Cunt Community College

by Steven Seven

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Mind Control, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, DomSub, MaleDom, White Male, White Female, Anal Sex, Analingus, Lactation, Oral Sex, Big Breasts, Public Sex, Small Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The Master possesses a hidden trans-dimensional planet customized into his personal paradise. He owns everything and everyone in it, including hundreds of female sex slaves. This story looks at life in one of the villages there, including the Cunt Community College where his 18-19 year old teenaged sex slaves are trained. For more about the Master's domain, see my serial "Welcome to My World" and the many short stories set in the MASTER'S WORLD Universe.


The Master possesses a hidden trans-dimensional planet customized into his personal paradise. He owns everything and everyone in it, including hundreds of female sex slaves. This story looks at life in one of the villages there, including the community college where his 18-19 year old teenaged sex slaves are trained. For more about the Master’s domain, see my serial “Welcome to My World” and the many short stories set in the MASTER’S WORLD Universe.

I enjoy owning women. Ever since I attained the power to exert complete, irreversible mind control, I’ve taken great pleasure in collecting women. I free their minds of sadness, loneliness and confusion, replacing their former state with a pattern of personality, force of motivation and heart’s desire of my own choosing. I grant them sunny happiness, comfort them with my dominating presence, and love them through and through. Even my hardness, my domination, and the brutal force of my desire give them only joy and satisfaction in serving me. Once a woman slips under my control, she no longer has even the slightest will to resist. She lives to serve me. I own her, body and soul. She knows it, and acknowledges it as fact. She wants nothing more than to be owned by me. To serve me. To be used by me. To act only in accordance with my pleasure, no matter what I demand of her. No act is beneath her. Nothing is taboo. She thanks me for everything I say to her and everything I do to her, or make her do for me. She loves, worships, and adores me. She is my precious, beloved mind slave forever.

Come with me now on a little trip. We are going to walk around my harem.

My Harem, My World

In a very private location that looks like earth but is not earth, there is large, enclosed communal society consisting of several small villages and one small city. This community is in a picaresque region that looks exactly like the San Francisco Bay Area, but with hardly any signs of human habitation except for what my robots built for my exclusive use. Hidden security systems of many types monitor everything inside, and outside, this community. Within this community is one particular village I want to show you. It consists of a host of buildings, large and small. It’s a very small village, really, in terms of population. The village is completely self-sufficient in every way. The village is populated by many beautiful women—my sex slaves—and me. This is village is one part of my harem, within my private world. I simply refer to the entire planet as My World.

This village within My World is not like some rich man’s vacation home. It is a functional mini-society, with housing, dining facilities, shops, work places, schools, entertainment facilities, a complete medical facility, and a place of worship. The women and girls who live there are not odalisques, reclining at their leisure. They serve me by doing work I assign them, by studying and developing new skills, and by maintaining their health and fitness so that I might enjoy their delectable bodies for my carnal pleasure all the more. My World is like a bee hive, except that instead of a queen bee at the center, there is me, a king. I am the Owner of everything and everyone in My World. I am the Master of my domain and everyone in it.

Let’s take a walk around. We’ll begin from just inside the front entrance to the village. Ahead of us, the road and adjacent walking paths spit left and right into the great circle than encompasses the whole place. At the place where the road splits, a central walking path begins. It leads to the central plaza. Let’s go there.

Tree, shrubs and flowering plants are scattered throughout the village. Areas of lawn are here and there, as well. Fountains large and small burble near many of the buildings, with the largest being in the central plaza, a square area surrounded by buildings. Young women of striking beauty are everywhere. Most of them are blondes. Some are redheads. A very few are brunettes. Because that’s what I prefer. And, yes, this is all about me! Whatever I want, I have in this place of my fulfillment.

The women are dressed in beautiful, sexy clothing of my choosing. Look over there. There’s a buxom young blonde woman wearing a skimpy halter top and skin tight yoga shorts. Her face and figure are the kind that would stop traffic and make men drool. She’s bending over the fountain, cleaning out the fallen leaves using a net on a pole. She’s no more than 19 years old. Her golden hair is tied back in a pony tail. As she leans over the fountain, it becomes apparent that she’s braless. The bottom portions of her large but firm young breasts peak out of her shirt. As she bends lower to reach for a leaf, her thin shorts reach deeper into the space between her butt cheeks. There is no visible panty line, since she’s not wearing any.

I walk up behind her. She notices my shadow, and half turns her head to see who might be approaching. As soon as she sees it’s me, she almost loses her balance. Steading herself against the fountain with one hand, she raises the other high in the air for counterbalance, dropping her net as she does so. She rises to full standing and places her hands under her breasts, cupping them from below as if she were holding two melons of unusually large size, presenting them to me. Her eyes are wide with respect and a hint of fear that she might not be doing something just right. “Good morning, Master” she says with the smile of a devoted servant. “Shall I bare my breasts for their rightful Owner?”

“Yes” I reply. She pulls her shirt off over her head. I take one of her breasts in hand and bounce it up and down, enjoying its heft. As I do the same with the other breast. I ask “Are you taking good care of my tits, bitch?” Even though I know her name, I usually prefer to use the affectionate term “bitch” for all of my women. Except when I’m calling them names even more degrading and fun.

“Oh, yes Master” she answers eagerly. “I keep them clean and have them checked at the clinic on schedule. The doctors think I’ll be ready for forced lactation soon. I look forward to making milk for you, Master” she says with a sunny smile, eyes big and bright as the blue sky above.

I smile and put one hand around her waist, pulling her close. I kiss her passionately, pushing my tongue into her willing mouth. I feel her body relax and melt against mine as she wraps her arms around my neck. I stop kissing her. “Stand on the edge of the fountain, bitch” I command her. “I want to suck your tits.”

She gives me a happy, languid smile. “Oh, yes Master!” Then she climbs up as I instructed. Her magnificent breasts are now at face level. I press them together, rubbing my face between them, kissing and licking and nibbling. She moans with pleasure. I suck her nipples. Bite them. Squeeze her tits like ripe fruit. Then I suck each one hard, one last time, before saying “OK bitch. Pull your pants off. Then get down on your knees and suck.”

Her joy cannot be contained. “Really, Master? It’s not even my turn until next month. Thank you, Master. You’re so good to me. I’m not worthy of this great honor.”

All round us, women have stopped what they were doing to watch. Many of them have bared their own breasts, which they fondle while putting their hands up skirts or down pants to get between their legs and finger themselves. A few women did not do these things, however, because they were on special assignment from me. These women waited to see what I would do with the buxom young blonde. As soon as they heard me order the blonde bitch to her knees, these servant women rushed forward with a mat for the young woman to kneel on. Then they stepped back to await further orders from me.

The young blonde climbs down from the edge of the fountain. She pulls down her skimpy pants so that she’s completely naked. She kneels before me. I take out my dick and she immediately begins sucking. I let her display her skills for a while, to judge how much she’s learned since she last blew me. My women are in continual training to hone their oral skills. They begin their training from much earlier in their lives, practicing with replicas of my penis, even before the girls are delivered to me at age 14.

This blonde beauty was good before today, but she’s even better now. To reward her exemplary service, I grab her head with both hands and begin gag-fucking her. The sounds of her gagging and choking fill the plaza. Other women nearby watch in admiration and envy at what I am doing to the young bitch. The gaze at me vigorously face-fucking her and wish they were in her place.

I shove my cock deep in her throat and hold it there until her face turns red. Then I hold her a little longer. Tears are streaming down her face. Finally I release her and she nearly falls backward. Streamers of drool and spit are hanging from her mouth. She gasps for air. Then she bends her head forward to start sucking me again. I put my hand on her forehead and stop her.

“That’s all for now, bitch” I say. “Good job. You’re a worthy piece of meat. I love you, bitch.”

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