The Obedient Stepdaughter
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Coercion, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, School, Incest, Father, Daughter, Humiliation, Spanking, Anal Sex, Analingus, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Voyeurism, Hairy, Size, Teacher/Student,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Yoko would soon be a schoolgirl no longer. She had learned many things in school. She learned to be obedient in school and dutiful to her family. There was time later to be independent, but now she saw the value of submission and surrender to tradition by bending to the need for close family ties and full surrender to the control of her teachers in school no matter how demanding they were of sharing her personal privacy and invading her territorial imperative with deep probes into her very core.

Yoko was a girl that seldom smiled.

Some would say it was because she was far too serious of a person.

Others felt it was her way of hiding her emotions behind a mask of no emotions.

In all honesty, Yoko would be the first to admit it was because her front tooth was chipped and she looked far too damaged to inspire happy thoughts in either friends or unknown strangers. She certainly didn’t want any of them to see her imperfections up close and personal in a way too hideous to contemplate for such a long period of time.

She was still in school that long hot summer and wore the silly uniform with the ultra-short skirt and the white, white panties that showed distressing dampness with sharp focus on her sinful thoughts or imagined physical need for masculine contact. Her legs were bare like all the other schoolgirls and she left her socks all tumbled down on her ankles in a shamefully disrespectful jumble in need of firm discipline to bring her properly in line. Secretly, Yoko was much in support of the use of the nasty little cane to punish student mistakes. Sometimes, she deliberately made errors to initiate her forced bending over the nearest empty desk for her correction. The thought of the other students ogling her bare bottom with her white panties down to her knees made her thickly haired slit tremble with anticipation even though the cane would be centered primarily on her sweetly curved cheeks of promise waiting for the first blow to fall on her guilty flesh.

Still, young Yoko was an obedient child and she obeyed her father and her mother in all matters beyond her understanding at such a young age. Her mother was both beautiful and a young widow with multiple suitors for her feminine favors. It was a situation that was certain to change with the speed of such romantic developments in modern times.

Her new step father was a sturdy fellow blessed with copious manly emissions to keep the new young widow full of belly and nocturnally content beyond her expectations of post widowhood existence. Young Yoko was witness to her joy and knew her strange new father was her cause for song and smiles. Her mother’s swollen family way was hard on Yoko’s new step father unaccustomed to the need for caution in bed visiting late at night when he needed the solace of a welcoming shelter for his lonely shaft. His need to wander with wonder and discreet deep explorations of the nubile passageways of female step daughters and assorted unattached cousins with closed eyes and unguarded gateways to paradise made the young girls giggle with heated breath laden with scheming anticipation under the shielding covers. Of course, the not-so-innocent females pretended sleep so heavy that even his eight inches of hardened resolve remained a secret between two souls united in single purpose of pleasure unsuspected by the other family members.

Yoko sensed the proximity of her cautious step father’s member slide slowly between her delicate feminine folds and she pressed her palm to her mouth to hold back her joyful gasp of sensitive pleasure as he drove deep inside her more-than- willing step-daughterly channels of tight welcome for her step-father’s righteous training of her unworthy female private parts. He ravaged her secret garden like a fox in a hen house. He touched her interior angles with his oversized member skillfully and with little thought to her comfort or personal dignity. She merely turned to a better angle to allow him swifter entry like a dutiful step daughter with her incapacitated mother burdened with a swollen belly and a need for sleep that prevented her from tending to her wifely duties in the customary manner. She became her mother substitute with closed eyes and silenced mouth sucking and draining her new step father with youthful enthusiasm and tingling tight folds of desire willing to give him the satisfaction he was entitled to in a home of compliant females.

Her step father’s arms were tightly wrapped around her waist and his inquisitive fingertips were searching for those places that he knew young girls wanted touched when the lights went out. She opened her legs wider trying her best not to disturb her younger sister Rosaria. The pleasantly plump honey-skinned girl was snoring lightly right in front of her but the still virginal girl could not see the contorted face of their step father driving his shaft deep into her sister Yoko’s pleasure pit. Suddenly, the lust-filled Yoko felt her mother’s new husband begin his depraved games with her rear door region pushing no less than two fingers into her crinkled rim, already drenched with the juices of heated copulation, with the skill of a veteran ass fucker. It was a special place she kept completely private and it bothered her that the oversexed older man was now focused on judging the tightness of her hidden core without her permission. In a way, it made her more excited than angry because he certainly knew what he was doing and she had no choice but to raise her ass up high to give him better access. Her breathing grew a bit ragged because of her dirty thoughts about taking it all the way up the ass like the slutty girls working on the second floor of the cheap bar on the corner. She knew that once she started doing such a dirty thing, she would be lost forever to the safety of being a “nice” girl and soon boys and men would be able to see her lust for such depravities lurking in her previously innocent eyes. In a way, she knew that would be the beginning of the end for her journey from innocent girl-child to fully grown woman with raw passions and desires of her own making.

Her shadowy step father pressed in closer on her backside and she felt his thing spread her cheeks apart with an ease she didn’t thing possible. Out of the corner of her eye Yoko could see her mother’s eyes were open and watching her facial expression as if knowing her new husband was giving her sweet young daughter a lesson in anal obedience. Yoko wanted to explain that she was just trying to be a good daughter but before she could utter a single word in defense of her depraved submission, the long thick cock slid home inside her rear channel like a familiar stranger making himself comfortable without being asked by his hostess. He bottomed out inside Yoko’s pretty rump causing her to shudder with that certain tingle of fully seated cock buried to the hilt up her innocent ass like a snake slithering under a rock looking for a nice nest to do his dirt business.

The buried snake of depraved desire tamed her sense of independence in regard to her rear door admittance and she settled into a contented folded over spoon of complicit acceptance taking her step father’s liquid offerings deep inside her thirsty gut like cream to sooth her need for stretched submission. She felt him stir and start to withdraw with infinite slowness like a night visit of scouts looking for a weakness in the enemy’s defenses. Despite her vow to pretend sleep, she whispered in a voice so low she was certain only he could hear,

“Please, My Lord, stay a little longer. I need your filling presence to make me feel complete. I promise not to move a solitary centimeter to draw attention to our union.”

She was rewarded by the lingering fullness of his stretching that continued until she felt him harden again with the immersion of his shaft of enlightenment in her puddle of feminine sweet honey tingling him all over like electrical current sapping his will to retire from the field of battle. Yoko felt his hardness start to pound her once again with relentless energy. The gushing sounds of their internal comingling sounded loudly in her guilty ears and she hoped the rest of the family stayed in their sleeping state and not awaken to her disgrace. Of course, she knew her mother was listening to every sinful thrust into her daughter’s channels of desire and that she prided her rising of a dutiful girl-child with obedient adherence to traditional teachings.

Now, she was getting it hard from behind and she tried to hide her joy from her mother not wanting her to see the lust in her no longer childlike eyes. The steady slap, slap, slap of man meat slamming into young female flesh stirred some of the others from their deep sleep but she was certain none of the others actually woke up to see her sinful guilt up close and personal. Her breathing became more nuanced with slow almost silent gasps of submission as he pushed forward and stretched her with skilled force that made her a prisoner of her own disgusted compliance. Each time he withdrew to gather his long lean muscles for another thrust of greedy sordid degradation; she opened her eyes widely and allowed her mother to see the extent of her sinful enjoyment. It surprised her to see the hint of approval in her mother’s glance. At first, she thought she must be mistaken because it was not natural for a mother to see her daughter so humiliated by her own lover. Then, she realized that her submission was her mother’s crowning glory because she could claim credit for offering up her flesh and blood to satisfy her new husband’s manly needs instead of allowing him to seek his pleasures elsewhere with strange females of dubious distinction and conflicting agendas. No, it was far better to keep such matters in the family and to tend to husbandly needs with close family ties that only served to bind them closer together against the risks of an uncaring hedonistic world outside.

Fortunately, her step father withdrew before Rosaria stirred and turned over in her sleep to cast her arm across Yoko’s breasts. The fact that her nipples were still outstanding from her recent coupling with her step father make no difference now because they could be explained by the simple arousal of the cold night air across her supple and compliant obedient step daughter’s body.

The next morning, Yoko washed carefully and kept her eyes down in respectful consideration of the feeling of her mother and new stepfather. It seemed the appropriate thing to do and she knew that from that moment forward, her stepfather would use her flesh in covert manner nocturnally hoping that it would remain their secret outside the knowledge of the remainder of the family just for the sense of tranquility inside the family community. Neither of them felt any shame at their coupling and both considered their actions “natural” in the order of things ordained for such situations of spousal incapacity.

Yoko could feel the slight “stripes” of the cane from her last correction for her mistakes done on purpose in her well-disciplined school. She wondered if they would use the cane on her if they knew what a dutiful daughter she was to her new stepfather. It seemed to her that they would be pleased by her adherence to tradition and give her a sweet treat instead of the cane.

Before she entered her first class, she was summoned to the principal’s office and told to see the new assistant principal, Mister Asugi inside his well-appointed office. He was seated behind his desk and she was surprised to see a person so young to be in such a high position.

“Miss Yoko, you have been tardy two times this week. Get over here and bend over my desk for your correction.”

She obeyed without objection even though she was certain she had been mixed up with some other girl because she had not been late for a very long time.

The handsome official stood and she saw he would use his personal belt instead of the cane. In a way, it was an honor for her to be so treated by the new administrator.

The tall man hooked his long slender fingers in her white panties and lowered them gently without the usual jerk delivered by the other teachers to prove the point that they were in full charge. Then he ran his beautiful fingers all over her heated cheeks patting the marks of the cane recently delivered to her backside. Yoko was ashamed that her backside was already marred to the new handsome teacher’s view. He started to prod her crack and she was momentarily confused about his intentions. She was tempted to look over her shoulder at him but that was definitely against the school regulations for such corrections. The sensation of his inquisitive fingers inside her delicate folds and even into her crinkled pucker caused her to press her nervous torso in desperate agitation against the wooden desk making her pubic bone rub rhythmically with sensual arousal into the hard surface in eager acceptance of her utter humiliation. She heard the sound of his zipper opening and knew without a doubt that he was prepared to initiate her into his world of special student-teacher relations that depended entirely on her joyful submission and total surrender to his authoritative control.

It was over in a matter of mere minutes and she knew he had filled her with his cream in an introductory manner designed to make her one of his “little darlings” to be pampered and treated with the utmost respect and kind attention in a public context. It was a win-win from her point of view and one that demanded her obedience just as she showed her generational respect to her new stepfather behind a closed door or under a thick cover that hid their covert union.

Yoko was certain to be a success in school and at home and a source of pride to family and teachers until the day she had the diploma safely in her hands and would face the world with complete independence.

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