Dickgirls of Faeruhn: 06 Kei and Yuri: Marooned...With Benefits
Chapter 1: The Landing

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Rape, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Science Fiction, Space, DomSub, Snuff, Interracial, Cream Pie, Pregnancy,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Landing - Kei and Yuri, code name Lovey Angels, are forced to eject from their starship via escape pod due to a systems failure. As luck would have it, the ship recovers. Unable to stop the pod's launch sequence, the girls land on a planet known to the natives as Faeruhn. Unless they can figure out some way to refuel the pod and rendezvous with the ship, they'll be marooned forever. Will they regret landing on such a brutal planet, or will Faeruhn be able to withstand a visit by the infamous Dirty Pair?

Starship Lovely Angel plunged wildly out of control, making full warp on a direct intercept course for an unnamed planet in an uncharted star system. 3WA Trouble consultant Yuri wriggled her trim athletic body out of the narrow access hatch beneath the main computer console. Standing, she brushed her long black hair out of her eyes and sighed. “Well Kei, I’ve done all I can. I uploaded every vaccine we have in hardened storage. Now we just have to wait and see.”

Red headed Kei angrily jumped up and began pacing the flight deck. “Wait?” she asked. “We’re going to visit the nickle iron core of a planet, and you want to wait?”

“Well, what else can we do?” Yuri shot back, hands on her hips. “We’ve lost guidance, magnetic containment is failing, warp fields are out of phase, and the blasted coffee maker stopped working! Not only do we get to die spectacularly, I haven’t had my morning coffee yet!”

Kei scanned the banks of instruments as an emergency klaxon began to sound. “If it’s any consolation Yuri, it looks like the anti-matter will blow before we make planet-fall. At least we aren’t going down in history as ‘The Dirty Pair, Planet Killers!’. Maybe someone will even make a wish on us when we light up the sky.”

“Very funny! This is all your fault Kei! I told you not to down load romance Sims into the navi-comp, but no, you just had to!”

Kei blushed and began twiddling her thumbs. “Um, you see, the library computer can’t support the new total immersion Sims. Besides, how was I supposed to know the hyper-web virus filter was down? You said you were going to fix that!”

“What? Don’t you dare blame me for this, Kei! It’s your hormones that are going to get us killed!”

“Don’t pull that Miss Innocent act with me! I’ve borrowed, um, seen the kind of memory chips you keep hidden under your bunk!” Kei answered. “Little Yuri sure likes the guy on guy action!”

“What about that “wand” you have stashed in your cabin?” Yuri glared. “Does it link into the sensory web?” She grinned. “Does it ... Vibrate?”

“Not any more!” Kei said dejectedly. “The damn thing burned out last night, right when I was about to hit the big ... Oh, never mind!”

Just then, a huge panther like animal charged onto the flight deck. The feline growled at the bickering girls. Kei, for one, welcomed the distraction. “Mughi’s right Yuri. We’ve got to hit the escape pod! Who knows? Maybe we’ll even survive the shock wave!”

Mughi lead the way, his claws striking sparks off the dura-steel deck plates in his haste. Kei and Yuri were both in excellent shape, but they hardly managed to keep up with the charging beast.

“Yuri” Kei gasped “Isn’t this pod designed for one person?”

“Yeah, it’s the minimum required by law, and you know how the 3WA likes to pinch the credits!”

Suddenly the ship gave a sickening lurch. Both girls and beast were thrown to the deck. “We’re running out of time!” Yuri shouted as they scrambled to resume their mad dash for life. “We just dropped out of warp!”

“No kidding! You know what? Suddenly I wish I was very VERY far away!”

Mughi was the first to reach the escape hatch. He flung it open and made a dive for the single pilot seat of the cramped egg shaped space. Kei whacked him in the head. She dragged him from the seat and began attempting to stuff him behind it.

“Thanks Kei!” Yuri called, as she strapped herself into the vacant seat. “You guys better hold on. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!”

“No fair!” Kei whined, “I had dibs!”

Mughi snickered, so Kei whacked him again. “Shut up fuzz ball! Who asked you?’

Yuri reached between her knees and pulled the large iridescent orange D-ring. “Abandon ship!” She yelled just to make it official. The explosive charges blew after a frantically nerve wracking long pause. The sudden acceleration threw them clear, they hoped, of the blast zone.

The rudimentary communication gear automatically came on line and opened an audio link with the good ship Lovely Angel. “VIRUS DETECTED AND CONTAINED. RESUMING NORMAL FLIGHT OPERATIONS. ESTABLISHIG GEOSTATIONARY ORBIT ABOVE HABITABLE PLANET. AWAITING ORDERS.”

“Yahoo, I did it!” Yuri whooped. “Lovely Angel pulled through! Admit it Kei, I’m the Goddess of computers!”

Kei, buried under a large furry cat, was in no mood to celebrate. “Big deal! Just bring us about and dock this thing! I’m dying back here!”

“No problem, Kei.” There was a sudden roar, and the occupants of the cramped pod were subjected to sudden high G forces. “Oh damn, the retro’s already fired!”

Kei moaned beneath the huge weight of a rather flattened Mughi. “Ya think? Shut it down!”

“I can’t! It’s automated and idiot proof!”

“Do something!” Kei shouted from beneath a whimpering Mughi.

“Sorry Kei, but we’re committed to reentry. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!”

“Yeah, that’s just great, by the time we ... Hey! Watch those paws, Mister!” Once more Kei began to smack Mughi, who tried his feline best to look innocent.

The tiny pod streaked a burning path through the atmosphere. Yuri put her hands to her head and as the other two fought. Didn’t they realize that they were at the mercy of the ages old Blunt Body concept of atmospheric reentry?

Any second now Yuri expected the primitive egg shaped hull to rupture. Would they have time to notice before the ionized gasses of the planet’s atmosphere reduced them to mere ashes? She let out a pitiful cry. It was not one of fear. “I really need a cup of coffee! I can’t face death without my morning caffeine!”

Opal heard a strange hissing roar that ended with a ground shaking explosion. Thankfully she landed uninjured in the thick underbrush of the forested area she was exploring. She stood and brushed dirt and leaves from the bare flesh of her firmly rounded ass. “What in the name of the Creator was that?” she muttered, as she headed in the direction of the blast.

The Ebon came to a mound of earth that looked all the world like it had been pushed forward by the large egg shaped object half buried behind it. As she watched, there was a smaller bang. A large circular hatch blew open. The thick metal cover thudded heavily to the ground.

Opal backed away as a being climbed out. It looked like a Citizen, but not any she had ever seen before. A strange apprehension filled her heart as a being with an unfamiliar face and almost bluish black hair jumped to the ground.

She wore strange yellow coverings. One part cupped and held her unusually small breasts. Her feet and calves were encased in some sort of shiny resilient material that looked extremely uncomfortable to walk around in. Opal’s eyes drifted up the shapely legs to lock on the space between.

Opal was shocked at the sickening display of deviance she saw. This close to rutting season, and the Citizen-Being was openly protecting it’s genitalia. Somehow the yellow garment she wore low on her hips managed to hide any hint of the being’s cock! In fact, Opal couldn’t figure out how it could hide even the smallest penis.

Her apprehension increased when a second being climbed out. This one had impossible flame red hair! The newcomer was dressed much the same as her partner, only in white. She sort of tumbled to the ground along with some kind of large black animal.

Kei got up off of Mughi, and brushed herself off. “Just where the heck are we, Miss Computer Goddess?

Yuri shrugged her shoulders. “How should I know? We were in warp for an unknown length of time, before we came across this unregistered unnamed rock of a world! Your guess is as good as mine!”

Mughi mewled and motioned towards the heaped up berm of earth.

“Mughi’s right. Let’s ask her.” Kei let out a low whistle. “Shit, It’s been too long since we had any leave.”

Yuri looked up. “What are you talking about?” She froze. Her eyebrows went up, as her face turned rather pink. “Goodness, what do they feed ‘em around here?”

“That looks a lot like a penis.” Kei said, unable to wipe the appreciative smile from her face. “Only a lot bigger.”

Yuri forced herself to turn away. “Never mind that. We need to ask her the breast place to refuel. I can’t trigger Lovely Angel to land with the escape pod’s primitive communications gear. We have to get back up into orbit so she can rendezvous with us.”

“The breast place?” Kei said with a grin. “Those puppies sure are humongous. You aren’t feeling a touch insecure, are you Yuri?”

“Best!” Yuri snapped. “Now get your mind out of the gutters. We need fuel to get back to Lovely Angel.” She let out an explosive sigh. “And I’m not insecure over those monstrosities! I’ll have you know that boys are very appreciative of MY bust-line!”

“Only when I’m, not standing next to you!” Kei laughed.

“Shut up, and hope she speaks Galactic!”

Opal backed up as the strangers approached. She was so confused. They were as tall as an Ebon with a strong record of conquests, but they had the breasts of a prepubescent Snowflake.

Despite that, their skin was not white enough to merit the title of Snowflake. In fact, they were almost pink! “What are you?” she managed to ask as the large furred beast walked up and stared directly at her flaccid penis.

“Mughi, that’s not a cat toy.” Kei hissed when he raised a paw to bat at the thick length of meat dangling between her thighs. He dropped his paw to the ground and backed off. “Oh, hi there.” she addressed the woman with the gorgeous dark skin. “Just point us to the nearest fuel depot, and we’ll be out of your hair in no time.”

Opal felt her cock give a rather strong pre-rutting season twitch as the strange but lovely creatures came closer. The coverings over their hips, buttocks, and genitalia were too snug to hide a thing. She could see the gentle outline of a vagina, but no hint of a shaft. These beings were neutered!

“Refuel depot?” She asked, thinking of how easy it would be to conquer a Citizen lacking a penis, and thus posing absolutely no threat. “Would you be needing coal or wood?”

“We’re interested in something with a bit more punch.” Kei said with a tight smile. “Where can we get a containment vessel of anti-matter.”

“All vessels are located at the seaport.”

Yuri scrubbed a hand over her face. “I was afraid of that. There wasn’t time to search, but I didn’t see any sign of high order civilization on our way down. We might be here for a while.”

Kei glanced at the native’s flaccid but astonishingly large member. She was startled, but somehow not surprised to note the normal looking vagina beneath it. “Yuri, we need a vacation! I haven’t been on a date in almost six months!”

Yuri saw where Kei was looking. She had difficulty keeping her own eyes away from the glorious member. “Long, uh, It has been too long.” She whispered. “I mean, you obviously need something, but leave her, uh, him, whatever alone. The quicker we find a way to refuel, the quicker we can get out of here!”

“What is Him?” Opal asked curiously.

“You’re kidding, right?” Kei asked. “You know. Boys. Tab A inserted into Slot B.” She smiled dreamily. “Repeatedly, with gusto, all night long. Oh, and with a break for drinks and a huge steak dinner to keep up the ol’ energy levels.”

“Tab A would go in Slot A, you dummy. You always say it wrong!” Yuri hissed. A gentle smile touched her lips. “You must know a few men. Handsome rich cultured men that know how to treat a beautiful young woman.”

Opal looked puzzled. “Men?”

Kei sighed. “Listen friend, is everyone here like you?’ She tried not to, but couldn’t help pointing between the hugely breasted hermaphrodite’s thighs. “Do you all have one of those shillelaghs?”

Opal felt her confusion growing. “Of course! Every citizen has one. Only justly punished criminals, or those foolish enough to be damaged are without a penis!”

Yuri pulled Kei aside. “Kei, we can’t let them know we aren’t, uh, equipped. It could hurt negotiations for a fuel supply!”

Kei patted the snug fitting bikini shorts she wore. “I doubt if she thinks we’re hiding something like that under our clothes.”

Opal tried not to stare between the legs of the strangers. The thought of them not having cocks was troubling, but rather intriguing. “I will take you to a scholar.”

“Fine.” Yuri said as she tried and failed to keep from staring at the huge piece of meat swinging between their new friend’s legs. “Mughi, give the pod a complete checkout. We’ll be back as soon as we can find a fuel source.”

Mughi mewled his acknowledgment. His nose twitched, and he knew from their scent that his two human friends were thinking about other things besides fuel. He sighed. That was none of his business. He turned and began working to reinstall the blown off escape hatch cover. It irked him that Kei had triggered the explosive bolts, when all she needed to do was manually release the latches.

Peony looked up from her work and froze. “Strangers!” Her penis gave a pre-rutting season twitch, but the rest of her felt only fear. She had met an other world stranger once before, and it had led to her near ruination! “Opal, get them out of here!”

The Ebon smiled. “Scholar Selfie, these strangers are in need of help.”

Peony felt her face grow warm with reawakened shame. She still was haunted by the humiliation of birthing a same race clone after the escape of the purple alien. “Don’t call me that, or I will call the Enforcers!”

“Whatever for, Scholar Peony?” Opal said sweetly. “Oh, and the season is nearly upon us. Is the lock of your cell secure?”

Peony couldn’t hide her panic. “Yes, I checked it this morning!”

Kei and Yuri looked around the primitive laboratory. At one end was a stout wooden door. It was open. They could see a small room equipped with nothing more than a cot, a large jug placed beneath it for sanitary necessity, and a very small window just above.

“Notice anything?” Yuri asked, clearly puzzled.

“No external locks, but a damn heavy deadbolt on the inside.” Kei laughed. “What’s wrong with this picture?”

Peony couldn’t help inspecting the loins of the newcomers. Any Faeruhnite would, this close to rutting season. Her fear rapidly evaporated. The fabric covering did nothing to hide a startling fact. The two small breasted tall beings with unknown faces had no members! She could safely conquer one of them, with absolutely no fear of being inseminated!

“Oh, do forgive my rudeness.” Peony suddenly announced. “Opal, please leave us!”

Opal just laughed. “I knew you would like them, Selfie.”

“Don’t call me that!” Peony whined.

“I’ll leave.” Opal said softly. “But I’ll be back to “inspect” the security of your cell. This season could be the one where I find a way in.”

“Never!” Peony hissed. The Golden shivered. Giving birth to a Golden clone after having a test tube of spilled Golden semen shoved into her pussy during the escape of the purple alien had been devastating. The humiliating pregnancy had left Peony right on the edge. If she so much as lost even a few sips of honey, her days as a respected (well, formerly respected) Scholar would be over. She would lose enough stature where she would become nothing but a slave.

She shivered at the though. Peony knew in her heart that if she let that happen, she would eventually end her days as a sprite, dying a horrible death in some Citizen’s belly! She could not let that happen! Her research was far too important to all Faeruhn kind!

Kei looked at Yuri and shrugged. “What’s going on here? The tension’s so thick you could cut it with a vibro-knife.”

“It’s probably just local politics.” Yuri motioned toward the shorter woman with healthy tan and lovely almond shaped eyes. “Their studies of optics and chemistry must be advanced enough for crude photography. This one must spend too much time taking pictures of herself. Hence the nickname she seems to detest.”

Kei couldn’t help inspecting what was dangling between the legs of their new host. It hasn’t as big as the one the lovely brown skinned girl had, but the head was bouncing against her knees! “Remind me to take a few pictures before we get out of here.” She said, trying hard not to lick her lips.

“If we get out of here.” Yuri snapped. “Don’t forget we need a fuel source before we go anywhere!”

Peony smiled at her guests. “So” she said casually. “Do you have any plans for, well, the “Season”?”

“Uh, no plans.” Kei said. “We’re a bit stuck here. Are there any hotels nearby?”

“Is that so?” Peony asked. Could these two really be so naive? Cockless Citizens lived in absolute terror of rutting season. Did these strangers somehow not know of it? She smiled. “You’re both more than welcome to stay with me.”

Yuri smiled back. “How kind.” She sighed. “Now if only our fuel situation could be solved that easily.”

Kei walked around the laboratory. She paused, relief washing over her like a wave. “Yuri, this looks almost like a compressor!”

“That’s my concentrator.” Peony said proudly. “With it, I can actually liquefy the very air around us!”

“Liquid air?” Kei said hopefully.

“Liquid oxygen!” Yuri shouted gleefully. “Kei, with liquid O2, and alcohol, one of us could limp into a half ass orbit on the emergency thrusters and trigger the Lovely Angel to take her on board!”

“Then I could land and pick you and Mughi up!” Kei added excitedly.

“You mean I could pick you up!” Yuri shouted. “Every ounce counts. You weigh at least five pounds more than me!”

Kei struck a pose. “That’s just an illusion because my bust is bigger, and I carry myself better than you.”

Yuri scrubbed a hand over her face. “We can “discuss” that when we’re ready to launch. Let’s not embarrass ourselves in front of our host.”

Peony felt her cock give another twitch. The one with the blazing red hair was so enticing, even though her breasts were so small. “You, you both look very fit.” she said softly.

“Why thank you.” Yuri said with a smile. She couldn’t help a glance between the absurdly busted woman’s legs. “You look, uh, very fit as well.”

Kei looked toward the window. “It looks like the sun is setting. Tomorrow we can show you how to really increase the efficiency of your machine.” She smiled. “Meanwhile, what’s for eats?”

Peony smiled. “I’m famished myself.” She hurried to her specimen corner before her guests spotted the cage containing her last live subject. She had been saving it for a treat. “Pardon me for just a moment. Then I’ll take you to the dining hall.”

Daisy huddled back in the corner of her cage. “Please no!” The terrified Snowflake begged. “I, I thought you wanted to plant your clone in me by squirting your genetic material through a reed!”

“Plans change.” Peony whispered as looked back at the strange but lovely creatures visiting her laboratory. “I can’t waste my issue on the likes of you!”

Daisy sobbed as the giant hand closed around her. She let out a shrill squeal as the pressure of well placed giant fingers snapped the delicate bones of her wings. The pain wasn’t enough to distract her from the sheer terror as she was lifted upwards.

“Please no!” she gasped as she was shoved into the moist heat of a hungry mouth. “Chew me!” she screamed as she was thrust back to the opening of the esophagus. “Let it be fast!” she squealed as a powerful muscular contraction sent her downward. She grabbed at the wet resilient surface of the massive tongue, but could find no purchase. “Please no!” she sobbed, as she slithered downward.

In total darkness, Daisy emerged from the constricting tightness of Peony’s esophagus to drop with a splash into her stomach. The Sprite frantically thrashed her arms and legs to try and keep her head above the putrid caustic fluid. This was a mistake. Drowning would have been infinitely better than feeling the flesh begin to soften and slough off of her body.

Daisy screamed and screamed again as her musculature was exposed and began to dissolve as well. Her head finally sank below the level of the digestive fluids when she didn’t have enough muscles left in her arms to keep afloat. Daisy had one last terrifying moment of conscience thought as the foul liquid finally entered her lungs. It was nearly five minutes after she had been swallowed when she finally received the blessing of death.

Peony sighed. It was such a shame that rutting season hadn’t quite started, but digesting a Sprite would give her a much needed energy boost as the honey slowly entered her system.

Kei elbowed Yuri. “Did you see that? I think she just ate a lab rat!”

Yuri was taken aback a bit. “It was too small for a rat. I think it was just a white mouse.” She shuddered, thinking secret thoughts she didn’t dare reveal. “Don’t judge, Kei. It’s not all that different from fresh sushi. I’ve, um, I mean I heard that some people even eat live octopus. It adds, uh, I hear, to the culinary experience to actually feel them struggling to live as they go down.”

“That’s just nasty!” Kei said quietly. “What freak would want to eat living animals?”

“Yeah, it’s really disgusting.” Yuri said nervously, as her face grew pink. “Who would ever do something like that?”

Peony smiled at her strange but lovely guests. “Please pardon me. It has been a long day, and I didn’t have time for lunch. I should have offered that little tidbit to one of you, but I only had the one.”

“Oh, that’s okay.” Kei said with a forced grin. “We have enough emergency rations to last a couple of days.”

“Nonsense!” Peony smiled. “Please, join me for supper. The Enforcers recently implemented a crackdown, but I hear that the cooks have come up with something tasty for a pre-season meal. Come with me.”

Kei and Yuri followed their host. “What a sausage-fest.” Kei whispered as she eyed the busty women with their large but flaccid cocks. “Imagine how those monsters would look when erect!” The redhead exaggerated the sway of her hips in an open attempt to bring a few of those members to attention.

“Get your mind off the one eyed snakes Kei! You’re missing something strange.”

“Stranger than a bunch of huge breasted naked women with dicks?”

“Look at the faces!” Yuri hissed. “Out of all the people I’ve seen, I’ve only counted four individual faces!”

“Big deal. So they’re a clone species with four races.” Kei let her eyes drop once more to the loins of the women she passed and sighed dreamily. “Some genetic manipulator somewhere sure likes ‘em big! Hope they won an award for their attention to detail!”

“This is not the place, size-queen.” Yuri whispered.

“Says the woman with the drool on her chin.” Kei shot back.

“I’m just looking!” Yuri said softly as she hastily wiped the back of her hand across her mouth. “Looking is just fine if they’re all running around naked! Just keep to yourself. Once we get out of here, we can find a civilized planet full of handsome young men to date!”

“My willpower is stronger than yours! You just worry about yourself, Yuri!”

They sat down in a crowded dining hall. Kei grinned a little sheepishly. “You know, for once I feel a bit overdressed.”

“Shut up!” Yuri said, jarred from contemplating removing her top. Just to be sociable, of course.

A pale white, and rather short blonde with huge breasts and big dangling cock ladled a rich stew into their waiting bowls. The trouble consultants eyed the contents for a long moment, mindful of their host’s taste in hors-d-oeuvres.

Kei picked up the heavy pewter spoon and gingerly tried a morsel. Her face lit up. “It’s a goulash! The chef was a little heavy handed with the paprika, and they used pork instead of beef, but it’s really good!”

Peony sampled hers. “Wonderful! The kitchen staff fond a way to hide our traditional out of season celebratory meal from the eyes of the Enforcers!” She thrust a heaping spoonful into her mouth. “The savory spices harmonize delightfully with the subtle hint of their honey. It must have taken a very deft hand with a knife to harvest enough honeypots to produce this wonderful sauce.”

“Selfie approves.” A taller woman wearing Peony’s face said from another table. “After her debacle with the purple outworlder caused the crackdown, I’m so glad she likes these tiny cooked morsels as a substitute for whole, sweet succulent fresh...”

Peony’s anger got the better of her as she cut off the other Golden in mid sentence. “My debacle? Jasmine, it happened to you too! How can you call me that hateful name?”

The healer grinned. “The fault was yours, Selfie! It is well known how I clawed my way back to being a Citizen. One little slip due to your carelessness means nothing to me! Look at yourself, little one. Lose any more stature and you lose everything!”

“I hope an Ebon Alpha gets you.” Peony hissed.

“An Ebon Alpha?” Yuri hid her confusion at the cryptic conversation by tasting her dinner. She smiled. “This IS delicious!” She dropped her voice. “The pork is a little too soft though.”

Kei sighed. “I guess meat is a luxury around these parts. Look how tiny the pieces are. They went a long way in trying to stretch it.”

“You don’t suppose this is mouse stew? That would explain the tiny pieces.”

Kei shook her head. “Not a chance. I know pork when I taste it.” She blushed. “I also know rodent. Remember when I was stranded for a month on that defunct orbital colony? This is nothing like the rat burgers that the remnant population was forced to live on. Just enjoy it Yuri.”

“It is better than Mughi’s cooking.” Yuri said with a smile as she took another spoonful.

Everyone in the dining hall ate the goulash with obvious pleasure. Usually watchful of their figures, Kei and Yuri even decided that a second helping was worth the need of extra exorcise.

Peony was thankful she still had enough clout to order the University’s slaves around. Her cock twitched as she stared down at the straw pallets the slaves had set up in her lab. “You two can sleep here.” she said hopefully.

Kei sighed. “A little privacy would have been nice.” she said glumly.

Yuri tried to hold back her own feelings. “We can’t have everything.” She said sharply. “I had something I wanted to do, um, forget it!”

“Willpower.” Kei said under her breath. Seeing all of those lovely cocks had her body in a low simmer. She couldn’t even sneak off to the bathroom for a quick round of pet the kitty. These backward dickgirls only had crude outhouses, and bathed in the nearby river. “My willpower is unbreakable.”

“What was that?” Yuri asked, wondering if she could finger herself without waking her light sleeping partner. It wasn’t very likely. Several lovers, well, all of her lovers, had commented about how loud she gets during orgasm.

“Never mind!” Let’s get some sleep and help these primitives refuel the pod as soon as possible!”

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