On Vacation With Sara
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young virgin girl goes on vacation with her parents and winds up being fucked in public, filmed, gang raped, drugged and turned into a slut with consequences when she returns home

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I was 15 and a freshman in Johnson High School in Houston Texas. I was fairly popular and had many friends, including a boyfriend, Terry Adams. We had been going out for a few months and he was a sophomore and 16. Terry was the running back on the Junior varsity football team and all of my friends were jealous that he was seeing me. All except Becky.

My good friend, Becky Stewart had been having sexy with different boys, and even some men since she was 12. One day after school a group of older boys, mostly 14 year old raped her while some of our boy and girl classmates watched, took pictures and videos. It only took a few days for everyone in school to see them. One of the girls who were there sent it to my phone and I didn’t even know the girl. I should be embarrassed that I had watched it dozens of time.

The rape started with a large group of boys and girls teasing her because her nipples could be seen through her white blouse. They were pushing her around and someone grabbed her blouse and It seemed like it was an accident that they tore it open showing her little mounds. Then it just got crazy and some of the girls were actually the ones who striped her. Then with the girls holding her down, one after another, 6 different boys fucked her and all came in her pussy. Everyone was cheering and calling her names. It finally ended when one of the guys, James, pissed all over her from her head to her pussy. Then no one wanted to fuck her after that and they left her on the ground nude, leaving just her jeans.

She was at school the next day and everyone knew and were staying away from her, so I went and sat with her at lunch. I asked her how she got home with no top. She said she covered her chest with her books and walked home. She told me that by the time she got home, she had dozens of pictures and videos of the rape on her phone and in her e-mail. But the strange thing was when I asked her why she didn’t call the police, she simply said: “I liked it too much.”

It was several days later when I saw James, the boy that had pissed on her, escort her into the boys bathroom before school started. Within 10 minutes, pictures started popping up on my and everyone’s phone in school of all the different guys fucking her. This became a daily ritual, one which she seemed to enjoy and eagerly participate in. One day in Mr. Webber’s English class when he was called to the office, several boys coaxed her into raising her skirt and showing the class her pussy and ass. The weird part was I was actually jealous of the attention she got.

Predictably, in about 2 months, Becky was pregnant and had to tell her dad. She told me that he wasn’t mad except for the money and said that she would have to pay him back. After that he sat up frequent “visits” with men he knew. So that started a daily ritual of fucking any boy or man that wanted her, without any regard to their age or race. We remained good friends and it didn’t bother me that she was known as the school slut, but I didn’t want the reputation that she had so wouldn’t let Terry do anything more than rub on my body. He often said that he wished I was more like her.

I guess part of me wished that too and she and I often talked about boys, sex and boys dicks. I guess she had made me wonder what I was missing but she understood why I wasn’t having sex. She did say that she enjoyed it and wasn’t sorry for anything she had done. Actually she had said she wasn’t sorry for “anyone” she had done. Becky was the one that taught me about masturbation and when we were younger, got naked and played with each other’s body. One Saturday afternoon, she had tried to get me to eat her by saying she still had Henry’s cum inside her and I should taste it. I wanted to but acted as if it really disgusted me.

Some weeks ago, Terry and I were making out on the couch after school. I was thinking about what Becky had said about a boy’s reaction when you touched his dick so; I guess out of curiosity, I just rubbed on his dick. I think it shocked him even more than it shocked me. I think he was already on hard, but he began to hunch my hand as we kissed, so I just undid his belt and jeans. And when I unzipped his jeans, he actually screamed. I think that convinced me that he was a virgin as I had suspected. I grabbed hold of his dick and, having nothing to compare it with, guess it was a pretty big dick.

As I rubbed, he sat up and pulled his jeans down and now his dick was standing up straight. It was actually rather beautiful with this purple head that was covered in something rather sticky. I wasn’t surprised when he pushed my head down on his dick and was curious enough to let it enter my mouth and sucked up and down for only about a minute until Terry pushed my head off and began to squirt his sperm all over his jeans and some of it hit me in the face. I just kept looking at the cum, then leaned down and licked some off his stomach. I just wanted to know how it tastes and it really wasn’t bad.

Then Terry got very grabby and forced his hand under my blouse and rubbed on my tits before I stopped him. I think he was really confused and left right after that. But the next day he acted like nothing had happened and things were back to normal. Except that every afternoon he brought me home after school and expected his blow job and I never disappointed him. Of course, he told everyone that I was sucking him.

I loved to go for long walks any afternoon that I had time, it was sunny and especially when it was very hot. And anyone that knows anything about Houston knows that is quiet often even when other parts of the country are covered in snow. I became more and more aware of my body as my breast continued to develop and I was hoping that one day, my breast would be like what you see in Playboy magazines. But already, my hips and butt had developed and I enjoyed the attention that I received from boys and even men as I walked by. And maybe that was why, I began to wear more exposing clothes each day I went on my walks.

I had gone to Wal-Mart and found some way too small tank tops and tight sports shorts. I bought one in each of the 6 colors that they had, so I would match but be different every day. I especially liked the white tank top because when it was hot, it was plastered to my breast and it hid nothing. The other colors had a similar effect, but nothing as good as the white tank. So after a few weeks, I went back and bought 4 more white tanks and wore them almost exclusively.

One Saturday afternoon, I had probably walked 3 miles when I decided to go on a different route and went by several houses where there were a bunch of college guys and a few girls outside. One of the guys, a very good looking, well built guy named Ben struck up a conversation with me. What was very obvious is that he couldn’t keep his eyes off my breast and when I glanced down; I couldn’t help but notice that my nipples were trying to poke through the thin wet material. A number of the other guys came over and I learned that the two houses were rented by some University of Houston guys and I was invited to party with them anytime I wanted. I declined, but secretly wanted to stay.

As I walked off, one of the guys said, “Damn, That’s no 15 year old ass.” And all the others laughed at that comment. I think I tried to make my ass bounce more after he said that. I guess you know that after that, this street was always on my frequent journey and at least half the time, I stopped to chat with the guys, knowing that one day, I would eventually stay and “party”. The last time I was there, Ben said: “Sara, I know that you want me to have a piece of that fine ass.”

He stared into my eyes and I finally responded. “When I get back from my vacation, it’s yours.”

“Don’t make promises you aren’t willing to keep Girl.”

“I’m not. You have my word.”

The last two weeks of school went by fast with the end of the year test and all the end of school activities. My parents had been planning our summer vacation for months. This year we were going to spend a week on Padre Island, close to Mexico on the Texas coast. As the time approached, Terry got more aggressive and demanding sex with me. I decided that it was time to break it off and did so just as school ended for the year. Several days later, we packed and headed the 5 hours toward Padre.

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