Pulled Over
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Rape, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, BDSM, MaleDom, Humiliation, Rough, Sadistic, Lactation, Big Breasts,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mom and son end up in the wrong county. Based on my caption at http://imgur.com/IWaLeE3

Josh was debating if he dared pull one off at the urinal when suddenly the door sprang open. It was his mom.

“Mom?! What are you doing in here? This is the men’s room.”

Josh tried to cover himself. Not that she could have missed it but his hand movement only proved to insure his mom’s eyes went straight to his hard cock. Realizing her son had an erection, Lisa assumed the worst and that he had been masturbating. He was a teenager after all.

She turned away quickly, “Jesus, Josh!” Pausing for a moment to refocus, she continued, looking anywhere but at him, “Put that thing away so we can get out of here.”

His cock was quickly deflating which helped him get it back into his pants. “But, Mom, I thought we were grabbing something to eat. You said...”

“I know what I said, but not here. We’ll stop at the next place.”

Josh continued to follow her as they made their way back to the car. It was obvious his mom was upset, “What’s going on?”

“Just get in. I’ll tell you once we get away from this fucking place.”

Whoa. Josh’s mom rarely cussed and never the ‘f’ word. Something had set her off. He’d never seen her this upset.

“I can’t believe that just happened. That BASTARD!” Lisa’s hand came down hard on the steering wheel. For a moment, Josh thought she might break it.

“So, what happened?”

She looked at him, not sure if she even wanted to get into the details. Finally, she decided he should know, “He groped me.”

Josh looked at her, not entirely sure if he knew what that meant.

Seeing his confusion, Lisa added, “My boob. He grabbed my boob.”

Josh understood ‘boob’. Without thinking, Josh’s eyes immediately locked on to his mom’s ample cleavage. “He did?” He was shocked but a vivid image quickly formed in his mind of his own hand ‘groping’ his mom. He had been working on that vision for a while.

“While I was bent over, getting you some soda from the bottom shelf, with warning, he reached out and grabbed one.”

“Which one?”

Lisa looked at her son in disbelief, “Oh my God, does it really matter?”

Josh looked over at her son. It was as if she had just slapped him across the face. In a much calmer voice, she told him, “The left one. He grabbed the left one.”

Josh felt his face burn red as he realized he was still staring at his mom’s large boobs. He quickly turned towards the front of the minivan, “So, you going to call the police?”

“I should. I really should. But no, he’s not worth the effort. Someone like that, it’s only a matter of time before someone teaches him a lesson.”

Still upset, Lisa didn’t realize until too late there was a sheriff’s car following her. Just as she was thanking God that she hadn’t been speeding, the lights came on, “Great!”

Looking through her mirror, Lisa watched as two officers stepped out of the vehicle. One came towards her window as the other came up on Josh’s side, staying back a few feet.

“Can I help you, officer?”

“Would you please turn off your vehicle, Ma’am.”

“But I didn’t do anything wrong. What’s this about?”

Lisa couldn’t believe what happened next as the officer quickly reached in and removed the keys, “Stop! You can’t do that.”

The officer remained calm, putting the keys in his right front pocket, “Ma’am, we have a complaint from one of our local merchants that you drove off without paying for your gas and possible took items from inside the store without paying for them.”

That set Lisa off, “What? I did no such thing. That man is a liar and a fucking pervert.”

“Ma’am. I must ask that you not use that kind of language, especially in front of the boy. Now please, calm down.”

Lisa took a deep breath, and tried to relax, “Okay. I’m sorry.”

“That’s better. License and registration for you and the boy, please.”

Lisa handed him her license and the minivan’s registration slip.

“And for the boy?”

“Well, my son doesn’t have a driver’s license.”

“I see.” The officer scanned the license and document. “Wait here? And please stay in the vehicle.”

The two men moved between the car and van. Lisa could only make out bits and pieces. Something about her son, which concerned her.

“Mom, are we going to be arrested?”

Lisa looked over to her son. She too had concerns but she didn’t want to alarm him any more than he already was, “No. Why would they arrest us? We’ve done nothing wrong.”

After a minute or so of discussion, the officers returned. “Please step out of the vehicle.”

“But, why...”

This time the officer raised his voice, “Ma’am, just do as your told.”

Lisa and Josh were soon standing in front of their vehicle. A car slowly pulled up beside them before stopping, “Hey Hank. What’s you got here?”

The officer known as Hank and one they would find out to be Steve walked over and the three men talked for several minutes. Lisa felt very uneasy as they would look their way and smile or even laugh. Finally, the car drove away.

“Can I get you both to come around to the side of your vehicle?”

Before they knew what was going on, both Josh and Lisa were spread eagled with their hands on the side of their min-van.

Steve quickly had Josh frisked, handcuffed, and sitting on the ground. Josh heard his mom let out a squeal. Hank had reached around and was mauling his mom’s breasts. He looked over to his partner, “Damn, these babies are soft. Spongy.”

Hank looked down at Josh, “Throw the kid in the back of the car.”

In her current position, Lisa couldn’t move too much, but she tried. This only earned her Hank’s knee as it came up hard into Lisa’s crotch, taking her breath away. Lisa let out a gasp of pain.

Lisa looked over as Josh was put into the back of the squad car. It looked like his handcuffs had been removed.

“Looks like we need to do a bit of field interrogation.”

Josh couldn’t see well but enough to see them push his mom into the back of their minivan. Josh saw Hank unfasten his holster and hand it to Steve. He then undid his fly before joining his mom. Josh could make out movement but little else. Whatever was happening, Steve was watching through the door.

After a few minutes, Hanks came out of the van. His pants were pulled down halfway to his knees. His cock was out. Josh heard Hank let out a ‘whoop’ as he shook his cock around. Soon Steve disappeared into the van.

Steve wasn’t in there as long and soon he came out, much the same as did his partner, only without the whoop.

Josh watched as they double-stepped his mom over to where he was. Her boobs were flailing about wildly as her shirt was now completely open in the front. Both men being a good foot taller than her, she was having a hard time keeping up with their pace.

Josh assumed correctly that they wanted to get her into the car as quick as possible, before anyone could drive by and see them.

Soon pushed into the backseat with him, they closed the door behind her. Unlike him, they had left her cuffs on so the result was Lisa was on her side. Her head was resting on Josh’s leg. Her naked boobs inches away.

That’s when Josh noticed the large blotches of cum splattered over her boobs. That’s when Josh realized what had happened in the van. The two officers had just taken turns titty fucking his mom.

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