Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Teenagers, Romantic, Heterosexual, Celebrity, Oral Sex, Petting, Big Breasts, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - For nine years, Melody and I were best friends, until my dad fucked things up by saying something...

My best friend is a girl!

We’ve lived on the same street five houses apart our whole lives.

My name is Paul Lockhart, hers is Melody Tremayne.

We are both 14 years old and I am only four days older than she is!

We’ve gone to the same school our whole life’s, taking the same bus and our parents have never met.

Although I call her my best friend, she takes my hand often when we are walking somewhere.

Our 15th birthdays are coming up.

We felt it was time to meet each other’s parents because we wanted to invite each other to our birthdays.

After playing rock-scissors-paper, I would be meeting her parents first.

On the walk to her house she told me that they were Margaret and Steven.

We walked in the house and her father was sitting down reading the newspaper.

He looked up and yelled, “Margaret come out here ... Now!”

We were still holding hands.

Out came a pretty blonde looking to be my mother’s age, “What is it, Steven?”

She looked straight at me, then our clasped hands.

“Who is this?” The father asked looking to be worried about what the answer might be.

“This is my best friend, Paul Lockhart, Daddy.”

I dropped her hand to shake his and I said, “Nice to meet you, Sir!”

“Oh ... he is your best friend?” her mother remarked.

They both seemed to relax as I took and kissed the back of Mrs. Tremayne’s hand.

“How long have you known each other?” Her father asked me casually.

“Almost nine years, Daddy,” she answered. “He only lives six houses down from us. We’ve been getting on the same bus and going to the same school since we were six years old.”

“Why are we just meeting him today?” her mother asked sitting on the arm of the sofa her dad was sitting in.

“I want to invite him over for my birthday next Saturday!” she responded, “When I turn 15 Daddy!”

She seems to have her father wrapped around her finger and all she has to do is say the word, Daddy.

I kind of do the same thing with my mom.

“That sounds like a great idea,” her mother said. “Why don’t we invite his parents as well? It seems time to meet your best friend’s parents.”

“Thank you, that’s very nice of you,” I said. “By the way, my birthday is this coming Tuesday. I was going to ask my parents if Melody could come over to my birthday. Of course, the both of you are invited as well!”

I quickly added, “They haven’t met her yet which we are going to do next. Is it OK with you if I may take her with me to meet my parents?”

They looked at each other for a moment then they nodded with her father saying that that was fine. “Bring her back home when you are finished, all right?”

“Of course, I will Sir, thank you, Sir!”

During this, I finally picked up the vibe that they thought we were more than friends, so I had let go of her hand again.

On our way out, she grabbed it again causing me to smile.

Once outside I explained what I picked up on and it made her laugh.

“Could we become boyfriend and girlfriend?” She asked me.

“I don’t know, never had one before!”

Now, it was her turn.

I walked in my house with her next to me and my dad was reading the paper. How deja vu is that?

Just as her father did, he dropped the paper and saw us and stood up and said, “And, who is this lovely young lady, Paul?”

We had the same conversation as before. Mom came in the room during it and everyone got introduced.

They invited her to stay for dinner, so she got out her phone and made the phone call and was allowed to stay!

Fascinating how our parents handled the situation so differently.

However, in a matter of minutes there was a knock on our door. It was her mother with a jacket saying, “It might be cold when you get home.”

I introduced my parents to her and she said she needed to get home.

That’s what they call a reconnoiter, I believe.

I asked if I could take her to my room and Dad said ‘OK’ but to leave the door open.

I showed her my room which she was amazed how clean it was. I also showed off my new laptop, a MacBook Pro 21.

She commented that they have Windows machines at their home. She carries an older Dell with her to school. I don’t know what model.

Them’s fighting words, but I let it go.

Ever since our discussion about boyfriends and girlfriends I’ve been looking at her differently.

Something does seem different!

With me sitting right behind her I showed her how much easier my Apple was, without getting into an argument!

I caught myself picking up her perfume fragrance as I took the mouse and opened my Creative Cloud, specifically Adobe Photoshop!

She mentioned that she didn’t have it at home because it was so expensive. I came to the conclusion that they are not as well off as we are, but it didn’t matter to me because she’s my best friend!

With The call of DINNER, I got up first, then pulled her up. We were nose to nose ... we both smiled, grabbed hands and went to the dinner table.

It was my mom’s favorite meal to fix: Spaghetti with homemade meatballs.

I pulled a chair out for her causing dad to do the same for mom.

“Paul, it seems your good manners are rubbing off on your father,” mom said. Both girls giggled.

Things got really quiet, and I was nervous enough for both of us.

Finally, my mother, Ruth, asked about school.

That got things rolling, and we shared a lot with my BFF and I doing a lot of ending each other’s sentences.

We only share four out of eight total classes, but that got us through to the end of the meal.

I picked up her jacket and put it on her as Dad called me over to talk for a minute.

“Paul,” he said “You’ve mentioned a number of times that you were only best friends. Don’t let that get in the way if you ever decide you have feelings for her. Friends may be nice, but boyfriend and girlfriend has some advantages, if you understand what I’m telling you?”

“Thanks Dad, I’ll be right back after I walk her home.”

“Take your time, Son.”

I looked over at Melody as she was buttoning her jacket. She flashed a smile at me ... and I suddenly had a wash of feelings fill my heart,

Dammit dad! You just ruined my friendship, possibly forever, I thought inwardly.

I opened the door and we left hand in hand.

Should I tell her about the conversation or should I keep it to myself?

“What was that about with your dad?” She asked.

“Ask me again in a couple of days then I can tell you, OK?”

“Sure, was it about me?”

“Please wait,” I said. “It’s a funny story from a certain point of view!”

It was a leisurely and lovely walk we had, and her father was waiting outside for her.

I guess a kiss on the cheek is out of the question.

“Thank you, sir ... we all seemed to get along quite well. I commend her back to you, unharmed, unscathed, and unspoiled!”

He chuckled and took her inside.

Yep, things have changed already. I missed her and I wasn’t even halfway back to my house.

Once inside, mom hugged me and said, “She’s a lovely girl, Paul!”

I waited for her to release me and I went up to my room.

I got in the chair I was sitting in before and her fragrance was still there, but not as strong anymore.

With my homework all done, I took a shower and dressed for bed. It wasn’t even nine o’clock yet!

There was a knock on the door and they both came in my room.

“Paul, what’s wrong?” my mother asked.

“Ask him!” I said.

“Dad, you ruined it! You ruined my best friend. We have been great friends for almost 9 years and you fucking ruined it!” I was upset and on the brink of crying. I had never cursed like that before.

“What did I do?” he said, apparently not having a clue as to what has happened.

I recalled word for word what he had said and I added, “Ever since you said that, I feel my feelings changing. We were both content being friends ... Sir!”

“Leave! Close the door I’m going to sleep. I don’t want to talk about this no matter what your opinion is on the subject!”

The next morning, I woke up at five, but I couldn’t get back to sleep.

I was still mad, but I got dressed and went down to find them both in the kitchen, with them both drinking coffee.

“May I have a cup of that please, Mom?”


“Please, just coffee, no talk!”


“Dad leave me be, maybe by the time I get home from school?”

“This is Saturday,” my mother said.

“Oh,” I said, “I forgot!”

I got the coffee and took a careful sip. It wasn’t so bad after all! I took it and went back up to my room and lay down although I couldn’t get to sleep now that I’ve had 2 cups of coffee.

My phone rang. it was Melody... “Hey Paul, somehow I knew you would be awake. What’s going on?”

“I got dressed for school until my parents told me it was Saturday ... I feel like an ass!”

“I’ve done that before,” she said probably fibbing to make me feel better.

“We need to talk and not over the phone,” I said to her. “Can you get away for a while?”

“Sure, meet you behind the Newman’s house!”

“Which one is that?” I asked wondering if I ever knew.

“The one three houses from you and three houses from me, silly.”

“See you in five minutes,” I said.

I told the parents I was going for a walk and I saw my ex best friend looking very nice for so early on a Saturday morning.

“What’s this all about?” She asked.

“Do you trust me?” I responded.

I took her by the shoulders and pressed my lips against hers. I figure she’ll either respond in kind or slap the hell out of me.

She didn’t slap me.

“Wow!” We both said.

“What brought that on?” she asked.

“Something my dad said but it doesn’t matter anymore.”

“What’s the matter, Paul?”

“We are no longer best friends, now we are boyfriend and girlfriend!”

Taking my hand, she said, “Why can’t we be both!”

Man o man, that made perfect sense!

“Do we tell our parents?” I asked.

“Not yet,” she answered “Everybody just met. Let’s wait for the birthdays to both happen. Should we exchange presents or is it too soon?”

I was still holding her, so I give her another kiss, but this felt so much better.

“That’s my present,” I said as she broke into a smile I hadn’t seen on her face before.

“Mine too,” she said licking her lips. “What time Tuesday should we come over?”

“5 o’clock!”

“Can we have one more just please, Paul?”

I move my hands from her shoulders to around her waist and pulled her close to me and said, “Is it too early to tell you that I love you?”

She started our final kiss of the morning and this one caused stirring in my loins.

I kissed her hand and we separated.

I did walk for a while calming down before I went back inside the house.

Dad had gone off for his weekly tennis match with his boss.

“How was it?” My mother said.

“How was what?”

“Your lips ... how was your first kiss? Everything you wanted it to be?”

With a new attitude, I said, “Things have changed, Mom ... for the better!”

She took a napkin and cleaned off my lips and mouth.

“That always seems to happen, Honey. Be as good a boyfriend as you have been a son to your father and me!”

“We are keeping things a secret until after her birthday party on next Saturday. Can you do that for me?”

“I’m pretty good keeping secrets!”

“Great, thanks!”

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