Hunting the Orlan
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Science Fiction, Aliens, Far Past, Time Travel, Violent,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The orlan is a vicious and implacable predator. Once it selects you, you are done for! Some aliens think it is a hilarious practical joke to release a pregnant orlan on the Earth during the last ice age. Join the effort to track it down and the retribution put upon the aliens with the odd sense of humor. 7 chapters. Some sex.

Author’s note:

The following is a transliteration of Sergent Ranger Ojif Markol’s diary into an easier to read format by his biographer.

I turned into the office of Chief Ranger Friznan, marched up to the desk, and stopped the proscribed three feet from the desk’s edge. “Sergeant Ranger Ojif Markol reporting as ordered, Sir.” This was followed by a stiff and very proper salute.

CR Friznan returned my salute with the proper form for his rank. “Pull up that chair, SR Markol, and make yourself comfortable. I have an assignment that will probably take some time with all of the details. This is another one of those problems with the damned Marinkos, again.

“This time, they have released a pregnant orlan on a planet already occupied by a relatively primitive alien race who call themselves ‘Humans.’ Look at the hologram to your right for a representation of the orlan to stir your memory.”

I knew what an orlan looked like, so I had no problem recognizing this one. I had the gut reaction of every Ranger who had ever faced an orlan and reached for my blaster. Fortunately, I had checked it in before I entered the CR’s office as protocol required. Otherwise, I would have blasted a hole in the holograph projector before my brain was fully engaged. That was my AI at work, and I did not chide it for its reaction.

The orlan is a beast that is born for one purpose: to kill and eat any other living thing that it encounters. That is partly because it is fiercely territorial, but also because it is always hungry. The adult beast has six legs equally spaced along a nearly cylindrical body about eight feet long. It stands about five feet tall at the shoulder when it is using all six limbs as legs, but its four front legs have appendages that function as either hands or feet. Its hands have four fingers and two opposable thumbs, all equipped with claws.

Its head is attached to a very muscular neck that is on the order of two feet long. The neck is attached to the body between the two front arms/legs. The head is approximately spherical at the rear where the brain is located, and it has one ear on each side of its head. There are three eyes spaced at 120° around its head at its greatest diameter. I have been told, and I believe it, that the orlan can use any two eyes in binocular fashion or all three independently as it chooses.

A nose and a pair of jaws project from the front lower part of the sphere. The jaws open and close horizontally and contain four rows of triangular teeth that are serrated and extremely sharp. The jaws can bite through the strongest titanium alloys up to nearly ¼-inch thick, so metal armor is of little value against the beast. The odd thing, and the beast’s only known weakness, is that it cannot exert much force to open its jaws. An Arsorlan such as I could easily hold its jaws closed with one hand if he could survive what else the orlan was doing to him.

The orlan had a single horn very near the top of its head, and this made a very effective weapon. In fact, if it was in a good mood, the orlan might choose to fight only with this horn. That did the victim no good, but it was an interesting observation.

The orlan had a tail that counterbalanced its head and neck. The tail was about the same length as its body and had a knob of bone on the end which served as a very effective mace.

Normally, the orlon was black, but it could change its color to match any background on very short notice, so it could be very difficult to spot when it was lying in ambush.

In summary, the only good orlan was a dead orlan, and the best way to achieve that happy situation was to shoot it with a blaster. Just looking at the creature’s hologram was enough to make my skin crawl.

CR Friznan continued his lecture with a few notes about the home planet of the orlan, but that was only of curiosity value. The important point was that I had approximately three weeks to kill the orlon before it could deliver its litter of infant orlans. For some currently unexplained reason, a female orlan did not kill and eat her young for the first five months while she was teaching them how to be a proper orlan. Concurrently, they did not attack her. However, after that initial five-month training period, all bets were off. They had approximately a week to scatter, and after that, they would try to kill and eat each other if at all possible.

There was no reason available as to why the Marinkos decided on this form of practical joke, but they delighted in bedeviling the rangers. We had to kill this orlan before she could drop her litter, or the humans would be wiped out within 500 years. Currently, the humans were living in a stone age culture, and would have no chance to fight the orlan; therefore, I was being sent to Earth to eliminate the beast. If I could not find and kill it, then the problem would be increased at least eight-fold because the litter usually consisted of eight infant orlans.

As usual, the Marinkos gave us some clues as to where to find their latest joke, and they had done an adequate job from their point of view. Earth was in the midst of an ice age, so the orlan was limited to only certain areas where food could be found. The creature had been dropped into the northern hemisphere near a massive lake that was currently covered by a sheet of ice.

I would be dropped into the danger zone with a detector which would help me find the orlan. Other than the usual survival equipment that included a small replicator that worked with dark matter and dark energy, I would have two blasters: a pistol for my primary use and a backup. The blasters were sometimes cranky in cold weather, so the second one was decidedly welcome. The replicator could make more blasters if that ever became a problem, but no ranger, so far, had been forced to do that. Nevertheless, our union had insisted that the replicator be equipped with this option.

It turned out that we Arsorlan very closely resembled the Humans, so the only work done on my body was to darken my skin and hair. When they finished, no simple visual examination would have detected any difference. That was very convenient. The technicians also taught my implanted AI several local languages, plus the common trade language that was a kind of sign language. That would make it easy for me to pass as a local. I was almost sure to have to do that because I would want to ask if any of the natives had seen the orlan or one of its kills.

I dressed in what looked like the local outfit for a warrior in good standing. I was wearing a controlled temperature under suit that would maintain my body temperature no matter how cold it got outside. It would also cool me if that ever became important, but it was very unlikely. The suit was the same color as my skin, so I could remove my outer clothes without the inner suit being noticed in dim light.

Okay, I was ready to go. The technical people had been able to pin down the orlan’s location to somewhere in a circle about 50 miles in diameter. That was as close as they could get, but I was impressed with what they had been able to do, and I told them so. That comment seemed to make their day; apparently, people rarely told them that they were doing a good job.

I was set down in an open space so that there would be less likelihood that the orlan would be close enough to attack me before I could orient myself. I’m not sure just how fortuitous it was that I came to rest about 300 yards from two men and a woman. My outfit on the outside seemed to be made from the skin of a local bear, and its color was close enough to that of the general snow-covered terrain that I could use that as an explanation of why they had not seen me approaching them.

Local custom required that I approach them, so I started walking in their direction. For one thing, I needed to get far enough from where they first saw me so that they would not notice the lack of footprints in the snow leading up to that place. The three locals politely started walking toward me, but the men kept a good fighting grip on their stabbing spears just in case I turned out to be hostile. The woman was carrying some things, and she was not armed with a spear. I figured that somewhere she did have a sharp knife for protection.

When they were close enough, one of the men said, “Hello, stranger, what are you doing in our hunting grounds?”

That was a greeting that was to the point, but was not necessarily hostile. I answered, “Hello to all of you. My name is Demon Slayer. I am here on a religious pilgrimage to kill a very dangerous animal. I was sent by my shaman with a special weapon that would send it back to the hell where it came from. Perhaps you have seen it.” I then described the orlan in enough detail to make sure that they could identify what I was looking for if they had seen it.

“This is Tracker and I am Hunter of Bear. The woman is called Sunrise; she is my daughter. Are you looking for a wife. She is available if you are. She is an excellent fucker, so I am sure that she would please you.”

“Thank you, but I am not looking for a wife right now. However, I may talk to you about her later. Why are you three out here away from your village?”

“Our village was attacked by a strange beast that sounds like the demon you described. Tracker and I were hunting when it happened, and Sunrise ran away as soon as the beast began killing everybody. She hid in a snow-cave until the beast left. She found us as we returned from our hunt. The village was totally destroyed, and Sunrise was the only one to escape. She is carrying all that we were able to salvage. We are headed away from the village in case the demon comes back.”

“I would like to see your village so that I may verify that the beast that caused so much death and destruction is indeed the beast that I am hunting. You continue your trek, and I will follow your tracks back to your village. If I can find them, I will follow the beasts tracks; otherwise, I will catch up to you before dark. Is that acceptable to you?”

“Yes, you seem like a good person, so we would like for you to join us. As you know, the more people we have with us, the safer we are. There is a large ice-cave about two miles in that direction. We will wait there for two days for you to join us before we move on. We do want to find another village that we can join.”

“Very well, I will do that. Do not wait more than two days. I will join you within that time if the beast does not kill me. May the spirits be with you.”

That was when I left for the former village, and my new friends continued on for the ice-cave. I walked until they were out of sight, then I shifted into my distance-eating jog. My augmented muscles let me move at the speed of a fast runner without tiring me unduly. It took me less than half an hour to reach the village.

I looked the place over to make sure that there were no living people still there. I certainly did not expect any, but I felt that it was incumbent upon me to verify that. The search did not take long, and I was soon circling the village looking for any tracks left by the orlan. Ah, there were the tracks left by a six-legged beast. They led off to the south, almost exactly opposite from the direction taken by my new friends. I could clearly see the tracks now that I knew what I was looking for, so I felt that I could return to my trot safely enough without the fear of an ambush.

I followed the tracks for about a mile until I came to a rather large river that was frozen over with a sheet of ice. The orlan had gone out onto the ice, and that was where I lost the tracks. My portable tracking sensor did not show any indication of the orlan, so I figured that I might as well return to my friends. I was going to need some guidance in living under these conditions, and they were an excellent source of the training I needed.

I headed back to them at the ice-cave with my trot, and I arrived just as the sun was about to set. I was welcomed by them all, and I ate supper with them. They had managed to kill some small animal, and Sunshine was preparing it for supper in the semblance of a stew. I managed to use my replicator to produce a similar cut of meat which I contributed to the pot, along with some vegetables that I claimed were from my own village.

I got a funny look from Sunshine, but everybody was hungry enough not to look at my gifts too closely. Sunshine fixed an excellent stew that we all enjoyed. I complimented her on her cooking after the meal, and that really surprised her. It also surprised Tracker and Hunter of Bear.

We banked the fire and prepared to sleep. Unfortunately, my friends were not able to salvage much in the way of sleeping blankets from the destruction of their hut, so they were all going to be cold tonight. I suggested that Tracker and Hunter of Bear share their blankets, and I would share with Sunshine. That brought a chuckle from Tracker and Hunter of Bear, and a brightening of her face from Sunshine.

Uh-oh, I had put my foot in it. All three thought that I intended to have sex with Sunshine tonight, and she looked like she could hardly wait. Neither of the men were upset, so I guessed that I was committed. I had a sleeping bag with the same kind of heating system in it that I had in my underclothes, so there was no problem of keeping us warm tonight while we slept, no matter what else happened.

The sleeping bag could be enlarged to take in two people, so there was no problem there. It even had built-in inflatable pillows—what more could one want in a sleeping bag? I turned on the heat and Sunshine climbed into the sleeping bag with me with no hesitation. What better sign could I get that she completely approved of the sleeping arrangements and what that entailed?

She had shed her boots before entering the sleeping bag, but she was otherwise fully dressed. I am a big man, so the sleeping bag was a bit crowded with the two of us in it. The result was that she had trouble getting her clothes off, so I was pleased to help Sunshine with that chore. Once she was naked, I could smell that she needed a bath, but that was something that had to be put off in this cold weather.

I shut it out of my mind and removed my clothes. She appeared not to notice when I took off my underclothes. I left the heat turned on and slid all of our other clothes, including our boots, inside the underclothes to keep them warm. I was not interested in putting on cold clothes tomorrow morning.

Once we had settled down, Sunshine asked, “Demon Slayer, are you ready to fuck me?”

There was only one answer to that. Naturally, I said yes, and Sunshine rolled over so that she could raise her rear with her knees. This was not my favorite position, but I did not think that this was the time for a class in sex education. It was a bit awkward, but I moved in behind her after she spread her legs. Just to make sure, I checked her pussy for adequate lubricant. Thank the gods that the sleeping bag was self-cleaning because she was dripping liquid from her pussy like water from a faucet.

It was somewhat awkward, but I managed to get myself positioned so that I could put my cock into her vagina without damaging the sleeping bag. I began to slide in, and it was easy to tell that her days of virginity were long in the past. She had so much lubricant that I went in as one continuous motion. My cock is just a little over two inches in diameter, so I had no trouble with rubbing against her G-spot as I slid in. Sunshine squealed a little at that, and I heard some laughter from the other side of the cave.

I held still for a few seconds to make sure that I was properly aligned. I was, so I began to stroke. Sunshine began to moan in pleasure almost as soon as I started to stroke, and I could feel her clamp around my cock to increase the friction. Somewhere in the cycle, she relaxed from doing that consciously, but I could still feel that she was gripping me.

I could tell that she’d had a tiring day, so I was glad that she began to rise to a climax very quickly. Her moans became louder and she began to pant. I was feeling it, too, and I was caught slightly by surprise when she started to come. Her vagina grabbed me so tightly that I could not move, but that was not important. Sunshine began to milk my cock, and I exploded into my come just as she hit her peak. That produced a scream of pleasure from her and a loud grunt from me as we came together.

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