Legend of Pheonix
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Mind Control, NonConsensual, Rape, BiSexual, Science Fiction, Aliens, Space, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Harem, Big Breasts,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Its a story I wrote a long time ago, when I was just a kid. Posting it to see the response. I will edit it later and form it into a series if you like it. I'm not a native English speaker. Its a story of alien universes. And I thought what if Aliens are good natured rather than evil things that take over our world. I have intended more parts (edited to my present abilities) to continue this as a series of science fiction story.

Darkness was everywhere on the room, despite of the full moon outside, except for the screen.

Those eyes were like burning coal and almost every bloody vein passing through the eye was visible enough. They were tired as they had worked for months without rest. His fingers were seriously playing with the keyboard as well as mouse. There was no other sound other than typing sound of the keyboard and clicking sound of mouse.

His whole body shivered as he finished his work. His eyes were burning with passion for success. He was thinking of the failure he faced during last 2 times. This was his 3rd attempt and he should definitely get success out of it. With trembling hands, he pressed the ENTER button. For a few moments, the screen was blank. Those seconds were like eons for him. His heart skipped a couple of beat when the screen suddenly popped out a message, “UMiC Creation Initiated” “Progress Made: 0.000001%” “Time Remaining: 147 Hours 38 Minutes 19 Seconds”

His face light up like a 1000 volts bulb. He smiled wickedly at the screen. Within moments his smile became loud laugher.

“HA! HA! I won’t laugh often, but when I laugh the world will drown in the deep ocean of sorrow ... HA! Soon the Earth is going to be my playground and all its creatures including human beings will be my playthings! HA!”

He came out of the room and entered a hall where there are many creatures glowing in pale green. He snapped his fingers and smiled as he stroked his rugged beard.

“Now it’s time to play with these pitiful human bodies...”

Bright and shiny. This is the description matching for both the full moon glowing in the sky as well as the girl’s face who was standing lonely in her terrace.

Her face had a mysterious aura which can cause any man who sees her to become her slave for her love. With bluish eyes and full cheeks and lips, her face was like a cute little angel. Her long blonde hair which hung up to her ass was wavy covering her angel face with its curls. She had a body for which every man would give their souls. With an athletic frame came from years of hard work done in gym, she was 5’10” and with accurate weight for her height. She had right amount of fat on the right parts which she maintained to show her beauty of 36-28-38 body.

Her slender neck was followed by her chest where 2 large stone hung. It’s her breasts (36DD) which sprout proudly challenging gravity, which accepts its defeat as it cannot force them to sag down. Despite of their strength and perfection, they were ultra-soft with nice amount of elasticity to bounce off while massaged and played by men. The nipples were light brown rather than dark pink which is perky enough to seduce every man to lick and suck them. Those nipples match nicely for her well tanned blonde body.

Her stomach was well toned. Her waist was as slender as a climber which seems to rise from that juicy little cunt. Her cunt was covered by soft and delicious but untasted pussy lips. Event it is not seen outside due to the mess created by the unshaven pubic hair. Behind that hairy soft pussy lips, her womanhood lied with much more sensitive soft tissues and mysterious curves which are waiting to be explored and stimulated. The little clitoris feels so sad due to the reason of no care given to it, despite of its cuteness.

Her asses were well bouncy large ones with little fat which makes it look more beautiful. The swung they make when she walks on road mesmerize every man over there and invite them to massage and spank them so that it could bounce over the room. Her well toned legs were well tanned to look much sexier.

Despite of all her beauty, she was still a virgin or even has not experienced a single orgasm till now, even at the age of 19. As she was born in an orthodox family, she was denied of all independence which all teenage girls have. Even she cannot see a romantic film which has love scenes. All her friends have boyfriends and enjoy their life to the fullest extent. But she cannot even touch herself as her parents call it as sin. She had no freedom or privacy of her own. She was depressed by thought of not getting any sexual affairs, despite of her ultra-hot body. Even now most boys in her school looked for her. But she cannot afford for anything other than studies and prayers.

On looking the full moon, she was weeping alone in the terrace. Her nipples as well as her clit became perky through her bra and panties, due to the cool breeze, asking to be touched and played, even knowing that their needs will not be satisfied. But they do not know that they will be taken care of their needs, very soon.

Suddenly there is a large oval shaped disc made purely of green light appeared before her. Before she thinks off something about it, a high pressurized wind sucks her inside it. She was sucked inside it like how the dust was sucked inside the vacuum cleaner...

It was a full moon day. Both moon and stars were shinning brighter. The city of Sydney was silent as it is 2:30 am in night. He had completed his night shift job in the drinks club and on his way to home in his cheep car. Besides him was his girl friend (who too work in the same club).

Both being at their late teens and drunken, they are at peak of their sexual vigor. As he was driving, she was giving a blowjob for his 8 inch hard fat cock. He also massaged her bare 38C boobs and pinched her brown nipples (by adjusting to drive the car in 1 hand! in the free way).

As he started moaning, she started to deep throat his cock, whose circumference is nearly 6 inches, and also increased the speed. With his cock and balls were licked and played, he started to return the favor by sliding his hand into her gown as well as her panties. There her tight little light brown pussy was dripping with cunt juices.

Being wet already, the slight touch on her clit gave her a shiver throughout her body. He started to work with his 3 fingers in her womanhood with a precision and speed of a pianist who is playing the unplayable piece of music. With his well trained fingers and perfect spots he touched, her climax did not wait more than a few minutes to take over her.

With approaching orgasm, he shouted “Oh! FUCK!! I am cummingggg...”

She too started to have orgasm and shouted with her voice mumbled by his cock. He started shooting his load into her throat. With a practice of more than 2 years, her mouth tried swallowing it but failed due to the intensity of her own orgasm. He growled as he shot his last spurts of his cum on her bouncy boobs.

She raises and sits on her seat with his sperms all around cheeks, chin, mouth, hair and tits. The dripping drops of hot white semen in her dark tits and areolas felt so nice to watch which itself gives a perfect vigor to suck and fuck those cute titties. In her orgasm she had squirted pussy juice all over her seat and front portion of the car. Her gown and panties are soaked by her own reproductive fluids.

She starts to scoop his semen with her fingers and smeared it over her giggling C cups in a seductive manner. She then licked his sensitive head and sucked his manhood for last globes of his cum like a cum hungry slut. “I’m so fucking hot for you now! Take me baby! Fuck me hard...” she shouted with a mumbled voice.

On hearing this, his semi-hard thick cock starts to throb again in her mouth, despite of its past orgasm. He got aroused and started lick and suck her cute cunt like a hungry dog as she lied on his lap, stroking his baseball bat to its full giant size. Now they had almost reached their home which is in an adjacent village (10 miles from the city limit).

As she moaned, suddenly something struck her eyes. She stopped moaning and terror starts filling her eyes instead of sexual bliss. Noticing the change in her voice he looked up to see her face filled with horror. He also turns in the direction to see a large building shaped structure in the farmland.

Suddenly he stopped the car and took his phone. He shoot the event happened there with his camera on his phone. A large pentagonal green structure was there. It glowed so bright and fluorescent in green. A few tall creatures were moving around it. They were also glowing in pale green in color.

They seemed more like robots rather than humans. “O! Shit!! UFO ... along with aliens” he shouted in terror. Within minutes they went into the pentagonal structure like as if they were sucked into it. Then the large pentagonal structure went into the sky. It seemed like the large Pentagon, military head quarters of USA, itself flying in air. Within few seconds, they disappeared from their view.

After checking the video in the phone, he called the police. They cleaned themselves and got dressed. They went near the place. They are completely filled with fear and curiosity.

When she turned conscious, the last thing she remembered was the bright oval green light. Now she felt like, she was in a giant palace with full of colorful lights. But her eyes stick to the giant moving creatures in which the parts like temple, wrists and ankles glow in pale green color. They were more like robots in the way of performing actions rather than human beings. She got more nervous.

When she thought of shouting for help, she noticed that she was naked and binded. Her naked body began to shiver in fear, which accidentally induced increase in perkiness of her boobs as well as her clit. Even in that condition, one small part of her mind jumped in joy, as she is going to be exposed to some kind of sexual affairs with some man and going to enjoy the feeling of her feeling of first intimacy.

Then she fainted by the smell of some unknown chemical smell. When she woke up, she saw a over aged man sitting in a throne before her. She feared instantly on seeing a naked man for first time in her life even though it was an aged man. His penis was more than 13 inches. He smiled in a wicked manner when he saw that she was finally awake. He stared every inch of her naked body with lustful eyes. Being naked and stared by a stranger like that way made her feel uneasy and shameful. Even in that condition, she felt a strange tingling in her pussy. She felt some liquid in her inner thighs. She thought that she had peed due to the fear. But reality is that the situation had made her horny and her cunt juicy.

With the same smile he snapped his fingers. Suddenly she felt a pull in her legs, which forced her legs to move apart to a condition that the further stretching can tore her legs apart. This brought her dripping pussy in a clear view to him. She felt even more humiliated by his staring on her private part which she had not shown to anybody, even she had not stared it like this.

“HA! HA! HA!! A perverted disgusting virgin slut with juicy dripping cunt. It’s going to be more interesting than I thought HA! HA!!” he said with a hoarse voice which showed identity of every sin of mankind. On hearing this she made a paddle of fluids under her legs, which has both her pussy juice and her urine, released in both fear and sexual arousal due to the dirty words he spoke.

Again he snapped his finger, which made her to be lifted and carried to the bedroom where she was held tightly binded in an ultra-large king size bed. Her limbs were stretched to the maximum extent and tied to the posts of the bed. This all happened within seconds. She was surprised by this activities and strangeness of the place. She was more surprised that she had opened her mouth till now. ‘Is it possible for a woman to keep mum when she is kidnapped and held naked and binded?’ She wondered.

After a few minutes he came there in a beautiful throne of gold and diamond, which is carried by those robots like creatures. Now she stared and observed him. He was 6’3” with around 220lbs. he had a muscular build like a wrestler. He had no wrinkles in his skin. But his hair was slight grayish in color. He seemed to be an Asian accent with light brown skin.

He had a large mustache and rugged small beard. It seemed that he had not shaven for weeks. His chest is covered by large curly hair. His cock was gigantic with 13 inches length and 8 inches circumference. Half of it was hidden by his long pubic hairs. His balls are larger than a golf ball and totally covered by hair.

As he come nearer and nearer, a faint smell of dirt become more prominent and stated that he had not took bath for months. But the perfume he used has made her to drip more than a leaking water pipe. Both smells combined together act like a perfect combination to increase her arousal and horniness more. With decreasing distance between his dick and her face, her horniness was overcome by the fear of imagining that huge missile hitting her little tight target. She thought that he is definitely going to rip me apart and I’m going to die in this evening.

Within few feet distance, he stopped and snapped again. This time she was lifted up and moved back to her original outstretched position. Her hands are raised above her head to the maximum extent and tied to the ceiling which is more than 100 m high. Her legs were outstretched but now she is standing in her toes. He got down from the thrown. He encircled her by closely watching for every minute details of her beautiful body.

While he stared her for few moments, she again got hornier and hornier ever than in her life. She was literally squirting from her dripping cunt even without being touched. Without warning, he touched her clit with his hard fingers but in a soft stroke. Suddenly she felt a rush flowing through whole body. She was trembling from the sudden touch.

It was 10,000 times more sensitive than the times when she had touched it while bathing. She looked down to see that her clit hood was removed and her naked clit is protruding out for half inch over her bald (cleanly shaven) pussy. With the feeling of confusion and sexual bliss she passed out with trembling body.

After few moments, she woke up with same trembling legs. By looking her confused face, he laughed at her. “HA! Looking confused! You disgusting whore! Just now you had your first ever orgasm in your life that too in my slightest touch! HA! I have never seen either a waterfall or a sensitive slut like you in my whole life!! See the mess you have created! HA!” he said as he pointed with his fingers. Down there was a lake of her cunt juice. Her inner thighs and legs were like that they had bathed with her liquids. Really her vagina was like a miniature waterfall right now too. She quizzically looked at him as her after effects of her first orgasm stops.

“Do you like to ask me something?”

“Yeah ... Mmm ... Who are you? Where I am?”

“That is none of your business. But this not you tend to ask. Ask what you thought right now”

“Mmm ... What did you do to me? What is this thing above my womanhood?”

“Don’t you know what this is? This is your enhanced clit. Previously it had been covered by clitoral hood, a type of fore skin. Now it is removed and grown to its full length to increase your sexual stimulation. This is the usual procedure for all my slave sluts. HA!! See this.”

As he pointed his finger in a wall, a video had been projected in which she saw her vagina and the process done to it.

“After I finish with you, you will be converted to my slave slut. You can see one of my sluts for example. Any random number. I have more than thousands of whores. I’ll call mmm ... whore: 679”

Suddenly an oval green light disc appeared and a girl of Irish accent came out of it. She looked to be in her late teens. She was completely shaven not only on her womanhood but on her whole body. Not even a single hair is seen in her body. She had a moderate C cups with white skin and pink areolas. Her pussy was pinkish too but both her pussy and anus were permanently gapping, opened due to the deep penetration of that inhumanly large cock. Another thing which she had shocked the slut tied. There were more than dozen of piercing rings in her body.

“What does Master wish me to do?” She asked as she knelt down on her knees and licked and kissed his toes.

“Say this new whore about the rules to be followed here to live as a slave, Slut. As you say spread you legs in doggie style so that I can fuck your anus”

“If it’s my Master’s wish, I will obey it with pleasure” she did as commanded.

“When master is finished with us for the first time taking all our virginity Mmm...” she moaned as his cock went deep her anus. He picked an inhuman rhythm, like a trained cook slicing vegetables, each thrust were deep enough to reach her transverse colon of her large intestine. “Ah ... we will be shaved totally by a machine. Then Orr ... we will be pierced in different places. 5 piercings will be made on each ear and they will be adorned with rings of various sizes. Masterrrr...” she shouted as she had an orgasm. “Noses will be pierced in both sides and both nipples too. If the breasts are above C cups the bottom of each tit will be pierced. Then comes naval, clit, 6 more on pussy lips” she said in a hurry with trembling legs as he fucked her deep and also due to the after effects of her orgasm.

“Oh! I am bored with you ... You can go now.” He said hesitantly. Then he called “Slut no: 983”

Suddenly the same disc appeared sucking her in. Another appeared from which a dark African girl came with slight smiling face. She too was completely shaven and pierced in all places. Her openings were gaping too.

“What can I do to please my Master?” she asked with the same smile.

“Oh! I think you were the last one I have been playing with before I went to my work. You had your slave life barely a couple of months ago. How was your life here?” he asked with evil smile.

“It’s giving me more pleasure to be your slave slut than anything, Master”

“Good. Now show me that gapping little tight pussy whose virginity is the last one I had taken. I thought that Asian cunts are tighter than others. But yours was tighter than any Asian cunt I have tasted. Come on now.”

She lied on the floor on her back and spread her legs wide enough to give him a perfect view of her tight black pussy. He slides his giant jack hammer inside her in one deep stroke. After few minutes he asked her to suck his cock clean and wet enough to take the new slut’s virginity. Then he dismissed her as she was sucked again by the light.

“All my whores are virgin before they came here. After losing all their virginities in my honor, they will be programmed to mindless slave sluts. And many body modifications are made, so that they will live with the same young body for the eternity as my property. Had you wondered of not screaming when you see all this? You can’t because your mind has already been operated so that you will speak only I want you to. Their body belongs to me and I can do whatever I wanted. You will also end like them as I’m done with you. HA! HA!”

On hearing this, all her horniness went off and her whole body is occupied with full of fear. He laughed as he saw the fear in her eyes.

“Even as virgins, most of them had the experience of orgasms by playing with themselves before coming here. But a few like you are completely virgins in all means. It’s always a fun to see the fear in these sluts while I steal their virginities. It’s more fun to have completely untouched and more sensitive disgusting slut like you. I can’t even think that how much mess this little virgin cunt going to make with its secretions. HA!”

He said as he moved closer to her. As he is nearly half foot taller than her, he bent down to her face. The stingy smell hit her nose and she turned face to side direction to avoid direct contact. But his tough and hard hands forced her eyes to look at his eyes.

With eye contact, his lips slowly headed in their way to kiss her. Her angelic full lips are completely covered by his dry hard lips. His mustache pricked her nose like thorns. Slowly he kissed her in a passionate manner. With the eye contact, she felt more humiliated as he kissed in forcible manner. He slowly grabbed her full lower lip in between his lips and sucked it in a seductive manner. Suddenly he pushed his tongue in her mouth forcibly and she had not been prepared for that. His tongue danced inside her mouth by touching all possible deepest parts of her mouth. He licked inner parts of her mouth like a hungry dog. She tried to force his tongue out with her tongue. Then their swords made a fight in which he won it eventually. Her tongue got tired by that wrestling. He sucked her saliva as much as possible. After a few minutes of that forced passionate kiss, he withdraw his lips from her.

“Don’t you know the manners of returning the kiss given to you, slut” he slapped her.

Then he turned his attention to her undefeatable big boobs.

All eyes were focused on the deep hole before them. Everyone was silent. Police Commissioner and the Chief Scientist of the country had seen the video more than thrice. But they could not identify anything from it. Public was cleared from the area. On inspecting the place, they could find an impression of the large pentagonal structure and nothing more.

The depth of the hole was measured by ultra sound detector and it was found to be more than 2 kilometers. On asking the couple, they assured that the creatures were here only for less than 2 minutes. The scientist was amazed to hear this. After discussion, they called President to get the permission for gathering ministers and scientists of all countries in UN.

Messages were sent for every country about these issues and the meeting which is going to be held on Geneva. It was decided on 28-09-2340, second day after the incident.

“Ahhh...” she cried in both pain and pleasure, as he pinched her perky light brown nipples.

“Certainly, this is going to be one of the finest, biggest and most beautiful boobs of my collection. HA!” he smiled as he twisted her nips.

He slowly started to lick her chest right below her collar bone. He licked seductively and slowly lowered centimeter by centimeter. As he reached top of her boobs, his hand was literally tearing other nipple from her tits. Suddenly she started trembling. He laughed as he realized that she was enjoying another orgasm.

When his mouth reached her soft areolas, he nibbled her nipple with his tongue slightly, which caused back to back orgasms in her. He literally rained her nipples and boobs with kisses and nibbles. Slowly, he started to engulf her unstoppable large boobs. With years of practice, he easily took her whole boob inside his mouth, which is a difficult task for others because of its ultra-large size.

She felt more different and horny when she felt that hot mouth engulfing her nice soft tit. He remained still for few seconds in that engulfed state, which caused her to have the fourth orgasm of her life. Then he slowly massaged her boob with his inner cheeks and tongue. And he also started to bite her nipple in a hard but sexy manner. She shouted in pleasure and instantly she ‘suffered’ an orgasm.

He bitted and ravaged her whole boob hard. At the same time, his hands were playing and tearing her other tit. She shouted in a confused manner that if that feeling is because of pain or intense pleasure. She thought that her breasts are going to be tear off from their places if he continued to torment her like this.

As he finished with his new chew toy, he laughed, as if he was seeing Tom and Jerry show, on seeing below her. “Are you having a large tank or a huge factory to produce this amount of pussy juices? As he said she too wondered on seeing that. There was enough cunt juice to fill a big flask. She sighed and felt more humiliated and shame on herself.

“Don’t be sighing. This is the place for pleasure. You can enjoy to the fullest extent as if you are in heaven, slut. HA!”

Then he started the same treatment for the other boob. After he has done with both of them for dozen more times, he started massaging them with his hard palm smearing his saliva over her boobs and chest. In mean time, she had more than dozens of orgasms. She had not expected even in her wildest dreams that her first day of sexual life with this much pleasure and orgasms.

While he massaged he licked her cleavage from top to bottom and around her breasts. After the massage treatment, he started to spank her breasts. He laughed as they bounced in her hands as he tormented them. They swung from one corner to another as he slapped very hard on them. He caught them and pressed them together to form a perfect cleavage.

After tormenting her giggling boobs, he slowly licked down. He reached her naval. Slowly he slid his tongue into her naval. She felt it like a bolt of lightning entering her body. Instantly, she orgasms for the umpteenth time.

As he reached her womanhood, her heart beats very fast than ever in her life.

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