The Debate Coach
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Military, School, Spanking, Oral Sex, Petting, Safe Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Bradley signed up for debate spring semester. Haughty Hanna was assigned to coach the junior football player. She made her displeasure known. After two hours in the library, she changed her mind big time.

The holidays are over and it was time to go back to class. I had signed up for a debate class during the spring semester. Mister Hill, our debate coach, had done well in statewide competitions and he did not intend for this year to be any different. Somehow he convinced the principal to let him have a free period at the end of the day so that we could get ready for the upcoming tournaments.

Mister Hill stood at the lectern at the beginning of class. “For those of you who do not know, each year I assign a senior to each junior so that we can pass on our winning tradition. If you will open your electronic devices and go to the class notes you will find your assignments.”

Instant tones and squeaks sounded as the devices booted up. Mine was a little slower than the rest but I finally found the class assignments. Talk about lucky, I was paired with a senior girl who had done remarkably well in prior meets. Hanna. Hanna Frantz.

She approached me having found me sitting toward the back of the room. “Bradley, Bradley Webb? I think they paired me with a football player.” She scowled. “I hope you’re up to the task. I don’t tolerate laziness or lack of preparation.”

“Nor do I, Hannalore, your highness. My daddy always told me to do my best. I do. It’s gotten me through this far. I’ve passed all my classes and earned a slot on the football team. Maybe I can earn a slot on the debate team. Who knows?”

“Hanna will be fine.”

Although I was neither shy nor bashful, I knew that Hanna would be a challenge. “You’re in charge here so tell me what to do next.”

“Do you know where the library is?”

I couldn’t resist. “Oh yeah, that’s that room at the end of the hall with all the tables and books. I think I can find it. What time?”

“Let’s go there now for the rest of this class then we can set up a schedule for working. Follow me.”


Cheryl was working in the library. “Bradley, you may have some overdue books.” She giggled. “I thought you were going to call me over the holidays.”

“I thought you were in Maine with your family. At least that’s what you said. We need a conference room. I know they can only go to seniors but, Ms. Frantz is a senior. Which one?”

“Take number six. Ms. Frantz, would you sign in?”

We booted up our laptops in the conference room. “I ran out of things to do over the holidays so I set up a folder on the Cloud, so that we could post our ideas and you could begin to coach me.” I gave her the password and she logged in.

She studied the folders one by one. “You did all this during the holidays?”

“There’s a folder in there called ‘anonymous’. Put your name on it and it is yours.”

As she browsed through the folders I took out my phone camera and took several photos as she studied. After a few minutes she stood and walked over to the wall. That gave me the opportunity to take a stunning side view of her tall lithe figure. I hoped that she would like the photos when I showed them to her. I’d have some great material for tonight’s pleasuring imagining those lips wrapped around my cock...

“One of the folders is called ‘dialogue’. That way we can exchange ideas without putting everything down in our final draft.”

“This had to be a lot of work. It’s certainly well-organized.”

“I had time on my hands and got tired of reading stories. Sometimes you just have to do something productive.”

“Oh, what kind of stories?”

“Some literature that I didn’t get to last year and then a lot of erotica.”

“Well, it looks like our time’s about up. Same time tomorrow?”

“Maybe we could do this the rest of the week and then we will be ready for them. Unless you’re in a hurry, I don’t think Cheryl would make us leave.”

“I do today but I’ll be sure to have time tomorrow. I don’t want to inflate your ego but I think you’ve done a good job of getting organized.”

“You inflated my ego by just being here with me. I know about your past record and I hope we can do better this year.”

When her full lips parted in a smile I almost melted. I was sure that she could hear my heart beating.” Yes I think we will do better this year. You know there’s a difference between ego and confidence. You seem quite confident.”

“As long as you’re with me I believe I can help.”

“You’re putting me on the spot here. Now I have to do my part. Thank you for all the hard work.” Her smile doubled my desire to kiss those puffy lips.

The next day I had to take a bathroom break before going into the library. Again her smile lighted the room. “I had to take a detour on the way here. Sometimes nature gets in the way.”

“No problem. I was up late last night trying to catch up with you. I know it’s a cliché but I didn’t know football players would take this seriously.”

“Football players have to take everything seriously. Our coach demands good academic performance and I hold up my end of the bargain.”

We worked hard going through the folders and outlining the basis of our affirmative and negative presentations. I tried to keep my emotions from getting the best of me but working with a beautiful smart woman was a new experience.

“Last time, you said that Cheryl would let us stay later. Are you her boyfriend?”

“We had some nice times together but she then found someone more to her liking. She is very picky and smart. She’s working on getting scholarships.”

“Nice times together? What did you do?”

“We studied together, went to parties, and did the normal high school activities. I got along better with her parents that I did her.”

“I understand. Now let’s see if we can get two hours work before we have to leave.”

We reviewed the National Question: “Resolved: The United States Federal Government Should Substantially Increase Its Non-Military Exploration and/or Development of the Earth’s Oceans.”

We worked hard and made a lot of progress but toward the end of the session she seemed uncomfortable. “I have thick skin so if something is bothering you I’d like for you to tell me.”

“How are you going to get to the tournament?”

“I’ll either hitch a ride or ride with one of the other groups. I don’t think they’re going to take a bus.”

She paused. “Would you be willing to ride with me? I’m driving.”

“Oh yes! That would give us five hours to work. It would be my privilege to ride with you. Are you taking others?”

“I thought maybe the two of us could spend that time productively instead of just looking at the scenery.”

“Tell me where to meet you and I’ll be delighted to ride with you.”

“I googled your address and will pick you up at one o’clock on Friday. 0h by the way, we have to wear dress clothes to compete. Okay?”

“I’ll pack my best stuff.”

I was waiting on the porch when she came into the driveway driving a large Mercedes. She stepped out in her tight jeans and blouse. As I approached the car she lit up my life with another grand smile.

“This is kind of embarrassing but daddy didn’t want me to drive my small car. Would you be willing to drive?”

“Of course, but let me get my laptop out so that we can review our strategies.

When we reached the interstate I set the cruise exactly at the speed limit. “If I get a speeding ticket my father will withdraw my privileges. I know it’s a shame in this machine but I hope you understand.”

“My father feels the same way but I have more than one violation. I think he wanted to spank me for the second one but he simply withdrew my privileges for a while. That’s why I wanted to put the burden on you.”

For the first two hours we went over and over our notes and presentations. That required a lot of interaction. We approached the city with a number of entrances and exits to the freeway, “I can’t really concentrate on debate and driving at the same time. Let’s wait till we get clear of the traffic.”

“That’s great. I can stand a little relief. This is all heavy. I need to know more about what you found out from the Office of Naval Research.”

“Close that folder and look up in the right-hand corner of the screen and you will see another folder named Frantz.”

As we drove through the heavy traffic I could see her flipping through photos in that folder. She must’ve gone through the file three times before she put her head back. I glanced at the screen and saw that it was her profile.

As the traffic thinned she looked at me. “Those photos are nice. Is that how you see me?”

“I only wish I used my good camera. Those were taken from my phone. They don’t do you justice and I would like another chance.”

“If you will give me these and bring your camera, I will give you another chance. They made me look ... Well ... Kind of sexy.”

“Of course they do. I don’t think you can hide it from anyone. When I look at that first photo with your beautiful smile I imagine that it is for me.”

She went back to the first frame and thought for a while. “Yes, that smile was for you. I was amazed at how much work you had done.”

For the rest of the journey we went over again and again our debate strategies and rebuttals. When we arrived at the hotel, the valet came over and she told me to give him the keys. Then she summoned a bellman to take our bags. “I’m not going to room with any of the other girls. I like to have my own space.”

She handed her credit card to the woman at the desk. “I’d like a nice room away from the other students. Maybe on a higher floor.”

I noticed that she had not asked for the special rate that they were granting to all of the high school students. “I will need three key cards.”

“Yes Ms. Frantz, please return them when you check out.”

She nodded to the bellman. “Please take these up.” He took both her suitcases and was gone in an instant.

“I need a favor please walk me to my room. I will tell you why later.”

We entered the elevator and were let off at the executive floor. She studied the room map and then we went down the hall to her room. “Please try your key card.”

In the room there were two large beds, couch with coffee table, and a minibar. “Would you open a bottle of white wine?”

I had been coached by my father how to hold the bottle. I poured her glass and mine.

“Bradley, you continue to amaze me. Please sit, enjoy a snack, while I tell you the story.”

By now I was totally confused.

She drank her wine quickly and I refilled her glass.

Her body language suggested that she was very uncomfortable. “I do not want to burden you with my problems but last year I made the mistake of going to the pool bar in my bikini. We were in the islands and having a nice time. Some of the men decided that a woman in a bikini was fair game. It took a while before security came and took me to my room. So now, I try to be discreet. No one would bother me if you were by my side. I appreciate your being tolerant.”

“It is my pleasure to escort you. I rarely get attacked by anyone in the pool. I guess some men believe that women are for their taking.”

Her glass was empty. I offered but she declined. “I don’t know what you had planned but I would like it if you would take me to the dance tonight. You know we’re supposed to dress a little.”

“I couldn’t imagine a more delightful evening and taking you to a dance. We can whisper debate questions while we’re having fun.”

“You are such a jerk. But, you’re a nice jerk. Being on the executive floor means that a lot of men will be fishing.”

“No matter where you go, a lot of men will be fishing. So I will take you to the dance and we will have fun. I don’t think many people would hit on you while I’m there.”

“Do you want to go to your room or would you like to shower and dress here?”

“I suppose I have to put in an appearance and the room so that the monitors will know that I’m there. They’re not supposed to give us any private time.”

“Leave your bag here and go to your room so that everyone knows that you are accounted for. Then, come back and dress and we will go down together.”

By then I understood her problem. She did not want to go alone in that hotel or anywhere else. Her experience in the islands must’ve been far more dramatic than she told me.

I returned to her room giving us a good two hours before we had to go be social. She greeted me with her smile that melted me inside. “Please come and sit. I need to tell you some other things.”

I refilled our wine glasses and told her that I was all ears.

“I don’t know your financial circumstances but my father spoils me rotten. Even I know that. Would you be terribly offended if I paid for our dinner and other events that we might want to see? I’m not trying to buy you, but daddy expects me to use my card. He says that he has more money than he can ever spend and I have to help,”

“If that is your pleasure, do with me what you will.”

“I’m calling down for dinner. Would you prefer steak, lobster, or both?”

“Hey, it’s surf and turf for me.”

We watched the evening news for several minutes. “I believe there is time for you to take your shower before they deliver our meal. That will give me time later.”

When I returned from the beautiful shower wearing only my pants and a shirt, she smiled again. She had turned on some very nice jazz music. Within a minute or two the waiter arrived and set up our meal. He asked her if she preferred white or red wine. She said, “Yes.”

We made small talk through the wonderful meal. I couldn’t remember ever having better food or company. She appeared to enjoy it just as well eating almost as much as I did.

“Entertain yourself while I go get dressed. Then you can finish with your coat and stuff.”

She came from the bathroom just absolutely perfectly for a dance. Not overdone not underdone, just right on the mark. She smiled that remarkable smile when she saw me and I realized that she was attracted to me. That smile gave me much more courage than I originally had.

“Wow, I hope you’re still going to dance with me.”

She flirted over her shoulder. “We don’t want to be late. Go get your jacket and tie.”

I looked in the mirror as I tied my tie and saw her standing in the door watching. “I can see you have tied that before. You look really good.”

I took her hand as we walked toward the elevator. She held mine. “Where my Lady do you want to sit?”

“Let’s sit with the seniors. They probably won’t hit on you.”

“As long as you hit on me, I will be safe.”

The DJ started one of the old records that was my favorite. “Shall we dance?”

We held each other appropriately as we danced. No need to excite chaperones. After about the third song, she nuzzled closer. “You dance well for a football player.”

“Were you a ballerina or just learned at home?”

“Mother insisted that I take lessons. You know who won. However, that wine makes me want to be close to you.”

Her eyes and smiles made me flutter inside. With her declaration I danced her into an area that was darker. I tilted her chin and saw her lips open. I kissed her and she backed away after a few seconds. “That’s enough for here. Maybe we could resume later.”

When we returned to our group, one of her friends whispered. “Did I just see what I thought I saw?”

“We like to dance. He dances well.”

“Looks like he kisses well too.”

Suddenly, I could sense the competition between the two and I’ll bet there was more to it than I saw at the table. Amy was actually flirting with me. My date was having none of that and we quickly resumed our dance.

“Let’s go upstairs. We can dance there and I won’t have to have a problem. I’ll tell you about it.”

I had arranged with one of my friends to cover for me when the chaperone came by. It was the old story. I was hiding in the bathroom.

I used my key card to open the door to hear soft music coming from the stereo. She stood in the middle of the room with her arms out. “I believe we were dancing.”

She danced closer to me and put her arms around my neck, opened her lips indicating that she was ready to resume what we started on the floor below. This time she put her whole body in the kiss as I engaged her tongue. I could feel her body heat in my groin.

“When are you going to take charge, football player?”

“When I’m ready. When you’re ready. I don’t want to be another one of your bad experiences.”

“I have never felt safer in the hotel that when you were with me on the elevator and in the ballroom I feel safe here and I hope you will treat me like your other conquests.”

“I could never think of you as a conquest. Just dancing with you is a thrill.”

“You’re smooth.”

“Now let’s see, you’re beautiful, very smart, and charming beyond belief. I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you.”

“Well, no. Beautiful and charming, yes, but smart sometimes sends them away.”

“So, did you ever want anyone you couldn’t have?”

“God, Bradley, you get right to the heart of it.”

“When I was 17, we went to the islands and I was taken by this handsome, charming fellow. Stupid as it was, I longed for him when I went home. I suppose he was the first man to make me tingle all over. We lived too far apart so it was not to be.”

“I’m sure we all have those questions, ‘What might have been’?”

“I know football players have their choices of the cheerleaders. Were you tempted?”

“Last year when I made the first team I was approached by a cheerleader who wanted to play. We played. Then she told her other team members. They wanted to pass me around. Not that I’m the world’s greatest lover but I didn’t want to be notches in the garter belts of the cheerleaders. I sought my pleasure elsewhere.”

“Where was that?”

“When we are comfortable with each other and might have an intimate relationship, we can tell each other all.”

“I’m sure by now that you can feel that I’m turned on by you. If I had known, only if I had known, I could have postponed my problem. This is the last day of my womanly curse.”

“Being with you, dancing with you, and studying with you has aroused me beyond belief. If you feel comfortable with me, we can find other ways to make pleasure.”

“I have never said this before, but why don’t you show me?”

I kissed her as she pressed her body against me. I had nothing to lose so I began to undress her. First of her blouse and then I found the clasp of her bra. I fumbled with it long enough for her to resist. She didn’t.

“Well now, take off your shirt.”

She undid the buttons one by one and soon we were clutched together with our bare skin touching. I could feel her magnificent breasts pressing against my skin. I reached for the zipper on her skirt and removed it. She kicked it aside.

“Your turn.”

I dropped my pants and then my briefs.

“I can tell that you like what you feel and see.”

I removed her panties and took her immediately to the bed. She liked being hugged and kissed. I could feel her squirm. I put my arm under her neck and held her other arm down to the bed. I put a generous amount of saliva on my fingers and reached her clitoris. I found it with no trouble and began to stroke her with my wet saliva.

“Oh Bradley, don’t. I’m not clean.”

“I think you are clean enough for my fingers.” My saliva had made her slippery. “Just relax and let me see if I can make you feel good.” I could tell that she was beginning to get interested as she moved her hips. I stroked her gently until I could feel her heat arising. When she began to move I moved my finger ever so lightly against the softness of her clitoris. I knew if I kept this up I could keep her in ecstasy.

By now, I have focused her attention exactly where I wanted it. She was responsive and it was a challenge to keep my hand lightly in the right place. I could feel her at the edge. She struggled to get her hand free but she had no hope. Her first orgasm was explosive and noisy. Just what I wanted.

By then she was pretty wet and I could continue with my light finger touch. She was struggling to know that she was on the verge of another explosion. I held back.

“Damn, that’s good. It is so good.”

I let her have another powerful spasm. When I moved my hand she rolled over to me and began to kiss me. “I can’t believe what you did. That was new for me.”

“Now you know that there are other ways to seek pleasure in less than ideal circumstances. It was hard for me to believe how responsive you are.”

By then we were kind of hot and sweaty. “Can we take a shower and wash off?”

“You mean together?”

“Yes, of course. Yes or no?”

“What the hell, we’ve gone this far.”

I had positioned the wastebasket near the shower. She stepped in and I stepped in behind her. She was beyond my hopes and yet she seemed to enjoy everything I did.

In the shower we were frisking and having fun washing each other. As she had her back to me I slipped my fingers under her pussy and withdrew the tampon dropping it in the nearby wastebasket. She had to feel it coming out.

“Why did you do that? It’s kind of personal.”

I reached around her and stroked her pussy until she was again wet in the right place. “Lean over and put your hands on the bench.”

I nudged her legs apart and saw the amazing joy awaiting me. I think by then it was clear to her what was going to happen. I switched off the shower not wanting to be bothered. I put one arm around her to caress her breast and the other hand gently stroking her clit. I edged in slowly. She pushed back against me making noises of pleasure that were getting louder and louder. I felt her velvet paradise beginning to flutter just before she exploded.

She slowly recovered. “Oh, Bradley, that is so good.”

I continued to thrust into her until she came again. I could hold back no longer had my own intense ending. When I withdrew I turned her around and showed her a thin coating of pinkish fluid on my shriveling pecker. I turned the shower back on and rinsed it off. “See there, no evidence. When you have a shower available, never let nature get in the way of having great sex.”

I took the flex hose and washed her pussy, cleaning out the inside. “Now, with a fresh tampon, you’re as good as new.”

“Maybe better than new. We have really come a long way. You make me feel safe and I like having you next to me all of the time.”

“You are an incredibly sexy woman and I have thought of nothing else since you first smiled at me in the library.”

“I really didn’t realize the impact of those photos until we were riding in the car. Did you ever wonder what those photos would look like if I hadn’t been dressed?”

“Every minute of every day. Although the side view was very impressive, when you looked at me with your lips parted all I could think about was kissing.”

I knew it was going to happen and I began to feel her withdraw. She picked up her papers. “Let’s go over this one more time.”

“Okay. If there are male judges for our first debate then you will go first. If there are female judges were first debate that I will go first. I want to keep the scoring on our side. If you go first with males we’ll have a great advantage. If I go first with women, I won’t lose us anything.”

“You really think they’re that unprofessional?”

“They are all people. Why do you think they use beautiful girls to sell family sedans on TV?”

“You think of me as just one of those bimbos that sell cars?”

I could feel it coming. She was beginning to distance. Happened before.

As it turns out there were three male judges on our first debate. She went first. I watched each of their faces as they listened to her presentation. I was almost certain they gave her all fives.

When it was my turn I did my best to give a logical convincing presentation. I don’t think I got all fives but I noticed that people were nodding with some of my convincing arguments.

At the end of the day we were in second place once the scoring was posted. She didn’t hold my hand as we walked to the bulletin board. I could feel it coming.

“I would appreciate it if you could take me to my room and I will stay with my friends. I’m just not up to last night.”

I didn’t know everything but an older woman once told me that when women were surprised at how strongly they felt about someone they had to withdraw. I suppose it was a protective mechanism but I recognized the signs that she had told me. Give her space.

“Let me write down the scores and I’ll be right along.”

We went to her room and I packed up my gear. “Shall I find another ride home?”

“No. I agreed to bring you and I will take you home.”

“Given the distance in our relationship I think it would be better if I rode home with others. Thank you, though. Since you’re the senior leader why don’t you decide what order we speak tomorrow?”

She stuttered. “Same as today I guess.”

“I’ll see you at room A12 in the morning.” I left with a sad hollow feeling. I would miss her. However, with all this talent here, I’m not going to mope.

When I walked into the sponsored party, I put on a brave front, stood up and smiled. Smiling on the outside, but almost crying on the inside. I was barely inside long enough to get some punch when Amy approached. “Where’s Hanna?”

“I don’t know. Haven’t seen her since the last debate.”

“Is she your girlfriend? You were close last night.”

“She doesn’t like to walk alone in hotels.”

“Some of us are slipping out to go to a jazz club right down the street. Join us?”

“Love to.”

“Wear your coat and tie and act like my date. I’ll tell you later. Meet me in the lobby in two hours. That’ll give your time to watch the game or whatever.”

When I saw her in the lobby, she looked great. Glad I had on my best. “Oh, Amy! Wow.”

“Save it. Put this flask in your inside pocket. We tipped the concierge to get us into the club. We have to act right.”

“I’ll try.”

They put us at a table away from the others. The waiter brought a tray of soft drinks. Amy took the flask from me and passed it around. We had idle conversation until the band started playing. They started with slow dance numbers. Amy took my hand until we were dancing. She came close.

“I want a dance like Hanna last night.”

We danced two slow numbers and one fast one. The next was romantic. I led her to the dark area and kissed her. I think the drink must have excited her hormones as it did mine. She came back for seconds. Nice.

As the evening ended, she gave me a slip of paper. “My phone.” Call me when we’re home.”

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