Token's Club
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Consensual, Heterosexual, BDSM, Light Bond, Swinging,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I had heard crazy stories about President's club, but since I wasn't in sales, never thought I'd attend. Until one year I was invited as a token. It wasn't quite what I was used to, or expected.

When I made the switch from working as a “customer” to being a “vendor”, I had no real understanding what the difference was. There were a lot of great people I liked working with, but some were over the top while others reminded me of sales people I didn’t like at all. One aspect I heard a lot about was “making club” where if the sales person overachieved their quota by a certain percentage, then they would get a three day vacation in a warm climate. I heard rumors about what sort of parties and outrageous behavior took place, but no one shared many details. Honestly, it sounded really cool, but it didn’t really matter since I was in Business Development, and we were not eligible.

That is, until the new head of Sales entered the picture. He believed that inviting a few “token” support functions would be a way of saying thank you to the whole company and encourage everyone to do more for the company. I guess I had been doing enough good things for the sales team that my name got thrown into the hat and then picked as the lucky winner. When they announced my name at the Sales Kickoff meeting and invited me up on stage, I was shocked. As I stood in the wildly cheering crowd, looking at all the others still waiting to find out if they made it, I just wanted to call my wife. There was no way she would hear me though, it was so loud.

“Honey, I have good news to share.”

“Really? I thought today was mostly wrapping up?”

“The rules changed a bit this year, and I was picked to go to the Chairman’s Club as a token representative for bizdev. We’re going to a resort in Mexico at the end of April for three days.”

“I see. That certainly sounds good, but tell me everything now.”

“Well, I don’t know much yet, but...”

It’s been long enough since I was picked that I just want this to be over now. What clothes should we wear, or buy if we don’t have the right ones? What activity did we want to sign up for? How many pairs of shoes to bring for basically going to the beach, but there is a gala event. What does that entail? So many decisions, I let my wife worry about most of them. I don’t care what I wear and have found it easier to just let her pick my outfits. It’s all so exhausting and not what I like focusing on at all.

We’re finally here. We had to leave early in the morning to get here before the welcome reception on the beach. Even as I saw the number of people drinking heavily, I kept going back to something my wife had said on the plane this morning.

“Ken, I know this is important for your work, so I’ll play the dutiful wife. You’ve earned this, so enjoy it. You just tell me what you need me to do and who to be nice to.”

Kathy has always supported me in my career, including changing to this new company. But she’s never really enjoyed the holiday party and forced mingling. I think she’s worried this will be more of that. I am too for that matter.

I started introducing her to people I knew and then we were introduced to an employee I didn’t know and his wife. Tom was an enterprise account executive, but we had never worked together for some reason. Like most sales people, he could be both overbearing and a pretty likable person at the same time, and could turn on the charm if he wanted to. He was a lot bigger than I am, and his handshake tried to crush my hand, which I didn’t appreciate very much. He then started focusing on Kathy, asking a lot of questions and telling some stories in turn. I turned to his wife, Laurie, who was almost my height and almost as pretty as Kathy. Out of the gate, she was asking how long we had been married and it only got more personal from there. I kept glancing over at Kathy who was the smallest of the four of us, but she was holding her own against Tom.

“So Ken, why don’t you two have any children? Have you been trying?”

“Laurie, that’s a pretty personal question which I’m not going to answer.”

“Ok, sorry, I’ll switch topics to something more fun. Is this your first club?”

“Yes, it is. I had no idea it was even possible, but I’m excited and honored to be here.”

“Have you heard about some of the things that go on at Club?”

“Besides the heavy drinking and organized parties, I haven’t heard anything. Why, what are you suggesting?”

“Well, Tom and I have been coming to Club for years. After a while, it’s just another beach at a pricey hotel. We’ve left the kids at home, there’s no real work allowed and we’re in a different country. Rules were made to be broken in situations like this.”

“I see, well, we’re a pretty quiet couple, not very interested breaking any rules, especially since we’re only included as a token.”

“Awww, have some fun while you’re here, I know we will!”

I caught Kathy’s eye and indicated it was time to go meet other people. We told Tom and Laurie that we’d see them later.

As we walked away, I carefully put my arm around Kathy and she snuggled into me. “They are a very strange couple.”

“What did you and Laurie discuss while Tom was hounding me.”

“She was suggesting an orgy I think, right after saying that rules were made to be broken. It was a bit odd.”

“Tom was probing as well, asking how open our marriage was. I played dumb and made him explain what he meant which embarrassed him. I had no idea people at your company could be like this. Why haven’t you said anything before this?

“I don’t know Tom at all and normally nothing like this normally happens at work. This is something different. Hey, I see Rob, I’d like you to meet him since I work with him every day. Let’s wander that way.”

Tom and Laurie cornered us in the pool the next morning by sitting right next to us. Tom was talking with Kathy while Laurie sunbathed next to him. I just kept reading my book while the drinks kept flowing.

At some point the two ladies headed off to the bathrooms, leaving Tom and I alone. We talked mostly about work topics until Tom moved to the chair next to mine. If I felt buzzed, I can’t imagine how drunk Tom was at this point.

“Laurie and I really like the two of you. We’e always excited to make new friends.”

“Us too, this has been a fun trip so far.”

Tom caught the eye of the waiter and ordered another round of four strong margaritas before turning back to me. “Listen Ken, I’m getting the feeling from the two of you that you are a pretty quiet couple, but also that you could be interested in broadening your horizons. Especially on vacations like this.”

“I guess, this is definitely not how we usually travel.”

“This might be too bold, but Laurie is interested in you, and I’m interested in Kathy. We’d like to see what fun the four of us could get into together.”

I wondered if he was really going to push and I now had my answer. After a few seconds thought, “I’m not sure. I’d have to see what Kathy said of course. Your wife is a lovely woman, but she’s not worth my marriage.”

Tom’s face brightened when I didn’t reject it out of hand. “Of course, that’s what Laurie is discussing with Kathy right now.” He leaned towards me, reminding me of how much bigger he is than I am, let alone Kathy.

The thought of Kathy underneath him felt like a punch to the stomach, but imagining Laurie on all fours with my cock in her from behind was equally exciting. “This is very strange, hard to imagine really.”

“Just play it cool and I think you’ll be in for the ride of your life.”

“We’ll see.”

The two ladies returned but other than an raised eyebrow from Kathy, neither one looked like anything untoward had happened.

The margarita’s showed up and the afternoon continued. Lots of other co-workers wandered by, but Tom and Laurie stuck next to us the whole time.

As the door closed behind us, Kathy turned to me and asked, “Did Tom proposition you like Laurie did to me?”

“Yes dear, he thought we might have some fun switching partners. I told him I would need to talk with you.”

“Laurie had a hard time getting it out, she kept alluding to having fun, but couldn’t quite say it out loud. Eventually I had to just ask her to spit it out. She was blushing like crazy. I told her I had to talk with you. Honestly, she’s not the smartest cookie, I’m pretty sure it’s Tom’s idea, not hers.”

“I see.”

“Look, these are your co-workers and you have to show up for work next week, not me. Plus, I did say I’d do whatever you needed me to here, so tell me, what do you think of their proposal?”

“Honestly, it terrifies me a bit. I don’t like that he’s leaning on me to do this. I don’t like that he has the ability to make my life more difficult. I don’t like that he might hurt you in some way. Laurie’s pretty, but nothing like you. I guess it all makes me uncomfortable.”

Kathy stared at me for a bit before suddenly smiling. “Honey, I think this is going to work out great. If Tom or Laurie ask you, just say that we’ve decided. It’s Yes. If they don’t bring it up, no harm done.”

The party tonight was in their lazy river which started at a bar with waiters in the water. The pool wound through a little forest, everything was shaded and private.

Kathy had a single pool noodle holding her up while I was in a round tube. We were slowly drifting around, enjoying our drinks and chatting with everyone.

I sensed Tom right before he lassoed Kathy with a pool noodle and pulled her towards him. Laurie latched onto my tube and pulled herself in front of me. She carefully placed her breasts on the tube and then looked up at me with a big smile. “Here you guys are, we’ve been looking for you.” I felt her feet gently find mine and rest on top.

We were still drifting along when I realized that Tom had stopped Kathy and they were falling behind us. I looked over my shoulder, but Laurie put one hand on my face and carefully aimed it back at her. I could see her nipples hardening in front of me through her skimpy bikini top.

“Ken, it’s ok, let them talk for a bit. Tom asked me to keep you company for a few minutes. Can’t we just enjoy this going around the circle together?”

“Sure, you are lovely company, but I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea.”

“Ken, look around. I’d say half the people here are not standing next to their spouse. The other half are, but even then, see how they are pairing up into foursomes? Some of these people have been coming to club for a long time. They know exactly who they like and want to spend time with. There’s also a bunch of first timers like yourself and Kathy. Keep watching, I think you’ll be surprised by what you might notice.”

We kept chatting, but I sped things up by pushing us along. She was right, a lot of people were not standing by their spouses, though most were near each other. Everyone looked like they were having a great time.

As we rounded the last corner before the bar, I looked for Tom and Kathy, but could not see them. They must have moved. I felt Laurie’s legs come up around my waist as I started pushing more aggressively. Then I saw her, Kathy was coming out of the bathroom while Tom was in line at the bar. I stopped pushing and felt my wake catch up to me, nudging us along. I was very conscious of Laurie’s legs wrapped around me, with her breasts in front of me and a silly smile on her face. I hadn’t pushed her away so she seemed content to stay that way.

Tom gave a drink to Kathy and then spotting me, spoke to the waiter next to him and pointed me out. By the time we drifted up to the bar, the waiter gave us another round of margarita’s while Kathy was sitting on a lounge chair. She waved at me and turned back to Tom who was eagerly sitting down next to her.

My thoughts were so conflicted. Do I run over to them and push Tom away? That’s not really who I am. Was I angry that Kathy seemed likely to break our marriage vows? My feelings towards Kathy were pretty complicated, but anger wasn’t what I would call this. Frustration, jealousy, and excitement were wound together. Laurie looking at me with her excited eyes was not making it easier.

We kept circling for another lap when we found Tom standing on the side of pool while Kathy was in the water, waiting for us. “Laurie, I want my husband back for a bit, we’ll see you two later.”

Laurie’s legs unwrapped themselves from around me as she answered, “Sure thing Kathy, he’s really great company, thank you for loaning him to me. Come on Tom, let’s leave the love birds alone for a bit.” She then walked up the steps to join Tom.

A minute later, we were back in the private part of the loop with no one really near us. Kathy hung onto the side of my tube, and playfully put her more modest breasts where Laurie’s had been. “See anything you like dear?”

“I’m feeling very confused right now. I don’t want any of this to affect our relationship.”

“Honey, it’s good you can tell me that without our usual games. I’m certain that this won’t negatively affect our relationship. In fact, I think you will greatly enjoy this, almost as much as I will. However, I did say I would do what you want on this trip. So, as a special treat that you’ve definitely earned, what do you command? Say no honey, and we’ll leave Tom and Laurie behind us. Say yes and I’ll make sure we don’t regret this at all.”

“Mistress? I’m...” Kathy cut me off, “Ken, I’m not your Mistress on this trip. I’m your loving wife, asking what you’d like to do. So decide honey, I’m really curious what you’re up for.”

We floated along for a bit before I quietly said, “Ok.”

Kathy smiled at me and couldn’t resist testing me, “Ok what darling, you need to tell me a little more so I know exactly what you had in mind.”

“Ok, let’s take them up on their offer.”

“Excellent. I’m going to suggest that we keep feeding Laurie drinks but I’m going to stop now. You should too. When the party breaks up, we’ll all go to our room so I can pick up a few things. I’ll ask Tom to get some air with me and we’ll go to their room, leaving you with Laurie. If you’ll allow me, I’d suggest that you use your wonderful mouth on her until she can’t take any more, then blindfold her and bring her to their room. Tom mentioned he liked the idea of us all in the same room, I’m guessing because he likes to show off a bit or maybe because he thinks it will help convince one of us. Don’t you worry about a thing Ken, I think I know exactly how Tom needs to be handled.”

Laurie looked shy as we both walked quietly to our room, but Kathy and Tom kept chatting away in front of us the whole time. Tom was boastful and bossy which I thought would have annoyed Kathy. She looked like she was having the time of her life though. I believed her though, she seemed to think this would all work out ok.

They looked around our room and I showed them to our balcony. If you ducked under our hammock, you could look down on a complex of rooms below us, then the cliff and the ocean. The rocky offshore island was all lit up and it was spectacular. Kathy joined us a minute later. Tom helpfully pointed out their room below us, it was the end unit between us and the water. We stood nervously looking out at the view for a minute before Tom mentioned that they had a few bottles of tequila they could share. Kathy immediately piped in and said, “Let’s go down to your room and get them. “ He quickly agreed and they almost ran out of our room.

Laurie nestled up to me as we watched them go down the pathway to the other room. We could even hear the door shut behind them. A very long minute passed before I felt Laurie gently kissing my neck as I watched their room. They weren’t coming back.

I turned towards Laurie and felt something I thought I had lost a long time ago: the desire to make her mine. I remembered a girl from college that I chased and eventually caught. I put my hands around Laurie exactly the same way and she melted into me.

Step by step I followed my memories, kissing her, pulling her against me, grabbing her ass, squeezing her breasts against my chest. I led her back into the room and towards the bed. As she fell back, I gently pulled the hem of her skirt up to find a surprise. She wasn’t wearing anything under her skirt and I could see her hairless pussy gleaming at me. Her juices were running down her thighs and the scent wafted up to me. It was overpowering, I couldn’t stop myself from planting my mouth over her and feeling her lips open up inside my mouth. Kathy was right, she had trained me to use my mouth in a variety of ways to pleasure her. Laurie’s first orgasm began almost immediately. I never stopped licking, just doing it in different ways.

Eventually, I heard what I was expecting. “Please, enough. I’ve come so many times, I can’t take another one. I’ve never felt anything like that. Please let me catch my breath.”

“I have a better idea, let’s go join them in your room.”

“Now? I really want to feel you inside me. Tom likes to make himself look like a big shot, sometimes tries to make the husband feel worse. Let’s stay here and enjoy each other instead.”

“No. Let’s go see what they’re up to, come on.” I pulled her up so she was standing and started guiding her to the door. I had never actually undressed her so her skirt just fell back into place. She wasn’t resisting though she did bend down to grab her shoes. As I escorted her out the door, I saw the blindfold that Kathy must have left for me, on the desk next to the door. I grabbed it.

Laurie was clearly still drunk from the drinks and the orgasms but we made it to her door without anyone seeing us. She turned to me and kissed me, “I hope we all enjoy this,” and used her key on the door.

Before she pushed the door open, I pulled the blindfold over her eyes which surprised her. “I think this might help with the enjoyment. I could see her chewing her lip before she replied, “Ok, I’ve never tried one before.”

As the door opened, I found Kathy standing naked in front of me with a big smile on her face. She held her finger up in a shush motion before leading us into the main room. She whispered in my ear, “Dear, please put Laurie in the same position.”

I guided Laurie onto the bed on her hands and knees.

“Where are Tom and Kathy? Are they outside?”

“No Laurie, they’re here, watching us. Reach back with your hands now.” I wasn’t lying. Kathy was certainly watching us with a big smile on her face. I couldn’t quite tell if Tom was smiling as much since he had a bright red ball gag strapped to his head, but his head was turned towards us. I gently pulled her arms right next to her ankles. She wasn’t fighting me, but I don’t think this is something she was used to.

“What’s going on Ken? Tom? Hey!”

Kathy had started using duct tape to bind Laurie’s ankles and wrists together. I helpfully held the other hand until Kathy could get to it. Laurie never stopped protesting, but never raised her voice.

Kathy went back into her purse and pulled out a ring gag I was all too familiar with. “This will keep her quiet but available.” She moved to the other side of the bed and leaned down towards Laurie’s face. In the meantime, I stared at Tom. He was tied naked in the same position but it was clear Kathy had been working on him. His ass was flaming red. I could see fading handprints, but Kathy must have switched to a belt at some point based on the stripes. Kathy had tied a rope around his cock and balls and tied it tightly to his neck. She’s done the same to me many times and it made me very sensitive to every motion. His eyes were wandering around, sometimes focusing on Laurie, then looking at Kathy and occasionally at me.

Kathy had finished with the two of them and gently took my hand and led me to their patio. They had a better version of the same view we did, but a lot more private. Unless you were in a boat, you couldn’t see into the room. There was a hot tub bubbling away with underwater lights. I guess Tom must have done well this year to deserve this room.

Kathy put her arms up and around my neck and pulled herself up to kiss me. With a naughty smile, she licked my lips and face. “Ken, I didn’t let Tom touch me. I can tell you did as I suggested, I’m sure she enjoyed it greatly. Now it’s time for us to have our fun. I know we have our ... relationship, but I’d like to suggest that tonight, you can do whatever you like. Fuck Laurie, for that matter, fuck Tom. Fuck them side by side. I have some ideas I want to try out too. However, like I said before, this trip is about you. If you don’t want me to do something, you just have to tell me.”

My heart was pounding, my chest felt tight, each breath felt like my last. Kathy was looking at me nervously.

“If this is too much Ken, we don’t have to do this. Or if you really want, I can be your Mistress, but I was hoping...”

“Enough.” Kathy stopped talking and just stared at me as I suddenly smiled, “let’s go have some fun together.”

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