Damn the Aristocracy
Chapter 1

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Historical Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Join Jacob Stellinski of Georgia as he goes from free citizen to slave to greatness as the first president of Haven. Jacob is an accomplished gunsmith and inventor, as well as unintentional politician as he leads a secession of a section of Georgia, one of the Confederate States. Of course, Georgia does not want him to succeed in his rebellion, so there is a local war that taxes everybody's resources. There is too much war and too much sex as far as Jacob is concerned. 18 chapters.

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Historical   Military   War   Incest   Father   Daughter   First   Politics   Violent  

My name is Jacob Stellinski, and I am a Jew. That accounts for part of my problem with the CSA. My grandparents immigrated from Germany in 1827 and settled in a small town in South Alabama. Every thing went well for them, as my grandfather was a highly skilled gunsmith. My father learned the trade from him, and was just as good at the craft. Likewise, I learned the trade from my father, and I am one of the most skilled gunsmiths for a 300-mile radius.

When the War started in 1861, I was conscripted into the CSA army, but I was not sent to be a combat soldier. Instead, I was sent to Atlanta to supervise in a factory to manufacture gun barrels. I spent the entire war at that job, and I did my usual good job, if I do say so myself. We made the finest gun barrels in the CSA!

When the war ended with the armistice of 1864, after Gen. Lee had captured Washington, DC, I was mustered out of government service and sent home. My skill as a gunsmith was still well known among the rich people of the area, so I was able to resume my business without nearly the difficulties faced by most of the returning soldiers.

The problems really started in 1871 when Jonas Throckmorton was elected president of the CSA and an almost completely new Congress was elected with him. Needless to say, I had not voted for Throckmorton and his religious fanatics, but I had to live with the consequences.

One of the first bills passed by this government was one which stripped all non-Christians, Catholics, and Free Blacks of citizenship. Black was defined as having a dark skin color, but I managed to get past that requirement. Anyway, any non-citizen had one week to get out of the CSA or to be interned by the government in a concentration camp.

Travel that quickly from our current home to Mexico, Cuba, USA, or Canada was simply impossible, and I suspected that was the intent of the law. Many Jews and Catholics were interned, but the bastards charged us one dollar per day while they had us in captivity. At the end of one month, anyone who could not pay his bill had his services sold to the highest bidder. I fell into that category, and my family was included, so I owed CSA$90 to the government for their courtesy in taking us in and providing a place for us.

We actually received a piece of paper with that bullshit written on it as we were shipped off to the auction. Naturally, there were a lot of spectators there to see us being sold, though only members of the aristocracy had the money to bid on us. At least, I had some satisfaction in that I went for the highest amount paid that day for a serf family. I am sure it was because of my reputation as a gunsmith.

My services were bought by a plantation owner from near Albany, Georgia, a certain Master Amos Winthrop. This man was a pompous bully if there ever was one, and his son Eli and daughter Ella had taken lessons from him. All three were a constant pain in the ass, as well as other places. I really hated it that my wife, Martha, had to spend one night a month in Master Amos’ bed. That was not a legal requirement, but we had no recourse, so we had to put up with it.

Martha reported to me that Master Amos’ cock was so small that he could hardly maintain penetration, and she wondered how he could have two children. For that matter, I wondered if they were really his because his wife regularly traveled on overnight visits to other plantations.

One day, I was working in my workshop on a new fowling piece Master Amos wanted for a gift to the sheriff of the county. This was a fine example of brown-nosing at its best because the sheriff was the seat of legal power in the county. I was sweating over the stock to give it a perfect shine, and the weather was so hot that I had my shirt off.

I was concentrating heavily on my effort with getting a satisfactory shine on the wood that I hardly noticed it when Master Eli, Mistress Ella, and a girl friend of Mistress Ella’s from a neighboring plantation came in. I ignored the children as I worked, and Mistress Ella finally became impatient with me. “How dare you ignore your betters? Stand up, Jacob, and bow as you have been taught!”

Now, that was a silly sounding command coming from a 13-year-old girl, but I complied because I didn’t want to listen to a lot of shit from Master Amos when he heard of my “discourtesy.” Of course, if he was in an especially foul mood, he might have ordered me whipped. That had not happened yet, but it was common among his slaves and other serfs.

Well, I stood up and bowed. “I beg your pardon, Mistress Ella. I was working so hard on this gun I am making for your father that I did not notice that you three had entered my workshop. Please forgive me. What can I do for you, today?”

She said, “You can show us your tool!”

“What tool is that, Mistress Ella? I have many tools in my shop, and I do not know which one you are referring to.”

Master Eli said, “You fool, she means the one between your legs. Now, drop your pants and show it to us. We have never seen one cut like yours, and we want to see it.”

That was a direct order, and I dared not disobey it. Otherwise, I could expect a severe beating ordered by Master Amos. I was not especially enthusiastic to show off my circumcised penis, but I wanted a beating even less, so I moved to obey the command. I loosened my belt, opened my fly, and dropped my pants to the floor.

Mistress Ella said to her friend, “See, I told you he would drop his pants if he was ordered to!”

The other girl began to giggle as she stared at my cock. Mistress Ella also stared at my cock and asked, “Why is it cut like that?”

“That is a religious act that shows my eternal reverence for God. Jews have been cut like this as babies ever since the time of Moses.”

This really got her attention. She walked up to me and took my cock in her hand. When flaccid, I am about 4” long and 1½” in diameter. She lifted my cock and said, “Look, Eli, at how much bigger this is than yours. Why, it is even bigger than Pa’s”

Master Eli said, “I wonder how big it is when it gets hard. See if you can make it hard, Ella.”

“How do I do that?”

“Oh, hell! Martha, come in here. We have a task for you.”

My wife showed up a few seconds later. “Yes, Master Eli, what can I do for you?”

“You can make your husband’s cock hard so that we can see how big it gets.”

That was the first time my wife noticed that my pants were on the floor and that I was nude from my ankles to the top of my head. She gasped and almost fainted, but I said, “Martha, do what they commanded. Otherwise, it could mean trouble.”

Martha took my cock in her hand and began to jack me off. I got hard, then, and grew to 6½” long and 2¼” in diameter. The children gasped at the size, and the other girl asked, “Does it hurt for it to get big like that?”

“No, Ma’am, but it can be uncomfortable at times.”

That was when Mistress Ella got very bold and said, “Show us how you fuck Martha!”

“Mistress Ella, I can’t do that!”

“Yes, you can, or I will tell my father that you refused a direct order from me. You know what that will mean.”

Now I was caught in a quandary. Such a private thing should never be done in public, especially when children can see it. Nevertheless, there was no gainsaying that bully of a girl. She insisted, and Martha was frightened at the possible consequences if we did not obey her. Therefore, she lifted her dress off and was nude immediately: it was too hot to wear any more clothes than necessary.

She spread her dress on the floor and lay down upon her back on it. The dress was not much of a cushion, but it should protect her back from splinters. Master Eli ordered us to stop there while he examined Martha’s body from crotch to shoulders. Martha had no hair on her pussy at the command of Master Amos. I knew the reason because I was the one who shaved her every time before she went to his bed. Actually, I shaved her each week so that the stubble would not irritate her when she walked.

Her bare pussy was a beacon that drew him like a moth to a flame. He had to pull and poke at it as he examined it in considerable detail. He then went on to her breasts to do the same, but did not take so long with them. Finally, after about 15-20 minutes of his ministrations, the girls got impatient and wanted him to get out of the way so that they could see me fuck my wife. Yes, this was fucking, not making love.

We both hated the exhibition that we were putting on, but we realized that we had no choice. Fortunately, Martha had a normally wet vagina, so my penetration was not too difficult for her. As it was, I still had to work to get my cock inserted far enough to call it fucking, but fluid finally did began to flow after a minute or so of me poking my cock into her vagina.

I began to stroke before I was fully seated in her tunnel, but I was in a hurry to bring this farce to an end. She never had an orgasm, and that did not surprise either one of us. However, the children did insist that I continue to fuck Martha until I came. I did that eventually, but it took much longer than usual, for obvious reasons.

Of course, the children kept bending over us to get a good look at my cock as it penetrated Martha and retracted. They were amazed to see how her inner lips grasped my cock and moved in and out with my strokes. Yes, they got quite an education that day, and Martha and I did, too. We learned just how despicable bullies could be.

The children laughed and made all kinds of comments while we were forced to do our demonstration, but they finally left, giggling all of the way. The girls were especially cruel with their comments, but Master Eli had a strange look on his face through most of our ordeal.

We cleaned ourselves up after the children left and we tried to console each other over the episode. This was bad enough, but Martha shocked me by wondering out loud what might have happened if our daughter had been handy. Would they have ordered me to fuck her?

I don’t know about Martha, but I never forgot the agony that those children had put us through. We did not discuss the event after it happened, but we feared every occasion when we saw one of the children. We started avoiding them whenever possible.

Well, life went on for another six months and winter came. It was in January when next we were visited by one of the children. Master Eli came by my workshop and said, “Tomorrow is my 14th birthday, and Pa said that I could begin fucking the slaves and serfs when I turned 14. He said that any ‘get’ from my fucking I could keep to start my own stable of slaves and serfs. That visit a few months ago convinced me that I wanted to start out with your wife. Since this is the warmest room in your miserable house, I want to fuck her here, and I want you and your daughter Mary to watch. I expect you to give me pointers as I fuck your wife, since she will be my first one. I want to enjoy the fuck, and I don’t want to hurt her so that I can come back whenever I get the urge.

“Move your most comfortable bed in here, and make sure that your wife’s cunt is properly shaved. I want to savor every moment of my first fuck.

“Have Mary in here so that she can learn what she needs to know about fucking. I plan to take her as soon as her monthly blood starts to flow. Pa said I should not fuck any woman who does not have her monthlies yet, so I will wait on Mary. But I do want her to be naked in here while I fuck you wife. You can wear clothes or not as you please.”

He left after that last pronouncement, and it was well for both of us that he did, for I would probably have killed him had he remained in my sight a moment longer!

I called Martha in and told her what Master Eli had said. She was not surprised. “I figured that he would want me as soon as he could get me, because of the way he had looked when you fucked me a few months ago. Very well, we can live with that, but I am afraid of what he will do to Mary. Oh, Jacob, what can we do!?”

“There’s no way we can keep her from being fucked as soon as she starts to bleed. Either Master Amos or Master Eli will get her early on, and I am afraid that they will hurt her beyond recovery. Dear God, I would fuck her myself if I thought that would help!”

“Oh, Jacob, that is the answer! You must break her in and show her what a good fuck can feel like. I know that she will hate fucking if all she knows is what she gets from one of the masters. I know how little Master Amos can do, so I am not really worried about him, but I am afraid of what Master Eli might do if she does not satisfy him. But, with you to teach her, she can survive either one.”

“But, Martha, I can’t fuck my own daughter. You know that is against our law. What will God think of me if I were to do that?”

“God is just, Jacob! He will know that you are doing it to protect Mary from what could be the worst fate a young girl could face. You know that she will be raped, no matter which one of the masters gets to her first. You just have to do what you can to make that rape as painless as possible.”

“Very well, Martha, I will do it, but you will have to talk to Mary first so that she will not hate me for violating her.”

“Don’t you think of it as ‘violating her, ‘ Jacob! You will be protecting her from a much worse fate. The best thing that can happen to a girl is to be introduced to fucking by a man who knows what he is doing and loves her. You fit both of those requirements, and you can do it as no one else could.”

“Very well, Martha, I will do it. When should we do it?”

“Mary just turned 14 a few weeks ago, and her blood started to flow two months ago, so I guess that she is as ready as she will ever be. Let’s do it tonight so that we can be sure to beat the masters to the deed. Master Eli is too ignorant to know if Mary is a virgin or not if nobody tells him, and Master Amos would just assume that his son beat him to the virgin.

“On top of that, Master Eli might want to fuck Mary tomorrow instead of me once he sees her naked. She needs to be ready, no matter what.”

“Yes, I am sure that you are correct, Martha. Please find her now and tell her what has to happen tonight. Meanwhile, I will get the bed moved to this room as I was ordered. Oh, do you think that I should shave Mary’s pussy just in case? And how about yours? You know he said that he wanted you freshly shaved, so I had better do that at the same time.”

“Okay, Jacob, you are right about the shaving. I’ll go talk to Mary about you fucking her tonight, and you can move the bed now. When I come back, I’ll bring the shaving stuff with me. I guess that we may as well put Mary on the same shaving schedule as me, while we are about it.”

I went to move the bed out of our bedroom and to the workshop. Martha and I would just sleep here tonight. Moving the bed was going to take about half an hour to an hour, so I hoped that I could be finished with it by the time she got back.

I wonder if I should try to teach Mary some of the things that she could do to keep Master Eli from enjoying the fuck as much as he might if she cooperated. I think that the best she could do would be to lie still and not move unless she is ordered to. That might be enough to make Master Eli lose interest in fucking her. Also, she could relax her cunt muscles so that she does not feel tight on his cock. Those, together, might be enough to discourage him.

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