The Sex Club
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, Ma/mt, mt/mt, Teenagers, Consensual, Gay, BiSexual, Fiction, Revenge, Wimp Husband, FemaleDom, Humiliation, White Male, White Female, White Couple, Anal Sex, First, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Women who were talked into starring in porn films turn the tables on their husbands and sons. Read what happens when they go on strike and insist it's their turn to do the filming and the males to do the starring.

It was another Saturday afternoon and time for the sex club members to film themselves in another all-out orgy. Rob Tait felt pleased as he watched his family, the Olson family and the two family friends assemble in the living room. The sofa his wife Susan and their two children plopped down was no longer dirty and ragged with springs popping out all over. The one that his friend Mike Olson, his wife Tina and their children Tanya and Danny were sitting on was also new. In addition their friends Lance and Margaret also sat in brand new comfortably stuffed chairs.

“See, I told you that creating a sex club and filming ourselves was a great idea. Look at this eh, in a matter of weeks we have gone from being squatters using old, abandoned furniture to brand new stuff. Our beds are also new and we now have decent clothes to wear as well as plenty of food to eat. Oh, by the way. I also invested some of our extra money into new and modern camera equipment. The cameras are all high definition and come equipped with wheeled tripods. It was expensive but I thought since we’re making a killing at this we might as well get the best ‘cause it’ll be worth it when our films become high grade.” Rob boasted as soon as the members had sat down.

“Amen to that buddy.” Mike agreed. “I’ve also been busy using some of our new found wealth to renovate our suites. I also repaired the fence that surrounds our property. It’s now eight feet high with barbed wire on top so nobody can invade our place to try and steal our food or squat in it. Now, I’m thinking of renovating several more suites so we can have them ready in case somebody else wants to join our club.”

While Mike and Rob were making their speech, their 16 year old sons were barely listening. Jeff’s eyes were fastened on the body of Tina Olson. At 35 she had a pretty, unlined face framed by long, curly black hair. She stood only five foot two and was voluptuous with big tits, slender waist, wide womanly hips and a big, juicy ass. He marvelled that she used to be nothing more than a masturbating fantasy but now she not only sucked his dick numerous times and swallowed his spunk, she’d also let him fuck her pussy and even her ass. Nothing about her was off limits since they started the club and Jeff was eager for more, because in addition toTina blowing and fucking him, her daughter Tanya, whose body was a younger version of her mother’s, also did the same. Then there was Margaret, older than the others at age 45 but still with a nice body that boasted big tits that were great for titty fucking, an ass and pussy he loved to fuck as well as a mouth that seemed made for cock sucking.

At the same time Danny’s eyes were glued to Susan and her daughter Emma. Susan, age 36, was a tall, willowy and curvy with long blond hair that framed a beautiful face. Her tits were big and firm, her tummy almost flat and she had a great pussy and ass he loved to fuck. She also blew him whenever he wanted. Her daughter, at 15, had the same kind of body with the same blond hair and a sweet, angelic face. He grinned at the memory of the first time he pushed his cock in between those luscious, innocent lips and the cameras recorded her sucking him off. Danny occasionally took his eyes off the pair to ogle Margaret who he also got to fuck whenever and however he wanted.

Both boys were eager to get the afternoon’s session started. Their cocks were getting hard and twitching at the thought of enjoying the women and girls as Rob or Mike directed the scenes. Fuck, his dad even had them doing lesbian scenes with each other. It was really hot to see them kissing each other and, licking each other’s pussies or fucking each other with strap-ons.

However, their reveries were broken by Tina Olson who had interrupted Rob and Mike’s speeches. They turned their attention to her, wondering what idea she had for the afternoon.

“Sorry to disappoint you guys by bringing this up but me and the gals thought we should warn you before any of your plans for the afternoon get too ambitious.” She said in a loud voice that caught everyone’s attention.

“Warn us about what?” Rob asked, a questioning look on his face. “Why should we change anything now when everything is going so well for us?”

“Because things aren’t exactly fair and us gals have decided to go on strike unless certain things change.” Tina announced.

“Strike? What are you talking about?” Her husband Mike demanded while Rob looked at his wife and asked. “What’s going on here?”

Susan shrugged and smirked. “I’ll let Tina explain it and you guys had better listen up good or you won’t be filming us fucking you anymore.

“What the hell,” growled Rob as he stared angrily at Tina who he knew was an occasional trouble maker.

“Remember when we started this sex club and began doing the filming? Remember that you and Mike swore that it would be fifty-fifty in everything and that whatever one of us did, the others would have to do the same?”

Mike and Rob nodded and looked at one another, both of them suddenly worried about where Tina was going with this. She was always outspoken and so stubborn that once she got an idea in her head it was impossible for anybody to convince her to change her mind.

Jeff and Danny were silent and hoping Tina would be finished quick so that the real fun could be begin. Their teenage, hormone filled cocks were already stiff with anticipation.

Tina continued. “Well, I figure us gals have been very good so far. We’ve all blown you guys numerous times, let you fuck us and took it up the ass. We’ve also had threesomes with you and even got into lesbian sex. All of which was filmed so god knows who can watch us debase ourselves for their amusement.”

Rob and Mike again nodded in agreement.

“Sure you gals have been great and we appreciate it. We couldn’t have done it without you.” Rob agreed.

“Well, that’s my point,” Tina explained. “Me and the gals have put two and two together and decided we don’t really need you ‘cause we can do some very good scenes all by ourselves. And of course, since you will no longer be involved, it means you won’t be getting a share of the profits. In addition, you might start missing our pussies and asses.”

“What?” Rob thundered. He looked at Mike. “She can’t do this to us. Just when we start making a fortune at this, she wants to change everything. You’d better talk to her Mike.”

Mike looked over at his wife who had that determined look on her face. “Honey, you have to be reasonable here. Surely there’s a way around this problem.”

“Sure there is,” Tina said. “All you guys have to do is let us gals do half the filming. I bet we could make a fortune filming you guys going at one another in gay scenes, just like us gals do. Just think of the money that would roll in when our clients see you straight guys acting like real queers, blowing one another and bum fucking each other.”

“Hey, what the hell, that just ain’t gonna happen because us guys happen to be all straight and we intend to stay that way.” Rob announced.

The room was filled with the uproarious laughter of the girls.

“What do you think I am? I was just as straight as you guys and never thought of doing anything with a woman until you convinced me to start going down on all the other girls, then let them do the same to me. Fuck, do you think we enjoyed it when you guys had us licking each other’s pussies and fucking one another with dildos and rubber dicks? It might have been fun for you guys but we weren’t exactly enthused about it. But we did it to make money for the films and guess what, we realized are fears of becoming lesbians were groundless. We just became bisexuals so we think you guys should get a taste of your own medicine.” Tina explained.

“No way,” Rob and Mike shouted together when they realized what Tina was saying. Their sons sat stunned at the implication because to boys their age homosexual acts were the ultimate no no.

“Okay, fine with us but all you guys better clear out of the room.” Tina suggested.

“Yeah, Rob maybe you should go back to helping Mike with renovations or something because you won’t be needed for this session or any other one unless you let us girls direct some films.” Susan firmly stated.

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