Ruff Stuff: A Were Tale
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Consensual, Reluctant, Were animal, BDSM, MaleDom, Humiliation, Sadistic, Spanking, Anal Sex, Analingus, Enema, Oral Sex, Petting, Violent,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Were BDSM Tale. An exiled werewolf finds a home, but at what cost? (Heavy BDSM content, beware.)

2200 hours Saturday - Chaos

Jonah sat in his office, monitoring the club. It was a Saturday night, and a ‘leather and lace night’ and the club was busy between his pack members and a bunch of S&M wannabes with a dabble of actual practitioners in the club. The massive building at the north end of a large ravine on the outskirt of the city was on a large tract of private land. The club was a guest list type of affair with only those who were members, and guest allowed, with the occasional open night with subtle advertising in local scene publications and message boards. It was one of the primary sources of revenue for the pack, and employed a good many members. Membership fees were geared to income, and S&M practitioners Were often willing to pay a hefty fee to be able to gather and talk about the practices away from prying public eyes.

Jonah had just taken over the pack, at the direction of the regional council. He had been brought in from outside, and had challenged and killed the alpha of the pack who had been found violating several council laws, including being involved in a white slavery ring. He now had the troublesome task of keeping order in a large pack that was resentful of his presence.

He had only two real allies, and that was his pregnant sister, Lara and her mate, Marcus who was his 2nd in command, and a powerful fighter who could be an alpha in his own right in a smaller pack.

As he sat watching the security feed, his eyes focused in on a what he had initially pegged as a wannabe sitting at the bar. Red and brown hair, slightly plain looking, eyes often downcast and she was not really approaching anyone, but her eyes constantly cast around the room. She was obviously a submissive and looking for something. Her collar, a black velvet choker did not have a tag of ownership. She was chatting with one of his problem wolves, a beta that though he should have been up for leadership in the pack. He watched the feed as something distracted her and her head turned away, focusing on something other than her drink and he watched as his pack member slipped something into her drink. Her head turned back and she downed the remains of her drink, and Jonah stood up, his fury rising in a dark tide. One of his wolves had just drugged a submissive in his club. That would not stand, and he angrily stormed out of his office and towards the main part of the club.

Mel turned back to the wolf she had been flirting with and downed her drink. It was getting late, and she was thinking about calling it a night. She hadn’t found what she was looking for, an obvious Alpha to approach. Then her perceptions began to alter, and she got a bit dizzy. Something was wrong ... she couldn’t focus. A hand touched her shoulder, and someone murmured meaningless drivel in her ear. But it wasn’t right. Someone brushed her ear and she leaned into the friendly contact but she was confused ... nothing seemed clear, she couldn’t focus.

Then, as her head slowly turned she scented another wolf ... and from the strength of the scent, it was an Alpha. Oh shit ... She tried to focus on the source of the scent, but with the drugs coursing through her body, she couldn’t pin down the source of the scent. Then she heard a crash and turned her head as a man wearing a black leather outfit vaulted the railing from halfway down the stairs and crashed down into the crowd, scattering people as he stormed towards them, black fury evident on his face.

The scent crashed into her brain, and the mix of the pheromones of a pissed off Alpha Werewolf and the drugs from her drink produced a strangely powerful flight response and unreasoning terror crept through her brain and she bolted, running as fast as she could towards the entrance of the club. Her shoulder slammed into a woman that was blocking the door of the club, knocking her down in her haste to get away from the fearsome anger of the Alpha. The woman’s head slammed into the doorjamb, knocking her out. The drugs mixing with the pheromone response had her adrenaline levels so high she didn’t feel the pain from the impact. There was a gleaming black BMW sitting, engine running, with it’s door open next to the entrance of the club. In her panic she took the first visible means of escape and jumped into the driver seat and took off. As she drove the drugs began to take hold. Just over a block away, as the peak of her adrenaline died down, the drugs took over and she lost consciousness. The car slammed into a phone booth and stopped, steam coming from the damaged engine.

Back inside the club Jonah was methodically beating the shit out of the offending beta wolf. He had cracked two ribs with the first blow of his fist. A backhanded blow to the face and then a punch to the gut had the hapless Were on his knees in front of his alpha. Jonah grabbed him by the back of the head and his knee flashed up and took the Were in the jaw, dazing him. Two large Weres wearing leather jackets moved over to back up the alpha. Jonah gave the groaning Were another hard cuff to the side of the head with an open hand.

“Take this one to the secure room. He’ll face me in the circle tonight after I clean up the mess this fucking idiot has caused.” He shook with a mixture of adrenaline and fury, eyes bright and ready to take on anyone who challenged him.

Jonah took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself, then went to the entrance of the club and found the pregnant mate of his second being tended to a bouncer. She had a cut on her temple and was still somewhat woozy. Jonah checked with her and Lara said that she would be fine.

“Back to my office and rest until the Doc can check you out. I’m not taking any chances with your health.” Jonah ordered.

“The girl who took your car...”


“Yeah, I had just pulled up and was coming in when she stormed through the door. I’ve never seen a Were that terrified Jonah. What the hell happened here tonight?”

“That fucking idiot Calvin drugged her drink. Drugging a submissive Were ... in my fucking club. He’ll be lucky if I don’t kill him later. I watched it on the Security feed. I will not have that kind of behavior in my pack. That lesson will be learned tonight in the circle after the club closes. Now let’s get you back to my office and I’ll check the location of my car. I can disable it if need be to make sure she can’t get far.”

“She didn’t. Crashed it about a block and a half that way ... Took out a phone booth.”

“Just fucking great. How the fuck am I going to explain this cluster fuck to the insurance company? I swear to god I’m going to beat that shithead within an inch of his life later. God damn it so fucking much. The fucking council should have let me purge this mess and start over.”

He led Lara back to his office and put her on the large leather couch. He activated his PC and logged in to the Low Jack program and just as Lara had said, it show his car a block and a half away.

Jonah picked up his phone and called Doc, telling him that his assistance was needed at the club. ‘Doc’ was a vet who helped the pack out with injuries and medical treatment on the sly, without records for a substantial cash bonus every month. Once he knew Doc was on his way and Lara was comfortable and alert, he jogged back down the stairs, and headed back out the front entrance. He grabbed a first aid kit off the wall and yelled for Alan, one of the two large Weres that had backed him up with Brendan. They jogged down the street and found the damaged car.

The woman who had taken it was out cold in the front seat, and she reeked of fear to the Alpha. Brendan, as one of the clubs bouncers was a trained first responded and checked the girl over for injuries before Jonah simply undid her seat belt and picked the girl up in his arms. He noticed she was a little too thin for a healthy Were. She obviously hadn’t been looked after properly. He again noted the collar without a tag. Jonah’s thoughts were dark as he carried the unconscious Were girl back to the club. A tow truck had already arrived and Brendan dealt with the driver, directing him to have the care to a pack owned garage.

Jonah carried the limp girl back to the club. Marcus, his 2nd, and the mate of the injured Lara stood at the door with a stormy look on his face.

“The fuck is going on tonight? Who’s ass do I need to kick about Lara getting hurt?”

“I’ll deal with it, initially, but you will get your pound of flesh as well. Spread the word. I want every available wolf at the circle tonight. This kind of shit will not fucking happen in my territory.”

“And her?”

“She’s a submissive Were in my club who was drugged, so we owe her some consideration. But the law is the law and even if she was drugged, some bad shit happened and she has consequences coming to her. She totaled my brand new car, and injured the dominant female of the pack. I’m sure we’ll be able to negotiate appropriate punishment. At a minimum, I think she’s gonna be wearing a club tag, if not my own for a while. You and Lara have the only input besides me on what happens to her. We’ll figure it out after I’ve dealt with that stupid son of a bitch locked in the secure room.”

With that he effortlessly carried the still limp girl in his arms back to his office. Lara was no longer on the couch, instead she was sitting on the desk while an older man wearing blue medical scrubs checked her over. Jonah gently placed the girl on the couch.

“Hey Doc, another patient for you. Drugged and scared as hell. No obvious trauma from a minor car crash. She probably passed out from whatever she was drugged with.”

Doc turned and glared at him. He checked her vitals, noting that her breathing and pulse were fine. She responded to a couple of involuntary reflex tests, so she was just unconscious.

“Drugged? I know you are new here, but I didn’t think you would tolerate that kind of behavior. Seriously Jonah, what the hell happened here tonight?”

“Something that will never happen again after I’m done. I’m going to beat some respect into at least one lousy excuse for a wolf tonight after we close. She saw me coming and panicked. Bolted fast and slammed Lara into the door frame, and then took my car and passed out, crashing my brand new BMW into a phone booth.”

“Well, given your metabolisms she’ll probably be ok by morning. Keep an eye on her until then. I’ll check into her in the morning, or call me again if she deteriorates at all.

Jonah stationed a wolf at the door to his office and then went to deal with his pack.

0300 hours Sunday - Retribution

The pack was assembled. Some two dozen Weres, about evenly split between males and females gathered in the woods to watch as their Alpha prepared to hand out pack justice. Almost all were still in human form. There was two video cameras set up on tripods recording the session, with one record of this going to the council.

Brendan frog marched Calvin, who was shackled in handcuffs into the center of the circle.

“This pack member drugged an unclaimed submissive in my Club. In doing so he caused injury to a pregnant female and severe damage to my personal vehicle. Will anyone here speak anything in his defense? Does anyone claim that drugging a submissive in my private club should ever happen?” There was muttering from several wolves, but no one spoke up for him.

“Fuck you asshole! You never should have been brought in to this pack.” Colin growled. “Fucking outsider.”

“Release him.” Jonah nodded at Brendan, who un-cuffed the snarling Were.

“If you change, this becomes a leadership challenge, and I will kill you. Barring that feel free to fight back however you can.”

The two men closed in on each other and Colin let go with a punch and kick combination that Jonah easily blocked. Jonah then proceeded to administer the beating of a lifetime. His fists and feet flashed with blinding speed, meaty thuds happening almost too fast for the watching Weres to follow, with the sound of cracking bones mixed in. His fists pummeled Colin, fracturing most of his ribs, breaking three fingers with a twist of his wrist when Colin almost landed a punch, and then fracturing his jaw in two places with a wicked backhanded open hand strike. The hit to to the jaw knocked him out cold. A bucket of cold water was thrown over the Were. Colin sputtered and sat up, clutching his ribs and moaning in pain.

“Bind him.”

Brendan moved in quickly and soon Colin was strung up before the pack, his wrists shackled together with silver manacles. Jonah turned to his Second, and nodded.

“He’s yours to deal with now.”

Marcus brought out a silver wire wrapped rattan can and proceeded to give Colin forty strokes with it. The silver wrapped cane left a blistering welt with each stroke. Soon Colin’s back, buttocks and legs Were a mass of welts. He screamed with each stroke of the cane, as Marcus unleashed his fury at his wife being injured. Many in the pack averted their eyes as the pack’s second in command laid the brutal beating on Colin. Finally it was over and Colin stopped screaming.

Marcus unhooked the manacles and Colin dropped to his knees, trying to get his breath back. Marcus cuffed him violently across the back of the head, sending him tumbling into the middle of the circle, the contempt and anger still plainly evident on his face.

Jonah spoke with a loud, but very firm tone to his voice. No one who heard him misunderstood the will of the Alpha. He would be obeyed. “The rest of my judgment is as such. You are forbidden to change to heal until morning.|” Several of the pack gasped, as not changing for that long after a significant injury made healing fractured bones by shifting exceptionally painful. “And as for the drugs, never bring that filth into my club again, and if I find out you’ve drugged another Were I’ll beat you to death slowly. You are exiled for three months to the Pack rig in Alberta. Half your salary will be taken in restitution, one quarter to me to pay for my car, the rest to the girl for your egregious violation of trust. Have fun working twelve hour shifts for seven days a week for the next three months Colin. Don’t come back with the same attitude, or I’ll break your back over my knee like a fucking tree branch. Now get the fuck out of my sight.” The Alpha spit on the floor in contempt. The pack turned their back on Colin and he slowly got up off the floor and two of the packs lower ranked members moved to help him to his rooms to pack his things.

0800 Sunday – Fear, Acceptance, Negotiation

‘ A knock on his bedroom door woke him.

“Alpha, she is awake. She’s changed and is hiding under your desk.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake.” Jonah got up and threw on a pair of shorts and a robe, and went upstairs to his office. He had a bedroom in the basement of the club, and he had decided to sleep there for now, rather than getting an apartment or house until he had a better feel for this territory.

He walked into his office and he could smell the stink of terror in the room.

“Get out from under the desk girl.”

He heard nothing but a pathetic whimpering in response and he growled.

Having little sleep and feeling very low on patience Jonah changed to hybrid form and walked around the back of his desk. The wolf under his desk was wide eyed and quivering in fear. Jonah reached in to haul her out and fast as lightning the terrified she wolf nipped his clawed hand. Jonah growled and slapped her muzzle sharply then grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and hauled the quivering wolf out from under the desk. The acrid stench of urine filled the room as her bladder let go with terror.

He gently put her down on the floor but held onto her by the back of the neck, and forced the wolfs head to the floor.

“Now change. We need to talk, and I don’t have a pack bond with you.” A moment later there was a quivering naked girl with her face pressed to the floor, quietly sobbing with fear.

“I’m going to let you up, and give you my robe. Put it on and go sit on the couch. I’ll be back in a minute.” He ducked out of the office and came back with a mop and bucket, and cleaned up the urine behind his desk, not wanting to deal with the smell. He then turned and went to a cabinet and took out a decanter of whisky and pour two fingers into the glass and downed it. He turned to deal with his problem.

The quivering girl wrapped herself in the robe and sat on the couch, still shaking and obviously terrified. Rather than sit behind his desk, he sat on the front edge of it, closer to the girl, but more casual.

“Let’s start simple. My name is Jonah. I own the club and am Alpha of this pack. I am also the regional enforcer for the council. Basically I’m the cops and the courts all in one for Weres in this region. Now, you? Who are you,

“My name is Melanie, Alpha. My Alpha female took a dislike to me when she got pregnant and was very abusive. I left my pack in Colorado two and a half years ago. I’ve been working odd jobs and trying to find a pack that will accept me since. I haven’t been doing well, most of the packs I found were not well run or had really bad rituals to get accepted. I had tried here before but the last pack leader in this area creeped me out. I heard about the change in leadership and decided to try again. I haven’t had a pack in so long...” Her voice trailed off to almost a whimper at then end.

“On to something more complicated. The collar you were wearing last night? Was it for real? Are you looking for a Dominant as well?”

“Yes Alpha. I played pretty extensively in the scene in Colorado before my Alpha female kicked me out of the pack. It’s one of the things that has made it so hard ... I, I don’t do really well on my own. I miss having a Dominant a lot.”

“How much do you remember about last night?”

“The last thing I remember was you jumping off the railing and charging at me ... after that I remember running, but nothing was right ... I couldn’t focus. Then a lot of pain. I woke up on the couch and saw the beta guarding the room. I panicked and changed and hid, hoping that I could submit as a wolf and you wouldn’t kill me ... at least so far that’s worked.” She let out a sob.

“Relax Melanie. Nothing you’ve done is to the point where I’d even think about killing you. Although you are in a fair bit of trouble, and the next couple of days are going to be very hard, at minimum I’ll accept you into the pack and you’ll have a job. You have some property damage that you are partially responsible for, and you’ll need to work that off as part of your punishment. But the pack pays well, and you’ll have a place to stay, rent free if we can come to an agreement during our negotiations on your punishment.”

“What happened? What don’t I remember?”

“When you panicked, my dominant female tried to stop you from leaving. You are very fast, and she didn’t react in time and you crashed into her causing a minor concussion and a cut to her forehead that required a couple of stitches. She’ pregnant and can’t change to heal it.” With that Melanie collapsed into sobs again, eventually subsiding to whimpers as she looked up at this stern Alpha. His eyes did not contain the fury that she expected, just a steadiness and weight that was intimidating. As her sobbing slowed Jonah continued... “You also stole my car and damaged it considerably when you lost consciousness and crashed. You crashed very close and we were able to have it towed to a pack garage before the human police got involved. On that end you are lucky because I’d have to be even more harsh with you if I had to add charges of endangering the pack, which would have had additional penalties. I have just taken over this pack and, as you can see, it has leadership issues. The Council has directed me to be firm. The one responsible for drugging you was beaten badly by me in the circle, then he received forty strokes with a silver wrapped cane. He has been exiled for three months at a punishment job posting where he will work twelve hours a day. Half of his salary has been garnished as restitution. And the council has been informed and spread word to the other packs.”

“And what is to happen to me Alpha? I have no right to appeal. I am not a pack member, I’m a stray, outcast. You may do with me as you wish. I know other Alphas have had non-pack wolves killed for trespassing on pack lands in the past. It is what we all fear, being outcast and struck down by an angry Alpha. It was my deepest fear realized when I saw your fury as you crossed the floor. I knew I was going to die. I had to run.”

“Well, now here is where things get a bit more complicated for you. You say you are looking for a pack. You are also a submissive looking for a Dominant. Will you accept a harsh punishment as your initiation to the pack?”

“You would accept me into your pack after I hurt a pregnant female?” Her eyes were downcast, not daring to hope for that level of consideration.

“She has spoken for you. You will owe her some personal restitution, but I have some thoughts on your punishment.”

“If I am to be accepted into the pack and the lead female of the pack has spoken for me even though I injured her then I will accept any punishment that does not cripple or kill me, as you see fit Alpha.”

“So you accept that I am the injured party here, and that I have right of judgment over you? Do you accept my authority in this Melanie?”

“Yes Alpha. I submit to your judgment.”

“Then for the next three months I claim you as my submissive. And until midnight Tuesday you have no safe word. You will work in the club with me as my assistant. That position has a salary. One third of that will be claimed for restitution. In practice, that means for the next three months you are mine to do with as I please, barring hard limits and you safe wording. At the end of the three months you can cease to be my submissive, and become a normal member of the pack, or if you find that after three months you like the position as my submissive, we can negotiate further then. You are my concubine, and your position in the pack is undetermined, but under my watch and protection. You don’t have to worry about fighting with other females, as you are not my permanent mate. You are basically on probation, with a harsh spanking or other painful consequences for any disobedience to me, my Sister or her mate. We expect total obedience and compliance. And you will be caned harshly in front of the pack, and after I will take you and mark you as mine in front of the pack tonight. Tonight will be a show of absolute public submission from you to me. I am going to be harsh with you tonight. You may well hate me a fair bit tomorrow. And you won’t be allowed to change to heal the cane marks. I need you to wear them visible for the next day or so. But for now that is my judgment. Do you wish to appeal to the regional council?”

“No Alpha. I accept your judgment. I will serve as your submissive for three months gladly.”

“Don’t be so sure of that Melanie. I am a demanding Dominant and I like to see my sub with a red bottom a lot, just for the sake of it.” Damian then reached into his desk and came out with a leather dog collar.

“Come here Melanie, indicating a position at his feet.”

She took the robe off and walked over to him, head down. When she stood in front of him he put a finger under her chin and tipped her head up to make her look him in the eye.

“Kneel. And keep your eyes on mine Melanie.”

She sunk to her knees, kneeling naked before him, still shaking in fear but with a glimmer of hope now in her eyes. Two and a half years of lonesomeness and fear were coming to an end. She could deal with a harsh dominant. Being alone had nearly broken her though. Jonah buckled the collar around her neck and clipped a chain to the leash. He leaned in and kissed her forehead and she quivered with the hope of it.

“Until Tuesday night, this is all you are allowed to wear. You will be as close to me as you can manage. Generally, that will mean kneeling nearby, or at my feet, unless I give you a task to do, or you are bound otherwise. If I tell you to present, I mean for you to have your arms crossed, and your head on the them, and your ass in the air, with your legs apart. Like a bitch in heat waiting to be taken. That is how you’ll be corrected usually, for mild spanking and such. If I tell you punishment position, you’ll lay on your back and spread your legs shoulder wide, with one hand behind each knee. That is the position I’ll punish you in if you severely displease me. You really don’t want to severely displease me.”

“Yes my Alpha.”

“Good. Demonstrate for me. Present.”

She turned around and put her head on her crossed arms, and presented her ass to him. His nose scented her growing arousal mixed with the acrid tang of fear. He ran his hand down her back, making her shiver. His hands roamed across her ass cheeks and a finger dipped between them, running over her tight brown star. She shivered, and his hand dipped lower, finding the growing wetness between her legs.

Jonah stood up and moved an ottoman next to her.

“Good girl. Now, lie on it, punishment position.”

She crawled onto the ottoman and laid down on her back, with her knees up and spread and he corrected her position slightly. “Higher up. Knees to your boobs.” She was spread lewdly in from of him now. Whimpering slightly as well, again with her scent being a mix of fear and arousal. He spanked each of her cheeks once, leaving two red hand prints on her ass. She yipped lightly at each hit. His hand then wandered back to her slit, and he slid his middle finger into her, making her whimper as she was filled. He slipped his finger in and out of her cunt several times, and then licked it clean, tasting her spicy essence.

“Remember these positions well. You’ll be in them a lot over the next two days. Now go lie on the couch and relax. You can use the robe as a blanket to keep warm but you can’t put it on.” He sat at his desk and fired up his computer, then picked up the phone. “Breakfast for two, heavy protein, my office as soon as you can.”

He had briefed the council last night with a phone call, but now that all the details were settled, he sent a more detailed email to the council members detailing the events of the past several hours. As he was typing someone knocked on his office door.


Lara walked in, a bruise and stitches showing plainly on her temple where she had smashed into the doorway, and her gently swelling belly indicating her pregnancy. Melanie felt nauseous, knowing she was the cause. She slipped off the couch and crawled, head low to the ground towards Lara. The chain from her collar dragging on the ground. When she reached the Dominant female Were she grasped her ankle gently and rubbed her head against her calf. with tears falling freely onto her shoes.

“Sorry sorrry sorrry...” she chanted over and over, whimpering and sobbing. Were culture revered pregnant females, and to have harmed a pregnant dominant female was wracking her with guilt and sorrow.

Lara cocked her head at the display of submission and guilt, and looked over at Jonah.

“She doesn’t remember running into you.”

“She’s agreed to what we discussed?”

“She knows about the caning, not all of the other details. I don’t think she needs everything laid out for her. She doesn’t have a safe word until Tuesday.”

Lara reached down and grabbed a handful of the whimpering girls hair and hauled her up to look her in the face.

“Look at me pup.”

Melanie’s red, tear filled eyes looked up at her.

“You will have my forgiveness, and more so, after you endure tonight. Show us your absolute submission tonight, take what punishment comes with as much grace and strength as you can. I’ve given one stipulation to your punishment. You will almost certainly hate me more than a little bit, once you’ve endured it. But that part you won’t know about until it comes. And you’ll be helping me whenever my brother doesn’t have you chained to his side, especially over the next several months. Part of your job will be to keep me happy when I’m grumpy and irritable from this pregnancy. I don’t trust any of the females here to attend me, and if you get through tonight without breaking, then you’ll do just fine. Now get back over to the couch and lie down.”

Melanie crawled back over to the couch and curled up, pulling the robe over her. Still shaking and the occasional tear falling down her face. Lara sat down at the other end of the couch and she chatted back and forth with Jonah over the events of the past few days. Several minutes later breakfast arrived, carried by a young male Were, wearing a club staff shirt ... The server placed the trays, one next to Lara and one on the desk for Jonah. The plated were piled high with bacon, sausage, ham and a sliced grilled steak, along with toast and a pile of scrambled eggs with cheese mixed in.

Lara cocked her head at Jonah.

“I’ve already eaten.”

“I ordered it for Melanie.”

A small evil grin came to Lara’s face and she turned and reached and grabbed the leash attached to Melanie’s collar.

“May I?”

“Certainly.” Jonah smiled.

Lara grabbed a pillow and tossed it on the floor at her feet. She then tugged the leash, dragging Melanie over. Melanie position her sitting on the cushion, and dragged her head over to rest against her thigh.

“Submit. Obey. This is what we want from you. Don’t question. Obey. Understood?”

“Yes Mistress.” Melanie whimpered.

“I like that. Mistress. That is how you shall address me from now on.” She reached down and stroked Melanie’s hair and then took a sausage off the plate and fed it to Melanie. Over the next several minutes Lara fed Melanie the breakfast, even cutting up the steak and feeding it to her bite by bite.

Jonah looked on, as he ate his massive plate of food as well, wolfing it down, as for a Were, calories could be an OK substitute for sleep, and he was still more than a little grumpy and stressed from the night before. Watching his sister look after his submissive, and seeing the almost childlike expression on Melanie’s face was more than a little interesting. She was obviously starved for affection. His brow furrowed, as he thought about how easy it would be to break this sub down to a mental wreck with the trials she was about to endure. But the needs of the pack came first. With a pack this fractured and behavior patterns ingrained with weak and failed leaders, he had to demonstrate strength, ruthlessness and cruelty to forestall any further criminal behavior. The beating and exile of one member wasn’t going to be enough. If she broke, the pack would look after her. He’d see to that, but his thoughts were on the possibilities if she was able to endure the cruelty he planned to inflict tonight. He hoped she was strong enough for the trial to come. He was still tired and his thoughts were more than a little dark. He glanced up and Melanie groaned a small sigh of contentment as Lara fed her the last piece of bacon on the plate, obvious over-full from the massive breakfast.

“Lara, take her for a walk around the property and then you two change and nap in wolf form.

If she is up to it after you nap, then take her for a hunt for rabbits and squirrels out in the back woods. No food or water after two, and then prep her and have her ready for 6pm tonight. We’ll do this downstairs. And have that stupid throne chair, and a mounting bench brought into the gathering room. I’ll pronounce and conduct her punishment with the whole pack there. We’ll save the worst of it for in private after her caning.” With that his sister led Melanie out of his office, Melanie with a troubled look on her face. The worst of it wouldn’t be the caning with a silver wrapped cane? She shuddered at the thought and the troubled look on her Alpha’s face.

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