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Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - Pervasive Reads 39: What would you do if given the opportunity to change the past for your benefit? Would you take it? What if it was you on the other end?

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   Science Fiction   Aliens   Time Travel   Incest   Mother   Son   Father   Daughter   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Big Breasts  

Rory is just home after a long, exhausting day and all she can think about is how much she wants a nice, long and hot shower. She strips off her clothes ad runs down the stairs stark naked and straight for the bathroom. As she reaches the bottom of the stairs, her father walks through the hall and stops in front of her. Rory thought he had already left.

They stand staring at each other for the briefest of moments and her breath catches. Her father is the sexiest man she has ever known. He is confident, sensual and nearly everything he does has an eroticism to it that affects her deeply. Lately, Rory has been finding that he is the center of most of her masturbation fantasies which in turn makes being physically close to him very unnerving, but even more so when she is totally naked.

He smiles and Rory inhales deeply, smiling right back. He jingles his car keys in the air, not letting his eyes drift anywhere below her chin. “I can’t go far without these,” he says stepping around Rory and toward the front door. ‘I’ll be back in a couple hours,” he calls over his shoulder.

“Bye!” Rory calls back, relieved. She finds it remarkable that his eyes remained on her face the whole time and it makes her wonder if her father found her at all attractive. Certainly he has to, but doesn’t want to look like a fool and look. With a shrug, Rory heads to the bathroom, hearing the front door shut behind her.

Rory reaches into the tub to run the water and sees the wet bottom. Her father must have showered before he left. She runs the shower and steps into the hot spray still thinking of him. As the water beats onto her, Rory’s skin prickles at the heat; her mind begins to wander. She slips into a vicariously into thought of how he had just been standing there, feeling the water running all over his body, soaping and rinsing himself.

Rory wets the loofah under the spray, squeezes the body wash onto it and starts washing. The texture of it feels rough against her sensitized skin and the initial coolness of the cucumber body wash only heightens the sensation. By the time she reaches her breasts, her nipples are tingling. Rory swirls the sponge around her breasts and then over the nipples, feeling them tighten against the rough material. She tries to dispel all thoughts of her father while she continues to wash but by the time she rinses she feels the warm tingle of her nether lips swelling.

Rory towels off and dart immediately up the stairs. Her overly warm skin gooses up against the cooler air. She tosses the towel to the floor, not worrying about where it lands, and thinks about how nice it will be to masturbate without worry at being overheard. Then she thinks about her father’s room.

Slipping back out into the hallway, Rory slowly walks into his room, feeling his presence as it he was there. His covers are drawn back like he just sprung from the bed. Her father never made the bed and it is too inviting to just ignore. So she slips onto it, lying on her back and pulling the covers over her warm body. The coolness of his sheets is a pointed contrast to her body heat, much like the cooler air, and she feels her nipples tighten once more. She lays there with her eyes closed, arms at her sides and thinking about how she is laying where her father was lying not that long ago; how her naked body is in the same place as his naked body had recently been.

The rise and fall of Rory’s breathing moves the sheets almost imperceptibly across her nipples and she shudders at the sensation of the soft touch. She becomes aware of the feeling of the sheet against her belly and how they curl down to the cusp of her mound; everything the barest of touches. Rory wonders if that would be how her father would touch her—gently, softly, slowly arousing her.

Parting her legs slightly, Rory raises one hand under the covers to her breast and cups it, slowly squeezing it up to her nipple and gasping at the pleasure in the pressure. The sheet shifts and cups her mound almost touching her nether lips and she tilts her hips up to meet the touch. She thinks about how the sheet would cling to her father’s body in the same way and her breathing increases as her clit throbs.

Slowly, she trails her other hand down her belly to her nether lips and softly strokes them up and down, never touching her tingling nub; never parting her lips yet still feeling her arousal grow powerfully. Rory thinks about her father lying in this same spot and masturbating. She knows he has to. He isn’t married, her mother ran off long ago. Her father is far too handsome not to have a woman in his bed yet Rory has never seen on in it. She thinks about how his big, powerful hands would look stroking his hard prick. As her fingers slide down her nether lips, Rory thinks about how his breathing would change and how his hips would move. She slowly presses the tip of her finger between those forbidden lips and into the wetness gathering at the entrance, wondering what he thinks about when he masturbates. Maybe it’s her, maybe someone else. Oh how she wants it to be her.

Rory draws her finger up and presses it gently against her clit. She gasps at the sensation and the covers slide to her ribcage, exposing her breasts. She wonders what would happen if her father came home and found her like this. She thinks of him watching her and touching her. Rory circles her finger around her clit slowly; his finger. She squeezes her breast to the nipple and feels it harden impossibly; his hand. She feels her pussy clench and ache to be filled.

Rory turns then, to the noise at the door and see him. For a moment she thinks that she is imagining him and then he steps into the room and stops.

“Daddy?” she gasps and freezes.

“You should continue,” he says gently. Rory doesn’t move. “What were you thinking about?”

“I ... I can’t tell you,” she answers weakly, embarrassed.

He nods. “Continue what you were doing,” he repeats and then waits for her to resume.

Rory squeezes her nipple gently and presses her clit.

“What were you thinking about?” he repeats. His tone is aroused and gently insistent.

“You,” Rory whispers shyly.

“What about me?” he presses, walking very slowly toward the bed.

“I was thinking ... I thought...” Rory stammers, “how exciting it would be to have you find me and...”

“And?” He stands next to the bed and Rory can then see his arousal for her! It’s in his eyes as they drink her in the way he does, by the way he leans slightly over her and by the outline of his erection. It relaxes her and gives her courage to speak more freely.

“ ... and how I would like to cum while you watch.” She finishes.

“What then?” he urges.

“Then ... I would want you to...” Rory’s voice trails off a bit, losing that little bit of courage she had found.

“Tell me,” he says, quietly demanding. “Say it.”

“I would want you to clean me up. I want to feel your tongue, your breath, your lips...” she answers with one breath.

Her father sighs deeply. Rory’s entire body is straining to have contact with him—real contact, not the vicariously imagined contact. She wants to touch him and have him touch her in return, but she doesn’t move—she can’t. His eyes flicker over her again and, as if he can feel the strain, he raises a hand and lets it hover over Rory’s breast. It is close enough that she can feel the heat coming off of it and the incomplete connection makes her ache. Rory shudders and her nipples harden. Her father watches them and then very slowly reaches with his other hand forward and pulls the covers down the end of the bed. His eyes follow the covers and then travel back up her body until their gazes lock.

“Spread your lips and show me your hard clit.” His voice is so quiet and measured that it gives her goose bumps all over again.

Rory parts her legs further, lowering her hand to spread her nether lips wide for him and feeling her clit extend. His eyes follow her every movement and she feels them as if they were his hands.

“That’s it,” he sighs, “very good.” He lowers his hovering hand to finally make that contact and knead her breast.

The feel of his hand is exquisite, coupled with the exposure of her clit and the almost touch of her own fingers, her belly clenches and she shudders again. Her father squeezes her breast and the pressure in her already erect nipple is pleasurable to the point of pain and Rory gasps and moans in reply. She sees his cock jump and her entire focus becomes taking him into her mouth while he teases her nipples until she climaxes.

The thought must clearly show in her eyes because he grins down at her and moves his other hand to his waistband. He undoes his pants, letting them drop to the floor and places a knee beside her on the bed to feed Rory his cock. The girl takes the head hungrily and swirls her tongue over it, pressing it against her tongue and then the roof of her mouth as she swallows it. Then Rory tightens her lips around the base and pulls him from her mouth, firmly pressing her tongue against him until she feels the velvety head once again.

He moans deeply and Rory feels the vibration of it in his cock. One hand squeezes and teases her nipple, the other yanks at her hair. Then he presses his hips at her and Rory takes his prick in and out of her mouth over and over again and again, each time pressing the tip further and further down her throat.

He murmurs to Rory about how her mouth feels, how aroused he is, how he wants her to cum for him and how erotic it is that she will cum without either of them touching her cunt. So Rory places a hand between his legs, alternating between trailing her fingers over his balls and his backdoor. He moans loudly and whispers, “Yes, baby girl.”

Rory’s clit throbs at the feeling of having her father’s cock in her mouth; that she is so obviously pleasuring him. She thinks about how he will cum for her and how she will cum for him. She thinks about how it will feel to finally be filled with him. Her father pinches her nipple sharply and her hips buck.

“Yes, baby girl, cum for me,” he whispers hoarsely. “Cum for me so I can taste you.” He moves his hand from Rory’s hair and grips her other breast, squeezing slightly at the nipple. “Spread your legs. I want to see your pretty pussy.”

Rory reaches down and spreads her nether lips wide for him. Her belly clenches at the pressure of her clit extending outwardly.

He sees it too. “That’s it. That’s what I like to see,” he encourages. “Now cum for me.”

Rory’s belly clenches again and she climaxes with a primal moan with her father’s prick deep in her throat. He abruptly steps back, taking his hard member with him and Rory whimpers at the loss. But the man only smiles and moves between her legs. Rory pulls her knees up and places her feet flat on the bed, anticipating her father.

He flattens his tongue and slowly licks Rory’s juices from her inner thighs before moving to the crease of her legs and onto her nether lips. He moves with long, slow, leisurely licks that are so powerfully erotic, Rory feels her next climax building. Her father points his tongue and presses it against Rory’s backdoor. The feeling is new and different and she is glad for it. But before she can become used to the new feeling or really begin to enjoy it, he drags his tongue away and back to her nether lips, flicking at it playfully and causing Rory to arch against him.

Her father trails his tongue up and down the length of her nether lips, going deeper and deeper between them each time until he reaches her entrance. Then he is pressing his thumb against those lips, opening them to him and sinking his tongue deep into her cunt. At the abrupt penetration, Rory arches again, bucking her hips involuntarily and flooding her father’s face with her juices.

“You taste do fucking good!” he exclaims, pulling back before pressing back in with his tongue.

Rory moans loudly as he licks and sucks at her cunt, driving her into yet another orgasm. “Yes! Eat my pussy, Daddy!” she cries. “Make me cum for you!”

He drags his tongue up to her clit where he begins flicking it up, down, back and forth until Rory is grinding against him. She runs her hand down her body, transitioning to the top of his head. The realization that her father has his head between her legs is nearly overwhelming. “Yes, Daddy,” she groans. “Make me cum.”

He sucks her clit into his mouth and Rory feels his teeth press against it. Her legs lock against him and she climaxes, arching and shuddering beneath him. He releases his grip and flattens his tongue to press it against her clit until Rory’s orgasm subsides. Then he sits up on the edge of the bed. When she looks up at him, her breathing is a little ragged and he has the biggest smile she has ever seen on his face. Her eyes drop from his face to his groin. Her father is ragingly hard and she feels a desperate need to make him orgasm.

Rory opens her mouth to speak, but before she can her father does. “Walk over to the dresser and stand facing it,” he says in a measured, commanding voice.

Immediately Rory stands and does so.

“Spread your legs,” he instructs.

Rory does.

“Now slowly bend over the dresser and place your hands on it.” She does this too and hears him inhale deeply and then quietly moan, “That’s it.”

Those two words make her instantly wet again. Rory doesn’t turn to see him, but she hears the bed shift and her father walking toward her. She feels his proximity through the heat of his body, but he doesn’t touch her—not yet. She feels his breath on her shoulder while he stands beside her and then the touch comes. It is a gentle caress of her ass cheek. Her skin ripples at the touch and Rory can’t help but press back, physically begging for a firmer touch.

Her father obliges, sliding his hand to the top of her thigh and then up and over the curve of her backside. He does it twice and then on the downward stroke, his fingers curl to cup her ass. Instead of stopping, he continues forward until his fingers slip into her pussy. She arches back and he chuckles, withdrawing immediately. Rory mews her complaint, but her father is already touching her again, sliding his hand down over the curve of her backside. This time he doesn’t go as far south. Rory moans quietly and presses back, anticipating his intrusion into her forbidden entrance.

“That’s it,” he croons. “Let me in.” He presses harder, finger sliding slowly into her ass. Rory presses back again with another moan and he pushes deeper into her.

When he has buried his finger in her ass, his other hand begins caressing her ass the same way as he had previously—slowly, gently up and over the curve and then down again. But this time, he raises his hand and brings it down sharply on her ass. Rory yelps and presses against the finger advancing into her. He groans softly and turns his hips to her, his erect member bobbing near her mouth with a glob of precum glistening from the tip.

Rory snakes her tongue out to taste him eagerly. “You taste good, too,” she announces, leaning forward to suck more of the tip into her hot mouth. Her father’s hand glides over her ass again and then another sharp spank follows. Rory jumps and inevitably takes more of his prick into her mouth.

When he brings his hand down hard again, Rory yelps and her pussy clenches and she takes even more of him into her wet mouth. Her father moans in turn when the tip reaches into the back of his daughter’s throat. He follows with two more sharp spanks, one on each cheek. It has Rory writhing and pressing against his hand in want.

His hand slide between her nether lips and spreads them. “Your little cunt is swollen, begging for attention.” He then teases her with his finger, sliding it up through her folds to her engorged clit. Rory is left helpless, moaning with need. And she feels a respite when she feels the tip of his member press against her cunt. She arches back, ready to finally have him inside her. “Not yet,” he warns and turns it up, laying his cock between her cheeks below his hand. He slides it down until his head is against her pussy before sliding it back up.

The heat from his spanking has spread, making every nerve ending tingle. He continues to press his finger into her ass a bit more before pulling out slightly to add a change in the pressure. With the feeling of that coupled with his finger on her clit and the stroking of his erection against her, Rory can’t take it anymore. “Fuck me, Daddy,” she finally begs. “I need to feel your cock.”

Her father inhales sharply and Rory feels his hand slide over her to her hip. His fingers dig into it there. Rory braces herself and feels him drive his cock deep into her with one hard thrust before stopping. She wiggles on him, finally having the chance to enjoy her father in the most intimate way possible.

“Right there,” he murmurs. “That’s it.”

Something deep inside Rory clicks and lust completely takes over. “Take my pussy, Daddy,” she purrs. “Take what’s yours.”

His fingers tighten on her hip and he thrusts into her, pushing Rory forward on the dresser and into the wall. He pulls his finger out at the same time as his cock and then just as abruptly drives both back in again. He thrusts into his daughter like this over and over again and again, pounding his pelvis into her. His finger drives deep as does his cock, gong deeper and deeper.

Rory is taken to a place she has never been before. She feels the need to orgasm for her father. She wiggles and bounces and pushes back against him like an animal in heat. “Cum with me, Daddy,” she pleads. “Give me your cum.”

He moans and thrusts faster and harder.

“Yes, Daddy,” she coos. “Cum for me. Fill me.”

Rory’s legs begin to shake and suddenly her orgasm hits her so deeply, so quickly, that she presses herself against the wall and screaming as if filled with a sudden unearthly power. Her father’s fingers dig hard into her hips and he thrusts even deeper into her arching his back and moaning loudly emptying his load into her. Rory’s pussy clenches his shaft to the measured rhythm of her heartbeat.

They lay there against the dresser and wall, regaining control over their breathing. Rory’s legs are like rubber and when her father moves from atop her, Rory almost slides off the dresser. He wraps an arm around her and guides her to the bed, taking a seat at the edge. Trembling and weak with sensation, Rory can hardly hold herself upright. Her father climbs into the bed behind her, pulling her up next to him where she falls deeply asleep in satisfaction.

When she wakes later, Rory is lying on her back with the sheets over her. She looks around the room in the fading light. Nothing is disturbed, not even the sheets next to her. There isn’t a sound in the house and her father isn’t there.

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