Millie and Her Fuck Buddies
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After many months Eleanor really needs sex. The background is in the story.

Eleanor made a right turn as her sat-nav had instructed and almost immediately it told her “your destination is 200 yards on the right hand side.” She looked down the street and could see a big red brick building with a pub sign outside. Before she got close enough to read the words on the sign she saw that it had a white horse on it and she knew she was nearly there. Her sat-nav confirmed this with the usual “you have arrived at your destination” and Eleanor reached over and switched it off. Turning into the car park of the White Horse pub she noticed that it was not only at the side of the pub but the parking also extended around the back too and she automatically drove there to make sure her car was not able to be seen from the road.

After she had parked and turned off the engine she looked at the clock and it said 4.49. It was ten minutes before she would go in to meet the complete stranger she was going to have sex with and she felt a shudder of fear though her body. As she sat there waiting for the 10 minutes to pass, Eleanor thought back to 14 months ago when she had finally discovered with absolute certainty that her husband Damian was having an affair – the night he went out to meet his friends for a drink and unusually forgot to take is phone – the night she looked on his phone at text messages and found nothing, just like every other time she had looked – but the night for the first time she went further and clicked on ‘folders’ and found one called ‘Kath – the folder with all those intimate text messages – and the message from only 2 days earlier with how much this ‘Kath’ was looking forward to ‘when you leave your wife and move in with me’.

She’d suspected for years he had been seeing other women – how he’d go to play golf and she’d spot his golf shoes left in the garage, how sometimes when he got home he’d avoid getting close to her and insisted on taking a shower, the business trips with a vague purpose. But she remembered how whenever she confronted him he’d give evasive responses before becoming very affectionate and talk her into going to bed and she also remembered only too clearly how good he was at fucking her so incredibly well and maybe that was why she just didn’t throw him out – the bastard, she thought. She thought back over the last 14 months, how depressed she became after he’d gone, how she lost the plumpness of a 32 year old working wife because she couldn’t be bothered to cook, how her slimmer look and feel had motivated her to start looking forward – she joined the gym and added shape to her slimness. Men started showing real interest in her, but she was so nervous at getting into another relationship like Damian – from when she was 16 and first did it, she knew she was attracted to men who were good in bed and if they weren’t they hadn’t lasted very long – then along came Damian who had been so good and was so charming – so manipulative, but as she finally discovered, so deceitful.

She thought about the couple of times she’d dated since he left. She fancied both guys but was so nervous about getting involved and ended it with them before they ever got close to having sex. After more than a year without sex she was craving for it, but just didn’t want to date anyone to do it – her fear of getting into something like Damian again just frightened her so much. She looked at the clock on the dashboard – 4.56. She thought back to 3 weeks ago when that email dropped into her inbox – ‘Sex with no strings – find a man with a big cock in your town to give it to you’. She’d deleted it immediately. Then the next evening another one ‘Find a guy to blow you off and fuck you senseless with no commitments’ – it was late and she’d had a couple of glasses of wine and she thought ‘why not have a look’, but with absolutely no intention of doing anything. She remembered in detail how she had clicked on the link and started browsing the website. She couldn’t believe how many people in her town had posted themselves looking for casual sex – many singles and couples too looking for threesomes and foursomes, although no-one she knew. She’d searched in the nearest big town – the same – guys and couples as well as a few gays and lesbians. She’d clicked on several single guys, but none looked interesting. Then she had clicked on Brian. He looked at bit older than her – maybe 40 she thought. The words immediately hooked her – ‘larger than average, good staying power, easy going and compliant – tell me how you like it best and we’ll do it’. She looked at the clock – 5.01.

Eleanor got out of the car, locked it and started to walk towards the pub. The words echoed through her brain – ‘larger than average, good staying power, easy going and compliant – tell me how you like it best and we’ll do it’. Fuck she couldn’t believe that she was doing this – her heart was thumping, but she knew the thought of it all was making her aroused. A little gust of wind blew and she felt the cool air around the top of her thighs, wafting over the bare skin above her stockings, making a just a little bit more aware of her state of arousal. She walked into the pub, stopped and looking around. There were a group of men and women by the bar, chatting and laughing – obviously straight from work for an early evening drink. She looked across to the seated area – several couples were sitting at tables around the lounge – she looked at the other side of the room and there was one man sitting alone – she’d copied the picture of Brian and put it on her phone so if she needed to, she could surreptiously open it and check, but she knew instantly it was him and she slowly walked over, her heart pounding. As she got close he looked up at her and smiled and her heart missed several beats. She stood in front of the table he was sitting at – “Brian?” she asked, her heart now pounding.

He smiled more “Hello Millie – yes I’m Brian – come and sit down and let me get you a drink – what would you like?”

She sat opposite him, as she sat down realising he might spot her stockings and suspenders and casually held her skirt down as she sat and crossed her legs.

“Gin and tonic please” she replied, smiling back.

“Large one?” he quizzed as he stood up. ‘A whole fucking bottle’ she thought to herself before replying politely “Yes that would be lovely.”

Eleanor watched him walk over to the bar – he was quite tall, slim and walked confidently. He leaned on the bar and spoke to the guy serving, then turning and looking straight at her. She felt stupid letting him catch her staring at him, but he just smiled and she smiled back before looking away. Her heart was still thumping, but she felt a little less uneasy as he seemed pleasant enough and no longer a completely unknown quantity. She looked over at the bar to the group of people to see if she recognised anyone, scared that someone might spot her – she had deliberately searched the website for men in a town 15 miles from where she lived – she was desperate to make sure no-one knew about this, even giving herself a different name to stay anonymous – no-one had ever called her ‘Millie’ before a few moments ago.

Brian came back, placing her drink on the table in front of her – “There you are, Millie.”

“Thank you Brian” she responded politely.

“You managed to find the pub OK then?” he asked. She was relieved that he’d started the conversation as she had no idea what to say, responding “Yes thanks – good old sat nav worked fine.” Tilting his head slightly he asked “Oh don’t you live in town then?” Shaking her head she just replied “No.”

“Where do you live then?” he continued.

She pursed her lips hesitating “another town” she said.

“OK I understand – do you mind if I ask you something else – I’m not prying – just curious – have you done this before?” Her heart missed a beat – she drew a deep breath – “No.”

“Are you nervous?” he asked.

“Yes” she replied.

He leaned forward to her and looked her in the eyes talking quietly “Millie you don’t need to be – if you don’t like anything I do just tell me and I’ll stop – if you don’t want to carry on just tell me and I’ll let you leave – this should be about pleasure and fun for us both so you don’t need to worry – just let go and have lots of fun...” hesitating “ ... and lots of pleasure” smiling at her.

She felt better after hearing that – he seemed really genuine – “Thanks Brian – I think I’ll be OK.”

They talked for 15 minutes or so about things they liked to do without giving anything away – just small talk – his liking of golf and watching football – her gym, movie watching and her friends. She watched Brian finish his drink and she picked up hers and finished it too.

“Would you like another...” he asked pointing at her glass and hesitating “ ... or shall we go?”

A shiver went through her and she knew there was only one answer “Let’s go” she replied.

They stood up and walked out of the door – “Is it far” she asked him.

“No just one minute’s walk – just down the road” and they walked back from where she had driven and into the apartment block on the corner two hundred yards away, just like the sat-nav had said earlier. She felt uneasy again – as they had walked down the road they didn’t talk – even as they went into his apartment he just said “welcome.” He gestured to a door off the hallway and she walked in – it was the bedroom – she stood there facing the foot of the bed. He took her handbag and put it on a chair opposite the bed. He walked back and stood behind her. Her heart was thumping like a jackhammer. He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her around through 90 degrees and her heart skipped several beats as she was looking directly at herself in the mirrored wardrobe doors, with him looking over her shoulder. She felt his hands on her hips – then she watched as they came into view and slid around to her tummy, stopping there for just a brief moment before sliding up to cradle her breasts and she couldn’t help but let out a gasp as he gently caressed them and then she almost jumped as after all the silence he said quietly “Will you let me undress you?” Her eyes had just been watching his hands – she looked up at his face. She was nervous as hell – this was like nothing she had ever done before – no kissing – no affection – just a complete stranger saying ‘will you let me undress you’. She swallowed before nodding “Yes.” Immediately his hands went to the buttons of her blouse and undid them slowly. Then he reached to her shoulders and lifted each side off and she slid her arm out of one side, then the other. She looked at herself with the lacy grey bra and saw Brian throw her blouse on the floor. Then immediately she felt his hands at her back and she watched her breasts fall slightly as he unclipped her bra. She watched him slowly slide the straps off her shoulders and then pull it down and he dropped it at her feet. His hands slid up the sides of her body and then straight to her breasts.

“They’re gorgeous...” he whispered continuing “ ... the moment I saw you I noticed your breasts – they’re so perfect – so nice and full, but so firm” as he was caressing them and then she let out a groan as his thumbs slid across her nipples.

“Sensitive nipples then Millie?” he asked and she looked up at his face and he had a cheeky little smile.

“Yesss” she hissed. She watched his eyes move back down and he whispered “perhaps we can have some fun with those hey” as he slowly brushed his thumbs over them several times making her gasp out again more loudly. Then just caressing her breasts gently he whispered in her ear “Are you wearing stocking and suspenders like I asked?” She was getting turned on, but now feeling like a dirty filthy slut, letting a complete stranger do this to her – and to think she had willingly worn stockings and suspenders for him just like he had asked in his email. “Yesss” she hissed again.

“Mmm good – I love women in stockings and suspenders – I can’t wait to see them” and his hands slid down away from her breasts to her tummy, then around her waist and she felt him unzip her skirt and pull it down over her hips and just let it fall to her feet, placing his hands on her hips again – she kicked the skirt away.

“Oh that’s so nice – I love the colour” and she looked lower in the mirror at the grey suspender belt, stockings and matching panties – ‘you fucking whore’ she thought to herself, but she could feel the moistness in her pussy. He moved his mouth right next to her ear “I’m so looking forward to seeing your pussy – can I take a look?” She hissed yet another “Yesss.” She watched him slide his hands to her sides and he started to ease her panties down – she could see they were trapped by the tops of her thighs and moved her feet further apart and Brian lowered them and then let go and they fell to the floor – she flicked them away with her foot. She was buzzing now. He moved closer to her and she felt him brushing against her bottom and briefly something firm pressed against her – she knew exactly what it was.

“Oh nice – do you always keep it so perfectly trimmed like that” and she looked at her pussy – she hated a big bush and kept her pubic hair trimmed really short and shaved the front into a thin line every week. She felt completely vulnerable, but somehow a little bit more confident.

“Oh yes Brian – I can’t stand having a jungle between my legs” letting out a little snigger and he laughed too.

“I really can’t wait to feel it” he whispered and she saw his head move in the mirror and looked up and he was looking her straight in the eyes. She felt the hand on her right hip move forward and then down – as it went below her belly button she felt a shiver go through her tummy right into her pussy at knowing that someone else was going to touch her there. She felt his fingertips sliding lower and then between her legs. They stopped, but then after a few seconds the tip of one finger slid right down her pussy lips and she just let out a groan. Still looking him in the eyes she watched him smile and whisper “nice” and then he drew his fingers slowly back over her pussy where they stopped – they were staring each other out – it was so intense – after a few more seconds she felt the tip of his finger start to ease her lips open, just wiggling and pushing against them. Then they parted and his finger was easily able to slip inside as she knew she was so wet and as his finger explored, going deeper she let out a groan, closing her eyes for a few seconds with the pleasure of him being inside her. She opened her eyes and he was looking right into them again.

“Oh Millie you are so wet...” he whispered continuing “ ... I think we need to get into that bed and get on with it, don’t you?”

She nodded “oh yes please” knowing that the sex she had fantasied about for many months was really going to happen. She felt Brian slide his finger out – he lifted his hand up right in front of their faces, his index finger sticking out and glistening with the wetness. She wondered what he was going to do as he held it there for a few seconds before bringing it to his face, opening his mouth, closing his lips and sucking off her juices as he slid it out.

“Mmm you taste delicious.” Eleanor felt so good – no-one had ever done that to her before – it was so personal – so intimate – such a fucking turn on for a complete stranger to do that. She realised that he was so confident about sex – so confident about himself and clearly very imaginative ... She looked at him in the mirror, still staring him out – somehow it was not so intimidating in the mirror as looking directly at him, but seeing herself too, completely naked apart from the stockings and suspenders made it way more intense. He placed his hands on her hips again and pulled her back against him and she could feel his erection against her bottom. He smiled at her, then whispered “I think we are both ready now, eh” and she just nodded. “You get into bed and I’ll quickly get undressed” and he let go of her hips and she walked over to the bed, pulling the sheet back, sliding under it and laying on her side facing him.

Eleanor watched as he sat on the bed and took off his shoes and socks. She was buzzing – he had got her so incredibly turned on in just a few minutes in such a subtle but clever way. Then he stood up and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. He turned away from her and took it off and she could see from his back he was quite toned. Then he turned back towards her and looked at her as he unzipped his trousers and then undid the waistband button. He slid them down and stepped out of them – she couldn’t help but stare at the big bulge in his boxer shorts. This was like a strip show – then he looked into her eyes and smiled before reaching down to his waist and sliding the shorts down and his penis was released and wobbled around. ‘Larger than average’ was what the website had said and as she looked at it she could see that definitely was true – she had one guy before she had met Damian who had a monster which was just too much for her and Brian wasn’t that large, but she knew this was going more than fill her. Her gaze had been locked onto his penis, then she looked up at his face and he smiled at her, but nothing was said between them. Still smiling he sat on the bed, slid under the sheet and she felt his arms around her as he hugged her, his face right in front of hers. She looked straight into his eyes, him staring back into hers. He smiled and finally spoke “I thought we could just have intercourse first and then talk about what else we can do afterwards – is that OK?” She knew that she was close to being fucked for the first time in 14 months, she could feel his rock hard penis pushing against her thigh and she just wanted it, nodding “Oh yes please.”

She felt his hand on her side – slowly he slid it up and started to fondle her breast – he had quite large hands, but Eleanor had noticed when he very first touched her that he was really gentle – as his hand cupped her, gently cradling and caressing she could feel herself getting wetter at the anticipation of being fucked. Then he slowly slid his thumb back and forth over her nipple and she felt the muscles around her pussy tense and gasped out “fuck.” He slid his hand up and onto her shoulder, firmly pushing her onto her back, slid one leg over between hers, then the other and as he reached his arm over to lay right on top of her he looked right at her, smiled and said “Yes Millie – just the right word – fuck.” He balanced on one elbow and she felt his hand slide down between their tummies and then she felt the tip of his penis as his hand guided it up and down her pussy lips. He started wiggling it against her lips and slowly they eased apart and she felt the head of his penis stretching her open – she felt she was almost melting. She let out an involuntary groan as the bulging head of it slid past the entrance to her pussy – it felt big. He pulled his hand away and lay there on top of her, looking her in the eyes.

“This is the bit I really love Millie – doing it with someone for the first time...” moving his face a little closer to hers, whispering “ ... finding out how they like to be fucked – finding out if you like it slow and gentle...” smiling at her as he hesitated “ ... or do you like to be fucked fast and rough?” Eleanor knew that she liked both – it was nice to be slow and gentle – make it last – draw out the end to make it all more intense, but tonight fast and rough sounded perfect. He raised his eyebrows a little “Let’s find out shall we?” Slowly he eased the head of his penis back so it was almost out of her pussy then he slid it back in again – he did the same a couple of times and then when he next slid it back in went deeper – her heart thumped – she was so turned on – she just wanted him to shove it right inside her, but she knew his teasing was turning her on so much. Again he gently slid it in and out a few times without going any deeper and then without warning sliding it in further making her gasp out another ‘oh’. She guessed he was at least half way in now and he kept the same approach, just slowly sliding in and out a few more times before going deeper still and she groaned “fuck yes” and involuntarily opened her legs wider, almost inviting him further inside. Immediately he went “Mmmm...” hesitating “ ... so you’re ready for it all then now are you?”

She immediately gasped back “fuck yes please” and he smiled at her, continuing to slide in and out the same a few more times – then again without warning, she felt him take a more forceful thrust and she let out little squeal as he pushed right inside. This was so what Eleanor knew she wanted as he started thrusting deep inside with long slow strokes, feeling his pelvis pushing hard against her groin with each one. With each deep thrust she felt so filled up although it had been so long since she last had sex it felt quite extreme, especially with Brian being ‘larger than average’. She felt her body taking over as she couldn’t help but push back at Brian as he thrust into her.

“Well Millie I think you’re really liking slow and deep, eh?”

“ooh yes” she replied.

“Do you prefer this to hard and fast then?” he asked casually.

“Like them both...” she gasped out, her breathing now urgent with the slow deep thrusts “ ... there’s a time for both.”

“Would you like to try fast and hard now then?” he whispered.

“Yes please” she immediately gasped back. She loved the intimate conversation – the fact he didn’t just want to fuck her, but also discuss it at the same made it more of a turn on.

Then he casually responded “Well if you ask me I’ll do it for you” and smiled.

‘The bastard’ she thought – getting her to ask him to fuck her how she wanted him to do it – she smiled at him and shook her head a little, hesitating and then, raising her eyebrows “Please Brian – I want you to fuck me fast and hard” and her heart missed a beat at the thought of him having made her say that.

Still in a casual tone he replied “Of course Millie – happy to do that...” hesitating “ ... you know I love it when women tells me how they want to be fucked – especially when they are as gorgeous as you and are wearing stockings and suspenders” and he smiled at her. He brought his hands up to her shoulders, she felt him sliding them underneath her and then his fingers wrapped over the tops of her shoulders. The pressure of his fingertips increased and then he started – it was like throwing a switch and suddenly he was thrusting in and out with short firm strokes – going deep inside, his pelvis banging against her groin and she could feel his balls bouncing against her bottom.

She let out a long groan and then “oh fuck yes”, within seconds her body just automatically matching the pace of his rapid strokes, rhythmically pushing back against him. The feeling of being trapped there between the powerful grip of his hands and his large penis being rammed deep into her was so incredibly good – she was soaking wet and she could feel juices dribbling down her bottom onto the bed. She looked up and he smiled down at her, continuing to fuck her like a jackhammer – it was so nice to be doing this after such a long time – within maybe only a minute the feeling started – that tingle in her groin – it grew – the muscles around her pussy starting to tense. She gasped “fuck yes – oh fuck yes” as the tingling intensified and she felt her muscles deep inside tensing more and making her vagina open wider deep inside. Her eyes were half closed now, not able to focus or concentrate on anything.

She heard Brian “Oh Millie – are you nearly ready to come for me?” She looked at him blinking, not being able to hold her gaze, gasping “yes – oh fuck yes.” She felt him move his hips somehow and he was still thrusting deep inside, but now his pelvis was brushing against her clit and the extra stimulation was awesome – within a few seconds the muscles from her head to her toes went into spasm, her whole body shook and in seconds Eleanor had an intense orgasm and she squealed in pleasure then just groaning out as the beautiful pulsing in her groin and the warm tingling spread out into her whole body.

As she beautiful feeling inside eased away and her brain started to reengage with her senses she realised that Brian was still fucking her fast and hard. She opened her eyes and he smiled at her “Nice orgasm Millie.” She just blew her cheeks out and nodded.

“Are you ready to come” she gasped. He shook his head “Not yet Millie – I want to make you come again – do you think you can?”

“Oh I don’t know – not sure” she replied. She felt him alter the angle of his hips again so that he was brushing her clit like before, just smiling at her. She could feel her clit throbbing with the stimulation and her muscles started to tense again inside gasping out “oh yes.”

Just like before the tension grew and grew – Brian kept fucking her exactly the same speed, but then thrusting a little bit harder and she had another wonderful intense orgasm. Still he didn’t stop – he was so relentless – she had waited over a year to have sex again, but wasn’t sure she’d ever been fucked like this in her life.

“One more time Millie?” Brian asked.

“Oh I don’t know” she replied and cleverly he again changed position slightly and again her clit started to get stimulation.

“I’m sure you can Millie – this time I’ll try and come with you. She looked up at his face, but now he was staring at her breasts wobbling back and forth as her body was being shaken by his hard and fast thrusting. She watched as his mouth opened and he was starting to take quicker breaths and he was thrusting even harder now, banging his pelvis into her groin. She felt that beautiful tensing again around her pussy as her muscles got ready to perform again. Her pussy was throbbing now – she was completely out of control – Brian was totally in charge – the tension inside her was so strong, her muscles ready to let go again. Brian was whispering now – “oh fuck – oh yes” repeatedly and she was ready to explode – she tensed from head to toe. She felt his fingernails digging deep into her shoulders and Brian just groaned out in pleasure and his body also went stiff, shaking and she let go for a third time having another amazing orgasm and then his thrusting became random and finally stopped.

Eleanor lay there pinned down by Brian, listening to him panting for breath. She was pretty well spaced out now, almost like she was in a trance. Her pussy was throbbing and she felt completely drained. This was exactly what she had needed – being fucked so expertly, so cleverly but so relentlessly fast and hard – but for it to happen after not having had sex for so long made it pretty well mind blowing. Her thought train was broken after maybe a half a minute or so as Brian lifted himself onto his elbows, looking down into her eyes.

“Was that nice Millie?” he asked in his usual casual way.

She looked back for a few seconds thinking what to say, shaking her head before responding “Like it – like it – it was unbelievable – you’re something else Brian...” hesitating, looking away and then straight back into his eyes “ ... I don’t think anyone has ever fucked me quite like that before – it was so relentless – so awesome.”

He smiled “Good I’m glad you liked it so much.”

He eased himself off her and lay on the bed next to her, then reaching out for the box of tissues on the bedside table and offering it to her. She took several tissues and got out of bed holding the tissues to her pussy – she took a couple of steps and stopped, turning to Brian “where is it.”

“First of the left” he replied and she went and sat on the toilet for a minute or so to let his semen drip out of her. She wiped dry and then spotted here was a bidet, so quickly washed herself off too before she went back to bed, lying next to Brian facing him. He turned to face her, laying on his side. She smiled at him “That was so incredibly nice Brian – you’re very good at it – I’ve haven’t had sex for a long time, but I didn’t expect anything like that.” He turned his head slightly “How come you haven’t had sex for a long time?” he quizzed. She blew her cheeks out, looked away and then looked back at him, drawing a deep breath.

“Fourteen months ago I found my husband was cheating on me – not for the first time I suspected – anyway I threw him out” she explained.

“So haven’t you been dating or seeing anyone else in that time?” he asked. She hesitated again and then responded “I had a few dates, but I didn’t want to have sex with them because then you so easily get into a relationship with them and then it gets complicated – I know the right man will come into my life, but I didn’t want to go through who knows how many before I find the right one.”

“So what made you do this then?” he replied.

“Oh come on Brian – after 14 months I miss having sex – playing with yourself can give some pleasure and relief, but good sex has no substitute” she quipped back, adding “ ... and tonight was so incredibly good – thank you.”

He smiled “Believe me the pleasure was as much mine as yours.” They lay there for a minute or two in silence. Millie thought about how different this was from any time she had sex before. She liked Brian, but could not imagine ever loving him. They knew nothing about each other, perhaps except they both knew the other one liked having sex. They hadn’t kissed – OK he’d played with her before they got into bed, but that was just part of the situation – the foreplay. She lay there trying to think what to say.

As had been the case many times now, Brian spoke first “Do you feel like you want sex again yet?” She gasped out “Are you ready to do it already” not being able to resist reaching down, feeling her way down his tummy and then touching his limp penis. He replied “No but you see my son Ben lives in the flat above and well...” hesitating “ ... he is home now and sometimes we share...” Eleanor opened her mouth wide and raised her eyebrows “What – you are offering to let your son have sex with me – I don’t know him – he’s a complete stranger” she exclaimed.

“Oh come on Millie – so was I only an hour ago – he’s a lovely boy – well young man to be honest – he’s twenty-two – he’s very fit and muscular – a lovely temperament,,, “ hesitating “ ... and very good in bed” raising his eyebrows. Shaking her head “How did you ever get to sharing women with your son?” she exclaimed.

Brian just replied calmly as usual “Well 3 years ago my wife died” – She jumped in immediately “Oh I’m sorry to hear that.” He continued “It’s OK she was poorly for some time and it was really a happy release. Anyway the woman who lived next door was divorced and – well – to cut a long story short we started having sex. I knew it would be hard to keep it from Ben so I told him – better coming from me that him finding out. Anyway when I told him he just looked at me and said “So am I Dad.” Eleanor couldn’t stop her jaw dropping wide open. He continued “so we went round next door and told her we both knew about each other and she just said ‘let’s go to bed and have a threesome then – and we did.”

“Oh wow – that’s a hell of a story” she responded.

“So do you want me to call him then? – believe me, you won’t be disappointed” Brian asked.

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