Futa Cop's Wild Wish
Chapter 1: Officer Cindy's Naughty Speeder

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Officer Cindy's Naughty Speeder - Officer Cindy, a dominating, lesbian cop, aches to discipline the bitchy women she pulls over speeding. Luckily for her, the futa-fairy will make all her wishes come true and change the sexy cop forever!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Magic   Lesbian   Hermaphrodite   Fiction   Cuckold   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Sister   Daughter   BDSM   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Spanking   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Anal Sex   Analingus   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   Body Modification   Public Sex   Small Breasts  

There were days when I just wish I could shut up the mouthy bitches when they complained about getting a speeding ticked. Just grab their hair, pull their faces into my crotch, and let them put those lips to far better use lapping at my clit and eating my hair pie.

I knew when the silver Porsche 911 sped by my speed trap at 90 MPH that it was going to be one of those days. I had spotted her coming a mile away, tagging her speed and getting ready for my pursuit. I flipped on my lights before she even passed, accelerating down the shoulder of the highway. My siren screamed as my pursuit car zoomed up to forty, sixty, and then eighty as I pulled out into the highway, staring at the Porsche.

Then I hit a hundred.

My heart raced as I came up behind the car. For a moment, the car didn’t react. I stared at the back of the driver’s head, a woman with blonde hair. She didn’t so much as flinch for thirty seconds. And then she jumped, throwing a look over her shoulder.

And I saw it. A bitch’s face. Rich, spoiled, the trophy wife of a rich tech billionaire who flocked to the Pacific Northwest. It made her think she was entitled to drive at breakneck speed through Tacoma down I-5.

I shook my head, honking my horn. It blared a piercing siren. Her signal light came on.

“If you run...” I whispered to myself. What an absolute treat that would have been. To chase her down and slap my cuffs on her ... Then I’d have to frisk her.

I bet she had a gorgeous body. All tight and sexy, kept perfect by her husband’s money and access to the best plastic surgeons in the world. I rubbed my thighs together, growing so juicy as she pulled her car off onto the freeway’s shoulder.

I ran her plates immediately into the state patrol’s database. It came back registered to a Portia Davenport, 40, brown hair, hazel eyes.

“Portia,” I said as I climbed out of my car, savoring the name. Such a rich bitch’s name.

Traffic streamed by, wind whipping at me. I reached her door, wrapping on the window. The woman gave me such a dirty look. Then her window whirred down. She wore a tight, silvery dress, made of stretchy material to show off her large, fake tits and curving hips. I bet she had ass implants, making her rear so bubbly in that dress. Her hair was styled into wavy perfection and transformed into that golden, peroxide hue.

“Yes, Officer?” she asked, not hiding a sneer as she looked at me through her large sunglasses. “Is there a problem?”

“Oh, there is a problem,” I grinned, my pussy so on fire. “License, registration, proof of insurance.”

“This is a real bother. I have to pick up my daughter in Olympia. I’m late.”

“And?” I asked.

“And what?” she snapped back as she leaned over to the glove box to start fishing out information. Her large breasts jiggled in her top.

No bra.

I squeezed my thighs together, my gun belt clinking.

“And you think that gives you the right to do 90 down the highway?”

“Yes,” she said, straightening up. “What’s your name?”

“Officer Cindy Matheson,” I said, tapping my nametag. “See, it’s right there.”

“You’re going to hear from my lawyer, Officer Cindy.” She thrust her documents at me. “You hear? Just because I’m rich, doesn’t mean you have the right to pull me over and waste my time! Don’t you have real criminals to chase?”

My grin grew fixed on my lips. I so wanted to seize her peroxide-blonde hair, haul her rich, skank ass out of the car, and shove my nightstick up her pussy. I’d fuck it in and out of her while she gasped and moaned and begged for an orgasm.

Then I’d make her lick my pussy.

“Highway safety is my job today. And you were risking lives, your own included, with your reckless driving.”

“Whatever. Just go write my ticked. My husband won’t even notice it in the expenses.” She waved away with her hands, an annoying, shooing gesture.

My teeth groaned as I walked back to my car. I wanted to dominate the bitch. I loved dominating bitches. There was something so satisfying about wiping the grin off a smug woman’s lips. I wished I could spank her ass and teach her manners. Instead of playing with the girls at the BDSM club, who just pretended to be smug bitches, I ached to really spank a woman. To redden her ass while she sobbed how sorry she was.

Then I’d fuck her with a nightstick or one of the huge dildos I had.

My nipples were diamond hard when I climbed into my cruiser. I ran all her information as I squirmed, my pussy so on fire. And I was only an hour into my shift. I had seven more to go before I could masturbate.

Rub one out then make dinner for my daughter, Amber, and me.

I was so hot and juicy, I almost wanted to frig myself right now. This bitch was pushing all my buttons. I so wanted to discipline her. How she would squeal across my lap. She would cry and plead and beg for my forgiveness while everyone driving down the highway would see. Would know that she was a naughty bitch and deserved her punishment.

My pussy boiled.

My computer beeped. I looked at the information. There were no warrants out for Portia Davenport. No excuse indulge the satisfaction of arresting her and groping her body while I “frisked” her before slapping on a pair of handcuffs.

What I wouldn’t give to arrest her.

I wrote her a ticket instead. I hadn’t noticed any other infractions, which was a pity, so I only had her for thirty over. But that was reckless. So I filled out the yellow ticket instead of the green, a summons to court. That would annoy her day.

And if she failed to go and a bench warrant was issued, well, I could go arrest her then.

I strutted back to her car, my hips swaying, my right hand resting on the butt of my 9mm S&W, my left holding my small clipboard with the ticket on it. I reached her car and thrust it threw the window along with a pen.

“I need you to sign at the bottom,” I said, going through the spiel. “It is not an admission of guilt, only an acknowledgment that you’ve received the summons. At the top of the ticket is the date you have to report to traffic court and—”

“Report to court?” she gasped in furious shock. “What the fuck!”

“You were doing thirty over the speed limit. That’s reckless. You’re being sighted for negligent driving and been issued a court summons. On the back of the ticket has options for contacting the court.”

“Oh, my lawyer will contact the court,” she muttered, scrawling her name in big, flowing letters, at the bottom of the ticket. “Fucking dyke cop! Can I go?”

I took my clipboard back, tore off her copy of the ticket, and nodded my head. “You are free to go, ma’am. Drive safe.”

Her window zipped up. She peeled out before I had made it back to my car, driving angrily out into traffic. I hurried back to my car and followed, pacing her for several miles. I bet that made her seethe. She did sixty the entire time. I sighed and turned around to get back to my duty area.

At least I gave her a little annoyance. But it didn’t do anything to cool my cunt.

I parked on the side of the road, watching traffic flowing, my pussy itching. My hand slid down, rubbing at my blue pants, pushing them into my crotch. I pictured that blonde bitch bent over the hood of her Porsche, crying as I spanked her ass red, feeling her plump rear beneath my hand, her pussy slowly getting wetter and wetter as she realized she loved being my bitch.

Then I’d fuck her so hard. I ram my nightstick into her pussy, holding it before me, thrusting my hips. If I had a strap-on with me, I’d fuck her with that. But I didn’t carry anything like that while on duty.

But it was my fantasy.

The nightstick became a thick, rubbery, blue dildo. She screamed out in bliss as I reamed her pussy, stretching her open in ways her husband’s small dick never did. Or the tennis instructor or pilates coach or whatever guy she was fucking behind her husband’s back. She would gasp and moan and love it, her red ass jiggling.

I’m your bitch, Officer Cindy.

“Yes, you are,” I moaned, licking my lips, scratching that itch between my thighs. “Scream it. Let the world know.”

I’m Officer Cindy’s bitch!

I groaned, pulling my fingers away. I was on duty. I couldn’t masturbate. I had a job to do. Tickets to write. I shifted, my face flushed, and concentrated on I-5’s flow. I pointed my radar gun down the highway, looking for any speeders out there.

My phone, in my breast pocket, chirped with a text message.

I pulled it out and blinked. There was one message from my daughter, Amber. “Ms. Marcie is such an awesome teacher.” I smiled at that. She had such a schoolgirl crush on one of her teachers. I remember when I was her age, realizing that I felt things for girls as well as boys. Especially my busty math teacher.

The other message I didn’t recognize. It had a 907 area code. I had no idea where that was from. Not Washington. I opened the message and blinked as blue-white snowflakes rained down from the top of my screen before an icy text appeared. blue font.

Oh, you are one wicked cop, Officer Cindy. I love it! I almost came as you pictured turning that woman into your bitch.

I respect the desire to dominate, especially spoiled brats, so I’ll hook you up. I’ll make it so you can discipline all those bitches who annoy you. You can spank them, grope them, tie them up, and most importantly, fuck them. They’ll all be Officer Cindy’s bitch. Expect me real soon. I am so wet and hard to make this happy.

Ooh, you are such a wicked cop!


Esq. of Winter

“The fuck,” I said, my heart chilling. My fingers were a blur as I sent back: “Who the fuck is this?” My phone chirped. “Message failure. Number does not exist.”

“Fuck,” I groaned. Someone was sending me text messages from a cloned number and they knew about my fantasy to dominate women. Was this someone trying to blackmail me?



And so what if I wanted to dominate that bitch. I didn’t act at all inappropriate. It would just be an accusation. I had been accused of being a dyke before. But that didn’t mean I was predatory. I put my phone away, grinding my teeth.

People liked to fuck with cops. I would love to find out who this was and have a talk with them. But I wouldn’t fall for the bait. What utter nonsense. It was like they thought I was so dumb that I would believe that they could arrange it for me to fuck women I pulled over. Just slap cuffs on their wrists and go to town on them.

I shook my head, snorting in disgust. Someone must think I was a moron.

I went back to my patrol. And, too my utter annoyance, everyone was obeying traffic laws today. No one wanted to speed. After fifteen minutes, my eyes growing heavy from boredom, I switched over to north bound to watch the traffic coming up from Olympia.

My eyes grew heavier and heavier. There was no chatter on the radio. No accidents out there on the highways. No officers needing help in any of the local municipalities around me like Parkland or Lakewood or Tacoma. It grew harder and harder to pay attention.

And I needed to pay attention. I couldn’t sleep on the job. But my eyes weighed down. My head leaned against the window. I could feel myself sinking under. I tried to stop it. I tried to move, but my entire body felt like lead. My thoughts grew fuzzy and...


Soothing, restful darkness.

The window grew cold beneath my cheek. Sleep fell away. I blinked, shaking my head. I sat up, yawning. Such a lethargy tingled through my limbs. I groaned, shifting in my seat and...

My breasts jiggled naked at the bottom of my vision.

I shot my eyes down, strain at my large, naked breasts, my nipples hard, a pair of dusky points thrusting forward. I shifted, my ass sliding across the cold ice of my seat and...


My police cruiser was made entirely of ice.

“Holy fucking shit,” I gasped, grabbing a frigid door handle and yanking on it.

My door opened. I stepped out and gasped. The highway was also ice, the stripes made of dark hues, the Jersey barrier beyond, and then the city of Tacoma were all ice. I blinked in shock, my feet shifting on the icy road, feeling the rough texture that felt like asphalt except it was too slick.

What was going on here? I reached for my hip, feeling for my gun.

Gone. I was naked.

My short, black hair whipped about my head as I looked around, my tits heaving without my sports bra to constrain them. I was so exposed. How did this happen? How did the world turn to ice. And why wasn’t I freezing to death. I could feel the cold in the air, but...

It didn’t affect me.

“Relax, Officer Cindy,” a voice purred.

I whirled around and found a woman sitting on the hood of my police cruiser, legs crossed, her large breasts jiggling as she shifted. She was a gorgeous woman, older and mature, my age. Just the type I liked to dominate. Her breasts were so succulent. Her face gorgeous, framed by hair dyed a garish purple, the first real color I had seen here.

And then I met her eyes.

Ancient. Silver.

They dwarfed me. I trembled before them, my knees buckling. I was a speck of sand before a tsunami about to crash onto the beach. She towered over me. She had existed for so long, witnessed the rise and fall of history. My life passed as she blinked her eyes.

Rising above her head were gossamer wings, transparent and veined like a dragonfly’s, fluttering as she let out an impish giggle.

“Relax, Officer Cindy, relax,” the fairy said, her legs spreading wide.

She had a cock thrusting from the thick, purple bush adorning her pussy. My jaw dropped. Heat birthed to life in my pussy. I shuddered, staring at her cock, enraptured by its size, its length. Through her thick tangle of pubic hair, I could make out the folds of her pussy wrapped about the base of her dick.

“What’s going on?” I asked, a dizzy rush surging through me. “You’re a...”

“Futa-fairy?” she asked, her voice purring delight. She grasped her dick, stroking it. “I’m Bean Sidhe, but you can call me B since it’s such an old-fashion name. I like to stick with the times. Be progressive.”

“Okay,” I said. “And ... why am I here?”

“Now I know you got my text. You sent back...” A phone appeared, swirling out of ice and frost, in her hand. “Yes, here it is. ‘Who the fuck is this?’” She grinned at me. “Well, Officer Cindy, I’m the fuck who’s going to make all your dreams come true.”

A wave of heat washed through me. “You mean... ?”

“Yes, molesting all those delicious women who teased you. Stuck up bitches, mouthy sluts, and sexy hotties just begging to be dominated, spanked, bound, and fucked.” She shuddered, her hand reaching the pinnacle of her cock. “And I mean fucked. I’ll give it to you. You can do whatever you like to them, Officer. That’s what I’ll give you.”

“No way,” I said.

Her wings fluttered. They launched her into the air. She zipped past me, breasts heaving. I tried to follow her progress, but she moved so fast. She landed behind me, hugging me. Her breasts pillowed against my back, her nipples rubbing on my flesh. And her cock ... Her impossible girl-dick rubbed into my ass.

I shuddered, unable to help myself as more heat washed through me. Her flesh was icy cold. So frigid she burned against me. I drank in the sensations, groaning, juices flooding down my thighs as dizzy heat washed through me.

“Way,” she purred, nibbling at my ear. “Officer Cindy, you’ll fuck them all. You’ll writhe in passion. I’ll give you that, and then you’ll just owe me a teeny, weeny favor.”

I froze. “What sort of favor?”

“Nothing what-so-ever to do with the mortal authorities. No laws will be broken. In fact, they’ll be upheld. Isn’t that delicious?” She rubbed her cock into my ass. “Just make a pact with me, be my patron, and the rewards ... Those sweet rewards will be yours.”

I blinked, my thighs bumped against the hood of my car. I didn’t remember her pushing me to it. I shuddered as she bent me over, my big tits pressing into the frozen hood. My nipples tingled with delight as she rubbed that thick shaft against my pussy, humping against me.

The tip nudged against my pussy folds. Her hand ran down my back, fingernail caressing my spine. “You’ll have those bitches bent over the hood of your car, begging for it. They’ll be so wet, so eager, so pliant. You can spank them, cuff them, and fuck them so hard. They’ll scream their pretty little heads off.

“And they’ll respect you, Officer Cindy.” The tip of her dick pressed into my pussy. “If you say ... Yes!”


Her girl-cock rammed into my pussy. My eyes widened at her girth, so much bigger than any man, like my ex-husband. It was so fleshy and alive, not a thick toy but a real dick. A dick wielded by a woman.

Well, a female fairy. My pussy clenched down on the freezing shaft. I shuddered, the cold burning my insides. Passion surged out of me as she drew her shaft back. My cunt clung to her dick. I groaned as she pulled more and more out of it until just a little bit remained.

“Oh, I knew you would say yes,” groaned B.

She rammed her cock back into my burning depths. Ripples of delight rolled out of me. I moaned, squirming on the hood. My nipples ached, caressed by the cold. My cunt clenched down on her dick, loving her hard thrusts, savoring each and every one.

I panted, the frozen car rocking beneath me as she pounded me. Her crotch smacked into my ass while her tits heaved behind me. I looked at her over my shoulder, hypnotized by those lush tits, her purple hair dancing about her face.

“This is amazing. You have a cock! An awesome cock!”

“A futa-cock,” she groaned, ramming it into me. “And you have such a hot, tight cunt, Officer Cindy. Oh, yes, you’re going to cum so hard on my big girl-dick, aren’t you?”

“So hard!” I moaned. “Keep fucking me! Oh, you futa-fairy, pound me! I love it. I love your big girl-dick.”

Her wings hummed as she fucked me. Her cock shifted in me like she rose on her tiptoes. No, she hovered in the air, fucking me so hard, her tits heaving. This was so wild. I couldn’t believe this. It was such a wild dream.

I wanted it to be so real.

My pussy clamped down on her thrusting dick. The pleasure surged faster and faster in me. I groaned, bucking back into her thrusts. Our flesh slapped together. The friction burned so hot. The pressure swelled in me.

Bringing me closer and closer to exploding on her futa-dick.

“Fuck!” I groaned as that fleshy shaft reamed me. “Oh, damn, this is amazing!”

“So cum!” panted B, fucking me so hard. “Finish our bargain! Let’s seal it!”

“Yes!” I howled.

Her cock slammed into my depths. The friction burned so hot through me, igniting the swelling pressure in my core. I detonated. Shock waves of ecstasy slammed through my body. Stars whirled through my vision.

My pussy spasmed about her thrusting futa-dick. The fairy’s wings hummed faster as the rapture assaulted my mind. It was so hot cumming on an impossible dick. It was amazing. I groaned, trembling, drinking in all the pleasure as my body writhed on the frozen hood of my cop car.

“Yes!” she moaned. “I accept! Oh, Officer Cindy, what fun you shall have!”

Her cock buried into my pussy. My eyes widened as her cum splashed against my cervix. I felt every blast of jizz. My pussy milked her cock, eager for every drop to fill me. Her girl-cum flooded my cunt and...

Something else. Energy. Power.

It raced through my body as my orgasm raged. I groaned, my body shuddering, my clit rubbing into the fender of my cop car as ... It grew. My clit grew longer, thicker. The fender forced it to grow upward, trapped against my stomach, forming my own...

“I have a cock!”

“You’re a futa now!” laughed B. “Enjoy!”

A car honked. Traffic zoomed by as my new dick throbbed and ached, trapped, begging to be used, to be touched. I reached down, rubbing at it between me and the fender. Only I couldn’t touch it. There was something in the way...


My pants.

My car shook from the passage of a semi-truck pulling a huge trailer. I blinked and...

Opened my eyes. I was in my squad car, my radar gun held in my left hand, still positioned to watch northbound traffic. I blinked, coming out of my nap. I couldn’t believe the weird dream I just had and...

My hand scratched at my aching girl-cock through my uniform.

I stared down at the bulge stretching my crotch, reaching for the top of my gun belt. I groaned. It was trapped. My hand found my zipper, exposing the pair of dark-blue panties I wore underneath. I reached in, pulling my cock out the legband. It smacked into the steering wheel, so long, so thick, throbbing, aching to be touched.

“Holy shit,” I groaned, my finger tracing up the throbbing shaft. Precum beaded the tip. My pussy clenched, remembering the futa-fairy’s dick. “Goddamn, you were real, B.”

My finger reached the crown. I groaned through my teeth as I touched it. It was as sensitive as my clit, but there was so much more surface area. My toes curled in my shoes, my pussy clenching, growing so juicy. I stared down at my crotch, my black curls framing the base, my pussy lips stretched over it.

I had a cock. I made a wish and—

A silver Porsche 911 raced past me. My radar gun beeped. 93 MPH.

“That fucking bitch,” I snarled, throwing my radar gun onto the passenger seat, flipping on my lights, and hitting the gas.

It was her. Portia Davenport racing northbound now instead of southbound. My cop car screamed out onto the highway, my cock throbbing in eager anticipation. I made a wish. I was promised more than just the cock.

“You are going to pay, you rich bitch,” I growled, a reckless lust shooting through me. My dick throbbed and my pussy clenched, propelling the desire through me. It burned so hot in my mind as I floored my accelerator.

My engine growled, the RPM’s nearing the redline as I howled down the highway. She was ahead of me, weaving through traffic. I raced after, cars pulling out of my way as I pushed my vehicle faster and faster.

And caught up with the bitch.

There was a passenger with her. The daughter. She would witness her mother’s punishment. It would be the sweetest object lesson. Portia looked over her soldier, shooting me such a dirty glare through our windows.

Then she signaled and worked her way to the shoulder.

I grinned as I parked behind her. I could see her peroxide-blonde hair flying as she smacked her steering wheel, pissed that she was being “inconvenienced” once more. My dick throbbed. I stroked my shaft, savoring this moment, just watching her. She kept looking over her shoulder, glaring at me while my finger smeared my precum across the head of my cock.

Tingles raced down to my pussy. I groaned, shuddering in delight.

Then I brought my thumb to my mouth, sucked on my precum. It had a salty flavor I rather enjoyed. I never liked cum when I was still dating guys. I always spat it out. if I ever met another futa, I would gladly swallow her girl-jizz.

I opened my door and climbed out. Traffic howled past, my dick thrusting from my crotch, hard and stiff. I remembered what B promised. If I was on duty, I could do what I liked to discipline the bitches and no one would care.

I sauntered to the car, my dick bobbing before me, my nipples so hard in my bra, beneath my bulletproof vest and blouse. I adjusted my mirrored sunglasses. I was a sexy, dominating futa-cop. And Portia Davenport would learn not to fuck with me.

The window whirled down before I reached it. Portia’s head popped out. “You again! This is criminal harassment, Officer...”

Her words trailed off as her eyes widened. Her jaw dropped. Color faded from her cheeks. And then it returned in a scarlet flood as she stared at my huge girl-dick coming closer and closer and closer to her.

“That’s Officer Cindy, bitch,” I purred.

“B-bitch,” she spluttered before her head shot back into the car.

The window whirred as it came up.

I shot my hand out, grasping it, pulling against the motor. She stopped rolling it up as I glared in at her, trembling in that tight, silver dress clinging to her huge, fake tits like a glove. Beside her sat a sixteen-year-old girl with long, naturally blonde hair and round breast shown off by skimpy, cherry-red halter top. She played on her phone, not even paying attention.

“O-Officer Cindy,” Portia trembled. “I ... That is ... Why ... You ... You’re ... That’s not...”

“Admiring my girl-cock?” I asked. I reached through the half-rolled-up window and pressed its control button. It whirled down and I straightened, thrusting my cock through. “This is what I’m going to punish your speeding ass with.”

“P-Punish. What?”

“I already ticketed you once for driving with such reckless disregard. And you didn’t listen.” My pussy clenched. “So now it’s time for you to learn your place. First, kiss it.”


“Kiss my cock, bitch!” I snarled. My hand shot in, seizing her blonde hair and pulling her mouth to my dick. Her lips pressed on the tip. “That’s it. And you will address me as Officer Cindy.”

I groaned at the feel of her lips on my dick. They were so wet and delicious. I pulled harder on her hair, forcing my cock into her mouth. Her lips slid over the sensitive crown. Her tongue brushed it. Her sunglasses slipped down her nose, her brown eyes looking up at me over the rims.

And then she sucked.

I shuddered at her wet mouth. The powerful vacuum pulled at my dick. Twinges ran all the way down to my pussy. I groaned in pure delight as the rich bitch sucked again, her tongue caressing the crown of my new dick.

“Oh, my god,” the nasally, uptight, rich-girl-bitch tone of her daughter gasped. “You’re sucking that cop’s dick, Mom! Ooh, I knew you were a skank.”

“Your mother is a skank,” I said.

“Oh, shit, you sound like a lady cop. You a shemale?”

“A futa,” I groaned. “I have a pussy, too.”

“That’s blaze.”


Portia Davenport’s sucking banished that question. I groaned, savoring the trophy wife’s hot mouth pleasing my cock. My dick ached and throbbed in the depths of her mouth. I pulled harder on her hair, sliding her mouth down my dick. My eyes rolled back into my head. Ripples of delight shot through me. It was so wild. So naughty.

I loved it.

“That’s it. Mmm, yes. Work that mouth up and down my dick. Just suck it so hard. You’ve been a bitch, and bitches have to pay. Right, girl?”

“It’s Xanth,” the girl said. “And they do. Oh, make her pay, Officer. Daddy says she’s such a spoiled princess who thinks her cunt is hot shit.”

I shuddered, my dick throbbing as her daughter approved of her domination. It was so hot. So naughty. Wicked thoughts burst through my mind as Portia’s every suck swelled the growing pressure in my depths.

My ovaries ached to flood her mouth.

I groaned, my hips thrusting. My gun belt jangled as I fucked my cock in and out her hot, sucking mouth. Her tongue danced around it. Her eyes were wild, looking up at me. She loved it. The little bitch was getting off on sucking my dick. “Is your mom’s cunt wet, Xanth?” I groaned. “I don’t know. You want me to touch her?”

“Yes,” I growled. “Stick your hand between her thighs and see how wet your bitch-mother is.”

I could just see Xanth’s slim hand slid between her mother’s thighs and up it. Portia shuddered as her daughter rubbed between her thighs. The rich bitch moaned, sucking harder on my cock at the incestuous touch of her daughter.

“Oh, my god, Mom, you’re not even wearing panties. You are such a slut! And you’re so wet. You like sucking on that cop’s girl-dick?”

“Yes, she does!” I groaned, my pussy clenching.

My cum erupted.

“Drink it all, bitch!”

Blast after salty blast of jizz flooded the bitch’s mouth. I groaned, juices gushing out of my pussy to soak into my panties. The world swayed about me. It was so hot. So deliciously wicked. I groaned, spasming as my cum spurted over and over into her hungry mouth.

And she swallowed it. I could tell how eager the bitch was. She gulped down load after load of my jizz, swallowing it with such a hungry need. She moaned as she ate it, sending humming vibrations that shot through my body.

I just loved it. Cumming with a cock was so powerful. Every time my dick erupted, a powerful jolt of rapture shot through me, convulsing my body. Cars drove by, not caring what I was doing, thinking it was competently normal.

All because of my wish to a fairy.

“That’s it,” I groaned, her tongue licking at the slit as she sucked hard, eager for every drop. She shuddered, her daughter still rubbing at her cunt. “Xanth, how wet is your pussy?”

“So wet, Officer,” she moaned.

“Let’s do something about it.” I ripped my cock from Portia’s mouth. The married bitch panted, her cheeks flushed, her tongue licking up a few drops of my cum on her lips. “Out of the car. Both of you.”

I yanked open the driver door and hauled Portia out. The shoulder was wide enough to maneuver her as freeway traffic slowed as they passed us. Cars always did. The hot wife stumbled, her big boobs jiggling as I seized her wrists and pulled them behind her back.

Then I slapped cuffs on her.

I shuddered, my cock rubbing against her skirt-clad ass as the metal ratcheted close. Then I slapped the other cuff on her left wrist, my pussy clenching. My entire body tingled with excitement as Portia winced.

“Officer Cindy,” she groaned. “What are you doing?”

“Disciplining you,” I groaned, my hands reaching around her body. I felt her big breast through her dress, feeling how firm they were. “Mmm, these are good work.”

She just shuddered. Then she gasped as I yanked down her top, her tits spilling out into my eager hands. I groped her tits, squeezing them, massaging them. She squirmed, her ass rubbing into my cock while I pinched her nipples.


She gasped in pain as I twisted them, her body writhing. Her daughter stood by the hood of the car, her phone out, recording it all. There was such a naughty grin on her ruby lips. Her face was heavily made up, trying to look far older than her sixteen years. A short, black skirt fluttered in the breeze, flashing tan thighs.

I grinned at her and twisted her mother’s nipples again. Portia’s moans of pain only made my dick hotter, my pussy wetter. I ground on her, humping against her and shuddering in pure delight. Then I shoved her forward.

“Time for your discipline, bitch.”

“Yes, Officer Cindy,” she moaned, not fighting as I brought her to the hood of the Porsche 911. “And for being such a bitch and endangering your daughter’s life with your reckless driving, you’re going to eat out her pussy while I spank you.”

“Eat out her pussy?” Portia gasped. “She’s my daughter!”

My dick throbbed. “I know. And you owe her so much.”

“Oh, yes, Mom,” Xanth moaned, such wicked delight burning in her eyes. She crawled onto the hood, spreading her legs. Her skirt rode up those tanned thighs revealing a cherry-red thong covering her pussy, the crotch soaked with her juices.

She pointed her phone right at her as I bent the bitch over the hood. “Get to eating, you naughty bitch.”

“You heard your daughter,” I growled, pushing Portia forward, her fake tits sliding across the hood, her face pressing into her daughter’s crotch.

Xanth helped her out, pulling aside the gusset of her thong, exposing a shaved, tight slit, a landing strip of blonde hair leading towards it. juices glistened on her plump, flushed vulva. She shuddered as Portia nuzzled in.

And licked her daughter’s snatch.

My dick throbbed at the incestuous sight. I groaned, hiking up her skirt as the woman ate underage snatch before my eyes. It made my dick ache. I exposed Portia’s naked, tan ass. She had such perfect globes.

My hand cracked down hard.

Portia bucked, moaning into her daughter’s pussy. Xanth shuddered, filming as she squirmed against the windshield, the hood groaning as it bent and warped. Over the roar of streaming traffic, I heard Portia’s sloppy licks.


Portia’s right cheek burned as bright as her left, my handprint outlined. My dick throbbed as she shook and moaned into her daughter’s ass. I loved it. My pussy clenched. I rubbed my cock’s tip against her wet pussy.

And slid into it.

Her hot cunt engulfed half my cock. I held there and smacked my hand down on her ass again. Her butt-cheek rippled as the stinging slap echoed. Her pussy clenched down on my dick. I groaned, savoring that hot, wet silk about my cock.


“You are such a naughty bitch,” I groaned.


“Yes, yes, spank my mother’s skank ass!” gasped Xanth, grinding on her mother’s hungry mouth, her tits bouncing in her halter top. “Oh, yes, she’s such a bitch! Mmm, Mommy, lick my pussy as you get spanked!”


Portia cried out louder and louder, her ass burning cherry red. Her pussy was so hot about my dick, molten. She wiggled and bucked, sliding her pussy up and down my shaft as I disciplined her. I groaned, my gun belt creaking as I fought the urge to just fuck her hard.


“You think because you’re rich, you’re special!”


“But you’re not!”


“You’re just a whore! A slut for my big girl-dick!”


“Say it!”


“Yes, yes, say it, Mom,” hissed Xanth, pleasure twisting across her youthful face. She gripped her mother’s bleached-blonde locks. “Scream it out!”


“I’m just a slut for your girl-dick, Officer Cindy!” gasped the hot trophy wife, her pussy clenching and convulsing about my cock. “Fuck me with it! Cum in me! I love it! The best cock ever!”

“Such a skank cunt!” moaned Xanth, grinding her pussy so hard on her mother’s lips. “You’re just a filthy whore!”

“A filthy whore,” she moaned, her words muffled by her daughter’s cunt.


“That’s right,” I groaned, my dick aching, throbbing. I had to cum again.

I stared at her glowing-red ass, her butt-cheeks so round and bubbly, her crack so tight. I had to cum, but not in her pussy. I ripped my dick out, half my shaft glistening with her pussy juices. The bitch moaned in disappointment.

“Oh, she really wanted your cock in her, Officer Cindy,” moaned Xanth. Her eyes fluttered. “Such a whore! Drink all my cream, Mommy!”

I shuddered watching the daughter cum on her bitch-mother’s lips. I could smell her sweet pussy in the air as she ground and writhed. She kept her cell phone pointed at her mother, recording the incestuous moment for posterity.

My hands parted Portia’s butt-cheeks. I guided my cock gleaming with her juices to her brown, puckered asshole. I pressed my girl-dick on it, savoring the puckered texture of her sphincter. Xanth’s eyes widened.

“Yes, fuck the cunt’s asshole!” she screamed, cumming even harder on her mother’s face, her cheeks crimson with passion.

I thrust into the bitch’s married ass. She gasped into her daughter’s cunt as her velvety bowels engulfed my dick. My eyes rolled back into my head. My tits jiggled in my sports bra, constrained by my bulletproof vest. I groaned as my dick sank every inch into her hot, tight asshole.

It was amazing.

Friction burned down the entire length of my cock as I drew it back. I savored Portia’s wanton moans as she kept eating her daughter, kept making her cum. Xanth screamed her head off as incestuous orgasm after incestuous orgasm rippled through her, making my pussy burn with excitement.

I pounded the bitch’s ass. I savored her squeals of pain every time my crotch slapped into her well-spanked ass. Her bowels clenched about my dick, her entire body spasming. It was so delightful. I groaned, pumping my hips so fast, jamming my cock so hard, so deep into her cunt. The pleasure rippled through me as I reamed her.

I savored it. I loved it.

“Take my cock, bitch,” I hissed, loving the mix of pain and pleasure in her tone. “Take every inch of it.”

“Yes, you fucking whore!” howled her daughter. “Enjoy that cock like the skank slut you are, Mommy!”

“Yes!” the married bitch moaned, her bowels clenching so hard on my dick. “I am ... It’s so hot! I love this cock and...”

She came. Her bowels writhed about my plunging dick. She moaned her passion into her daughter’s cunt. Her hood moaned as she thrashed, her body writhed across it. Her asshole became velvety heaven about my futa-cock.

I savored it. The pressure built and built in me as I plunged into her bowels. My dick ached, throbbed. Her asshole massaged my shaft. Pleasure spilled through me as my pussy clenched. I groaned, burying my cock into her bowels.

“You fucking bitch!” I howled as my cum pumped over and over into her asshole.

“Yes, yes, yes, flood her bowels!” screamed her daughter, bucking so hard as she came again. “Give her every drop! She’s such a nasty whore! Oh, yes! You fucking slut!”

My back arched. My nipples throbbed as rapture flooded through me. It was so hot to cum in her bowels. Stars whipped through my vision. My head tossed, traffic speeding by a blur of metallic bodies as I savored pumping blast after blast of futa-cum into the speeding bitch’s asshole.

I dominated her. I used her. I punished her.

And it was everything that I dreamed it would be and more. Because I had a futa-dick. I was more than just a woman. I loved it. I loved my wish with B. I would have so much fun with the stuck-up bitches. I would teach them all such naughty lessons.

I ripped my cock out of her asshole. I shuddered at her sphincter gaping open, my white jizz dribbling out. It was such a hot sight. I grinned at it, licking my lips. “Just stay like that, bitch, while I write your ticket.”

“Yes, Officer Cindy,” the bitch mewled, slumped over the hood of her car, her face still pressed into her daughter’s pussy.

“Mmm, don’t stop licking my pussy, Mommy,” Xanth purred. “I want to cum some more.”

I grinned as I headed to my cruiser to grab my ticket book. Oh, yes, I loved my wish.

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