Heart of Darkness

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Group Sex, Orgy, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Oral Sex, Violent,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - Pervasive Reads 14: Anne looks like any other girl in school, but she has something nobody else has. It's actually three somethings and they have perhaps the foulest mouths. These three things are also her legacy or curse, depending on how one looks at it.

Isabel lowers herself onto Bruce as she faces away from him and giving him a moment to admire her ass. She chose this position because not only is it easier with her pregnancy but it gives them much more closeness than any other position. Unfortunately with her large pregnant belly Bruce doesn’t have access to her clit like he normally would. He holds her hips, his fingertips extending onto her belly as she grasps his cock and guides it into her pussy. As she lowers herself onto it, they both moan and, once it is fully embedded inside her, she sit here briefly as his hands move up to cup her full breasts.

When Isabel starts to move up and down on his throbbing cock, Bruce begins to massage her breasts. Her pussy feels amazing. She starts out moving slowly up and down, allowing them both to enjoy the fullness of his cock. He savors the feel of her pussy sliding up and down while she savors the feeling of his cock sliding in and out. Her hand drops between her thighs and begins to ride him harder and faster, moaning louder and longer as she does so. Bruce leans back, releasing her breasts and taking her by the waist. Each time she comes down, Bruce pulls down on her hips as she pushes up into her.

She slams down on him and starts to shake, immediately coming to orgasm. It quickly washes over her as many of them do these days. Being pregnant has caused many temporary changes, many of them in a very good way. When she finishes she stands up, Bruce’s cock slipping out of her hot pussy, and turns to face him. She leans down, her full breasts swaying, and kisses him. She drops to her knees and takes his throbbing cock, still slick with her juices, and pumps it briefly before wrapping her lips around it.

Bruce moans and reaches out to caress her hair as she engulfs his cock in her hot mouth. She bobs her head up and down, savoring his cock in her mouth, moaning softly as she slides her lips up and down his shaft. Bruce, likewise, is savoring having her mouth sliding up and down his shaft as he feels his orgasm gradually building as his cock grows even thicker. She pumps the base as she slides her lips down as far as she can manage, taking him to the verge of a momentous orgasm. As his cock swells even more, Isabel doesn’t let up. She maintains her pace and as Bruce explodes in her mouth with a cry of pleasure, she swallows his load, continuing to suck. Only once he is completely spent does she let his cock fall from her mouth. She looks up and smiles at him.

“That was awesome,” Bruce says breathing irregularly.

She legs go of his cock and moves up to sit next to him. “Awesome doesn’t even do justice to the way you make me feel,” Isabel replies.

Bruce puts his arm around her and kisses her head.

“I love being pregnant but this baby cannot come soon enough.”

Bruce smiles as they start to kiss again. His hand slips to her belly, caressing it. His hand soon slips back up to her breasts to play with her hard nipples. Almost instantly, he feels his cock hardening again. Isabel notices it too and she reaches down to start stroking it once more. Bruce runs his hand over her belly again, but continues over it and between her thighs to find her pussy dripping wet once again. The thought of being back in her excites him and he slides of the couch to kneel in front of her, slipping his cock back in.

Isabel moans and closes her eyes as his cock fills her again. He watches her full breasts bounce as he starts to slowly thrust in and out of her. Rather than reach up for them, Bruce lifts and spreads her legs to allow himself full penetration into her sweet pussy. Bruce has a nice view of his wife—her full breasts, rounded belly and the various looks of pleasure on her face.

He holds this position for a few moments before letting her legs down and lipping out of her. “I have a better idea,” he says as she opens her eyes and looks at him inquisitively.

Bruce helps her sit up as she stands and then he turns her around, kneeling on the couch while resting her head on the back of the couch. Stepping behind her, he caresses her ass before guiding his cock back into her. Isabel responds by pushing back as his girth fills her again. He takes her by the hips and begins to slowly fuck her again. Once Bruce has a good rhythm going, he moves his hands up from her waist to her swinging breasts and cupping them against his palms. It is a much better position for them both, especially Isabel, base off the sounds it elicits from her.

Her pussy is amazingly slippery and quite snug, making it feel incredible as Bruce slides his cock repeatedly in and out of it. It doesn’t take long for Isabel to come to terms with another orgasm. With her body trembling and her pussy quaking, it feels even hotter and more slippery. The better her pussy feels, the faster Bruce fucks her. Of course, the faster he fucks her, the faster she climaxes again and again.

Bruce’s hands slip back to her hips where he holds her as he fucks her harder and faster. His orgasm quickly builds like before and within moments Isabel finds herself being filled with his hot cum as he explodes in her. She gasps at the sudden burst, letting out a long moan of pleasure as her body responds with yet another orgasm. She trembles with each spurt of his cum and gush of her juices. When both their orgasms subside, Isabel stands on shaky legs. Bruce’s hands move from her hips to her belly to caress it as she tilts her head back so they can kiss.

Bruce’s cock slips out of her as they kiss and his hands migrate up to cup her breasts. As she turns to him, his hands go from her belly to her ass and her arms around his neck. They continue to kiss for several more minutes as his cum starts to run out of her pussy and down the inside of her thighs.

Then a sudden and angry banging on the front door brings their attention back to reality. The sounds of shouting are heard over the roaring fire in the distance. Bruce releases his grip of his wife and slides over to the window, tossing back the curtains. From the second floor of the manor he sees a large crowd gathered below. A moment later, the door to their bedroom burst open. Bruce spins around ready to face a sudden attacker, but it is only Robert, their butler, standing in the doorway.

“I am sorry to intrude like this, Sir, Madam,” he says in a fairly calm voice. “But I am afraid that a mob has gathered outside.”

“Yes, yes,” Bruce says. “I can see that. What is it that they want?”

“It appears, sir, that they not only want you but your unborn child.”

“Why do they want you two?” Isabel asks, clearly frightened by the mob. “It can’t be because of that. How would they even know about it?”

“That is exactly what it is,” Bruce says hastily. He turns back to the butler and says, “Robert. Prepare the horses.”

The butler bows. “It will be done sir.”

As soon as Robert leaves the room, Bruce turns back to his wife. “I want you to go, through the secret passage as we have practiced.”

“What about you?” she pleads, throwing her arms around him, pulling him in close. “Please say you’re coming as well.”

“Do not worry my love,” Bruce says, stroking her cheek. “I will not be far behind you. Now get dressed and meet Robert at the stable. Make sure you take Merabelle with you.”

Reluctantly, Isabel releases her grip on her husband and pulls away. She nods through falling tears and sobs. Gingerly she dresses, never taking her eyes off Bruce as he does the same. Then grabbing his sword and pistol, Bruce slips from the room and doesn’t look back. Isabel lets the last of her tears fall. She wipes them away and follows him out the door without looking back herself.

Bruce slings the front door of the manor open and steps through, keeping one hand on the butt of his pistol and the other on the hilt of his sword.

“What is the meaning of this?” he asks as he steps out further into the crowd. “Why do you come to my home in such a fashion?”

“You, sir, are a witch and your unborn child is the child of the devil!” one of the townsfolk yells as he steps forward, brandishing a sword.

“Malcolm?” Bruce questions. “I would not expect you of all people to fall for the callings of this rabble.”

“I would not normally,” the man answers. “But I have seen the spells that you have cast. I have seen the monster that you become. You cannot forgive yourself for the lives of the innocent that you have taken!”

“By what right have you to judge me?” Bruce roars.

“I have every right, just as these good people of the town do!” Malcolm roars back. “You admit to your deviltry and witchcraft! For that you shall suffer the most unpleasant of deaths.”

“Over my dead body,” Bruce says as he draws his sword.

“So be it then, old friend,” the man says, looking uncertain for just the slightest of moments. “Your death will not be on my conscience.”

“Nor yours one mine!” Bruce roars as he draws the pistol with his other hand and fires a shot right through the man’s forehead.

Malcolm falls to the ground, dead before his body even hits. A collective gasp ushers through the gathered crowd and for the slights of seconds Bruce believes the crowd may just disperse, forget why they are here and dismiss the whole thing. But he isn’t that lucky. Someone in the crowd shouts for his head and that’s when weapons are drawn and shots are fired.

Isabel jumps at the sound of shot being fired. She looks to Merabelle and then Robert with pleading eyes. “Please tell me that wasn’t Bruce.”

“I do not know, Madam,” Robert says.

“I must go and see,” she says as she fights back more tears welling up and threatening to cut loose.

“Mistress, you mustn’t,” Merabelle shouts, grabbing ahold of Isabel’s arm. “It is too dangerous.”

Then there are more shots and the roar of the crowd grows louder.

“Don’t not presume to tell me of what is dangerous and not,” Isabel grinds out angrily. She yanks her arm free and starts off back toward the manor.

Robert looks to Merabelle and the woman nods at him. The butler quickly turns and takes just a few steps to catch up to the distraught woman. He scoops her up despite her pleas. “I am sorry, Madam, but you have to leave.”

“I am not leaving without Bruce!” she screams.

“Master Bruce knew he wasn’t going to make it,” Merabelle says soothingly. “Come now. Do not let his sacrifice for you and your child go to waste.”

Resigning herself to defeat, Isabel drops her shoulders and sighs heavily. She allows Robert to help her up onto her horse, taking the reins from him when she is settled in the saddle. Merabelle starts to take the lead but when Isabel stops the horse, she turns to look at the butler.

“Are you not coming Robert?”

The butler looks at her with loving eyes. “I have served you and Master Bruce for a great many years. Please allow me to stay back and ensure that you make it to safety. Besides, I am innocent and the townsfolk will not harm me.”

Isabel sighs again and simply nods. She then gives him a smile and says, “Thank you for your loyalty.”

Robert smiles and watches the two woman head off down the path until they are out of sight. He then reaches for a rifle and prepares for the angry mob to arrive.

Isabel and Merabelle have been on the trail for only a few minutes when they hear the sound of gunfire followed by more gunfire. Isabel stops her horse and starts to turn it when Merabelle reaches out and grabs the reins.

“Don’t, Mistress,” she says hurriedly. “There is nothing that can be done.”

“But he said they wouldn’t hurt him,” she says with pleading eyes. “He promised he would be safe.”

“Robert told you what you needed to hear, Mistress,” Merabelle says. “He only stayed behind to give us time to escape. Now we must go before your life and your child’s are put to an end. Your baby must be born or your husband’s legacy will come to an end.”

Isabel turns back to the woman and flashes her an angry scowl. “His legacy has been nothing but a curse.”

“Not true, Mistress,” Merabelle says taking a deep breath. Isabel can at times be very headstrong and easily place a strain on one’s patience. “There have been many times the curse has served the people. Many nations have survived war, famine, foreign invaders and any number of other circumstances because of it. It must be carried on, it must survive.”

Isabel hangs her head low. She knows the sorceress is right. Bruce would give his life ten times over to ensure his legacy carried on—it is far too important.

The two women travel by horseback for what feels like hours and probably is. It is nearly daybreak when Isabel feels the first signs of labor and the two are forced to stop. Merabelle locates a small cave off in the forest and relocates them. She starts a fire and gathers some water from a nearby stream. The location of the cave, the easily found firewood and nearby stream seem too much like coincidence to Isabel, but knowing the sorceress, it was probably all planned or foreseen before tonight. Isabel doesn’t give it much more thought than that and instead focuses on the labor and her coming baby. The hours pass on and soon night turns into day. By midafternoon Isabel has given birth to a healthy baby girl.

“When will her powers manifest?” Isabel asks as she nurses her baby.

Merabelle shrugs. “She will begin to manifest now at the moment of her birth, but her full power won’t come until her sixteenth birthday. In the meantime you will have to teach her to be true to her heart, right from wrong. All the while the darkness will try to lure her to its side of evil.”

“Oh, what will we do, Merabelle?”

“Not to worry Mistress, I will be there to help you and the child. I will ensure that she stays on the path of right.”

“No, not that,” Isabel says, shaking her head. “Where will we go? We have no money, nothing. We are sure to be wanted after last night.”

Merabelle smiles at the distraught woman. “Not to worry. Master Bruce, as has his family for many generations, has planned for such an eventuality,” she begins. “You and your child will not have to worry about anything other than living your lives to the fullest.”

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