaginal, anal, between Mom's big boobs... She particularly loved the way her Mom talked dirty during their sex. It was exciting and she always got herself off as she watched them secretly.

At least she thought it was secretly, the truth was her parents knew she watched them and approved. How better to learn the facts then to see two people who loved each other show it physically. Sex was a very important part of Tony and Maggie's lives. They wanted Susan to be well adjusted in that area and hoped that she would enjoy sex as much as they had and still did. Both Tony and Maggie watched Susan's development carefully.

Now Susan was in the kitchen getting everything started for dinner. Her Mom got home first and gave her a big hug and a kiss. Maggie was as proud of Susan as a Mother can get. She was sweet, beautiful, open and loving. And sexy, Maggie still held Susan close as she patted her cute ass lovingly. Mother and daughter had a mutual admiration going strong. Then Susan smiled at her Mom the way she always did when she had something new to report. The two of them were completely open with each other about everything. Maggie was well aware that Susan masturbated almost every day and approved. They had even talked about it, including how to make it feel better. That was how Susan learned how it could theill her to play with her tight little anus too. And although Susan didn't know it yet, her Mom had already bought her a vibrator for her 16th birthday coming up next month.

Maggie saw the smile and said, "OK tell me before you explode."

"Tommy told me I had nice boobs today."

"Hmmm... well you do darling. I'm not sure I like him announcing that to the world but it's nice that he noticed isn't it."

"Yeah Mom, real nice. I think I'm going to marry Tommy someday."

Susan still had that after sexy dreamy look on her face and Maggie was sure of what she had done as soon as she got home from school, as usual. Maggie swatted her cute little ass and said, "OK sex pot, get busy peeling those potatoes while I change clothes."

But instead Susan followed her Mom to her bedroom. Maggie had just hung her clothes up and was standing nude as Susan walked in. Nudity was no big deal in the house and Maggie stood looking at her darling daughter while Susan was looking her Mom's full body over closely. Then Susan said,

"Will my boobs get as big as your Mom?"

"I expect so darling. It runs in our family. You're already well on your way."

"Men like big boobs a lot don't they?"

Maggie laughed to herself as she replied, "Yes they do honey."

Maggie slipped into her robe but left it hanging open sexily and said, "Was their something else on your mind honey?"

"Well... Yes... I can date when I turn 16 right Mom... how do I get Tommy to ask me for a date?"

"Susan, from what I hear, you don't have to worry about that. His Mom shared with me that he is quite taken by you. I suspect he will ask you soon enough. In the meantime just have fun with him, be nice to him, and if that doesn't work, wear a low cut blouse to school. That should do it."


Maggie winked at her lovely daughter and rushed her back to the kitchen. She had to get showered before Tony got home.

She stepped out of the shower just as her husband walked into the bedroom. He watched his sexy wife dry her lush body and started to get an erection. He walked up behind her and slid his arms around her, cupping her big bare breasts in his hands. Maggie straightened up and leaned back into him, enjoying it as he caressed her.

"That feels nice my Lord, but you shouldn't start something you can't finish right away."

Tony kissed her full parted lips and then released her patting her cute bare ass, "Your right honey, we don't have time now but you are in for it later."

"I certainly hope so... promise... ?"

When they were dressed they both looked terrific, as they sat down to dinner with Susan. As they ate Maggie said,

"Tommy told Susan she had great breasts today. I swear Tony, you better run that nasty boy off."

Susan looked at her Mom and smiled knowing she was teasing. She looked at her Dad and saw him looking at her well formed boobs. She pulled her shoulders back to display them proudly and Tony laughed, "The boy has excellent eyesight Maggie, not to mention good taste in boobs."

Susan beamed. God she loved her Dad. He always made her feel so special, so beautiful, so loved... now she said, "Oh Daddy I love you. You wouldn't run Tommy off would you?"

"Of course not kitten. I want some grandchildren someday. As I remember it takes a male and a female to do that."

Maggie jumped in, "But I'm way too young for that Susan, please wait a few years."

The conversation shifted to all the other days happenings and Susan felt glad to be alive.

Time flew by and the week of her birthday was on them. The day before the big day. A day that Maggie had been looking forward to for sometime. When Maggie got home, she greeted Susan as usual with a lot of touching. She showered and slipped into her silk robe and called Susan. Maggie had thought about this day for a long time... she knew she was treading on strange and somewhat dangerous turf with what she had in mind... but she knew she was going through with it. Knew Susan would welcome it, enjoy it. Knew she wanted it badly as well.

Shortly Susan walked into her folk's bedroom and Maggie said, "I have a special birthday present I want to give you in private darling."

And she handed Susan a small box. Susan opened it and knew immediately what it was. A vibrator... just like the one her Mom kept in her bedside table, a exact replica of an 7" penis except it had a funny looking little bear astride it near the base. She had discovered her Mom's along with a couple of dildos in there, but as badly as she had been tempted she had never tried any of them. They were her Mom's property. Although she had seem her Dad use them on her Mom a number of times. While he filled one hole with his cock, he sometimes would use a dildo in another, or the vibrator on her Mom's clit and nipples. She had a good theoretical knowledge of how they were supposed to be used.

Now she looked up at her Mom and smiled, delighted with her new toy.

"Just like yours... almost. Mine has a bear on it?"

Maggie didn't ask how she knew about hers... she didn't need to... But she smiled and asked, "Are you comfortable on how to use this or would you like for me to show you darling?"

"I think I know, but will it go in me. It looks huge. Maybe... could you show me?"

"First darling take off all of your clothes. You don't HAVE to insert it to enjoy it. Although you won't have any trouble getting it in you if you take it slowly. It's only 7"... We women are built to stretch honey."

Susan was quickly nude and had no hesitation to display herself to her Mom. She was horny as hell just thinking about the vibrator. Maggie sat beside Susan who was lying on her side on her Mom's bed facing her, propped up on one elbow.

Maggie took the vibrator and plugged it into the wall. She hated the battery kind, they always seem to run down just when you needed them. Although she had one of those too. Now she said softly,

"Relax and close your eyes baby. You are going to love this a lot."

Susan closed her eyes, heard the soft buzzing sound and then gasped as she felt it lightly touch, and then trail across her breast. Her Mom ran it around and around her nipple without touching it. Susan kept moving to get her hard nipple involved but her Mom would move the vibrator away. Susan was moaning softly and then her Mom touched one nipple and Susan groaned loudly and stiffened as she came...

Maggie used it on her other nipple before she trailed the toy down over her tummy and soon was running it all around Susans dark pubic hair, over her pussy. Susan lay back and spread her legs widely. She gasped and hunched involuntarily as her Mom trailed the vibrator over her labia lightly, then between her swollen lips and up and down. Susan could not have been still if her life depended on it at that moment. She hunched and felt a little of it enter her vagina. It felt so much better than her own fingers. Her Mom eased it in and out slowly going deeper each time and Susan gasped and hunched in rhythm with her Mother's stroking. Before Susan was aware her Mom said,

"Look my darling, it's all the way in your sweet pussy."

Susan raised up and looked and let out a long sigh as she shuddered and came again. As she watched her, Mom moved the tool even deeper, pressing hard and the little bear came in contact with her clit, vibrating on it until Susan screamed and came harder... for a long time... as her Mom held the bear against her throbbing clit. Then Susan went limp. Her Mom turned the vibrator off but left it buried in her daughters sweet young cunt up to the hilt.

Maggie leaned down and kissed her beautiful daughters cheek, her nose, her forehead and then her lips. She let her lips lightly touch Susans and then her tongue slid out into her daughters parted lips. Susan sucked gently on it and then returned the favor. It was so nice Susan thought. Then Maggie sat up, thinking it was going just as she had planned. She said,

"God I love you baby. This must be our secret. I don't think most folks would approve of what we just did but I don't care. I loved it."

"So did I Mom... so intense... I never came that hard before. And I loved the way you kissed me. Could we maybe do this again? It really revved up my engine... and thank you for my birthday present. I will think of you when ever I use it."

"Your welcome sweetheart. I think we might try this again. If you really want to."

After a pause Susan looked up at her beautiful Mom and asked, "Mom... was what we did... is that what lesbians do?"

"Maybe, at least part of what they do. Of course they do a lot more. But the big difference is they only want to do it with other women. We both like men, at least I do and I suspect you will too soon enough. Some women are bisexual and like to do things with men and women. I guess that covers what we did, but there is a lot more we could have done."

"What else... ?"

"Well honey, women can perform oral sex on each other too, use other kinds of toys..."

"Hmmm... I bet that feels good, oral sex I mean."

"It does honey, with a male or female partner."

"Have you done it with other women Mom?"

Maggie was about to answer when they heard Tony call from downstairs. Maggie kissed Susan again with even more tongue and said,

"We better get dressed. If your Dad saw us like this he would go into overload. He might forget you were his daughter... you're so sexy."

They dressed and went to greet Tony, hugging and kissing him and he commented, "Boy the two of you look so good. You both seem to glow."

Later that night as Tony watched TV Susan and Maggie were in the kitchen and Susan asked again, "Well did you?"

"Did I what sweetheart?"

"Have sex with other women?"

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