Country Cousins
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Cousins, Aunt, Spanking, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Voyeurism, Water Sports, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My life was boring until my country cousins Harry and Henrietta visited us along with my Aunt Edith with her perfect petite middle-aged body and seductive skills that made us teen-aged girls look like amateurs.

It was that final stretch of the school year that my boy and girl twin cousins visited us from the country.

I had just turned eighteen the month before and my mom told me they were both the same age as I, except for being one minute apart. My older brother Mike was already working down on Wall Street for some big bank. Unfortunately for him, it was in a clerical slot and not some managerial position that paid big bucks. My mom had told him it was better to be working than waiting for some “pie in the sky” break that might never develop. I was beginning to get the same sort of indoctrination because my grades were not the best and I didn’t have any athletic skills that might earn me even a partial scholarship somewhere close to home allowing me to commute and save the costs of room and board. All I really wanted to do was to get a simple business degree that would open doors for me in some big corporation that might give me a chance to go up the ladder to success. It was starting to look like I would be following my brother into the “office fodder” scramble of low pay and boring work from nine to five.

They arrived on a Saturday morning when my eyes were still foggy with sleep due to watching a silly late night movie about true love at a time when they were still making films in black and white. I recognized the leading man and leading lady but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember their names and they were not exactly an everyday topic of discussion since they had both been dead for a few decades. Fortunately for my cousins and Aunt Edith, we had a fairly large apartment with four bedrooms and a nice terrace that looked out on the river in the distance packed with ships moving slowly up and down the channel carrying goods to keep a city of seven million supplied with cheaper overseas products. Our apartment building was in a section of the city that used to be considered upper class but was now suffering from urban creep and was somewhat mixed due to rising crime statistics and a more diverse demographic. In a way, that was good news for my mom because the rent was fairly stable and not skyrocketing like the neighborhoods near the huge park and the nice shopping streets further west.

My cousins were named by their unimaginative mother, Harry and Henrietta, and they both looked like boys because Henrietta liked using the same barber as Harry for her short, short haircut. The only thing that really gave away her gender was the way she threw a Spaulding or ran with her hands up like she had a problem keeping her balance. They managed to keep that genderless look for a long time and in all honesty, I was a bit envious of them because I felt a little like I had two side of me inside that was just like the both of them.

My aunt Edith was a “retired” schoolteacher, even though she didn’t look old enough to be actually retired. I think it had more to do with length of service and some sort of cap on retirement pensions. She was just forty-seven years old and looked ten years younger because she was a fitness freak always running early every morning and sometimes even late in the afternoon. I did a little running but it was only like twice a week and a lot shorter distances than her at a much slower pace. I could see that the running kept her in tip-top condition with long slender legs and a trim little backside that made all the married men in the building take a second glance look at her when she was climbing the stairs or bending over doing the wash up on the rooftop. It seemed almost obscene for a woman her age to be sexy from my teenaged perspective but she really had that attractiveness built-in without even trying to be sexy. I know it upset my mom because she was a sort of lumpy “don’t pay me no never-mind person” with little time for foolishness around the other gender. I liked her better that way and the thought of Aunt Edith ever being my parent was enough to make me want to run into the bathroom and puke.

“Dolly, stop gawking at the pigeons and help me get this wash off the lines before it rains.”

My mother’s voice cut thru my daydreams and I came back to terra firma with my thoughts focused on how much I was beginning to hate both Harry and Henrietta without them really doing anything to raise my ire. It bothered me that Henrietta was assigned to my bedroom just because we were both female teenagers and Harry got the back terrace all to himself because Mike valued his privacy too much to share his room with anyone. I think he might have made an exception in Henrietta’s case because he ogled her ass every time she bent over just to tie her shoe. Of course, he spent a lot of time ogling Aunt Edith’s ass just as lingeringly speculating on which undies she was wearing on her precious little buns. I hoped the story about them just visiting to see the big city and get closer to the family was not a bunch of hogwash and that they didn’t think this imposition was some sort of permanent arrangement. At least that was my outlook on things until the night that the twins played a trick on me and Harry got all up close and personal with my naked body in bed because I hated to wear clothes when I was sleeping. I knew it was a problem right away because Henrietta certainly didn’t have a seven inch thing sticking out and rubbing on my soft behind in the quiet hours after midnight. I was upset and on the verge of confronting him, but I settled down when I had to admit Harry was sound asleep and snoring like a little contented pig the entire time. Unfortunately, that inspired me to dawdle and investigate Harry’s equipment for an inordinate amount of time in a totally unladylike manner.

It wasn’t that I hadn’t been fully acquainted with the male anatomy at that stage of my life; it was simply the fact that I was a bit disappointed that Henrietta was not the one rubbing on my flanks instead of her twin brother. I looked over my shoulder at Harry and wondered if he knew how close he was to knocking on the doorway to my secret garden and if he would have enough courage to pursue the matter to the ultimate finish of giving me full measure of his seven inch advantage. The speculation was sweet in the forming of the thought but when his hardness became a definite reality between my almost defenseless cheeks, I considered just shoving his horny backside out the side of the bed and onto the floor right next to Tiger the cat lost in pussycat la-la land and minding his own business like a good little kitty lost in dreams of fishy treats and promiscuous female kittens running down the top of narrow fences with perfect balance and twitching backsides. Instead, I made the mistake of just turning over and letting Harry have his way with me despite the fact he was totally unaware of his depraved nocturnal adventures during this period of semi-consciousness. The way he anointed my hips and thighs with his sticky spend was disgusting to be sure, but there was a certain level of excitement to have his hardness roaming willy-nilly under my short nightdress.

I wondered if he would continue the farce of pretending to be his clueless sister when he brushed his teeth right next to me in the bathroom. That is exactly what he did and I gave him the business by suggesting we shower together to save money on the hot water. His exit from my company was so speedy that I believe it set a new indoor record for someone making a quick escape. I suspected that they both had a good laugh at pulling the wool over my eyes and I had this violent urge to tell them I was onto their game and their attempts at deviousness was more of a joke than a danger to my agenda.

My brother Mike was like a cat on a hot tin roof after receiving a letter from the induction board that informed him he had been selected for military service and if he acted quickly he might be able to get a plush assignment in either the Air Force or the Navy in a non-combat support role. I didn’t know if I should laugh or commiserate with him on his bad luck. All the newspapers were filled with the anticipation that the draft would be put on a back burner in the very near future but it was beginning to look like poor Mike would be one of the last non-voluntary defenders of our way of life. I advised him to take the offer of the support role because it was a lot better than being dumped into the “grinder” of an overseas assignment fighting a war that was dangerous to the health and definitely “uncool” in the eyes of any chick looking to get laid before her time for being a housewife and/or a mother. In a way, I guess I included me in that mix because I would not even consider having a conversation with any swinging dick that had the stamp of military service hanging over their head.

Much to my astonishment, Henrietta got the hots for Mike, induction letter notwithstanding, and she was so transparent in the way she waved her heart-shaped behind in his face at every opportunity, it was downright sickening. At first, he was so much in the doldrums that he didn’t get the signals of “available pussy” in close proximity, but after a couple of bottles of Schlitz, he mellowed out and zoomed in on Henrietta’s tiny thong like it was target practice at the shooting range.

I was all nice and clean after a long, hot shower thinking about Harry’s thick schlong seeking shelter in my female cave and the thought of my brother Mike giving it long and hard to Harry’s twin sister Henrietta was so amusing that I almost giggled right there at the breakfast table.

In a surprising turn of events, we all decided to head for the beach because the city streets were heavy with the oppressive heat of an early summer and we all needed some fresh air to fight off the crushing weight of humidity gone wild with total loss of logic.

The four of us were not happy that the twin’s mother, Aunt Edith decided to join us at the last minute but we were in no position to put up any argument because she was the one with the cash to pay the fares and finance refreshments for the entire group. I have to admit I didn’t know where Edith got her money except she seemed to have no worries in that regard and one just doesn’t question the presence of a “golden goose” when the piper wants to be paid.

I wore my ultra-skimpy polka dot bikini and hoped that Henrietta didn’t wear the one-piece outfit that showed off her buttocks to perfection when she lay on her nicely-toned flat tummy.

It sort of shocked me to see Aunt Edith in her French bathing costume that gave little cover to her still youthful breasts and drew attention to her “camel-toe” that was obviously shaven without the slightest hint of a single strand of hair. I had to admire her figure despite my green-tinged envy and when she turned over on the blanket to have my brother Mike slap on gobs of sunscreen to her already tanned back, I could see her glorious buttocks rising up like twin peaks of lush scenic paradise waiting for male explorations of the X-rated category.

The fact that Aunt Edith made both Henrietta and I look like amateurs in a carnal contest with a real pro was so evident that all I could do was applaud her ability to attract male attention and learn from her expertise.

It was the loud slapping noise that led me to look behind the comfort station and discover Aunt Edith bent over in a totally undignified position of submission and making weird noises of a sub-human variety as a uniformed policeman searched her tight rear end for hidden weapons or some illegal drug not allowed in decent society. I recognized him as “Officer Jim”. He was the one that visited us in school each year to impress on us the importance of remaining ladylike at all times and not allowing boys to take advantage of our secret passageways unless it was our idea in the first place.

I got a good look at his “married with four kids” business and understood why Aunt Edith was so submissive and lacking in normal discretion. She saw me watching her shameful behavior and gave me a sister to sister wink to keep my mouth shut. I guess I was so shocked that I was more curious than envious of her unladylike attitude. It was right about the time that Officer Jim was past the point of no return and he grabbed Edith’s long hair and pulled back without mercy lifting her face up for me to see the lust in her eyes. I could almost hear the spurts of creamy white ropes up inside her hidden carnal passageways and she started to cry from the overwhelming tingle that shook her body with obscene pleasure. I felt the urge to shout out that she had “done a good job” but it was simply too inappropriate for words.

Shortly after that, I sneaked a peek at my brother humping Henrietta under the beach blanket that didn’t quite cover their almost naked bodies. Suddenly, the opportunity to get Harry alone partially submerged in the water was not a bad idea. We ran down to the pounding surf and started to bounce in water up to our armpits and I could feel him pushing my bikini bottoms to the side and sliding up into my secret garden in a submerged union that had me pulsating with waves of pleasure that made the surf an accomplice rather than a distraction. I cupped my palms on Harry’s muscular ass cheeks and let him grind his way into my joyful core reaching places I had no idea ever existed.

The ride back home was quiet with each of us with our own thoughts about the day. I felt a lot closer to Harry and Henrietta and even felt benign toward my brother Mike and had a sense of respect for Aunt Edith that I didn’t have before.

All in all, it was a good day at the beach and my country cousins were now part of my inner circle of close family relations.

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