Servicing Bored Housewives
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tommy was 16 years old when his parents and their housemaid were lost in a plane crash. His aunt Lara came to stay with him, and soon became his lover. She sold lingerie by party plan, exposing Tommy to a range of rich and bored housewives who were eager to pay for his services.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Aunt   Nephew   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Squirting   Big Breasts   Foot Fetish   Small Breasts  

“You are so fucking beautiful” I told the beautiful woman who was currently impaled on my cock in the cowgirl position.

She was tall, slim and yet curvy ... but very top-heavy courtesy of her massive breasts - a G-cup looks enormous on such a slender frame. It would come as no surprise that she had earned most of her income as an exotic dancer/stripper in an up-market gentlemen’s club, and the remainder selling lingerie via party plan.

“You only think I’m beautiful when you have your nasty big cock in my little pussy” she chided me playfully.

She wiggled about on my cock, sending waves of pleasure through my body. My hands slipped up under her massive breasts, cupping them and playing with their long hard pierced nipples.

My name is Tommy, and I am 17 years old ... soon to be 18. I am an orphan, courtesy of a plane crash in the South American jungle. My father Robert, my step-mother Beth and our housemaid Rosa are presumed dead - the crash occurred in an area inaccessible to air or road transport, and in an area known for deadly native tribes.

Hence the delay in confirming the death of my parents ... and the finalisation of their estate.

I am currently living in the family home with my 30 year old aunt Lara (my step-mother’s younger sister).

The crash happened over a year ago when I was only 16 years old. I was only able to stay in the family home if I had an adult to live with me.

I knew of Lara ... Beth had described her as the “black sheep” of her family - probably had something to do with her status as a dancer, and living in a trailer park. I reached out to Lara, and begged her to come and stay with me, otherwise I would be consigned to foster care until I was 18 years old.

Luckily, she agreed to come and live with me.

Until I turned 18, I had limited access to funds to live on ... so we made do the best that we could in the big house.

“Fuck me ... fuck me with your wonderful cock” she urged me.

“You are so fucking needy babe” I teased her.

“You have spoilt me for any other man ... a wonderful big cock that stretches me every time ... and a talented tongue that turns my pussy inside out” she gasped just before another orgasm rocked her body.

“Eeeeeeeeee ... woweeeeeeeeee!!!” she squealed, with her pussy juices drenching my shaft and running across my bloated ball sack.

She collapsed forward onto my chest ... pressing her massive orbs into my chest.

“Lara ... you are the best” I told her as she struggled to catch her breath.

Yes ... the lady impaled on my cock was my aunt Lara. We had been lovers for most of the time that we had lived together.

In a whispered voice she said “Rosa taught you very well ... I will forever be grateful for her efforts educating you”.

Yes ... Rosa, who was the 55 year old Columbian housemaid had taught me much ... being the lady who introduced me to sex shortly after my 15th birthday when my parents were away travelling.

My father Robert was a deal maker, and was often travelling to add new income sources to the family company. He took my step-mother Beth on most of his trips ... probably at her insistence because he had an eye and a weakness for beautiful women.

He had been born in Brazil of mixed race parents so he had a lovely light chocolate skin colouring that attracted the women, plus he had a nice package between his legs - a slim 9 inch cock with a nice set of big balls - I’d found some pictures of him and Beth naked when I was exploring their bedroom ... she had a nice body too, but nothing like her sister Lara when it came to breasts.

I had inherited his skin colouring, and his cock endowment plus more - 11 inches and quite thick. That size was a curse ... it scared off every young lady that I tried to get intimate with ... hence my virgin status at the age of 15.

Rosa was a widow, and the housemaid for our home. She kept the house running efficiently, and prepared meals for all of us. She was a real friend to me ... someone that I could talk to easily, and someone who wasn’t judgemental like my parents could be.

I found myself having long chats with her when my parents were away.

I liked her a lot.

My mind drifted back to the night that I had become intimate with Rosa.

I had scored a date with this hot young lady from school. She was new to the school, and hadn’t become part of the cliques that infested the school.

Dana and I made out at her place - her parents were out for the evening, and we were in the basement area of her home. I’d successfully removed her blouse, bra and skirt ... leaving her in just her panties.

She’d helped me get down to my boxer shorts ... and when she removed them ... it all unraveled.

“That’s not going anywhere near my pussy” she defiantly told me pointing at my hardening cock that was slowly unfurling to its full length.

“No way” she added for emphasis.

“You need to get dressed and leave” she spat back at me as she redressed.

I grabbed my clothes, quickly redressed and ran all the way home in tears.

I slammed the door when I arrived home ... ran into the lounge room and collapsed in a blubbering heap on the big chair. That was where Rosa found me.

She sat down beside me, initially resting her hands on my shoulders.

“Master Tommy ... what has happened” she asked. She knew that I had a date tonight with Dana.

I didn’t answer ... couldn’t answer because of my tears and anger at being rejected once again. Rosa just sat there and waited for me to settle. Eventually I lifted my head and saw her concerned look. With me now upright, she took me into her arms, wrapping me in a comforting hug with my head tucked against her neck.

The thing that struck me first was her smell. She must have just had a bath because she smelt so fresh. Then I realised that her hair was down and slightly damp ... not in its usual bun on top of her head. And she seemed to be wearing a dressing gown.

Through all my anger and depression ... my mind asked me “Is she naked under this gown?”. I had never considered her sexually in the past ... but those thoughts were now front and centre.

“Tell me what happened” she whispered.

In the past I’ve avoided telling her about my failed dates, but this time I told her everything ... including being a virgin, and how the size of my cock was a curse.

She was silent for a few minutes. I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest through her robe. My cock was coming awake - filling out and lengthening. I wanted to draw her attention to it.

“Yes” I thought to myself. I had a plan ... a clumsy one but still a plan.

“Here goes nothing” I thought to myself as I sat back from her.

“I’m cursed ... my cock is a curse ... it needs to be chopped down in size ... its ugly” I told her with a fake tear in my eye.

“Master Tommy ... nothing can be that bad ... you will meet a girl who will love all of you just the way that you are” she tried to reassure me.

I bounded to my feet ... ripped off my shirt, shorts and undershorts and stood naked in front of her. My cock was over half-hard and growing rapidly.

“See its ugly” I growled thrusting it at her for emphasis.

Poor Rosa didn’t know where to look. It was right in her face ... just centimetres from her beautiful face.

“Master Tommy ... you need to cover up” she finally was able to say.

“See ... you think its ugly to ... you want me to cover it up too” I spat back at her.

“No ... no ... no ... I didn’t mean that” she quickly replied.

“It’s beautiful” she murmured.

Upon hearing that I held out my hand and drew her to her feet, taking her into a standing hug with my naked body pressed against her currently covered one. She was a few inches shorter than me so I tilted her head up to mine and kissed her gently.

I took her by surprise ... initially she didn’t respond to the kiss, then suddenly her tongue was pressing against my lips, trying to part them to play with mine. I slipped a hand down to cup her firm ass through the robe and pull her closer to me.

The kiss went on and on ... and became more passionate. Taking a chance, I slipped my other hand between us and untied the sash on her robe. With it now loose, I pushed the robe off her shoulders ... exposing them just before the robe fell to the floor behind her.

I could now feel her naked body against mine.

She had small but firm rounded breasts with hard little nipples, now pressed against my chest. My cock was standing tall and proud trapped between us against her tummy.

“Tommy ... Tommy ... we shouldn’t be doing this ... you are so young” she gasped when we broke the lip lock.

“I want you Rosa ... show me how to make love” I pleaded with her.

“Oh Tommy” she moaned before drawing me back into a continuation of our passionate kissing.

I slowly walked us back to the lounge. I sat and drew her down onto my lap until she was straddling my thighs facing me. In that position I could run my hands over her firm breasts, and pull on her nipples. I licked and then sucked them eliciting low moans from her.

When we finally broke the kiss, I was able to take in the rest of her body. With her hair down she looked much younger ... her breasts were just nice handfuls ... and she had a black haired bush on her mound which also shrouded her pussy lips.

“Sit there for me” Rosa told me as she rose up on her knees. With a hand around my cock to steady its aim, she positioned it at the entrance to her pussy ... and slowly sank down onto my shaft.

“Oh fuck” I gasped, realising that I was losing my troublesome virginity.

“Relax ... and enjoy” Rosa told me in a loving voice as she bobbed up and down on my shaft until she had taken all of me inside her.

“See ... there are women who can take your cock ... and love it inside them” she assured me.

She kissed me, and wiggled about on my cock.

“Oh no ... no ... no ... no” I gasped as I erupted inside of her, pumping her full of my cock cream.

“I’m sorry Rosa ... so sorry”.

She hugged me and kissed me whispering “It’s OK ... it’s fine ... you will recover quickly and we will continue”.

“Oh shit ... I came inside you”.

“It’s fine ... but thank you for thinking of me. I’ve had a hysterectomy years ago so I can’t get pregnant” she explained.

She wiggled about again then said “You’re still rock hard in me ... let’s get more comfortable and continue”. Carefully I stood up, and carried her still impaled on my cock to my bedroom where I laid her on the bed where we continued to fuck.

“See ... having a long cock has its advantages ... with a shorter cock you would never have been able to carry me here still connected”. We both laughed, and then got down to some serious fuck lessons.

After a couple of hours we were tired and in need of sleep.

“Stay with me” I asked Rosa.

She tucked herself under my arm with her head on my chest, and that is how we spent the night. When I awoke in the morning she was gone. I slipped on a pair of shorts and went to find her. I found her in the kitchen ... barefooted and wearing her robe again. She had bedroom hair ... it was sticking out everywhere.

I walked up behind her, and slipped my arms around her ... pressing my crotch against her ass as I kissed her on the neck just below her earlobe.

“Good morning Tommy” she whispered. I noted that the formal ‘Master Tommy’ had been dropped.

She turned around to face me, placing a hand on the back of my neck and drawing me into another passion filled kiss.

“That was amazing last night ... thank you” she told me.

“I missed you when I woke up” I told her “I wanted to wake up with you in my arms”.

She gave me another gentle kiss, and then said “Breakfast for my wonderful young lover is ready”.

“Oh wow ... you’re hard again” Lara gasped.

My cock had come to life again inside her whilst she laid resting on my chest.

“Who were you thinking of?” Lara asked.

Lara liked for me to share details of my sexual adventures. I had had quite a few since losing my virginity with Rosa - mainly with older women but with a few girls of my own age. Most of the older women resulted from lingerie parties that Lara had hosted.

“Rosa” was my simple reply.

Lara kissed me gently. “Yes ... I know that she was special ... your first ... and your teacher”.

“You’re special too” I admitted to Lara adding “I love you”.

“I love you too Tommy”.

My mind drifted again to the first time that Lara and I had sex.

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