The Prima Donna
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Coercion, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Incest, Father, Daughter, InLaws, Humiliation, Rough, Spanking, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The life of a housewife can be boring sometimes. Now Maggie has a chance to be on the stage and pretend to be someone else. Someone with a chance to have a lot more fun and a lot more sex.

Maggie Smith joined the play actors group because she was not good with her hands and the whole arts and craft thing was a big mystery to her. Besides, it was a lot more fun being in a creative arts class that had a good mix of males and females. Of course, all of the men were married and a couple even had their spouses watching their every move around the most bored housewives with time on their hands.

They were all at that point in life when, if they did have children, the little darlings had already flown the coop and were out struggling to make ends meet with their own little family circle.

Maggie only had her Victoria.

Victoria, to be perfectly honest, was a bit of a bitch and Maggie would not contest that statement even though she was her only child. The now twenty something Victoria had busted the balls of several well-meaning and thoroughly devoted male admirers with devastating efficiency and left them either blue-balled or screwed senseless with a sure knowledge that they were the victim and not the perp.

Maggie had the suspicion that her beautiful and undeniably cute daughter had seduced her stepfather and her happily married Uncle Tommy with just a few shakes of her delicious bum in a raised and ready position. When she looked back on it now, it struck Maggie that in a sense she was responsible for the girl’s promiscuous attitude because she had been so strict with her as she slowly developed from a child into a beautiful young woman with stunning physical assets that set most men on fire from the very first look at her voluptuous body. Her second husband Harold had been a great deal more attentive to Maggie after that scandalous affair and thinking back on it, she felt that she owed a debt of gratitude to her daughter for lighting the fire of passion in her waning relationship with her somewhat passive mate.

She had spent years pulling down Victoria’s knickers and giving her what-for on her splendid tiny buttocks with either her demanding palm or the paddle that her mother had left in her legacy of precious little value and hordes of meaningless junk. The paddle had been a source of carnal satisfaction to Maggie as the almost naked young girl squirmed and sobbed on her lap.

After she was filled out and looked a delectable treat for the young lads that buzzed around her like mindless drones hoping for a bit of fun, Maggie did her best to keep her daughter’s assets intact and out of the reach of male distractions.

Now, Victoria was married to some financial genius with scads of cash and she had an entire entourage of followers, both male and female, that kept her libido stoked with constant compliments and gratuitous sex.

The play actors group was a motley collection of men and women all caught up in a yen for a life on the stage in front of friends and strangers alike. It turned most of them on to know they were watching them perform sometimes risqué actions and speak words laden with sexual promise and hidden anger like it was one hundred percent real and not just dialogue from some work of art done with various degrees of expertise.

Maggie liked to wear a leotard when she was rehearsing.

She knew her leotards were modest because they covered all her skin, but she also knew they tended to bunch up over her bum and slide into the crack of her arse like a second skin showing the seductive gap between her cheeks. She liked to stand in the full light of the stage lamps to show off the camel-toe of her closely shaved pussy knowing that the males in the group made dirty jokes about how tight she might be after having a child and with a husband that didn’t inspire a sense of masculinity and firm control of her still-attractive feminine attributes. She never wore undies with her leotard and when she was excited, her protruding nipples pushed against the thin fabric like prisoners seeking escape and the freedom of interested male attention.

On this particular evening, she was filling in for the absent Marsha Higgins who was out of town visiting her daughter whilst confined in the hospital for the birth of her first child. In a way, everyone was glad Marsha was missing because all she could talk about was her Tess. It was Tess did this, Tess said that, and it was Tess, Tess, Tess whenever she found a pair of ears to soak it all up.

Maggie had to play the role of Sheila.

It was actually a lead role and she was a bit fearful because there was a lot of involved dialogue at the very beginning. She was happy that in act two she would not have that many lines but had to pretend she was enjoying being manhandled and being sodomized out of sight of the audience with a curtain hiding her entire bottom half. It was a naughty performance but she felt up to it and it seemed more exciting than the boring words that in some instances were so intricate that she was not quite certain exactly what they actually meant.

Ralph the retired postman was playing the role of Oscar.

Oscar was a real piece of work. He was a selfish prick that thought only of his own enjoyment and never had a hint of emotion for the feelings of others, especially if they were female.

In actuality, she knew Ralph was a nice man and that he had a bit of a crush on her because he constantly allowed his hand to rest on her hip or ever her embarrassed backside when they were alone together or out of sight of both of their spouses. In point of fact, it didn’t bother her because, in all honesty, Ralph was still a tall and handsome man in his late fifties and he had a bulge between his legs that promised a night of pleasure if it ever could be arranged.

The scene was set up and she emoted her best outrage and anger at the non-existent audience hoping that her fake tears did not spoil her mascara which was not supposed to run under most scenarios.

The grunts and sounds of her flanks being spanked on the other side of the curtain distracted her until she felt Ralph’s hand on her bum pushing into her gap with enough force to reach her puckered opening. It was certainly not in the script and she was startled enough to shout out a protest before she could stop her reaction.

Then, she felt Ralph’s sturdy shaft start to rub her leotard right where her female private parts were defenseless to his aggressive movements. It was just like getting raped in front of all the cast with none of them being aware of her predicament. Her anger flashed momentarily, but then the pleasure of the huge rod between her legs made her flush with joy and she sobbed out her guilty acceptance of her fate right in front of the others knowing they were not aware of how Ralph had taken this opportunity to rob her of her spousal dignity and expose her need for rough treatment in matters of carnal connections. She prayed that the thin fabric would withstand the penetrating power of her playing partner’s fun and games behind the curtain.

When Ralph the postman got ready to deliver the mail in her secret garden, she threshed about like a female captured in the throes of passion and unable to escape from the clutches of her captor making sport of her supposed defenseless body.

Ralph groaned with believable pleasure and satisfaction behind the curtain and she knew the wetness in her feminine folds were from his essence shooting through her thin leotard fabric and right up into her heated core like water for a thirsty person on the verge of desperate need. She shook her hips and her legs and knew all she accomplished was to drain the man of his final spurts of seed like some tease with an agenda of her own making.

Moments later, they all stood congratulating each other on the splendid performance and most of the cast complimented Maggie on her acting ability. The acting coach Dennis even came over to her and told her,

“If Marsha can’t do the role then I would like you to play the part of Sheila. We just need to work on the dialogue. Your performance was so convincing that I actually thought you were getting raped by some pervert.”

Maggie was perplexed but then she became more accepting of the situation. She saw Ralph watching her looking for her reaction and she threw him a reassuring smile to let him know that she was not overly put out by his aggressive behavior and was quite pleased with the rough treatment. She knew he was probably confused because he was just a big softie down deep inside and had a respect for women that usually was a constant certainty.

That was all well and good, but she needed those special times when his instincts overshadowed his normal behavior and he would make her take it regardless of her thoughts or feeling at the time and in a way that did not allow her to object too strenuously.

Opening night was about as tense as things could possibly get.

The entire cast was ready to toss in the towel and cancel the show because even the director was beginning to have doubts about the risqué dialogue and they didn’t want to appear foolish in front of their friends and neighbors.

Maggie had mixed feeling about the project but she knew it was all clear in her head when Ralph was plugging away behind the curtain that saved her from certain disgrace. His efforts enabled her to project her realistic emotions in a way that didn’t seem the least bit like acting or pretense. Some of the other cast members caught that virus of realism and they delivered their lines with telling effectiveness.

Suddenly they were in the final act and it was almost time to bring down the curtain.

Maggie saw her husband out in the audience sitting next to her sister Amy and she saw how he was moving his hand between the little tramp’s legs like he was giving her pussy resuscitation with carnal knowledge. The smile on her sister’s face made Maggie determined to find Ralph right after the show was over and follow him to his Caravan and do the horizontal “happy ending” with proper relaxed humping and plenty of depraved dialogue to make him inspired. She might even allow him to take her in her almost virginal flanks just to spite her husband and his anal-fixated vices. She had denied him access there for their entire marriage despite the fact she had quite the reputation for being an “anal bitch” at the university always willing to bend over for student or teacher with alternative desires. Yes, she was definitely going to give Ralph a shot at her bum and she hoped he would give her a proper spanking as well just to seal their future relationship in a way that made them closer than husband and wife.

That sort of carnal revolt was the spice that made her search out available husbands with an itch to explore new territory without actually going too far from home. She had started with Ralph on a lark but now the knowing glances at block parties filled her with a sense of pride in her expanding web of spousal deceit and she knew without a doubt that the neighborhood males in her circle of special friendship would never break the bond of silence for fear they would cease to receive the benefits of her generous physical sharing. In a way, she pitied her cheating husband taking advantage of her silly sister Amy because it allowed her to give Amy’s husband Tony a fair amount of solace to ease his need for togetherness in a home with a frigid wife sleeping in a separate bedroom. She gave dear Tony full measure of her feminine goodies in a way that would insure his continued worship at her shrine of compliant flesh.

It should be amusing to see what would transpire in their newly installed hot tub the following weekend when Tony and Amy were scheduled to visit them for an overnight stay to break it in properly. The news that her promiscuous daughter Victoria would be visiting at the same time and absent her workaholic husband made her lick her lips in anticipation of some developments certain to be accelerated by the imported French wine she always brought as a gift from her husband’s vineyard. That should certainly bring down some curtains of pretense and fill them all with a sense of hedonistic inevitability as five people squeezed into a hot tub built for four.

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