Married at First Fuck
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Craig and Sandra were childhood friends, then she was dragged off overseas by her military father. Now after many years they both fill out applications for a TV show without knowing that the other had done the same thing. What is going to happen when they find out the other is standing right in front of them, ready to say I DO to the other? Many interesting things I hope.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Sex Toys  

Hero: Craig Vermillion
Age: 30
Occupation Sr VP Vermillion Software
Residence: Tiny home in Pleasant Valley Trailer Park
Net Worth: 134 Million Dollars (US)
Major Stats: Hetrosexual, Never Married, Dated One girl in College (she left after accusing him of being lazy), Virgin, Handsome (according to most women), scar behind his right ear from falling out of a tree as a child
Hobbies: weight lifting, computer games, building tiny houses for veterans
Would-Love-Tos: Travel (Italy, Greece, England, Australia, South Africa), Be Married, Be a Father, Go Camping with a son of his own through Boy Scouts
Regrets: Losing contact with his childhood friend Sandy Fitzpatrick

Heroine: Sandra Fitzpatrick
Age: 30
Occupation: Pharmical Sales Rep
Residence: Essex County
Networth: $100,000 in a 401K through work and a several thousand in the bank
Major stats: Hetrosexual (though experimented with college friends twice, though she was drunk when it happened), Never Married, Dated one boy in college (but kicked him in the nuts when he tried to put the move on her), Virgin, Good Looking (36C, 24, 36, 5’10”, blonde hair from a bottle, Green eyes), scar on her left shoulder from a bicycle accident as a child that put her in the hospital
Would-Love-Tos: Travel America and Canada including Alaska and Hawaii, get married, have kids, go on camp outs with girl scouts or boy scouts, run a marathon
Hobbies: Zumba, Jazzercise and Jogging
Regrets: Losing contact with childhood friend Craig Vermillion

Two Years Ago

“No son of mine is going to spend his entire life sitting around the house playing video games and getting fat. You have to clean yourself up and move on with your life.” The old man yelled at his adult son who at 28 years of age still lives under his parent’s roof in spite of having a full time well paying job at his father’s software company. This argument has happened numerous times in the past and it always comes down to the same thing, lose weight, move on with your life, move out; and every time it happens it ends the same way. Dad slamming the door and the son eating a bag of chips while playing games late into the night.

However, the father had gotten some advice from an friend on how to handle this particular situation. Whisper, don’t yell and make sure the child knows he is loved.

So taking the new advice he walks further into the room and takes a knee next to the child and pulls him close and whispers, “I know you can do it. I know that you have it within you to change. I know that moving on is crazy hard, but you can do it. I love you. Your mom loves you and we will still be your parents. You need to want to change and move on with your life.”

The son pulls away slightly and looks at his humble and smiling father. “You still love me?”

“Yes we do.”

“It’s been years since you said that dad.”

“I know. Now that the merger is over with, I can focus on my family instead of spending days at the office trying to make sure that Google isn’t screwing us out of money they owe us in this merger. I’ll be home much more often now.”

The adult child got a little choked up and had to use the back of his hand to wipe away the moisture from his eye. It had been a long time since his father spent any time with him and even longer since a confession of love parted his father’s lips.

“I’m glad to hear that dad. I guess I can do it if my mom and dad are by my side.”

“Yes Craig, we will always be with you. ‘Til the days we die we will always be with you.”

The two men, father and son, hug and slap each other on the back. The father uses the armrest of the chair to stand up groaning as he does. “Geez, I must be getting old.”

The son gets out of the chair as well and also groans while standing. “You may be old, I’m just out of shape.”

Both men laugh at their jokes as the father moves through the bedroom of clutter to the door. He pauses and looks back at his son. “Remember, we love you and support you. Develop a plan for change then start working through that plan. Before you know it, you’re done.”

“Thanks dad.”

The father leaves the room closing the door with a soft click.

Now alone, the son looks around his room and begins to take stock. He has a really nice, LARGE bedroom with every item of relaxation and entertainment available to someone in the USA with income to spare. There are candy wrappers, bags of half eaten chips, empty pizza boxes, clothes (some dirty and some clean though hard to tell the difference), CDs of music and games all scattered on the floor. So much so that the hard wood floors and Italian rugs on the floor are nearly invisible. Craig decides right then and there that his father is right. He needs to change and to change a plan has to be drawn up.

“First thing, I need to clean up around here. Then, shower. Then, we’ll see.”

So it began. First the trash was collected and taken out. Next came the dirty clothes, all the clothes actually, were collected and put down the laundry shoot. Then he found the vacuum and figured out how to use it then ran it around his room several times so that that the rugs and wood floors were on display for everyone to see.

At the end of the day, Craig dragged himself into his bathroom and looked into the mirror at the sweaty disaster of man looking back at himself. “Now that your environment is cleaned up, let’s see about making the inside of you cleaner.”

He looked up to the corner of the mirror to the small picture of a little girl no older than 11 with a big smile on her face and a large pink cast on her shoulder and mutter what he always says to her, “Someday Sandy, I’ll find you and marry you. Rubber babies bounce better than rubber baby buggey bumpers.” He kisses his fingertip and then presses it against the picture.

A year and a half later

“Casting call for singles in the NY area to participate in a network TV show. All sizes, races and personalities needed. Must be single and willing to change your life on NATIONAL TELEVISION. Click the link below for the application.”

Craig saw it as a scrolling banner during his jog on the treadmill at the gym one Thursday evening after work. He stepped off the quickly spinning belt to look at it again. Single needed. National TV show. Major change in your life. After reading through it three times, he got a gut reaction to it and clicked on the link. A web site came up with an online form for him to fill out. He went through the form on his phone giving his details to the web site until it finally asked for his picture. A simple headshot would do, it said. He held his phone at arm’s length and snapped a quick selfie. He attached that picture to the form and pressed submit.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” He muttered as he went back to his jogging on the treadmill.

Three months ago

Ring Ring

Number unknown.

“Oh what the heck. Hello, this is Craig.”

“Craig Vermillion?”


“Craig, this is Lester Holt calling from Married at First Sight, the TV show you applied for.”

“Oh, so that is what the show was called. I wondered what happened to that application.”

“Well sir, you have been chosen to participate in the show. Isn’t that exciting?”

“Yes it is. Very exciting.”

“Good, I’m glad that you are excited. We went over thousands of applications and you were matched with a young woman who our experts and producers think will make a perfect match for you.”

“Really?” Craig said with some skepticism. “I’m so average that I suppose that I could be matched up with any number of people.”

“Well Craig, we found your match and if you are still willing and able, and still qualify, we would like to get you in person in our office in mid-town for paper work signing and introductions so that we can begin filming. How does that sound?”

“Sounds fine. When and where?”

Lester gave Craig all the details about when to arrive and where. Craig wrote it all down then sat back in his chair looking at it again and again. Should he really go through with it? Would they really find Ms. Right for him? Could they find someone that was better suited for him than what he could find on his own? He didn’t believe it but was still somewhat excited by the possibility.

He went through his tiny home to the bathroom where he washed his face for second time today and then made a few phone calls ate dinner and went to bed. It was Thursday.

The next day he went to the office as instructed and filled out forms by the pound seemingly signing away his likeness and much of his private life so that the studio could film him in his natural life before he agrees to marry a complete stranger.

Telling his parents was the most surprising thing he had ever encountered. They were very excited. He had figured that they would freak out about the idea of marrying someone who was a complete stranger. However, they took it differently than what Craig expected. “Son, this is a major decision you have made but after the past year and a half, it is to be expected.”

“Thanks dad.”

“Craig, you have transformed yourself, your life, your home so after all of that, this seems minor in comparison.” his mother admitted. “As your father said, we love you and are very proud of the decisions that you have made.”

“Thanks mom.”

“When is the big day?” His father asked always the manager of the family.

“A little over two months and next week the film crew joins me. Filming me living my life before the wedding. I don’t know their plan, but they have to get to know me on film before the big day. Don’t you know.”

Both of his parents nodded their heads agreeing with his conclusion. “How much do you want us involved?” his mother asked.

Craig thought for a second, then said, “Not much really since I don’t live here anymore. I suppose you will have to be filmed at the wedding and reception but other than that, not much I suppose.”

Again they nodded their heads understanding what he was saying. “Ok honey. When you need us, we will be there for you. Just let us know.” mom said.

Once the little family meeting was through, they had their Sunday dinner together and once everything was cleaned up, Craig left in his truck for his home for tomorrow was the beginning of filming and he wanted to be well rested and ready for them.

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