Amity: The Herds

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Coercion, Consensual, Magic, NonConsensual, Rape, BiSexual, Fiction, High Fantasy, Science Fiction, Robot, Were animal, Incest, Group Sex, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Oral Sex, Slow, Transformation,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Preface - This is Bron's story. Bron was a shifter. After being raped by his grandfather, Bull Warh Horn when he was fifteen, and later having his child given away, Bron planned to get even. When he was ready, he would challenge Warh and take control of the Horn Herd. He wasn't happy with how the current ten Bulls that owned Green Island operated. He planned to change the laws that turned his people into nothing but glorified slaves.

Bron had major issues with his grandfather, Bull Warh Horn. After being raped by Warh at the age of fifteen and later having his child given away, Bron planned to get even. When he was ready, he was going to challenge his grandfather, as was his right, and take over control of the Horn Herd.

Bron wasn’t happy with how the current ten Bulls that owned and controlled his home, called Green Island operated. He planned to change the laws that turned his people into nothing but glorified slaves even if they were called spouses.

Bron’s people were the progeny of shapeshifters that had left their previous home in the Keltrian universe to flee persecution, due to the way they wanted to live their lives. They were predominantly a herd form of shifter. Bighorn being their dominant form and the nature of the herd dictated their lifestyle.

The ancestors had been in hibernation in a section of a Keltrian wheelship called Torus. She had been forced to break into her sixteen sections, and their section had been transported to Amity, with several others. Theirs had crashed on Green Island two thousand years before.

This is Bron’s story.

(Warning: contains descriptive multi-gender sex.)


If you find any of my assumptions fictitious, I would like to remind you this is a work of fiction and I have probably taken liberties with reality, as we know it.

If you find grammatical or spelling errors, they are not the fault of my friend Anna Dapter who did try to edit my work. (Editor’s note: Very trying it was, too!) However, I do have a tendency to fiddle around after the fact.

The Australian Dictionary was also used so some words may appear incorrect to some readers. I also hope my colloquialisms are decipherable and you enjoy the story.


While some characters in the story are also mentioned in the current Amity series, this story starts about thirty-six years before the time of Storm Green coming to Amity.

It is to be considered a standalone story. However, a reference to characters created in this work may well be made in the Amity books created after the posting of this story.

Hopefully, there importance and backgrounds will be explained in the instances that the two stories align.

Yes, the Amity series has a little more to go. I’m getting there. All good things come to those who wait.

Kris Me.

Some colloquialisms you may not know:

Bickies - cookies in the US

Cuppa - cup of

Gunna – going to

Gonna – dying or dead

Kinda – kind of

Lucked in – got lucky

Lucked out – out of luck

Pash – passionate kissing

Shacking up - living together

Snag - sausage designed to fried or broiled

Suss-out - slang for checking something out

Quickie - sex with little foreplay and generally quick

Useta - in the past, used to be

Other useful terms:

Baboo - a creature that looked like large orang-utans

Bighorn - a form of cattle

Buzzes - relative of the fly

Camla - cross between a cow and a camel

Clucker - closer to chooks as we know of them

Kaboo - an alcoholic spirit - quite potent

Lanky - a form of horse that has some ass (donkey) features

Rohan - a reptilian chook, has few feathers (chicken)

Snuffler - a form of pig with warthog like features

Woollie - a long-legged cross between a goat and a sheep

Note: some things have Earth names because I can’t be bothered re-inventing everything and I’d have to explain them. Plus an Earthling or two has been on the planet before.

Amity Time:

One year = 400 days, 10 months or 15 Earth days < an Earth year.

A month = 40 days

A week = 10 days

A day = 10 hours local or approx. 23 Earth hours

An hour = 100 minutes, Hour 5 = midday

A minute = 100 seconds (Slightly shorter than an Earth second)

Winter and summer = 2 months each

Spring and autumn = 3 months each (Due to larger axial tilt than Earth)

Shifters gestation time = 20 weeks (5 months)

Bighorns/lankys gestation time = 24 weeks (6 months)

Snufflers/woollies gestation time = 12 weeks (3 months)

Rohan/clucker gestation time = 16 days

Amity Money:

1 = a square coin, 2 = triangular, 5 = round.

Que, tri, rota = 1, 2, 5 cents - Bronze - 20mm a side/diameter

Queb, trib rotab = 10, 20, 50 cents - Brass - 24mm

Quek, trik, rotak = 1, 2, 5 dollars - silver 22.5mm

Ques, tris, rotas = 10, 20, 50 dollars - Gold - 18mm

0 to 9 = nil, que, tri, reh, for, rota, seh, eta, nah

10s = add a b

100s = add a k

1000s = add an s

A Million = add an xi



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