Steve's New Acquisition
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oriental Female, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Steve requires a transplant after suffering a serious injury in an automobile accident.

“There are two coming in. Yeah, car accident,” Harry called out to the interns and nurses in the Emergency Room.

Two new ER doctors and three nurses rushed to Incoming as two ambulances came in one behind the other, each disgorging a badly injured male patient. Specialists were called in for Steve Richards and after examination he was prepped for neurosurgery which was to be the shortest of his three surgeries that night.

James Williams was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival. In looking for identification it was discovered that he was an organ donor. When Dr. Richie found out he called the hospital office to see if James Williams’ wife had been contacted. Discovering she was on her way he said, “Have a medical ethicist meet me in the doctor’s lounge. After Mrs. Williams has identified the body ask her to please come to the doctor’s lounge.”

“Mrs. Williams I’m Dr. Richie a urological surgeon on call here at the hospital and this is Mrs. Hancock, a medical ethicist with the hospital. We’re very sorry for your loss and what we are about to discuss is very difficult at a time like this but there really is no good time. Are you aware that your husband intended to donate his organs upon his death?”

“Yes, we discussed it at some length. His sister was a kidney recipient and Jimmy saw what it meant for her and felt strongly about giving others in need a chance for a better life.”

“Then you would be willing to sign a release that will allow us to remove your husband’s organs to be donated to the various donor programs.”

“Yes I’m willing to sign. Just for information, what would happen if I refused?”

“We would have to go before a judge and present the facts that your husband’s wish was to donate his organs. The judge would listen to your reasons for objecting to your husband’s wishes then unless there are facts that we are unaware of the judge would enter the order allowing the collection of Mr. Williams’ organs. The delay in getting before a judge could mean that someone who could have been helped will not get an organ in time to save their life. Mrs. Hancock is there anything you want to talk to Mrs. Williams about?”

“Mrs. Williams I am here to make sure that you understand what this involves and that you were not misled in any way. It is obvious to me that you understand the situation and are freely giving your consent to the removal of your deceased husband’s organs, so all I need is for you to sign and date this release here and here and I will sign as a witness and then you can go be with your family. I’m sorry for your loss.”

When Steve Richards woke he had no idea where he was. It seemed to be a room of some kind with very dim lighting. When he tried to move everything about him hurt and his wrists were tied to the bed. He tried to call out but only produced a croak for his effort. As much as he tried he couldn’t for the life of him remember where he had been and then he heard the swoosh of a door being pushed open.

“You’re awake at last, Mr. Richards.”

“Who are you and where am I?” Steve said in a whisper because of the discomfort.

“I’m Mary Hopkins, one of your nurses and you are in Kennedy Memorial Hospital. Your voice will return to normal with use. As to how you got here, you were seriously injured in an automobile accident.”

“How long have I been here and why are my wrists tied?”

“You came in Friday evening and this is Tuesday afternoon,” Mary said, “and the doctor ordered your wrists tied to prevent you from damaging your surgery site.”

“Surgery, what surgery?”

“I’ll go notify Doctor Richie that you’re awake and he can tell you all about it. It was really quite amazing.”

“Does my wife know I’m here?”

“Of course, Mr. Richards. She has been here every day since you were brought in. She has just gone down to the cafeteria to get something to eat. I’ll have them page her.”

“No, let her enjoy her meal I’m not going anywhere and what is so amazing?”

“The doctor will tell you all about it Mr. Richards,” Mary said as she left the room.

The door to Steve’s room burst open under the pressure of a stockily built man with a stethoscope hanging from his neck followed by Mary. He had strawberry blond short cropped hair with green eyes and a ruddy complexion. He was over six feet and weighted about one hundred and eighty-five pounds. “Hi, Mr. Richards I’m Mike Richie your urological surgeon. I performed one of the surgeries on you, perhaps the most important one from your perspective.”

“How many did I have?”

“Three along with other procedures for your injuries. Perhaps it would be best if I start at the beginning. You were brought into the ER as the result of an auto accident. Your car was struck by another car in the intersection. The other car hit your driver’s side door. Your life was probably saved because you were not wearing your seatbelt. The deployment of the side airbag threw you across the front seat into the passenger side door. If you had been belted the impact of the other car and the airbag would have certainly crushed you. As it was you suffered a severe concussion, a dislocated left hip, massive trauma to your left shoulder and chest and most serious of all your testicles and penis were somehow mutilated. It looked like they were sliced and punctured. You must have hit something in the car.”

Steve remembered that he had put the putty knife and screw driver he used to fix his mother’s window pane in the cup holder next to his seat. “Mutilated! My dick and balls are messed up?”

“Yes, seriously so Mr. Richards. Dr. Young, a neurosurgeon, drilled a hole in your skull to relieve the pressure from the blood building around your brain from intra-cranial bleeding. It was necessary...”

“But my dick’s going to be okay, right?”

“I’ll get to that Mr. Richards. As I was saying they had to shave your head but your hair will grow back in a few months. Doctor Stokes the orthopedic surgeon, fixed your hip. He inserted a pin to hold everything together while you heal. You can have it removed later but if it doesn’t give you any trouble I’d leave it in, but Dr. Stokes will advise you on that.”

“Can I get these wrists restraints removed? It’s uncomfortable as hell being strapped in like this.”

“I don’t see why not you should be out of the woods as far as trying to remove your catheter or bandages.”

“You can take them off nurse.”

“Ah that feels a lot better. That’s two what was the third surgery?”

“We had to amputate your penis and your testicles. They were so badly damaged they could not be saved.”

“You what!” And Dr. Richie could see the shock beginning to take hold and said, “Nurse get a BP reading and administer the shot.”

Dr. Richie had foreseen this possibility and was prepared. After a few minutes Steve’s vision and breathing returned to normal and Mary wiped the perspiration from his face.

“Better now Mr. Richards? I know that’s a lot to take in but there is no easy way to tell it.”

“So I don’t have a dick or balls anymore?”

“Not exactly Mr. Richards. The man who hit you was an organ donor and his wife signed her consent for us to harvest his organs for use by people in need of transplants.”

“I didn’t need a new heart or kidney doctor so what do I care about his organs?”

“The penis and testicles are organs Mr. Richards and we transplanted his penis and testicles to replace yours. It was a twelve hour procedure to get all the nerves, veins, urethra and other plumbing sutured. We attached it to the inch and a half stump that was left after your amputation. If you look under the sheets you will see a large bandage bundle in that area. You don’t feel anything now because of all the painkillers you are on and will continue to be on for the next several months. You are on multiple immunosuppressant drugs and large doses of steroids. You will be taking the immunosuppressant therapy for four to six months and possibly longer.”

“What are they for?”

“They are to prevent your immune system from attacking the foreign tissue now attached to your body. They are to stop your body from rejecting your new penis and testicles.”

“You mean that even after they have been successfully attached this may not work?”

“That’s exactly what I mean. Our bodies are designed to prevent any such invasion. It’s what helps us fight disease and infection otherwise no one would survive their first fever. Do you have any other questions?”

“How long is this going to take?”

“Four to six months and maybe longer. Every recovery for this type of surgery is different but plan on at least six months. Until we remove the bandages which will be in about three months you are to leave the area alone. At some point it will start to itch but don’t try to scratch. There will be tingling sensations; that will be the nerves regenerating. When we remove the bandages if all goes well we will remove the Foley.”


“That is the name by which we call your catheter. When it is removed it will take you a little time to relearn how to pee. The Foley is doing it for you while it’s in there and you muscles will atrophy to some extent but if all goes well they will start to function almost immediately. When the bandages come off I don’t want your gripping your penis, just hold it lightly until I tell you it’s okay to masturbate. When I give you the okay I want you to masturbate every day for several days to get the pipes working and to make sure the new testicles are generating sperm. By that time you will be out of the hospital and seeing me in my office. There are just a couple of more things. First I noticed you were circumcised. Your donor was not and at your age that may take some getting used to. For your wife as well, so don’t be surprised if she is reticent at first; after all this will be as new to her as it is to you.”

“Why didn’t you just circumcise my new dick?”

“There were several reasons but the main one was that the penis needs to be attached to something to do a circumcision and we didn’t want to do anything that would add to the possibility of infection. You will also be somewhat longer. The donor penis seemed longer and larger than yours but there’s no way to tell for sure until you have an erection but in any event it will be longer because we cut the donor penis off at the base and there was a stump of your penis of over an inch. And finally the thing that will take the most getting use to is that the donor was a black man.”

“Do you mean I have a black dick?”

“And testicles.”

“Damn that is going to take some getting used to.”

“Better than having only a stump to get used to.”

“That’s for sure. Does my wife know about all this?”

“Only that you have a new penis attached. We thought that it would be better if you told her the rest.”

“I’m not so sure about that.”

“If you want we can tell her but I do think it will be best received coming from you, besides, I’m sure she will prefer anything to no penis.”

“Let’s hope so?”

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