Texas Switch
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Incest, Rough, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, White Male, White Female, Hispanic Female, Exhibitionism, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, Nudism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is just another Texas switch, except that it involves Alex Costas being conned into the wrong woman's bed.....or was it one of many right women? In any case, is he cheating or does this trick absolve him of any guilt?

I’m not generally considered a lightweight when comes to drinking, but that night certainly had me sauced out of my mind. I was hard pressed to know which end was up, where I was, and so forth. The last thing that I remembered from that night at my girlfriend’s family reunion was going straight from the bathroom to our assigned bedroom, lying on my back with my clothes still on, and kicking off my new snakeskin boots, a gift from my girlfriend’s mother, Stephanie. Steph babysat me a few times in the past and always liked me more than her past boyfriends, which made me wonder at times if this had been a little too arranged. Then again, my girlfriend, Stacey Collins, had taken her mother’s suggestion to heart, it seemed, judging from how often she liked to jump my bones.

I was more than a little groggy, of course, as I rose from the bed to the Sun coming through the blinds to indicate that it was long past dawn. Surprisingly for such a drunken night, I wasn’t hungover, which was very odd, but I put it from my mind as I darted from the bedroom to the shower, where I peed as well as washed my body clean. The amount that I pissed would have staggered me except given how much I drank, naturally, and so I put it down to simply too much whiskey and Coke.

I didn’t realize that anything was even slightly amiss until I returned to my supposed bedroom and lay back down, only to notice the hair on the pillow next to mine was black as night, which meant that it could not be Stacey’s, since she was a ginger. I lifted the comforter just enough to see that it was clearly a dusky, earthy woman, quite delectable in her own way, regardless of the usual indicators of her maturity, such as stretch marks. There was only one woman in the ranch house that fit this description, and sure enough, she lifted her head to show me a pleased smile ... that of Stacey’s favorite aunt ... Luna Anastasia Collins, nee Delgado. Luna had married Stacey’s Uncle Brian and given him three daughters and two sons before he was killed in action in Afghanistan as part of a Green Beret operation that was naturally kept hush hush.

“Aunt Luna? We ... had sex? Oh my God, I cheated on Stacey!” I realized to my horror, out loud no less.

“Don’t be so melodramatic, papi. It’s not cheating! It’s just helping out a bit, that’s all. Now, come back to bed, please. I have been so lonely since mi esposo, mi corazon, my Brian, was killed, baby! Trust me, Stacey will understand ... right, Stacey?” Luna asked my girlfriend, causing me to look behind me.

To my utter astonishment, my girlfriend stood there in the nude before walking over to both of us and leaning over to kiss me hard on the lips. She licked them afterward as she descended to kiss and lick the head of my dick. Then she put her arms around me and began kissing my neck and chest a bit, while Aunt Luna started playing with my ass and balls from behind. With that, Stacey pulled back and winked at me.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten the deal. He’s all yours this morning until after breakfast. After that, though, he’s mine again. Don’t worry, the vitamin regimen is working well. He should have more than enough little swimmers to do the job. You’ll take before you know it, a natural breeder like you. I just hope that on my turn, I do as well. I have nice birthing hips, don’t I? What do you think, Alex? Like my hips and buns? They’re rather nice, right? Don’t worry, Alex. This was just a Texas switch. You’re not to blame for that. In fact, it’s in a good cause. Aunt Luna wants to have one more baby before she has to stop. We agreed on you as Daddy, of course. Who else could possibly qualify, right?” Stacey assured me as she cupped my face with her soft, pale, freckled hands.

“But ... she’s your ... aunt! Isn’t that incest?” I objected weakly while Luna pushed me onto my back and mounted me cowgirl-style, her impressive tits swinging in front of my face.

“That’s kinda the point ... and the fun, Alex. Incest is so fucking yummy, if you ask me. By the way, Uncle Brian was also my father. He fucked Mom repeatedly, along with Luna, and, yes, both of them knew and approved of it. It’s that you understand what this is about, honey. It’s about you ... breeding us. What do you think that our family reunions are about these days? They’re breeding camps, if you will, where the menfolk do their level best to knock us up! Trouble is that lately ... and don’t pretend that you didn’t notice, honey, we’re a little short on men, at least in terms of availability to breed us.

“Fernando and Josue are both a little too young and Sean is away at MIT, can’t even get away for this. I don’t even know if he’s dating or not these days. He could well be, for all I know, but he hasn’t bothered to tell me, one way or the other. That leaves Grandpa, who’s got ED and one foot in the grave, has spent much of this reunion in bed, if you’ll recall, Uncle Martin, who is doing twenty to life in Florence, Arizona, and Uncle Shane, who’s a raging queen living in LA. Not the most promising line-up, is it? Mind you, the ladies do let Grandpa eat them out, and I hope that you understand if I do so myself, given everything.

“By the way, I slept with Mom last night, and no, we didn’t have sex ... not without your permission, baby. I told her as much and she agreed with me. This was different in your case because it wasn’t your fault. It was a Texas switch, as I said. Now that everything is out in the open, though, it’s okay if we do this, right? You know, me having lesbian sex with the ladies of the family, to fill in the gaps between turns and all. That and letting Grandpa eat us out. If he could get it up, of course, well, that’s a different issue, but all academic, since he can’t. Anyway, Mom and I just cuddled and all that jazz, you know, which was nice enough in its own way,” Stacey egged me on as Aunt Luna bounced eagerly up and down on my dick.

“Well, when you put it that way, I can’t really object, can I? I’ve been attracted to all of you ladies for a long time now, though I agreed to go steady, so I tried to be faithful because of that. I guess that this was part of the plot, eh?” I chuckled now, as Luna continued to ride me, and now I smelled breakfast cooking from downstairs.

“That would be Mom, by the way. She wants to make sure that we’re properly fed for a full, all-day-long sex marathon, at least from your end. I can’t wait until Fernando and Josue come of age, but in the meantime, you’re just going to have to step up to your new role as family stud. Don’t worry ... I still want to ride you into next week, once my next turn comes up. You know what they say about redheads. We let you up when WE are done with you, not before,” Stacey promised me as she kissed my face repeatedly and her aunt kept moving her hips like crazy on top of me.

“Damn, ladies, you got my number and you know it! How long have you known what I’m really like?” I naturally asked as Aunt Luna creamed herself and I finally exploded inside her delightfully silky smooth cunt.

“Are you kidding, babe? We’ve had your number, as you put it, since the day that we met. You don’t know how many times that I wanted to practically rape you, especially while Steph babysat you, and trust me, she wanted the same thing with you. We encouraged Stacey’s interest in you, along with the other girls in the family. Trust me, papi ... we know you like the backs of our hands. Right, Stacey? How many times over the years did we discuss this very idea, including Brian, by the way, as he was very much in favor of the notion. He wasn’t a cuck type, of course. We just had a totally open marriage, though we had to be discreet because of the UCMJ. This is something that he would appreciate very much, and if he were to visit us from beyond, he’d probably tell you to take care of his women for him. Face it, papi ... we’re wild and wanton women and we need a man who is every bit as kinky and freaky as us. That’s you!” Aunt Luna told me as she now bent over the bed to coax another round from me.

“I guess that it’s time to break out the Viagra, right? You need one more turn in bed with my aunt, to help knock her up, because we head downstairs to replace the calories that you’ve burned off this morning. Oh, and she’s telling very much the truth, as we very much wanted to share you, and by ‘we, ‘ I mean Mom, Aunt Luna, my sibling cousins, and me, of course. I’ve lost count how many times we’ve plotted to get you into the sack with all of us, hence the Texas switch. The ‘going steady’ part was just about permanence, not exclusivity, of course. Then again, it’s a good thing that you were fooled, as you never saw this coming. You’re perfect for us ... for all of us. How about it, baby?” Stacey asked me, as she helped guide me back into her aunt.

I wondered what Steph would say about this, but, thankfully, I wouldn’t have to wonder very long. For now, though, I had my girlfriend’s aunt to fuck, strange as that sounded. The day had just started and it would be a long, glorious one!

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