Cropping and Harvesting My Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Blackmail, Slavery, Cheating, Cuckold, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Gang Bang, Indian Female, Double Penetration, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, Public Sex, Indian Erotica, Nudism, Prostitution, Transformation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A married woman was fooled by her friend's husband who was been fucking her, later another guy smelled fish and started to take advantage of her. Husband came to awareness from his friend who cunningly tricked him and double crossed him to take control on her, but rest two were in command seperately. Later her friend confronted her and used her for her personal benefits. Husband was aware of all sequences but wasn't able to interfare.

Myself Jafar Ansari, I’m married since 6 years now, my wife name is Sana Ansari aged 24 now, flawless beauty, 5’ 2” short heightened, plump, very fair complexion, and spotless body. She had plump body, but as it was nicely shaped it looked adorable and everyone in my locality secretly desired for her. She had thick legs, especially curved thighs, broad waist and curvy ass. Lips were thick and pink, eyes were dark and big. She has jugs instead of boobs, spongy, big brown nipples and large areola. Her boobs were at least 36 and all these developments happened after giving birth to a baby. We had only one boy, going to school now. She was women who think herself most intelligent being on earth and consider me nothing in front of her knowledge and decisions. I was working as Data Operator in a Medical Shop and earned enough for living. But Sana desired luxuries. I wasn’t that capable to provide her all those. She was fond of Jewelleries especially Gold. But in so many years I didn’t manage to give her one set also.

My job started morning at 9 and ended at 7 in the evening but sometimes it took 9 in evening too. Weekly off was in Friday as I took it by my convenience. And all the roaming and purchasing with wife was done on this day itself. Sana was ok with it for all these years but since last 3 months she started to see few women in the locality in afternoon or evening time. I was OK with it as she had stopped eating my head and stopped asking me to take her outside. Usually I took her out on Friday afternoon or evening for outing but since last two three weeks she had started to see her friends on Friday itself. So she rejected my offer of going out on Friday. Taking her out was expensive all the time. Neither I asked to change her time nor did she ask me to change my weekly off. My job schedule was so compact that it was hard to give time to family, so seeing friends was like a dream to me. It was some kind of strike in medical firms and so several of medical shop went closed on Thursday evening. So instead of telling Sana about it I decided to go and meet one of my old friends whose name was Raghubeer Agrawal. He was owner of a big grocery shop. His shop was filled with good stock and that’s why he had to take his counter outside daily. He kept his counter in Veranda and usually dealt with customer there only. As soon as he saw me he welcomed me and we had long chitchat with me. It was around 8 pm when he asked about some online payment methods and I showed him my debit and credit cards and told him how it was being used. After 8:30 pm he started to close his shop and seeing him messing with all stuffs, I decided to help him up. After the shop closed we went to our respective home.

Next day early morning he called me and told me that I have accidently forgot my purse at his shop. So I told him that I will collect it in 30 minutes. I rushed to his shop and found him sitting on the counter. I started to have chat with him and after few moments he opened his drawer and pulled my purse out. He handed it to me and I kept it in pocket. I was about to leave when he asked me about the picture of the girl in my purse. I pulled my purse out and showed him the picture and told him proudly that she was my wife. He didn’t seem happy with my declaration, instead he seemed tense. So I asked him about the matter. He said that whether I knew about Shankar who had a tent house near my house. I had heard of him and didn’t like that man. He was bad character guy and was better to stay away from him. Raghubeer told me that he was recently taking advantage of a girl for his personal fun and he was sure that girl was Sana. I didn’t get him in one time but as soon as I understood what he meant by this I started to abuse him. I asked him not to make stories about my wife. He calmed me down first and confidently said that he can prove his statement but he had few conditions. I was calm now so listened to him. He told that on Friday afternoon, he along with Shankar and his two friends, played poker with money. So since last two weeks Shankar was bring Sana along with him. Being Friday he told that he was sure that Shankar will bring Sana with him too. He suggested me to come with him to a make-up artist and he would use his tricks to change my face. Then he’ll take me with him and I can view myself. But he insisted that even if Sana is present over there, then also I shouldn’t react at all. He told that he will even prove that Sana was physical with Shankar. I asked what if he’s wrong, on which he said that he will be happy if he’s wrong and do whatever I say.

So the game was set so we immediately went to the make-up man and it took very long time for him for my make-up. After the make-up I myself couldn’t recognize me in mirror. I was transformed from 27 year old guy to 50 year old man. That guy gave me a security guard dress and wore it up. Raghubeer called Shankar and asked for the timing so he told that 2:30 will be fine. Raghubeer told him that today he’ll bring a security guard with him. For the justification he told him that as someone has called him for Extortion he was keeping guard with him. Shankar asked to send the picture of guard first. So Raghubeer clicked me and send him. After few minutes he called and said that he can bring along guard with him. We reached the tent house around 2:30 PM, on the floor a mattress was spread along with snacks drinks and pillows. Two guys were already there shuffling cards so Raghubeer joined them. After 10 minutes Shankar arrived and I was hell shocked to see Sana with him. He was keeping his hand on his waist and was sometimes caring her butts too. Sana didn’t seem to mind at all and they saw on the mattress. Raghubeer ogle towards me with a wicked smile, saying with his eyes that see I was right. Sana started to pass glasses and snacks to everyone and the game started. He announced that rules are same like last week. The winner gets all cash and consolation price. They started to play with plastic money like they used at gambling house. Today was lucky day for Shankar as he was winning all the time. So while he played his card rest of them took very much time to think about their moves. So he got good time to sit ideal in between, so he talked with Sana and commented over her. He said to her that he was plump and he has seen all Muslim women plump only.

He grabbed her boobs and pressed it in front of everyone and said specially this is 36 of all Muslim women. He said before marriage your father must have played it well with them and after marriage your husband was playing with her all the time. Sana neither objected nor replied anything. So one of the players asked Shankar that where did he managed this Muslim slut. Shankar said that in India Muslim women have destiny to get fucked by Hindu guys. Every Muslim man should welcome his Hindu neighbours to his home and ask them to fuck his wife. Both his friends agreed with his statement. Sana didn’t say anything on which he said to ask her husband about it. She looked at him confused and he said her to ask her husband to ask all his Hindu neighbours to come to home and fuck her. She smiled and said nothing. After one hour of game and all Muslim hatred vulgar comments, along with pressing Sana boobs and butts the game came to end. All games were won by Shankar only so he demanded for cash. His two friends passed him the cash and went away, saying bad luck this week also. Raghubeer started to search his bag and looked at Shankar. He told that he had forgotten to bring cash and he will withdraw it from ATM and will send me with it. Shankar was cool and said ok. He asked Sana to come along inside the tent house store and he’ll show her all the stuffs which he had. They went inside the adjacent room. I and Raghubeer exited the front room. As soon as we were out he passed me all the cash. I asked him why he didn’t give the cash inside, so he said that final show was pending. He gave me instructions and I went inside after 10 minutes. I shouted for Shankar and said I had brought the cash. He said to wait for ½ hour and he’ll join me. I said that boss means Raghubeer was waiting in the car so I need to go immediately. I told him that I was leaving the cash on the table itself. He said not to leave the cash on table and instead come inside and handover to him directly.

With trembling step’s I moved towards the room. I was not sure whether Raghubeer was correct and wasn’t sure in what condition I’ll see them inside. As soon as I entered the room I was horrified and heartbroken. Sana was lying all naked on the table with legs spread apart and folded. Shankar was all naked and his dick was inside her fucking her mercilessly. He stopped for a while and then started to suck and chew her nipples. He kept on chewing her nipples and mauling her other breast with his hand. He remembered me and got his face up and stretched his hands towards me. But he still kept on hitting her. He took the cash from me and asked me to leave. I turned back and came out all heart-broken. I told him everything what I saw and Raghubeer consoled me. I asked him what condition Shankar was telling before the game beginning. He said the winner will get all the cash and chance to fuck Sana once. I looked at him and asked whether he too has fucked Sana. He said absolutely not, last week Shankar itself won like this week and previous week one of Shankar friend won. I started to cry and asked him why she was doing this. He consoled me but I kept on crying and told him that I need answers and whole truth. We came to his shop and he consoled me with everything he got. But I didn’t go normal so he came up with a suggestion. He said that he can get answers from Sana and can tell me but the process if little weird. I asked about it so he suggested that he’ll blackmail Sana and fuck her once. After that she herself will tell the truth and he will tell me. I panicked that he was good friend and how can he think about it. I told him that he shouldn’t think about her like this. So he said that if I hadn’t visited him and left my purse, then in whole life I wouldn’t have been able to know the truth. And playing with Shankar, at least once he would have managed to win and fuck Sana. He also told that if his intentions were to fuck Sana, he can fuck her later also at Shankar place and I couldn’t do anything about it. I nodded my head and he started to give me good reason that I will know about all truth. He said after knowing it, I can manage to get rid of Shankar and even confront Sana.

I totally agreed with his proposal and he suggested me something. Though couldn’t gulp the thought of him fucking Sana but still I had no other way to know the truth. So next day around 5 pm I rushed home with movies tickets. I went home and informed all of my family members that I bought movie tickets for all family members and we are going for evening show. Everyone were excited and started to get prepared. Sana was getting prepared too so I asked her to stay back. She inquired and I told her that an important client of mine was coming home with some important file. She should stay back and collect file from him. She wasn’t happy at all but didn’t say anything and stayed back. As soon as we reached theatre, I pulled my mobile and then texted Raghubeer about it. He texted me in 3 minutes that he was at my place. We viewed the movie and when we got out, I got his text immediately. In the text he start that he knows half truth now and going to meet Shankar to know the rest of truth. He said that he’ll meet me in 1 hour at a bar nearby. I went to bar and waited until he arrived. He took me inside, we got a table he got few drinks and then started to elaborate. Raghubeer told as soon as he reached home and as soon as Sana opened the gate for him, she became dumb fold seeing Raghubeer in front of her. Raghubeer asked her that can he come inside and she welcomed him inside with the fake smile. After he got inside he asked her to close the gate and Sana enquired about it. So he gave a reason that she was all alone at home and if anyone comes that it will not be good for her reputation. She closed the gate with unfortunate expression on her face. She offered her tea which he accepted. She went to prepare tea and came back with few snacks. After having tea and snacks he handed her the file and got up to leave. Sana felt relaxed when he said that whether her husband knows about her relationship with Shankar. She folded her hands and said that he didn’t and shouldn’t know about it. Raghubeer asked whether she was requesting him not to tell those things to her husband. She said she was begging him for that.

Raghubeer smiled and said her to beg properly. She sat on her knees and started to beg for it. Raghubeer interfered that he didn’t find her way proper. She asked him about it and he smiled cunningly and said that she must get rid of her entire clothes and then begs him for that. I became impatient and asked him about the story so he smiled and said to understand the story I must listen to entire stuff. I nodded my head and kept mum. He started again. Sana started to get rid of her all clothes one by one in drawing room itself. But she was getting it slow so he said that drawing room wasn’t a good place to get naked. He suggested moving in bedroom and so she heavy heartedly welcomed him inside the bedroom. Raghubeer sat on the bed and she started to get rid of her entire clothes. As soon as all her stuffs were gone, Raghubeer started to admire her beauty and body parts. He told her that it was the first time he was seeing her naked. He came close and Sana begged her not to disclose the matter to her husband. Raghubeer said that he won’t but she must give few things in return. She was expecting this thing yet she pretended to be confused. Raghubeer pulled her and made her stretch out on the bed. He quickly got rid of his clothes and deposited himself on Sana. He was still standing and just his body above his waist was on Sana body. He grabbed her both hands with his one hand and stretched it above her head. He grabbed her right nipples in his mouth and started to chew and suck them. He was playing and squeezing with her other nipple and boob. He took turns in sucking both nipples and squeezing both boobs. Once he was satisfied he spread her thighs widely, folded her knees and pushed his dick inside. As soon as his dick vanished inside completely Sana started murmur like a newly virgin girl took her first dick inside. Raghubeer ignored her murmuring and started to hit her desperately. Minute by minute he was increasing his speed. Sana kept on weeping softly and murmuring along way. It took him 20 minutes to flood her inside. As soon as he was finished and withdrew his dick, she stretched her hands to her clothes. Raghubeer stopped her from doing that and said her husband and family will return after 2 hours, and he’ll like to stay till then. He pulled her on the bed completely, and reclined beside her. He started to play with her body, kissing and licking her all over.

While he was doing that he asked her that how it started between Shankar and her. She hesitated for sometimes but then started to utter the entire truth. But as it was her dimension so he couldn’t figure it out completely. It was more important to talk to Shankar also about it to see the story from all dimensions. After the story ended he asked her to give him a sensation blowjob. She said she hasn’t done that before, on which Raghubeer said that he doubted. So she gave him a sensational blowjob for 30 minutes. It was true that she lied but still he didn’t say anything. He waited for 15 more minutes and asked her for hand job. She looked at him and then did as asked. As soon as his dick was erect again, he deposited her on the bed and climbed above her. He started to fuck her again, with same speed and mercilessly. He was hitting her hard and meanwhile was sinking his teeth into the flesh of her boobs. As he had squirted twice already so he was rock hard and was expected to take longer time than usual. He withdrew few times and took good amount of time to bite over her belly and thighs. But his favourite spot was nipples areola and boobs only. While doing this he started to abuse Sana with his words that all Muslim women where sluts and need at least 5 men to satisfy her needs. He also told her that Muslim women were such sluts that they carved for Hindu dicks only and while getting fucked they come to know how powerful dicks Hindu’s have. He continued that while she was getting fucked with him for the first time her murmuring was telling him that she was finding difficulty in adjusting his dick. It was clear indication that her husband was quite small in this regard as he felt fucking her like a virgin. After a good amount of time he showered inside her belly. As it was getting quite late so they quickly got dress and Raghubeer left to meet Shankar. After meeting Shankar he told him some false story and luckily he spilled all the beans out of his mouth. After getting the whole description he figured out the whole story, which he was going to tell me now.

According to him the story began when Sana started to visit market for grocery and there she met a lady in early thirties named Mamta Agrawal. She was working with some network business and was dressed like a kill. She was wearing expensive sari, expensive jewelleries and good make-ups. She approached Sana and managed to talk with her. Indeed Sana was impressed with her wealth and was mesmerised. Mamta too understood about it and asked her all type of schedules and even managed to get her number. Later after few days she called her and welcomed her home. Hesitatingly Sana visited her place and met with Mamta’s husband Bhushan Agrawal who was few years older than Mamta. Mamta started to show her sari collections to Sana along with her jewellery collections and cosmetics collections. In a time span of a month Sana visited her for at least 8-10 times and every time both husband and wife showed her how wealthy they were and how expensing their collections were. Sana was indeed influenced with their lifestyle and wealth. So on another few days she herself started to wait to be called. One fine afternoon Mamta called Sana and Sana reached their place immediately. Mamta told her that she was expecting a jeweller who was coming there to show them few sets of gold jewellery. She told her to select at least two sets for Mamta. He jeweller was expected in 15 minutes and just than Mamta cell ringed. As she answered she became little tensed and told Sana that she needs to go urgently. Sana seemed depressed to Mamta suggested her to stay back and select sets for her, Bhushan will be staying back to help her up. Mamta was expecting her to reject the offer but surprisingly she accepted. So Mamta went off and the jeweller came in next 15 minutes. He showed lots of stuff and both Sana and Bhushan selected two of them. Bhushan asked the cost and he told him. Bhushan was angry about showing him so cheap sets. But Sana who was already taken aback with the rate was surprised to hear that these sets were considered as cheap by him. Sana was looking at a set and Bhushan asked to take a set for herself too. She rejected immediately, but Bhushan insisted to take one set home. Sana asked the price and as expected it was very expensive so she made an ugly face and rejected the offer. Bhushan understood her condition and asked her to take at least an earrings set but his price was too much also. Jeweller said that he left his shop on mercy of his employee and so he can’t wait longer. Bhushan told him to leave the two sets, along with the earrings set. He said that make bill separately for the sets and earrings. He said that he’ll pay him at his shop in the evening and return whatever isn’t required. The jeweller nodded his head and went away.

After the jeweller left Bhushan asked Sana to call her husband and tell him about the ear rings set. Sana dejected the offer and told him that her husband won’t let her buy the sets. He enquired about it and asked how many sets her husband had presented her in these many years. Sana boldly said none. He made a face that he was feeling sorry for her and said that a beauty like her, having such wonderful assets and such a ravishing figure should be loaded with 10 types of sets each year. He confidently said that her husband cared a least about her and she should have been his wife. Sana didn’t object to his approach and kept silent. He said that he felt sorry for her and wanted her to keep the set. She said that she can’t as her husband won’t pay at all. Bhushan paused for a while and said in that case he can give the set to her and she need not to tell this to her husband. She can pay him back in instalments. She smiled softly and said she won’t be able to pay instalments too. Bhushan paused a while and said than we could figure some alternative ways for that too. Both were sitting adjacent on the sofa. Sana was on right hand side of Bhushan on three seat sofa. Sana was on end, Bhushan was in middle. She asked about alternative ways and Bhushan looked her from head to toe. She was wearing a semitransparent sari and her blouse was visible from it. So Bhushan advanced his hand from one side and managed to get his hand below her sari. He started to unbutton her blouse buttons one by one from below. Sana didn’t try to stop his hands and kept on sitting there smiling softly. After opening three buttons out of six her boobs hung below, clearing indicating that she wasn’t wearing bra at all. Bhushan exclaimed that he was impressed with her dress up. She didn’t utter a word at all and as soon as he managed to open the rest buttons, he managed to pull her sari edge covering her blouse. Both side of her blouse spread apart and her 36 sized boobs came to view. He stood up first, pulled her by her by her legs to the centre of the sofa. Then he pushed her to recline on the sofa so that her head rest on hand rest of the sofa. He stared at her boobs continuously, and sat beside her waist.

He told her that even Mamta didn’t have such gigantic type of boobs. He said that he hasn’t seen anyone with such large areola and such puffy nipples. Sana was facing elsewhere and was avoiding eye contacts. Immediately he jumped on her both boobs and started to suck her nipples taking turns. He was flouring her boobs too one at a time. He started to bit on her areola and bit on her nipples too. He advanced his face upwards and started to kiss on her neck and cheeks until he managed to reach her lips. The kiss was passionate and Sana herself was supporting him. As he was finished with these stuffs he asked how rest of the stuffs was. Sana didn’t understand at first but as soon as she realised she closed her eyes immediately. Bhushan gripped his fingers inside her petticoat thread from both side and without opening it, started to pull it downwards. It was tough for him to manage to pull it down few inches so Sana squeezed her belly to let the thread loose. As soon as it got loose Bhushan managed to drag it out of her legs. He looked at her and said smart girl. She smiled softly and Bhushan started to view her lower portion of her body. He started to comment that how good her waist was, how great was the shape of her hips and thighs. On admiring her parts he kept on placing kisses on each one of them bit her few places too. After the admiring session he told her that he was feeling restless now. So he started to get rid of her wares. After getting bare he climbed over her and managed to get inside her immediately. He started to thump her with slow hits and kept on kissing her near her neck, cheeks and lips. He kept on playing with her boobs all the time. As soon as the passion started to increase so the hits increased making Sana restless a bit but still she didn’t objected. So after a steamy session of 30 minutes he exploded inside her. He pulled his dick outside stood up. Sana sat up and her face was just near her face. So Bhushan asked her to clean his dick. She managed to pull a rag and wiped his dick with it with continuous smile on her face. Sana started to wear her clothes and so did Bhushan. After they were done with clothes he gifted the ear ring set to her. He showed her another set and told her that it contained nine ornaments all total. He told her that he wasn’t over with her and can continue with her more. So he suggested that for every session with her he would give her one ornament from the set and soon her set will be complete. Sana for the first time asked that what after 9 sessions. Bhushan smiled widely and said that she was very naughty girl and told her that if she wanted she can manage as many sets she likes.

Sana took her gift and exited the place after exchanging numbers. On each Monday Mamta had a business meet and it lasted from 1 to 4 pm. So Bhushan and Sana started to meet on that day only. On next three meets Bhushan presented her three more gifts and managed to bring many things out of her. Like she started to get undress herself, she learned to give blowjob and started to participate in the act. On fourth Monday Sana visited Bhushan at 1 and they kept on kissing for 5 minutes while Sana undressed herself. But as the session was about to start the door bell ringed. Bhushan was frustrated and so was Sana. Bhushan asked her to stay inside and he’ll shoe off the visitor. He went off and opened the gate. He found Shankar on the gate who was a friend of Bhushan. He came inside and sat on the sofa and started to have chitchat with Bhushan. Bhushan indicated him several times that he was busy but he ignored his gestures at all. Indeed he was shameless creature and so the clocked ticked to 3:50 PM. Sana who was still inside all naked waiting for Bhushan to arrive. She panicked with the time and so she dressed herself and decided to exit the place before Mamta arrives. She didn’t wanted Mamta to get suspicious because at that condition meets with Bhushan will stop. She came to the drawing room and told that it seems that Mamta won’t arrive and she was getting late now, so she wanted to leave now. Shankar was viewing her from top to bottom with lecherous intentions. He himself found her amazing and as soon as Sana left he stared to fire question on Bhushan. Shankar was indeed suspicious and wanted to know that he himself was sitting here for about three hours and when that woman did went inside. He was suspicious that if she was waiting for three hours then why she didn’t leave long before. Bhushan kept on avoiding his question for long but he was very stubborn and finally announced that he’s stay back and asks Mamta about it. Bhushan laughed loudly and told him that Mamta already knows about her. He told Shankar that Mamta had some future plans with her. He stood up angrily and said that it was fine and he’ll leave now. Bhushan insisted him to stay back.

Bhushan said that he’ll tell everything about her to him, not because he was afraid of him or was getting blackmailed but instead he found him good friend. And beside this he doesn’t want him to expose the matter outside. So he explained every single bit of information related to Sana. Shankar was amazed with it but he wasn’t financially that strong to gift her gold jewellery sets. So he turned sad for a while, but immediately he’s eyes sparkled. He asked Bhushan to arrange Sana for him. He asked him to blackmail her and make her fuck him once on next Monday. He suggested him that on next Monday after Bhushan fuck’s Sana, he can force her to get laid with Shankar also. Bhushan rejected that offer immediately and told Shankar that he was having some future plans with Sana, and blackmailing her right now could ruin everything so he suggested to approach her himself. Shankar sadly told him that he wasn’t that rich to gift her expensive stuffs. Bhushan laughed loudly and asked who told him that those stuffs were expensive. He disclosed another serious secret to him. He told that all the jewellery he was gifting Sana wasn’t real gold but instead it was artificial gold and wasn’t of more than 200 bugs each. Shankar exclaimed that why Sana didn’t came to know about it. So Bhushan told him because Sana didn’t had sense of gold and as it was her secret income, she won’t go to any jewellery stop to confirm it up. Shankar comments that Bhushan was very cruel being and he was impressed with his deeds. Shankar asked him to give him one ornament from the set which Bhushan gave him gladly. Shankar told him that he’ll approach Sana directly now and he can go with his future plans. The market shops where Sana visited daily and her house had Shankar shop in between. Keeping an eye on the road he got the exact time of Sana visits. So after few days he stayed close to the road and as soon as she passed the road, he wished her up. Sana was well aware of him and always remembered that he was the same guy whom she saw at Bhushan place. So she didn’t want to create a scene, so she talked with him formally.

On next Saturday it was pity hot climate so while having formal talk Shankar insisted her to visit his office for coke. Sana rejected his offer politely but he kept on insisting and finally she agreed. They entered the office and Shankar passed her coke from fridge. After she finished the coke, he pulled that ornament which Bhushan gave to him and kept it on the table. He said that he bought this thing for her. Sana enquired about it and he asked her to excuse him. He went to the front door. Turned the sign from open to close and locked the gate from inside. He covered the glass door with curtains from inside. He came just behind her and stood behind her chair. Sana was wearing a salwar suit that day. So he bowed down and grabbed her both boobs in his palms. He started to press them softly and said that Bhushan had told him everything and he wasn’t minding if things happening between her and Bhushan happen between them. He started to increase pressure on her boobs and said that he can buy her the same stuffs which Bhushan bought with same terms and conditions. He said that this way her collection can grow with twice speed. Sana didn’t reply at all but she didn’t try to remove his hands too. As soon as Shankar realised that she was under his influence he advanced his hands more downwards and caught the edge of her suit and started to pull it upwards, until it came out of her head. She was wearing a chemise inside and he pulled it out too. He made her stand immediately and untied the knots of her salwar and it fell on the floor. She wasn’t wearing any panty inside and now she was all bare. He forced her to climb up the table and recline over it. She was all bare and Shankar was more amazed to see her assets now. He was already amazed with her structure and now he found that her inner stuffs were more amazing then her structure. He removed the entire chairs lying near the table and stayed near to admire her beauty. He was indeed astonished and was looking her from head to toe. On the other hand Sana face was opposite to him and she was seeing his expression in the front mirror. She was smiling softly on his uneasiness. As soon as he was out of surprise he attacked her boobs immediately. Sana was expecting that he’ll attack her boobs first but with the amount of force he was applying on her boobs was making her weep in pain. She tried to make him realise that he was making her uneasy but Shankar was mad by then totally. He bit several place on her boobs and sucked her nipples hard. He even bit her nipples hard and even chewed them. Then he descended and reached her belly and his attack was same on it too. He kept on descending and on every part of her body his attack strength was same. In 10 minutes he made her to cry with tears. But instead of understanding her condition, he got out of his clothes and got inside her immediately. He was thicker and longer than normal and while Sana was trying to accommodate her pussy with his dick, he started to hit her will force and speed. She was feeling that the edges of her pussy were scratched and it started to pain. But Shankar was in no mood to stop and it took him pity long time to flood her inside.

Sana felt relaxed immediately and thanked God for that. As soon as he was out she got on her feet’s. She picked her clothes when Shankar grabbed her hands. He asked what she was doing, on which she said that he was a ruthless animal and she was stuffed for the day. Shankar pulled her mercilessly and made her recline on the floor. He said her to stay there as he was pity much interested in one more round. Sana declared that she had enough for the day and got on her feet’s again. Till then he was hard again and pushed her on the table over her belly and immediately got inside her again, from back. He grabbed her both boobs and squeezed them so hard that Sana cupped her mouth with her own hand, to avoid screaming. He kept on hitting her sore pussy once again and squeezing her boobs all the time. It took him more time than previous round and then he flooded inside her. Sana was in tear and said that she didn’t find herself comfortable with him for next time. Shankar immediately asked for forgiveness. He said that he hasn’t seen any girl having such great structure and such a magnificent body ever. He said that’s why he was gone out of control. He assured her that he’ll be gentle from next time onwards. He pulled the chain and placed it in her neck. He said that the chain seemed wonderful on her. Sana smiled back and started to get dressed. She exchanged her numbers with him and then returned back home. Next day he called her again and insisted her to visit his office. As soon as Sana entered his office next day, he made her nude immediately and started to fuck her immediately. He was softer this time but much harder than Bhushan. When she was leaving she enquired about the jewellery. Shankar said that he don’t like to gift her one jewellery a day. So he suggested that after few days he’s present her whole set altogether. Sana didn’t minding it and accepted his offer. Shankar told her that Monday was for Bhushan and Tuesday and Friday must be permanently for him. Sana smiled and nodded her head. She left to return back on Friday.

On Friday as soon as Sana arrived she closed the door and was about to get undressed when Shankar stopped. He said that today he won’t do it here. He told her that he’ll take her to his tent house, where he and his three friends gamble. He said that she will sit among all of them and after the game is over he’ll offer her to the winner of the game. Sana immediately declined her offer and told him that he’ll not let anyone else to fuck her. Shankar threw a hook and said that it was pity sad then, hopes Mamta doesn’t feel that much bad about it. Sana shivered in terror and said that he shouldn’t do that. So he said that only one guy among the three will fuck her on Friday. He continued that if he wins then he’ll not let anyone to touch her even. But he if looses then she’ll entertain only one guy, and followed by him only. She nodded her head and they went to the spot where Raghubeer saw her for the first time. Shankar made her to sit on his laps in front of everyone. He gave the cards in her hands and was directing her how to play. As his both hands were free, so he had advanced his hands inside her clothes and was holding and squeezing her both boobs all the time. Luckily one of his friends won that day and all handed him the cash. When all of them were about to leave, Shankar stopped them and asked the winner to take Sana inside and fuck her as he wanted. It was like a consolation prize for him and same rule will apply on next all days. His friend was mesmerized with her beauty and boldness already so he took her inside made her recline on the blanket heap. But he was very impatient so he just got rid of her salwar and dropped his pants. He got inside her and fucked her instantly. He flooded her in 5 minutes and then went outside. Shankar asked that did he enjoyed to which he accepted. Shankar told them to leave now and he will fuck her inside and then leave. Then on next two instances Shankar only won and so none of his friends got the chance. The closed the story with a note that Shankar has told him that Mamta was planning something big, but he wasn’t aware about it.

I heard it all but now my curiosity was to know what Mamta was planning so asked Raghubeer to help me again. Raghubeer said that he would have asked Sana itself but he came to know about it afterward so he missed. He thought for a while and then asked me to bring her to his shop next day. I asked him the reason and he said that he’ll blackmail her once more and then fuck her in the shop itself. After that he’ll make sure that she tells him everything happens with her all the time. I panicked and said that there was no way I was telling her to fuck Sana again. He said in that case he doesn’t have any option to help him. I paused so he said that if Mamta gets her trapped in some serious stuffs then my life could be miserable. I surely understood what he meant and thought of all such possibilities. After a gap of 30 minutes without words between us, I asked him what he suggested and how it was being going to happen. He smiled and said to bring Sana next day to his shop and tell her that you had few work with me and sign some documents. When you get it signed then I’ll ask few names whether you got signed with them and you’ll decline. Then he suggested that I should leave Sana over there and go off to get it signed from them and ask her to wait there only. After I leave he’ll blackmail Sana and will take her inside to fuck her, closing the shutter down. I should wait outside and away until the shutter goes up and then can take her back. I understood the plan and took Sana next day at his shop. She wasn’t comfortable in sitting at his shop but didn’t say anything. We worked as planned and left the place, but in curiosity went a little far away and tried to peep towards the shop. I wanted to know how he starts. So after 5 minutes of talking he advanced his hands and pulled her sari covering her blouse. Opened the buttons of her blouse and started to play with her boobs on his counter itself. The counter was in veranda and though it was isolated place but still it was an open place. After 5 minutes, he said something to her and she came inside the counter and sat between his legs. She started to give him blowjob, though she was out of view from front side but from the angle I was standing, facing towards Raghubeer back. As there was no cover on backside of his counter, so I could easily see from here that she was sucking him off. Later he stood up, pulled her by her boobs and moved inside the shop, closing the shutter behind him. Now there was no way to see them and so I went to the market to spend time. I had few snacks and few cup of teas and then was returning back to his shop when I saw Raghubeer moving somewhere on his bike.

I turned my bike around and followed him but somewhere in middle he took a turn which I couldn’t figure and missed him completely. I searched him for sometimes but then decided to go to his shop only. The shutter was still closed and Raghubeer bike wasn’t there, so I sat far away from the shop hiding myself. After 15 minutes Raghubeer arrived and sat on the counter, but the shutter was still down, I waited there for next 30 minutes and thought Sana had gone home. So thought to go and ask Raghubeer about it. As I decided that the shutter went up and two guys came outside. They had few talks with him and then moved towards the main road. As they vanished he went inside again and dropped the shutter behind him. I was heavily confused and waited there only. Fifteen minutes later the shutter went half up and Raghubeer along with a guy came outside. He shook hand with him and moved towards the main road. I was about to go towards the shop when shutter went completely up and Sana came outside. I was horrified about it. She was inside with three guys when Raghubeer wasn’t there in the shop, and after two guys left, still there was one guy inside and Raghubeer too went inside. What were all guys doing with her? And Raghubeer didn’t tell anything about this. Still I went to the shop and he welcomed me and told that my got bored in my absence. I didn’t say anything to him and took Sana back. Raghubeer started to give me daily details now, with date and time of Sana visiting both Bhushan and Shankar. I wanted to confront her but in two weeks I didn’t managed to do that. So I thought to seek help from Raghubeer himself. I moved toward his shop in afternoon but unluckily my bike tyre got punctured. I gave the bike to repair shop but the mechanics were on lunch so the guy in the shop told me to collect it in 2-3 hours. I took a public transport and went to Raghubeer shop. But as the public transport dropped me far from his shop so rest distance was been covered foot walking only. I started to walk towards the shop but when I took the last turn to his shop, I saw Sana walking towards his shop. I stopped immediately and waited there. Sana reached his shop, had few words with Raghubeer. Raghubeer got up from counter placed his hand on her waist and went inside the shop, closing the shutter immediately. I was hell shocked with what I was seeing. So I decided to wait and see what happens. After 40 minutes two guys came to the shop and knocked the shutter. After 5 minutes the shutter went half up and Raghubeer came out. He was carrying sari, blouse, petticoat, bra and panty in his hands. Seeing it carefully I got to know that it was same clothes which Sana was wearing while getting inside. The two fellows got inside the shop and the shutter was closed. Sana was all naked inside and it was obvious what was going inside. I waited there for one hour until shutter went up and both guys came outside. They had few words and then moved away. Raghubeer went inside closing the shutter with Sana clothes. They both came outside after 20 minutes and Sana moved towards home.

As no one was there now, so I rushed to his shop. Raghubeer saw me and was uncomfortable with my presence but yet welcomed me. I asked him what was he doing with Sana in shop and what did that two did with her. He said that he didn’t understand what I was saying so I told him that I was standing nearby since 2 hours and was seeing all events. He seemed shocked for a while and then smiled. He accepted that he took Sana inside first and fucked her inside. Then he came out with all her clothes and left her inside all naked. The two guys, who entered inside, after he came out, were his friends. They went inside and fucked Sana nicely and then came outside. After that he went inside and fucked her once more and then both came outside. He said that on first day also he too Sana inside and fucked her nicely and then call his three friends. He called them inside the shop while Sana was there all naked. He let them fuck her and left for some purchasing. After he returned two of them were finished so they left and so Raghubeer joined back inside. The last friend remaining and he fucked her inside shop before I came to pick her up. He said that from that day when I dropped her here, he had his first session with Sana in group and toward was the fourth one. Between today and that day two more session had been done with Sana. I begged and threatened him not to do this again. He smiled and said that he missed few things before. He asked me that do I remember he fucked Sana at home, I nodded my head. He said he fucked her and had recorded everything. He doesn’t know whether Bhushan or Mamta or Shankar is going to blackmail me but he surely wants to blackmail me now. He asked me to let her blackmail Sana and let him keep fucking her with friends. He said that he was very much obsessed with Sana beauty, her stamina and the way he treats her. He told that the pose he likes the most with her is when he makes her recline on table, and two guys keeps on nibbling her nipples. While her whole concentration is toward them, he like to enter her unguarded. Two guys mauling her boobs and nibbling her nipples and third guy fucking her makes her very uneasy. He liked her expressions at this time fucks her mercilessly. He said that until he fucks her to core he won’t get satisfied and will always remain obsessed with her. So he suggested me to stay quite else he will distribute her video to everyone in the city and tell every crook of city that what a big slut she was. I requested him not to do that and I always considered him friend. He said that he too find me friend but Sana on stake he forgets everything. He said that if I was his friend than I should do things which keep me happy. He said to leave now and don’t interfere between him and Sana. I nodded my head and came back home all dejected.

On next Monday morning Raghubeer called me and told me that while Sana would be getting fucked with Bhushan today, Mamta will raid the house and will confront Sana. She will blackmail her and use for her personal benefits. I panicked and immediately rushed to Mamta house. Mamta welcomed me and Bhushan was also present there. I was very uncomfortable talking with a lady, in front of the person who was fucking my wife on weekly basis. I hesitated a lot and then confused that I was well aware of the fact that her husband was fucking my wife. She smiled and said that she was well aware of that too. I said that I have been heard that she’s going to pretend to catch her red handed with her husband and later use her for personal benefits. She smiled and said that your network is too strong as this information is accurate too. I begged her not to do that, as Bhushan already had fucked her, and destroyed her dignity and life. Mamta paused for a while and said, see you wife was like a crop to me which I cropped and now the harvesting time has arrived. So today she was going to harvest the fields she planted few months ago. She continued that I can go home and stop her from coming here, that option belongs to me, but as she had planned all of this herself, so she had kept few things in backup too. She disclosed that whenever Bhushan fucked her, she was been filmed and she can use her to defame her up. Defame in sense that she takes jewellery against getting fucked; this is naturally a type of prostitution. Once this things gets in market and locality there are many consequences you and her can face. She said that she was well aware of my condition that what I was feeling. She consoled me with her words that she won’t use her for long. She will use her for few days or maybe few weeks and she wouldn’t be disturbed at all. She even assured me that all events that happen with her, she personally will disclose it to me and nothing would be kept confidential. So she needed an assurance that I wouldn’t interfere in the event that’s going to happen today. I was so much unfocused that I had nothing to reply instead of shaking my head. She took my number and asked me to take a leave now.

Depressed I returned and went straight to office. I was having concentration issue at office, mistakes after mistakes on several bills until I received off from office and went back to home. Sana was already present in house and no sign of discomfort was there on her face. But later I noticed that she was having difficulty in walking. I asked whether she hurt herself anywhere so she said that her thigh veins got stretched, and it wasn’t a big deal. I had dinner and then walked towards Mamta place. She was already having a walk near her house and welcomed me as soon as she recognized me. I impatiently asked that what all happened with her today so she narrated it to me. As per her when she arrived, Bhushan took her to bedroom. Sana had locked the main gate while she entered inside but when they reached bedroom Bhushan went to bring water and opened the front gate lock. Then the programme started and while Bhushan and Sana was in middle of fucking session, Mamta raided them. Mamta was accompanied with three of her buddies whom she got introduced at fitness centre. Bhushan immediately got up and fell on Mamta feet. He started to say all type of shits for forgiveness and blamed everything on Sana. He said that her moves made him dishonest and she took advantage of it. Mamta took Bhushan out and left Sana all naked in front of three pairs of eyes, scanning her naked body from head to toe. Sana tried to get up but they stopped her, she tried to cover her up but she was stopped for that too. Mamta went inside after 10 minutes and started to abuse her up. She said that she had taken advantage of her generosity and forced her husband to be dishonest. She told that she was a slut who feels great sleeping with everyone she gets chance with. She said that she’s going to call her husband and family to show them what she actually is. Sana begged that she was very sorry about it and she won’t do anything in future. She assured her that she will do anything for her if Mamta doesn’t involve her family. Mamta asked her twice that was she was sure about it what she said, and she confirmed it twice. She took everyone outside and returned back in 5 minutes. She introduced the three guys with Sana as her brother’s. She said that seeing her in such state, they all were hot now. They desperately need to fuck her and she must let them fuck her. She asked that how can she do that? On which Mamta said that she was already getting laid with Bhushan and now she was behaving as devoted wife. She said that she had heard about her before also. She conveyed her name of Shankar and told her that what she does with him, she’s well aware of that. She was shocked now and didn’t say anything. Mamta asked whether she was ready to get fucked by her three brothers. She nodded her head so Mamta told her three buddies to fuck her hard and rough and also fuck in her ass. She said that she needs her ass virginity to be broken, and whether she weeps or cry, use her ass anyhow. She said fuck her thrice if possible but at least twice. They nodded their head and Mamta came out, they locked the gate from inside.

Mamta told that how she was been fucked; only those three guys and Sana knows. Only the assured her that her ass been well fucked and they made her suck them also. They also made her sure that she was been treated as a professional prostitute and they fucked her very rough. She said but if I was interested in getting further details she can provide the addresses of those guys. I can take Sana with me to them and ask them to show a repeat telecast of the event, or you can ask Sana about it. I looked at her angrily and she smiled and said that she as took oath from Sana, that even in future she will be required to take care of Mamta few business. We were walking and she was telling me that, so as she finished she asked me to take leave as she was going back to home. I walked home and then went to sleep. Next day in evening Raghubeer called me and gave details. He told me that Sana had visited Shankar in the afternoon and told him that her ass was been opened now. Shankar being excited with her confession fucked in her ass twice. She also acknowledged her that she had tasted the pleasure of fucking in both ass and pussy on the same time. So on Friday if anyone else wins that both the winner and Shankar could fuck her simultaneously. Shankar was very much happy with her announcement and proposal. He assured her that she would be treated well if any such instance arrives. I was thinking what a sump she was and what a slut she was. She was roughly been fucked a day before and yet she went to Shankar today, like he wasn’t a fucker of her but instead she was been committed to him. Even declared him about her newly opened ass, and offered him to use it with his friends too. Raghubeer said that he was very delighted to know about it now. When I returned home she was very happy. I couldn’t understand why but didn’t asked her either. At night she was mischief and started to present herself to me and I got hard. I fucked her up and she slept peacefully. I was so confused on her that she never tried to come near me like that before. Only I took the first step always, but today she took the first step herself. I understood that a slut in her had taken up now.

Anyways on next day Raghubeer called me around 12:30 pm. I asked him the matter and he said that Sana was expected to arrive in 15-20 minutes. I said ok and dropped the call. He ringed me back and I said that it was fine. He said to listen to him first, so I said to carry on. He requests me to arrive home only after his confirmation. I asked him the reason so he said that normally he and his two or three friends engaged Sana at his shop. But today he and his five friends were interested in fucking her all together. I asked him the specific reason for that on which he said that he was delighted to know that she can get fucked in her ass too. Beside this before Shankar takes the liberty to fuck in her both holes, he want to grab that offer. I had no other option and so I confirmed him that. He thanked me 10 times and then disconnected the call. I was restless again but I was little happy too. She behaved as slut yesterday and the torture she’s going to received today was like a punishment for her. I engrossed in my work and brought out old files for tallying entries. We did this once in three months so that nothing misses at time of audit. This cost us extra hours to work at office. I did that because I wanted to stay late in office and didn’t wanted anyone to be suspicious at. Anyways I received a call from Raghubeer around 8:30 pm in the evening that I can move home now. I packed my files and then reached home at 9, but Sana was already in bed, 2 hours before normal. I asked her the matter and she said that she had vomited several times and was feeling sick. I gave her medicine and asked her to sleep.

She started to snore immediately, so I got perfect chance to call Raghubeer. I came out of the house and called me. He attended immediately, and asked me my concern. I asked him why she was so tiered and feeling sick and was so much exhausted. He said that he’s sending me some pictures in WhatsApp, I should see them first and then he’ll tell me about it. He disconnected and pictures arrived immediately. In those pictures a guy was lying on table with Sana riding him with her pussy, another guy was behind her and was inside her ass. One guy was standing on the table and his dick was inside her mouth. Two guys were sucking her nipples and had pressed her boobs so hard that it was looking like balloons, which we tried to blast applying pressure on it. Blue veins on her boobs were clearly visible on her boobs and it showed how much hard pressure was been applied. Her boobs were already red and tear was falling from her eyes. She had clutched hairs of both the guys and was trying to push them away. Raghubeer was nowhere in the picture, mean he was the guy who was taking pictures. I got his call immediately and immediately it was been answered. I asked him why they were so hard on her so he told that those friends who fucked her today were masochists. And he too enjoyed a lot with them. He told that they engaged all her holes at a time, forced her to drink their sperms several times. Forced her to offer herself for Sadomasochism, they splashed her ass and even pressed her boobs brutally and fucked her brutally. He told that he himself couldn’t do that ever but it was memorable experience for him. There was nothing I could do so didn’t say him anything and dropped the call.

On Friday Raghubeer called me again, telling that they had a gamble session. He told me that Shankar and Sana arrived and the game begun. But as usual Shankar was winning it all. So Shankar said something to Sana and she nodded her head with a smile. She was already sitting on his laps. So Shankar said that money was a major attraction of the game but consolation prize is great too. But they all were not so much attracted with the prize, so he said that he’ll demonstrate the price so that they can try to play game seriously. Sana pulled her suit upwards and got out of it. She was wearing a tight bra and she removed it too. Then she sat naked in front of all those peoples and Shankar was playing with her nipples. The game took a dramatic turn, first friend who had already fucked her before and Shankar second friend had a tough fight in winning and the second friend won with a close margin. Immediately he collected the money and pulled Sana by her arms and moved inside. Shankar followed him and asked us to wait. They fucked her for 45 minutes and returned back. His friend was very happy with that and just went outside the shop. Shankar said to rest of them to go and fuck Sana inside. He said that this was the only time while he was allowing them to fuck her without winning. It was because he wanted them to give the taste of her so that the game becomes more interesting from next time. Raghubeer and that friend went inside and found Sana flat on her back on a table. She was all naked and as soon as she saw them, she spread her legs wide open and invited them. Shankar friend jumped on her and attacked her boobs first. He tortured her boobs by biting and pressing them hard. He sucked her nipples too and got rid of his clothes. Sana on the other hand wasn’t in discomfort and was appreciating her moves. As soon as he was bare he got inside her immediately and fucked her hard and rough. But she was smiling and laughing all the time. When he was over, Raghubeer took the turn and fucked her, but when he finished that guy desired to fuck her ass too. Raghubeer said that it was already enough now and they should leave. But Sana stopped him and turned around on fours and asked him to fulfil his desire. Immediately he was inside her ass fucking her to core. He left her and then they both came outside. All of them left and Shankar went inside again. He later told Raghubeer that he fucked her two more times before letting her go.

On Saturday Mamta visited my home in my absence and influenced my family with her tricks and charms. She told them that Sana was having extra-ordinary skills and she could work in her network business and can start her own in just three months. My parents generously gave her the permission to join the business and get trained by Mamta. Mamta told my parents that she was organising an event on Sunday evening and will take Sana with her, but as it was a big event followed by dinner and party, so they both will arrive late night. My parents gave them permission for that and Sana pretended that she was very happy with that. Next day around 6 Mamta was at gate with car, Sana happily got inside the car and they swiftly drove away. I returned home around 8 and found her missing. I asked about her and came to know the whole story. But there was no way that I could have interfered now. So I kept on waiting until she arrives back. She arrived around 12:30 at late night, changed in comfortable and just went to sleep. Next day early morning I visited Mamta to know the last night event. She was even more eager to tell me that. She told that while going to meeting place she asked Sana to get dressed in another dress and showed me a picture of Sana in that. It was skimpy dress. In the picture she was wearing a blouse which was very low cut and a skirt which was way higher from knees. Beyond this the blouse was semitransparent and her nipples and areola very slightly visible. After that she took her to the meeting hall and they had meeting over there with few guys. Mamta three seniors were very much obsessed with Sana beauty and were constantly trying to see her all the time. Sana and Mamta both were aware of this situation but Mamta was throwing offers on them related to business. After the meeting was over Sana went to freshen up and Mamta seniors directly approached her to let them fuck Sana, which she clearly rejected. She told them that she was not at all that type and she only wore those clothes because of her force. She said that only way to have her, was rape her. When Sana arrived back Mamta took her to a side and instructed her that while she returns to the hall. She must hit her waist with something and then take her car keys and go to parking. There she must get inside the car backside and remove her skirt and try to apply balm on her waist, in doggy position. She told her that her seniors will surely reach there so she must not lock the door from inside. They will open the gate and get inside and try to take advantage, she instructed her to let them take advantage and fuck her but they should think that as rape.

So as she it was instructed she went to the car, and was all naked below trying to apply balm on her waist. As soon as she was gone all her seniors asked Mamta where she had gone. So Mamta told them that she had gone to car parking as she got hurt on her waist. Taking it as a clue her seniors reached to the parking and found her inside the car all naked below and on fours. Two of them opened both back door of the car and peeped inside, the third one got inside from front gate. They said that they will help her with the massage. Before she could respond they both got inside. One holds her by waist and second one pulled her blouse out. She was all naked now and started to fight but the front guy also joined them. Meanwhile all of them started to get rid of their clothes. As they were bare they started to turn her in position. After much resistance she was flat on position and two of them pounded on her boobs and belly. As her whole concentration shifted towards both of them, the third one got the chance of entering her and without wasting time he was inside her. Her resistance subsided a little and she started to fight less. Both guys started to play and tear her breasts and belly while the third one was having full joy in fucking her. Soon he understood that his buddies were crazy too so she was turned around and another guy got inside her ass. And the third one in her mouth, though she was pretending as rape but after two three slaps she started to give him blowjob while getting fucked. The guys kept on fucking her until they exploded inside and then the guy getting blowjob fucked her up. It was a rape as per them so they immediately got outside and prepared to leave. This moment Mamta confronted them and forced them to sign the paper and she’ll take care of the matter. I heard what she told and said that today evening she’s going to take Sana again and will return home late. As expected she took Sana with her and went to a customer place. As per her instruction she was asked to wear a deep neck blouse and sari. She was been asked to wear no undergarments and she did as directed. On reaching customer place they asked for juice. As the juice was been served Sana spilled the juice on her clothes. Mamta panicked and the customer told Sana to get inside his bedroom and change in any clothes and then she can wash her clothes. Mamta said that she’ll arrive after attending another customer. She left and Sana pulled out a half size shirt from customer Elmira. It hardly covered her ass and pussy and was quite tight too. She placed all her clothes in washing machine and started to wash them. While it was done she went to the drawing room and asked the customer too help. The customer was delighted to see her in such state and generously planned to help her down. He went with her to washing machine and instructed her to pull her clothes out of washing machine one by one. As she bend in the washing machine her shirt rose up giving him the full view of her butts and pussy and he came to know that she wasn’t wearing anything inside. So being exited he dropped his pants and next time Sana bend down, he aimed his dick and immediately got inside her. She realised it immediately but instead of opposing she removed her shirt and brought his hands on her boobs. The man took full liberty on her body and fucked her two times before getting her clothes washed and pressed. He agreed on all terms and condition of Mamta as she wanted.

Few days later she took Sana again and she returned home late night, exhausted and looked like very used up. I asked Mamta about it and she said that due these types of activities she keeps relationship with law enforcer too. So she took Sana to entertain few of them today. She went to a lonely road and they came from opposite sides. They stopped fifty meters far from her car and both head lights were on from both sides. She called them and told them about Sana. They said that if they didn’t like her then Mamta would be required to join them. She assured them good services and said Sana would be walking towards them. If they didn’t like her she could be send back and if they like her, pull her in their gipsy and then drop her back at Mamta place afterwards. Mamta asked Sana to go bare, all naked and the walk towards the gipsy. She got bare inside the car, got outside and walked towards the gipsy, automatically the headlight went to high beam and little later she was been pulled inside. The gipsy rolled the road and arrived back after 4 hours. Sana was totally messed up when she arrived at Mamta home and she could figure out how badly she was been used up. She took her inside and asked Bhushan to help her bath; Bhushan generously took her to bathroom, fucked her first and then helped her to bath. Then she got dressed up and returned home. For next 10 days neither Raghubeer nor Mamta told me anything but family told that Sana went missing from 12 to 4 in afternoon. Ten days later Mamta confessed that she had been demonstrated nude in front of 70 of her juniors and a contest was been launched. In which the highest business generator can take Sana home and do whatever he likes for 4 hours. So for 10 days 10 winners got the liberty of winning chance of talking Sana home. Few fucked her alone and few invited friends too, but she didn’t detail me everything, just a summary. After this Mamta declared that she was done with Sana and wasn’t required anymore but her husband Bhushan was pity much interested in her. So she said that next four days her husband will fuck Sana at their house and Mamta wasn’t going to tell about it. After 4 days she’ll be free to go. So as committed 4 days later Mamta declared her freedom.

Raghubeer kept on calling me details about Shankar encounter and for few months he too continued to have group encounters with Sana. But after 4-5 months Raghubeer said that he was done with Sana now and wasn’t interested in continuing with her anymore. He even said that his friends were bored up with her too now, so he promised that he’ll stop calling Sana anymore. But as he stopped calling Sana he stopped giving details about Shankar too. I supposed that maybe Shankar had stopped bothering her too now so a month later on Friday afternoon I went near Shankar tent house and hide myself behind a tree. On 2:30 pm three fellows arrived, but Raghubeer wasn’t in them. Few minutes later Shankar arrived too but Sana wasn’t with him. I felt relaxed and was about to leave when I saw Sana walking towards them. She reached them and hugged them each. Then she pulled her suit upwards just outside the tent house, and her face was opposite to me. Face of two of them vanished behind her chest and I think they were sucking her nipples. In the meanwhile Shankar opened the gate and welcomed them inside. The two of them went inside and the third one was trying to open the knots of Sana salwar, while she was walking. As she reached the gate, the knot was open and her salwar fell down till her knees, giving me glance at her naked butts. The door got closed after that, leaving me no option to see anything. I returned several times back and found the gate closed. It opened around 6 pm in the evening when everyone came outside along with Sana. They moved to different directions. I was sure now that Shankar was still using her up.

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