Rebecca's Morning
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, Light Bond, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Oral Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A little thing I started writing for an email penpal. Thought it would be a good start for here. Names changes to protect the guilty.

Rebecca woke up that morning and quickly got out of bed. Checking her phone she saw a message from her new friend wishing her a good morning. She smiled and sent off a quick smiley face and headed off for the bathroom.

She lifted her nightgown and let it fall to the floor. She looked into the mirror and ran her hands over her side and breasts. She imagined another pair of hands were there and felt her nipples harden. A small quiver went through her body at the thought and she stepped into the shower.

Standing under the hot water she took her body soap and squirted a handful of the white liquid into her hand. She smiled as she rubbed it onto her skin thinking of another white liquid squirting over her. She had to stop thinking like that if she was going to be ready in time. Quickly she finished showering and wrapped a big fluffy towel around herself.

Checking her phone again she saw another message asking her what she was doing. With a giggle she took a quick pic in the mirror and sent it off with a “not much just getting up” message. That should give him a smile she thought.

She sat back on the bed and waited to see if she got a response. “Bing” went her phone and she looked at the response; “Wow! Wish I was there!” She felt a quick flash of heat thinking about the reaction she got from him.

“Like what you see” she sent ... bing “Always cutie! I’m sorry I missed the shower!” she got back. “It was just a shower” ... bing “Yea but the thought of the soap sliding over that body is so exciting!” “Flatterer! So what are you doing today? ... bing “Was hoping we would get to meet finally”

Rebecca felt her heartbeat speed up. She had been chatting for some time with her friend and have done some heavy flirting online but had never met in real life. She thought about it all the time, even now she could feel some wetness building up between her lips with the thought.

“Really ... what did you have in mind?” ... bing “Mabey I could come over and help you finish that shower?”

Suddenly the room felt too warm to her. She flashed on an image of another pair of hands reaching around her from behind in the shower and rubbing the soap over her breasts. Feeling flushed she opened the towel and felt the cooler air hit her skin.

“That sounds nice. But your so far away.”, she felt a pang of disappointment at that thought ... bing “Mabey not so far” “What do you mean? ... bing “I may be closer that you think. What do you think? Want some company?”

She closed her eyes to think. They had talked about this several time and she had fantasized about what might happen. Visualized what they would do if they were together. She should almost feel his fingers probing between her lips rubbing her clit. Opps, in her musings her hand had started roaming an she realized she had been fondling herself. She raised her hand and saw how wet just the thought was getting her.

“Are you teasing me? Making me horny is not fair!” ... bing “I guess you are interested. I could be there soon and take care of that for you.”

Now Rebecca could feel the heat that thought brought with it. She ran her hands over her breasts, feeling the taunt nipples slide through her fingers. Imagining his tongue flicking them and his mouth sucking on them. Could she do this? It had been so long since she had felt another persons hands on her body.

“When could you get here?”, she paused and thought a moment then sent the message. She felt her arousal building with just the thought that he might actually come by. God, what if said he was coming, could she go though with it?

... bing, she closed her eyes and heard her fast heartbeat. She could feel the heat and wetness leaking from her lips. Her breasts feeling so heavy and warm.

Looking down at the phone she read, “I’m outside ... open the door.”

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