Two Weeks
Chapter 1: Day One

Caution: This Brother Sister Incest Taboo contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Oral Sex, Slow,

Desc: Brother Sister Incest Taboo: Chapter 1: Day One - Emily has a plan to seduce her brother. The action is real; the characters could be. Emily's approach is unique; the outcome is...well, you'll have to read the story to discover where it takes them.

The day had finally arrived for Emily’s parents to fly to Hawaii for a two-week stay to celebrate their second honey-moon and take some needed vacation time from their demanding professional lives.

Emily was seventeen-and-a-half years old. Her younger brother, Mason, had recently completed sixteen. School was out for the summer and the kids were old enough to take care of themselves for two whole weeks. Actually, they were considered the atypical big sister and little brother. Despite an occasional quarrel, they got along very well together and were always there for one another. Both were used to doing chores around the house and willing to help. They fit together like peanut butter and jelly, like two musical notes joined in harmony. Mom and Dad were proud of their brood. They weren’t worried or felt guilty, leaving Emily and Mason home alone while they basked on the tropical beaches of Waikiki.

The flight was early in the morning and a limousine was already waiting in front of the house to whisk Mom and Dad away to the airport. Everything had been discussed over-and-over the past several days and again the evening before about what Emily and Mason had to do. All that remained was to give each other a big round of hugs and wishes for a bon voyage. Emily and Mason stood by the curb watching and waving as the limo disappeared around the corner at the next intersection.

Emily swung around and hurried back into the house, while Mason dragged his feet along behind. She galloped straight upstairs to her bedroom to change clothes. She didn’t have to, but it was the beginning of a secret plan to fulfill her biggest desire.

Around Mom and Dad, she usually displayed her secretive nature typical of teenagers. But with her brother, there were no secrets except the one she was about to put into action. They had nothing to hide and would tell each other everything they discovered or that bothered them. They even discussed things that other siblings might find embarrassing. Whenever she got a new bra she had to model it and ask him if they – referring to her boobies – looked okay. He, on the other hand, would showcase every new pair of Speedos to ask her which looked better on him, knowing that she would invariably choose those that did justice to his boy parts.

When Emily turned fifteen, Mom put her on the pill to avoid the risk of making a mistake, although she didn’t want to think about her princess becoming sexually active so soon. Of course, for that to happen, Emily needed a boyfriend. She didn’t have one, nor was she interested in any of the pimply boys in her class. She took the pills anyway just in case and to keep Mom worry-free. There were some boys who tried to ask her out, but she felt they were all jerks, just trying to get their hands into her panties to score so that they could brag about it amongst themselves.

Long before this day, she preferred to spend all of her time with her brother so that no boy her age had a chance to get close enough to her. She wasn’t timid or anything like that, but neither was she terribly interested in going out, except to her friends’ birthday parties. On such occasions, she would drag Mason along. She was very proud of him and jealous, too, making sure that none of the other girls got too friendly with him. He was hers exclusively.

In reality, Emily was quite attached to Mason – a feeling that had been brewing inside her since they were kids and which grew stronger over the years, especially after she got into high school. It was a sentiment that evolved into an awareness from somewhere deep in her soul, one she took seriously, and that told her she loved him more than as a brother.

If she had to give up her virginity, she wanted it to be with someone she could trust and who respected and cared for her, although the pink dildo she was hiding in one of her stuffed teddy bears on top of her bed pretty much took care of that already. The phallus was one-and-a-quarter inch thick and six inches penetrable, made of glass, remarkably smooth and anatomically similar to the real McCoy with a slight curve. Nevertheless, she wanted to feel what it was really like to have a boy’s meaty cock penetrate her, smothering her with affection and filling her pussy with his semen made for girls. After all, Nature designed boy parts and girl parts to belong together.

If she was going to do this, she wanted it to be with Mason. Moreover, there were moments when she could sense his thoughts telling her that he wanted the same, making her a woman and in turn giving him the glory of becoming a man. The ability to know what the other was thinking or feeling was something they shared since they were little. Some said they were telepathic like identical twins; everyone agreed their bond was special.

Although her brother was a year and a half younger, he was a hair taller and his body showed all the signs of virile masculinity, muscular, strong, and well equipped between the legs. She noticed that he had become somewhat flirtatious with her over the past year, but wasn’t sure if he was perfecting his boyhood skills to charm girls, or if he was harboring similar secret feelings for her as she did for him. Either way, he seemed to be enthusiastic every time he got within an inch of her.

Mason would often snuggle up to Emily on the floor or on the sectional couch watching television, or riding in the back seat of the car with their heads together. That’s when she could feel his vibes and they seemed to become clearer over the years. It started out innocently and she always knew in advance when he wanted to make a kind compliment about her hair, her clothes and even the decorations in her room.

Outside by the pool, he would climb into the hammock next to her. It got a little tight, but she didn’t mind. She liked having his body and skin rub against hers. For a long time, she always asked him to turn his body towards her and place a leg between hers. That made things a bit more comfortable and exciting for her.

Lately, however, the hammock seemed to have gotten smaller, and she would spoon her body with her back against his, taking his arm and wrapping it around her waist. She wasn’t sure, but sensed that the bulge in his Speedo would always stiffen and poke her butt. The sensation was naughty, but delightful. If their heads made contact, she could read his uninhibited thoughts, making her pussy tingle with anticipation.

Emily was fully aware that having sex with her brother would be an act of incest and was considered a social taboo. She was also concerned that her attempt to have sex with her brother could cause him to reject her, not to mention the possible psychological damage. Just asking him in a wrong way could potentially harm their relationship forever.

Despite the pill, she knew she could get pregnant, but all that was carefully thought out in her plan. First, she would sexually tease him so that he would get a hint from where she was coming. Then, she would provoke him by stoking his sexual urges and eventually his sexual desire to want to take her. By then, she would be days away from her period and safe.

It was now or never and she was certain that the joy of having sex with him would outweigh the sin.

The clothes Emily changed into consisted of a tight, midriff-baring crop-top, no bra, and a short mini-skirt over a G-string thong. She went over to Mason’s bedroom to search for some DVD’s.

Mason was surprised to see her in such attire, showing off her flat tummy and swirly belly button. Around the house, she usually wore loose-fitting shorts and T-shirts. Whenever she wore something new, he would complement her on the color, the print or the combination. This time, he was speechless; he lacked the words for what he saw and felt. His dick, on the other hand, stirred and spoke for him.

His silent, yet graphic expression said everything she needed to know. Each time she bent down to grab or replace a DVD, which she did quite often and deliberately, Mason focused his eyes on her bare buttocks. When she came over to sit next to him on the bed to see what he was reading, he could make out her nipples pushing against the tight fabric, including the dark halos around them which were a perfect match to the size of her supple breasts. He had seen his sister in panties and bras, as well as bikinis, often enough to recognize the contours and curves of her feminine body. But, this was quite revealing and provocative, too. He forced a dry swallow and tripped over his tongue as he read to her the title of the book.

Emily scooted off the bed to head downstairs to the kitchen to make them some sandwiches. When Mason arrived, she was sitting with her feet propped on the edge of the chair and her knees spread apart. Through the translucent white sheer of her G-string, he could recognize the dark triangle of her hairy pussy – her beaver. The G-string didn’t contain the entire crop of hair. He could see a few curly, kinky pubes poking out along the sides. He froze in his steps and she could see his eyes suddenly pop wide open in amazement. She immediately sat up straight and pointed to the platter of sandwiches on the breakfast counter. She didn’t want him to get grossed out and needed to direct his mind back to food.

Later in the afternoon, Mason went to the basement where Dad had installed a fitness area. Like all boys his age, he wanted to build his muscles, prove that he was strong and athletic. He was lean with a well-developed chest, biceps and abs. Emily would show up occasionally to watch him lift weights and comment on his physique and big muscles. He would allow her to squeeze his biceps; she wanted to squeeze more than that.

This time, before she went to join him, she changed into a tight-fitting, misty gray, cotton jersey biketard with no underwear. The lime green straps and hems gave sparkle to the piece. But, it was the way the fabric adhered to her body that captured his attention. It accentuated every crease and crevice, outlining the folds of her pussy, revealing a form that he had never really noticed on his sister before. Sometimes, he could see a crease in her bikini bottom formed by the cleft of her pussy. But the biketard gave her kitty a whole new charm. Again, he said nothing and every breath he took was shorter and deeper.

When Emily laid down on the bench to press some light dumbbells, her legs were splayed and Mason could distinguish her Venus mound and the dimple of her vaginal opening. He was in such awe that he lost count of the number of dumbbell curls he was doing for his biceps. She walked for a few minutes on the treadmill and then started back upstairs. As she was leaving, she couldn’t help but notice how her brother was turning into an Adonis. His face had the same boyish handsomeness of Dad, with dark brown ruffled hair, deep blue, romantic eyes and an alluring smile.

Emily took a quick shower and changed into a midriff-baring crop-top and a pleated, tartan mini-skirt, the kind girls typically wear as uniforms to private schools. However, this skirt was prohibitively short, showing about two inches of her butt cheeks and barely covering the white thong below, while the top showcased her pointy nipples.

She waited until Mason also took a shower and then as he came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel she passed him in the hallway to go downstairs. She was going to tidy up the family room, but needed his help with a special task.

As Mason entered the family room, Emily was playfully spinning around, making the skirt flare and showcasing her bare buttocks like half-moons. Even when she was standing, he could see her lovely fanny. However, each time she reached down to pick up some popcorn from the floor, he had full view of her sassy ass. And then something else caught his attention. Between the cheeks of her behind he could see the white thong in the shape of a triangle with a dimple in the middle. There was nothing private about this attire.

Emily knew he was silently staring at her, again. She turned. Mason had slipped into his favorite Speedo to go for a swim in the pool. He was shirtless. The light of the day formed shadows outlining the muscles of his abs, chest and broad shoulders. He reminded her of a Greek statue of a strapping, young athlete. She also noticed the prominent bulge in the contoured pouch of his swim trunks, which sorely needed attention. She wondered whether her teases were starting to have an effect on him.

Emily gestured with her forefinger, beckoning Mason to come with her to the utility room. He followed her like a faithful lapdog. Dad had left a stack of boxes on the floor to be put away on the top shelf. She took a small step ladder and climbed it. She asked Mason to hand her the boxes one at a time and hold the ladder for her while she leisurely arranged and rearranged each box.

She positioned herself on the ladder so that he could gaze up her skirt, making sure that he had ample opportunity to study the view from below. He did get a little suspicious why he had to hold the ladder for her considering that the boxes were empty and light. Nevertheless, he didn’t complain, was cooperative as always, and more than eager to comply. Every time Emily asked for another box, she could see him riveted to her nether region like a Cocker Spaniel frozen in its tracks with eyes, ears and nose fixed on the prized game hidden among the bush.

They stood for a few seconds to admire their work not sure what one was thinking about the other. Emily tried not to stare at Mason’s salient protrusion stretching the front of his Speedo. Seeing it made her nipples hard and stand at attention, and she hoped he too would notice her arousal. Instead, he turned and headed for the pool to cool off for more reasons than one.

It didn’t take long for Emily to follow. She grabbed a magazine and took a seat on one of the patio chairs out on the back deck, pretending she was reading, but in reality watching her brother float lazily and flip around in the pool. She wasn’t spying but admiring his agility in the water. She never took the time to notice his masculine body. Her curiosity was on fire. She had seen him in briefs around the house. They came in different styles and colors. He preferred bikini briefs in light colors. Lately, Mom bought him the kind that nicely cupped his balls and dick. They did justice to his manhood and made him feel proud of his lump. She also bought him a jockstrap to wear during upcoming school swim practice, but neither she nor Emily ever saw him in it.

Seeing Mason in his Speedos was also no big deal. They would cling to his body especially as he emerged from the water, revealing some of the charismatic changes of his growing dick, from a cute little knob to a spiky hornet’s stinger. The variations in size, positions and protrusions were intriguing, as if it had a personality and mind of its own. Most amazing was when it laid flat against his belly or flipped to one side – usually his left – like a stuffed sausage. Peering over her magazine, Emily tried to imagine what his balls and dick really looked like both relaxed and hard. She was also curious to see his pubic hairs imagining them adorning his sex like a lion’s mane. Moreover, she wanted to hold and fondle them; to feel their shape, their size and weight; and ultimately to have them knocking at the entrance of her pussy.

Among his gym clothes, Mason had a pair of basketball shorts that he would wear without his jockstrap or for that matter any underwear. It was quite a display whenever he stood in front of a window or bright lamp letting the light shine through the thin, translucent nylon, making his dick appear like a veiled six-shooter. That was the most she got to see of his joystick.

Despite the openness within their family and the closeness between brother and sister, nudity was not part of their routine, although unavoidable at times and only for brief moments. No one was embarrassed, complained or hurriedly tried to hide, yet each one respected the other’s privacy and intimacy. Emily was intent on changing that. She wanted Mason to see more of her naked body, as much as she wanted to see more of his. She already knew how his skin felt next to hers in the hammock or on the couch. Eventually, she wanted to use all her five senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste to feel his adorable body. She hoped he would want the same.

Emily didn’t notice that the sun had disappeared behind the tall trees on the other side of the fenced in back yard. She was absorbed in her delicious daydream and lost notion of the time. It was as if the world had come to a slow stop.

Mason had already left the pool and lay silent in their hammock. She walked over to tell him she was going to prepare something for dinner, but found him with his hand buried inside his Speedo cusping and fondling his dick and balls. His eyes were closed, but he was awake. He was startled when he became aware of her presence and immediately yanked his hand away from his package. In so doing, he flipped his meaty dick pointing like a club towards his belly; its helmet-shaped tip peeking from under the hem. He blushed and asked her why she didn’t come over earlier to get in the hammock with him. She apologized and suggested that after dinner they could snuggle on the couch to watch their favorite shows.

While Mason was showering to wash the chloride from his skin and Speedo, Emily changed into an exquisite tank top and a plain white shortie. She wore nothing underneath. The shortie was also of cotton jersey and like the biketard was glued to her body like a second skin, accentuating the shape and form of her pussy, the size of her labia, and the cleft to her vagina.

She prepared a macaroni and cheese dinner and enjoyed watching her brother devour every bite and ask for seconds. She secretly hoped his appetite would grow for her in the same way. It seemed like it did when he made a compliment about the combination of her clothes and how they made her look cute. She wanted to know more and asked if he approved of her new look to which he replied only if she wore them for him. His comment was like a warm embrace which she felt throughout her body. Her nipples became erect and her vagina, moist and mooshy. She asked Mason to clear the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher, while she went to the bathroom. She had to dab her wet pussy with some tissue before it soaked through her shortie.

As she was about to swoop down the stairs, Mason was waiting down below looking up at her. His eyes, however, were not fixed on her face. Emily could tell he was eyeballing the contours of her pussy. She suddenly felt the labia of her vagina swell in arousal like moments before and took the remaining steps somewhat slower. Mason could tell that her pussy was distinctly puffed up like a pufferfish holding its breath. He was spellbound, in a trance, and unable to divert his gaze until she finally reached the last step. She stopped short of stepping off onto the floor, placed a hand on his shoulder and invited him in a soft, sweet voice to accompany her to the family room. With the other hand she grabbed his and led him like a docile puppy to the cushiony couch.

They sat leaning shoulder-to-shoulder against each other as usual, first watching some comedies which cleared their minds of other thoughts. Then, Emily suggested they watch her favorite DVD movie, The Blue Lagoon. Even though she had already seen it for the umpteenth time, she wanted the day to end with adventure, drama, and romance.

She asked Mason to make some popcorn while she went to change into something more comfortable for the evening. She wasn’t sure if she should wear her one piece, zip-up pajama or just a simple, loose T-shirt as always. She decided on the T-shirt with a suggestive message printed on the front that said “No Pants are the Best Pants.” Underneath, she wore regular, white cotton panties to make sure that if her pussy gushed again, the padded area would absorb the wetness.

Mason playfully asked if the message on her T-shirt was meant for him. Emily suggested he could take off his shorts anytime, if he wanted to, and just hang out in his underwear for the evening. He told her he was going to pass for now. In reality, he was commando and didn’t want to admit it. On the other hand, as he saw Emily coming and standing in front of him, he wasn’t sure at first if she too was commando under her T-shirt. Only when she perched herself on the couch next to him did he get a brief glimpse of her white panties. He was secretly disappointed, but his desire to see her pussy with her pubes in full bloom was not in the least dashed.

After about thirty minutes into the movie and with all the popcorn gone, Emily slid down to rest her head on her brother’s lap. She had never done that before and was hoping that Mason would notice. His attention, however, was focused on the part of the movie where the strapping young Richard – or Dick, as she preferred to call him – fishes, swims, and dives for pearls.

Emily gently took his hand which was resting on her shoulder and placed it on her belly. At that moment, Mason realized that she was sprawled out like a cat with one of her legs resting on a pile of cushions. This caused her T-shirt to shift, exposing most of her dainty white panties.

She moved his hand in a circle, letting him know she wanted him to rub her there. Gently, he caressed her, feeling her warmth. Like a sneaky fox, he deftly maneuvered her T-shirt towards her bellybutton until the whole panty was exposed and her sex, less than an arm’s distance away. He felt butterflies in his stomach as he marveled at his exploit and saw the two little blue laces that tied the panty together around her hips.

Mason carefully slid his hand under her T-shirt grazing her warm, smooth belly, causing her muscles to twitch. He froze unsure if he was doing the right thing until he heard her moan softly. She was signaling him to continue caressing the area around her bellybutton in gentle, slow circular motions. He didn’t dare venture away from that spot, satisfied for what he had accomplished so far. From his angle, he could see Emily breathing heavily, her chest rising in cadence with every circle he drew on her soft skin. He could also make out the round elevation just above her pussy, like a pitcher’s mound on a baseball field.

He also noticed, but didn’t understand, why Emily was rocking her legs, opening and shutting them repeatedly, as if she was trying to stifle the urge to go pee. If he had known, he would see that she was squeezing her thighs together while at the same time flexing her pelvic muscles in a desperate attempt to stimulate her pussy without actually touching herself there.

Minutes before the movie ended, Emily sat up straight and pulled her T-shirt over her pubic mound. She looked down at Mason’s lap. He had a raging erection that stood up like a tall mast making his shorts tent. He grabbed a cushion and covered it. She knew an embarrassing erection when she saw one and was pleased with herself for having caused this one. When he finally stood up, she noticed a small wet, sticky spot that glistened on the front of his shorts where something had oozed from the tip of his dick. She had an idea what it was and wondered whether she had ever caused her brother to leak with pre-cum before.

After a full day of having fun, showing off her new outfits and teasing Mason with new visuals of her body, it was time for bed. She had definitively spiked his curiosity and got him aroused several times. Day one was complete and Emily was pleased with the results of her plan.

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